Mashiach Ben David and the Ana B'koach


The numerical value of Mashiach Ben David is 424 and the ordinal value of the letters in Mashiach Ben David (MShYCh BN DVD) is 82 therefore the complete numerical value for Mashiach Ben David is 506, which is not only the numerical value of Ahavatchinam (unconditional love) but is the numerical value of the first line of the the 42-Letter Name (the Ana B’koach) which we know from chazal bring us miracles and is directly associated with bringing about the geula (the final redemption).
The value 506 is also found in 3 sequential groupings amongst the last 7 letters (KShKVZYT. KShKVZYT.KShKVZYT) of the 42.
And 506 is also the exact number of Torah occurrences if the 14 sets of triplets within the 42-Letter Name.
Moreover, while there are 426 phrases in the Torah that have a numerical value of 506, there are 387 of the them within individual verses. And while 426 is close enough to 424 to draw a connection, 387 is the exact numerical value of the 3rd line (NGD YCSh) of the 42-Letter Name.  And the location of the first phrase to total 506 is  Genesis 3:14, :YhVH Elohim El H”NChSh” which because the final word has the same numerical value as H’Mashiach, the phrase can read, “The Lord G-d [said] to the Messiah.”
The number 314, the mathematical constant Pi is integral to the design of both the Torah’s first verse and independently the 42-letter name. One example is found when we divide the number 9 by the small gematria of first line of the Ana B’koach (ABGYTZ), which has a value of 506 in regular gematria, since 9/.123049 = 73.141593, extraordinarily close to Pi 3.14159265358.
And while this is amazing, we further connect the dots with the 3rd verse of the Ana B’koach (NGD YCSh) that permutes to (ShDY CNG), which is Shaddai (314) and 73, the value of Chochma (wisdom) the 9th sefira (dimension) as in 9/.123049 = 73.141593 once again. Shaddai (ShDY) is the Name of G-d found on every Mazuza and it helps protect our gateways, of which the Ana B’koach has 173., corresponding not only to its small gematria but to what the Zohar explains are the 173 keys of Moses.
Now, as we explain in much greater detail in There’s Nothing Random in the Universe, a cursory examination of the first 12 digits of Pi  3.14159265358 reveals 4 obvious sequnces, when broken down into triplets, 314, 159, 265, and 358.  314 is Shadai, placed right in the gateway; 159 is the small gematria value of the upper 42-Letter Name of G0d; 265, is he combination of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) of value 26, and its pronounceable component, Adonai, of numerical value 65; while 358 is the numerical value of Mashiach. But what makes this sequence even more telling is that the middle two triplets add up to (159+265) = 424, the numerical value of Mashiach Ben David.
But considering that we found the first 506 phrase at verse 3:14, and 506 + 314 = 820, the full value of the verse, Leviticus 19:18 paraphrased as “Love thy neighbor as yourself,” we can see the love with which the Torah, our physical universe based on Pi, and the Ana B’koach were designed and embedded.  Now all we have to do is connect to it.

The Ana B’koach and the Torah cannot be separated, one is integral and integrated within the other and both are designed with the technology to help us bring about the the necessary transformations  to bring Moshiach.  So when the Ana B’koach is recited with the right kavanot (intentions) it is like reciting the entire Torah, and enveloping yourself with unconditional love. To those that know, it is the tree-of-life, and it can impart Mashiach consciousness.

To lean more about this, and to understand all the phenomenon concerning the Ana B’koach you should read The Genesis Prayer, published by St Martins Press.

2 thoughts on “Mashiach Ben David and the Ana B'koach

  1. It seems true, that Cabbalists under the Name of Dionysius Exiguus constructed the roman-christian Jesus.
    In their mind he was procreated 25.3. (1 AD) an he died in roman traditon on 25.3 (AD), but may be real on 1.4.33 AD.
    253 + 253 = 506
    They said, he was crucified in the 202.4 Olympiade: 2024 : 8 = 253
    But first of all, 506 was Ashera, the wife of G-d as Pi 314.
    506 = 22 x 23 => the 22 letters are Aleph and Tau = 23, the creation of man as 2 x 23 Chromosomes in Genesis.
    Aish = man-wife in original meaning = 1-10-300 or 311 or to read as 113.
    113 ist the diameter of the Metiusform 355 : 113 = 3,14159 = Pi.
    71 or Jonah (Dove), the holy Spirit (type of Ruach) is 5 times 71 = 355 = Shanah, the sideric moonyear.
    Exiguus wrote, that Jesus, the son of Joseph was 820 days on the way from Ain to Ain Soph to Ain Soph Aur. Then his Soul could be seen. (Epiphanie on 6.1. = 61 = AIN)
    820 : 3 = 273.3 or exactly 273.2 = (4 – Pi) : pi or the sideric run of the moon or 10 month of pregnancy.
    Exiguus calender-construction was:
    Start: 6.1. -2 (from absolut zero) + 273 days => 6.10.-2 (Ain) + 273 days = 6.7.-1 (AIN Soph) + 274 days = 5.4.0 (Ain soph aur), Startingpoint of the christian calender, fullmoon
    Remember Hesekiel: On the 5. day, the 4. month….
    The year zero created the unknown cabbalists as an ever circling, never ending heavenly year. For History, they took 1 BC, not 0!
    9 month after Jesus Soul arrived on 5.4.0 from AIN and was procreated in the evening to 6.4.0, his soul (not is body!) was born in the same circle on 6.1.0 (Ain) again.
    His body was born on 25.12.1., 9 month after 25.3.1.
    Look: Jewish Calender starts 1/2 year later on 5.10., but -3760 on Shabbat, but starts official 2 days later with newmoon on 7.10. Monday.
    This was christian time still sunday, 6.10. -3760, 11.11 p.m. or 61 = Ain.
    Somewhere in the Sohar is written, that Mashiach ist Gold and Silver.
    That means 79 and 47 = 126 = 100 material world and 26 JHVH or the changing point after 125 steps into deep or far away.
    Nature is 16, and 16 x 126 = 2016 AD = 5776 Jew, the starting Point for 2 years.
    Exactly 1.1.5777 Jew = 20.9.2016 julian calender = 3.10.2016 gregorian, 7 years after 20.09.2009.
    -3760 = 80 x 47 to the year Zero or 80 times silver/moon or 16 x 235 = 16 x 19 Metoncircles.
    What happened really?
    Christian and Jewish Cabbalists worked surely together for the great event!
    They created a “Vexierbild”, how we say in German, that means, julian, gregorian and jewish calender where constructed definitly at the same time!
    Starting Point of all calenders is 5.4. Fullmoon, but in the year 0 it was 7.4.0 Fullmoon in the julian calender. (7.4. = 4.7. = silver/moon = Independenceday USA).
    But in the gregorian calender it was 5.4.0
    220 years later, we have the same constellation.
    But julian and gregorian calender were calibrated 1.3.200 AD to 28.2.300 AD.
    That means, that in the year 220 there was the beginning at 5.4. (5. April) in julian and in gregorian counting.
    In the Year 2000, everybody looked at the Gregorian Calender. But on 5.4.2000 Julian Calender it was Fullmoon again!
    Like in the year 1947 (19 = Meton and 47 = moon) the Year “Zero” of Founding Israel we had Fullmoon on 5. April 1947.
    So, 2000 AD = 5760 Jew, and 5760 : 11.000 (halfpoint of Letters of creating human time) = 144 : 275 = 0.5236 Meter, the Mass of the Cheops (440 KE = 231 Meter = Doors of Heaven)
    Gold ist 79. element, but 77. stabile element, and silver ist 47., baut 46. stabile element, because elements 43 and 61 (AIN) are not existent.
    Therefore Gold and Silver is 77 + 46 = 123 and 231 = 3 x 77.
    Meshiach ist 358 + 642 = 1000.
    642 = 2 x 321 or 6 x 107 => 17 =< 8 Chesed and
    5778 = (6+6+6) x 321 like shortly discussed.
    Thousand Thanks for your great inspiration to me!
    (Please excuse my bad English, because I am a German)

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