G-d’s Hands are Reaching Out to Us


The two (2) calendars are superimposed, the Western and the Hebrew. One began in the year 0 with Adam and has lasted 5778 years to date. The other began 3760 years after the start of the first one, 2018 years ago.  First Holy Temple was destroyed 422 years, which is the gematria of the number “70,” before the 2 nd calendar began. Then 70 years after the 2 nd calendar began, the Second Holy Temple was destroyed, 70 CE. Now 1948 years later, we find ourselves at the end of the 70-year period since Israel became a nation in 1948.  Abraham, the first of the Patriarch was born in 1948 HC. Seventy (70) years later G-d made a Covenant with him and called it the Covenant of Halves. The Calendars are folding in on themselves. Time is collapsing. Zeir Anpin is collapsing with it, focusing to point.

Genesis 1:1  “In the beginning God created heaven and earth.”

Genesis 1:4 “…God divided between the light and darkness.”

Genesis 1:6 “God said, ‘There shall be a sky [expanse, firmament, Heaven] in the middle of the water, and it shall divide between water and water’.”

Before we can get to that point of collapse we need to understand better how our greater universe is structured. The Zohar juxtaposes the 12 directions (branches) of Zeir Anpin with the 2 seas: the Sea of Binah and the Sea of Malhut. As we have explained previously, the 12 directions (branches) represent the restrictive cubic structure with the 12 edges boxing in the 6 sides. The Zohar further tells us that the 12 edges are analogous to the 12 tribes of Israel and to the 12 sons of Jacob, who came from 4 mothers (sides and/or vertical edges of the cube).  The 3 Patriarchs representing the 3 columns spreading out at right angles to form the full 12 boundaries of the cube (4 x 3). Spiritually, the 12 edges of the cubes, like the metaphor of the 12 sons, are the channels of light that draw from the upper see to the lower one. As we have said previously the 12 edges, 6 sides and 8 vertices (points) of the cube sum to 26, the numerical value of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) that is G-d’s Name in the state of Zeir Anpin.
The sea spreads out evenly in all directions and is presented by a spherical shape, equidistant from its center at all points. The sea is endless, but when stopped in freeze-frame at any moment in its even expansion it would be a sphere, like the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon.  For simplicity, we will think of this juxtaposition as a circle and a square, which are slices of those spheres and cubes. The square is Zeir Anpin, the channel between the circles, the sky from Genesis 1:6. There is a circle inscribed in the square; it is Malchut, our physical world, cased in by Zeir Anpin.  There is a circle that circumscribes the square and encases it; it is Binah. An Inner circle and an outer one.  These are the wheels you read about in the Zohar. These are the seas you read about in the Zohar.
Ecclesiastes 1:7
כָּלהַנְּחָלִים הֹלְכִים אֶלהַיָּם, וְהַיָּם אֵינֶנּוּ מָלֵא; אֶלמְקוֹם, שֶׁהַנְּחָלִים הֹלְכִיםשָׁם הֵם שָׁבִים, לָלָכֶת”
“All the rivers flow into the sea, Yet the sea is not full. To the place where the rivers flow, There they flow again.”

Zeir Anpin are the rivers that channel the light from the upper endless sea of Light, Binah. The four (4) rivers of Genesis 2:10. Malchut is the sea that cannot be filled.  Malchut is a dark endless with no light of its own. Once it is cut off from the light it will be pitch black. Our spiritual selves live in Zeir Anpin; our physical selves are ensconced in Malchut.  What we think and imagine as light in the world in which we live is just a reflection from Binah above. It is an illusion, a cheap trick to keep us trapped down here.  Whatever gives us what we think is light down here is the antithesis of light; it draws us deeper into the darkness. The stronger the sensation of light, like being high, the further from the actual light we are being led. The cruel trick is that the reflection is on the bottom of sea not its surface, so the closer to the false light we swim, the deeper into the abyss we are diving.  That is the reality behind addictions, all of them. And addictions are just a modern term for idol worshiping, which is even a crueler trick because almost no one today thinks they are worshiping idols-most would tell you that is barbaric.
To understand how to escape the lower sea before the collapse is complete, we must first understand how it is all structured. Only then will we be able to see through the illusions.
To geometry, this relationship between the spheres and cubes or circles and squares is basic, and while it may look fancy if we spell it all out, it is very basic math. What is math anyway? It is just a way to describe relationships between different objects using a common universal language. So let us skip the math and examine the relationship.  Skipping the part about the ratio of the circumference of the inscribed circle to the circumscribed circle being (1-1/√2) and jumping ahead to where it works out to .2928, we learn that 2928 HC is the year that the First Holy Temple was constructed. Doing the same with the ratio of the outer circle’s circumference to the inscribed square’s perimeter, the resultant Pi/2 is 1.5708, which gives us 5708 HC, the year Israel became a nation. This is also 2780 years after the construction of the First Holy Temple. Those 2780 years are 10 times the numerical value of Ohr HaGanuz, the concealed light of Moshiach.
And again skipping the math in the ratio of the area of the circumscribed (outer circle) to the square within gives us 1.111, which we know is representative of the primordial Aleph (א) that is Binah. Then as mentioned in our article on the Solar System, the square drawn around the inscribed circle that it bounds is 1.273 or 27.3% larger, representative of the ratio of Zeir Anpin to the bounded Malchut. This partially explains why within that strict confined structure, the Moon rotates in 27.3 days and revolves around the Earth in 27.3 days, in sync with the dark sunspots that rotate around the Sun also every 27.3 days.  The design of Zeir Anpin is to keep the darkness of Malchut from infecting the upper worlds and to inject as much order as possible into that swirling chaos, hence the strict marching orders of the planets, timed to one-half of the numerical value of the Tree-of-Life and of Israel, 546/2 = 273.
To see the two (2) Hands of G-d in all this, each with 14 finger segments, we need only look past the square Zeir Anpin and look to the ratio of the two seas to one another, Binah to Malchut. Given what we just described, the ratio of the Outer circle to the Inner one is 1.111 x 1.273,or 1.414214, which is the square root of 2. The √2, or essence of 2, decodes as 1.414214 = 14 (יד) and 14 (יד), followed by 2 (יד), or even ruach, the spirit of G-d of numerical value 214. Since Yad (יד) is Hand, we can see the 2 Hands of G-d within the square root of two (2), a very unique number, and one at the core of all our geometry.

The Covenant of Halves

The name David (דוד) also has the numerical value of 14.  Moreover, the ratio of the Inner circle to the Outer one is .707107, giving us the 70 years of David’s lifespan and of the nation of Israel in this transformational year, 5778 (2018 CE). Before we examine this closer, we should note that the .707107 Inner to Outer circle ratio is one-half of the √2 and that it also gave us the equation (1 -.707107) = .2928, the Year that King David’s plans for the First Holy Temple were realized (2928 HC) by his son, 4 years after his death.  The square root of 2 is unique in that half (√2/2) of it, (.707107), is equal to the inverse (1/√2) of it, (.707107).  Therefore, half of those two (2) hands (1.414214), in other words .707107, breaks down numerically to 70 years, the 7th prophesied Shabbat millennium, and 107, whose sum of its 107 integers (∑ 1 -107 ) equals 5778, the year Israel completes its first 70 years.
The splitting of the square root of 2 in half is not only mathematically unique, but special in its relationship to King David in that the midpoint—the splitting in 2—of his 70-year life span marks the midpoint, 2889 HC, in the 5778 years to Moshiach and freedom.  It is no coincidence that G-d made the Covenant of Halves with Abraham in the year 2018 HC, the analog to 2018 CE (5778 HC).
The Zohar tells us the four (4) walls of the square are akin to the four (4) exiles. When Joseph entered Egypt the 210 years of Egyptian exile began, 3 The Divine Calendarperiods of 70 years each. Not coincidentally, there are 4 portions about Joseph in the Torah, who was born in the year 2198 HC, and lived in Egypt for 70 years of those 210.  Those 70 years were blessings and protection to Israel, even as they lived within the darkness of exile.  Those 70 years of blessings extend forward in time to today’s 70 years of Israel, for Joseph was born exactly 3580 years before the year 5778, or 10 times 358, the numerical value of Mashiach. Joseph’s birth in 2198 HC was also 1562 years before the Gregorian Calendar began, and 156 is the numerical value of Joseph.  The 2 Calendars are converging this year. 5778 years of history did not happen in vain.
How long was the Babylonian exile before the Second Holy Temple was built? 70 years. The Gregorian calendar began with a 70-year period that marked the end of the Second Holy Temple.  It is ending with another 70-year period clearly marked by the birth of Israel. It is time for us to break out and reach Binah, the World to Come. It is time to break out of the self-defined confines of the 4th exile. It is the illusion that we keep feeding ourselves that forms the walls of this prison. Zeir Anpin is made of light; we must look up towards it, not to its reflection in the bottom of the abyss.
The Israelites are Zeir Anpin, the 12 sons of Jacob are the structured boundary walls ruled by the 3-column system. The Inner Circle referenced above is Malchut, the darkness drawing its light from the bounded edges, the 4 rivers. The Outer Circle is Binah, the true light that beckons us to break free. As explained above, the two Hands of G-d are reaching down to us through the design of that structure.  They are built into it as our way out.
This year, the boundaries of our self-imposed prison will be shaken severely. They will be shaken loose for our sake.  The Zohar explains that that is exactly what happened to end the 210-year exile in Egypt. It took the Hands of G-d to shake free and wake up the Israelites then, which is why the initials of the 10 plagues add up to the numerical value of Israel.  Then once the boundaries are broken, the choice is ours; The Outer or the Inner Circle; the Darkness or the Light.
We live in a universe of positive and negative, spiritual and physical. Black and white fire, as the Hebrew letters of the Torah and the space they occupy are called. Like two pieces of a puzzle fitting together, 5778 and 4222 slide in together to form 10000, or 10 to the power of 4, the 4th or Binah dimension. As we explained above, numerically 4222 is 422 and 2, or the numerical value of 70 and the 2 dates of the destruction of both Holy Temples.




The numerical values for “70″ and for “Joseph” respectively, 422 and 156 equal 578.  Of the 91 sets of oddly doubled words in the Torah, the set of doubled words meaning to tear away (טרף and טרף) was used twice, once when the brothers inferred to Jacob that Joseph was dead and again when he was found to be alive.  Each set has the numerical value 578. Each set also has the sofit gematria value of 2018. This year Joseph is alive for us.  Joseph was never dead; it was an illusion. This is the year we tear away the illusions.
The Temples were the physical manifestation of Zeir Anpin on Earth, open channels to Binah and beyond.  When the weight of the encroaching darkness of Malchut became too much they collapsed to seal off and protect the upper worlds.  If the darkness was feeding off the light, having none of its own, why not strike a balance and thus live off as much light as possible? It was not its nature.  Darkness likes darkness and the nature of physicality is blind greed, not balance. In order to escape it, we have to turn away from our own nature; it is the only way.  Trying to strike a balance is the illusion the darkness would like you to believe.
We are personifying the darkness for a reason: it does have a consciousness.  This is why you cannot fight it; this consciousness feeds off everyone collectively and individually. Every negative thought we have, let alone our selfish actions and speech, feed it and tell it how best to control us, what illusions with which to best confront us.
It is a battle that cannot be won, but there is a way out.  This year, G-d’s two Hands are reaching out to those who can wake themselves up and see the physical nature of our prison for what it is .
More to follow…

7 thoughts on “G-d’s Hands are Reaching Out to Us

  1. I have something I would like to share with you and maybe you could give me your thoughts. I already told you about how I’ve been constantly seeing the numbers 111, however on Shabbat afternoon on December 23rd I had a dream.
    In my dream I was walking outside under a stary sky and turn to the west. In the distance I saw the Capitol building in Washington DC. Above the building on the right side was a waxing crescent moon. Above the building on the left side was a waning crescent moon. And directly in the middle was a golden number 1 suspended in the sky. I looked at the moon phases online and found that on the 23rd (the day I had this dream) it was a waxing crescent at 23%, and the next waning crescent at 26% would take place on January 11, 2018 or 111. The waxing crescent in my dream was on the right side and the coming waning crescent was on the left side.
    After I was done gazing at the Capitol building I turned towards the south and saw a bright light in the sky. The light began to grow and grow until it began to overtake everything around it. Not knowing what to do I raised my hands, in the air in the same manner the kohanim would do when they blessed the Israelites, and I began to proclaim the Shema. This was the end of my dream.
    Any thoughts on what this could mean?

  2. For Ari – Dream Thoughts </h2)
    Light, value 207 (Aleph = 1, Vau = 6, Reish =200) is regarded as a 9 fold string. IAs in "String Theory" perhaps). The spelling is Cheth-Vau-Teth i.e. 8 + 6 + 9 = 23). The 23 may be the 23's that were a component in what you describe.
    There are 6 Aleph's in Genesis 1:1. The 5th one occurs in position 23 (the Aleph in the middle of "V'et"). The 99th Prime Number is 523 (The value of Israel, 541, is the 100th Prime Number). The last Aleph in Genesis 1:1 is in position 26. I read that as a possible pointer to the Divine Presence (symbolised by the 26) becoming more visible around "the time of the end". Before that happens, something associated with 99 (the 99th Prime = 523, close to Israel) will "become apparent".
    Now let's get back to "Light".
    The value of the central column of the Tree of The Sephiroth is 620 + 1081 + 576 + 496, total being 2277 or 11 times Light (207). The values I gave are the values of Keter, Tiphereth, Yesod and Malcuth.
    That means that the flow down the central column can be seen as a 9 * 11 = 99 component package of Light-Strings-Vibration.
    The 111 is the value of Ar-Le-Ph, spleed out. The "Ar" was in the throat, the "Le" was in the mouth, and the "Ph" was in the Throat. In Hawaii, "Madam Pele" is the cranky volcano godess. She literally has the power to "move mountains". That grumpy godess is just a mythologised version of Ar-Le-Ph spelled backwards, the power to reach deep within ourselves (Lips to Mouth to Throat) and move mountains with our speech.
    Abraham and Sarah rejuvenated when he was 99 years old. That 99 might be connected to your dream experience. According to a lot of prophecies, a son of Joseph comes before the Messiah Son of David. The 5th Aleph may be a pointer at the son of Joseph who ushers in plenty of Light before the ultimate "Grand Slam" comes with the Mashiach Son of David.
    I don't have to claim to be infallible (I am not the pope!) but there may be some connections along the lines I mentioned with notions that "Joseph is still alive as per Ezra's article.

  3. Hi Ezra,
    Just a “probable typo” in the text — in the description of the Egyptian exile starting when JOSEPH entered Egypt:
    On my dates, Joseph was born in the year 2198. With Abraham born in 1948, Isaac was born in 2048, and Jacob (60 years later) in 2108, making Jacob 90 years old when Joseph was born.
    Jacob came to Egypt at age 130 to live out 17 more years til the age of 147. That puts Jacob’s arrival in Egypt in the year 2238. This is 210 years prior to the Sinai encounter in 2448.
    Haven’t checked the Zohar to see if t was counting the 210 years from Joseph’s arrival (around 2215 when Joseph was 17 years old).
    Hope that “helps” —
    As usual, I just love the articles, Todah Rabah

  4. “Correction”
    Just correcting my values for the Sephiroth in the central column in my comment re “LIGHT”.
    The values are 620, 1081, 80 (not 576) and 496, for the total of 2277. (I was adding the 80 and 496 in my head as I wrote the comment, which was where I got the 576).

  5. Pour ntsoumbou
    “Le Torah” est plus que des mots et des lettres. Chaque lettre est un nombre. Le Torah est un “Database” (“Base des Donees”). C’est le programe informatique pour notre monde.
    Regardey le premier lettres des sept mots en Genese 1:1, les mots et les lettres du “universe”, le “un vers”.
    Ces sept “premier lettres” ont des valeurs: 2, 2, 1, 1, 5, 6, et 5. C’est 22/”7 mots” — c’est le 22/7 pour “pi” (π).
    C’est seulement un exemple. Il y a BEACOUP des exemple.

  6. Pour ntsoumbou
    “Le Torah” est plus que des mots et des lettres. Chaque lettre est un nombre. Le Torah est un “Database” (“Base des Donees”). C’est le programe informatique pour notre monde.
    Regardez le premier lettres des sept mots en Genese 1:1,(Hebreu, pas Francais) les mots et les lettres du “universe”, le “un vers”.Les valeurs sont: 2, 2, 1, 1, 5, 6 et 5. C’est 22 – il y a sept lettres/mots.
    C’est 22/7, l’approximation pour “pi”.
    Le Torah est le programe informatique por notre univers. Les nombres sont tres important(s).
    Il y a BEAUCOUP (millions!) d’exemples.
    Ces sept “premier lettres” ont des valeurs: 2, 2, 1, 1, 5, 6, et 5. C’est 22/”7 mots” — c’est le 22/7 pour “pi” (π).
    C’est seulement un exemple. Il y a BEACOUP des exemple.

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