Part V: G-d is One


The Torah is a 248-column x 42-row matrix, just like the 6-column x 7-row 42-Letter matrix that the kabbalists tell us acts like a remote control to it and just like the 8-column x 9-row 72 Triplets matrix. We saw earlier the precision of the sum of the 72 square roots and the sum of the 9 rows of the 72 square roots that together totaled 1000.054 and we are beginning to understand that that tiny remainder of .054 was left on purpose to match the Phi shift, etc. Now we must explain that in kabbalistic gematria 1 = 1000 because the word for 1000 in Hebrew is elef (אלף), which is the same as the word for alef (אלף), the first Hebrew letter with numerical value 1. The difference between the two words is only the vowels, a series of dots and dashes that are not written into the Torah. The hint here is the 72 Name matrix is to be taken as a whole, as One, and not utilized as individual Names. It would be like breaking off a piece of your cell phone and trying to text a friend with it.
Does this total of 1000.0 connect in any way to the 1000 letters of the Shema prayer? The answer must be yes.  Since the purpose of the Shema is written right into its first verse with “YHVH Echad,” G-d is One.


The Hebrew word echad (אחד) means “One” in English in every sense of the word: One as a wholeness; One as in Unity; One as in first; and One as in the numeral 1. The Hebrew word echad (אחד) has a numerical value of 13, the same as Ahava (אהבה), meaning love. The relationship between 42 and 13 is special. Spiritually, it is extremely deep and profound, and numerically it illustrates that 13 can represent 1, and that the choosing of which letters comprise which words was never arbitrary. When we take 1/42, which we will see later is also the soul root of the Israelites, as per the Arizal, we get:

Then when we take the number 13 over 42, we get:

With the repeating sequence 238095 in both decimal results, clearly this relationship between 13 and 42 is not casual.  And given the ratios in the Alef-bet splitting and the Torah dynamics around 58, the relationship between 42 and 72 cannot be casual either, since 42/72 = .58333, which equals approximately (1 – .42):

Simplifying 42/72 by removing the factor of 6 from both numbers, the fraction and resultant equation reduces to 7/12 = .58333, which equals approximately (1 – .42). This is significant because as will be explained in greater detail shortly, the 22 Hebrew letters are broken down, according to Kabbalistic texts dating back thousands of years, into specifically 3 Mother, 7 Double, and 12 Elemental Letters.

As for those 1000 letters in the Shema and perfect 1000 sum of the 72 square roots, it just so happens that 22, as in the 22 Letters, in base 2 is 1000.
We are going to briefly explain about those 3 Mothers, 7 Doubles, and 12 Elementals Letters and how their simple partitioning of the 22 Letters into 3 sets reflects Pi, the 54-unit shift, and 13 as One concepts. Simply speaking, (3 + 7 + 12) = 22 and therefore 3/22 + 7/22 + 12/22 = 1.00.  Everyone learns in school that 22/7 is the smallest whole number approximation of Pi, 3.142857… what is not so obvious is that 7/22 = .3181818, and that 318 represents the 318 men Abraham took to fight the battle of the 5 Kings vs 4 Kings and as Rav Azulai of blessed memory points out in his 16th century book, Chesed L’Abraham, 1818 is the value of the 3 iterations of the spelled-out letter Alef(א), or One(1), using the same method we saw with the Upper-42-Letter Name expanded from the Tetragrammaton (יהוה).
Kabbalists, using the Hebrew letters with their inherent exponential values have been using iterations for hundreds and even thousands of years. These iterations are what mathematicians call Infinite Expressions, another important branch of mathematical studies, which we will use later to illustrate how Phi is infinitely related to One (1). When we freeze an infinite series at a particular iteration, we are taking a partial sum of that infinite series. There can be many reasons for this, though the Kabbalists generally freeze the expressions at 3 iterations, mostly for spiritual reasons, including the 3-column system that the 10 dimensions of the Tree of Life are connected through, reflecting the 3-prong balance in the energy forms we call matter in our 3-dimensional physical universe. This is also why some of the divine Matrices are based on Triplets, and why the Hebrew alphabet can be divided into 3 sets of specific Letters.
The connection between 12 and 22 is much more obvious to us, as 12/22 = .545454…, a simple representation of the 54-unit shift we found in the 22 Letter two-part split. And finally, 3/22 = .13636363… with 13 coming up again. This time loosely connected with 363 the numerical value of H’Moshiach. The much deeper connection between 54 and 13 will be established later in this paper.
Speaking simply again, (3 + 7 + 12) = 22 and this time 22/3 + 22/7 + 22/12 does not equal 1, nor 22. We already discussed Pi (22/7), so 22/3 equating to 7.333… can be see as representative of 73, while 33 can be anything really. Remember, these relationships are not proofs unto themselves of anything, yet it is interesting how they keep revolving around one another. The final pairing, 22/12, is special and helps us reveal a very deep Kabbalistic secret about the 42-Letter Name never publicized before. 22/12 = 1.833…  The 42Letter Name has a total gematria value of 3701, or precisely 1000 more than the Torah’s first verse (2701). At the midpoint of the 42 letters, right after the 21st letter and just before the 22nd letter, the total gematria is 1833, which not only matches 22/12, but also matches the 1833 times the letter Samechs(ס) appears in the Torah. The letter Samech (ס) has a numerical value of 60 and when we add that to 3701 we get 3701 + 60 = 3761, or the year “0 CE” in the Western calendar, matching the Hebrew calendar year 3761 HC.  More about this later in the paper. For now, just suspend your disbelief; it is not a coincidence.
Then as if to tell us that this connection to the 42-Letter Name is appropriate here, we see that 22/3 + 22/7 + 22/12 = 12.3095238095 or 12 plus .3095238095, which as we have just seen is the decimal equivalent of 13/42.

Remember what we just said about the value 60 being hidden in the center of the 42-Letter Name, well, when we further compare the relationships of this ancient 3-way partition of the 22 letters, we see that 22/3 – 22/7 + 22/12= 6.0238095… or 60 with 1/42.

Finally, let us not forget that:

(3 + 7 + 1 + 2) = 13 (אחד)

The 3 Mother letters, Alef (א), Shin(ש) and Mem(מ), have a special relationship to Phi and the Torah elements.  One such example is found in the equation: x Phi-1) + (ש x Phi) = 187.028, the 187 chapters in the Torah and the 28 letters in the first verse. Another example is  x Phi-1) + (ש x Phi) = 670.820 with 670 being the number of paragraphs in the Torah, and 820 being the value of the verse Levitcus 19:18, paraphrased as “Love they neighbor as thyself,” said to be the essence of the entire Torah. It is also more fully, 670.8203… giving us 708 as the gematria of the upper 42-Letter Name and 203, the first 3 letters of the Torah too.

A Deeper Purpose to the Shema

The purpose of the Shema is to bring it all together for us, with referenced connections to the 72 Triplets through its two paragraphs of 72 words each; and to the 42-Letter Name and the 42 rows of the Torah through its first 42-word paragraph; and to the 248 columns through the 248 words in the Shema, and especially though its 6-word 25-Letter first verse.  For starters. the sum of the 1st and last word of the Shema’s first verse equals 424 including the kolel for 1 (echad).
It gets much deeper than that and the coding much more profound.  There are 13 words—the gematria of echad (אחד), One—in the first 42-word paragraph pf the Shema that have the initial letter Vav (ו). Then there are 42 more of them in the rest of the Shema, for a total of 55. There are also exactly 42 words in the Shema that have the initial letter Alef (א). The letter Vav (ו) spelled-out is vav-alef-vav (ואו) of numerical value 13. More about how to use the Shema as a portal later, for now we want simply to establish its designed relationship to the concept of One (1) and the sequential numbers: 13, 42, and 55.
We are about to see the special significance to the sequence 13, 42, and 55, but first let us use a gematria variation on Number Theory to see how they are related. Using a little known but very revealing gematria cipher we can take the product of (13 x 42 x 55) and divide it by the sum of (13 + 42 + 55) and get 273, the gematria of the word “gematria.” It is also the value of Absolute Zero, c. If you think there is the slightest coincidence in this, please review our paper on Time and the surprising mathematical structure of our solar system or on Science, Theology and the Future Holy Temple. We are way beyond coincidences and as we will soon see, about to enter the Twilight Zone of mathematical import.
The article Et(את) before a word in the Torah increases its importance and significance, as in the role it plays in the Torah’s first verse when it appears before the word Heaven. The numerical value of the article Et(את) is 401, so we could interpret the 401,273 basic elements of the Torah as a visual amplification of the significance of “gematria.” In other words, it may be a hint that we should pay attention to it.  It is also at 273 degrees Kelvin where water freezes and –273 degrees centigrade is Absolute Zero, where all movement in the universe ceases completely.

401,273 Elements in the Torah

Part VI will follow shortly, where we will see how important the role of the combination 13 -42- 55 really is and what it unlocks.

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  1. More Wonderful Stuff Ezra – Thank you once again! This article could generate a book’s worth of insights and comments . . .
    1/42 “Split” Into Primes
    Re the 1 divided by 42 being 0.023809523 . . .
    If we split the first 9 digits after the decimal point into 3 digit sequences, we have:
    023 809 523
    Treating those three sequences as separate numbers, we have:
    23 (9th Prime Number)
    809 (140th Prime Number)
    523 (99th Prime Number)
    The sum of 9 + 140 + 99 = 248 (as in Abraham, 248 structural components in the (Male) human body, which in turn are composed/comprised of 206 + 42 bones & “others”), 3 1 * 8 = 248 (shades of Abraham’s 318 and military victory ), CERN’s hunt for the 248 Fundamental Particles, and the links to the E-8 Lie Group, “B;hibarim” which transposes from from “When they were created” to “For the sake of Abraham” or “With 248” in the 35th verse of the Torah, which in turn ties in with the 35th “Double thickness” layer in the Great Pyramid, and the “Double Divine Name” in the same 35th Torah Verse”, and the “Chashmal Numbers (Square and a Triangle) which generate among other things the 1820 which is the 35th Chashmal Number, the number of times the Tetragrammaton occurs in the Torah, and on it goes . . . . The “links” are stunning, even within the 42 Letter Name itself, where the value of lines 2, 3 and 4 is 1820 ( 729 + 387 + 704 – the “Goshen Lines” ending in Nun Shin and Gimel. The same 1820 is there in an inverted “L”, comprising the top two lines and the two right hand columns. (Shades of the Freemasons’ “Square” – is this where they got it?)
    More “Playing” With The Primes
    99 + 140 = 239 (value of Line 5 of the 42 Letter Name)
    9 + 99 = 108 (obvious links to the 72 Triplets, to the Radius of the Moon (1080 miles), and less obviously to the Lunar New Year ceremonies in South East Asia – where they hit the “Gong” 108 times)
    9 + 140 = 149 (The 35th Prime)
    99 is 9 * 11, symbolic of the 9 Fold Strng that is Light, reaching to every nook and cranny of the 11 D “Matrix/Reshet (Value 900 as Resh Shin Tau or 200 300 400) — And (of course) Abraham’s age of 99 when he and Sarah “rejuvenated”.
    The 99th Prime is 523.
    The 523rd Prime is 3761 – i.e. the same 3761 which “bobs up” as in this article – the “meeting point” of the two calendars.

  2. More Thoughts on the 23 and 523
    There are 6 Aleph’s in the first verse of the Torah/Tanakh/Bible. They are in “letter positions” 3, 9, 10, 15, 23, and 26.
    Those positions/numbers sum to 86, value of the Divine Name used in the “Genesis Week”, and of the number of active Elements in the Periodic Table of The Elements from Hydrogen to Uranium (Atomic Numbers, i.e. how many protons per atom, from 1 to 92. For anything “bigger” than 92, we need a nuclear reactor or an Atom Bomb).
    The 6 Aleph’s also match the 6 Inert Gases, giving us an 86 + 6 division of the 92 Elements.
    The Letter Positions in “Verse One”, the “One Verse or Uni-Verse” tell a story. Positions 1, 9 and 10 sum to 22, a picture in the mathematics of the “basic” or initial transmission of information to humanity via the 22 Letters.
    Then came/comes some Divine Input, represented by the Aleph in Position 15. This is a partial revelation, or perhaps a revelation that was constrained by the Fall of Humanity and Creation of the first half of the Divine – i.e. Yod and Heh, 10 and 5.
    The “End Point” is the Aleph in position 26, the full revelation of the Divine Name given to Moses/Moshe at the Burning Bush. A careful reading of the description of Joshua’s battle with Amalek (when Moses had the staff raised above his head and he had support to keep it aloft) indicates that while Amalek (and doubt-fear in spiritual space) confronts the forces of Light in physical space, the Divine Name is only partially revealed. When Amelek is defeated, then the Light can burst forth in full revelation of the 4-Letter Name – with “a boost” – the previous “Yah” is added giving us the Yah and the Teragrammaton, as per the Sepher Yetzireh, 15 + 26 summing to 41. That 41 blended with Man (Adam = 45) gives us the full 86.
    The European /western concept of the universe is “spatial” – whereas the Torah concept is time and space. So this sequence of Aleph’s covers space (matter -elements)and time.
    Before we reach the end point of full Divine Light emanating from the Divine Name, which in turn expanded from the initial Aleph, there is another outpouring of knowledge/consciousness, which is represented by the 5th Aleph, the one in position 23.
    Number and Position
    Combining the Sequential/Ordinal numbering of those 6 Aleph’s, we have:
    103 209 310 415 523 626
    Interestingly, the last 5 numbers sum to 2083, the “Mirror Image” Zig-Zag of Phi and “The Great Light” (and the Breivik Manifesto) that is the 314th Prime – as per the post to Article IV in this series from Ezra.
    The “irst Five” sum to 1560, ten times the vale of Joseph’s Name, “jiving” with tradition that creation involved Joseph’s high moral character and his soul or soul root, long before he was born. If we read the first wod of the Torah as “On 911” or “On 9/11” (!!), or “With 911”, we can extend that reading to “With the Joseph Prime Number” – because 911 is the 156th Prime.
    Going back to the 523, 523 is the value (if we spell the letters the usual way) of Aleph-Bet when they are spelled out:
    Aleph-Lamed-Phe and Bet-Yod-Tau, or numerically 1+30+80 and 2+10+400, i.e. 111 + 412 = 523.
    The implication is that before “the end point”, there is an outpouring of knowledge which involves mastery of the inner secrets of the Letters/Numbers of the Torah/Bible given previously. Somehow in some way, that outpouring involves Joseph (Meshiach Ben Yoseph). When Moses split the Sea he had Josep’s bones at his feet. He had Yehudah’s name coded in with the 5 Mem Bet’s in the Triplets. And the first of those Mem Bet’s was in position 14, representing David.
    Meshiach Ben David (Judah) is the “Main Event”, but the lead-in is the period we are in right now, the mastery of the spiritual technology, and the “honorary Messiah descended from Joseph).

  3. Riding a Merkabah In 2018/19
    Just tying together some of the “Pi Prime” (314th Prime = 2083, Great Light, Golden Ratio etc) material in recent posts with Ezra’s material about the era starting in 5778 HC from several years ago, and the 248 columns in a Torah Scroll — and the columns which do and do not start with a letter Vau:
    Article Link:
    Quote from Ezra’s article/paper:
    Just to be thorough, we’d like to point out that the simple numerical value of both phrases together including the kolel for the the 27 identical letters is 3695 and the simple numerical value of the rest of that first verse (Genesis 46:8) is 2083, so combined they equal 3695+2083 = 5778.

  4. Joseph’s Chariot
    The reference to Joseph riding his chariot is immediately after te quote in the above post.bGoshen, like the 2083 is in the 42 Letter Name as the final letters of Lines (in reverse order), 2, 3 and 4 of the 42 Letter Name.
    The reference to “First Born, to Enoch, Metatron, Blessing and Merkabah/Merkavah is earlier in the same article, i.e.
    The Hidden Columns of The Torah .

  5. So many numbers Jacob…. Israel is inside you….. Israel is a state of mind/heart/being….. How does that come about? Genesis 22:14…..The present geographical “State of Israel” should really be called “State of Jacob”

  6. Camelot and Divine Unity: “Sir Galahad”
    For a slightly different “take”/angle on “Ehad”/Unity:
    Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music) had a hit he titled “Avalon”. The name goes back to the Camelot era. The name “Avalon” fits into images of King Arthur and British Druids, but it really came from Israel. It is an English language rendition of “Av Elyon”, or “Father in the Highest”.
    The “Portal” (Gateway) into (Divine) Unity” was another concept from the same era. The “local” (Glastonbury area) population did not understand the concept fully, so they mythologised the “Gal-Ehad” (Gate to Oneness, to the Divine Higher Levels where all is One)) into a Knight,. They called him “Sir Galahad”.
    (Maybe the “Magic” of Camelot is the “Magic” and allure of Torah and Kabbalah “secrets”. In the Camelot mythology, the real story is now well hidden behind British Folklore – but something in there still appeals to people, despite the myth(s).)

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