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Here is a draft of an excerpt that I am incorporating into the next chapter, yet it is important that no one wait till then to read it.

The 72 Triplets’ 8 x 8 square of 8 x 1000 design gives us 8 columns of an average value of 1000 each. These are akin to the 8 Channukah candles each connected to the river (Nachal) that flows from Binah into them, leaving the first row as their 8 flames. The Hebrew word for flame (להבה), not only is structurally similar to the word for love, Ahava (אהבה), meaning love, but it has the numerical value 42.  By the way, the ordinal value of the Alef(א) of Ahava (אהבה) and the Lamed(ל) of (להבה) together is 13, as in Love and Oneness.  Like the sequential 13 42 55 Alefs(א) that are initials in the Shema, there are 30 Lameds(ל) as initials in the 248 words of the Shema.


Just as the word for flame (להבה) has a value of 42, the initial of the same word (להבה) is Lamed(ל) with a complete value of 42 and Lamed(ל) is the letter that not only looks like a dancing flame but is representative of Binah. The letter Lamed(ל) is also the first letter of L’hadleek from the Channukah blessing, meaning to ignite.

The 8 candles of Chanukah have flames of 42.

The ordinal value of the word flame is 24, as is the complete value of the back of the word for flame (להבה), signifying the 24 hours in One day.

The 8 candles of Channukah have flames of 42 and last for 8 days or 24 hours each.

All 8 flames have a value of 336, as in the 336 letters of the 112 Triplets.

Please make your connections accordingly. Let us all light the candles with Love and Oneness and the correct intentions in these most important days of all.  Here are previous Channukah connections.

Channukah Sameach and Shabbat Shalom