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The layered fields of Oneness are equivalent to the small gematria of any Hebrew letter, word, phrase, etc.  The sum of the fields of Oneness for the 42-Letter Name is thus 173, giving new understanding to the 173-unit base of the Core Essential Triangle.  Do not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready, a whole new world awaits. The Journey begins here if you missed it.

The Fissure in the Wall

Yet it is the presence of Pi (π) that causes our attention to be drawn to the steep impenetrable cavern wall.  A narrow, almost imperceptible, slit in the side of the cavern glints and catches our curiosity. The triplet engraved over this slim entrance is the name of the 31st portion in the Torah, Emor (אמר). The sky feels electric as we duck inside.  This portion precedes the two conjoined portions with 57 and 78 verses between them. We hope the cave opens up, but it remains narrow, squeezing us forward. This 31st of the 54 portions of the Torah begins with the 110th chapter in the Torah and depending which metric is used, it is about 57.78% of the way through the Torah.  Wedged between the rock hard walls we the crackle of the lightning outside surges right though us. The lightning flashes pulse with each new revelation.

The word emor (אמר) means “said” and it has a complete gematria of 275, as in the measure of the cubit (27.5”) and the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz). Speaking in the proper frequency is certainly important and perhaps this is why the word emor (אמר) is found 84 times in the Torah, and in the connected Upper and Lower Names of 42 that can bring redemption (84) as Rav Brandwein explained. The fierce storm outside sends intense vibrations even deep inside the narrow crevice.

With a flash of lightning so intense it illuminated the passage deep within the stone, a grotto appears in one wall.  We see that the Upper and Lower Names of 42 or 84 Holy Letters together with the 72 Triplets of the Primordial Alef axis equal 156, the nexus point of Zion. We see it hovering over Jerusalem. On the other axis, we see the 8 words of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit and the 248 words of the Shema (the 15 Triplet) that for the YHVH (יהוה) axis. We see that together they are (8 + 248) = 256 words, as in 28, the value of the Ark of the Covenant, and as in the values, 248 and 256 respectively, of the last 2 Books of the 5 Books of Moses. The illumination dims and the grotto disappears.

We were just shown a window into something that we understand is crucial, yet we still cannot piece it together. We do realize the difference between 256 and 156 is 100, which translates into 1 cubit.

As we proceed single file further into this dark interior passage, we learn that the word emor (אמר) is found 632 times encased in the word V’Yomer (ויאמר) within the Torah, and that those exact 5 letters are found themselves encased within words 720 times in the Torah, an obvious reference to the 72 Triplets. The 5 letters (ויאמר) sum to 256 plus the central letter Alef (א).

The passage is still a tight crack within the mighty ledges, but it sparkles with golden iridescence with every twist and bend. The first occurrence of 5778 within PI (π) occurs are digit #632 after the initial 3, and its fuller sequence is …4275778…, connecting the event horizon in 5778 with the cubit (27.5) and the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz).

The 5 letters (ויאמר) sum to 257, a permutation of 275.

A small niche opens in the smooth wall beside us. Within it we see that the word V’Yomer (ויאמר) is part of the expression “G-d said (ויאמר־אלהים)” 23 times. These include the 10 Utterances of Creation in Genesis chapter 1 that we have previously studied. We are reminded that the sofit value of the 10 letters in Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר־אלהים) is 903, the 42nd Triangular Number, and that the 10 Utterances of Creation are connected to Spherical Time and that they begin with the value 232, as in “Let there be Light” and the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה), and that they total 4004.  We pause because we know how the Inner Cosmos work and we realize that there must be a reason that of all that we have studied about this subject, these are the aspects it wants us to recall.

We are further shown that 21 of those times are in Genesis, and the 22nd time is at Exodus 3:14, where we find G-d’s highest Name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) with all its connections to Pi (3.14), 3142, the Names of 42, and Ehyeh (אהיה). The stone behind the niche is almost transparent, streaked with gold.

As we press deeper into the crooked crevice, sometimes having to navigate sideways, sometimes two abreast, the sparkle in the stone shows us that there are 1419 words in the Torah that contain the triplet emor (אמר). Wondering why it was not 1420 words, we learn that (1419 x 275) = 390,225 or exactly 400 less than the 390,625 words, letters, and verses in the Torah, which means they represent the formula 58 – (5 x 8). We know this must be important because the 390,625 words, letters, and verses in the Torah represents the formula (5/8 x 5/8) and is equal to exactly 58. We realize this cannot be coincidence, yet we still do not understand why the Creator and the Inner Cosmos would put so much emphasize on the triplet emor (אמר).

We cannot help thinking about the triplet emor (אמר) making its own crooked way through the elements of the Torah from verse to verse, etching a path all its own. The word that conveys sound carries the echo of the 10 Utterances everywhere it goes.

We must be deep into the heart of this mountain, yet each shock of the crashing lightning reverbs through it and us. We see that the knocking together of the letters in the triplet emor (אמר) equal 80,000 like the knocking together of the digits (5 x 8 x 4 x 5) in the 5845 verses of the Torah that equals 800.

It is also very much like the (80,000 52) words in the Torah. Another clap of lightning and (80,000 x 5) = 400,000.  The difference from 5 times the actual number of words is thus (5 x 52) = 53.

The narrow crevice that we are traversing forces us to be hyper-focused, nothing but solid stone all around us. With a value of 241, the triplet emor (אמר) can be divided into the 58 elements 1420.45 times, 400 less than the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah, and it can be divided into the 401,273 elements exactly 15 x 111 times, Yah (יה) x Alef (אלף). Again, there must be deeper meaning here, but it eludes us within the darkness.

The Circle of Tav (ת)

A few steps further and a grotto opens in the opposite wall. Within it, there is a circle with a circumference of 400,000. This gives it a diameter of 400000/π = 127,323. Another flash of lightning and enlightenment and the circle and circumference fill with the words of the Torah.  Beside it, we see that the 5 major elements of the Torah (words, verses, letters, rows, and columns) total 401,273 or (400,000 + 1273). Eureka!

The circumference and the diameter of this circle equal the words, verses, letters, rows, and columns. The circumference and the line that bisects it equal the words, verses, letters, rows, and columns.

The Torah was designed to represent a circle of circumference 400,000. It was meant to have an internal and external limit of 400,000. That is why the 22 letters end with the letter Tav (ת) of numerical value 400. And the difference from 401,273 to the 3 major Torah Elements or the 58 words, letters, verses is 223, making the entire Torah predicated on the Circle of Tav (ת), the 22nd letter.

An equation appears beside the Circle of Tav (ת): (400 x 1000) + (400 x 10)/π = 400(1000 + 10/π) = 401,273

As we stare at the simple illuminated circle with a horizontal diameter across the middle, one by one, we realize we have just been taught something worth more than all the Torah science, physics, gematria and Bible Codes on the internet combined.

The grotto next shows us that the area within the Circle of Tav (ת) is 12732395447…, exactly 100,000 times its diameter, 127,323.95447…. It wants to be perfectly clear: no other circumference or diameter will be in this direct and perfect proportion. We are witnessing sheer perfection, perfection that only the Creator can achieve.

The surface area of a sphere with the Circle of Tav (ת)’s radius is exactly 800,000 times that radius. The grotto wants us to see that this explains the 80,000 words and the knocking together of the digits (5 x 8 x 4 x 5) in the 5845 verses that equals 800, and the 4805 letters Pe (80) in the Torah out of the 304805 total letters in the Torah. It is drawing our attention to the spiraling letter Pe (פ). It then shows us that the proportion of the surface area of a sphere with the Circle of Tav (ת)’s radius is also 100,000 times the area of a square inscribed around a circle with an area of 400,000, which obviously matches the circumference of the Circle of Tav (ת). Once again, perfection.

The Torah is our gateway to infinity and perfection yet by this new definition it appears as the opposite of infinity. It appears as a bubble with distinct boundaries and borders, much like the Spherical Time bubble.  We once saw time as an infinite expanse until we learned it was a discreet bundle. But are we thinking about them correctly? Indeed, time, generated by the Pi (π) and the Phi (φ) fields, is infinite, yet only seems finite when drawn upon the illusion of the linear line of death. The straight-line across the sphere only makes sense if someone paints (invents) an artificial past and future for you to behold.  Likewise with the Torah, it may be bounded by a discreet circle, but as we have seen and explored, there are infinite paths through it, and while all have mathematical underpinnings, not a one can be generated by classical mathematics, optimization, or simulation theory. All these infinite pathways through the Torah that touch on every aspect of our physical, mathematical, and spiritual understanding of our universe are hand-drawn by the Creator.

Abraham tried to explain it to us in his “Sefer Yetzirah, The Book of Formation.” He showed us that the Alef-bet was arranged in a circle of 22 letters, and each letter was bound to another in a total of 231 pairs or lines, which he called Gates. On the circle of the Torah, the Circle of Tav (ת), which can also be called the Circle of 22, because 22 is the ordinal value of Tav (ת), we were shown a pair of points, 107,000 letters apart, 2 Gates/Portals linking the two sets of 10 Utterance.

The sum of all the letter pairings backwards and forwards of the 231 combinations of the 22 letters as specifically found in the Torah total 222,004, or (2000 x Alef (אלף), 111). The sum of the total letter values for those 231 pairs is 31495, as in Pi (3.14159), and as in (30,000 + 1495), incorporating the numerical value (1495) of the 22 letters. The Inner Cosmos also wants us to know that there were 10 letter pair combinations that were not used in both directions and 8 of those were not used at all, for a total void value of 2023.

It further wants us to know that 31495/1495 = 21.0… and that (31495 + 2023)/1495 = 22.4200. Just as we start doing the calculation in our heads, it adds (314159/1495) = 210.14. Nothing says a circle like Pi(π).

The pathways through the Torah are seldom straight but always elegant. The same can be said of our passages through Spherical Time. We do not always see the elegance because we are too busy looking for that straight linear line of death. We do not realize that we are not following those elegant lines; we are outside them, forging our own ones. We think that just because the Creator drew all those beautiful lines for us that we naturally are on and follow them. It is like the Torah, can you look at it and know where to go, where the Creator’s lines and paths are? The real answer is yes, but you just do not know it yet; the unfortunate true answer is no, you need to let go and let the Inner Cosmos guide you. The same is true for Spherical Time within the bubble. There are infinite elegant paths, but we hop across them, instead of flowing with them. Most of those hops are guided by the common unconsciousness and the will of other more powerful entities manipulating you, like the one who invented mRNA-1273.  The least common denominator of the common unconsciousness is the linear line of death.

As we have studied many times already, the diameter 127,323 is the universal harmonic (1.273) that represents the squaring of the inscribed circle. In the case of the Torah, it is a hyperdimensional line that cuts right across its middle.

We ask ourselves whether the diameter 127,323 is a composite of 1273 and 23, as in the 23 Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר־אלהים) in the Torah, and the value 23 repeated almost every other syllable in The Torah’s first verse, starting with the first Triplet (ברא). Or as in the 23 human chromosome pairs.

Another flash of blinding light and the grotto recaps what we have already studied. “And God saw that the light was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. (וַיַּרְא אֱלֹהִים אֶת הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב וַיַּבְדֵּל אֱלֹהִים בֵּין הָאוֹר וּבֵין הַחשֶׁךְ)” The word darkness H’chosech (הַחשֶׁךְ) of numerical value 333 is mentioned once and ‘The Light (הָאוֹר)” is mentioned twice for a combined numerical value for both times of 424, that of Moshiach Ben David.

Dividing twice “The Light” by “The darkness” we get 424/333 or 1.273. The grotto makes it clear to us that within this 4th verse of the Torah are the same sequence of words (אֱלֹהִים אֶת) as where we find the portal within the 1st verse of the Torah. Moreover, it shows us that the gematria of this verse is 1776, as in the years the portals were attempted to be breached.

The grotto continues taking us through the recesses of our minds, reminding us that the encasing pyramid’s ratio of its height to half its base is 210/(330/2) = 1.273, but it now connects the missing dots to the similar ratio 424/333 = 2(212)/333 = 212/(333/2) = 1.273, which translates to the Light divided by half the darkness = the universal harmonic.

The grotto next reminds us of the Spherical Time generator, or Phi(φ) at the center of the circle, and the two primal frequencies 27.5 Hz and 1.1 Hz. The two frequencies combine to power the circle to turn at just the right amount to etch Phi(φ) upon it and thus Pi(π): (1.1 + .275) = 137.5o. They can also combine to close it off or inscribe it, as (1/27.5 + 1/11) = 1.273, which we now know is the diameter of the Torah Circle, the Circle of Tav (ת). Is this why the word Torah (תורה) begins with Tav (ת)? Come to think of it, the last 3 letters in the Torah (תורה) in small gematria are 625.

We also know that 1.1/27.5 = 4, as in 400,000 and that 27.5/1.1 = 25, as in 254 = 390,625.  Only now, squeezed into a fissure within hardened stone do we realize that (27.5/1.1)(1.1/27.5) = 390,625 = 58.

As we play with the figures in our heads, we see (1.1/27.5) x 106 + (1/27.5 + 1/11) x 103 = 401,273 written on the wall. Both quantitative valuations can be written as expressions of the two primal frequencies.  What is important is that these are frequencies, not just numbers.  What is more is that both frequencies were derived from the cycle of 9, as we have previously been taught.

While the universal harmonic appears to tie in directly with Moshiach Ben David through the equation 1.273/3 = .424333, they are both linked hand-in-hand with Phi(φ) through the additional equations (424/√φ) = 333.33 and 424/333 = 1.273.

The illumination within the grotto lingers on the above mathematical expressions as if they might be a clue or key to the next step, or to the opening of the next vault. Within the darkness, we cling to the illuminations like a trailblazer clings to a campfire at night. Gathered around, it seems like a good time to take stock. We know where the portals are, and we know of their tri-axial alignment with the 42-Letter Name. We also know that the Upper 42-Letter Name must be involved in successfully passing through the properly aligned portals, and that this is the Gateway of Moshiach Ben David, so the equations that we were just shown must also play a part in the opening of the Gateway. We do not know if the result of √3 x √6 x √9 = 12.73 does as well, though it certainly might have to Tesla. The interplay with 3 must be meaningful. Perhaps it has to do with the 33 Essential Cube of Creation.

Before we can put too much thought into that, the grotto reminds us that the ratio of the size of the Earth to the Earth and Moon combined is 1 : 1.273; and that the ratio of the Sun to the Earth is (4 x 27.3): 1; and that the ratio of the Sun to the Earth and Moon combined is (27.3 x Pi) : 1.  We are reminded that these portals in the Torah, are portals out of physicality and like the mechanism of a giant clock the Sun, Moon and Earth will click into place when the Gateway is opened.

So too will the integrated fields of Phi(φ) and Pi(π), which is why the numerical string …41273… as in 401273 elements, is found at digit #296 within Pi, which is the gematria of “earth” the 7th and last word of the Torah’s first verse that represents physicality. The next time we find 1273 in Pi is at digit #14404 and it immediately follows 296: …2961273… We are reminded that 401 is the value of the 4th or middle word of that verse, and that 412 is the value of the spelled-out first letter in that verse—3 times the Phi (φ) angle–and that the total value of that verse is equal to the 73rd Triangular Number.

The 4th word of the Torah (את) appears and presents itself as (400 x 1000), the 400,000 of the Circle of Tav (ת). Alef (א) is 1000. Then the 6th word of the Torah (ואת) presents itself as the circle with the harmonic diameter (1273) across the middle.  That this clue has been staring us in the face for 3333 years is astonishing, 666.6 jubilee years. We do not miss the 4th, 6th or 46 combination, as the numerical value of the word cubit or the word for 100. Or that there are 3450 occurrences of et (את) and v’et (ואת) in the Torah, as in 10 x 345, the numerical value of Moses and of “The Book (הספר).” The grotto of illumination then shows us that Phi(φ)2 = 2.6180…, and that (2.6180 – 1.273) = .3450.

The complete value of the 3rd word of the Torah, Elohim (אלהים), sitting just before et (את) in the verse is 127, making it representative of 1273, the diameter of the Circle of Tav (ת). We also understand that this is the place of the first portal of the Torah, placing it squarely in the middle of the circle. The word et (את) can also be represented as (1000 + 400), as in the 1400 YHVH (יהוה) mark at the 10 Utterances and the 107,000 letters in the Torah, the location of the 2nd portal.

We are now shown that the 2nd portal, the place of the 420th YHVH (יהוה), aligns with the 1st portal though the complete value of the spelled-out 5 letters of Elohim (אלהים), or (300 + 120), the age of Man, equals 420.  Once, again, the Torah has spelled out for us where and how to align the two portals as two congruent axes.

The et (את) and v’et (ואת) together have the same sofit value, 808, as Abraham, while the 5th word of the Torah, which is bound between the et (את) and v’et (ואת), is H’Shamayim (השמים), the Heavens, of numerical value 395 or 5 and 390.  This makes the average of those 3 words, 401.

We immediately recognize (השמים) as the 390,625 or 390,000 + 54 words, letters, and verses of the Torah. It is also 390 (Heaven) plus the highest point or sefira H’Keter, 625.  As we already know, 390,625 is 6252, but what the hidden grotto is showing us is that 400,000 is (640 x 625), or 15 x 625 more than the 390,625 sum of the words, letters, and verses of the Torah. These 15 steps of Keter correspond to Yah (יה).  They equal exactly 2.4% of 390,625 or almost 1/42.

The grotto deepens and widens, and we see the 223 or (ת)3 row-column matrix representing the two additional elements of the Torah as 10648, or 10400 + 248. We see it bringing together the concept of limit (400) with the concept of the E8 Lattice (248) that is core to the Torah and is the regular value of Abraham. We are further reminded that 401,273/φ = 248,000. This interrelationship with the Phi (φ) field and the Torah is not new to us, nor is the one with the Pi (π) field, but the bounding of the Torah with the Circle of Tav (ת) is one that has been hidden for millennia.

The grotto flickers with golden light and shows us that the ratio of that structural matrix of 10648 units to the total 401,273 elements is 223/401,273 = .02653555… and that the 3rd and 4th triplets in Pi are 3.14159265358…. Neither, the Torah, nor the Inner Cosmos need to reinforce the connection to the Pi (π) field, though they do additionally show us that 401273 + 265358 = 666631, so similar to the Torah’s first letter, Bet (בית)φ = 412φ = 666.63

The connections we have already seen are deep, pervasive, and vast enough for the Creator to prove His intentional design of both the Torah and Pi (π) and He has already super-elevated our level of awe and thus our conscious perception so why this continual drumbeat of the hyperdimensional geometry?

Our minds scramble as we connect the dots with the Sun’s diameter (864,000 miles) being 400 x the Moon’s diameter (2160 miles), and thus both 4000 x 63 and 64 x 666.6666. This is yet another illustration, though of enormous proportions, of V’et (ואת), the 400 and the Vav (ו), 6, which is really just the letter Tav (ת) that is spelled Tav (תו) and that has a Vav (ו) incorporated within it (ת). The Alef (1) as always is in the center.

It is all beginning to make sense why the resultant distance of the Sun’s diameter (864,000 miles) times 107 is the 92448000 mile radius of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, which occurs at a speed of 107,000 KPH (66,627 MPH). The (640 x 625) = 400,000 equations sparkles to life.

There is so much we wonder about. Like the 22,000 letters that begin with the 2nd portal at the 107,000th letter and end when Moses is retrieving the 2nd set of tablets. The total value of those 22,000 letters is 1733324 and 1733324/26 is precisely 66666.308

It is all about the Circle of Tav (ת).

We are then shown that when we apply the 1495 total gematria of the alef-bet to the circumference (C) of a circle, the 1495-unit circumference gives us a radius of 237.9366399, which the grotto then relates to 1/42 or 238.0952381, as in the equation the Arizal taught us tracing the Israelites from Adam to the 600,000 men at the 10 Utterances.

The difference between the alef-bet radius and 1/42 is (238.0952381 237.9366399) = .1585598172, which is off the radius (237.93663990) by .06666% and off 1/42 by .0666111%

This is the Circle of Alef (א) to Tav (ת).

As we recall the triplet emor (אמר) engraved over the crevice entrance, we realize that the Inner Cosmos always shows us things for a reason, and the 1419 triplets (אמר) in the Torah look suspiciously like 3.14159

The Circle of Tav (ת) is a drawing so simple no ancient cultures used it. They all used the circle with the cross-hatch, and a circle with a dot in the center was very common too. Now we know the deepest secret but not how we are to use this gift. Perhaps, we need to combine it with the basic geometric symbols we have been gifted, like the Core Essential Triangles?

Our goal is not to find the border of the Torah or Circle of Tav (ת). It is to get beyond that bubble to Moshiach consciousness. If the Circle of Tav (ת) is represented by 400, 400,000, or 401,273, then Moshiach consciousness is represented by the concept of 424, or 424,000. Symbolically that can look like a square of 106, which is the value of the spelled-out letter Nun (נ), on each side.  The grotto informs us that the letter Nun (נ) is the only letter expressed in the Torah, backwards, forwards, upside down and enlarged to convey the 4 boundaries.  The spiritual of hyperspace distance between them is (424,000401,273) = 22727.

Noah’s Ark

The sequence 22727 is a mystery to us. Immediately, we realize it must be a combination of the 22 letters and the 27 letters, but the grotto remains still with only those 5 numbers (22727) illuminated.

Next, we think it may have to do with the 5 chapters of 22,000 letters from the 107,000th letter and the 620-letter 10 Utterances to the 2nd set of Tablets, the 2nd chance. In our minds this rearranges into (22,000 + 620 + 107) = 22,727. The illumination blinks, but then remains lit and still. With 107 being code for the 5778 year event horizon or reset we know we are on to something, especially since it is One (1) more than 106, yet the grotto knows there is more.

Out of left field, the grotto shows us the Torah portion of Noach.  There are many numbers in the portion of Noach, though most of us only remember 40 days and 40 night and the animals 2 by 2. There are actually 42 separate numbers mentioned in the portion up to the Chronicles of Shem that we have already explored at the behest of the Inner Cosmos. The grotto shows us that the parsha begins with paragraph 24 and that those 42 separate numbers add up to 4176 or (420024).

This is only the beginning. The grotto wants us to see the signature of the Creator within these numbers. The first 4 numbers given are the dimensions of the ark that sum to 381, as in 1143/3, or 1/3 the 24 letters in the first row of the 72 triplets, the 9th candle within that matrix. The value 1143 is also the average of the 8 columns of that same matrix. The grotto wants us to know this, but does not emphasize it, as it also shows us that the product of the dimensions of the ark (300 x 50 x 30 x 1) = 45,000, as in Man (45) x Alef (1000). It further shows us that the number of the letters Alef (א) and Tav (ת) in the Torah total 45,009. The Circle of Alef (א) to Tav (ת), with circumference 1495.

The Circle of ET (את) has a complete gematria value of 424, Moshiach Ben David.

Rather than lead us down another of the infinite and elegant paths of the Torah, the grotto lets us ponder the connection between Alef (א) and Tav (ת) and the salvation of Man (45), as it next shows us that the next set of numbers in parsha Noach form a hidden key. The animals, birds etc., did not just enter the ark 2 by 2. They were specifically grouped sometimes in pairs, sometimes in 7’s.  The exact configuration gives us a digital string of 22727.  This digital string in then repeated in the unit column after …7000 as 22727.  We have just learned that 7000 refers to the Great Shabbat, the time of Moshiach, but more significantly that 22727 is the difference (424,000401,273) between Moshiach Consciousness and the boundaries of the Torah.

Even after the revelation of this deepest secret, the grotto remains focused on the sequence 22727, which it encases in the shape of a key, probably because our simple minds may get too excited and miss the message entirely.  We then realize that the path through the stone is not just a metaphor but that these latest revelations are so important that they were hidden away deep within the mountain, far from all but the most intrepid of explorers within the Inner Cosmos.  They wanted to be sure it would not be found accidentally or before its time.

On a lighter note, we realize that it is no wonder that the portion of Noach is the most popular in the Torah, especially for kids, even though the entire population of the earth was wiped out except the 9 members of Noach’s family and the 22727 species. The path gets very dark, forcing us to feel our way forward, almost blindly.

As we tap our way through the blackness in the middle of the stone mountain in the middle of the Inner Cosmos in the middle of the universe, our thoughts illuminate on 22727 and from it the self-referencing equation 27/22 = 1.22727. This reflects the exact initial sequence in Noach 300 – 50 – 30 – 1 – 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7, the Ark and the sequence, then 380, mizraim, or the narrowing and the sequence.  It dawns on us, 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7 is a sequence, not a number.

Inching forward, we run the sequence 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7 over in our heads. It adds up to 20, like the levels in the Tower of Truth. If we apply the sequence 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7 to the integers, the 2nd one is 2, then 3 more is 4, 11, 13, and the 20th for a total of 50. With trepidation, we hug the side wall and tap with our feet as move further forward into the darkness. If we apply the sequence 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7 to the prime numbers, we get 3, 7, 31, 41, 71 for a total of 153.  If we apply it to Bereshit, we get (רשליי), almost Israel (ישראל); still, it totals 550, like the 4 final (תךץם) letters of “The Path of the Tree-of-Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים)” and the initials of the 11 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life, and like the measure in inches of 20 cubits.

The Inner Cosmos give us neither confirmation nor denial. Yet, as we mull over “The Path of the Tree-of-Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים)” we realize it begins with Et (את), the Circle of Alef (א) to Tav (ת). Illuminated above it on the wall before us is the 42-Letter Matrix beginning with Alef (א) and ending with Tav (ת), with 40 letters between them that total 3300. That works out to exactly 3 cubits (27.5”) per letter.  This is a dimension of the 42-Letter Name that we never saw coming. It measures exactly 120 cubits between the Alef (א) and the Tav (ת). No wonder the Baal Shem Tov said it contains the journey of Man’s soul, everyman’s soul. We have been shown enough today to fulfil a lifetime of exploration, more than has been revealed in 120 lifetimes.

Refocusing ourselves, we know that the 42-Letter Name Matrix must be at the center of it all. We already knew that. We have known that for years. It is yet another confirmation, but the sequence 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7 that brought us here must deeper secrets, or why lock it away.

The jagged path continues edging tight through the bulging stone until another grotto opens and we see the Circle of Tav (ת) inscribed in a square. There is a dot in the center and radial lines to all four corners of the square. We are shown that Pythagoras’ theorem quickly gives us 90,031.631… for each of those radial axes.

The grotto next shows us that there are 31,531 letters Yud (י), in the Torah, so similar to 31.631.

The grotto then shows us that the sum of the Torah recurrences of the 3 letters in Atah (אתה) is 73,065 and that when the total (16,965) of the 112 Triplets is added to it they equal 90,030. The Zohar explains that the word Atah (אתה) contains everything all the way down to the Hei (ה) of Malchut. This was the conjunction between Elohim and H’Shamaim in the Torah’s first verse where we saw 455.

We then see a small circle in the center and are shown that its radius is 31.631, meaning that it begins 90,000 units into the square in all four diagonal directions, and consequently 63630 units inward from any part of the Circle of Tav (ת).

The grotto wants us to understand that 90,000 is the sum of the cubes from 13 to 243, as if the Tower of Truth were extended 4 more tiers, 90 cubits, 300 in total, and that there are 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah.

It also wants us to understand that 31.631 is the square root of 1000, Alef (א), Binah, at the center of the Circle of Tav (ת). This also means that the area of this small circle at the center of the Circle of Tav (ת) is 1000 π or Alef (א) π.

The diameter of this comparatively tiny circle of Alef (א) is thus 63.2632. There is yet another flash of lightning and we see that the area of the small inner circle is 1000 π = 3142.