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We’d like to put into perspective a few of the freakish and often catastrophic geological and meteorological events that have befallen the Eastern U.S. in the past year or so, tying them all into statements and decisions made by the Obama government against Israel and in support of various Muslim terrorist organizations. We’ll then show how certain clues obvious and concealed reiterate the message and point to the finger to the Keter (crown of the U.S government).
Is it just a coincidence that Obama unseals his birth certificate on morning (4/27/11) of the deadliest storms in decades to hit the South, storms that spawned hundreds of monster tornadoes and took hundreds of lives. Is it also just a coincidence that Obama unseals his birth certificate on morning of the signing of the new alliance between Hamas, Fatah, Egypt, Iran, and thus Hezbollah? 8 of those tornadoes flanked Washington D.C.
This was also a week after  the Obama administration’s Justice Department decided not to prosecute CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad, even though FBI special agents and prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Dallas recommended prosecution. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is associated with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then on May 22nd the worst tornado disaster yet hit, when an EF-5 wiped out much of Joplin Missouri, It came 2 days after Obama’s mid-east policy speech embraced a long-sought goal by the Palestinians: that the state they seek in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip should largely be drawn along lines that existed before the 1967 war in which Israel captured those territories and East Jerusalem. It was followed by Netanyahu’s rebuke on May 21st.
This was similar, though, to a year ago when Obama’s cabinet made the allegation that Israel was responsible for American soldiers being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. That day, a hurricane came out of nowhere and slammed into the NY area, felling thousands of large trees, doing more damage there than hurricane Irene. We call it the Shabbos Hurricane because of its timing late Friday night.
Next, we find that the central place where the 5.8 Washington Earthquake that rang the East coast was Mineral, Virginia (מינרל וירגיניה) of numerical value 624, or with the kolel, 625, the numerical value of H’Keter, “the Crown,” and/or the highest of the sefirot (dimensions) of the Tree-of-life.  For further insight into 624 and 625 please see our recent article about how Torah light spreads though the squaring of the regressive iterations of the 4 Names of G-d (YHVH), which total 624, and how the square root of the total words, letters, and verses in the Torah is exactly 625.
Now please note that the only notable destruction from this earthquake was a large crack in the capstone of the Washington Monument, the fallen angels from the summit pinnacles of the National Cathedral, and the Pentagon, the headquarters for the entire U.S. military. While the earthquake occurred contemporaneously with the end of Col. Gadafi’s 42 (Mem-bet in Hebrew) year reign of terror over Libya. It may also be yet another entrance of power for the Muslim Brotherhood, following their successes in Egypt.  The symbolic messages about the leadership of the U.S. being cracked and in precariously shape are more than obvious, but the references to the simultaneous rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama government’s sympathy towards them are even more troubling.
By the way, if you didn’t notice, the 5.8 earthquake was also a veiled reference to 10.0-5.8 or 4.2, (Mem-bet in Hebrew). It’s also a reference to its epicenter, Mineral Virginia (as explained by simple gematria above) and to the Torah, whose total words, letters, and verses is exactly 6252 , but this is also precisely 58.
What this all means for us is yet to be seen, but it behooves us to mention that in spite of all the sad and unfortunate deaths and destruction plaguing the Eastern U.S. it has been dispensed with much mercy as well–it could have been much worse.  For all the 21 or so deaths, $7 billion plus in damages and millions of people still without power, the once category 3 mega-monster made shore in NYC as an eye-less spineless tropical storm. It may have been all those thousands of people reading the Zohar and following the Kabbalist Rav Moshe Zakuta’s meditations for combating strong storms. Either way, in the end it was G-d’s will.
As Sept 20th approaches and the U.N. vote on the Palestinian Fatah-Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) alliance’s statehood draws near, let’s pray that we understand the messages and continue receiving G-d’s mercy.