Ezekiel and the Storm!


As the approaching storms gather themselves spiritually as per our recent post, we must ask if these swirling dark ominous clouds, fierce winds and tornadoes spiritual people are seeing in their dreams since Rosh Hashanna 5770 are related to Ezekiel’s vision and 2 for the 4 faces of evil: Ezekiel (1:4) “A stormy wind” and “a huge cloud.”
Please see our article on Ezekiel’s vision as what may follow, G-d forbid.
The Parsha Noach is an opportunity for global cleaning and forgiveness, let’s set personal forgiveness in our hearts and beg forgiveness for all mankind this Shabbat. B”H it will help clear away some of the mounting negativity in the atmosphere. It’s our responsibility.
Shabbat Shalom

3 thoughts on “Ezekiel and the Storm!

  1. yes good advice , sadly the opposing forces have created thru design the neg thought factory in order to create dis order thru media, war , lack of morals , non of this is by chance , they know who they are , and thier time is short , they will be paid back

  2. Well….not only since Rosh Hashanna, I’ve been given many dreams,since childhood,but of late their more intense and I know we(usa)are being judged right now for turning our backs on Torah and Israel. There’s many storms coming on the whole world.These things have to happen in order to bring Mashiach.(Jer:9;13-26)…..In 2003,during a time of weeping,wailing and repentance,Hashem revealed to me that He was to cleanse me with Blue fire,at that time I didn’t have a clue what that was….I asked different people if they new what He meant by Blue fire….no one knew. He brought me to study on this 4th level..there I found the meaning of the Blue fire ,in 2008.All I could do was weep.I’ve found a new path,new awakenings….Yes,these are the days of Noach,only this time it will be with His consuming Fire! Shabbat Shalom

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