Bravo! More Light has Been Revealed.


Bravo! Kudos to Mordechai O. who picked up the the challenge and noticed a profound connection within the 5 core Torah elements that we’ve been discussing in our last two articles (It’s a Beautiful Thing, and Even More Beautiful). I noticed a much more coincidental one considering that the sum of all the digits in those 5 elements equals 109 and that is that we’ve just completed our 109th post.
187 chapters; 670 paragraphs; 304805 letters; 79976 words; 5845 verses
Yes, that too is unplanned destiny, but what Modrechai recalled from one of our much earlier posts is of real significance: It’s that 109 is the gematria of “David H’Melech,” King David.
That is even more significant considering that the midpoint from the 5778 years Adam to Moshiach is the midpoint in King David’s life (2889 HC) and that as Mordechai further pointed out, the sum of the digits in the 5 core quantitative elements divided by 5, in other words their average value, is 21.8, reminiscent of 2018, the year Hebrew year 5778.
What this also means is that the value of “David H’Melech” or 109 also marks the midpoint to 2018 (5778), and that the Divine Calendar was indeed designed into the overall structure of the Torah.
And indeed, following the pattern of halves that Mordechai unearthed for all of us, we find that the square root of the sum of the 5 total elements is 442.426.., or depending how we look at it 4 coupled with 424 (Moshiach Ben David) coupled with 26 with both 4 and 26 being the most basic and common representations of the 4 letters (YHVH) of the Tetragrammaton.
And lets not forget that G-d’s Covenant with Abraham in 2018 HC was called the Covenant of Halves.

There are many many more secrets in these numbers and much more light to be revealed through them, such as the 670 paragraphs divided by the 187 chapters give us an average of 3.5828… paragraphs/chapter with 358 being the numerical value of Mashiach (messiah) and 28 being one of the core/key Torah numbers as revealed in The Genesis Prayer and in Nothing is Random in the Universe. And as Mordechai also pointed out: 28 is the sum of the digits in 391,483, which is the sum of the 5 quantitative core Torah elements.

And as I just realized, 28 + 109, all the digits in the cosmic equation (187 chapters+ 670 paragraphs+304805 letters+ 79976 words+ 5845 verses = 391,483) totals 137, as in the numerical value of kabbalah, meaning “to receive.”

One other quick note to point out is that when in the previous article we separated the digits in the 5 elements into those that correspond to 5778 (5,7 and 8) and all the others, which totaled 67 and 42 respectively, what we left out was that the square root of 67 x 42 is 53.0… and that 53 x 109 = 5777.

Also, in the previous article, we said the sum of the 5 elements divided by 67 (Binah) = 5843, or 2 less than the number of verses 5845, and we asked  why are there 2 missing. We won’t answer that today, but we will point out that the sequence 5843 is the verse of the number of letters in the Torah: 304805 so quite obviously this was extremely intentional on the part of the creator, and all the energy of the Torah derives from Binah.

There are still tons of secrets cloaked within these numbers and a huge amount of light to be revealed, so give it a try, peel back some layers from yourself and the universe, and stare deep into the scaffolding that the Torah was built on, then share the light with the rest of us.

5 thoughts on “Bravo! More Light has Been Revealed.

  1. I think, originally there were 5848 verses, because the torah ist built on number 17 (17 => 8 => Chesed) that overcomes nature = 16 => 6 days + 1 day/ mirror is 61 AIN, in calender it is 6.1. called Epiphanie
    Look: 1000 was divided in 656 and 344.
    656 = Shoshan, the: lily-rose-lily = 656 = Lotus = white Lotus, where the Messias is travelling inside. Greek gematria of Messias is also 656
    344 x 17 = 5848
    5848 – 4 = 5844
    3 x 1948 = 5844 avraham
    4 x 1461 = 5844 Sothis
    16 x 365,23 = 5844 julian year
    198 x 29,53058 = 5847 syn. moon
    214 x 27,32 = 5847 sid. moon
    5847 + 1 for the kolel
    344 + 656 + 656 = 1656 = Flood MT
    930 Adam + 656 + 656 = 2242 Flood LXX
    -586 + 656 = 70 => 2 times destroying of the temple
    Moses 2448 jew. = 1312 BC = 2 x 656 + 344 +656 = 312 where are they gone?

    1. I’m sure there were always only 5845 verses, but you do bring up some very interesting points (phenomena), including the connections between 5844 (which id 5845 less the kolel) to 1948, to 365.25 days and 16, and 198 with the lunar syn.
      While G-d speaks to us through all the languages and letters I only rely on Hebrew and Aramaic gematria and stick to the spelling as laid out in the Tanakh as all the other languages are derivative and every word/connection becomes open to great interpretation.

  2. I have such a simple question. Using different editions of the Artscroll Chumash, I find that the number of passuks in each book changes. In my earliest edition, the total still reaches 5845, but differently. There is 1534 (Bereishis), 1205 in Shemos as opposed to 1209, 858 in Vayikra as opposed to 859, agreement on Bamidbar, 1288, and 960 in Devarim as opposed to the standard 955. In the later editions of Artscroll, there are 1206 in Shemos, but 952 in Devarim, for a total of 5838. I have also read different word counts, from 97,874 to 97,976.
    If you can clear up these discrepancies, that would be very helpful.

    1. I can’t account for different translations (or summaries) when there is only One Torah, unabridged for thousands of years, which is what makes it so valuable and awe-inspiring for studying and analyzing. Often, the problem is in flawed counting not the Chumash itself; it’s very difficult to avoid errors when staring into the face of so much light.
      During the Torah reading on Shabbat, when my intuition pricks up I’ll try to add up in my head the gematria in a phrase, series of words or verse and come up with a different number each time I try.
      I use software and refer to Kaplan’s Chumash for reference. I’ve compared my quantitative figures with the top Torah-mathematicians (authors of the Bible code systems) and we’ve all come up with the same figures with different software. Most scholars agree that there are 304805 letters divided into 79975 or 79976 words and 5845 or 5846 verses, and magic (divine purpose) happens mathematically when you utilize these numbers.
      basically you can use these figures for the verses:
      Bereshit 1533
      Shmot 1210
      Vayikra 859
      Bamidbar 1288
      Devarim 956

  3. Hello,
    Ihave some insight about the number 304805.
    304805 divided by 5 is 60961. One can look on this number in the form JHVH.
    In 304805 J= 3 h=04 v=8 h=05 The number 60961 is prime . when you multiply this number
    with 1,2,3, 4 etc till 25 each time the difference between the two H =1
    For example 4×60961=243844 H= 43 and 44 6×60961=365766 H=65and 66
    The number 304805 = 5×60961 tells something about the tension between the number
    43 and 65 . 43 is an important biblicalnumber (40+3) The numbers 5 and 6 are importante storie of David and Goliath and talk about ruling the body of an individual aswell as society.
    By the number 60961 25×2= 50 numbers from 0 till 99 are defined.when you multiply
    60961 with 26 you get 1584986 J=15 H= 84 V=9 (again starts anew circle)H =86
    The difference between H=84 and H=86 is now Two Also 59960 has a period of 25
    but the H numbers are overlapping. a number for example like 43944 has a different period
    It has a period of 17 when you multiply with 18 the difference between H’s = 2
    43944x 18= 790992 J=7 H=90 V=9 H=92 The meaning of the number 65 is that 5stones are one. First stone =21 Second stone is 43 Third stone =65 Fourt stone is 87 Fifth stone is 109
    If you multiply 60961 you will find the stone value in the H value .
    The number 304805 points to an equilibrium of forces that should not be disturbed.
    The number 21 Means the word 43 means incarnation of the word ,the ideal of adam and eve and 65 uniting the Whole Kosmos spiritually through the angelic world etc.
    65 The third stone is one stone that tells that the 5 stones form one body.

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