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I’ll be posting an article shortly into an incite I had last night on the Torah’s structure, but if you haven’t subscribed to the Daily Zohar yet, this is what you missed in your in box this morning, except that the email also included the original Aramaic for you to make a visual connection with:
פתח את יודך ומשביע לכל חי רצון, “Open your hands and bring beneficent to all living desire”. The  Holy Ari explains about verse from Psalms that when you change the “Nikud” (Vowels) on the word hands it reveals the word “your Yods י”.
The letter sequence that represent connection of the Light of the Creator between upper and lower, judgment אדני and Mercy יהוה, forms  יאהדונהי.
When we open the  sequence and take the two י, we have numerical value of twenty same as the small Gematria of פתח and that connects us to the Light of Keter of Chokmah. The middle six letters, אהדונה, are according to the Ari connect to Yesod, which is the gate and channel of Light to Malchut.
The sequence  יאהדונהי, is known as the Amen sequence, that by mating together the revealed force of this world of judgment with the supernal name that represent mercy, the Light flows down. We are not allowed to pronounce this name, just scan it with our eyes.
To add the aspect of Mercy in a person’s life he can merge the higher name יהוה with his name.
For example for the name שמעון the combination will be ישהמועהון. For the name שרה will be ישהרוהה.
Meditating on this combination will inject mercy into the name and soul of the person.