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We promised that we’d explain and highlight what the Zohar says will happen in the so-called “end of days” and we will soon. But first, we want to cover the timing again because some people seem be hung up on that, and doubts plays right into the hands of the evil inclination, distracting us. And I’m not referring to the comment we received regarding the 66.5 year period, which we’ll explain below.
For those awakening to the tree-of-life reality it will come in the appropriate moment, no matter what, and for those waiting for that moment to awaken themselves, the tree-of-knowledge reality that they are currently experiencing will continue and the date/moment will come and go unnoticed. Life will simply go on.
It is like someone who doesn’t celebrate Shavuot, if they don’t know it exists, the cosmic window and energy downloadable on it will come and go unseen–a missed by unnoticed opportunity. Or even someone who bought a lottery ticket, won, but never checked the numbers; they wanted hope, not help.
If you’re awake, you know you need help and also need to help yourself (spiritually). The idea is to prepare ourselves now, and thus tune our consciousness into receiving the tree-of-life reality when it comes.
That said, we want to hopefully clear up some of the confusion of the timing for the geula (final redemption) and according to the Zohar it is supposed to come in stages, but since G-d isn’t going to drop flyers from the sky advising when they’ve come and gone, people are looking for the exact timing of them. Unfortunately, if we get hung up on the timing rather than on our personal transformation, we won’t be in a spiritual place to see/feel the changing of the stages and thus will be opening ourselves up to our old scourge Amelak (analogous to doubt).
From the Ramchal’s Ma’amar Hageulah:
“It should be known, that the redemption has two appointed stages. We find this in the redemption from Egypt and in the redemption from Babylon, and it is known to us that it will be so in the future…. Regarding these two appointed times…the first stage…is called ‘safeguarding’ (Pekidah)…the second stage…is called ‘recollection’ (zechirah).”
Now, in assigning dates to this, some people are using the portion of the Zohar Parashat Vayera (1:119a) as reference:
“And I have remembered My covenant with Yaacov” (Vayikra 26). Yaacov is written here in its full form [with a Vav(V)]. Why?… This verse refers to Israel’s exile. When they are in the midst of that exile, they will be Recalled in the mystery of the Vav, in the 6th Millennium.”
This recall is what is often referred to as the Pekidah, a partial redemption, that is often associated with Moshiach Ben Yoseph. Now, this is interesting because as I’ve learned from my teacher, the time of Moshiach Ben Yoseph ended in 1973 and from then on battles would not be won by might but by love as in the energy of Moshaich Ben David. The Vav (V) referred to in the Zohar passage above is known to analogous to the Vav (V) of the Tetragramamton (YHVH) and most specifically to the Zeir Anpin aspect of the Tetragramamton, M”H (YVD HE VEV HE) which has the numerical value of 45. And if we add 45 years as hinted at by the Zohar to 1973 we get 2018 or 5778, when Rav Ashlag (HaSulam) and the Tzaddikim have advised us the geula would come (See the Divine Calendar for details).
This Zohar scction continues: “This Recollection [Pekidah] will take place in the mystery of Vav-Aleph-Vav [as explained above, the spelled out letter Vav. It will last for a period of 6 1/2 moments. after 60 years of the 6th Millennium have passed.”
So let’s look at this, some scholars calculate that the gematria of V-E-V is 13 and 6 ½ is half of 13, and since 13 is the numerical value of Ahava, love, this fits in nicely with what we’ve expressed above. But 60 years plus 6 moments (years) plus 6 months (half a moment/years) is equivalent to 66.6 and 66.6 jubilee years from the reception of the Torah at Sinai and the first opportunity for the geula in 2448 is also 5778.
Nevertheless, if we take it as 66.5 years as many people do, we see that 66.5 years after Israel became a nation is exactly 42 months prior to 5778, bringing up the relationship between the understanding of the 42-Letter Name and the time frame of Moshiach and the geula that the tzaddikim have stated will coincide.
The Zohar passage continues: “…At that time, the G-d of Heaven will arise to Recall [Pekidah] the Daughter of Jacob [the Shechinah and the Nation of Israel].”
Does this refer to the birth of the nation of Israel in 1948 (5708)?
“From that time [of Pekidah] till Zechirah [full Remembrance, full Redemption, Mashiach ben David], 6 1/2 years will pass. After that, another 6 years will pass.”
Some total this as 12 ½ years, but knowing how fluid expressions of time are in Kabbalah 6 1/2 plus 6 could easily refer to the “moments” described above and thus 6 equals half a moment and there would be a total of 7 moments or 7 decades, and 7 decades hence from the birth of Israel is 5778 (2018 CE).
The passage concludes: “…At that time, all the nations shall unite together against the Daughter of Jacob in order to annihilate her from the world. Concerning that time it is written, “It will be a time of crisis for Jacob, but he shall be saved from it” (Jeremiah 30:7).
With Obama’s stance and speech before the pyramids of Egypt is there much doubt that this could easily happen in the term of our 45th President, which is at the end of the Vav of Jacob, of gematria value 45 as discussed above?
Right now, he is the 44th President, and as we’ve discussed in several articles, 44 corresponds to the ordinal value of the initials of the 10 plagues (whose standard gematria value is 541, that of Israel) and also to the value of the first plague (Dam, blood), which were sent to awaken us 66.6 jubilee years ago.
In the Zohar Pinchas, section 733 in the Ra’aya Meheimna, dictated by the spirit of Moshe Rabbeinu, we learn that the rod that controlled the 10 plagues was the vav (V) of the YHVH and specifically the YVD HE VEV HE of numerical value 45, so it makes perfect sense that Barack Obama, the leader of the exiled world, would read from the Koran and address the Moslem world from the place of the plagues, making known to them how he feels about Israel.
This is not meant to be an indictment on our President or his policies; we’re only pointing out the cosmic synergies around the events.
Now, some have calculated, including R’ Elchonon Wasserman-” This time is called עקבתא דמשיחא – time…preparation for the time of the Mashiah. Then, he said it has to take 70 years. עקבתא דמשיחא has to take 70 years. Preparation for him has to be done…for 70 years”-that the 70-year period began with WW II and have come up with the year 2009. And as we know since this past Pesach of 2009, the energy of Moshiach has been upon us and more so with the arrival of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on Lag B’omer (see the related articles for details), so in an sense they are correct too. And it’s interesting to note that 42 months from this past Shavuot 2009 is the infamous date of 12/21/2012 that so many people are waiting for. Again, playing into the hands of doubt when nothing more physical happens than the beginning of the final 6 years period as ordained by the Zohar.
Regarding R’ Elchonon Wasserman statement, someone posted anonymously that they heard the following in a speech by their Rabbi that “The Vilna Gaon writes that there are 70 words in לדוד מזמור למנצח, which talk about the Yidden davening to Hashem to help them at a time of despair, corresponds to the “70 years of chevlai mashiach.” These seventy years will immediately take place after a big change in Klal Yisroel. After seeing the devastation caused by World War I the Chofetz Chaim said that the 70 years began at that time. He based it on the fact that in Europe Klal Yisroel used to look up to Rav and made a concerted effort to emulate the great authorities in Klal Yisroel. They had greater level of התורה כבוד than nowadays. Unfortunately, after World War I that attitude changed. After seeing the much greater devastation of World War II, Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman commented that the 70 years indeed started from World War II.”
So whether that began when WWII began or when it ended with the birth of Israel is open to interpretation to some and as we’ve seen both are correct in their own way, yet only 70 years hence from the birth of Israel coincides with the year 2018 CE, which in turn coincides with G-d’s Covenant with Abraham in 2018 HC, the “Covenant of Halves.”
Whenever we believe the force of Moshiach to manifest itself in our physical world, we must prepare ourselves now. Only in that way will we able to not only receive it, but perceive it.
Shabbat Shalom