Part VI Section C: For Whom the Bell Tolls


Before we get back to Bell Numbers, we want to clarify something. We explained earlier that the only way for us to comprehend a higher dimensional object is to project it onto a 2-dimensional surface.  This picture is a higher dimension orthographic projection of a hypercube onto a 2-dimension surface.  It is a combination or points and connecting lines and we are viewing it from one of a nearly infinite assortment of possible angles. Obviously, it loses a tremendous amount of information as it is dumbed down to our level.  What looks like a spider’s web to us is a confluence of numerous cubes, cells, faces overlapping, integrating and intersections in myriad ways.  When we read the Torah we are reading a 2-dimensional object.  From what we have seen, especially since so many attributes in it form perfect cubes, even in multi-dimensions, it is entirely probable that what we are seeing is a projection down from higher dimensions. And that the information we are registering is a tiny fraction of what is available to us.
Now onto Bells. In combinatorial mathematics, the Bell numbers count the possible partitions of a set.  To understand partitioning, we can see that One element can be divided only 1 way, making 1 the first Bell number. Two elements can be split up as (1,2) and (12) or two ways, making 2 the second Bell number. Three elements can be split or partitioned into (1,2,3); (12,3); (1,23); (13,2); and (123) or 5 ways, making 5 the 3rd Bell number. In other words, The nth of these numbers, Bn, counts the number of different ways to partition a set that has exactly n elements
Very few of these Bell numbers are also prime numbers, meaning irreducible (non-factorable) numbers.  The second Bell number is 2, which is a prime number, so is 5, the third Bell number and second Bell Prime. The next Bell Prime is 877, which is the only the 7th Bell number. They start growing exponentially large from there. Our supercomputers have only found 7 Bell Primes so far, making them extremely rare in the universe.
If you rank all the Bell Numbers from B1 to Bn and record where those 7 rare Bell Primes are found, you would have an index of all the Bell Primes. This is known as the Bell Prime Indices.  The Indices of the 7 known Bell Primes are the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 13th, 42nd, 55th, and 2841st Bell Numbers, giving us the so far finite sequence: 2, 3, 7, 13, 42, 55 and 2841. This sequence is called “the indices of Prime Bell Numbers.”
As these are the rarest of sequential sets based on important and elementary mathematical and real-world principles—how to divide up any grouping—we must conclude that any substantial interweaving with the Torah’s design would be profound.

In the Beginning

Let us begin in the beginning by connecting the Torah’s first word to the 13-42-55 sequence in the Shema, and independent of that connection to the Bell Primes.  Bereshit (בראשית) has 6 letters (elements), just like the letter vav (ו) that was found in the 13-42-55 proportion in the Shema, which we should remind you is wholly comprised of 3 excerpted paragraphs from the Torah, not a manmade external prayer.  It was in the relationship between the second two paragraphs and the first 42-word one that this proportion unfolded. The number of possible partitions of the 6 elements in Bereshit (בראשית) is 203, which would make it the 6th Bell Number. The 2nd word, a 3-letter word, in the Torah is Bara (ברא) of numerical value 203.  The design structure of the Torah’s 2nd word, a 3-letter word of numerical value 203 being indicative of 2 x 3 = 6 and that it is also equal to the 6th Bell Number (203) is probably purposeful. Yet even more significant perhaps is that the first core syllable of the Torah, one of the main partitions of that first 6 letter word is also Bere (ברא) of value 203, and that the product of both the digits in 203 is obviously also 2 x 3 = 6.
In our hypothesis that the Torah is a hyper complex projection of interconnected multi-dimension cells, edges, and vertices of varying energy types, frequencies, wavelengths and quanta of energy onto 2-dimensional space, one of those projection points would be the 1820 Tetragrammaton(יהוה) that we see in the Torah. As 1820 is (1792 +28) they could most easily be seen as projections from the 1792 faces of an 8-dimensional hypercube. Moreover, there are precisely 1526 times that the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) appears in the Torah without a prefix, and 1729 times that the exact value (26) of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) appears in the Torah, which leads us to (1729-1526) = 203 times that the value (26) applies to a word other than the Tetragrammaton(יהוה).
At this point the idea would not be to draw our attention to 203 or the first 3 letters of the Torah yet again, as the redundancy is already beyond. So, what could be the point?
Perhaps, this first verse of 28 letters is more than special. What if it exists as an entity unto itself, a hyper-dimensional, possibly transformational, vehicle integrally connected to every aspect of the Torah yet also severable, like a Merkava or commandship/escape nodule. Then again, we can only see 7 words handwritten on parchment, so anything beyond that is just virtual for now.
It is virtual, like everything you see on your flat computer screen and everything around the world that you think it is connected to. It is just glass, metal, a few circuits, pixels, and photons, slightly 3-dimensional, though mostly 2-dimensional. Look behind it, where are all those connections? Virtual! Do you know for sure that you are having an email exchange with a real person, that the events of a viral video ever really happened, that the algorithm you trusted to search trillions of sources of data, did not cherry pick a few paid for ones for you. Not only can you not trust the world being presented to you on your screen, you have no way of knowing if any of it really exists. Are you going to turn to your TV screen or phone screen for verification?
We are becoming used to accepting virtual as real.  Perhaps our consciousness is being prepared for, or just evolving into a state where we are ready to accept a new far more advanced and transformational technology, one that has been preserved for us for thousands of years.  Sure, it looks primitive, but how long do you think an iPhone would have lasted if it were given to our ancestors on the side of a mountain 3330 years ago. I can tell you from experience that the battery would not have lasted more than a few hours.
Between The Genesis Prayer, years’ worth of articles and Books, and this extended paper, we have explored deep into the makings of the word Bereshit (בראשית), yet the deeper we get the more there is to find, and the more astounding is the embedded technology. One of the myriad examples of the works of creation, maaseh bereshit, whose initials are MB(42), are once again found in the ordinal value of the 6 letters in the word Bereshit (בראשית): (2,20,1,21,10,22). After partitioning them as (2,20;  1,21;  10; 22), they can be combined and simplified to a set of 4 numbers (22;  22;  10; 22), bringing us back to that important relationship between the 10 sefirot (dimensions) and the 22 pathways between them, and to the relationship between the 22 steps (iterations) between every power of 10. The ancient kabbalists saw the relationship between the tree-of-life and two stacked cubes.
They were primarily concerned with the 10 dimensions and the 22 pathways between them represented by the 22 letters. The true kabbalists, in spite of any modern jewelry or mockery to the contrary never envisioned the tree-of-life as a flat static diagram.  A casual observance of the tree shows the overlapping hexagons, which we now know can be viewed as 2-dimensional shadows or projections of a 3-dimensional cube.  We also now know that two 3-dimensional stacked cubes is the first step in the expansion to a hypercube or from the projection of a hypercube onto our 3rd dimensional space.  Moreover, the 10 sefirot were never balls on a page, but concentric expansions in space, akin to the 210 hypercube.  The combination of pathways between them are practically innumerable. This is not to say that they viewed the universe as a cube, only that they viewed it as multiple nested expansions of space, and that they realized that anything we see in this world is a filtered projection from beyond. They strove to take the physical observations of this world and contemplate the nature of the upper dimensions by analyzing the projections that they were observing. That is the lesson in all the travel tales of the Rabbis in the Zohar.
Ask yourself: Why a tree? Does it look like a tree? Why was the Tree-of-Life in the center of the garden?
What do the branches of a tree do? They branch out, expand. What governs that expansion? Phi. Tree is Etz (עץ) in Hebrew, a combination of the 16th  and 18th letters in the alphabet, just line 1.6180… It is also in gematria sofit 970, as in the cubic length of the Torah’s first word (9.70), as illustrated in the previous section. The garden, as it is written in the Torah is “הגן,” whose numerical value can either be 58, reminiscent of 58 yet again, or 708, as in the value of the upper 42-Letter Name, the triple expansion of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). As the cautionary tale goes, Adam had full access to the vast expansion of the spiritual (dimensions beyond) universe but once he connected to the limitations of physicality (the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil) he was cut off. Once he began thinking in 3-dimensions and of his own powers of creativity within the bounds of 3 dimensions he was trapped, and could not go back. Our story, the Chronicles of Adam, our journey to get back, began in the 5 verses of chapter 5 of paragraph 13 of the Torah. It began when Adam was 130 years old and begat Seth, whose name is comprised of the last 2 letters of the alef-bet (שת), a hidden reference to the 5 Books of Moses that we would receive after 26 generations at Mt Sinai of numerical value 130, in the year 1313 BCE.  That was when we would receive the main tool through whose understanding, we would eventually be able to return.
The letter combination in Seth’s name (שת) is also the final gate of the 231 Gates comprised of the 231 possible pairings of the 22 Letters, as Abraham explains them in the Sefer Yetzirah.  This brings up yet another way to view the 248 dimensions in the E8 Lattice, considering that there are currently 17 known particles and forces in our universe, and 231 gates + 17 fundamental particles/forces = 248.

Do you see the similarity in the last two webbed projections? This second one is a 8-Orthoplex, one of the 2160 8-orthoplex that surround each point in the 248 dimensions of the E8 lattice. Any possibility Abraham knew this on some level? Yes, Abraham (248) did predate the Torah by exactly 500 years, but he and the early kabbalists had other tools that allowed him to access it in its spiritual or higher-dimensional form. We do too, and without them, getting beyond the limits of physicality and unleashing the true transformational power of the Torah is very difficult.
Let us talk about Adam’s son, Seth (שת) for a moment. If we apply the common gematria atbash (reverse alphabet) the two final letters at the back of the alphabet line up with the first two letters of the alphabet (אב), meaning father. Together these 4 letters, bookending the alef-bet add up to 703, as in the gematria of the last two words of the first verse, Et H’Ertz, already discussed. The next atbash pair, (גר) has the numerical value 203, as in the same verse’s 2nd word, and as in the 6th Bell Number. The next pair is (ק־ד) has a value of 104 and when added to 703 gives us 807, as in the Seth’s age when he begot his son. The next pair (צ־ה) or (90–5) matches up with the life of Seth’s son Enosh at 905 years old. The number 210 plays a very prominent role in the Torah technology and so it is interesting that 703 + 210 = 913, the Torah’s first word, Bereshit.  Moreover, as we just spoke about the 231 gates, we would be remiss if we did not point out that the atbash total of the next 3 letter pairs, (ס־ח,ע־ז,פ־ו) is 231, and the Pe-Vav (פ־ו) combination is 86, the same value as the Torah’s 3rd word. So far, we the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th of the first 7 words covered by this simple cipher. It is obvious the Creator of the Torah has found yet another way to integrate these 22 building blocks into the complex design of the Torah’s very special first verse.  He is probably also sending us a message through the linkage to the relationship of Adam-Seth and Enosh, a message about specific pathways. In hyperspace, Binah, the connections are instantaneous like quantum entanglement, yet when projected onto our world they become pathways. What if the Torah was a mechanism that could integrate the two, a nexus?
Back to Bells. Keep in mind that the sum of the digits in the ordinal values of Bereshit (2,20,1,21,10,22) no matter how they are partitioned is 13, the 4th Bell Prime Index and the value of the 6th word in the Shema (echad), which is indicative of the core concept of the Torah and all its innumerable components, One(ness).
Since the ordinal values on the spectrum of the alef-bet corresponds to a continual spectra from 1 to 400 according an exponential curve of 1.313, the place values of where the letters in a Hebrew word occur can be view the same way we view the elements in our periodic table, whose spectra  extends from 400 – 800.  And just like the periodic elements these are the specific signatures of the words.
It is a way to read the Torah without knowing any Hebrew, a way to integrate 2-dimensional symbols into the fabric of the universe.
No less profound though is that the sum of these ordinal values (2,20,1,21,10,22) is 76. We would be remiss if we did not point out some of the simplest integral facts before getting to the good stuff, so 7 + 6 = 13 and 7 x 6 = 42. That said, 76 is also the sum of the first 6 Bell Numbers—the sequence beginning with (1,2,5,15,52,203, 877…) up to the significant number 203.  And the sum of the digits in these 6 Bell Numbers (1,2,5,15,52,203) is (1+2+5+1+5+5+2+2+0+3) = 26, as in the Tetragrammaton(יהוה), while the sum of the digits of the 7th Bell Number (877): 8+7+7 = 22.  Moreover, if you recall from the previous section we delineated the cubic unit length for each word value cubes in the combinations of the Torah’s first verse, and that the unit length for the word Bara (ברא) of numerical value 203 is 5.87713.  How convenient that 877 is the 5th Bell Prime and 13 is the 4th Bell Prime Index, and 203 is the 4th Bell prime.  If the second word of the Torah was a vertex on one of these hypercubes, all these rare connects would be associated points on sub-cubes and it would all make perfect sense to us why they are interrelated. Indeed, if we could see the universe that way, a whole lot more would make sense.

The 7 Cubes and the Time Limit

Regarding the seven Genesis 43 cubes that collectively form the 43 cube 2701 per side, each unit length for each side of the individual cubes are given by the cube root of each word value or (9.701158, 5.87713, 4.41400, 7.3742, 7.33723, 4.108, and 6.66444) respectively. We just highlighted the significance of the 2nd word value 203 with regards to Bell Numbers. What we did not mention was that the sum of the lengths of the first 2 words was 15.57… as in the sum of the 10 component letters of the alef-bet, meaning that the average of the two is about 7.78
We spoke about the significance of the 7th word’s length of 66.6444 in the previous section, though, we should add the numerical value 444 is that of the Torah phrase “from generation to generation (לדר־ודר) and as we will soon see it too plays a key role with the Bell Prime Indices. Meanwhile, we are currently exactly 66.6 jubilee years from the date the Torah was received in 2448 HC. Moreover, while 66.6 is another way of expressing 2/3, the fraction 444/666 is also 2/3 and Rav Yehuda HaLevi Ashlag of blessed memory, using the 6 alef(א)s of this verse, or 6000, as a starting point and in a series of reductions of 2/3, with the final calculation removing specifically 444 from 666 years came up this this time narrow time period today for the arrival of Moshiach and the final redemption.
Is there a set timeline and time limit built into the Torah and our number system, built into the fabric of the universe? Possibly. The square root of 6 is 2.449, matching the year 1313 BCE given by the exponent (1.313) that gave us the alef-bet scale. The log of 600,000 as in the 600,000 Israelite men at Mt Sinai and the 600,000 component letters in the Torah, is 5.778. We saw earlier the two four-digit strings repeated 3 times each in the first 1000 digits in Pi, 5778 and 2019. We saw how Phi was integrated into the Torah and now note that Phi18 or Phi(6+6+6) = 5778.000. You decide if there is a Divine Calendar or even a fixed one built into the physics and programming of our universe.
This week was the portion of Behar, part of the twin portion Behar-BeChukothai usually read together, the first of which has 57 verses and the second 78. This 57-78 combination is the final one before the Phi proportion split in the Torah in the very next chapter.  The extremely apropos theme of this portion was the counting of the jubilee 50-year period and the freedom that the jubilee brings. It is apropos not just because the 50 years are specifically made up of 7 sets of 7 years plus 1, but also because 5778 HC is 66.6 jubilee years since the Torah was received at Sinai in 2448 HC.
Was the Torah designed that way so we would not miss the 5778 Phi connection, or was this part of an advanced circuitry that will automatically make that connection for us.  All we know is that this technology is extremely complex and way beyond us right now, so it is hard to say what will happen as this built in time counter clicks down to zero. Even if MacGyver shows up, with so much redundancy, how would he know which wire to snip? Moshiach on the other hand…
We touched on earlier how 441 in the 3rd word length is the numerical value for truth (emet) and is 212 represents the Name of G-d Eyheh. The 3rd word is Elohim. The sum of the first 3 word lengths is 19.99, just about an even 20, meaning the first three words together can form a separate cube of 203 or 8000, possibly reflection both 203 once again and the 80,000 words of the Torah.
The 4th word length is 7.3742 and the sum of the first 4 word lengths is 27.3664. The connections between 73, 37, 42 and the first verse are well documented already and while we saw 273 come up before as in 273 degrees C, absolute zero, etc, 27 is 3 cubed, 36 is 6 squared and 64 is 4 cubed and 8 squared.
The 5th word also connects to 73 and 37 in that its length is 7.3372, and the sum of the word lengths through the 6th word is 42.11, while the sum of the lengths for all 7 is 48.778
Before we return to the Bell Primes one special note that my colleague Moshe noted concerning the last section. Those 7 cubes we have just been discussing are part of the 127 combinations and we noted that 127 was a Mersenne Prime; it is also the 6th prime in a much rarer series called the Primeth Recurrence series, based on a(n + 1) = a(n)th Prime. If we view the prime numbers the way number theorists do, not as isolated occurrences but as a string of numbers in a probable infinite set, each prime has a specific location within that set.  For example, 541 is the 100th prime.  The Primeth Recurrence series is a subset of the primes, whereby the location of the next prime in the set is given by the value of the previous prime. Starting with the first prime number, 2, the next prime number in the series would be the 2nd prime, which is 3 and the 3rd prime is 5; the 5th prime is 11; the 11th prime is 31; and the 31st prime is 127. If we double (2+3+5+11+31+127) we get 358, Moshiach. Then extending the series to the 7th level, we have 709 as the 127th prime and 709 is the sum of the 7 Doubles (בגדכפרת), part of the triple partition of the 22 letters that we learned about from Abraham in his Sefer Yetzirah.
We should also note that of those possible 127 combinations, each word was utilized 64 times, and the Creator of the Torah wanted us to know we were on the right track with the cubic analysis we have been applying, which is why the numerical value 127 was utilized exactly 64 times in the Torah
So now we know that not only did the universe generated through an exponential scale the values for the 22 Hebrew letters, and them find a way so that splitting them in half sequentially would come up with all these amazing results, and moreover that it also found a way to partition them into 3 mothers, 7 doubles and 12 elementals to generating equations based on the numbers 13 and 42, but we also just learned that it also selected that partitioning to match up with the Primeth Recurrence series? It is time to start asking not just how, but why?
We just personified the universe. Why? Because it seemed natural to assume some intelligence, some amazing and conscious intelligence to it. But a consciousness on the scale of the universe would be God-like?
By the way, those 7 doubles (בגדכפרת) which total 709 actually total 1300 more, or 2009 when the sofit values of caf(ך) and Pe(ף) are added, making 9 letters, and using standard kabbalistic procedures, 2009 + 9 is 2018, or 5778 HC for what it is worth. While we are already in the event horizon, we are also on the cusp of something really special.
Abraham said that these quantum packets of specific energy collectively called the doubles, each controlled or interacted with a different planet in our solar system. If you want to know where to find these 7 doubles, you can find them discreetly orbiting the center of the 42-Letter Name.
We will continue soon and finish up with the final sub-section on the Bell Primes.

17 thoughts on “Part VI Section C: For Whom the Bell Tolls

  1. Another extremely deep post packed with mind boggling concepts!
    While still numb from it all, here is just a quick comment to complement the timely idea you concluded with, a connection to the year 2018, or 5778 HC.
    Near the beginning of the post you wrote: “Very few of these Bell numbers are also prime numbers, meaning irreducible (non-factorable) numbers. The second Bell number is 2, which is a prime number, so is 5, the third Bell number and second Bell Prime. The next Bell Prime is 877, which is the only the 7th Bell number.”
    It is fascinating that combining the adjacent 2nd and 3rd Bell prime numbers, 5 and 877, and then viewing them in reflection, where 5 stays 5 (since it is only one 1 digit), and 877 becomes 778, then again we have before us the combination 5-778, i.e., another hint the year 5778.
    You wrote, “While we are already in the event horizon, we are also on the cusp of something really special.” This is certainly so true. One has only to turn on the news and it is evident we are living in the end times, and how much more so when one can see all the connections that are being revealed here!

  2. Incidentally both 5 and 877, aside from being the 2nd and 3rd Bell primes, are also in the category of “super primes,” meaning their ordinal number in the set of primes is also a prime, as was discussed previously: 5 is the 3rd prime, and 3 itself is prime (the 2nd prime), and 877 is the 151st prime, and 151 itself is prime (the 36th prime).
    The property of also being super primes that appears in the Bell primes 5 and 877, does not apply to all Bell primes, since the 1st Bell prime 2 is technically not a super prime because its ordinal number 1 is not considered to be in the set of primes, and the next Bell prime, the 4th Bell prime, which according to Wiki is 27644437, is also not a super prime, because it is the 1,720,725th prime, and 1720725 is non-prime [the factors of 1720725 being 3 x 5 x 5 x 22943 (where 22943 is the 2560th prime)].
    According to Wiki the 5th and 6th Bell primes are 35742549198872617291353508656626642567 (38 digits) and 359334085968622831041960188598043661065388726959079837 (54 digits), and the 7th Bell prime is not even listed, although Wiki says that it has 6,539 digits.
    These are monstrous numbers that are beyond our comprehension. Interestingly however the 5th Bell prime starts with the triplet 357, and the 6th Bell prime starts with the triplet 359, and the average right between them is 358, the gematria of Moshiach [and even the digits of the triplet at the end of 6,539, i.e., 539, can also be rearranged into 359, which is the same as Moshiach plus 1 for the Kolel…]
    It comes out that the 2nd and 3rd Bell primes hint to the year 5778, and the 5th and 6th [and 7th] Bell primes hint to Moshaich who is sure to be revealed soon!

  3. Dear Mister Meiliken,
    Incredible proofs ! Your text is very excellent.
    I have a question, please, is the number 1464 interisting and have specific interest about Torah’s code ?
    There is a code in the Torah, we’re sure now after read Your démonstration. So There are Keys ?!?
    The keys are cubes ? Cubes of colors ? Numbers ? Letters ?
    I think cubes of numbers in 2 cubes of 36+18 quarters. crosses in 2D. Built with 6 magics quarter of 3 order. These keys give algorithmic solution to place letters in a 3D vision. Not to change Torah structure but to see Torah in 3D.

  4. Another Treasure-Trove of information in this latest article! Wonderful stuff !
    Bereshith 1:1 as an “Atbash Portal”
    The numeric/gematria value of the Torah’s first verse is 3541.
    The 541 (the value of Israel when we convert/read the letters as Numbers, and) “rings bells, as does 541 being the 100th Prime Number.
    But, looking at the whole 3541 rather than just its “parts , 3541 is the 496thPrime, as in Malcuth/Kingdom has the value 496.
    The 496, in turn is twice 248, as in Abraham, CERN, F-8 Lie Group and 248 Dimensions, 248 words in the Shema etc.
    Flipping the 3541 into its reverse mirror image, i.e. 1453, we have the 231st Prime, as in the 231 Gates and the meaning of Israel as “There are 231, cf. the “231 Gates mentioned also in the article.
    As per Ezra’s article, the Torah’s First Verse as a gateway or Portal (or Vehicle) to enter the Kingdom, to climb the Tree (10 Sefiroth, 10 by 10 “Sub Tree Sefiroth”, or 10 Sefiroth within each of the 10,). Or an entry point into or through the 231 Gates . . . .

  5. Atbash and “” in Genesis 1:1
    The first 14 Letters (the first 3 Words) in Genesis 1:1 translate via the Atbash cipher into:
    Shin-Gimel-Tau-Bet-Mem-Aleph (1st Word) then
    Shin-Gimel-Tau, f(2nd Word)ollowed by
    Tau=Caf-Tsadhe-Mem-Yod (3rd Word).
    Numerically, these letters represent:
    300-3-400-2-40-1, then
    300-3-400 and final “word’ of the first half of the verse:
    These three “words” are thus
    (703+43) 703 550, for a total (first half of the verse) of
    1449+560 = 2009
    The first two words sum to 1449 which is 7 times 207 (the value of Aur-Light. So hidden in the opening 2 words of Genesis is The Menorah, the 7 Fold Light of the Temple, the 7 moveable visible (to the uhman eye without a telescope) Lights in the Sky.
    “New Age” and Indian/Asian concepts of 7 Charkras are (distantly) “descended from these original concepts of 7 Torah Lights. Most of us (humans) are looking for the light.
    Seven Days, 12 Constellations, 12 Months . . . . Eve’s Name (numerically 8-6-5) is 19 which is 12 + 7.

  6. Zohar 134b. = and for All Act and act that created the holy, blessed be it, in the world, I first observed in the Torah and just after it created it, as it is written in the name of it: «I, the Torah, was an Amon with him, and it was his (134b) gloating day by day , he played with him at all times» (Proverbs 8:30), text about which the sages teach: do not read the previous Hebrew word as Amon but as Umán, craftsman. That is to say, from the same letters, simply pronúnciala it differently. In short: The Torah served the eternal as the plane of creation, of which it is also to be deduced that on a spiritual level, all that is in the world is also found in the Torah.
    …… First I observed in the Torah and just then I created it
    First word of the Tora = BeREShYT = בראשית = 913
    If you take the letters “previous” BeREShYT an X one….. אקארטש…. The Alef as Alef… “What can you tell before the unit?” …. You will see that they add 1-100-1-200-9-300 = 611 = TORaH…
    First he watched the Torah and then created it… Bereshit
    Shalom ❤️

  7. Atbash of Genesis 1:1 Points at 2018
    There are 9 individual Letters in the first half of of the First Verse of the Torah.
    (Same as the “Doubles with Sofit Caph and Peh added in), 2009 + 9 sums to 2018.

  8. Zohar 134b. =
    The saint, blessed be, told the Torah as an answer: I have already established the Teshuvah, – the possibility that man will repent and return to the right path and the creator – before he creates the world. In other words, it is true that man can sin and deviate from the General Plan of creation, but he can also repent and return to the true path.
    Rabbi Shimon Bar Iojai
    The final letters of the “force” of RabbI ShimoN BaR IojaI that refer to the “future” are I.N.R. I.
    TeSHuBaH…. Return of the 7 day in the that we are and That was given to the human being through the new Soul (third son of Adam and Javah…. SheT when it meets in its center/❤️ with the BeT of the beginning of the Torah Sh-B-T… Shabbat

  9. Re Antonio’s insight/Zohar on OBSERVATION & CREATION
    ( בראשית contains many secrets! )
    רשת is a Matrix, a Net, a Fishing Net or a “Woven Web”.
    Using Description and Measurement, Words and Mathematics, Letters and Numbers, we can analyse/describe the Matrix.. The Torah description of Creation has Breath (the beginning of speech) in Verse 2, followed by speech which created Light – Sound & Electromagnetic Energy/Light in close succession.
    Then follows “Division”.Separation in Verse 4.
    That separation process is the “main event” in Day Two, the creation of a Division (the Raquia/Firmament) in the “Waters”, a hint at an undifferentiated Field/Matrix/Medium.
    The first word of the Torah can be read as When, or With, the Matrix /Net had an Aleph and a Yod, symbolic of Letters and Numbers, injected into ut.
    So א and י are injected into a Matrix ( רשת ) to form ראשית which is most of the first word בראשית. This “reading” requires seeing the root of the first word as the Matrix/Web, rather than as Resh (Rosh, start, beginning). Both readings are valid.
    The Matrix idea makes the Zohar commentary from Antonio’s quote, look VERY accurate.

  10. First 6 Bell Primes & The Shema
    My word count in the Shema is:
    12 words in the First verse and “the Baruk verse”
    42 more words in the rest of of the Deuteronomy Chapter 6 section, making a total (12+42 = 54) of 54 words, matching the 54 lights in the Grand Gallerry of The Great Pyramid, the 54 Parashot in the Torah, and the “54 remainder” in the “Phi split” in thise series of articles that deal with the Phi proportion, splitting the leph-Beit, splitting the Torah etc.
    122 words in the Deuteronomy 11 section of the Sehema
    72 words in the Numbers sectionn and the 3 “extra” words at the end.
    That gives us a total number of words as
    54 + 122 + 72 = 248
    The 248 is, asper the current series of articles (Fundamental Particles, Abraham, Torah Columns, CERN, Human Body structure & more) significant.
    The 54 + 122 = 176 is also significant, as in the 17.6 inch Cubit, the 176″ across, up and “back” the Holy of Holies, the 176 verses in Psalm 119, the 1760 yards in a mile etc.
    But, in this comment, I focus on the 122 words in the Deuteronomy/Devarim section of the Shema:
    Bell Primes and 122
    The first six Bell Primes occur in (the Bell Prime Index numbers in Ezra’s article) positions 2, 3, 7, 13, 42, 55, and 2841 in the series of Bell Numbers.
    The first 6 of those numbers sum to 122, i.e.
    2 + 3 + 7 + 13 + 42 + 55 = 122
    That 122 matches the 122 words in the Deuteronomy 11 section of the Shema. It is also twice 61, the 18th Prime, which we might facetiously identify as “The Prime of Life” for חי being 8+10 = 18.
    The “Transition” from the Upper 42 Letter Name to the Lower 42 Letter Name, can be seen as the Last Line (Upper 42 Letter Name), value 610, and the first Line, value 506, of the Lower 42 Letter Name.
    The combined value 610 + 506, being 1116, the same as Keter-Malcuth, and the first two words of the Torah (913+203 = 1116) draws extra attention to these numbers, including the 610/61.
    The fact that the next two lines of the Lower 42 Letter Name, values 729 and 387 also sum to 1116, points even more to the significance of the mathematics coded in here, including the 61/610.
    The precision that is built into the 7 Bell Primes, with the 7th being a number that is bordering on he astronomical, is mind-boggling.
    Consciousness (as per my previous post, Antonio’s Zohar link, and Ezra’s material on “AI” imbued with something extra, has turned up in ancient literature on “technology. We can wonder just where the boundary is (if there is such a boundary) between “mind” consciousness and spiritual consciousness.
    The same notion, of human consciousness being tied in with advanced technology is also turning up in “rumours” coming out of advanced/secret research projects (weapons and aerospace. The Spilberg series “Taken” hinted at “thought power” connecting with flying vehicles/UFO’s, so the “rumours” have reached as far as Hollywood.
    If those rumours are based on something “real”, then humanity is at a point where it has to (this time, unlike during the previous “opportunities” when “we” blew it. This makes this period, and links to tools / technology like The Shema and to The 42 Letter Name, and to The First Verse of The Torah (7 Words & the 7 Bell Primes, 7 Doubles, 7 “Planets”, 7 Lights on the menorah . . . .) very important.
    So the articles/material on this website is very important.

  11. 22/7, 7/22, Bell Primes, 7 Doubles, 7 Words & Atbash
    Resent articles have covered topics such as the 3-7-12 division of the 22 Letters, and the fractions such as 7/22, 3/22 and 12/22, plus of course the 22/7 that most of us know from school mathematics. The “7” turns up often, e.g. in 7 Doubles , 7 Lights on the Menorah, 7 “Planets”, 7 Days, 7 Words in Genesis 1:1 and there are obviously many more, for instance “James Bond as 007”.
    (For those who do not know the story, John Dee, occult scholar, and loyal servant of Queen Elizabeth the First, used to sign his letters to the Queen as “007”. The “00” represented his two eyes, out spying and observing on behalf of the Queen. The “7” in his “007” was derived espeially from there being 7 words in the Torah’s first verse, as well as the 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 visible “planets etc. Ian Fleming worked for British Intelligence during World War II. Fleming got the “007” from John Dee, several hundred years earlier.)
    Anyway, after that little diversion into the world of “007”, sitting in the abundance of info in recent articles, is info about the Bell Primes, and the Bell Prime Index. Those 7 Bell Primes sit at positions 2, 3, 7, 13, 42, 55, and 2841. The 13-42-55 conection and its link to the Shema have been a significant topic in Era’s writing.
    As per a recent post, the Atbash transform of Genesis 1:1, comes out numerically as 3541 (The “Kingdom-Malcuth Prime, i.e. Prime #496.
    In light of all the 7’s “floating about”, the “700 difference” between 3541 and 2841 is likely to be significant.
    3541 – 2841 = 700
    Atbash of First Torah Verse and its 7 words LINKS TO the 7th Bell Prime Index

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