Part IX Food for Thought


More on the 7 vs 7 Triplets vs 7 Words

There are obviously infinitely more connections to be found between the 42-Letter Name and the Torah’s first verse, but we want to extend one more from where we left off in the previous article (Part VIII). In further analysis, besides the 3701 – 2701 = 1000 or Alef(א) relationship between the intertwined 42-Letter Name and the first verse of the Torah, we have also been given two balancing equations between the 7 words of the first verse and the two 7 Triplet halves of the 42-Letter Name, as illustrated below:

        The left side of the 42-Letter Name versus the right side. Or the 7 left-hand side Triplets compared with the 7 right-hand ones. How do they interrelate with each other and with and with the specific combinations of the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse?

Right off the bat, we see that the sum of the left-hand side, 2498, is exactly equal to the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th words combined. That is all but the 2nd word (ברא) of numerical value 203. This 2nd word (ברא) of numerical value 203, though, is clearly reflected on the 7 Triplets of right-hand side of the Name, which total 1203. The difference being exactly 1000, as in the 1000-unit difference between the Torah’s first verse and the 42-Letter Name. Thus, a proportion of (1 + 6) = 7 words is established, as in the 6 bundled dimensions (sefirot) of Zeir Anpin and 1 reflective illusory dimension called Malchut built into the Tree-of-Life design of the universe.
Both the derived proportion and its link to the design of the 10 sefirot are analogous to the 6 and 1 days of Creation from Chapters 1 and the first 3 verses of chapter 2 of the Torah. This itself is analogous to the 42-Letter Name derived from the 1st verse of the Torah of 28 letters and the 3 words of the 2nd verse of 14 additional letters. Fitting since we are discussing the number 1203: 1st, 2nd, and 3 (verse/words).
Meanwhile, the right-hand side of the 42-Letter Name for its part totals 1203, which also works out to exactly the combination of the 4th, 5th, and 6th words of the Torah (1203).
This split left-hand side versus the right-hand side of the 42-Letter Name, or 2498 versus 1203, also yields yet another comparative combination when the elevating number 1000 is subtracted. Since the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th words of the Torah equal 1498 or (2498 – 1000) we see the interplay of the number 1000, representing Binah, on both sides of the 42-Letter Name and how it integrates with the Torah’s first verse.
Without the addition of the number 1000, the ratio between the 7 Triplets of the left-hand side and the 7 triplets of the right-hand side would be 1498 vs 203 or (7 x 203) + 77. As we will see later, this design feature of the 7-row matrix called the 42-Letter Name of G-d and number 7 has a distinct purpose, especially as concerns the word “to create.” Meanwhile, the comparison is between the left side and the right side or 2498 vs 1203 and 2498 represents the sum of the 3rd highest value combination of the 7 words and 1203 represents the 74th highest combination. Together (3 + 74) equal the 77 value in the 1498/203 = ((7 x 203) + 77) equation above.
Expanding this train of thought 103 is 1000, reflective of Binah, and 3 x 10 = 30, the numerical value of the Hebrew letter Lamed (ל), also reflective of Binah, and the 3 spelled out letters of the letter Lamed (למד) = 74. Moreover, the two well-known enlarged letters that connect to Binah and delineate and define the first verse of the Shema are Ayin (ע) and Dalet (ד) of numerical value 74. More about how the 1000-letter Shema and 42-Letter Name integrated later.
The left-hand side of the 42-Letter Name represent as a proportion, .92% of the Torah’s first verse, which also means that 6 of the 7 words represent 92% of the Torah’s first verse, possible reflective of the 92 natural elements of the physicality, which we will get into later. Obviously, it is not 92 exactly as illustrated above; it is 92.48426% or .9248426 of the total. Let us set aside for a moment that the proportionate split between the left-hand side of the 42-Letter Name versus its right-hand side in terms of the value of the Torah’s first verse (.9248426) yields the number 924 that we saw when the alef-bet was split into the Phi(ϕ)  proportion. The resultant number .9248426 also includes in sequence the key Torah numbers 248, 42, as in the Torah’s 248 columns and 42 rows, and the Tetragrammaton (26).  This would be a nice comparative suggestion that both the Torah and the 42-Letter Name should be viewed as matrices or arrays divided into columns and rows and that they both somehow relate to the Tetragrammaton (26) but that is pure conjecture.
We can also compare the two sides (columns) of the 42-Letter Name with its whole value (3701).  When we sum both resultant proportions of the two comparisons, we get an oddly even result. The sum of the percentage splits between the two sides in comparison with both the Torah’s first verse (2701) and with the value of the entire 42-Letter Name (3701) is a round ratio of 1.600 vs .400.  In other words, (.9248426 + .6749527) = 1.600 and (.0751573 + .3250472) = .400.
This resultant proportion (1.600/.400) works out to exactly an 80/20 or 4/5 and 1/5 split. It also works out to exactly four(4). Is there a mathematical quirk that makes it work out this way? No. Once again, no.
This was part of the same purposeful design that deftly integrated Pi and Phi into both portals. And through the use of the value 1000 or 103, the primordial Alef(א) was brought into it in yet another way.
That the final result was a complete integration between the Torah’s first verse and the 42-Letter Name was the number 4 was more than purposeful design. It was even more than a clue of how we can reach Oneness, the Source.

Some have suggested that the ordinal value of the two central letters (רצ) of the 42-Letter Name, 18 and 20 should be added to their respective sides (1.600 and .400) to give us 1.618 or Phi(ϕ) and .420.
And others have suggested the lone Alef(א) of the 42-Letter Name should be added to complete the 6 Alefs(א) of the Torah’s first verse to make a total of 7. They are probably right, but that is obviously speculation. What is hard undeniable fact are the integrated connections, equations, and resultant proportions delineated above.
Moreover, just In case we were to think that that connection of 924 to the 924 in the Phi(ϕ) splitting of the alef-bet was a coincidence, let us consider that we are talking about the 14 Triplets and that the first verse of 28 letters is even divisible into two sets of 14 and 14 letters. When we add the 14 letters on the left-hand side of the Torah’s first verse to the 7 triplets of the left-hand side of the 42-Letter Name, and do the same with the right-hand side, their sums would give us 4007 and 2395 respectively. Forget what the numbers 4 and 7 may represent, 4007 as a percent of the 42-Letter Name and First Verse combined is (4007/(2701+3701) = .625… matching perfectly the 625 of original alef-bet split and the square root of the 390,625 core elements of the Torah.
And any discussion of the 7 Triplets vs 7 Triplets vs 7 first words would be incomplete without mentioning that the 42 letters and 28 letters together make 70 in total.
Oddly, the two numbers of the 4 numbers associated with the phi(ϕ) split and the original split of the alef-bet not represented in these equations of the 14 Triplets and 14 first-verse letters are 870 and 571, which summed together give us a palindromic 1441 for an average of 720.5. You get the point. The 720 of the 72 Triplets was once again woven into the equation, in yet another eloquent and simplistic manner, bringing together the 4th of the 4 Essential forces or portals of the Torah (1st Verse, 42-Letter Name, Shema, and 72 Triplets).
If you want to read 1441 as a hint in how to recombine 571 and 870 into 5778 and 10, we are not going to dissuade you, but that too is just speculation and should not take away from the hard facts of what is being taught us from across millennia, from across time and space.
One quick additional note is that 1203 of the right side of the 42-Letter Name was the sum of the 4th, 5th and 6th words, and (4+5+6) = 15, or in Hebrew Yud-Hei(יה), and 2498 was the sum of the 1st, 3rd 4th, 5th , 6th and 7th words and (1+3+4+5+6+7) = 26, or the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). Yes another independent form of integration beyond the scope of derivative mathematics.  And those 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th words of the Torah that equaled 1498, give us a sum of (1+2+3+7) = 13, while 1498 is the 55th highest combination of the 7 words, as in our (13 – 42 – 55) combination and all that to which it connected.
Regarding those special 7 words or 28 Letters of Creation and their 7 combinations, if we add their digits in their individual sums (i.e. 2+4+9+8 for 2498) together with the digits in the words which were not utilized in that particular combination (i.e. 2+0+3 for 203), they will always sum to 28. The two exceptions are for the complete set of 7 which totals 2701 or 27 + 1 = 28, and any set of missing words that totals 28 or higher in which case small gematria is applied and the totals as summed again (i.e. 2+8 = 10 and 1+0 = 1).  Another phenomenon of those combinations is that any of  the 23 combination that is wholly divisible by 37 has the property that the sum of its digits (i.e. 2+7+0+1) is equivalent to the sum of the digits in the quotient of that number divided by 37 (i.e. 2701/37 = 73 and 7+3 = 2+7+0+1 = 10).  These properties no doubt play an undisclosed role in this process of discovery that will reveal itself in due time.
We do know that the 23 combinations are comprised of 84 words and (23 + 84) = 107 and like the sum of 1 – 73 that equals 2701, the sum of the integers from 1- 107 = 5778.
Nevertheless, why are all these integrations significant? It is not just redundancy—we have seen enough of that already—it is the essential natural of the relationship between the splitting of the alef-bet, the splitting of the 42-Letter Name, the 72 Triplet Name. the Shema, and the Torah’s first verse.

The Four (4) Essential Elements

The 42-Letter Name, the 72 Triplet Name, the Shema’s first verse, and the Torah’s first verse. Four (4) essential elements split and combined.
Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Zohar in portion Vaera and elsewhere describes 4 basic creative elements: fire (aish), air (ruach), water (mayim), and dust (afar). These are the same four philosophical elements of ancient Greece, Egypt, and India.  The Sefer Yetzirah, describing the basic elements in the universe before creation describes only three: air (אויר), water(מים) and fire (אש), whose initials (אמא) sum to 42. The difference between the two set of elements would be that the Zohar’s version includes the process of physicality represented by the Torah’s first verse.
Since the six(6) days of Creation in the Torah have exactly 434 words, the gematria of Dalet(דלת), the 4th letter of the alef-bet, of numerical value 4, perhaps, this too is a reference to the 4 elements, or 4 essences of Creation.
While we tend to think of an element as more scientific, and usually in terms of the fixed elements of the periodic table, actual atomic elements of matter, the original writings thought of them in more esoteric terms.
If we want to think in terms of the physical naturally occurring 92 elements of the periodic table, we can imagine them as next generation extensions of these 4 essences.  Not only does the first and last letters (בצ) of the Torah’s first verse equal (2 + 90) = 92, but the sum of the words (units) in the 4 essences or portals, also equals (7+7+6+72) = 92. Moreover, as Peter points out, there are 92 Hebrew root words in the 7 days of Creation. At first, of the 92 elements on the periodic table (1 is hydrogen and 92 is uranium, the natural limit) 90 elements were known to occur naturally and 2 were synthesized by man before they were actually found in nature. Funny how that worked out: (בצ) or (90 and 2). The isotope mass of Uranium is 238.05078… so similar to 104/42 or 238.095, as if the natural limit to the physical elements is related to the 42-Letter Name of G-d.
We already know that the sum of the 3 Core Torah elements (words, verses, and letters) equals 58 and that the Torah is also partitioned into 670 paragraphs, 187 chapters, and 54 portions, so it may is it coincidental that (400,000 – (58 + 670 +187 + 54)) = 922, in other words that the 6 key elements of the Torah = (400,000 – 922) = (4 x 105 – 922)?

Is there meaning in 92/4 being equal 23, as in the 23 multiples of 37 amongst the combinations of the 7 words of Bereshit?
Instead of viewing our 4 key Torah elements as matrices, what if they were interdimensional hyper-mechanisms, for lack of a better word? Four (4) vehicles connected to the 4 letters of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) and 4 wings of the Alef (א).  These are not vehicles in the sense that we normally think of vehicles that are to be driven, but as elements of exchange and creation, driving forces that breath vitality and even existence into our universe. In a very real sense, they are part and parcel of the Creator and Creative force Himself. This is why they carry the appellations “Names of G-d.” Granted, what we see of them may only be their dashboards, or even some 2-d slice or shadow of them as they cross our plane of existence, in the way Moses saw from a crevice, though a narrow slit, a scan (or slice) of the impression that was left after the essence of G-d passed by.
Even with our limited ability to grasp them, we can still engage them, even harness them. If this were not meant to be the case, they would not be here for us to find. Yes, it has taken us thousands of years to evolve to the point where we are ready to decipher and understand them, and to see them for the glory of what they truly are.  The equations of connectivity are no longer proofs for us; they are schematics of how we are to reassemble them.
Where do we go from here? Let us back off for a breather before plunging deeper.

We Sold You Short on 390,625

We may have sold you short on the significance of the number 390,625. We have seen how absolutely precise and remarkable it is that the Creator of the Torah made all the elements work out precisely to 58.  We have also seen several very important aspects about that, yet there was even more significance to choosing that number.  First though, please take a look at how other contemporaneous ancient cultures viewed that number and try to fathom how they would have worked out any of the mathematics we have discussed so far, or are about to.
Given their counting systems, would they have ever been able to calculate that 625 was the square root of 390,625 and even if they figured out somehow that 10/2 + 10/8 = 6.25, would it have had any relevance to them, to the first 28 letters, etc. Counting back then, when used at all, was for strictly necessary and rudimentary accounting/transactional purposes, not for contemplating how they can incorporate the fundamental mathematical and physical constants of the universe into their stone carvings. Man would eventually get around to ponder these issues, first in calculating land partitioning for their agricultural needs and property rights issues, and then architecturally, and then more academically in trying to understand basic shapes and the relationship between their sides and then their angles. This would take thousands of years.  The true explosion of mathematical knowledge has happened in the last few hundred years and then again with the advent of the calculating devices and the computer.
So, let us go back in time 3760 years ago when Abraham was writing about gematria and combinatorics, etc. and attributing his knowledge to G-d, and 3330 years ago when Moses received and understood the Torah with all its hidden mathematical algorithms and also attributed it to G-d.  After seeing how the square root of 390,625 is 625, and how the 4th root is 25, and how its 8th root is remarkably the prime number 5, we can now discuss how its 16th root continues the pattern and is the square root of 5, or 5, making it integral to Phi(ϕ).

What we were remiss in mentioning earlier was that the cube root of 390,625 is 73.100443, self-referencing to the Torah’s first verse once again and remarkably similar to the number 9 divided by the 42-Letter Name, or 9/123049… = 73.141593. The resultant difference of .041150 is off by only .0562%

We were also remiss in not pointing out that the 5th root of 390,625 is 13.132639022019…. Yes, that would be the same 1.313 exponent that the Hebrew Alef-Bet is designed around; and yes, that would be the year 1313 BCE that the Israelites received the Torah, The 5 Books of Moses (390,625), on Mt. Sinai (130); and yes, that 1313 would be followed with the digits 26, the numerical value of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה).  Are there any lingering doubts that any of this is coincidence?

A Blessed Gift

Why do we even say blessings? Chazal advises we should recite 100 of them every day. There is the philosophical debate over whether the Creator of the universe needs our repeated thanks or needs our appreciation for what He created. This is not the forum for that debate. Nor for the myriad explanations over the millennia for why we should recite blessings.  After we explain a bit about what is in a blessing, you can decide for yourself from a different perspective if it might benefit you to recite them.
Most of the blessings we recite begin the same way: Baruch Atah Adonai or Baruch Atah Adonai Elohenu Melech Ha’oam (ברוך אתה יהוה, אלהינו מלך העולם). Do not pronounce it out-loud unless you are doing an actual blessing over something. That said, there is tremendous technology embedded in each and every blessing. We are at the point now where we can see the revealed numbers in the technology no longer as representative figures, but as gateways to the primal elements themselves. This makes the blessing an alchemic formula for how to properly harness them.
We have mentioned before that the word baruch meaning blessed, has a gematria sofit of 708. This is the numerical value of the 42 Letters of the Upper 42-Letter Name of G-d through which the Arizal explains all prayers and blessings must be processed. It is their entry portal into Binah (hyperspace).
The two next words Atah Adonai (אתה יהוה) have the gematria of (406 + 26) = 432, which is  the frequency of Binah in our world, as we have previously explained, including its spreading forth through the two cubes (216 + 216) of the Tree-of-Life.  So, let us concentrate on the second set of 3 words.
The kabbalists consider the letter Lamed (ל) an extension of the dimension of Binah because it is the only letter to extend above the upper plane.  As it happens there are 3 Lameds (ל) in these 3 words, one in each word:
(אלוהינו מלך העולם), spaced out symmetrically.
The letter Lamed (ל) is also an extension of the dimension Binah because it has a complete numerical value of 42. Its standard value is 30, like the name Yehuda found 42 times in the Torah. Therefore, the product of the 3 Lameds (ל) is (30 x 30 x 30) = 303 = 27 x 1000 = 33 x 103.  Their cubic nature within the blessing is very important and so is their connection to the 27 Letters of the alef-bet and 1000-unit relationship of the 72 Triplets, the first verse, the 42-Letter Name and the Shema, the 4 portals to Binah(hyperspace).
The letter Lamed (ל) is special for another reason. If you recall the letter values are representative of an energy spectrum based on an exponential scale. On that scale the letter Lamed (ל) = 1.31312 = 26.2528…  If we flip the exponential power with the variable ordinal value of the alef-bet the letter Lamed (ל)’s spectral value becomes 121.313 = 26.1195…. This entire second spectral scale ranges from 1 to 57.889 from Alef(א) to Tav (ת), and the only letter that has a very similar value in both scales is the letter Lamed (ל). And while 26 is telling on its own as the value of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), the average between the two is (26.2528 + 26.1195)/2 = 26.18618625 or Phi(ϕ)2, 2.618; Phi(ϕ), 618; and 625, as the square root of 390,625, the total of the 3 basic Torah elements.
So now that we have separated out the 3 Lameds (ל), we see that the remaining letters complete the equations.  Elohenu(אלהינו) without the Lamed (ל) has the numerical value 72, while Melech H’olam (מלך העולם) without the Lameds (ל) has the numerical value 181, which as we have seen is the 42nd prime.  Moreover, there are 42 digits in the first 23 primes and those first 42 digits sum to 181, while the sum of the digits through 181 (the 42nd prime) is 378 which is the value of (Echad Usho Echad) from He and His Name are One.  Also, there are 181 digits in 111!
Therefore, without the 3 Lameds (ל) the 3 words (אלוהינו מלך העולם) have the gematria (72 +181) = 253, as in the sum of the integers from 1 –22, as in the 22 letters of the alef-bet.
Regarding both 181 and 253, interestingly enough they are both Star numbers. As we mentioned earlier in these articles, Star numbers are fairly rare—there are only 12 of them less than a value of 1000—and besides forming a perfect Magen David they include 541, for Israel; 13 for Echad (One); and both 37 and 73 from the Torah’s first verse.  Obviously, this is by design and has a purpose beyond symbolism. If we add the two Blessing components or alternatively the two consecutive Star Numbers, we get 434, the numerical value of the letter Dalet(ד), or 4, which as we just explained is representative of the 4 Essential Forces of the universe.
Then examining the 6 letters in those last two words Melech H’olam (מלך העולם), we see that the two final letters (ךם) have a value of 1100, and the two letters (מע) have a value of 110, and last two letters (וה) have a value of 11.  Collectively, the 6 letters in those last two words have a value of 1221 or 11 x 111, or 11 alefs(א).
The total gematria of the blessing is 1003 or (903 plus 100), as in the suggested 100 blessings. Thus the recital of the blessings can connect us to 903, as in the sum of the integers from 1 – 42, meaning the full power of the 42-Letter Name, and as in Vayomer Elohim, the 10 Utterances of Creation.  Meanwhile the full sofit value of the blessing, 3451, connects with 3450 plus One. The value 3450 is 10 x 345 (Moses/Hashem) and is representative of the 3450 Ets and V’ets in the Torah, the two Hands of G-d.
What we have learned is that each blessing contains an underlying equation that connects us to the Upper 42-Letter Name of G-d, the frequency of Binah, 11 alefs(א), the 72 Triplets, the 42-Letter Name and both the 22 and 27 letters of the alef-bet.
Could it be that we are the ones receiving the blessings when we recite them?
Once again, it is not about the numbers.  Making connections to the numbers as you recite the blessings will not make a bit of difference.  Focusing on the four points of the Alef (א) and picturing the upper and lower 42-Letter Names, the 72 Triplets, first verse of the Torah with the alef-bet lined up in the center will engage all 4 Creation essences and draw both inspiration and empowering energy to you.  There are no buttons to push or batteries to install; we are engaging our predisposed consciousness to connect with points in hyperspace that are already there. The hyperspace is not in some far-off galaxy; it is all around us.

Understanding 10

If we sum all the integers from 1 to 10, we get our special number 55.  If we take each of those numbers as a fraction of 10, in other words divide 10 by each of those 10 integers and sum them, we get (10/1 + 10/2 + 10/3…10/10) = 29.28…, which all things considered might be a reference to the year (2928 HC) when the First Holy Temple was constructed.
Then when we raise each of those fractions of 10 to the power of the original integer, (10/x)x we get some more interesting results. For instance, the highest result of the 10 came from the number 4, which gives us 10/4 = 2.5 and thus (10/4)4 = 39.0625. Yes, this simple equation based on the number 4 and 10 gave us the sum or the words, letters, and verses in the Torah.
Another interesting number is generated by the number 3, as 10/3 = 3.333… and (10/3)3 = 37.037037…. Not only is 37 one of our 5 core primes integrated into the Torah’s first verse, but it is reminiscent of the 3701 value of the 42-Letter Name and 1/2701, its inverse counterpart.  Moreover, the sum of 37.01 + .02701 = 37.03701
When we limit the calculation to 3.3333 the result is 37.0269 and 1/27.01 is .03702332 with the difference between them being (.03702592703 – .03702332) = .000000260234.
As discussed multiple times now the 42-Letter Name is comprised of 14 Triplets and the 3rd Triplet (קרע) has the numerical value of 370, which means that the 3rd Triplet = (10/3)3 and fits in nicely with this scale of 10.
What are we getting at here? Euler’s Number, also known as Napier’s Constant: 2.718281828459045…
While the divisions of 10 and their exponent results peak at 39.0625 for integers, the actual peak is when the number e = 2.718281828459045 is plugged in. 10/e = 3.678794 and (10/e)e = 39.59863. This is not by chance. Euler’s Number e, first developed in 1618, is a natural limit found throughout and integral to our base 10 mathematics. Indeed, the natural logarithm of a number x is defined as the base e logarithm of x: ln x = logx.
Euler’s Number e is the unique number whose natural logarithm is equal to One(1). It is this tie to the number One(1) that makes Euler’s Number significant in our connections to the Torah’s design, yet it is its limiting or bounding factor that makes it so important in mathematics and to our physical universe.  To be sure Euler’s Number will come up again in our discussions.

The 14 Triplets: Archetype Forces

Previously, we summed the 7 Triplets on the right side and the 7 Triplets on the left side and compared them to the 7 first words of the Torah. Now we will examine them row by row, comparing them left to right. These are the values of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name as they appear in the matrix, along with the results of subtracting the right-hand side from the left-hand side, row by row:
500 –     6  = 494
359 – 370 =    11
330 –    57 = 273
493 – 211 =  282
129 – 110 =    19
187 –   43 =  144
500 – 406 =   94
If we take a closer look at the first two rows:

500 – 6     = 494

359 –  370 =   11


We find that the two differences from the 1st and 2nd rows (494 + 11) when added together equal the numerical value of the first matriarch, Sarah, 505.
If we take a closer look at the last two rows:

187 – 43 = 144

500 – 406 = 94


We find that the differences from the 6th and 7th rows (144 + 94) taken together equal the numerical value of the last of the 4 matriarchs, Rachel, 238.
If we take a closer look at the 5th row:

129 – 110 = 19

We find that the difference in the 5th row between the two Triplets equals the numerical value of Eve, 19, and the row begins with the same letter Chet (ח) as Eve (חוה):   חקבטנע  The row also begins and ends with the initials of the Tree-of-Life (עח).
The central two letters (רצ) of the central 4th row equal the numerical value of Miriam, 290. This is also 248 + 42, as in the 248 columns and 42 rows of the Torah Matrix. The value 248 is the gematria of the permuted Hebrew words for “mercy” and “womb.” The 42-Letter Name is considered masculine energy, yet as we can see it is tempered and balanced with mayim nukva, feminine waters in kabbalah parlance.  This is also why meditating on the Resh-Tzadi (רצ) in the center of the 42-Letter Name can help couples to get pregnant. A couple asked me for help a while back when they were having trouble getting pregnant and I advised them of this meditation and for the wife to use it during her mikve meditations. About 9 months later, she gave birth to a boy on Shabbat Pesach. I believe with the right spiritual intentions it could help someone meet their soulmate as well. Remember it is all about energy, and knowing what circuits to connect to is not hocus-pocus.
Following the same pattern as above, subtracting the right-hand side Triplet from the left-hand side Triplet of specific rows, yields yet another defining paradigm .

359 – 370 = 11

330 – 57 = 273

129 – 110 = 19

187 – 43 = 144

500 – 406 = 94


When we add the differences between the Triplets in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th rows we get 541, Israel, just as we got when we summed the pairs of the 11 Alef-bet splits.
Considering those 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th rows that yield Israel, simple math shows us that 2 x 3 x 5 x 6 x 7 = 30 x 42, and we have already discussed 30 as the value of the hyperspace dimension of Binah through the letter Lamed (ל) and that the 42-Letter name connects us to that dimension, and that 30 is the value of the name Yehuda, Leah’s son, and that the name Yehuda is found 42 times in the Torah. We should also mention that the Name Yehuda (יהודה) contains the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). What makes this discussion germane is that of those 5 rows the differences in the 2nd and 5th ones add up to 30.

359 – 370 = 11

129 – 110 = 19


500 –              6    


Then when we add the value of the first Triplet (6) we get 36, the numerical value of Leah, the mother of Yehuda.  The differences of the 2nd and 5th rows plus the first Triplet equals 36.
Applying the same exact formula to the 4th and 5th rows provides us with the value of the final matriarch.

493 – 211 = 282

129 – 110 =   19

   500 –               6    


The differences of 4th and 5th rows plus the first Triplet equals 307, the numerical value of Rebecca.
Before we get into why these feminine archetypes are built into the 42-Letter Name, we should point out that their 6 Initials (ח,ל,מ,ר,ר,ש) total (300+200+200+40+30+8) or 778. A reference to 5778 in the 6th millenium?

The Earth, the Sun, and the Moon

There is one more significant result derived from this simple formula and it pertains to the 3rd row:

330 – 57 =   273

While, the 6th Triplet (יכש) equals 330 or (6 x 55) and has an ordinal value of 42, the 9th Triplet (חקב) has a value of exactly 1/3 that and equals (13 + 42 + 55). What brings this all together is that the difference between the Triplets in the 3rd row, 273, is the numerical value of (13 x 42 x 55)/(13 + 42 + 55). We have seen the significance of the special sequence 13, 42, 55 and also how it pertains specifically to the Shema so this is yet another deep integration between two of the 4 Essential Elements of the universe.
Furthermore, the value 273 is also the gematria of the word “gematria,” and more significantly the value of Absolute Zero, -273˚ C, the point where everything freezes, and 273˚K (0˚ C) is the point where water freezes.
The significance of building the value 273 into the 42-Letter Name is greater than you can imagine and is aligned with the Creator’s goals in building it into the framework and structure of our universe and in particular our solar system. While the surface temperature of the Sun is 5778˚K, the core temperature of the Sun is 27.3 million degrees Fahrenheit, and sunspots (places of relative coolness) revolve around the Sun in exactly 27.3 days, the same 27.3 days that our Moon orbits the Earth.  Meanwhile, the ratio of the Moon’s diameter over the Earth’s diameter is .273. Diameter is not just a distance. It means the Moon’s overall size and spherical volume is 27.3% of the Earth’s, even as it revolves around that Earth at the same exact 27.3-day pace that the sunspots are revolving around the Sun’s surface.
Furthermore, the amount of time the Moon takes to complete one turn on its axis with respect to the stars (a sidereal day) is also 27.3 days. On a darker note, our Moon’s period of rotation matches its time of revolution around the Earth, and since it takes the Moon the same amount of time to turn on its axis as it takes it to go completely around the Earth, we always side the exact same side of the moon. This is why we never see the dark side.
Also, 273 days marks the ¾ point in the Earth’s 365-day journey around the Sun every year.
In a more basic geometric sense, the area of a square is 27.3% larger than the area of a circle inscribed or drawn inside it. This is significant because it means the number and proportion 27.3 plays a major role as a ratio when we go from the basic 2-d square and 3-dimensional cube to the circles and spheres we find all around us.
Time out.
To many, this may be our most controversial revelations yet. There is a specific deliberate design to our solar system that follows a blueprint and not natural laws of physics. For much more about the actual and beautiful symmetry in the schematics of our solar system, including how the Earth orbits the Sun at 66,600 mph and how the Sun, Moon, and Earth are all created to the same proportionate dimensions, including their angle of inclination and their distances apart, see our article on Time.
Whether we can yet fathom this or not, the facts are real and whoever designed the Torah and the 4 Essential Elements of the Universe not only knew them but incorporated those dimensional facts and blueprints into them.  We can only imagine that these integrated design elements are there to help us harness and escape the system.
On a simpler note, the balance between the Sun and Moon is also a balance or interplay between kabbalistically masculine (Sun) energy and female (Moon) energy, or two symbiotic forces.  By the way, the small gematria of the Hebrew word for “the Sun (החמה)” is 5845, as in the 5845 verses in the Torah, and its standard gematria is 58. While the small gematria of “The Moon(הלבנה)” is 53255 making (The Moon/The Sun) = 53255/5845 = 9.111, and the standard gematria of the “The Moon” is 92, as in the 92 physical elements. Kabbalistically, this makes sense as the Moon, being associated with female type energy is hence associated with physicality and manifestation in the physical world.  It also makes sense because the isotope mass of Uranium, the 92nd and last of the natural elements, is 238.0and while that number is equivalent to 104/42, the number 238 is the numerical value of the energy archetype of Rachel, the difference built-into the 42-Letter Name’s final two levels, the 6th and 7th, the levels of physicality and manifestation.
The different energetic levels between the Sun and the Moon is reflected in their ordinal values. The Sun’s (חמה) ordinal value is 26, reflecting its relationship with the masculine energetic dynamic of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) associated with the full 7 levels of the 42-Letter Name. The Moon’s (לבנה) ordinal value is 33, for a difference of (33-26) = 7 between them, reflecting the 7 levels that the energy is stepped down before it can be harnessed on our physical plane. It is akin to electricity necessarily being stepped down from when it leaves the generator at the power plant to us charging our delicate phones at home.  If we were to plug them in directly, they would simply explode and the energy would be useless to us.  The 42-Letter Name is not some massive devise through which all the energy that enters our physical universe is processed, but it is designed to be reflective of that process and tapped into it so that when properly used it can help us to correctly harness that immense energy and possibilities.
The male/female energetic symbiotic relationship is reflected in the full row versus Triplet differentials that we find in the 42-Letter Name. In kabbalistic terms it is front verse back.  A simpler understanding of this is found in the Adam/Eve archetypical relationship. The Torah tells us Eve(חוה) of numerical value 19 came from Adam(אדם)’s side. Adam has a numerical value 45.  Subtracting Eve (19) from Adam (45) we get 45 -19 = 26, the masculine Tetragrammaton (יהוה). Furthermore, the difference between (26 – 19) is 7 once again.  Perhaps this is why the archetype Eve was built into the 42-Letter Name Matrix.
The Torah tells us in the portion Chaye Sarah, or “This is the life of Sarah,” that she lived 127 years, one hundred, twenty, and seven (7). We discussed this previously and saw how 127 was the number of unique value combinations that could be made with 7 elements and the same holds true with the 7 rows of the 14 Triplet differences.  So, this innocuous statement may be a code to us, considering elsewhere the Torah tells us man ‘s age is 120, and this mysterious sequence of the Matriarch names begins with Sarah for the first two rows.  There are many possibly telling combinations amongst those 127 as you might expect, none of which sum to the names of the Patriarchs. Therefore, it is pretty clear, that this type of subtractive processing was designed to channel the feminine energies (Mayim nukva). Moreover, the differences in the 3rd and 4th rows total 555 and Chaye Sarah is the 5th portion in the Torah and found at paragraph 55.  Another possible clue is that 555/127 = 4.3701, bringing the total value of the 42-Letter Name into the equation as one of the 4 Essential Elements.

330 – 57 =   273

493 – 211 = 282


According to Kabbalistic principles the mayim nukva or feminine waters gets triggered or awakened from a provocation above and once it starts flowing upward it is met with a powerful acceptance above and a powerful response of downward flowing masculine energy. This has little to do with male or female and more to do with two opposite but similar attractive forces. It is similar to the way lightning really works. In the clouds above, positive charges build up in the top of cloud and negative ones in the bottom, causing positive charges to pile up at high points in the earth below.  The cloud sends out a thin invisible stepped leader of negative charges, causing and inspiring the earth to send out a string (flow) of positive charged energy to meet it. When they meet the negative charges then flow in force and lightening happens, heating the air to 54,000 degrees.
The two charges or energy types are complementary and symbiotic, and any model of our universe or Torah schematics must take them into account.
The Patriarchal/Matriarchal names are indicative of specific portals or energy processing centers/filters that have corresponding pairings. The 42-Letter Name orders this process for us. The way the process lines up is that Sarah would draw/receive the energy from the higher hyperspace dimension (Binah) and channel it to Rivka, who “shared her tent.” It would then split and spread out to Leah and after several steps it would reach Rachel, the ultimate attractive force and a reflection of Sarah. The mayim nukva would then rise up and be energized and centered through Eve and Miriam.  At the center (רצ) of the 42-Letter Name is what can be called the Well of Miriam, where the ascending and descending masculine and feminine waters meet. It is for this reason that the Patriarchs and Matriarchs are always encountering each other at the Well, including Moses and Tzippora.
The rising waters/energy would then attract and meet up with strong empowering energy from Binah.  What this means for us is that we receive an inspiration from above in seed level form, then process it through different stages and levels in our world, including sharing it and taking actionable steps to manifest it. At this point the positive energy we are generating attracts a powerful helping boost from above.

500 – 6     = 494

359 – 370 =    11

129 – 110 =     19

500 – 406 =    94


Would any discussion of any of the 4 Essences of Creation be complete without the Creator working Phi into the equation? The differences in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 7th rows total 618 or 1/Phi(ϕ). Since the 14 Triplet differences incorporated the energetic archetypes of the 6 Matriarchs—Sarah, Leah, Rivka, Eve, Miriam, and Rachel—we can take them as a whole unit.  What we find is that the sum of their gematria values (505, 36, 307, 19, 290, and 238) = 1395 plus the sum of their ordinal values (46, 18, 46, 19, 56 and 40) = 1620 incorporating 1000 + 620 (Keter and the 620 letters of the 10 Commandments) less 2 for the kolel of the equation gives us a complete value of the 6 Matriarchs of 1618, as in Phi (1.618).

Reuniting the 4 Forces of Creation

Obviously, the universe did not start off with 4 Essences of Creation. In the beginning there was only One. Reintegrating them is an end goal and a means to prop open the portal. To do this we will need to employ several of the methodologies that our analysis of the Torah has taught us; in other words, we need to use the clues or breadcrumbs dropped for us.

The First 8 Words of the Torah.

The 72 Triplets.

The First Verse of the Shema.

The 42-Letter Name.

They are found at Bereshit 1:1; Shemot 14:19; Devarim 6:4; and allegedly at Bereshit 1:1.  We say allegedly, though we will prove that it is, because the 42 letters are permutations of the first 42 letters and with the exception of a specific 3 of them, they are incarnations of the Torah’s letters and not the actual same letters themselves. One of the clues that we have been exploring is that these verses are divided into meaningful Triplets: 11 in Bereshit; 72 in the 72 Names; and 14 in the 42-Letter Name. We also learned that the first verse in the Shema is a combination of the Triplet Shema (שמע) of numerical value 410 and of the Upper 42-Letter Name of value 708, translating to “Listen to G-d on High”, or “Holy G-d”, either way totaling 15 Triplets.
The 4 essential forces of Creation are composed of a total of 112 Triplets, representing the three (3) essential spiritual forces of the Universe as defined in the Sefer Yetzirah: Ehyeh (אהיה) of numerical value 21; the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) of numerical value 26; and Adonai (אדני) of numerical value 65.
Another clue we have learned is to use the initials of words to help guide us to their source. Thus, when we sum the initials of the 72 Triplets and the 14 Triplets of the 72 Names and the 42-Letter Name respectively we get 2672 and 1170 for a total of 3842. The numbers themselves are telling 2672, 1170 and 38-42, but that is not the point. Neither is it that 72 + 14 = 86, the numerical value of Elohim (אלהים). Their combined value of 3842 is the exact value of the first 42 Letters of the Torah that permute to/from the 42-Letters in the 42-Letter Name.
Let that sink in for a moment. The 72 Names and the 42-Letter Name are integrally connected at their source, and so is Bereshit. What does Bereshit mean? “In the Beginning.”
It also means that the 72-Letter verse Shemot 4:19 וַיִּסַּע מַלְאַךְ הָאֱלֹהִים, הַהֹלֵךְ לִפְנֵי מַחֲנֵה יִשְׂרָאֵל, וַיֵּלֶךְ, מֵאַחֲרֵיהֶם; וַיִּסַּע עַמּוּד הֶעָנָן, מִפְּנֵיהֶם, וַיַּעֲמֹד, מֵאַחֲרֵיהֶם.  And the angel of God, who went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of cloud removed from before them, and stood behind them,” and the 14 initials of the 14 Triplets in the 42-Letter Name together equal 3842, which in turn equals the first 42 Letters in the Torah. Therein lies another clue for another day.
Meanwhile, the sum of the initials of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit and the 15 Triplets from the Shema total 1273, as in the 401273 total core elements of the Torah.  Therfore, the 26 initials of these 26 Triplets equal 1273.
All together the 112 initials of the 112 Triplets total 3842 + 1273 or 5115. Another lesson we have been taught is to examine proportions or the relationship between key numbers, and as such we find that 3842/1273 = 3.018 or very close to 1273/3842 = 1/3. So too is 26/86 or the 26 initials/86 initials, in other words the Tetragrammaton (יהוה)/Elohim (אלהים). In terms of the 4 Forces of Creation it can also be read as the (Shema and Bereshit)/(42-Letter Name and 72 Names). And proportionally (the Shema and the first 8 words of Bereshit) are 1/3 of the One source for the (42-Letter Name and the 72 Names). Lots of clues to interpret here. All in due time.
The unification of the 3 essential Names Ehyeh (אהיה), the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) and Adonai (אדני); and also of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה)/Elohim (אלהים) that equal 112 has long been known to the kabbalists. They often refer to this unification as Yabok of numerical value 112, the river where Jacob defeated the dark angel. Again, the Torah is making clear the analogy of the river and flowing energy with these essential forces.
Meanwhile, the sofit gematria value of those 112 initials since the 10th Triplet of Bereshit begins with tzadi sofit(ץ) is 5925.
One clue to our next step in this integration process is found in the words of the Shema’s first verse that we set aside in lieu of the Upper 42-Letter name.  Starting with the Yud(י) in Israel and ending with the Dalet (ד) in Echad, the 8 Triplets’ initials total 46, as in the kabbalistically interchangeable Me’ah (מאה), Amah (אמה) and Ha’em(האם), or 100, cubit and the mother (Binah) respectively. In a previous article we discussed the derivation of the cubit (27.5”) from the total value of the 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) or (232 + 39 + 4) = 275. If we were to add the numerical value of those 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton (275) to the value of the initials of the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essences of Creation(5925), we would get (5925 + 275) = 6200, or Keter (620) x 10.
As proof that this connection to the cubit is truly part of this equation, involving the unification of the 4 essential forces of the universe, we need to take note that the cube root of the cubit, or 3√27.5 = 3.018 = 3842/1273.
Moreover, the sum of (112 + 275) = 387, the numerical value of the 3rd row of the 42-Letter Name.
While this is a key part of the ultimate unification process, we must also take into account that according to the Ramchal, the height of the 3rd and Future Holy Temple is 100 cubits high, specifically corresponding to Keter, and that the unified essential Light force emanates from the Holy of Holies through the gate of 42, then the 100 cubit by 100 cubit inner courtyard, and then to the 4 directions through the 4 gates of Binah in the 4 walls of that courtyard.
More about the Temple design later. Nevertheless, is it so surprising that the necessary tools we would need to build the Future Holy Temple would be integrated into the most important elements of the Torah, into the Names of G-d themselves?
We could be asking why the Creator of the Torah gave us more than one Name of G-d.  Why not simplify matters for us with a single Name? Would that really be simplifying things though?
By giving us 4 different elements to work with, 112 different Triplets, we are receiving so much more data with which to help us reengineer the circuitry. Imagine how much more complex our task would be if we would only have a single 4-Letter Name to work with. It might take us another 1000 years, all the way to 3018 to unravel the code. It might take us far longer than that.
Each Triplet is a gateway. Each gateway is an entry point of understanding.  Each gateway has a unique purpose and energy. The beauty is that all the gateways are linked in specific arrays. Some of those arrays were given to us in the form of specific Names of G-d. And some of those Names when we got close to them transmitted the knowledge to us where to find even more arrays and the links to them. As we stayed close, eventually the larger networking became more and more apparent. This is by design. This is what is known as G-d’s Mercy. This is a specific and necessary process.
This process has been known to the true kabbalists (not the astrology reading, jewelry selling, mind manipulating charlatans) for millennia.  They defined each of the Names of G-d as a different aspect of G-d. They advised that the only way to get close to the Source was though the understanding of the specific Names and the only way to get close to a Name was through humility. You must make yourself small.
When you approach a gateway, stay there, humble yourself, the gateway will grow and so will your understanding. Where people have gotten off track and lost is by taking the kernel of understanding they first receive (and most people who approach do) and running with it, expanding their ego to create grandiose schematics and philosophies. Sometimes these illusions and delusions attract thousands and even millions of adherents. Sometimes they just drive the practitioner mad.  Either way they are flawed in that by making themselves too large to fit through the gate they separated themselves from the source, and thus from truth.  In recent decades entire organizations were concocted to take advantage of the system and pretend that it was they who were the disseminators of the truth, guardians of the gates, and that they had to be paid to give you what the system offered freely as they addicted you to their illusions.
Still, as a teacher once pointed out to me, they served a purpose. Like a flower or plant attracting organisms to approach and carry off its seeds, so too do these gateways. It is all those disparate kernels of truth now floating out there that cause people to awaken.  As they say in Spanish: Nadie sabe para quien trabaja (No one knows for whom they work). If enough of those awakened souls can survive the technological illusory onslaught and humble themselves, we will all be able to enter the gateways and work together from the inside to unravel the next levels of codes leading to the Source.
According to the true Kabbalists, your easiest and suggested entry gate is the 42-Letter Name. Also, the longer you linger there, the greater will be your understanding, the wider the gate will open, and the greater access you will have to all other gates.  Always return to your entry gate. Always reenter from the same gate. The other advice of the true kabbalists is appreciation.  That goes hand in hand with humility.  Be in awe of what you find in the works of the Creator.
Shabbat Shalom

27 thoughts on “Part IX Food for Thought

  1. Random through 248, made me thing of 24 being half of 48, then I wondered what has been happening in recent history, 1948, state of Israel. 24 years before that in 1924, the trial of Haman in Germany that created his party, 1900 ish waves of Jews begin immigration to Israel, 1972, just of 24 years – leads up to 1973 war, in 1996ish, murder of Rabin and then peace accord; now leading to 2020, Israel can’t form a government after 72 years, maybe Mashiach is here after 120 years of lead up to him?

  2. I’ve updated the current article with two thoughts, paragraphs. I don’t usually like to do that, but something that Moshe sent me got me thinking in this direction and it fits in here better than what I have planned for the rest of the series.
    Shabbat Shalom everyone
    In the section about Blessings:
    Regarding both 181 and 253, interestingly enough they are both Star numbers. As we mentioned earlier in these articles, Star numbers are fairly rare—there are only 12 of them less than a value of 1000—and besides forming a perfect Magen David they include 541, for Israel; 13 for Echad (One); and both 37 and 73 from the Torah’s first verse. Obviously, this is by design and has a purpose beyond symbolism. If we add the two Blessing components or alternatively the two consecutive Star Numbers, we get 434, the numerical value of the letter Dalet(ד), or 4, which as we just explained is representative of the 4 Essential Forces of the universe.
    And in the first section:
    We do know that the 23 combinations are comprised of 84 words and (23 + 84) = 107 and like the sum of 1 – 73 that equals 2701, the sum of the integers from 1- 107 = 5778.

  3. Bell Prime Indices (er, Indexes) Again
    The 7 Bell Indices sum to 2963, which is 55 less than 3018 as “in” the 3018 and 3.018 fraction in this article.
    Shades of the “55 packaging” around “Neshamah”, the 32 by 55 yard laps (water agaun!) of an Australian (PRE “METRIC”) swim pool in a mile race (1760 yards = 1 mile = 3600 17.6″ cubits : US Pools are usually different lengths, 50 yards, and 25 yards)), and 55 as the 6th Bell Prime Index.
    (cf. the 2,3, 7, 13, 42, 55 and 2841 for the 7 indices, summing to 2963).

  4. The general point, John, as far as I can see, is to show that the Torah and everything in the world are interlocking Divine creations, and that the patterns of evidence for this are overwhelming, and therefore everyone should come to recognize Hashem, pray to Him alone, and live in accordance with His Will, and then with His blessings we will thrive together in peace, harmony and prosperity.
    As for all the complex details and particulars expounded here, indeed it is sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees. Certainly a condensed outline would be helpful, but I suspect that Ezra is moving so fast forward with many new exciting discoveries and revelations, and that insufficient time and energy remains to properly focus on looking back and composing the desired review. I agree however that this would be very nice and extremely helpful.
    Among the amazing ideas in this post is some discussion of the number 92, including the idea that “the first and last letters (בצ) of the Torah’s first verse equal (2 + 90) = 92.”
    The idea of combining the first and last letters is often significant for finding hidden meanings. Actually, in this case, aside from the gematria, 92, of the two letters Beis and Tzadi, they may also be understood to spell certain key words:
    For example, Beis and Tzadi spell the word בץ, Butz, meaning “fine linen.” Usually this word is spelled with a letter Vov in the middle, however the sound of the Vov can be indicated by a vowel sign alone, and then the Vov itself does not have to be written. Some verses illustrating the use of this word are “There were hangings… held with cords of fine linen (בוץ, Butz) and purple wool…” (Esther 1:6), and “The sons of Sheila the son of Yehudah were… and the families of the house of the workers of fine linen (בץ, Butz)…” (Chronicles I 4:21).
    Alternatively the word בץ, Botz, may mean “mud,” “mire,” or “swamp,” as in “your feet are sunk in the mire (בץ, Botz)” (Jeremiah 38:22). Similar words are sometimes spelled with silent letters Heh or Aleph at the end, as in “Can the rush shoot up without mire (בצה, Bitzoh), can the reed grass grow without water” (Job 8:11), and “He lies under the thorny bushes, in the cover of the reed and swamp (בצה, Bitzoh)” (Job 40:21), and “But its swamps (בצאתו, Bitoso) and its marshes shall not be healed…” (Ezekiel 47:11).
    Both of these interpretations, “fine linen” and “muddy swamp,” can be said to be appropriate summations for the first verse’s description of the creation of the heavens and the earth, especially since in many places it is explained that שמים, Shomayim, heaven, is a combination of the words שם, Shom, “there,” and מים, Mayim, “is water” – or alternatively אש, Eish, “fire” or “energy” (and the sometimes silent initial letter Alef a a word’s beginning is left unwritten), and מים, Mayim, “water” – and energetically combining water with earth may be understood to produce various forms of “mud.” Also in a comparative way “the heavens” in general may correspond more to the much refined “fine linen,” while “the earth” may correspond more to the much coarser “mud.”
    Taken together these words and their meanings are related to the word ביצה, Beitza, “egg,” which is spelled with the same letters Beis Tzadi, only with the addition of letters Yud and Heh, adding a vitalizing aspect of Divine Name Kah into the word. As known, an “egg” is originally a single cell that consists of a creature’s most refined substance, its nucleus of elemental strands of genes and chromosomes, surrounded by jelly like protective and nurturing protoplasm and cytoplasm. The genes and chromosomes may correspond to the idea of the initial “fine linen,” and the protoplasm and cytoplasm may correspond to the initial idea of “swampy mud.”
    Accordingly it is understood that the initial stages of creation the heavens and earth described in the first verse may thus be very well hinted to by the words formed by the letters Beis and Tzadi, and these initial stages may be considered to be the so-called “cosmic egg,” created by Hashem ex-nihilo, something from nothing, and these original substances were the seed and egg from which everything in the universe multiplied and developed, to the extent that they reached their subsequent shapes and forms that we presently see and experience.
    The letters Beis and Tzadi may also hint to the ultimate goal of creation, which is for the world to beceome a Beis, i.e., a Bayis, “house” or “dwelling place,” for the Tzadi, i.e., for the concept of Tzedek, meaning Divine righteousness and virtue.
    It is also significant that Beis Tzadi in reverse becomes Tzadi Beis, forming the word צב, Tzov, which means “covered,” as in the verse “And they brought their offering before Hashem, six covered (צב, Tzov) wagons…” (Numbers 7:3). As an extension of this, due to its prominent shell covering that surrounds its body, a “tortoise” or “turtle” is also called צב, Tzov, as in “the rat, the mouse, and the tortoise (צב, Tzov) after its kind” (Leviticus 11:29). Another related use with this same root Tzadi Beis is as in the verse “…when Hashem will make your thigh to fall away and your belly to swell (צבה, Tzvah)…” (Numbers 5:21), which means an unusual swelling and expansion of the diseased organ into the surrounding and covering area of the body, and there are also other similarly related words as well.
    It is possible to say that the orderly understanding of the letters Beis and Tzadi, as in the words Butz and Botz, fine linen and swampy mud, allude to the level of Divine Light known as Memalei Kol Olomim, Filling All Worlds, the Indwelling Light that shines into the world, permeating each creation according to its nature, to each its own amount depending on whether it is fine or coarse.
    In contrast, the letters Tzadi Beis in reverse order, as in the word Tzov, allude to the level of Divine Light known as Sovev Kol Olomim, Surrounding All Worlds (with the letter Tzadi transforming into a similar sounding letter Samach to yield the word סב, Sov, “surround,” with a related meaning), that surrounds and transcends everything is the world equally no matter whether it is something fine or something coarse.
    It is also possible to say that in a comparative way “the heavens” may correspond more to the concept of Surrounding All Worlds, while “the earth” may correspond more to the concept of Filling All Worlds, as explained in many places.
    While focused on the word Tzav, and its relation to the concept of the Surrounding Light, it is also relevant to point out that a letter Alef may be understood to be added at the end of the word, corresponding to a hinted the letter Aleph that intellectually may come before the letter Beis at the beginning of the Torah’s first verse, and when added to the letters Tzadi and Beis together it spells the word צבא, Tzova, usually translated as “host” or “army,” and also meaning the “generations of” or “collection of” multiple individuals or things into a combined group or set.
    This interpretation would then hint that in this act of creation ex-nihilo, as described by the Torah’s first verse, all the hosts of the heavens and all the hosts of the earth were created. In the words of our sages o.b.m. brought in Rashi on Genesis 1:14, “all the generations of the heavens and the earth were created on the first day, and then everything was set in its place on the day assigned for it (Tanchuma Yahson 1-2; Breishis Raba 12:4). This is why it is written ‘Es Hashomayim’ [with the non-translated word Es] to include the generations [or hosts] of the heavens, ‘V’es Ho’oretz” to include its generations [or hosts] (see Breihis Raba 1:14).”
    (To be continued.)

  5. As stated above, the idea of combining the first and last letters is often significant for finding hidden meanings, and that applies not just for the first and last letters of the first verse, but also for the first and last letters of the verse’s individual words:
    The first word ‘ב’ראשית, B’reishis’, starts with a Beis and ends with a Sav, and together this spells a word, בת, Bas, meaning “daughter.”
    The second word ‘ב’רא, B’ora’, starts with a Beis and ends with an Alef, and in reverse this spells a word אב, Av, meaning “father.”
    The third word ‘א’לקים, E’lokim’, starts with an Alef and ends with a Mem, and this spells the word אם, Aim, meaning “mother.”
    The fifth word ‘ה’שמים, H’ashomayim’, starts with a Heh and ends with a Mem, spelling the word הם, Heim, meaning “them,” i.e., people in the plural form, signifying a family, with the offspring of the father and mother.
    (Additionally in gematria the letters Heh Mem are 45, which corresponds to the gematria of אדם, Adam, man, perhaps representing a son of the previously hinted father and mother.)
    The seventh word ‘ה’ארץ, H’o-oretz’, starts with a Heh and ends with a Tzadi, which seems to be related to the word הצן, Hotzen, which may be translated at “hosts” (similar to the word צבא, Tzevo, that was explained in the previous comment), as in the verse “And they shall come against thee with hosts (הֹצֶן, Hotzen), chariots, and wheels, and with an assembly of peoples” (Ezekiel 23:24), i.e., an even greater plurality, as in not just the single family with multiple children, but many families together, such as an entire people and society.
    (Additionally in gematria Heh Tzadi is 95, which corresponds to the gematria of the word המלך, Hamelech, “the king,” and represents man as he becomes elevated to his highest level, or alternatively the gematria of the word מלכה, “queen,” which represents the female as she becomes elevated to her highest level.)
    Therefore this combination of interrelated hinted words, daughter, father, mother, them, and hosts, clearly outlines a united framework describing the generations of man and populations of mankind, which of course is of great importance for the Torah and for all of us.
    It is possible to say that the hint to the “daughter” comes first, before the others, because such a term may be understood to refer to the soul, as it does in certain Kabbalistic and Chassidic writings is described as being so-to-speak a “daughter” of Hashem, for example in commentaries on such verses as “the daughter of a Kohen” (Leviticus 22:12), and “daughters of Zion” (Song of Songs 3:11).

    1. Very interesting: Also, absorbing the Et and Vet instead of ignoring them and using the letters in strict order; read as:
      בת, Bat, meaning “daughter.
      בא Bo, meaning “come to”
      אם, Aim, meaning “mother.”
      אם, Aim, meaning “mother.”
      צו Tzav, meaning “command
      Daughter, come to Mother, Mother command

  6. (I lost my internet access for 36 hours (severe storms) but wrote this while I was “off air”. It is more of a personal “slant” on what the point of all our mathsematics and technology is than what Moshe wrote while I was “incommunicado”. The girl whose childhood prayer I recount must have talked continuously for about 45 minutes. When she stopped, I was too grief stricken to talk. She waited, probbly over a minute, frightened that I was going to judge her or condemn her. She finally demanded, anger rising in her voice, “Say something!”.
    Struggling to control my voice, and the emotion flowing through me, I gritted my teeth and told her, not moving my mouth or my lips, that I couldn’t talk, that if I tried to, I was going to cry. When she saw how her story had effected me, her anger and her fear of condemnation were gone. She started to sob. It was the impact of having someone care that “got to her”. She sobbed her heart out, And she kept sobbing and sobbing, her tears literally soaking everything in reach.
    For her and so many others, victims of tragedies, I wish I had had the spiritual technology that I hve now. I cannot reach out to suffering people with an equation. But I can translate what is in those equations and Divine Names into something that can heal hearts.
    Part of the healing is having access to the tools that bring healing and rebuilding, technology that changes people from being perpetual vitims who “play “prayer lotto”, begging and hoping for help.
    A lot of the articles on this site have been about Light. Light is a 9 Fold string, literally 9 times 23 equal to the 207 of “Aleph-Vau-Resh.
    The 72 Triplets are arranged in 9 rows. * of those rows have a combined value of 8000. They represent the 8 white strings of the Zitzit. The 9th (Blue) string is the top row of the Triplets.
    The 9 Fold Light spreading through the 11 Dimensional Matrix/Ether in which our 10 D Universe resides, is the 9.9 difference between the 27.5” Cubit and the 17.6” Cubit which I describe in the cis comment. The 9.9 is Abraham’s 99 year age when he and Sarah rejuventaed. The 11 Fold Light, is 11 * 207, the 2277 vlue of the Central Axis of the Tree of The Sephiroth.
    The Point(s) of All This
    There are multiple levels of purpose and motivation in what we do. One one level, westudy the scripture(s) in so much detail, just because we love it for its own sake. It is in a sense like a love affair between Creator and Created Being(s). We want to know how our Creator thinks. We want to know what our Creator built into, and used, in the Creation Process. That is abourt Heart – it is either in you or it is not.
    Fred Hoyle, the British scientist who coined the term “The Big Bang” was deaf in one ear almost all his life. When he was about 7 years old, his school took the children to a beach and “marine rock platform”. Still only a little boy, Fred was already what he was destined to be, a “natural academic” who was fascinated by the world. He wanted to know how it worked. Many of us (Torh scholars) are like Fred. We are born that way. We want to know how and why it all works. The curiosity came into this life with us.
    Little Fred was so engrossed in looking at the shells, and probably at the “Phi proportions” built into them, that he never heard the teacher telling the children it was time to leave. Fred was entranced with his shells as that thug of a teacher smashed a fist into the side of Fred’s head. The ear drum was shattered. One of Britain’s greatest 20th C scientists,the future Cambridge Professor and BBC science guru was partially deaf for the rest of his life.
    Like Fred, we get engrossed in what we do.
    Higher Dimensional Technology
    Our real world/universe is (at least) 10 Dimensional, even if it is effectively (since the expulsion from Eden)a 5 Dimensional World, as per Abraham’s Sepher Yetzireh . The clues and guidelines built into the Torah’s first verse, into the 42 Letter Names, into The Shema, into the 72 Triplets are useful. Any craftsman, any professional musician, singer, any expert in his or her field, has normally put in thousands of hours of study, training and preparation. Abraham grew up in Shem’s school. He had decades of study under his belt. Moses was brilliantly educated. So were a long list of “Biblical greats”.
    When we study the mathematics and the science in the texts, we are refining our knowledge of the higher dimensional landscape. Faith is part of it all. But so is Knowledge. The oft quoted verse says My people are destroyed because of their lack of knowledge.
    When Moses split the Sea, he did so using “technology”. He was meditating on Triplets 14, 55, 61, 65 and 70. He had Joseph’s bones at his feet. When he was asked ”Why are you crying out to Me?” , that question split the Divine Name Elohim with 4 of the letters in the 6th column of the (Lower) 42 Letter Name. I am one of many who want to know how and why it was done that way.
    My motive is more than just curiosity. I was a univerity lecturer for many years (Computer Science, Data Processing, Relational Databases, IBM Mainframe systems and “service courses in computer skills for staff and students for all faculties). I got on well with my students to learn about their lives and life experience. There were some tragedies among the success stories. Child molesting is rife in the high rise housing estates of South East Asia. Incest among the first generation of British migrants (in Australia) was more common than I would ever have guessed. Across the Tasman from us, NZ is probably the child rape capital of the planet: the official government figures for chil rape during the Helen Clark era, were accidentally leaked. The numbers are 50% of all NZ girls, and 40% of all NZ boys, raped by the age of 14.
    Going up against that level of evil changed me. I watched people who had uffered terrible things struggle for answers. They got some support via professional counselling and heavily “born again” churches. But both modern psychology and “Bible Bashing churches” knew nowhere near as much as they thought they did. Those heart-broken girls who had shared their grieving souls with their teacher when they were 19 and 20 years old, grew hard and cynical before they reched 30. Their marriges either failed or became empty shells. The churchy ones learned how to become judgemental, but got little more than that and a churchy lifestyle from their spiritual search for answers. I want something more than that for a world that is desperate for answers and solutions.
    Studying the information that the Creator put, right there for us to see, IFF we are willing to do so, is part of of those solutions. (The IFF is the mathematicians’ “If and Only If . . .”).
    I did not learn that sort of study from a book. I learned it as a refugee in a foreign country, sleeping in the open with my 7 year old daughter beside me. We were protected by a group of “wild” Maoris who believed we were the fulfillment of their prophecies of a better future for their people. We genuinely needed the protection (long story). The Hebrew and the mathematics came night after night in dreams. Those dreams put me on a tour of the spiritual landscape I wished I had known my way around, decades earlier. I will include one story to make the point as to how helpless I HAD felt trying to help victims of evil.
    She and I became close enough for me to drive the “bridal Rolls Royce” on her wedding day. She was 21 years old when shme she wanted to talk, under the condition that I did not interrupt her, and that I did not look at her while she talked. It was horrific. THE WORDS OF HER MIDNIGHT PRAYERS AS A 7 YEAR OLD STILL HAUNT ME. There in the dark, she used to watch her bedroom door start to open, and she prayed;
    ”Oh God, please please, let it be Mummy!”
    IF I had known then what I know now, I could have done infinitely more for her than I did and could. Most of the knowledge that I wish I had had for her was the knowledge about the spiritual dimensions where frequency and energies are part of the landscape. For me, the numbers like the 1273 that are in the initial letters of the 26 Triplets are there for real reasons, e.g. Abraham’s 12 Simple Letters, 7 Doubles and 3 Mother Letters.
    Betzelem Elohim
    Humans are made “in the image of God”, “Betselem Elohim”, value 248, same value as Abrah’s name, same as the number of fundamental particles in the universe, same as the number of words in The Shema. If those links were not important, they would not be so much a part of our world, our bodies, and our scripture.
    Leaks coming from former NASA and US aerospace employees talk bout experiments in which craft cn be controlled by “mind or thought”. If those reports are genuine, they are indicators that the human mind has HUGE potential.
    Inside our minds, we carry a whole universe of thought. We can picture any place, any thing. Our mind can take us there instantly. In at least some senses, our potential iIS infinite. That infinite potential is connected with the creative power within the Spiritual technology being unravelled on this site.
    The central line of the (Lower) 42 Letter Name has the value 704, indicative of 4 cubits of 17.6 inches each, i.e. the cubits used in Moses’ Tabernacle. (4 * 17.6 = 70.4”).
    The “small gematria” reading of the word Amah (Cubit) as 3 digits is 145. That is the square of 10 plus the sum of all the numbers from 1 to 9. Those numbers obviously mean something or have significance. Even the English word “Cubit” is “odd”. It is not “yard”, or foot, or stick, or rod, or meter, or “tape measure” or anything else that is about a one dimensional length. It is about a 3-D Cube. Shades of squares and circles, or cubes and spheres, as in Ezra’s material on 273, and 27.3%?!
    And there, smack bang in the middle of the 42 Letter Name is Resh Tsadhe, value 290, representing two of those 145 “Amahs”/Cubits in the middle of a “4 Cubit line” (see below.
    Cubits are part of the system for measuring the Earth, the Temple/Tabernacle, and the human body which is so tied to the Temple.
    The “55” that is in the Shema is another “Two Cubit Thingey”, this time two 27.5” cubits as in the Future Temple and the Great Pyramid. There is a LOT of point to these numbers, and to understanding them.
    TRACING “CUBITS” tells us things about changes in the size of the Earth since humans have been on the planet. In turn, those changes have had an impact on human health. Simple ways to improve human health by chnging the load on the body with a pair of dumbbells or wlking up hills, mean there is plenty of point to studying how the Earth is measured.
    Israel as ‘First Born’
    The final section of the Shema almost closes out with a reference to the deliverance from the land ofEgypt. The deliverance/exit from Egypt climaxed with the death of the first born of Egypt, a clear allusion to Israel as the first born of the Creator. The concept of Israel as the first born is different from the notion of Israel as the ones “chosen” to the exclusion of all the “goy”. The Exodus story says that Israel is the First born, rather than the “only child worth saving”.
    An oldest or first born child has a different role in a family from the other children. The oldest child is an interface between the parents and the other children. Similarly, Israel is meant to be an interface and a conduit for Divine knowledge and the rest of humanity. The knowledge and the spiritual technology on this website is “Judic”. The “Judic” approach to scripture is different from that of other cultures in that it is far more mathematical.
    You can see a difference in how (sincere) Christians see the Torah’s mathematics. The mathematics and the “coding” impresses them. But they see that as little more than some Divine “party trick” designed to “confirm the Word”. The Judaic / Torah concept is much deeper: it sees the Torah more as a computer program and database for Creation, both of the universe and of a human being. The “mindset” is different.
    Part of the role of “the First Born” is to teach and spread the knowledge that came from source. The time for that dissemination of knowledge is now, the period beginning in these years (2018-2019 , 5778-5779) that are predicted as being whenn the “door” opens again.
    Many indigeneous cultures and several religious traditions still have trces of Torah knowledge, even though it is now very remote. For instance, there is a lot of good written material in ancient Chinese and Indian texts. But the oral tradition to go with it is “not there”. So modern gurus, teachers and translators are digging into the ancient texts, and then using the minds to almost “guess” as to how they should be used. Christianity began with much closer ties to Torah than the modern “product” has. That is why there are 42 generations, and why there are 12 baskets and 7 large baskets. Political agendas removed the Torah knowledge in several phases.
    This world, as exemplified by the girl I described earlier has plenty of “hidden suffering” in it. Her mother did not protect her. So she concluded that nobody cared, and that nobody ever would. There is great beauty in the “secrets of the Torah”. That beauty can touch hearts and change lives. But not everyone is willing or able to receive it. Others want the knowledge just for the power they think it will give them. Their motivation is WRONG!
    Despite the mathematical “packaging”, the “technology “ is very much about the Heart (both human and Divine).

    1. Thank you, Peter, for the eloquent reply and explanation. There is a saying in Kabbalah that when the student is ready the teacher will come. I learn something new in everyone of your comments. As for the 8000 sum of the 8 rows, it goes deeper yet, deeper than the obvious connection to 1000 and Binah, etc. You will probably find it by the time I post it in its appropriate time (hint: look at rows and columns). As for John’s original query, I would take your comments one step further. As Rav Brandwein stated, “It is through the understanding of the 42-Letter Name that the geula (final redemption) will come.” He also asked me to bring the same analysis to the Shema and publish it it. I’m honoring his request and desires and extending them to the 2 other essential elements of the universe. It is a process to elucidate the understanding in a way and rate that it can absorbed, in order to bring people closer to these forces of Creation. The greater the understanding, the closer we will all get to these forces, and thus the closer we will get to the Creator. If we do it correctly it becomes cyclical and the closeness leads to greater understanding, and so forth. Moreover, we must present all knowledge in a way that it is convincing, unambiguous, and not for the sake of knowledge or gnosis itself, but for the sake of understand the advanced technology that reaches beyond our plane of existence. We have only one goal, and no point to make. Like “connect the dots” the 1000 points we (all) do make along the way will draw a single picture, and that is our goal.

  7. Thanks to all who replied to my question…. I think somethings are designed by The One that leads to complete surrender of the ego mind. And with that surrender one is given an internal knowing and deep connection to The One. This knowing is and always will be unknown to the ego mind…..Be still and know there is only The One… you, me, the tree, the ant, my neighbor and also the enemy…..
    The ego, being a construct of the conceptual mind is a non-living thing. The ego reasons that knowledge will give it continued life….so this was my motivation to ask the question…….Again Thank You!! John

  8. 1. The only Divine Name openly stated in the Torah’s first verse, and in the entire creation chapter, is the Name Elokim, gematria 86, and this Name is appropriate for the Creation narrative, since הטבע, HaTevah, Nature, has the same gematria 86.
    However on a deeper level the Torah also clearly implies a phantom, unseen word, in the first verse, and that invisible word is the Name Hashem, the ineffable Name of the invisible and transcendent G-d, Who designed, created, and controls all of nature, for as the Torah directly states shortly afterward, in Genesis 2:4, “These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created, on the day that Hashem Elokim made earth and heaven,” and thus the Name Hashem is expressly written there together with the Name Elokim as the One responsible for the creation.
    There are many explanations for the question of why the Name Hashem, the primary Divine Name, is not written explicitly in the Torah’s first verse and chapter, but only the Name Elokim, a secondary Divine Name. This question overlaps with the question of why the Torah starts with the letter Beis, the second letter, rather than with an Aleph, the first letter, and in certain ways these two questions may be considered to be interrelated.
    One explanation is that this teaches that at first the transcendent Hashem, the “Alupho Shel Olam,” “The Master (Aleph) of the world,” may be concealed and not so evident in the world, however, though contemplation and meditation on the complexity of the workings of nature, and especially through consideration of the out of the ordinary miracles that have happened, revealing signs of Hashem’s express Divine Providence, and through study of the Holy Torah, it is possible to come to know Him.
    In other words, thereby one can come to the realization that “there is a Master to this building” (as the Medrash relates about the patriarch Avrohom’s search for and discovery of Hashem), and come to recognition of and love for Hashem, the Transcendent Source of all, Who emanated, created, formed and made everything in the universe from absolute nothing, and Who governs the world in His awesome majesty .
    2. Although not openly written, nevertheless the Name Hashem is still very palpably hinted in the Torah’s first verse:
    For example, the first 4 letters, Beis Reish Alef Shin, spell the word בראש, B’rosh, “In the Beginning” or “In the Head” – or alternatively, “With the Beginning” or “With the Head” – and these 4 initial letters of the Torah may be said to correspond to the Tetragrammaton, the especially Holy 4 Letter Name Hashem, Y H V H, which in comparison to the other Divine Names is in the category of the Beginning and the Head.
    Additionally, as is known, man is made in the image of Hashem, and one of the interpretations of this is that the form of the human body corresponds to the form of the four letters of the Name Hashem: the head corresponds to the shape of the letter י, Yud; the two arms and shoulders, with one arm stronger than the other, correspond to the shape of the letter ה, Heh; the elongated trunk of the body corresponds to the shape of the letter ו, Vov; and the legs and pelvis, again with one side stronger than the other, correspond to the shape of the final letter ה, Heh of the Name Hashem. In comparison to the other creations, man, in the image of Hashem, is in the category of the “head” of the creation, and although physically man was the last of the creations, nevertheless he was first in thought.
    This resonance with the idea of the head is also fitting and symbolic for the way the transcendent and invisible Hashem interacts with the created physical universe, since it is so-to-speak comparable to the way our transcendent and invisible soul and mind are conscious to us through our mental perception especially as we experience it in our head.
    3. Resonating with the idea of the 4 letters of the Name Hashem, the ordinal gematria of the Torah’s first 4 letters is 2 + 20 + 1 + 21 = 44, another stress on the number 4.
    The standard gematria of the first 4 letters of the Torah is 2 + 200 + 1 + 300 = 503, which is a significant number, since 503 is a prime number, the 96th prime (and 96 is evenly divisible by both 3, since 96 = 3 x 32, and by 4, since 96 = 4 x 24).
    Interestingly, and demonstrating how these numbers are interrelated and connected to the Name Hashem, 44 + 26 = 70, and 70 + 26 = 96. The two times 26 in these equations that show the relationship between the numbers 44 and 96, with a difference of 2 x 26 between them, corresponds to 1 time 26 for the ordinal gematria of the letters of the Name Hashem, and 1 time 26 for the standard gematria of the Name Hashem. The number 70, in the middle between numbers 44 and 96, is also significant, as explained many times.
    Note too that for the Name Hashem both the ordinal and standard gematrias are the same, and this highlights another specialty of this Name over other Divine Names – with the exception of the Name Kah, which anyway is the first two letters of the Name Hashem, and the Name Ekyeh, I Am (but not Ekyeh Asher Ekeyeh, I Am that I Am). Perhaps this is another expression of the idea of Hashem Echod, that Hashem is One, since the ordinal and standard gematrias are one and the same.
    Further, as explained in a previous comment, the prime number 503 belongs to a special category of primes, since when it is summed together with its prime ordinal number, the result is also a prime. Here, the prime number 503, when added with its prime ordinal number 96, sums to 503 + 96 = 599, and 599 is also a prime number.
    Indeed, 599 is an out of the ordinary prime number, in the category of the super-primes, since 599 is the 109th prime, and 109 is also prime, the 29th prime, and 29 is also prime, the 10th prime. This series of 4 primes linked together [i.e., 503, 599, 109 and 29], and based on the number 10, is symbolic of the 4 Letter Name and its emanation of and revelation in the 10 Sefiros.
    It is also unusual and fascinating, that summing the ordinal gematria of the first 4 letters of the Torah with their standard gematria, gives 44 + 503 = 547, and 547 is also a supper-prime, since it is the 101st prime, and 101 is itself prime, the 26th prime, and thus also from this perspective there is another resonance with the Name Hashem with gematria 26.
    Incidentally, as explained in a previous comment, the prime number 101 is in the same category of special primes as the prime 503, as just explained, since 101 plus its prime ordinal number 26 sums to 101 + 26 = 127, which is also a prime, and a super special super-prime at that, since 127 is the 31st prime, and 31 is the 11th prime, and 11 is the 5th prime, and 5 the 3rd prime, and 3 the 2nd prime, and 2 the 1st prime. It all come down to (or, perhaps better said, up to) the One.
    In addition to the above, the small gematria of 44 is 4 + 4 = 8, and the small gematria of 503 is 5 + 0 + 3 = 8, both corresponding to the small gematria of the Name Hashem, 2 + 6 = 8.
    4. Further, the next letter (the 5th letter in the verse), is a Yud, the Yud of בראשי’ת, Breishi’s, and it is easy to combine this Yud with the first letter Heh in the verse, the letter Heh in the Name Elok’im, which is the 7th letter after this Yud. That already hints to a significant Divine Name in its own right, the Name Kah, Y H, the first half of the 4 Letter Name. To finish the hint it is easy to combine these letters Y H with the initials of the last two words of the verse, V’eis H’o-oretz, the letters V and H, to complete a hint to letters spelling the Name Hashem.
    Additionally, at the beginning of the letter א, Aleph, there is the shape of a complete letter Yud in the upper right corner of the Aleph, and taking this letter Yud at the beginning of the letter Aleph of the 4th word of the verse, א’ת, Eis, together with the initials of the next 3 words, the 5th, 6th and 7th words of the verse, ה’שמים ו’את ה’ארץ, H’ashomayim V’eis H’o-orets, there is formed a complete hint to the Name Hashem in the proper order from the initial letters of these 4 consecutive words of the Torah’s first verse.
    It is also possible to find a hint to the Name Hashem going backward from the letter Yud in the Name Eloki’m, then next to the previous letter Heh in the Name Elok’im, and then next to the top of the letter Lamed in the Name El’okim, since the top part of the letter Lamed is in the shape of a letter Vov, and then for the final Heh of the hinted Name Hashem, take the gematria of the initial of the Name E’lokim, Aleph, which is the next letter going back to the beginning of the verse, plus the gematria of the initials of the immediately preceding first two words of the verse, B’reishish B’orah, Beis and Beis, to get 1 + 2 + 2 = 5, which corresponds to the gematria 5 of the letter Heh, and with this is completed the hint to all the letters of the Name Hashem in reverse order extending to the very beginning of the Torah (and with the stress on the 5 Books of the Torah).
    Alternatively, any of the 3 letter Yuds in the verse may be combined with the initials of the last 3 words of the verse, H’ashomayim V’es H’o-oretz, H V H, to complete a hint to the spelling of the Name Hashem. Using in this way either the Yud of the word Breishi’s, or the Yud of the Name Eloki’m, produces hints to the Name Hashem spelled out in proper order. Using the Yud in the word Shomayi’m, although technically it is out of order, however it may be considered on a higher level in the word, since the Heh is merely a prefix to the main root word Shomayim, heavens. Also as pointed out many times, the first 3 letters of the word HaShomayim, Heh Shin Mem, spell השם, HaShem, “The Name,” and skipping the prefix Heh, then the next 3 letters, including the letter Yud, spell שמי, Shmi, “My Name.”
    Further, since the letters Y H form a Name by itself, it is possible to say that a Divine Name may be formed by combining the letters Yud and Heh in the first verse – which resonate with one another since there are an equal number of each, the 3 letter Yuds and the 3 letter Hehs in the first verse, and then combine them with the letters Vov and Heh that are the initials of the first 2 words of the 2nd verse, V’ho-oretz H’oyeso, or combine them with any combinations of the equal number of the 8 letter Vovs and the 8 letter Hehs in the 2nd verse, to form more hints to the complete various hints to the 4 Letter Name Y H V H.
    5. It is fascinating that the standard gematria of the first verse, 2701, together with the gematria of the invisible but hinted Name Hashem, 26, sums to 2701 + 26 = 2727, which is an obviously fascinating number from many perspectives, and which hints to numerous things.
    For example, 27 = 26 + 1, thus hinting to the gematria of the Name Hashem plus the Kolel 1, and this reverberates doubly in the number 2727. Also 27 equals 3 cubed, 3 x 3 x 3, and this is of course significant, corresponding to the triangular number of the standard gematria 2701, the 73rd triangular number, and corresponding to the three spatial dimensions of the universe.
    Further, reducing the number 2727 to its prime factors, we find that 2727 = 3 x 3 x 3 x 101, with 101 being the 26th prime, again hinting to the Name Hashem, gematria 26, together with the other special properties of the number 101, as explained above.
    In reflected form as well, 2727 becomes 7272, and this may hint to the 72 Letter Name, and even to the 72 triplets, since 7272 consists of a pair of 72s joined together, and the first digit and the last digit also combine to form another instance of 72. As noted many times 72 is the gematria of the most expansive spelling out of the 4 letters Yud Heh Vov Heh.
    6. In a recent comment (on Part 7: The Shift) I explained that for pronunciation and grammatical reasons when printed with the vowel signs the letter Shin in the first verse has a dot in it, indicating that from certain perspectives that letter is considered to be doubled, and that counting the gematria of this double letter Shin raises the total gematria of the verse from 2701 to 2701 + 300 = 3001.
    Since 2701 is a triangular number, the 73rd triangular number, is interesting to note that the number 300 is also a triangular number, the 24th triangular number.
    Also, as Ezra noted recently, 3003 is the sum of the standard gematria of the first 8 words of the Torah, the 7 words of the first verse plus the 1st word of the second verse, 2701 + 302 = 3003, and 3003 is also “coincidentally” the 77th triangular number. It is possible to say that corresponding to this the sum of the 73rd triangular number, 2701, plus the 24th triangular number, 300, plus a Kolel of 1 for each of these triangles, sums to 2701 + 1 + 300 + 1 = 3003, the 77th triangular number.
    Also note that the standard gematria of the letter Shin, 300, is evenly divisible by 3, being the product of 3 x 100, and the number 24, which is the triangular number 300’s ordinal number in the set of triangular numbers, is also evenly divisible by 3, being the product of 3 x 8, where 8 is 2^3, or 2 to the 3rd power. Also the ordinal gematria of the letter Shin in the Hebrew alphabet is 21, which is also evenly divisible by 3, since 21 = 3 x 7.
    The number 300 is also somewhat special among the triangular numbers in that it is the only one that ends in an even hundred until the number 15400, the 175th triangular number. Further, the next time two zeros appear together in a triangular number is “coincidentally” in the number 3003, which as just discussed is the 77th triangular number, and of course 3003 also contains in itself an obvious resonance with the number 300.
    Interestingly, adding 1/10 of 300, i.e., 30, to the number 77, gives 77 + 30 = 107, and the 107th triangular number is 5778, as Ezra has taught us, and with the number 107 also being the 28th prime, and 28 also being the 7th triangular number. Also 5778 being 3330 years since the giving of the Torah resonates well with these ideas. Further, the small gematria of 5778 is 5 + 7 + 7 + 8 = 27, which is 3 x 3 x 3, and which resonates with the number 2727 as outlined above, and then 27 further reduces to 2 + 7 = 9 = 3 x 3 = 3 + 3 + 3, all of which is significant for this theme.
    Moreover, the shape of the letter ש, Shin, itself gematria 300, a triangular number, is also reminiscent of the shape of a triangle, since it consists of 3 vertical lines spaced out at the top and coming together in a point at the bottom, like an inverted triangle, and therefore the shape of the letter Shin itself resonates with the number 3 and its gematria 300, which as explained above is a very special triangular number.
    A doubled letter Shin, as indicated by the Shin with a dot in it, as it appears in the word HaSh’omayim, “the heavens,” may therefore be understood to be comparable to two triangles joined together, and when one is inverted with respect to the other, then the resultant two intertwined triangular shapes of the two letter Shins may be said to correspond to the two intertwined triangles of the Jewish star, truly “a star in the heavens” – and as hinted in this week’s Torah portion (Numbers 24:17), “a star shall shoot forth out of Jacob, and a scepter shall rise out of Israel…” – may we merit to behold this beautiful and longed for sight very soon indeed!

  9. Thanks Ezra,
    One of my “exotic” ideas about אשת היל is that the two initial letters, values 1 and 8, are pointers at the 72 Triplets, and the 1-8 row structure that is in the 1143 and 8000 values for Row 1 and Rows 2-9. (Those figures are my “simple letter values, i.e. no sofit values included).
    The initial letters of the final two words Proverbs 31:31 are ב מ. My “exotic” (or otherwise) idea is that the passage was authored written that way to wrap the “Virtuous powerful wife and Queen of her home” in with the 72 Triplets and with the 42 Letter Name(s), at least with “hint”.
    Mentally, I sometimes “drop” the Lamed of the second word and turn her into the “Wife of Life”, the wife who generates Life for her husband, children and home, as well as even the city she lives in. (The city gates reference at the end of the passage).
    Good women are assets to their families and communities. The “benefits” and blessings they generate are there for several generations. The world is a better place because they “arrived” here. I am not surprised at the “hint” of links between them and spiritual technology that opens the Gates of Heaven.

  10. Moshe, thanks for the info in your (immediately) above post. You managed to give me some stuff that I had been “hunting for”.

  11. . . . . .not the astrology reading, jewelry selling, mind manipulating charlatans . . . .
    Ezra, so superbly and eloquently described!! (Am still laughing, even though the “subject” is so serious.)

  12. The 8000 across Rows 2-9 in the 72 Triplets
    The 8000 value of the 8 by 8 “Square of Rows 2-9 in the 72 Triplets is divided/split as 4077:3923 (Top 4 vs Lower 4 Rows) and 4135:2865 (for a Right/Left split).
    That gives “differences of 154 and 270 between the two “halves”. Those to numbers sum to 424.
    As cited “squillions” of times across many years’ worth of articles on this site, 424 points straight at (th)e Messiah Son of David.

    1. The bottom line is that it is not a good idea. The Zohar goes into details and they are not pretty. As for what it would mean if we are indeed in a simulation (even a divinely inspired one), I’ll be covering that in part XI, where it’s not a good idea either. Anyone thinking about it should seek immediate counseling from as many supportive sources as possible

  13. Those They Leave Behind
    I don’t have the knowledge to comment on what happens to people who suicide. But, I know from personal experience(s), that the impact on those who love them is huge. I will recount one very personal story.
    She was 22 years old when she “went” (took her own life). I had effectively grown up with her. I have always thought that I had “prayed her into this world/life”. One branch of my family were “British House of Lords, friends of the (British) Royal Family. Prince Charles was a family house guest, etc. That might sound nice for a mention in the “social pages”, but it came at a terrible price – a “squadron” of bullying, interfering aristocratic aunts whose “sport” was destroying marriages. They were very goo at that. By the age of 4, it was so bad that I was already paying the price of their interference. In a strife torn home, only 4 years old, I prayed for my own future happy home, wife, future children . . .
    She was born about 10-11 months later. I first saw her when she was 3 weeks old, asleep in a bassinet. Her family lived down the street from us. I was a regular visitor in their home, thanks to her older brother and sister. She grew up to be both deeply spiritual, and to be regarded as one of the “hottest” “bikini babes” in Sydney (Australia). She was French, blonde, beautiful, elegant. As a schoolgirl, she had something mischievous in her eyes. We used to go home on the ferry after school. Her eyes used to dart around looking for the next fun thing to do. The look in her eyes used to remind me of a playful puppy or kitten, for whom life was full of fun, nothing but fun.
    She grew tall very early. At 13, she suddenly looked like she was 16 or 17. She made a huge “play” for me, as she was destined to, as she knew she was destined to. My interfering family blocked it, and her. She, being French< was the wrong nationality for them, not aristocratic enough etc. They drove us apart and kept us apart. It broke her heart.
    They did it to her, and me, again, when she was in her early 20's. I had gotten out of Sydney to escape the family interference. I was back in Sydney for the wedding of one of my cousins. I had been out of Australia (Hong Kong, Manila), and I knew I was going t spend a lot of the night "fielding" questions from relatives about my "travels". I told her that it would be boring for her, so I would not be offended if she "escaped" to be somewhere else in the large "crowd". But, high heels and all, (we were standing the whole night), she stuck to me.
    Typical male that I am, I rarely remember much detail about what women are wearing, beyond the colour and that is only if I thought either she or the colour scheme looked nice. But I remember what feels like every fibre of what she was wearing that night. She was beautiful, as always, that night. But I sensed a sadness in her. It was the last time I would "ever" (in a sense) see her.
    I made tree trips back to Sydney over the next 7 weeks, juggling airline bookings and work schedules across eastern Australia. The Post Office would not deliver the mail to her. My family, as usual, did all they could to block me getting to her. She never knew how much I cared, and how hard I was trying to get to her. She took her life 6 days before I finally "got there too late".
    I still think of her almost every day. I have never blamed her. But I have missed her, and felt so much regret that she never saw my granddaughter who bears such a resemblance to her. My "outreach" is to tell people that they are often much more loved than they know, that they do not know how much better this world is, just because they are in it.
    Professional counsellors are probably the best at helping people trough "crisis point" and keeping them alive long eough for them to find another "solution". Robin Williams' death is a tragedy most of us know.
    When Chris Reeve ("Superman" movie star) was paralysed, it was Robin who paid for much of his medical care. The "good" that Robin did could have come back to him many times over. He was being houned by aggressive divorce lawyers. Those lawyers were demanding US$30 million, yet the best offer he could get on the sale of his vineyard was less than $20 million. Between the good that Robin had done, and the joy he brought to hundreds of millions of people, we could have found two million people willing to contribute $10 each. That would have covered his debts/predatory divorce lawyers' claims, with lots left over – IF WE HAD ONLY KNOWN!
    There ARE "other ways out". There IS much more love and support "around" than (some) people realise.
    She would be in her 60's now. She would have that same beautiful slightly olive skin that gave her what looked like a permanent glow and sun tan". She would still have those same fun filled blue eyes that radited so much fun when she rode her tricyle with the wheel backwards, or looked for more fun on the ferries. I still love her just as much as I did when she was growing up with me. I always will. And I know how wrong it is that she is gone.
    I was a university lecturer in computer subjects. My COBOL tutorials were supposed to have 16 students in them. They got a lot bigger than that. We had to take over the biggest lecture theatre on campus because there were more than 450 students turning up. The reason there were so many students was the "course content", for which I cannot take the credit. I learned that material from my younger sister's closest school friend. She was one of the best programmers I ever worked with. She taught me proramming that was not in any text book, stuff that drew those large numbers of students and got them high paying jobs after graduation.
    She was brilliant, like her ather, like her brilliant brother. Her bother "went" at about 23, after several previous unsuccessful suicide attempts. None of us, not even him, knew what drove him to it. He was every bit as smart as his happy sister, but he suffered from terrible depression. The depression was part of what led to the suicide, but it probably was not all of it. None of those around him were able to prevent him destroying his life, though they tried very hard. That (very close to home) story/experience, has always brought it home to me that professional trained counsellors are the ones who potential suicides should seek out.

  14. Hopefully the previous responses by Ezra/Jeffrey and Peter have already satisfactory cleared up the issue, but anyway I’d like to try to also briefly reply from another perspective:
    The heart of the matter is that Hashem created every life to be good, precious and important, both in ways we understand, and in ways well beyond our comprehension, and taking one’s life is definitely not a solution to troubles.
    The prohibition of taking a life, including even one’s own life, was included right from the start among the specific things that G-d commanded the first man and woman, “And God blessed them; and God said unto them: ‘Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it…” (Genesis 1:28), and this affirms our responsibility to create life, and negates the opposite, to harm or destroy life. Likewise it is stated (Isaiah 45:18), “For thus says Hashem, Who created the heavens, He is G-d; that formed the earth and made it, He established it, He created it not as a waste, He formed it to be inhabited…,” not to remove its inhabitants from it.
    The prohibition against taking life was repeated to Noah and his sons (Genesis 9:5-7), “But your blood, of your souls, I will demand [an account]; from the hand of every beast I will demand it, and from the hand of man, from the hand of each man, his brother, I will demand the soul of man. Whoever sheds the blood of man through man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God He made man. And you, be fruitful and multiply; swarm upon the earth and multiply thereon.” This means that suicide too is forbidden, and that a person will be held accountable for taking his or her own life (Baba Kama 91b).
    By the great revelation at Mount Sinai this prohibition was again publicly proclaimed in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:13), “Thou shall not murder,” and just as one may not murder his fellow man, likewise one may not murder oneself.
    Philosophically one should appreciate that the life of one’s body is entrusted to you by G d, and it is not one’s private property to do with as one wants, and one must be very careful not to endanger one’s G-d given life. If someone sadly tries to commit suicide it tends to indicate that he is rejecting the role that G-d set for him, and there can be no greater rebellion against Him.
    Practically speaking, suicide is thus completely forbidden, and it never is the right choice. The Torah says (Deuteronomy 30:19), “I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse; therefore choose life, that thou may live, you and your seed.” It behooves us to adhere to these words.
    Concerning the value of every life, our sages of blessed memory taught (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5; Yerushalmi Talmud 4:9, Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 37a), “whosoever destroys a single life, Scripture imputes guilt to him as though he had destroyed a complete world; and whosoever preserves a single life, Scripture ascribes merit to him as though he had preserved a complete world.” Saving a life is thus considered to be even way more important than other Mitzvos, and for example in order to save a life we are commanded to break the Shabbos rules, to eat on Yom Kippur, and so on.
    Do not give up hope in G-d, and hope in yourself. Do not take chances with one’s G-d given body and soul. Try to be of good cheer and to heed the words announced by the prophet (Isaiah 41:10), “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be discouraged, for I am your G-d. I will encourage you, I will also help you, and I will support you with My righteous hand.”
    If one feels a cloud of depressing thoughts overtaking oneself or a friend, one should call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 for help getting through any difficulty.
    Best wishes and blessings!

  15. Peter, I’m glad you found some of my comments useful. Thanks back to you for what you have taught me and for your interesting stories. Hopefully you will overcome all the difficulties and be a great inspiration to many others.
    Also thanks for highlighting Ezra’s remarks about “manipulating charlatans.” I’ve been working on writing more observations that pertain to that topic and other important related matters, and hopefully I’ll be able to share that soon.
    Best regards!

  16. This is wonderful article, but there is a sight mathematical mistake. The ordinal value for Eve חוה is 19 not 11.
    You have the following: the sum of their gematria values (505, 36, 307, 19, 290, and 238) = 1395 plus the sum of their ordinal values (46, 18, 46, 11, 56 and 40) plus 6 for the complete value of the 6 Matriarchs is 1618, as in Phi (1.618).
    If I am missing something, please let me know.

    1. Thanks for catching that, Glen. It should have read:
      Since the 14 Triplet differences incorporated the energetic archetypes of the 6 Matriarchs—Sarah, Leah, Rivka, Eve, Miriam, and Rachel—we can take them as a whole unit. What we find is that the sum of their gematria values (505, 36, 307, 19, 290, and 238) = 1395 plus the sum of their ordinal values (46, 18, 46, 19, 56 and 40) = 1620 incorporating 1000 + 620 (Keter and the 620 letters of the 10 Commandments) less 2 for the kolel of the equation gives us a complete value of the 6 Matriarchs of 1618, as in Phi (1.618).

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