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The 80 verses up to the flaming sword that separated Man from Gan Eden are all the verses in the first 3 chapters of the Torah. The 80 verses corresponds to the letter Pe of value 304805 and since there are 4805 Pes in the Torah, the split of the sword is between the 4805 and the 300,000 remaining letters. This dynamic between 3 and 8 is mirrored in the nearly 80,000 words in the Torah because, as discussed in The Genesis Prayer, there are exactly 80,000 – (3 x 8) or .03% words in the Torah.
And when we divide the exact number of letters in the Torah by the milui (spelled-out) value for the higher Name of G-d, EhYeh (EHYH), the Name used in “I am that I am”, 151, which is also the value of the word mikve, the all-important ritual cleansing bath, we get 304805/151 = 2018.576159. And since we know that 2018 is the year 5778, the year prophesied for the arrival of H’Mashiach, as explained in The Divine Calendar, we can surmise that 576159 might represent 5/9/5761 or the 9th of Av (the 5th month of the Hebrew calender), 5761 (2001). What that connection is we can’t really say, but we know from chazal that the 9th of Av is connected to H’Mashiach.
Moreover, the 159 in 304805/151 = 2018.576159 is the small gematria value of the upper 42-letter Name of G-d.