Part IV: Time Out For Pi


In There’s Nothing Random in the Universe we revealed much about Pi, the primordial mathematical that converts straight lines into circles and spheres, and makes our existence possible. Here is one more simple way which relates it to the Torah and to the letters of the alef-bet. If we break Pi 3.14159265358979323846264338327…) down to 3-digit numerical strings—triplets, like we saw in the 72 and 42 Name matrices–we get:

Then when we add the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th strings, we get (314 + 159 +979 + 323) = 1775.
Also, when we add the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th strings they also add up (846 + 264 + 338 + 327) to 1775, which as we have just discussed is the sum of the 27 Hebrew letters.

(314 + 159 +979 + 323) = 1775.

(846 + 264 + 338 + 327) = 1775

(314 + 159 +979 + 323 +846 + 264 + 338 + 327) = 3550

Together these 8 strings etched into the fabric of the universe add up to 3550, the same numbers found in the Torah verses from Pekudei 38:25-26, “The silver census money (collected from) the community came out to 100 talents and 1775 shekels by the sanctuary standard. This consisted of a beka, which was half a shekel by sanctuary standards, for each of the 603550 men over 20 included in the census.”

The only two(2) of these ten(10) first Pi-triplet strings are not included above, the 3rd and 4th ones, total (265 + 358), which equal 623 + 2 for the kolel, making 625 once again.  Moreover, while 265 is a permutation of 625, the string 358 is the gematria of Moshiach.
Two(2) out of ten(10) juxtaposed with eight(8) out of ten(10), could there be a reason?
Could it be that while 2/10 + 8/10 = 1, the reciprocal equation is 10/2 + 10/8 = 6.25. This revelatory property of the reciprocal relationships will play an even larger role in the next section. For now, we can acknowledge that inadvertently or not, the universe has found a way to relate in a single super simple equation the base 10 (10-dimensional system), the 28 letters of the first verse of the Torah, the square root of the entire Torah (625) and One (1).

2/10 + 8/10 = 1 and 10/2 + 10/8 = 6.25

By the way, the 3rd triplet in Pi, 265, divided by 424 (Moshiach Ben David) is 265/424 = .625, yet again. Meanwhile, the 2nd Pi Triplet, 159, is the small gematria value of the upper 42-Letter Name of G-d, also known as the 42 Letters of the expanded ineffable Name of G-d, the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), and the 3rd Pi Triplet is comprised of 26 and 65, the values of the Tetragrammaton and its pronounceable counterpart, Adonai.  Moreover, their sum (159 + 265) = 424(Moshiach Ben David), while the sum of the square root of 2 and the square root of 8 equals 4.2426 
One more fact concerning the relationship between the 1st Pi triplet, 314 (Shaddai) and the 4th one, 358, Moshiach. Remember the equation 401273/Phi = 248000 and how 401273 was the sum total of the Torah’s 5 structural elements—the words, letters, verses, columns, and the rows, well look what happens when we divide 358 by 314:

And speaking of 11, the 7th and 8th Pi Triplets (846 + 264) = 1110 or 10 x 111, the Hebrew letter Alef (א).
Nevertheless, we remind you that the above equations are pure math and 401273 is a pure quantitative, non-arbitrary number, and neither Pi nor Phi have anything do with gematria codes or deciphering—they are just numbers.  Gematria just adds a layer of understanding for us, the same way it did for the ancient sages before us.  In other words, the numbers themselves are working out to, breaking down to, and converging on a specific narrow set of numbers at key junctures.  This has the desired effect of focusing our attention on those numbers.  The translation of those numbers into Hebrew is solely based on their mathematical assignments based on their location on an exponential scale that set their values from 1 to 400. This is far from arbitrary and it was created long before Man was capable of making those exponential calculations.  Hence the values are automatically and unequivocally translated into specific Hebrew letters without any possible manipulation by me or Man in general.  The words or Names that are spelled out by these values and letters have been assigned to them thousands of years ago, either because that is exactly how they appears in the Torah or by divine inspiration of the Patriarchs, tzaddikim, prophets and sages.  I repeat, there is no manipulation of the numbers, values, letters or words; this is exactly how they play out under the magnifying glass and the microscope.
Yes, we are focusing our attention on specific numbers and areas and ignoring others.  This is because we are focusing on the most obvious, the most concrete, and the narrowest set possible.  We could easily point out that 401,273 is the combination of the 4th word of the Torah, and at 2622 occurrences, the most numerous word in the Torah, Et (את), containing the specific letters that represent that exponential scale that set their values from 1 to 400, with the number 273, which is the gematria value for the word “gematria” itself.  We could have also focused our attention elsewhere in Pi, maybe 100 million digits deep, and I am sure there is juicy stuff buried there, but we have narrowed our parameters to the first 1000 digits because they correspond to the letter Alef (א), representing the beginning.  And within those 1000 digits, there is book of material to write about, yet we are primarily focusing on the first few digits, because if there was indeed something there it would be in the beginning.  After all, it was “In the Beginning,” that G-d created Heaven and Earth.  This is also why our primary focus concerning the Torah in this paper is narrowed down to the first few words, along with their relationship to the overall quantitative dimensions of the Torah.  We could easily write an article about just about any verse in the Torah and have already done so about many of them, not to mention numerous and much more profound volumes written long before us.  Again, our goal is to get to the source, not to explore indefinitely every branch and root, and as such we are primarily focused on the seed level of all things. If we keep finding a redundancy of the same information presented different ways ad nauseum it only proves and strengthens our thesis that everything has been designed this way for a reason. As we continue to tie in more and deeper relationships between what should have been disparate parts and find more nuances in these relationships, the reason should become clearer.
Truthfully, all the equations in this document, while they admittedly seem complex and complicated to a lay person, they are simple ones to a mathematician. The truth is they do not need to be any more complicated than they already are, which is not to say that the deeper anyone digs, more complex mathematics and physics will be revealed, because it will. All we are saying is these revelations were meant to be found and revealed in our generation, the first one that had the capacity and technology to easily calculate them. To be clear, we are also saying that truth is always simple. The problem is we live in a world of illusions and cannot often see the truth for what it is.
It is pretty obvious that since a very close approximation of Pi can be derived from the first verse of the Torah and directly from the 42-Letter Name, and with what we have just illustrated above, it is also clear that whoever created the Torah and the alef-bet also created Pi as well, or at least was very familiar with the first 30 digits at a minimum.
Both these next two equations and many more can be found in The Genesis Prayer  and in numerous other articles we have already presented.

The equation above represents the number of letters in the Torah’s first verse over the number of words in that verse, which gives us the ratio 28/7, which in turn equals 4, as in the 4 letters of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה). More on that later.  Then we multiply that result (4) by the product of multiplying all the gematria values of each of the 28 letters and then divide it by the product of multiplying all the gematria values of each of the 7 words, which gives us Pi to 5 decimal places of accuracy.
The second equation is found by simply dividing the number 9 by the numerical string formed by the 42-Letter Name of G-d. It gives us 9/.1230490… = 73.141593 or 70 plus Pi (3.14159265), precise to 6 decimal places, a degree of accuracy close enough to reach the moon within 441 feet without corrections. NASA uses all of 15 decimal places when calculating how to reach the edge of our solar system within 2 inches of accuracy.
And we just saw above how the first 30 digits worked out to the sum of the 27 letters of the Hebrew alphabet in multiple simplistic straight-forward ways.  We also mentioned earlier that the sum of the square roots of those 27 letters was exactly 424.242, and that that digit string …242424242, is the longest repetitive sequence in Pi to have a matching location, digit #242424. So it is worth mentioning that yet another notable Pi-triplet, 424 is found at digit# 1110 in Pi, or Alef(111) x 10, just as we saw with the 7th and 8th triplets in Pi. Curiously, it is wedged in between the number 72 and 541 (Israel): …72424541… You can draw your own conclusions. This is an observation, not a mathematical proof. And speaking of the number 9, as in the equation above, it is not only the longest repeating single digit string in Pi  …999999… within the first 150,000+ digits of Pi, it is also found within those first 1000 digits of Pi.  We have already calculated billions upon billions of digits of the infinite digits of Pi and anything can eventually be found within them; nevertheless, when we extend our search parameters beyond a set natural and spiritual boundary like 1000, it does not mean that what we find does not have significance, it just means that it is not so statistically relevant.
What is relevant is that we can only have one first of anything, and the first repetitive two-digit string within Pi is the number 26 as in the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) found at digits #7 and 22, and as every school age child is taught: 22/7 = 3.1428… (Pi).
We have just seen the first triplets in Pi ordered to serve, and the first duplicate two-digit number as well, so how fateful is it that there are exactly 42 duplicate 4-digit numbers in those first 1000 digits of Pi! The last 3 of those duplicate 4-digit sequences are in order of occurrence, and coincidently of prevalence:  5778, 4201, and 9999, which add up to (20,000 – 22).  They also make up the triplicate 4-digit sequences of 5778; and also of 2019 as 4201 is part of the duplicate 5-digit sequence 42019 sequence; and finally the triplicate 9999 is part of the unique 6-digit sequence 999999, the very last one.

42 Duplicate 4 -Digit Strings









At this point, some would say the unique 6 – 9’s represents 6 x 9 = 54, The Divine Calendarreflecting the 54-unit shift. Others will point to 2019, this year, being the 22nd duplicate as significant as well. Still others will add that the sum of the digits (5+7+7+8+4+2+0+1+9+9+9) = 70 give the Divine Calendar  is purposeful as well. You decide.
Whether you are starting to see your own symmetries or not, that last string of the 42 duplicates is found at digit #763 and the sum of the gematria of the first column of the 72 Triplet Names is 763, which might be overlooked if the second to last of the 42 duplicates were not found at digit #702 just like the sum of the gematria of the 9th row of those same 72 Triplet Names. That is the same 72 Triplet Names whose square roots summed to 1000.054

 We can understand now the importance of reading and hearing the Torah in the original unabridged Hebrew form. The formulas embedded into it were not put there for our curiosity, but for our benefit. They form a technology we cannot yet grasp, but like the circuitry in the device you are using to read this and the algorithms in the software that is bringing this to your device you do not need to understand them to benefit from them. And just like that device, it is totally useless to you if you do not turn it on and engage with it.  And to complete that analogy, the more you do learn about the technology and the more you do engage it, the more power is at your fingertips.
Shavua Tov
In our next installment we will bring it all together as One (1)

8 thoughts on “Part IV: Time Out For Pi

  1. Random Thought(s) on 265 (and 358)
    The 265 has a link with the 26.5 degree slope(s), both up and down, within the Great Pyramid. The positions of the “Mem Bet Triplets” within the 72 Triplets (positions 14, 55, 61, 65 and 70), sum sum to 265. “interesting” that the 265 is “paired” with Mashiach/Messiah, and the “Name of Life”, Shem-Chai if we rearrange the Letters into the order Sin-Mem and Cheth-Yod. The “Shem” (Shin-Mem) is at the centre of Neshamah, which is “Shem” wrapped in 55, pointing at the height of the entrance to the passageways in The Great Pyramid.
    The 623 (= 265 + 358) is also (besides its 625-Kolel link to 5 to t
    he 8th Power) is also the value of (with the Vau/And included) of “Ish and Ishah, spelling Aleph-Yod-Shin Vau Aleph-Shin-Heh, value 311 6 305 or 617 plu the extra 6 for the Vau joining “Him and Her”.
    Among many other things, the Pyramid is/was a “Light Machine” chaneling Light in 27 pairs (only the Sockets are still there no) through the Grand Gallery. Those 54 Lights, paired off, opposite each other, are symbolic of the 54 Parashot and the 54 “difference” in the 924 to 870 “Phi Split etc) in Ezra’s earlier article.
    Light and properly balanced energy, male and female working together rather than in opposition are part of the change to “messianic” consciousness.
    (Ezra, I love your articles – just superb).

    1. Thanks, Peter, that’s a high compliment. Really appreciate it. Your find on the 42-Letter Name is outstanding. Add the first and last line two 500 triplets not included and you get 2618 or phi squared. Of the remaining triplets, useful sums so far include: 330, 670, 541, 911. I’m sure there’s much more.

  2. Pi & The Golden Ratio in The 42 Letter Name
    The ‘counterpart to the Golden Ratio 1618 “Zig Zag” through the 42 Letter Name, is the same pattern, starting Top Left, and ending Bottom Left.
    The value of this “Zig Zag” is 3701 less 1618, which is 2083.
    2083 is the 314th Prime Number (shades of Pi and Shaddai). The difference between 2083 and 1618 is 465, which is te 30th Triangular Number (a link to Judah/Yehudah in the 5 “Mem Bet” Triplets in the 72 Triplet Name. Those 5 Triplets “spell out” the Letters Yod Heh Vau Daleth Heh along with the 5 by “Mem Bet”.
    The date of the Norway Massacre was 22/7 when written in Day/Month format. The day/date resembles the best known approximation for pi. The Year (2011) was 5771 HC, the mirror image reflection of 1775, the sum of the 27 Letters (cf. Ezra’s articles). Breivik’s “Manifesto” was titled “2083”.
    The Dark Side of The Occult trying to harness spiritual power/energy to prevent the Light bursting through . . . . One of the implications being that (as per Ezra’s writing) we have to use the spiritual technology we have been given, i.e. we cannot sit back and just be “spectators” – because the forces opposed to the Light are real and active.

    1. Peter, you are on a roll. Great stuff. It plays a bigger part than you know. It’s huge! By the way, the sum of the square roots of all 14 triplets is 210.0262873 which I’ll be writing about in detail as well.

  3. Hi, I love your writings. They clarify me. Thanks, Hashem bless you.
    Did you sum up the first five letters of the Five Books? Simply beatuful.

  4. Tremendous work here, keep it coming!
    No time now to comment on most of it, so here are just a few relevant brief and interesting points:
    The sum of all 10 of the first triplets of Pi (314… 327), is 4173. It is interesting that this may be understood as 41-73, i.e., a combination of two primes, 41 , the 13th prime, and 73, the 21st prime. Note too that the difference between 314 and 327, the first and last of these 10 triplets, is 13, while their middle digits in reverse are 21, hinting to these two primes. Also 13 x 21 = 273 (and 273 is the second part of 401,273, which is already discussed more at length in Ezra’s newer next post).
    Also, 41 + 73 = 114, which is the same as the combination of the Name of 42 and the Name of 72, i.e., 42 + 72 = 114.
    Since we are discussing Pi, 3.14, it is interesting that 4173 in reverse is 3(7)14.
    Notably, 4173 is also somewhat reminiscent of the number 401273, which may be seen as 4(0)1(2)73, and 401273 also has in it the digits for Pi, 314.
    Also 4173 may be understood as 4000 + 173, where 173 is the 40th prime number.
    The combination of the number 4000 (which may be understood as 4 times Elef (1000), or 4 x Alef (1) = 4), and the number 40, is reminiscent of the number 44, which together with 314, the gematria of the Name Sha’da’i’, sums to 358, the gematria of Moshiach, 314 + 44 = 358.
    Interestingly 401273 / 4173 = 96.15935777618021, and the first triplet after the decimal point in this number is 159, the same as the second triplet of Pi, and the next triplet,357, when rounded up is 358, the gematria of Moshiach, and also the 4th triplet in Pi. Also catching the eye in this number is the string 5777, which rounds up to 5778, the projected year of Moshiach’s coming. Then after this 5777 is a triplet 618, which is the first triplet after the decimal of Phi. Also the 96 whole number part before the decimal, combined with 3, the whole number part of Pi before decimal, sums to 96 + 3 = 99, which rounds up, or with 1 for the Kolel, to equal an even 100.
    Interestingly the 42nd prime number is 181, and with 1 for the Kolel it is 182, the gematria of the name יעקב, Yakov, and also 7 x 26, i.e., 7 times the Name Hashem.
    The 72nd prime number is 359, which is the same as משיח, Moshiach, 358, plus 1 for the Kolel.
    The sum of 181 + 359 = 540, which is 10 times the key number 54, and with 1 for the Kolel it is 541, the gematria of the name ישראל, Yisrael, and as was said before, 541 is the 100th prime.
    Good Shabbos!

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