All the Holy Sparks and Why it’s Taking So Long to Bring Moshiach.

ari-8mMost students of Kabbalah know that there are 288 Holy sparks, that we are supposed to recover from the physical (malchut) world of the klippot (negativity). These are the remnants of the shattered vessels of first universal structure, the world of Tohu. But what only a very few understand is that according to the Arizal, there are 288 Holy sparks per sefirot (dimension), which makes 288 times 10 (vessels) or 2880.

And when we add 9 for the kolel of the depth from Keter, we get 2889, which in years is the midpoint in the life King David, 2889 HC. Now, this would be meaningless except for two very important points, considering that the tzaddikim have pegged the year 5778 (2018 CE) for the arrival of Moshiach (messiah) consciousness and the final redemption (geula).

1.  When we count the jubilee years from Adam to the midpoint in David’s life, there are exactly 57.78 jubilee years. So regardless of Rav Ashlag’s computation based on 666 (2/3) or the 66.6 jubilee years from the reception of the Torah in 2448 HC until 5778, we have a simple connection to 5778 though the counting of the jubilee years.  And the connection ties back to Moshiach through the sages acronym of Adam, which is spelled with the initials of Adam-David-Moshiach.

2. Secondly, the midpoint in King David’s life is also the exact midpoint in the 5778 years from Adam to Moshiach in 5778.  Mathematically speaking this is necessarily so given jubilee years are 50 years long; nevertheless it was never given, except divinely that there would be precisely 57.78 jubilee years to that point.  It could just as easily have been 40 or 70 or any number of years.  It was entirely left up to fate, not math.

Moreover, the 57.78 jubilee years tie into the year the First Temple was destroyed in 3338 dccover3dHC in that 57.78 is the square root of 3338, but much more on that can be found in The Divine Calendar.

So back to the 2880 Holy sparks we are to rescue from the captivity of the klippot. It would appear as if we were given a time frame of 2 years per Holy spark, using the kolel as above that would take us to 5778 instead of 5760. And according to some of the tzaddikim the year 5760 including hints form Rav Abraham Azulai of blessed memory, that was the year that the 18 years period of Oy and Ashrai began, the final process.

Keep in mind the year the First Temple was destroyed was exactly 57.78% of the way from Adam to Moshiach in 5778 HC (2018 CE), and we obviously didn’t do enough to recuperate all the sparks to that point.  Will we do enough in the next 5 years? There are only 5 years left until 5778 (2018 CE).

If you want to know where you can find them, the Zohar, the Baal Shem Tov and many of the tzaddikim have answered that.  Since the klippot feed off these Holy sparks, all we have to so is look around and see where the klippot are congregating. Where evil gathers, there is hidden goodness to be uncovered, buried treasure if you will.  Find the good, the positive in bad situation and the sparks will be liberated.

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3 thoughts on “All the Holy Sparks and Why it’s Taking So Long to Bring Moshiach.”

  1. Shalom!!
    Will Share with you a reply that I received from one of my friends that learn with Bnei-Baruch!!

    Look I will answer cautiously.
    For me, and most probably for those who study at Bnei Baruch there is nothing in it.
    There is absolutely no point in analyzing things, trying to find meaning behind words, numbers until the person actually possesses the “spiritual mind”, the “kelim” that can reveal anything.
    And that can only happen within absolutely pure, altruistic connections in between Friends, in a true Arvut, that can only be achieved by total self-nullification. Which of course can only happen by the “Light”, the primordial, natural source/force since it is beyond physical, human power.
    If you listen to daily lesson you know that this is where we stand, in front of the first degree beyond this nullification.
    Several thousands of people are progressing, taking huge steps towards this as we speak, which is real and achievable here and now.
    And then we will have attainment, and then we will “understand” but it is more precise to say we will “live through” as it is happening through the feelings, perception, “in the flash/bones” and not through the mind, especially not through corporeal mind.
    This is what we learn, this is what people in the Bnei Baruch method believe in.
    But there are other people, and other methods, as you always say everything comes from the Creator so everything has its place…

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