Head's Up! Look Out for Brand New Post Later Today


Here’s a head’s up! Watch for our most significant post ever to come out later today, B’H. It’s been a very long while, but we think this next article will make up for it.  We’ve taken the Torah revelations to a whole new level. We look forward to your feedback and comments afterwards.
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4 thoughts on “Head's Up! Look Out for Brand New Post Later Today

  1. King Shlomo said that there is a time and place for everything. Waiting is part of “everything.” We are blessed that HaShem waits as well, and deals with us mercifully in His time. We are given only so much time, and am sure that what He reveals to us is perfectly timed for our era and for those of us who live in it, i.e. in the acharit hayamim / latter days. Let us all ask for understanding, that we may use this revelation the way we are supposed to do, for that is our common calling into His “service.” Knowledge comes with responsibility.

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