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Before we move on from Joseph to Moses in the Bible’s schematic of events, I’d like to reveals some tangential secrets, not all necessarily kabbalistic.
In the previous post on the 4 Torah portions of Joseph, we touched upon how the numbers revealed by Joseph age at various points that the Torah enlightened us to it lined up (5,8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144) in a perfect Fibonacci sequence, the one based on the golden or Phi proportion that controls all harmonic spirally growth in the universe, and that spells out the date 5778 (as detailed in The Divine Calendar).
From the time of the Egyptians onward the Phi proportion, (the perfect ration whereby a length or distance can be divided into two parts such that the larger part to the smaller part is in the same exact proportion as the original length is to the larger portion) has been used in architecture and art to create structures of such harmony that they are naturally appealing to our minds and spirit. And why not, our bodies, flowers, trees, sea shells, and galaxies all follow the harmonic spiraling pattern dictated by this same seemingly magical proportions. And as discussed in The Genesis Prayer, so does the Torah.
And so do the digits in Mashiach (358) as illustrated right at the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34.55, 89,144).
begins with chapter 37 and the announcement that Joseph is 17 years old, has his dream, is thrown in the pit by his brothers, sold off, and separated from his father Jacob. It ends 13 chapters later with chapter 50, when he died and was placed in a sarcophagus at the age of 110, 37 years shy of the age attained by Jacob, who after entering Egypt at the age of 130, lived his final 17 years at peace and in Egypt reunited with Joseph.
Why do we mention these numbers? Because the Torah does. Joseph and Jacob’s lives were so intertwined that Joseph died only 13 verses after burying his father, even though he was only 55 at the time of his father’s death and lived another 55 years.
With the 21 years that Joseph spent separated from Jacob, and the total 17 + 17 = 34 years that Jacob and Joseph spent together and Joseph’s connection to Chanukah (numerical value 89) through the value of his name (156) and the cumulative 156 total candles we light each Chanukah, we curiously have the numerical structural sequence of
we curiously have the numerical structural sequence of 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, which, if you haven’t recognized it, has the pattern that the sum of the two previous numbers equals the subsequent one (13+21 = 34; 21+34 = 55; 55+34 = 89 and then 55+89= 144 or 12 squared, as in the 12 tribes/brothers). It’s known as the famous