It's Not Your Imagination; Things Are Heating Up!


We found G-d’s recipe book.

Yes, it’s getting hotter globally. Hottest first  6 months on record and July seems even hotter, but this isn’t the weather channel. We explained last year that the 100-year average surface temperature on earth was headed towards 57.78 degrees and this year that steady rise has shifted into high gear.
When in 5-6 years the average temperature hits 57.78 degrees Fahrenheit, it’ll be numerically exactly 1.00% of the Sun’s surface temperature as measured in Kelvins, 5778 K.
It’ll also be the year 5778 (2018 CE) in the Hebrew calendar, the year prophesied for the coming of the Moshiach (Messiah). None of this is new to readers of this blog, but I did want to add a little more insight toward the bigger picture unfolding around us.
As the tzaddikm were well aware and as is written in the Zohar, Moses was given 173 keys, which really referred to the 42-Letter Name of G-d whose gematria value summed up to 173.  The 42-Letter Name is more powerful than any of us will probably know and I’ve personally have witnessed glimpses of that power and how it bends the so-called natural forces (laws) of our universe, which we call miracles, but we’ve written about that and will do so again elsewhere.  Nevertheless, 173 relates back to the sun, whose surface temperature is 5778 K in that the total energy that the Earth receives from the Sun is 173 Petawatts (a petawatt is a quadrillion [or million billion] watts). Imagine that!
That’s a lot of symmetry, considering that according to the sages, it’s the understanding of the 42-letter Name that will help bring in the Moshiach. But there’s more and there always will be more as we can no more comprehend the scope of G-d’s designs than we can His greatness.  If we take that solar power reaching Earth and divide it by the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s) we get 577065885, which is not exactly indicative of 5778 or even 5777.78. Nevertheless, if in the equation we take the square root of 3 (1.7320508…) instead of the ridiculously rounded off and large 173,000,000,000,000 watts, we get:
 the total energy of the sun on earth = (√3  x 1015)/(speed of light)= 5777.5 x 103
 That the square root of 3 would relate to the 42-Letter Name or this solar equation that brings together the Earth and Sun in some sort of harmonic relationship is not so surprising. After all, the square root of 5 is at the root of the Torah’s design as well as that of everything natural in the universe though the constant Phi (1.618033…), and that the number 5778 is precisely Phi18
No, somehow it all makes sense.  Since the dawn of Biblical creation, the earth will have circled the Sun 5778 times (or Phi18 times), equivalent to the surface temperature of that Sun (5778K), lets say 1 degree for each encircling, and during that period, at the speed of light, the Sun sheds 173 Petawatts of energy on the Earth, warming it’s surface (with our help most recently) to 57.78 degrees F, or .o1 degree for each encircling.  And when we divide that 173 Petawatts of energy by the speed of light which is the speed that energy would have traveled to get to the Earth we see that they are related by a factor of 5777.5
Light, Energy, Heat, Sun, Earth, Time; they are all related, intertwined. And they are all winding down, or winding up to a moment just 5-6 years from now when it will all be clear to us.
While the puzzle is being unfolded around us, the answers as taught by the tzaddikim are not to be found in this world, but in the spiritual one as what is played out here is nothing more than a reflection of a shadow there.  The two artifacts we were given to peer into that world are the Torah and the 42-Letter Name of G-d, which is why it’s at the center of the life-giving transference of the Sun’s power to our planet. And this is why it’s apropos that we reveal it at the time of year we read about the 42 journeys the Israelites made in crossing from Egypt to the Promised Land.
The equations above are more than just numbers; they also represent a formula, or a recipe if you will: Preheat oven to 5778K. Mix all the ingredients for 6 days, let it set, then bake in the speed-of-light convection oven at 173 petawatts for 5778 years until it reaches at temperature of 57.78 degrees.  Remove Earth from oven and voila!
The question is what do we get?

20 thoughts on “It's Not Your Imagination; Things Are Heating Up!

  1. Thanks again for the awesome teachings……..what I think that adds up to is the purest Light of understanding/wisdom….it’s name is The Torah Moshiach…….the Tree of Life. May it be so,in our days…..the 3rd Temple. 20(18)L’CHAIM!!

  2. jeff you need to know that the surface temperature varies by at least 250K or more everyday , kelvin is a arbitrary system made up by humans, and the amount of energy varies with the solar cycle and the distance from earth to the sun which varies day by day. have fun with your kabbalistic friends coming up this this crazy math!!

    1. And the average is undeniably 5778K, and has been for a billion years, no? Your argument while valid, is no different than saying the human body temperature is not 98.6, because sometimes it’s 98.5 and others it
      s 98.7 and occasionally we spike a fever to 102, yet the accepted constant is 98.6 If you read through the links and related articles, you’ll see that the kelvin scale, like centigrade and Fahrenheit are not as man-made or arbitrary as would appear.

  3. why not take a hundred other averages and put a kabbalah spin on them as well?
    I bring down the mishnah sanhedrin that it takes two witnesses to observe the first of the moon. this act of observing is related to the ikar of middah measurement. and it take a court of 70 to decide what a cubit is and other issues am not saying you are wrong you need to back your arguments with a bit more torah knowledge. I will make a bet with you. I will reveal my identity on your facebook page and i will make a bet of 1kg of gold bullion that no messiah in 5778. You understand why i choose bullion over dollars.

  4. Amos 9:9 – I will give order and separate the good from the bad in Israel, who separates the wheat from the shell, without losing a single grain.

  5. Shabbat Hagadol‘The Great Shabbat.’ Monday, March 26, 10th of Nissan, 5778 is preparation for Messiah.
    Friday, March 30, 14th of Nissan, 5778 is the Pesach Passover for eigth days until Saturday, April 07, 22nd of Nissan, 5778 The number 22 means marked and sealed when we are Redeemed FROM DEATH TO LIFE 4/7/2018 Sat, Pesach VIII Day The time of our Lord’s return!!!
    Enter now the Lord’s Rest

  6. My husband asked me what the final redemption actually means. I thought about it and my mind went blank. Does anyone have a simple explanation?
    Love dx

    1. There are many varied simple explanations because no one can say with any certainty what the final redemption will bring, nor in what time frame once the process begins. At the risk of oversimplification, it includes a shift in our consciousness and awareness to a place of Oneness, and an ascension of the spiritual realm in which we exist to a higher plane and thus a drastic positive change in how the laws of nature effect us (mind, body, and spirit).

  7. It was in Egypt that Israel celebrated the very first Shabbat Hagadol on the tenth of Nissan, five days before their redemption. On that day, the Children of Israel were given their first commandment which applied to that Shabbat, Shemot (Exodus) 12:3 Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel, saying, In the tenth day of this month (Nissan) they shall take to them every man a lamb, according to the house of their fathers, a lamb for an house: This mitzva of preparing a lamb for the Passover offering four days before it was to be brought to the first Passover in Egypt. On the Tenth of Nissan Yeshua enters Jerusalem, on the foal of a donkey, as Mashiach King, on Shabbat. John 12:12-15, Zechariah 9:9. And to the final generation: Nissan 1st month of Jewish Sacred Calendar. In Nissan the world was created … the bondage of our ancestors ceased in Egypt;and On the Fourteenth of Nissan Jesus (four days later) had Passover with his disciples and then Jesus suffered, died and was buried on same day BEFORE the fifth day(5= grace). In Nissan we will be redeemed in time to come. Shabbat Hagadol, we remember the great miracles HaShem performed in bringing about our Exodus from Egypt, and in appreciation our hearts want forgiveness out of love of HaShem. This is significant because what happened in Egypt, in the days of Moshe(Moses), will happen in the future in the days of Mashiach (Messiah).Shabbat Shuba, the Sabbath of Repentance COMES before Yom Kippur. Before Yom Kippur we are afraid of what HaShem will decree. Most repent out of fear. Shabbat Hagadol, ‘The Great Shabbat.’we will REJOICE because we are redeemed and our Redeemer has come!!! ( MARCH 2018 / NISAN 5778 ).

  8. Another interesting note: According to Hebrew history and biblical time-lines, King David was born, 2854 years after Adam. He lived 70 years. The coming year 5778 (our year 2017) is the expected year of the Messiah’s Kingdom to come and the end of the world as we know it – according to some manuscripts of Jewish origin. That means that when David was 35 Years old (half his age) the world was also exactly half its age.. i.e the midpoint of David’s life was also the midpoint of the history of this world. Also…. King David was born in 2854
    King David died in 2924(at 70years) 2854 + 2924 = 5778
    Add 35 years to 2854 and it equals 2889. 2889+2889= 5778

  9. I hope you can answer this Jeff. I just found your site today.
    If 5778 is the year of Redemption – this is 6 years away. This is 6 years of burning away the dross. Standing in rings of fire and being braised on the grill of life itself. What is to be the end result? The whithering away of our skin to be only Light as in the Adamic stage?
    Your thoughts please.

    1. It may feel that way, because these 6 years are part of the process of awakening, to get us to where we can receive the Moshiach consciousness. They are in many respects the most important years. During this time what was previous seen as gray to most everyone will be seen either as black or white. Good and evil will be separating. During these times some will awaken and many wont. That will determine what happens to us at the time of the final redemption.

  10. Hello Jeffrey,
    I started reading your book “The Genesis prayer” and got a dumb question: the 42 letters are supposed to be equal the number of letters in the first verse in Genesis but as shown it cuts last 2 letters of empty (show vavo, but drops the hu: page 191 of your 2005 paperback edition). I do not know Hebrew beyond the alphabet, I just took the bereishis with linear translation and counted letters in first 3 lines that matches your English version; got 44; then found 42 in your book with last 2 letters gone.
    Do you mind telling more on how it supposed to match the first verse, or may be it does not ahve to match it but just take first 42 letters regardless of ending of the sentance on the premise that 42 is such a good number.
    Thank you for your help.
    Best regards,

  11. Hello Jeffrey,
    Thank you! I read a little further; there are few hebrew typos there I can point out in case you would have another edition of the book. But more importantly I got few more questions:
    – so those 42 letters are from first 42 charachters but not in the same order I guess.
    but… I could not find Gimel in first 42 letters.I actually could not find gimel in the entire first paragraph.
    Could you tell how those 42 letters are derived.
    – also you mention that each one of the triplets will be found 506 times each (where 506 is the sum of 42 letters). I downloaded hebrew version and tried to search but could not find alef/bet/gimel combinations (it is possible I searched wrong). Is there an easy way to validate that?
    Sorry for bugging you with all the questions. You book is very interesting. It is just every time I see something that sounds too good to be true, it makes me skeptical.
    Thank you for your help.

  12. Request your highly valued opinion concerning 700 year old Zohar prophecy saying Messiah would come in 5773/2012-2013. How does that fit with your date of 2018, which I feel if far more accurate? In my opinion with Pope resigning fulfilling 1000 year old prophecy for 111th pope who would be followed by last pope and President Obama visiting Jerusalem on NISAN 10 I see tremendous prophetic events occurring by end of Passover season and Easter Sunday. I write PRAYING YOU ALERT MILLIONS OF JEWS THAT zOHAR MESSIAH WILL BE THE ANTI-CHRIST WITH OBAMA HIGHLY POSSIBLE BEING THE ANTI-CHRIST. Since he was first elected his followers have called him the savior, the Messiah and he has never corrected or denied it. He will be duplicating the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on precisely same Jewish feast day, nisan 10.
    Is it true 2009 and 2020 are years of perfect order in which Holy FEasts all line up exactly on same days of as when first established and God gave to Moses?
    If that is correct then 2020 in fall would complete the seven year tribulation and subtracting the days count given by Prophet Daniel, then the tribulation may very well begin at the very end of Passover which falls on EASTER SUNDAY, DAY OF JESUS RESURRECTED!
    We are truly living in monumental days as we undoubtedly will see the whole world unravel by end of March, when Lord willing, HASHEM WILL RAISE THE DEAD AND LET JESUS TAKE HIS FOLLOWERS TO SAFETY OF HEAVEN AS THE DEVIL IS UNLEASHED

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