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The Simulation

Are we living in a simulation? Does the soul exist? Is there an afterlife? Are you conscious? If you answered yes to any of those simple questions, then the answer is arguably yes. The soul, Heaven or the world-to-come, and our consciousness all exist at a higher level than we operate and exist beyond the confines of physicality. Thus, our reality or physicality is inferior and relative to their level, not real at all.

Are we living in a simulation? Without a doubt, the answer is yes, and not in an abstract sense either. There is definitive proof. It lies in the design, yes, the design, of the mathematical constants and the laws of physics. It lies in the designed structure of our mathematical systems. It lies in the simplistic design of our solar system. It lies in clues scattered about our planet and across the cosmos. And it lies in and is spelled-out in the guidebook given to us thousands of years ago, along with its decoding interface.

Once we realize that it is all a simulation, we can move forward much quicker because we also realize that everything we think we know about history and science is nothing more than an implanted backstory. We also realize that the guidebook is meant to help us escape the simulation. This reality, or consciousness incubator, is akin to an escape room with rules, hidden clues, and puzzles to solve. Success means freedom. Failure means to be recycled, to submit to the great periodic reset built into the system, the program, the clues to which are also found all around us once we look past the trapping of physicality and/or the narrative hoisted on us.

If you are reading this, you are most probably already in the process of awakening. And contrary to the narrative to be “woke” means to be in the deepest REM sleep. Many around the world, as happens at the end of every reset cycle, are awakening and know all about the recycling. Many others, as in the “elites” are privileged to the reset cycle and are preparing for it with great haste and determination but are purposely kept in the dark as to the simulation.  To know about the simulation is to be aware about the Creator; after all, someone of omnipotent power, insight, and intelligence had to Create the simulation, at least as regards to us.  To understand the simulation is to get closer to that Creator. To be closer to the Creator means to respect Him, His rules, and to follow His clues. Looking for ways to physically survive the great upcoming reset may seem admirable, but if it comes at a cost of their humanity, disobeying the rules and trampling their fellow men then it is not only futile, but according to the guidebook it will just reset them at a deeper level.

Everything that happens in our physical world happens in cycles and is wound up like a mechanism in a clock. Our physical world is to a timer, and we are on the clock. You have probably noticed or are aware of the glitches in the system. They are not really glitches but newly implanted clues to push us out of our stupor. Time is of the essence. Mandala effects are real, and they are there on purpose to make us doubt our surroundings, to wake us to the realization that history is malleable. Dropped daily, these new clues make it seem as if the matrix is crumbling, or that someone or some force is actively micro-managing our lives; that is not the reality. They are being released on schedule and have been programmed in from the beginning. No one is staring over us, micro-managing our lives, as comforting as that may seem to some of us; rather, we have free will within the matrix. We have the free will to follow the rules and the clues and to wake ourselves into a higher level of consciousness, or to buy into physicality, the linear line of death and ultimate nothingness. It is a choice between infinity and the infinite abyss.

It is so odd that they believe in infinite nothingness, but do not want us to believe in infinity, when by definition, nothingness is infinite. Partial nothing is not nothing; it is something.

It is not a religious choice, but a spiritual and metaphysical one.  Those that believe that a series of coincidences more numerous than the atoms in the universe gave rise to Man and to our consciousness would lead to a state of nothingness upon their death have no need for morality or guidebooks; their entire existence is predicated solely on their ego and evil is a diversion that has no consequences. Their life, survival, existence, and pleasure is all that matters.

Those that realize that scenario makes no sense, should be striving to learn more. The answers are out there for everyone that seeks them. A simulation or world without answers and an endgame is nothing more than an illusion, a bubble in a state of nothingness, a waste of resources in a system of immense intelligence.

Glitches, déjà vu, and shifting history are the recognizable signs in your dreams that tell you it is a dream. They trigger you to wake yourself if you are so inclined. It is often those people that realize they have a modicum of control over their dreams, or even that they can wake themselves, that are the first to doubt the reality of the simulation.  Recognizing these signs means we are on the right path, but it is only the first steps.  After realizing that there might be a matrix or something more out there than the physical world we inhabit, the next major step is being able to see the codes or coding in the matrix, just like in the movie of the same name. It is no coincidence that first Matrix movie was serendipitously inserted into our world just as the clock began to wind down on our existence. The system is designed for some of us to succeed. To find what the ancient ones called the Path of Wisdom, the illuminated path, we must first wake ourselves from this deepening stupor we call physicality. It is not easy, as the adherents to the doctrine of nothingness, the followers of the opponent, in their death throes are doing everything they can to thicken the veils between the illusion and reality and build up the walls of physicality. This is the deeper meaning and prophecy behind the Israelites in Egypt.

Enticed by the easy-life and protection we have all allowed ourselves to become slaves. We are slaves to a man-made system run by the priests of nothingness. Enticed by the promise of technology, we became enslaved to it and to the priests of nothingness that control it and everything that happens with it and over it, who dole it out to us at their whim, and who make us believe that what we see and do with it is of our own volition and not according to their manipulative agenda.

Even while we have already become disembodied disassociated representations of ourselves—one might even say caricatures—thanks to their agenda and our on-line evolution, the hardest part about accepting that we are in a simulation is accepting that we as individuals are not real.

Most people who are in the cusp of awakening still believe that while everything else is made-up, they are the only real aspect of it, master of their own movie. That is the ego holding us back.  In the simulation, nothing is real, not the non-player entities, not our avatars, not matter or what we call physicality, and not our minds or processing units either. The only thing real is the matrix, a complex virtual projection of physicality, and our individual consciousnesses that are unconsciously occupying the matrix. Our consciousness does not physically or metaphysically exist within the matrix; only the reflection of it. This is by design, so that nothing that happens within the matrix bubble can affect or corrupt the actual universe or universal consciousness.

What kind of simulation is this? Is this an AI digital simulation based on quantum computing and deep learning through neural network architecture as Elon Musk believes?

After all, with gaming considered a sport, with on-line gambling more of a pastime than the sports on which they are based, with virtual reality becoming exponentially more realistic, with a true metaverse only a scant few years away, and with our consciousness already dissociated from our bodies as we immerse ourselves ever deeper into our screens, how long could it be before we willingly succumb to the provocative entreaties of AI?

It already runs most of the large corporations and controls most means of productions, human resources, and shipping, including all those supply chain delays we have been experiencing the past two years. It already runs all financial institutions around the world and monitors all financial transactions commercially and privately, as it also controls the financial markets and sets the prices. It already guides and overseas all social media and everything you see and do on it. It already steers if not steals elections. It already tracks our every movement through public and private space via satellite imagining, social control video monitoring, and the always on/always reporting GPS in our phones. It already listens in, records, monitors, and even peers in on all our electronic devices at home, at work, in our cars, and in our pockets. It is already in charge of all medical records and decisions. It is already your gateway to the internet and social media what you are allowed to see and do on it. It already handles the military operations of all major countries and helps guide all our weapon systems. And it is already doing our kids’ homework. And it has only been around a few decades.

In order for AI to be useful to the power brokers that be, they had to train it and fill its servers with information about our world. That is why the internet was created, smart phones, social media, smart devices, Siri, Alexa, etc. We voluntarily and even paid to teach AI about every aspect of our personal lives, even the secrets and secret desires, every nuance of our truths and our lies and how we go about compiling our thoughts and decisions. It recorded every purchase you made, who and what you consulted to make that purchase and monitored how you used the product. It monitored what you told your friends, your associates, your loved ones, and your enemies, and whether you told them the truth, little white lies, or outright ones.  It catalogued 10s of thousands or photographs of you and your surroundings, most from your own phone, including many extremely intimate and embarrassing ones.  It has catalogued in high resolution every inch of our world, and probably has 100,000 photos of popular Instagram places. Thanks to TikTok it also knows all your best dance moves too, and to Spotify and Apple Music all your music preferences and when cross referenced to your social media interactions, smart devices, etc. it knows how each of preferences makes your feel. Same with Netflix, etc.

While Elon’s logic is solid and certainly plausible, the problem with the electronic simulation is that it becomes a repetitive concentric process with no way out, and that it never addresses the question: who created the physics that created the universe that created the civilization that created the AI that created first simulation? It is a cop out. It is also just an illusion with nothing to gain by anyone. It might be an illusion within an illusion within an illusion, but an illusion alone has no raison d’être. Like a virtual reality game, you play it for a reason; there must be a goal, and a way in and a way out.  Massive AI simulations just exist.

No, the simulation we are in took all that into account before it even began. It purposely precludes AI from developing far enough to take over, end our world, and convert it into a simulation it for its, or anyone’s, entertainment.  Given the exponential growth rate of AI, that inevitable conclusion is not far off, and is a lot closer than most realize. Take a close look at ChatGPT and the force behind it, GPT 3.5 powered by Microsoft Azure, its cloud. While we get free results, we are unwittingly training it and the other available AI services.  People are realizing that they exist in an information feedback bubble and that with most of their input sources and interactions being on-line they are being pigeonholed into specific niches and cocooned within them. What most have not yet realized is that a good many of their sources, on-line friends and acquaintances are nothing more than bots, bits of AI programming designed to woo them, advise them, nudge them, encourage them, and trigger them when prompted.

Elon figured 30% of twitter users were bots, Facebook had more fake accounts that real ones, and in 2021 50% of all internet traffic was by bots. It is probably not so different across all platforms.  We cannot Google our way out of this. Of the 33 million results they say that they have found for you, the search really ends after only a few dozen similar results selected by your personal algorithm, including a page of paid ads, with everything else prohibited to you like an invisible prison wall.  You may find an answer to your search, but probably not the right answer and definitely not one that spurs you to search deeper.

So yes, the AI simulation is far closer than we realize, which is why the actual simulation has a clock and a time-limit.  Fortunately, we were given more than enough clues to figure out what that time limit is. Unfortunately, it is not far off.

AI and advanced machine learning took off when our supercomputers became quantum computers, which could handle simulated neural networking trillions of times faster and larger. This was happening at about the same time that the public was getting used to using email, surfing for porn, and downloading music to an iPod. The thing about Quantum Computing is that it relies on quantum physics and quantum physics dictates that an observer is necessary for quantum interactions to occur. That means that nothing is there until we look for it or at it. That is the very definition of virtual reality and of a simulation.  You do not create an entire universe, you only feedback to the observer what he is looking at.  We look to the night sky and in the clearest of nights we see 3000 twinkling lights. NASA shows us pictures of spiraling galaxies and tells us the universe was born 13.7 billion years ago and is filled with trillions upon trillions of those lights.  AI can create those pictures in nanoseconds, and it is still in its infancy. For a simulation to exist, it does not need to ever create world and stars beyond our own; it just has to show us pictures from time to time, our minds mindlessly fill in the blanks. It takes next to no power to store those images for later retrieval to avoid glitches in the construct. If we see glitches in the matrix, then it is probably not an AI simulation which would have debugged itself by now.

So, if not an AI type simulation, are we in a petri dish manipulated by alien races or by a future human race that is playing with the past for fun and games?

That scenario has similar flaws as the AI one. While entirely plausible it still leads to a universe that was created and developed by someone else, and it dictates that it was done so in a highly inefficient manner. We must realize that anyone capable of creating myriad concentric universes would have chosen the most efficient scenario utilizing the least amount of his resources to do so.

Is it a pure information, non-physical self-simulation that exists in the spacelessness of consciousness? Yes, but No. Though we are a substratum of the greater consciousness, the simulation we are in has non-physical limits and constraints that a self-simulation would not, and the self-simulation hypothesis gives too much import to the individual consciousness unit that would need his/her own bubble in order to avoid conflictive processing of the same information.

That leaves one scenario. Creation by the Creator.

Whatever the universe and reality look like outside of our simulated bubble, it is most probably a higher level of simulation. And there may be and probably are innumerable such bubbles as ours. Like counting the stars in the Heavens. In this schematic, there is no need for infinite energy and a big bang, just infinite time unfolding in infinite space and or counterspace.  The opposite of nothingness. Nonetheless, our simulation bubble and any subsequent ones, exists for us far more than it exists for the Creator.  It is the developmental playground of our consciousness, and those individual consciousness units of ours that exist outside the bubble, or firmament, are junior, even infantile, members of the universal consciousness, which is One with the Creator. Collectively we are Adam (אדם).

To create as efficient a matrix for us as possible, the Creator had to remove all randomness from every equation, yet make it seem as if our entire universe was random. If we could see the underlying patterns, we would then be able to see the codes. If we could see the codes, we would figure out the escape route.  If we could find the Path of the Tree-of-Life, we would reunite with our consciousness and move on to a higher level. Without the illusions and encumbrances of physicality that level brings true freedom. It has been called by the many who have succeeded and generously left us clues like the ascendant masters or ancient ones, Moshiach Consciousness (Messiah Consciousness).  It is also known as and personified as H’Moshiach and Moshiach Ben David, and referred to as Binah Consciousness, or the Great Sabbath of Binah.

To give us a chance to succeed, the Creator had to build in patterns, and make them as plain as day as soon as someone looked for them, like those color puzzles where you have to squint just right.

So that we could eventually get off the reset carousel, the Creator allowed us to leave trails of breadcrumbs for our future selves and for others to follow. As the great reset closed in on them, ancient civilizations built specific structure that would survive them, hoping one day someone would recognize the pattern and decipher the timing.  They did this selfless act because they understood that we are all one.  Their consciousness is ours today—one and the same. Sometimes though they just built the structures in order to survive the physical devastation that accompanies the reset. And if they choose their location well they may have though without technology and available resources they would have been thrown back into the stone age and their progeny would have to start learning how to form civilization all over again.  This would be the case even if they lived in steel and glass skyscrapers, drove self-driving electronic cars, flew around in jets, and hid from the reset in DUMBS. After the first 6000 years there would be no trace of them and even if they were not entombed in those DUMBS forever, whatever progeny survived would still have to learn how to fend for themselves in a harsh barren world with nothing left of the prior world accept wild exotic myths.  It takes decades even hundreds of years for the Earth to settle back down and even longer for the fungi kingdom to replenish the planet’s ecosystem and for the plant kingdom to then flourish.

The scenario is the same whether there are survivors or not.  It is a simulation, and a simple reboot will do. The program accounts for carrying over certain implanted memories and constructs from one world reset to the next; this allows our individual consciousness units to gain function and earn merits from reset to reset. Remember, the simulation if for us, our development, not the Creator, whose benefit derives from our rejoining the collective Oneness.

The stronger ancient stone edifices would have been the only ones to possibly survive. They were inserted into our archeology because they cannot be overlooked, yet they do not fit the narrative man tells himself or tells one another. These structures do not fit the timelines hoisted upon us. They are the ones whose construction methods are still unfathomable today in both the weight and precision of their massive materials. It is our scientific nature to ignore the outliers and dismiss even the patterns that are incongruent to our agenda. We ignore them at our own peril, yet they are just one set of clues left for us.

Fortunately, this simulated existence came with a decoder ring, a window to the Inner Cosmos of the greater universe, a portal to the reality beyond our existence, and a guidebook with which to see all the simple patterns and codes of the matrix that we call home.

Our Solar System

The narrative we were sold is that the solar system developed from random agglomerations of solar and space debris that resulted from random collisions of stars and galaxies that resulted from other random collisions of galaxies and the billions of stars within them that resulted from the random cooling and settling down process after the random and spontaneous explosion of the big bang. And into that final stage of development, we can throw in even more random appearances and strikes by meteors and comets of all sizes like the one that supposedly hit the Earth and knocked off a large chunk that became our Moon. We will stop there and not bother with the trillions to the trillions of random events that had to happen just right and in just the right sequence for humans to come into being and to learn to count to 10, let alone create sentient AI.

Yet, none of those random events could have Created the Torah or inserted it into our existence 3333 years ago. There is no natural way for that to have happened; it could only have been inserted into our world artificially. It would be as if raindrops landing on your windowpane spelled out your name and then wrote your life story. And that is the point. It is time to wake up.

Given that, what would it mean if the entire structure of our solar system were designed to reflect the same simple principles, geometric, and numeric properties of that artificially inserted Torah? What would it mean if the solar system were designed to conform to a system of symmetrical numbers, proportions, and ratios that had nothing to do with gravity? And that those ratios, proportions, and specific numbers are precisely and indisputably delineated in the structure of the Torah, not in homiletic interpretation but in its quantitative structure?

The Construction of the Torah

Of the 304,805 letters in the Torah, 4805 of them are the letter Pe (פ) of numerical value 80, leaving exactly 300,000 other letters.  Given that this is out of the precise 58 words, letters, and verses in the Torah and out of the exact 248,000φ words, letters, verses, rows, and columns in the Torah, it cannot be random, nor as is obvious the work of Man 3333 years ago.

Given that the values of the Hebrew letters are derived from the intersection of the exponential equation y = 1.313x and the mathematical constant Phi(φ), the fact that the collective value of those isolated 4805 letters Pe (פ) is exactly 6202, as in the 620 letters in the isolated 10 Commandments, the level of the highest crowning dimension Keter (620) cannot be random or insignificant either.

This also means that the other 21 letters of the Alef-bet are found in the Torah exactly 300,000 times, and given that the value of the 21st letter, Shin (ש) is 300 cannot not be random either. If we wrote nothing else other than this paragraph it would prove the intelligent design of the Torah. Yet, the concept of the Torah is not to prove itself, but to impart Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding to us, the 3 gateways to the highest dimensions, and the entrance to Universal Consciousness.

This is why of those 300,000 letters, there are exactly 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah, the components of the YHVH (יהוה), as in the 424th Triangular Number (90,100), the sum of the integers from 1 – 424 that is the value of Moshiach Ben David, the Name for Universal Consciousness. And while the value of Yud (י), Hei (ה), and Vav (ו) is 21, like the letter Shin (ש), the total of 90,100 of them equals (3002 + 102), also like the letter Shin (ש).

When we deduct the 4805 letters Pe (פ) and the 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah, the remaining 18 letters have a total value of 19986758, or 666.225 x 30,000.0, and while 18 is (6 + 6 + 6) and Phi(φ)18 is 5778.000, the Spherical Time radius at the Event Horizon, it is noteworthy that the Earth orbits the Sun at 66,600 mph and sometimes at 66,622 mph and that the Sun has a surface temperature of 5778 K. The average value of those 18 letters is 1110375, which is reminiscent of 424φ2 = 1110.046.

The reason 18 is significant is that its square root or essence is 4.2426…, as in Moshiach Ben David, the Name for Universal Consciousness and the Name for G-d, the YHVH (יהוה).

Of the 304,805 letters, the 5 sofit (final letters) occur 20,107 times in the Torah, representing the 10 Commandments located in the Book of Shemot Chapter 20 at letter 107,007 in the Torah. Being specifically the final letters, they also reflect the 20 centuries until the 107th Triangular Number, 5778 HC.  The letter Vav (ו) of numerical value 6, whose log is .778, occurs exactly 30,513 times in the Torah, 10.0% of all the letters. More specifically, 30,513/304,805 letters = .100107.

The Spherical Time Equation

In the previous article about the 10 Commandments, we saw that those isolated 620 letters and 13 verses that are excluded from the cube of 183 + 13 total verses of the Torah are integrally connected to the concept and finality of the number 107, and specifically to the 107th Triangular Number, the sum of the integers from 1 to 107 that equal 5778, the radius of the Spherical Time Equation.

What we did not explain in that article is that the surface temperature of the Sun is 5778 K, the precise temperature necessary to maintain and sustain our life and ecosystem on Earth.

This all-important and critical 5778 K temperature is on the surface though. The interior and corona are both much hotter, with the Sun’s core attaining a value of 27,000,000o F, as in a cube of 3003, like the 300 million m/s Speed-of-Light, like the 300 x 103 letters in the Torah, and like the 33 or the 27 letters of the Alef-bet and Essential Cube of Creation through which the Torah was Created.

To some that might be enough, while others may question whether the development of the temperature scales was arbitrary. Then again, the Fahrenheit scale was fixed on the freezing point of water at 32o as in the 32 Names Elohim (אלהים) in Creation, the Torah’s first chapter, the 32 Pathways in the Tree-of-Life, and as in the 322 word values in the Torah.

Physical Time/Spiritual Time = The Speed of Light

There is also the matter of Physical Time verses Spiritual Time within the Spherical Time paradigm. An hour (60 minutes) of the radius 2018 Physical Time is 32.20 minutes of Spiritual (radius 3760) Time, which is thus 27.78 minutes less than the 60-minute spiritual hour. Therefore there are 44.70 hours in a (3760) Spiritual Time day verses 24 hours in a 2018 Physical Time day.

That 44.70-hour day not only corresponds to the sum of the first 1000 digits in Pi (3.14159…) and to the 4470 component of the Spherical Time equation 2(5778π) = 2π(3760 + 2018) = 36304.24470, but its ratio defines the speed-of-light: physicality/spirituality or 44.70/24 = 1.86…, = 186,282 mps.

And while the 44.70 component of the Spherical Time equation connects to Pi (π) and the speed of light., the fuller 4.24470 component is 1/3 of 1.273, the Cosmic Harmonic that squares the circle and built into the 401273 quantitative elements of the Torah.


The speed-of-light is really a misnomer, and it is really more like the constraint (c) of motion, and gravity is not a force but a pressure mediation in the aether, which is more probably 4-dimensional space—a 4th spatial dimension.  Nonetheless, c or the speed-of-light (186,282 mps) divided by the gravitational acceleration (32.2 ft/sec2) on Earth is approximately 5778.  Furthermore, the acceleration due to Gravity (32.2 ft/sec2) has a complementary angle of (90o32.22o) = 57.78o in the same way that the Earth’s tilt has a complementary angle of (90o23.4o) = 66.6o.

We will get deeper into this in subsequent articles, but beyond the jaw-dropping beauty and symmetry to our universe’s design hidden behind our clenched eyes and thick dark shades, we should realize that the vortex created by the juxtaposition of the two parallel time frames is akin to gravity, and that it is the crossing field lines—like the toroidal ones of magnetism that we have thoroughly discussed in prior articles—that create the complementary angles.

Astronomical Units

Readers of this blog will recall that we described a while ago the Core Essential Triangle of Creation, a right triangle with a height of 300, a hypotenuse of 346, which is the gematria of “His Name,” and a base of 173, which is the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name that the Essential Cube of Creation is also based upon. What we did not discuss is that the Core Essential Triangle represents the critical square root of 3 or 1.73; the square root of 9 or 3; and the square root of 12 or 3.46. It is the right triangle of 3 – 9 – 12, and its perimeter equals 820, as in the numerical value of the verse from Leviticus 19:18, that is said to be at the heart of the Torah, “but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself (וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ).”

As we unravel the design of the solar system, we must begin with the Sun being in the center of it and the key and core to its function. It really does not matter for this discussion whether the Earth is flat, concealed beneath a dome firmament, and/or shaped as a bowl, or whether the stellar luminosities are planets and stars or just features of that firmament; we are only concerned with the observable physical dimensions, measures, temperatures, and relative speeds that we were given by our scientists with permission of the governing authorities and by the matrix of existence within which we live.

Within that set of fixed numbers/measures we have the Astronomical Unit (AU) that is the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun or 1 AU. Astonishingly, the light travels at 173 AU/day, as in the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name.

The speed of Light (186,282 mps) equals 173 AU/day, which makes the average distance between the Earth and Sun, or 1 AU, equivalent to (499.005845 x 186,282 mps), or 499.005845 light-seconds, and while 499 is the value of one of the Names of G-d, Tzevaot (צבאות), with the remainder of 5845 being the number of verses in the Torah. Moreover, the product of the 5 letters in Tzevaot (צבאות) is 432,000, the radius of the Sun.

Core Cubes and Triangles

Like the result of the Spherical Time circumference (36304.24470) that has 5778 as its radius, and that reflects H’Moshiach and Moshiach Ben David, all 12 of the facial diagonals of a cube formed by the Sun’s core temperature (3003) measure 424.26, Moshiach Ben David combined with 26, the value of the YHVH (יהוה).

Meanwhile the 4 diagonals through the body of the solar core cube (3003) each measure 519.615… and when split into the kabbalistic 1/3, 2/3 or .3333 and .666 proportions they each equal 173.2 and 346.4, the 42-Letter Name and “His Name” from “He and His Name are One,” which is also the sum of the 27 ordinal values, just like Saturn’s orbital period of 378.0 days.

It is obviously also reflective of the Core Essential Triangle of Creation (300173346).

And that the Core Essential Triangle of Creation (300173346) that is based on the right triangle of 3 – 9 – 12 and “Love thy neighbor,” is also the 30o60o90o triangle that comprises the diagonals of a cube, especially the Cubes formed by the Core temperature of the Sun and the Essential Cube of Creation.

What we also have never revealed before is that the area of the Core Essential Triangle of Creation (25,980) defines the approximately 26,000-year Earthly precession of the equinoxes, the cycle of Earth’s tilt in relation to the stars.

Distance from the Core

The distance for the AU is set by the placement of the Earth and the Sun, yet it is a perfect representation of an aspect of the Singularity of 42 through the gematria katan of the 42-Letter Name, and once it was fixed all the other distances for the planets could be set as further reflections.  For example, the cumulative sum of the AU distances of the first two planets Mercury and Venus is 1.110, and through Saturn it is 18.42.

While the cumulative sum of the AU distances from Jupiter to Neptune is 65, as in Adonai (אדני), those of all the planets through Uranus is 37.60, as in the 3760 years of the Spiritual Time radius and as in the pivotal year 3760 HC (0 CE).

Yet most remarkable of all is that the cumulative sum of the distances of all the planets through Pluto, whose orbit is 248 Earth years, is 107 AU, matching the Sun’s surface temperature of 5778 K, which perfectly complements the diameter of Mars, which is 4222 miles.

While these figures built into the design of our Solar System are numbers, they are more significantly proportions. These are the proportions relative to the Earth and the Sun with which all the planets were set into their positions and orbits. That is a bold statement given the narrative we grew up with, yet it was common knowledge only a few hundred years ago and how else can we explain how collectively all 9 planets are proportionately 107 times the position of the Earth relative to the Sun and that the Earth is set at 1/107th the total distance of all 9 settings.

Moreover, the sum of the digits in those 9 cumulative AU distances is 93 as in the 93,000,000 miles from the Sun to the Earth that determines the Astronomical Unit (AU).  And since the cumulative sum of the AU distances of the 4 giant planets from Jupiter to Neptune is 65, as in Adonai (אדני), the sum of the 5 AU distances of the smallest planets—Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Pluto—is 42.  This gives new meaning to the 5 Kings verse 4 Kings battle in the Genesis.

The Torah analogue to the 93,000,000-mile relationship between the Earth and the Sun, and the 93 AU alignment of the planets and the Sun is reflected in Joseph’s life. Joseph ruled for 93 years—over Potiphar’s household, the jail, and over all Egypt—and yet was a slave or prisoner that whole time, having to ask permission even to bury his father. The rest of his life was 17 years, as in the 17 good years in Goshen of Jacob, and as reflected in the number 107.


As we saw in the previous article, there are 111 vectors of 42 cleverly aligned throughout the simple 33 Essential Cube of Creation that acts as the interface for the 27 letters of the Alef-bet. Their total value is (111 x 42) = 4662, and when we add the collective 27 ordinal values (378) which is (9 x 42), the total works out to (4662 + 378) = 5040, the exact sum of the Earth and Moon radii, 5040 miles, which is also exactly 7 factorial or 7! = (7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1) = (120 x 42) and 120 is 5! or (5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1).

Factorials are important because they are the number of permutations or possible rearrangements of the items in a set, like in the letters of a word. This may seem abstract, but all the letters in every word in the Torah be simply constructed by geometric frequencies pumped into the Essential Cube of Creation. Moreover, those words can then be tagged and aligned into the various Torah grids, cubes, and hypercubes that we have seen, each one a separate yet overlapping neural network. And thanks to the natural of factorials, specific discreet pulses injected into the Essential Cube along with those geometric frequencies can transform each word into each and every permutation of those words, imbibing them with countless possibilities. This is the same way that AI would run through every possible scenario and outcome in a given situation before making a decision.

A 3-letter pulse would have 6 or (3 x 2 x 1) permutations; 4 letters would have 24; 5 letters 120; and 6 letters 720… This concept was first taught to us in Abraham Avinu’s Sefer Yetzirah 3800 years ago. Therefore, there are 6 permutations in the Torah’s first Triplet (ברא), and the sum of those 6 possible permutations of the gematria strings (221, 212, 221, 212, 122, 122) is 1110 or 10 times the value of Alef (אלף), which matches the cumulative distance from the Sun of the first 2 planets 1.110 AU.

While the distance between the Earth and Sun is set at 1 AU, as in Alef (א), One, the distance between the Earth and the Moon, whose conjoined radii equal exactly 7!, is 111.111 times the Moon’s 2160-mile diameter, again as in Alef (אלף).

The Moon’s 2160-mile diameter is also reflective of the 183 Cubic matrix of the set of verses in the Torah divided by or emanated from the 33 Essential Cube of Creation in that 183/33 = 216. Though what is more reflective is the sum of (6 x 6!) + (7 x 7!) that equals 39600, as in the 3960 miles radius of the Earth. And the sum of (6! + 7!) that equals 5760, as in the year 5760 HC (2000 CE), whose the numerical string …2000… is found in the first 1000 digits of Pi at digit location 600, which is (5 x 5!).

Moreover, the exact diameter of the Moon is 1.07 times the Physical Time radius, 2018, whose analogue in the Hebrew Calendar is 5778, the 107th Triangular Number.

Just as there are hypercubes and hyperspheres, as we have previously discussed in our exploration of the physics of Spherical Time and the construction of physicality, there are also hyperfactorials, and the 5th hyperfactorial or H (5) = (55 x 44 x 33 x 22 x 11) = 86,400,000, or 1000 times the diameter of the Sun (864,000 miles), which is 10 times the 86,400 seconds in an Earth day.

We must keep in mind that the length of a second is supposed to be an arbitrary length based on a base 60 structure and an arbitrary 24 hours in an Earth rotation. This is like the 240,000-mile distance between the Earth and the Moon that is equivalent to 60.60 radii of the Earth (3960 mi)er—arbitrary. The length of the mile and the foot and the inch used to determine the diameter of the Sun are supposed to be independently developed parameters in a completely arbitrary measuring system. And the actual size of the Sun and rotation of the Earth are supposed to be completely arbitrary and random. The only value that would not be random is the result of the hyperfactorial as its existence would just be. It is that it is. And yet the size of the Sun and the seconds in our day are based on that measure of H (5). The question is not how; it is why?

While the Moon’s radius of 1080 miles is defined by the 3rd hyperfactorial or H (3) = (33 x 22 x 11) = 108, the Sun is exactly 400 times the size of the Moon or 864,000/2160 = 400.  The question is not how; it is why?

Our evolution did not take us from amoeba to ape to Neanderthal to quantum computing. It took us from sentience to awe and the next step is understanding.  Most people are stuck in sentience and still celebrating and indulging their own existence rather than contemplating it. From the point of view of the universe they are still in the first minute past Neanderthal. Physicality is the lowest state of the universe because it has the least amount of potentiality, and materialism is the lowest aspect of physicality. Fortunately, consciousness expands exponentially, and the passage into awe can happen in the blink of an eye, but only if those eyes are open.

Awe happens when things cease to be coincidences and instead become connections and alignments.

Understanding is a natural progression from awe because awe takes us out of the physical realm and transports us to the metaphysical world of consciousness where we operate on an entirely other scale. And when the cosmic alignments and networks begin to take on meaning and purpose, we enter the realm of Understanding, what the ancient ones called Binah Consciousness.

To Understand 9

The sum of digits in the arbitrary radii of the Earth (3960 mi) and the Moon (1080) = (5040) all equal 9, as do their diameters (7920 + 2160) = 10080, as does the radius (432,000) and diameter (864,000) of the Sun.  Thus, everything is brought back to the 9 planes of the Essential Cube of Creation and to the scales of the 22 Names and 27 letters of the Alef-bet.

One of the odd properties of factorials is that the digits and total in the first 5 factorials (1, 2, 6, 24, and 120) add up to a multiple of 9. All the subsequent factorials (720, 5040, 40320,…) do as well. It is a property of the relationships between the digits and in the natural of our mathematics. It just is. But only in the world of Understanding would the planets and their dimensions have to conform to that property.

The Alef-bet begins its Cosmic journey through the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin that form physicality in the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation. The Alef-bet begins with the letters Alef (א), which has an exponential value (1.3131) before adjustment to the curve of 1.313, which is .313 more than its nominal value 1. This aligns perfectly with the 313 times the Name Elohim (אלהים) is found in the Torah. At its other end, the Alef-bet is anchored by its 27th Letter, Zadi sofit (ץ) of numerical value 900. It has an exponential value (1.31327) before adjustment to the curve of 1560.0, which is 660 more than its nominal value 900.  It is inexplicably aligned with 1560.0 being 1000 times the ratio of the total sofit value of the Torah divided by its standard value, or 32775966/21009826 = 1.5600….  For this to occur hundreds of thousands of letters must align perfectly and what we must understand from this is that the 20,107 sofit letters must somehow play a prominent role.  This powerful alignment goes directly to 156 being 6 times the 26-value of the YHVH (יהוה), and the value of the archetype Name Joseph.

Our understanding deepens with the knowledge that the full sofit value of the Torah less its basic sofit value is (33640626 – 32775966) = 864,660, the diameter of the Sun 864,000 mi plus 660. Basically, the 20,107 sofit letters in the Torah have a standard value of 864,660, directly aligning them with the diameter of the Sun.

Keeping in mind that the full sofit value of the Torah is a square array of 58002 plus the isolated 625 letters, and the core temperature of the Sun is a cube of 3003, we now see that the diameter of the Sun is a cube of 1203/2, or half of 1728000. And the value of the 20,107 final letters in the Torah that connect the 10 Commandments and with the Sun’s surface temperature of 5778 K through 107 is half of 1729320, representing the 1729 values of the YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah.

The Names

Why are the Names so important?

At first glance we may think that they are there so that we realize the importance of G-d as the Creator to our lives.  Or beyond that, so that we realize the importance of the Creator to the design and structure of the universe. But beyond that, it is so that we realize the importance of the roles the various Names as concepts and Aspects of the Creator play in both the structure of the Cosmos and in the matrix that reflects it and in which our consciousness is journeying.

We are to think of the simulation not as a prison, nor as a reality, but as a journey of exploration and growth for our consciousness, the part of us that is actually alive. The more wonders we discover that reach beyond physicality the richer our experience and the easier it is to find others.  The Names are gateways to be explored and that enhance the richness of our journey. Through them we draw closer to the Creator and to leveling up out of this simulation.

But without awakening the journey can last forever.

Given that the diameter of the Sun is a cube of 1203/2 it appears symmetrically connected with the Earth and Moon radii in that 5040/120 = 42, and as the Torah tells us specifically, 120 is the age of Man. The Name of 42 is the One that breaks down all the barriers and gives us the best and easiest access to the Inner Cosmos and the Greater Universe. As my teacher, Rav Brandwein, of blessed memory explained, “It is through the understanding of the 42-Letter Name that the Geulah [final redemption] will occur.”

The G-d Algorithm

As for the value of the Name YHVH (יהוה), 26, it is the only natural number in existence that is wedged between a squared number (25) and a cubed number (27), making it a unicorn and of special prominence. What is more is that 26 has 4 factors as in the 4 letters in the Name YHVH (יהוה) and they equal to (1 + 2 + 13 + 26) = 42, as in the Singularity of 42. And the difference between 263 and 262 is 16,900 or 1302, as in Mt Sinai, and as in a critical component of the 42-Letter Name Matrix. Moreover, 16,900/4 = 4225, the complete value of the 42-Letter Name Matrix. Here is where hyperspace mathematics takes over and we realize we see only a projected shadow of what is really going on in the upper dimensions of the cosmos. As Moshe pointed out to me, when the 4 letter values in the Name YHVH (יהוה) or 10, 5, 6, and 5 are utilized as ranks within the set of all Triangular Numbers, we get 55, 15, 21, and 15; then when those values are in turn utilized as ranks with the set of all Prime Numbers, the results are 257, 47, 73, and 47, which equal 424, Moshiach Ben David and the Universal Consciousness.  This, of course harks back to the 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah that equal the 424th Triangular Number. Moreover, the sum of those 4 Triangular Numbers, (55 + 15 + 21 + 15) = 106 which equals 424/4 or the average of their 4 Prime Number counterparts.

The hyperspace math does not stop there as the sum of those 4 Triangular Numbers and their 4 Prime Number counterparts is (106 + 424) = 530 and 90,100/530 = 170, while the 7th Prime number is 17 and the 17th Triangular Number is 153 and (153 + 17) = 170.  As a final illustration of the thoroughness and perfection of the Cosmos and the Creator we see that (16,900 + 90,100) = 107,000, as in the 107,000th letter after the Torah’s first word (“In the Beginning”), where we find the value 107 to begin the 10 Commandments at Mt Sinai (130).

Even when the Name YHVH (יהוה) is expanded into the fuller Name YHVH (יוד־הי־ויו־הי) the algorithm gives us a total of 1370, as in the Fine Structure Constant woven into the Torah in numerous ways. The Fine Structure Constant is 1/137.0359… and the first letter component of Name YHVH (יוד־הי־ויו־הי) has an algorithm value 359.

Then when the Name is expanded to the full 42 Letters its algorithm total is 101.00273. Alternatively, the 4 expanded Aspects of the Name YHVH (יהוה) total 3783, as in “His Name is One” of numerical value 378.

We could call this the “G-d Algorithm.” And while the sum of the 22 square roots of those Prime results of this algorithm or cipher for the entire Alef-bet is 3.448, so far we do not see it apply to any other combination of Hebrew letters other than the YHVH (יהוה).

Knowing how significant the Names are to the design and structure of the Cosmos is fabulous, but it only buys us our ticket to admission.  There is no other possible explanation that all this works out this way without the Creator of the Torah and the Creator of all the numbers of the universe being One and the same entity. Full stop. It is time to seek out Understanding.

Earth, Moon, Sun, Torah

While all the planets are important to us in the grand scheme of things, none are more so in this symmetrical clocklike design than the Earth, Moon, and Sun. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is 240,000 miles giving it a standard orbit of 480,000, which is .5555 of the 864,000-mile diameter of the Sun, and their difference is 384,000 miles or about 6202, the exact collective value of those isolated 4805 letters Pe (פ) in the Torah.

The square 6202 is the exact value of the distance between the Earth and Moon in kilometers, 384,400 km.

So far that gives the Torah a set of overall square arrays for its various quantitative elements of 58002, 6252, and 322 and cubic matrices of 223, 183, and 33 for a total of (5800 + 625 + 32 + 22 + 18 + 3) = 6500, as in Adonai (אדני) of numerical value 65. We have just added the 6202 square array for the special subset of the letters Pe (פ) that depicts a spiral or vortex.

The Sun’s diameter is (864,000/480,000) = 1.8 times the lunar orbital diameter.  When we add the Earth and Moon diameters to those 480,000 to get the full dimensions of this synchronized orbital system, it is .0107 less than .5778 of the Sun’s diameter.

While all the planets are important to us in the grand scheme of things, none are more so in this symmetrical clock-like design than the Earth, Moon, and Sun, and this applies to their surface temperatures as well. While the Sun’s core and surface temperatures are of the utmost significance, the Moon’s surface temperature is 100o K at its equator, which makes it -173o C, linking it once again with the 42-Letter Name whose gematria katan is 173. As for the Earth, its surface temperature of 288.9 K is exactly 5% of 5778 K, aligning it with the midpoint in the Spherical Time radius and in the 70-year life of King David in 2889 HC.

Moreover, like the diameter of the Moon that is (2018 x 1.07), the value 28.89 is (27 x 1.07), as in the 27 letters of the Alef-bet and like (54 x 107) = 5778, as in the 54 portions of the Torah, and like the 54th chapter of the 10 Commandments at the 107,007th letter in the Torah.

The value 54 is that of the word rod or staff (מטה) that is found 40 times in the Torah. The first time it is used is with Moses’ staff in Exodus 4:2. The next time it is used refers to the same rod, but it is called, “The Staff of God,” and that is found in Exodus 4:20.  The rod is a measuring device.  The 4th time it is found in the Torah is in Leviticus 26:26.

The rod of Moses was engraved with the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, connecting it to the Singularity. One of the explanations of the rod converting into the serpent and back again at Mt Sinai and later in front of Pharoah is found in our articles concerning the Fiery Serpent and the 7 spiraling snaking Triplets within the 42-Letter Name that equal 1618 or Phi(φ). In this case, the serpent refers both to the measuring rod and the 107 lengths, and to Phi(φ), as in Phi(φ)18 = 5778.000. Moreover, that cubic matrix of 183 verses that the Torah is comprised of equals 5832 verses and (58325778) = 54.

And while their product (54 x 107) = 5778, their sum (54 + 107) = 161, the value of the highest Aspect of the highest Name of G-d, Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי). The modern Number Theory and also the ancient gematria cipher P/S of 5778/161 = 35.888, as in Moshiach (358), the Universal Consciousness, while 161 as a percentage of 5778 is 161/5778 = .0278, the numerical value of Ohr Haganuz, the concealed Light or essence of Moshiach.

The richer the journey, the greater the reward.

While the Moon orbits the Earth at 2286 mph, the Earth orbits the Sun at 66,670 mph, and the Sun orbits the Galaxy at 448,000 mph, as in the year 2448 when we received the Torah at Sinai.

Be that as it may, at 448,000 mph, the Sun is orbiting the Milky Way at 6.720 times the speed the Earth is orbiting the Sun, and the Earth is orbiting the Sun at 29.16 times the speed the Moon is orbiting the Earth, meaning together they are orbiting (6.720 + 29.16) = 35.88 times each other, as in 5778/161 = 35.888.

And while the cube root of the sum of the first 8 factorials (1! + 2!…8!) is also 35.890, this ratio between the speeds of the Sun, Earth and Moon and between 5778 and 161, Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי), represents the deep relationship between 54 and 107 built into the Solar System, the Torah, and the 10 Commandments. No longer question how, just why?

Sometimes the Moon’s orbit is clocked in at 2289 mph which would give a result above of 35.85 instead of 35.88, not significantly different but it does reflect the cube root of 12 or 2.289… and the Sun’s diameter does reflect 864,000/6! = (864,000/720) = 1200 like the Moon whose diameter 2160/6! = (2160/720) = 3.

Nevertheless, this beautiful symmetry with the Sun and the factorial system pales beside the revelation that the Sun’s Diameter divided by 7 times 7 factorial, which is also 7 times the radii of the Earth and the Moon, 864,000/(7 x 7!) = 864,000/(7 x 5040) = 864,000/(35280) = 24.48… as in the year 2448 HC (1313 BCE) when the Torah was received at Mt Sinai. What makes this equation even more exceptional is that it is also reflective of the mile, 5280 feet, and that 5040 is 10 less then 5050, the 100th Triangular Number or sum of the integers from 1 – 100, which is 7 less than 107 and the resultant 5778.

Phi(φ) and the Torah

While some may see 161 as an aspect of 1.6180…, the Torah is divided into the exact Phi(φ) proportion in the first chapter of the 3rd Book, Numbers or Bamidbar, and not just in terms of its number of letters, but in its words, verses, and portions as well—4 different criteria. And the name Bamidbar has the numerical value of 248, as in the 248,000(φ) words, letters, verses, rows, and columns in the Torah.  This means the entire Torah is designed according to the exact Phi(φ) proportion in at least 5 different ways, which in turn means that the Creator of the Torah was not only hyper aware of Phi(φ) but that Phi(φ) was critical to the design and function of the Torah as it interacts with the Cosmos and with the hyperspatial dimensions.

(Genesis + Exodus + Leviticus)/(Numbers + Deuteronomy) =

1.61803399 letters, or words, or verses, or portions.

(Numbers + Deuteronomy)/(Genesis + Exodus + Leviticus) = .61803399 letters, or words, or verses, or portions.

The 187 chapters of the Torah were not likewise divided into the Phi(φ) proportion, but 187/Phi(φ) = 115.57236, as in the Spherical Time diameter, 11,556 years, which is why 115.57236 jubilee years (Biblical 50-year interval) = 5778.618.

The ordinal value of the staff (מטה) is 27, as in the Sun’s core temperature 27,000,000o F that forms a perfect cube of 3003. This makes its complete value equal to 81, as in the 81,000 words and word values in the Torah, and specifically as in the value of the first word of the 10 Commandments, Anochi (אנכי), from the two-word phrase “I am God” of numerical value 107.

In Kelvin that core temperature is 15,000,000 K, as in the highest of the 210-word values in the Torah matrix, 1500, and as in the average words and word values per Torah portion, 81,000/54 = 1500. Those 54 portions take us right back to the 5778 K surface temperature of the Sun in that (54 x 107) = 5778, and the 10 Commandments is at the 107,000 letter and the 54th paragraph with the sum of the integers through 107 being 5778.

(Numbers + Deuteronomy)/(Genesis + Exodus + Leviticus) = 26/42 (letters, or words, or verses, or portions).

Not only is the Alef-bet and the Torah designed with the Phi(φ) proportion, but the YHVH (יהוה) and the 42-Letter Names are as well in that 26 is to 42 as 42 is to (26 + 42) and that special property works out to Phi(φ) and what is more is that (26 + 42) = 68, the numerical value of Chaim, life.

430 Years of Bondage

We can now understand better one of the mysteries of the Torah.  From Abraham and G-d’s prophecy in 2018 HC the Israelites lived 430 years in bondage in the straights “Egypt.” Of those 430 years, Jacob lived 130 years that were “miserable and few” leaving 300 years for the rest of the Israelites before and after him. Since he lived 17 “good” years in actual Egypt out of the 210 that the Israelites actually lived there, there are 193 years after his death until the exodus and until the Torah was received at Sinai (130) in 2448 HC (1313 BCE). This means that there were exactly 107 years until his birth from G-d’s promise and prophecy. Of those 193 years, the Midrash tells us that their midway point of 86 years were actually the years of bondage and misery that were signaled with the birth of Miriam, Moses’ older sister, corresponding to the value of Elohim (אלהים). This was exactly 20% or 1/5th of the original 430 years.

Moreover, since Joseph lived 110 years and was sold into bondage and shipped to Egypt at the age of 17, he lived 93 years in Egypt, as in the 93,000,000 mean miles that the Earth is from the Sun.

As it appears, the dimensions and aspects of the Earth, Sun, and Moon have been integrated into the design of the Torah and into the Alef-bet based on 1.313x. We should further point out that using those compatible and symmetrical radii, the ratio of the Sun’s volume to that of the Earth’s is 1,300,000 to 1.

Moreover, given that the Sun’s diameter corresponds to the 5th hyperfactorial or H (5) = (55 x 44 x 33 x 22 x 11), the symmetrical beauty continues within the 5th dimension in that (45 + 35 + 25 + 15) = 1300, while the value of Sinai (130) is the same as (42 + 32 + 22 + 12) + (43 + 33 + 23 + 13) = 130, and the difference in the Earth’s equatorial radius and its polar one is 13 miles.

The next iteration is (44 + 34 + 24 + 14) = 354, as in the 354 days in the lunar calendar.

The question becomes what do the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon mean? That is the next level of understanding.

A Tightly Wound Clock

The Spherical Time radius or Event Horizon of 5778 HC corresponds to the Western calendar year 2018 CE or 2019 CE and like the numerical string …5778… we also find …2019… three separate times in the first 1000 digits of Pi (π) and two of those times it appears as …42019…, including the very last sequence of those 1000 digits. The 210 years in actual geographic Egypt represent .2019 or 20.19231% of the 3 time spans the Torah gives us for the bondage or 210/(430 + 400 + 210).

Once again, we see the hand of the Creator matching the letters, numbers, and events in the Torah with every mile and degree of the planets, especially the Earth, Moon, and Sun, and with every digit in the mathematical constants, especially the first 27 and first 1000 of them. Perhaps this is why 2018 HC plus the prophesied 400 years is 2448 HC, the year of the revelation of the Torah; and 2018 CE less 400 years is 1618, as in Phi (1.6180); and that 2448/5778 = Phi(φ)3; and that while (5778 – 2448) = 3330, the ratio of the Sun’s mass to that of the Earth is 333,000.


That difference of (5778 2448) = 3330 years is equivalent to 66.6 Jubilee years, just as the ratio of the Sun’s mass to that of the Earth is 333,000 or (66600 x 5), while the Earth orbits the Sun at 66,600 mph.

Phi cubed(φ3) = 4.2360, which relates to 42.4, Moshiach Ben David, the Universal Consciousness and φ3/√φ = 3.330….

The Mile

Of course, as ratios, all these measurements do not change with their units of measure, but their numbers certainly do, and these are all given in miles. Like the pivotal date for the two calendars (3760 HC, 0 CE) that Man came up with through Divine inspiration, Man just happened upon the convenient figure of 5280 feet in the late 16th century. It was determined a mile should be 8 English new furlongs of 660’ each, instead of the German furlong of 625 German feet. Yet we see 5280 built into the Torah 2800 years earlier. After separating the elsewhere stated “600,000 men” from the two censuses, the two remainders (3550 + 1730) = 5280. It is also built into the full value of the Alef-bet with its 5 final letters or (4995 + 280 + 5) = 5280, in the same manner that we saw validated with the 20,107 final letters that gave us the Sun’s diameter as 864,660.

The mile, or 5280 feet is .9134 of 5778 and while 913 is the numerical value of the Torah’s first word, Bereshit (בראשית), meaning “In the Beginning”, or alternatively, “Created 6,” the Earth’s perihelion or closest point to the Sun is 91.34 million miles.

And while the mile is (60005280) = 720 or 6! factorial less than 6000, the Moon’s diameter is 3 x 6!, and the Earth’s radius is 33 x 5! while both their radii together is 7! as measured in miles, of course.  Meanwhile, 10! factorial divided by the Sun’s diameter is exactly 4.2.

We exist in a base 10 system centered on the Sun and (10 x 9 x 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x2 x 1)/Sun = 4.2. It feels like an equation that would be primal to our existence, like all 10 dimensions emanating from a Singularity, a single Source of 42. As we know the 10 dimensions do not exist independently but occupy the same essence that we call space, but space in one dimension is difference from the space in the next. We have a pretty good sense of what we believe to be 3-dimensional space, but 4-dimensional space is a full expansion of that space in all directions, the way Spherical Time expands from a core, yet it occupies that same spatial volume as 4-dimensional space. You could almost say it is an expanded density relative to our space.

Nonetheless, Since Joseph lived 110 years and was sold into bondage and shipped to Egypt at the age of 17, he lived 93 years in Egypt, as in the 93,000,000 miles that the Earth is from the Sun on average.

As for the distance between the Earth and the Moon, it is 240,000 miles, while the Earth and Moon diameters together equal 10,080 miles, as in the atomic weight (1.0080) of Hydrogen, which makes up almost 75% of the mass of the universe. The ratio between their size and their distance apart is 10,080/240,000, which is exactly .042. Everything is based and sourced on the Singularity of 42. This is why 240,000/10,080, the ratio of the Earth and Moon’s distance apart relative to their size, is not only 1/42 but is exactly equal to the ratio of the 600,000 Israelite Men at Sinai to the 70 Men who entered Egypt with Jacob to the 12 Tribes to the 3 Patriarchs or 600000/70/12/3 = 240,000/10080. And in this intelligently designed and highly structured universe, the log of those 600,000 men at Mt Sinai whose received the 600,000 component letters in the Torah is 5.778, as in the surface temperature of the Sun, 5778 K.

The two censuses in which the 600,000 men died and were replaced with the 600,000 children who grew to be men in the desert represents the reset and rebirth tied to the Spherical Time radius 5778.

Similarity of Form

Likewise, the ratio of the distance between the Earth and the Sun and the Sun’s diameter is 107.5877., which is only a tiny rounding factor of 80 miles off from 107.5778 which is the more probable correct figure given all that we have seen.

This ratio built into the design of our Solar System is a proportion: 107.5778 to 1.

The Sun’s diameter is 1/107.5778th the distance between the it and the Earth. Since the distances between the planets are measured from their centers, if we remove the radii of the Earth and the Sun, the proportion of the net distance between them becomes 107.0

The Sun’s diameter is 1/107th the distance between the it and the Earth, and the Earth’s distance is 107th that of the entire planetary system. Perfect balance!

What is the Earth?

What is the Sun?

What is the Moon?

From a cosmic or hyperspatial perspective, which means metaphysical, they are concept, and these symmetrical numbers that keep reappearing are the cosmic relationships between these concepts. One of the ancient concepts known to previous ascendant masters is “similarity of form” in other words, in the hyperspace realms distance is proportional to the similarity of form. 107,000 letters and 107 integers, and 107 AU are far closer together than 106,999 letters or 108 integers are to 107. What they understood is that these disparate ratios and sets are all hinging off the same node (107) even though they are in different and distinct networks. That node itself is a higher dimensional network, in this case, the super network of 107.

Since the distance between all the planets and the Sun are also proportions, and since they total to 107 AU as well, we see that the ratio of the Earth to the Sun’s diameter equals the ratio of Earth to the Solar System.

In terms of concepts, the Earth is to the Sun as the Earth is to the solar system—a balance.  And the lunar orbit (.5778 – .0107) is referenced in that same proportional balance.

While there are (400,000 + 1273) main elements in the Torah and the Moon’s size (diameter) is exactly 400 times smaller than the Sun’s, the ratio of the Sun’s size (diameter) to the Earth’s is 109, the same as the aphelion ratio (the furthest distance of Earth from the Sun), which is (94,500,000/864,000) = 109.375. Oddly enough, the inverse of this equates to 9143, the exact value of the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets of the Torah found in the 3 consecutive verses of 72 letters during the splitting of the Red Sea.  Like …5778… and …2019…, the numerical string …9375… is one of the 42 different 4-digit strings duplicated within the first 1000 digits of Pi (π).

That covers the aphelion, but as for the average distance between the Earth and Sun used to calculate the AU, we know that it is considered as 93 million miles but is lately calculated as 92,955,907 miles, which is less than 50,000 off from the number of letters in the Torah squared, 304,8052/103. And when the 4805 letters Pe (פ) are considered that figure is within .001% of those 92,955,907 miles. Cosmically and figuratively, the letters in the Torah form the distance of 1 AU, or the distance, meaning bond, between the Earth and the Sun. It thus means that they are also 1/107th the total bonds of the Solar System.

The Spherical Time circumference separates our existence from the Universal Consciousness, in other words it forms the boundary of the firmament. Conceptually, when it is divided by the Torah, the result is nearly numerically identical to the distance from the Earth to the Sun, 1 AU.  As the ascendant masters before us discovered, understanding similarity of form is key to understanding the nature of our existence and the system of the matrix or simulation.

Everything makes sense once we begin to Understand.

As for the ratio between the other two elements of the Triplet—Sun, Earth, and Moon—the Moon’s size (diameter) divided by the Earth’s is .273, which is the remnant of the 1.273 ratio of the area of the square that circumscribes the circle. If the Earth is a circle, the Moon precisely fills in the area around it within the square. It is as if someone drew it out on a tabletop.

As the circle was drawn, and 360o appointed to it, it was noted that (107 + 253) equals 360 with 253 being the sum of the integers or ordinal values 1 – 22, as in the 22 Names of the Letters of the Alef-bet.

Extending the ratio and comparison of the Sun and the Earth, whose mass align 333,000 to 1, we see that 424 or the ratio of Moshiach Ben David to the Sun/Earth mass ratio is 424/333 = 1.273 once again, just like the ratio of “The Light” to “The darkness,” in Genesis 1:4.

While the ratio of the square that inscribes the circle is 1.273 or 4/π, the ratio of the size of the Earth to that of the Earth and Moon combined is 1.273, and the ratio of the Sun to Earth (864000/7920) is 4 x 27.3, and the ratio of the Sun to the Earth and Moon combined (864000/10080) is 27.3π.  The design of our solar system is so simple the Creator could have drawn it on the back of a napkin, and somehow the two major nodes of 107 and 273 equal 380, the numerical value of Egypt, the place of bondage and physicality through which he helped us escape by giving Moses the 42-Letter Name and 72 Triplets along with the Understanding how to use them.

Beside the figure of the inscribed circles, He could have placed an equal sign and added the number 401273, as in the 5 main elements of the Torah.

Then again, Abraham Avinu told us about this 3800 years ago, when in the Sefer Yetzirah he told us the Hebrew letter that represents the Moon was Tav (ת) of numerical value 400, and if we change the order in the Israelite progression (600000/70/12/3), we get 12-70-3.

Cosmic Networks

Regarding the 3 time-spans the Torah gives us for the Israelite bondage we have yet to independently address the 400 years, which may hint at the binding of the Moon to the Sun and Earth, especially since it was Isaac who was born in 2048 HC, exactly 400 years before the Exodus and the revelation at Sinai in 2448 HC. Moreover, Isaac died in 2228 HC, exactly 220 years before 2448 HC, while there are precisely 111 Moon diameters between it and the Earth and 109 Earth diameters between it and the Sun and (111 + 109) = 220. This also coincides with the 220 years out of the 430 years of bondage that the Israelites were not actually in Egypt, (430220) = 210 years.

Jacob was 120 when Isaac died and that 220-year period before 2448 HC began, as in 120 = 5! Factorial, and as in the 120 years of Moses life, the age of Man.  Moses, who was born in 2368 HC, was born 130 years into the 210 years in Egypt, coinciding with Sinai and the 130 few and miserable years of Jacob. The 3 periods of (210 + 400 + 430) equal 1040, as in the 10400 rows in the Torah and as in (40 x 26) or 40 YHVH (יהוה). These coincide with the 40 years of YHVH (יהוה) that followed the Exodus from that bondage. Another reference is found in Isaac, who was married at the age of 40 right after the binding, and in the 40 days of the Flood in 1656 HC, which is (1040 + 616), the numerical value of “H’Torah, The Torah) and which represents the 616 times that the name Moses (משה) appears in the Torah, starting with the first time it is mentioned in Exodus 2:10.

Abraham also told us that the Hebrew Letter that represents the Sun is Caf (כ), of numerical value 20, thus the Sun and Moon, representing Earth’s two bound partners, or the Tav (ת) and Caf (כ), is (400 + 20) = 420. Moreover, the value of Tav (ת) squared divided by the value of Caf (כ) squared is 160000/400 = 400, the ratio of the size of the Sun to the Earth. These are also the 2 fixed points directly on the exponential curve of the Alef-bet and the same ratio using their ordinal values (222112) = 4. Using the Alef-bet cosmic interface sheds a whole new light on our reality.

The Cosmic Harmonic

The diameter values for the Earth, Sun and Moon vary slightly with time and who controls the yardstick. Regardless, the ratios have not changed much, bouncing between .272727 and .273, which is a .000273 rounding.


To those fixed ratios, we must add the temperature symmetry of the universe from Absolute Zero (0 K) at -273 degrees Celsius to the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation in the universe at 2.73 K, the temperature of nothingness, the remnant of the so-called Big Bang. As we have stated before, the “Big Bang” is just a Name that scientists have given to the Creator, a dimensionless singularity of infinite energy, information, and dimension that spontaneously decided to create, define, and evenly occupy all space. The background temperature of all that space, the aether, is 2.73 K, and it is the same in the farthest reaches of the universe, the farthest points away from the initial big bang, as it is in the closest points.  This makes perfect sense in a Divine Simulation in the mind of the Creator, which has also symmetrically lined it up with all the planets in our solar system that correspond to that same measurement. It is as if they were set into a firmament as it states in the beginning of the Torah, which also embodies those same measurements and dimensions.  The first principle of Creation may be “keep it simple.”

Where the even background radiation does not make perfect, or even any sense for that matter is that for the background heat to be constant, the universe would have to have been formed instantaneously with an infinite speed-of-light and thus for time and/or space not to exist, collapsing relativity theory completely.

Then there is the freezing point of water at 273 K (0O C).  While the physical properties of the aether, the Sun, water, etc. are fixed along with their proportions, the temperature scales could have been anything. Man was free to assign any numbers he wanted to them and come up with as many scales as he chose. Yet, like the Gregorian Calendar and the measures of the foot and the mile, and the hours and minutes in a day he chose Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin and chose –273o C as a base point for Absolute Zero. Man has always been free to discover, but only what already exists. Ultimately that is what science is, uncovering what is already there and claiming it as discovery. What metaphysics and spirituality does is peel back a few more layers, guiding us with clues to the gold mines, as it sits back and waits for us to beg to dig deeper.

Then there are the sunspots (places of relative coolness) with their 11-year cycles that revolve around the Sun in exactly 27.3 days. That is the same 27.3 days that our Moon orbits the Earth, and that it spins around with respect to the stars, 27.3 days. They all seem to be wound by the same clock and breathe to same beat.

In addition to the 424th Triangular Number, built into the Torah’s design through the precise distribution of the 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah that reveals the Universal Consciousness Name, Moshiach Ben David, the other Holy letter Alef (א) is found 27,059 times, and when its total value is added to that of the Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) they equal 665727, or 666000, the Earth’s orbital speed, less exactly 273, the Universal Harmonic.

Light Years

Even Astronomical Units are too short for measurements beyond our solar system and for those we rely on light-years or the distance that light travels at 186,282 mps in 1 Earth year, and the distance to the nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is 4.24 light-years away, once again as in Moshiach Ben David, Universal Consciousness.

Surface Temperatures

Those are not the only Cosmic alignments of the universe with the technology of the Torah and Inner Cosmos.  The surface temperature of the Earth (288.9 K) and that of the Sun at 5778 K are well known to us and crucial to Spherical Time.

As with the AU distances of the rest of the planets that are integrated in our Solar System, their surface temperatures likewise follow suit. The surface temperature of Mars is 210 K and that of the two neighbors Saturn (134 K) and Uranus (76 K) together is also (134 + 76) = 210 K, making the 3 of them equal to 420 K. The surface temperature of Jupiter is 165 K, Pluto is 50 K, and Neptune’s is 72 K, giving all 6 of the planets beyond Earth a combined surface temperature of 708 K, as in the value of the Upper 42-Letters of the Name of YHVH (יהוה), and the value of the 42-Letter verse in the Song of the Sea known as the Sword of Moses, 6708.

Likewise, the surface temperature of the Earth (288 K), combined with those of the four (4) planets flanking Jupiter (210 K + 288 K + 210 K) are also equal to 708 K with Jupiter being the 5th planet from the Sun.  The Name Moses (משה) is also found in the word (חמשה) for the number “5” in the Torah and this word is found 72 times there, like the 5th Name (מהש) of the 72 Triplets. That value of 708 K is also found in the year Israel became a nation, 5708 HC or 1948 CE, 3760 years after Abraham’s birth in 1948 HC, and 70 years before 5778, as in the 70th chapter in the Torah where the 10 Commandments are found.

The digit string of the word (חמשה) is 8435, which permutes into 304,805, as in the number of letters in the Torah.

With the surface temperature of the two inner planets, Mercury (440 K) and Venus (737 K) at .72 AU from the Sun, the 9 planets have a combined surface temperature of 2173 K, which is .3760 or 37.60% of 5778 K, that of the Sun, just like the 37.60 cumulative AU distances from the Sun to Uranus.

That proportionate .3760 ratio aligns with the Spiritual Time component (3760 years) of the Spherical Time radius (5778 years) and to the pivotal hinge year (3760 HC) of the Gregorian and Hebrew Calendars. It thus kind of proves Pluto is a planet, and with its 50 K temperature, it can be likened to the 50 years in a Jubilee year that we were commanded to begin counting 66.6 Jubilee years ago at Mt Sinai in 2448 HC.

This is also aligned with the 3760 mi radius of Venus.

That brings us to the year 2018/2019 CE, as in the 3 times the numerical string …2019… is found in the first 1000 digits in Pi (π) to match its Hebrew date of …5778….that is also found 3 times, as statistically improbable as that may seem. Nonetheless, 3800 years ago Abraham Avinu specifically wrote about 7 planets and their assigned Hebrew Letters. Two of them were the Sun and the Moon whose letters have a collective value of 420, and the others were Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, whose corresponding letters (בגדפר) have a collective value of 289, as in the Earth’s surface temperature. The collective value of the surface temperatures of those 5 planets plus Pluto and 289, which can be either those 5 letters or the Earth’s surface temperature is 2019 when the kolel for either the 6 or 7 planets is subtracted. In other words they add up to 2024 or 2025 respectively.

The Holy Temples

Of course, it was in 2448 HC when we received the 620 letters of the 10 Commandments and the surface temperatures of the Earth, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto total (288 + 134 + 76 + 72 + 50) = 620. And while those of the Mars, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto equal (210 + 76 + 72 + 50) = 408, as in the 50 component letters of the Alef-bet that expand into the (600,000408) component letters in the Torah, the total surface temperature of Earth, Neptune, and Pluto (288 + 76 + 72) = 410, as in the 410 years that the First Holy Temple stood before it was destroyed in 3338 HC, as in (.5778 x 5778) which of course aligns with the Sun at 5778 K.

While 620 is the numerical value of the Hebrew word (esrim) for twenty (20) and the Holy of Holies within the Holy Temple is a cube of 203 cu, the exact location of the Holy of Holies on the Temple Mount is at an elevation of 2448’, as in the year 2448 HC, and (57783330).

This aligns with the number of Yuds(י) and Vavs (ו) in the Torah, 31,531 and 30,513 respectively that add up to 62044, and that are eerily similar to the diameters of neighbors Uranus (31,518 mi) and Neptune (30,599 mi) which together are 73 miles more than their Torah counterparts.

The 3330 years between Mt Sinai and the Event Horizon are also suspiciously similar to the sum of the diameters of the 4 giant planets—Uranus (31,518 mi), Neptune (30,599 mi), Saturn (72,367 mi), and Jupiter (88846 mi)—that equal 223330 or 90.0% of the total diameters of the 9 planets.

All the planets together only fill the meager distance between the Earth and the Moon, and fill it exactly. With the Earth they equal 248,000 miles in width. If we add the Sun (864,000 mi) they equal 1112000 miles and represent .01118% of the 107 AU radius of the planetary system, as in the numerical value (1118) of the all-important first verse or 15 Triplets of the Shema, and as in Alef (אלף), 111, where it begins.

שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ יְהוָה אֶחָֽד

As we saw with distance from the Sun and the Sun’s diameter, the planets are set into specific harmonic proportions in relation to the Sun and the Earth that are centered on 107 and 5778 and that align with the Spherical Time bubble whose circumference is 36304.24470.

And not only do all 9 planets have the Spiritual Time proportion of .3760, but the ratio or proportion of those 5 planets, whose surface temperatures equal 620, to the Sun is 620/5778 = .10730….

Moreover, the surface temperature of Mars, or alternatively of Saturn and Uranus, is 210/5778 = 3.6345%, as in H’Moshiach (363) and Moses (345).

The Divine dating of the Holy Temples aligns with the combined radii of the Earth and the Moon or 5040 miles that equals (70 x 72). This is like the (70 x 26) YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah and the destruction of the Second Holy Temple in 70 CE, That Temple stood for 422 years, as in the 422-value of the Hebrew word for 70, and as in the 70 years between the two Holy Temples. It is also as in the 70 years of King David’s life, which shares a midpoint with the exact center of the Spherical Time radius 2889 HC, which in turn aligns with the surface temperature of the Earth. The entire schematic of the two Holy Temples from 2928 HC to 70 CE is encapsulated in 903 years as in the 42nd Triangular Number, the sum of the integers from 1 to 42.

The Sefirot of the Tree of Life

There are 9 planets and the Sun with its corona, as in the 9 sefirot (dimensions) and the crowning sefira of the Creator, Keter (כהת) of numerical value 620.

Those 9 planets have a combined surface temperature of 2173 K and a combined distance from the Sun of 107 AU, thus both these standard measurements equal (2173 + 107) = 2280, or 10 times the Hebrew word Baruch (ברוך), meaning blessed, the word that begins all the Hebrew blessings, and whose sofit value is 708, as in the upper 42 Letters of the Name YHVH (יהוה). It is also the sum of the surface temperatures of the 6 outer planets and also of the 5 planets flanking Jupiter.

When we add the 5778 K temperature of the Sun to the collective 2280, all 10 equal 8058, or 42 less than 8100, which is 902 and akin to the 81000 words and word-values in the Torah, which in turn equals the product of the two values for the final letter of the Alef-bet, Zadi sofit (ץ) of numerical values (900 x 90) = 8100.

It is also akin to and aligned with the first word of the 10 Commandments, Anochi (אנכי); and to the Primal Equation 1/.23571113… = 4.24248100… that begins with 42; and the sum of the 22 Names of the Alef-bet (4248); and Moshiach Ben David (424) twice; and the 248,000(φ) words, letters, verses, rows, and columns in the Torah; and finally 8100. We saw how the set of Prime Numbers is directly connected to the YHVH (יהוה) and the 424 Universal Consciousness through G-d’s Algorithm and now again through this extraordinarily simple equation of dividing One (1) by a numeric string comprised of that same set of Prime Numbers.

This is like the sum of the diameters of the 9 planets of our solar system that total to 248,000 miles give or take a few hundred depending on who is counting. This is equal to 31.3131 Earth Diameters as in the value (31) of G-d (אל) and as in the 313 Elohim (אלהים) in the Torah. This also means that the entire rest of the planetary system lined up end-to-end is equivalent to the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

Without the Earth this is the 240,000-mile span between it and the Moon. This structure of 240,000-miles and 8000 miles with the total 248,000 miles aligns directly with the 240 dimensions and original 8 dimensional vertices for a total of 248 dimensions of the E8 Lattice superstructure and symmetry, as discussed in previous articles.



We see that exact same 902 value reflected in the Biblical land area of Israel from the Jordan to the Sea and the Golan Heights to Eilat inclusive, 11,466 square miles. The difference from these 11,466 square miles and the Spherical Time diameter, (5778 x 2) or 11,556 is 90. Those 11,466 square miles of Israel equal 107.072, as in the 107,007 letters until the 10 Commandments and as in the 107th Triangular Number built into the Solar System, 5778.

Moreover, since the total current land area of Israel, 11,466 square miles, forms a square with each side being 107.07 miles long, each side is also exactly 21√26 miles, which is the product of the higher Name of G-d, Ehyeh (אהיה) and the square root of the YHVH (יהוה).

And the difference between the square root of the Spherical Time diameter, 11,556 and the square root of the current land area of Israel, 11,466 square miles, is .42.

While the current land area of Israel, 11,466 square miles, forms a square of 107.072, the Spherical Time diameter (11,556) forms a square of 107.499, as it also forms the edge of a square that circumscribes the Spherical Time circumference. The area of that square is thus 107.4994 and thus 1.273 times the area of Spherical Time.

Thus, metaphysically Israel and 42 form the square that circumscribes the Spherical Time bubble and hold its key.

The Elevated 10 Commandments

This notion, or cosmic truth aligns with the isolated 4805 letters Pe (פ) that form a square of 6202, as in the 620 letters of the 10 Commandments at the 107,007th letters in the Torah, and with Israel’s land area square of 107.072. While 620 K is the sum of the surface temperature of the 5 planets, and while the sum of the integers from 1 – 107 = 5778, their ratio to the surface temperature of the Sun and of the 10 Commandments is 620/5778 = .10730….

Moreover, while the sum of the letters, words, and verses in the Torah equals precisely 58, or 6252, the sum of the 620 letters, 172 words, and 13 verses in the 10 Commandments equals 805, as in those 4805 letters Pe (פ) that equal 6202, and as in 5/8 which equals .625.

Furthermore, while 805 is the value of “rainbow,” G-d’s prismatic Covenant with the Earth from the portion Noach of numerical value 58, matching the mean surface temperature of the Earth, 58o F, the total temperature of all 10 planets including the Sun is 8058 K.

This is reminiscent of the 4805 letters Pe (פ) of numerical value 80, whose collective value is exactly 6202, as in the 620 letters in the 10 Commandments, and as in the level of the highest crowning dimension Keter (620).  The cosmic juxtaposition is quite clear: the Elevated portion and all the rest; Keter and the 300,000 letters, or alternatively One (1) the 21 other letters; the Keter of the 10 Commandments and the rest of the Torah; and the Sun and the rest of the Solar System; the One and the emanated.

11 Sefirot of the Tree-of-Life with the Moon

With the addition of the Moon, that makes a system of 11, just as with the receptacle lowest dimension of Malchut, there are 11 sefirot (dimensions) in the Tree-of-Life, which have exactly 42 Letters in their 11 Names.

And just like the Solar System’s 107 AU distance from the Sun, whose surface temperature (5778 K) equals the 107th Triangular Number, and like the 107,007th letters to the 107-value of the 10 Commandments’ first 2 words at the 20th paragraph of Shemot (Names), and just like the 20,107 final letters in the Torah, the Moon’s daytime mean surface temperature is 107o C and –120 K at night for an average mean of –20o C overall.

As it happens, the 11th letter in the Alef-bet is the letter Caf (כ) of numerical value 20, and the 20th letter is Resh (ר) of numerical value 200 while the corresponding 200th Triangular Number is 20,100, or exactly 7 less than the 20,107 final letters in the Torah.

The 11 sefirot and 11 element Solar System coincide with the all-important 11-year sunspot cycle and the 11-day difference between the lunar and solar calendars.

That 11-day difference between the lunar and solar calendars is based on a lunar month (synodic period) of 29.5 days and a solar one of 30-31 days. This difference is called an epact. The result is that it takes 33 epacts, or 33 lunar years for the two calendars to return to their point of origin, and in essence for the Moon and the Sun to align. This is akin to and reflected in the Torah’s first 33 letters and/or 11 Triplets of Creation that total 3003, the 77th Triangular Number or sum of integers from 1 – 77 and that consist of 11 unique letters, like the 1177 K temperature of Venus and Mercury, the planets closest to the Sun.

The Moon completes one orbit (revolution period) around the Earth every 27.3 days, and 3003/11 = 273, the average value for the 11 Triplets of Creation. The Moon, the Earth, and the Sun return to the same precise fixed alignment every 33 Years.

The lunar synodic month less its rotational month is (29.527.3) = 2.2 days and multiplying the 12 months x 12 months of the two calendars (122) gives us 122 x 29.5 days = 4248, the sum of the 22 Names of the Alef-bet that so dutifully obey the constant Phi (φ).

Moreover, the ratio 4248/3003 = 1.414, the square root of 2. The sum of the 22 Names of the Alef-bet divided by the 11 Triplets of Creation = √2.

The Sun is the Keter. The Moon is Malchut, and the 9 Planets are the 9 sefirot between them. These are split into the 3 upper sefirot, corresponding to Mercury, Venus, and Earth or Chochma, Binah, and Da’at; and the 6 bundled sefirot (dimensions) of Zeir Anpin from Mars through Pluto.

The Names of those 6 bundled sefirot (dimensions) of Zeir Anpin with the kolel (6) total 1618, as in Phi (φ), while the upper 3 (Chochma, Binah, and Da’at) and Malchut equal 1110, as in the Name Alef (אלף) and 424φ2, etc. Together that is 1728 or 123, plus Keter (620).

Thus the 4 upper (Keter, Chochma, Binah, and Da’at) dimensions and Malchut equal 1730, as in the 42-Letter Name and the 1730 Men beyond the original 600,000 that crossed over, and as in 1/5778 = 0.0001730

Reincarnation of the Universe

The Earth’s diameter is on average 7920 miles, The numerical value of the YHVH (יהוה) is 26. The number of letters in the Torah is 304805. The Earth’s diameter through Jerusalem works out to 304.805 x 26 = 7925 miles, off by only 1 mile from the equatorial diameter.

And the Earth’s volume is 260 billion cubic miles.

While the Earth orbits our Sun, or appears to, at 66,600 mph, our entire solar system orbits the center of the galaxy in a 226,000,000-year cycle.  Contrary to what we would expect, like our solar system, the galaxy and the universe are generally and relatively flat with a slight periodic vertical oscillation. That Solar oscillation to the flat galactic plane has a periodicity of 26,000,000 years, which in turn aligns with the 26,000-year Earthly Precession of the Equinoxes that we saw defined by the Core Essential Triangle of Creation at the center of the Solar Core Cube.

Now, there is no reason to add these two cycles of the Sun, but 226 million and 26 million equal 252 million or 6 million times 42. This may all seem a little contrived and made up, but these are the numbers given to us by the astrophysicists.  Who told them is the real question?

And just like the devastating 12,000-year Parker instability electromagnetic wave that pulses through our galaxy and solar system and that conforms to the Biblical, Spiritual, and Metaphysical Spherical Time diameter of (2 x 5778 years), the diameter of the Sun divided by those 12,000 years is exactly 72, as is the 72 years that the Earth passes through for every 1o of its Precession. Each precession equals 2.16 cycles of the 12,000-year Parker instability with their apocalyptic and regenerative consequences for our planets.  This also conforms to the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets utilized at the splitting of the Red Sea, but that is an entire other paper.

Those, of course, align with the 2160-mile diameter of the Moon that is (30 x 72) and of the Earth whose 7920-mile diameter is (110 x 72), like Joseph’s age (110 years). It appears we live in a simulation with one big cosmic clock made up of precise cosmic wheels and gears, not the results of an imaginary explosion with random outcomes that miraculously change depending on whether we are looking at them or not.

Even the simple difference between the Earth’s diameter and the Moon’s is a smoking gun, as 79202160 miles = 5760, as in the year 5760 HC (2000 CE), whereby the log of 5760 equals 3.760422, as in 2000 years earlier than 5760, the year 0 CE, or 3760 HC, and whereby the value 422 is the numerical value of the Hebrew word for 70, as in the 70 CE date the Second Temple was destroyed, and the –422 BCE date that the First Temple was destroyed in 3338 or (.5778 x 5778), and the 422 years that the Second Temple stood, and the 70 years between the two Temples, and the 70 years of King David’s life at the center of Spherical Time, whose Spiritual Time radius is 3760 years.

There is a single simple answer, but our egos prevent us from applying Occam’s razor and instead suggest ever more complex scenarios that never align and that are full of loopholes and exceptions. It is our egos that block us from seeing reality and bury us deeper into the illusion. It is our egos that have once again brought civilization collectively to the crest of the Parker Instability and the edge of the Event Horizon without a trace of spiritual evolution and awareness.

Numbers are the key to decoding the Cosmos and so are proportions, ratios that do not change independent of our measuring device. The diameter of the Earth over the diameter of the Moon is in the exact proportion 1/.272727 = 3.666…, as in the Cosmic Harmonic .273 that squares the circle and the 27 letters of the Alef-bet.

The small gematria of the 42-Letter Name of G-d is 173, and the Fine Structure Constant is 1/137.0…, which also represents the ratio of the standard gematria of the 42-Letter Name of G-d and the Torah’s first verse, 3701/2701 = 1.370. The Fine Structure Constant is another independent constant of nature that the structure of our universe is predicated upon, as among other things it characterizes the strength of the electromagnetic interaction  between the elementary charged particles. In Hebrew the word for nature has the same numerical value as the Name Elohim (אלהים), and for science the word nature is just another way of saying G-d, a mysterious beauty that perpetually unfolds and that just is.

As it unfolds in yet another symmetric layer of dazzling petals, we see that 1/42 x 1/137 = .000173… and that the Singularity 42 times the Fine Structure Constant (1/137.0…) minus the Coupling Constant or (42/αg) = (42/137.03599.302822131) = .0036666… = 11/3000, as in the ratio of the Earth to the Moon.

Why does this primordial equation that existed since the dawn of time equals the exact proportion of the Moon to the Earth?

And just as mysterious is why the first line/level of the 42 letter Name Matrix equals the sum of the 11 squares from 12112 and that its second level equals 729 or 1/137, and why does 9 divided by its numerical string value 9/.123049… = 73.14159370 plus Pi (3.141593) to an astonishing degree.

“It is just nature” means that it is just the act of a Creator. When nothing is random, it means it is designed. In our physical world, that means manipulation, orchestration, and exploitative chaos. Beyond our world, it means intelligent design, symmetry, beauty, and awe.  The contrast means we are living in simulation, a world within a bubble and we are acting out scenarios and processing beliefs abhorrent to the rest of the universe.

Our entire schematic is incongruent and anathema to reality and to the universal consciousness that bred us, and this is why this bubble with its cyclical implosion and rebirth will be our home forever unless we wake up.

Perhaps this is why Moshiach Ben David, another Name for Universal Consciousness, divided by the ratio of the Earth to the Moon is the diameter of that Spherical Time bubble: 42400/3.666 = 11,565 and why 1565 is the numeric string of the Creator, YHVH (יהוה).

It is time we Understand.

Every 11,556 years or so, the Sun triggers the Earth’s magnetic field to reverse, its weight distribution is thrown off, the floating crust loosens from its moorings, and the entire Earth shortly thereafter flips on its axis 90o so that the North Pole faces the Moon and the equator now lines up where the poles used to be, perpendicular to the plane of the Moon. It is what the equations built into the Cosmos are telling us. It is what the Torah told us. It is what the physical evidence on Earth has conclusively shown us, and it is what the science is overwhelmingly showing us throughout our solar system. The magnetic poles began their journey toward the flip back around 1859 and have been progressing at an accelerating rate ever since, much more so since 2000. Once we hit 5778 HC (2018 CE), we entered the Event Horizon. It is a window toward the inevitable.  It is also an opportunity to connect with our consciousness before it is too late.  In the simulation or physical plane everyone dies sooner or later; it is the consciousness that needs to be nurtured and that survives us. We would not have been given a window if the Creator did not want us to have a fighting chance.

Life may be an illusion, but consciousness is immortal. Physicality is an albatross. It is not how much we acquire in our lives; it is what we do in them. A good deal of the Torah is concerned with making sacrifices. The Creator has no need of our physical possessions or of our offering them to Him on an Altar. He wants to remind us of what is truly important. He wants us to let go of those possessions and get closer to Him and His attributes. The Elevation is for us.

After all, as He says in Exodus 11:4, “I went out (אני־יוצא)” or translating using gematria “I am 107,” referring to the 10 Commandments, the Sun, and to the Event Horizon in 5778. He went out personally, not a mindless angel or algorithm. He wants us to succeed. How long that takes depends on us.