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Still cleaning and cleansing…
In the last installment in my personal pursuit to clean out my home and life and thus my soul, I mentioned the connection to Tzav and the last line of the 42-Letter Name (Ana B’koach), which is ShKVZYT.
What I neglected to point out was that the middle two letters (ShKVZYT) of that last line spell Tzav, of gematria 96, and the Torah portion of Tzav begins with the phrase Vydaber Adonai El Moshe Lemor Tzav. And while in previous articles we’ve discussed in length that the phrase Vydaber Adonai El Moshe Lemor is found 70 times in the Torah connecting to Da’at, and the shorter phrase Vydaber Adonai El Moshe is found 91 times, connecting to the unification of the YHVH with Adonai, we can now mention that the still shorter phrase Vydaber Adonai (G-d Speaks) is found 96 times, connecting to Tzav, “Commands” and this portion that deals with the purification of the soul and of the high priest, Aaron and his sons.
So when G-d speaks, the universe commands.  It doesn’t sound as if we have much free will in the matter. And while we are free to choose not to listen to G-d, eventually the universe will bring us around, and the longer it takes, the tougher the road will be.   This is why we need to cleanse our souls. This is why we should take this amazing opportunity of Pesach and Pesach preparation to do just that.
Now, the part about the cleansing that I haven’t mentioned yet is that when we clean out the gook and garbage from from our minds, souls and consciousness, it first rises to the surface before we can wipe it away. And what that means is that things can get really tough for us in these days of cleansing, and that we must grab hold of these opportunities to overcome our dark blemishes or they’ll sink back down and block us for another year.  I can tell you first hand, it’s not easy; the universe will throw everything it can at us because earlier in our lives and in earlier lifetimes when G-d spoke to us we didn’t take it as a command, and we’ve been paying the price ever since.
And if we’re cleansing and cleansing with the right consciousness, the universe (and a multitude of angels) are saying “He’s ready to listen now, so all those commands get repeated and we’re given new opportunities to follow them.  Only this time, there may be many of them coming at once, and it can be really difficult to see the light in all them. But know this, if you weren’t capable in overcoming and dealing with them, you wouldn’t be receiving these opportunities.  Try really hard to listen to the messages coming your way in this period because G-d will be speaking to you. He wants you to succeed.  The more garbage you get rid of, the more holy you become.