Part XI The Rules of the Game


We listed some of the abnormal symmetry built into our solar system.
For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.
We even mentioned their relationship between the circle and the square. What we neglected to mention was that since the area of the square circumscribed around a circle is 27.3 percent larger than the circle, then the perimeter of the square is also 27.3% larger than the circle, and since the moon is 27.3% the size of the earth, if a square were circumscribed around the earth, the moon’s circumference would precisely fill the difference in perimeter around the earth’s circumference. The moon would square the Earth.
We also did not mention that diameter of the Sun divided by the diameter of the Earth = 4 x 27.3; or that the aphelion of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is also 4 x 27.3; or that Sun’s diameter divided by that of the Earth and Moon together is (Pi X 27.30); or that the gestation period of a human is 273 days. Moreover, we did not mention that the Earth’s volume is 260 billion cubic miles or at 333,000 times the Mass of the Earth, the Sun has 1,300,000 times the volume of the Earth. There is so much more, like the difference between the Earth’s radius at the poles and at the equator being 13 miles; and the meridial circumference (pole to pole) of the Earth being 24,860 miles or 24,880 on average; and the furthest point into space because of the equatorial bulge is not Everest, but Mt Chimborazo at 35,828 ft, while the lowest place, Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench is 36,200 ft, for a total of 72,028 ft.
We also did not explain that the sum of the Earth’s radius and the Moon’s radius together is exactly 7! or (7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1) = 5040 miles, or the Torah has 91 doubled words running through it and at the midpoint of them is the doubled word Darosh Darash (דרש דרש) each of numerical value 504 and that there are 50 words with a value of 504 in the Torah, split right down the middle at Darosh Darash.
Could the piling up of space dust, asteroids, and space debris really have formed itself into these precise and symmetric proportions. Please! The universe, without any intelligent help, decided to draw a square around the Earth and form the Moon so that it’s circumference would complete the square. Sure!
A better theory is that everything was intelligently designed to work out specifically as it did.  There are two obvious possible reasons for doing this: 1) laziness, or 2) the desire that said symmetrical dimensions be seen as proof of that very intelligent design. Efficiency is more likely than laziness and designed efficiency is a sign of designed intelligence in and of itself. That symmetry would be far more practical inside of a simulation program, especially if it had a typical game-like design. Beyond our inner solar system, the physics could be fuzzy and the data incomplete as no one would actually ever be exploring it and it would be irrelevant to beating the game.  To that end, we find that all the other solar systems discovered so far are fairly similar: similar size and types of planets bunched closely around their stars, which all are far more active and less hospitable than our star.
I think we are far beyond thinking of the Torah as a contrived history book.  Since we already know the Torah and Hebrew alphabet are far more than what is imaginable and do not fit the independently developed, isolated incubation evolutionary hypothesis, we need to look at other alternatives.  The problem with the strict atheist evolutionary theory that we are the first ever “advanced” life form and that this is the first iteration of the universe is that it does not explain the existence of the Torah or the Hebrew Alef-bet, or thousands of other artifacts and constructions giant and small found all over our planet, nor the symmetry of the solar system to a “man-made” counting system.
One alternative is that G-d as Creator is real and He is directly overseeing our incubation evolution and that He injected the Torah, etc. as a tool and codex for us and the Hebrew Alef-bet as a deciphering tool.  An alternative is that some other more advanced race is doing that on behest of the Creator.  Both of these alternatives would presuppose that the Creator has not yet figured out how to harness multi-dimensionality, time manipulation, hyperspace, or infinity. In other words, existence, relatively speaking, is in its infancy.  That is certainly possible, and very quaint. It is not very efficient either.
On the other side, having consciousness exist outside of a host body is very efficient and would occupy extremely little or virtually no space. Neither would a simulation that allowed billions of those conscious entities to interact.  We know humans are not very efficient, but the universe is.  Electrons flow very slowly, a couple inches an hour, yet their aura (electromagnetic radiation flows at the speed of light). If we had to relay on physical speed, once you pressed the on button of your flashlight, you would have to wait two hours for the light to come on.  Freed from our host bodies, our consciousness could also operate at the speed of light. That would indeed be much more efficient. This physical crucible is very slow, awkward, and cumbersome unless of course it is not real, unless it is an illusion, the construct for a simulation. Unlike multi-player internet-based video games—the forerunners of universal simulation—we cannot just remove our headsets or log out when we have had enough.  Until the simulation is concluded, the Creator of the simulation pulls the plug, or we beat the game, this world with all its flaws and inefficiencies is our reality.

How do we Beat the Game?

Let us say for arguments sake that our conscious selves are indeed locked into a simulation, somewhat similar to the Matrix without the harvesting, though that certainly is possible yet highly inefficient.  It could also be a voluntary avatar set-up where our plasmic consciousness is housed in human bodies for benevolent reasons of existential development.  It could also be a gigantic experiment like we do with petri dishes.  It could be a simulation within a simulation built upon ever more advanced civilizations.  Some of those civilizations may be angelic, as Kabbalah explains it, or by some name that cannot be translated into anything we could pronounce or even comprehend.  Given the relative ease to create these simulations, there are probably billions of them in virtual existence, so while it is true we might be special, one of the few somewhat evolved civilizations that are not simulated, it is not likely. Remember, we are talking about a simulated physicality, not our conscious identities in whatever non-physical form they may be in.  Though we tend to view ourselves and especially one another by the sum of our physical attributes, our true identities our housed in our consciousness, what the slightly more awoken among us call our souls. If indeed we are special and physically real, we would still most probably exist either as a direct simulation of the Creator or just as a thought or dream in the mind of the Creator. Though given the vastness of the Creator’s abilities, mind, and infinite time, He probably would have come up with something better, and would not have had to do a redo with the Flood.
Regardless, the simulation is akin to a game, and we can infer the rules of the game from observing how it has been played for what we assume to be thousands of years. Ancient kabbalistic texts also disclose some of those same rules. These are in no particular order and are by no means all inclusive though less is more when it comes to rules. In any simulation game there needs to be an established goal for the Creator and for the player-participants with a way for those players to win or beat the system. There also needs to be a discernible decisive end.  Here goes:

  1. The goal of our simulation game is to reach enlightenment, an enlightened state that extricates us from this simulated universe and advanced us to a higher-level simulation, called Binah (understanding) in kabbalistic terminology.
  2. Ending your own life results in rebooting into a lower level simulation.
  3. Dying results into rebooting (reincarnating) into the Earth or base-simulation with a different avatar.
  4. Certain memories are allowed to be attached to the consciousness substrate that gets rebooted. Whether the consciousness gets to choose, or the program chooses for them with the use of an algorithm, which may include a random component, is not known.
  5. Those memories are just shadows of the original ones and only get reinforced if they meet up with real-life simulated counterparts (i.e. the same or similar person or consciousness again).
  6. If those memories build, the program automatically allows them to be passed on in the next reboot (karma, tikkun).
  7. The memories can also be knowledge and get accumulated and reinforced through various iterations (incarnations).
  8. The Torah is a mandatory component as it contains an escape valve, is a guidebook, and also a rule book all in one.
  9. Clues must be built into the system to enable participants (players) to reach the goal.
  10. There is no limit to rebooting (incarnations) but a time limit must be imposed on the whole simulation so that resources are not wasted on improperly designed systems and so that too many entities do not get enlightened once a tipping point is achieved.
  11. A point system should be in place, rewarding the player by making it easier to reach their goal. These points would be invisible to the player within the simulation and only visible to the consciousness outside the simulation. These points would be used by the algorithm to help determine what avatar the consciousness would be rebooted into.
  12. No accumulation of material within the simulation transfers to the consciousness in any form and thus cannot be rebooted nor contribute to the goal.
  13. A strong opponent or opposing force must be injected into the simulation soon after creation. That opponent cannot alter the program or operate outside the base simulation in any way or take away earned “spiritual” points that are recorded outside the base simulation. That opponent can confuse players and use illusion to redirect their attention and their goals. That opponent can reinforce the player’s belief that their simulated world is real and reward any player for such belief. That opponent can create rules within the simulation that do not govern the simulation but govern the perception of the players within it, including but limited to their perception of time, life, and physicality. Those rules may include a reward system that runs counter to the simulation’s reward system and intent. Those rules may coopt and offer themselves as optional replacement for the immutable guidebook given to all players. That opponent can create a belief system that negates the guidebook and discourages the true goal of the simulation.  The opponent cannot deny the existence of the Creator but can trick the players into believing that perceived negative aspects of the simulation are attributable to the Creator or the wrath of the Creator (i.e. hurricanes). The opponent wins by preventing players from reaching the true goal before time runs out.
  14. Clues cannot be altered, removed, or further hidden wherever placed and the system is designed to protect and preserve them. As the time limit approaches the Creator or the program has the right to reveal more of the clues and signs that were there all along but may have been better hidden.
  15. After a player has reincarnated through the entire simulation, he may be reincarnated into any time frame within the entire simulation until the simulation time limit is reached.
  16. Upon death there is a brief period where the consciousness is analyzed and cleansed/scanned for defects or corruptions. Occasionally, the consciousness can be rebooted into the same host body at the discretion of the program and/or Creator. If it is it is usually for a good reason. We call it a near-death experience.
  17. In order for the opponent to corrupt a player or group of players he must be invited in, though the opponent may use illusion and temptation to do so. An important point the Torah makes through the incident of the golden calf and Aaron.
  18. There is a certain level of allowable glitches in the system in order to be efficient and not waste resources trying for unnecessary perfection. This also allows awaking players to reinforce their burgeoning realization. If you are noticing them or realize things are not adding up, you are probably on the right path. Though the opponent may want to convince you that you are crazy or seeing things.
  19. The Creator, or operating program of the simulation, can inject non-player operatives into the simulation at will. These NPOs appear as any other player but are incorruptible by the opponent. That is not to say they are saints, only that whatever mission they have been assigned cannot be changed by the opponent. Those NPOs would not know that they are NPOs only that they would have a very high degree of suspicion that they have a mission to fulfill no matter what temptations and distractions they are bombarded with. This type of NPO has a higher-level consciousness and has voluntarily agreed to temporarily enter the base-simulation in order to help elevate others.
  20. The Creator, or operating program of the simulation, can inject special temporary non-player operatives into the simulation at will that have special missions. These are of much higher-level consciousness and enter only briefly to redirect a player or event to counter an over aggressive opponent. There are tools and trigger mechanisms built into the simulation that can draw these special NPOs to a player. The opponent cannot interfere with these special NPOs but can create his own temporary pseudo special NPOs that serve as illusions in order to confuse players. These have no consciousness of their own.
  21. Players must be made aware that there is a time limit to the simulation though not explicitly so or what that time limit is, though it is not prohibited. The opponent may counter with false dates or manipulate the illusion of time. When being made aware of a time limit it is not disclosed to the players what that time limit actually means to them, to their conscious state, or to the simulation that they are probably not even aware that they are in.

Who is the Opponent?

So what about that Zero(0) concept? How does it play into all this, because it clearly exists now as a deeply ingrained part of our culture and civilization?  Our world as we know it and our lives would come to an abrupt halt without it.  We have built our entire technology system on the binary premise of Zero(0) and One (1) and we have inextricably harnessed ourselves to it.
Whether we believe ourselves in a simulation or not, in the last few years we have digitized our lives and thoughts and released them into the ether, voluntary making ourselves part of a program we want to pretend does not exist, and we do it knowing that it is a for-profit based program where we cannot win.  Even the currency we have come to worship over spiritual currency is being voluntarily exchanged for virtual digital receipts. And based on the amount of time we are increasing staring into screens (portals) of the abyss of the vast electronic wireless network it would seem as if there is an innate desire within our individual programming to indeed become part of a simulated world.
As for the harvesting aspect of the Matrix, is not that exactly what is going on when we wake up and plug into the internet? Are not the tech giants feeding off of us and enriching themselves off our data and lives? Most people are now living their unplugged lives just to create moments (Twitter, Snap-chat, Instagram, etc.) and fuel (including working to spend it on-line) their plugged-in existence. It gets exponentially worse every minute. With the forced installation of 5G, the power of the internet matrix grows 10,000-fold. In the very near future you will never be able to unplug.  Everyone knows about Orwell’s 1984. Everyone saw the Matrix. Yet everyone sheepishly and eagerly went along. Is there any doubt simulation reality is not destined to happen? If we know it will happen, how can we be certain it has not happened already? The thing about the rules is it does not matter. They would be the Creator’s rules and apply to us regardless. What our beliefs are is part of the game, or part of the process. Just semantics.
In any game, whether a simulation game or a “real” life game, what is the minimum number of opponents needed to play?
Two, right? So whether the rules elucidated above are true or not, or whether we are in a nested simulation or the “live” first iteration of existence, which would still mean we exist as a simulation in the mind of G-d, the Creator, there would need to be an opponent to make things interesting? So, if G-d is One (1), Player 1, and also the Creator, what would be an appropriate opponent?
First, the Creator would have to create this opponent and to a certain extent sever Himself from it in order for there to be a competition of sorts. The opponent would have to operate autonomously yet would have to be eliminable.  So, what is the best foil for Oneness (1), wholeness, endlessness, eternity, infinity?
Is there any better opponent or foil than (0) metaphysically?
We discussed earlier that 0 is not only an empty set, a null set, it is also a number capable of wiping out any other number it comes in contact with simply through multiplication. It is a number that does not add anything to any other number or set. In that sense it is the ultimate in selfishness compared with One (1), which can likewise be seen as the ultimate in selflessness. When 1 is multiplied by any number it imparts its essence to that number yet allows that number to be itself.  In kabbalah that would be akin to the support of an ibur, an additional helping soul.  Zero, like death, just wipes out the number instead.  Every number is comprised of many Ones(1) added together, except zero, which has no attributes in common.  Zero is not nothingness though; it is also endless, an endless abyss. More on this later.
The Zero(0) is somewhat a symbolic opponent. Nevertheless, what is more efficient; hat the Creator and the opponent battle each other over every life (player) and every decision that life makes, or to let a monitored simulation program handle them automatically based on complex and algorithms that may get updated or tweaked with each iteration?

The Kabbalah Proportion

There is yet another proportion to which we should compare the odd/even split of the alef-bet.  That is the basic kabbalistic one of 1/3 to 2/3 or .333 to .666. Since .333 or 33.33% of 1495 is 498, it leaves 997 as 66.66% of 1495.

 498                          625                         571
 997                          870                         924
1495                       1495                       1495

A quick comparison reveals the shift from the odd/even split to the kabbalistic 1/32/3 split is 127 units:

   625                               997
-498                             -870
             127 shift                      127 shift

A quick comparison reveals the shift from the phi split to the kabbalistic 1/32/3 split is 73 units:

   571                           997
-498                        -924
      73 shift                   73 shift

This makes logical sense since comparing the shifts we see that 127 – 73 = 54, simply indicating the shift we have already seen between Odd/Even and Phi(ϕ). What does not make logical sense is that there are several significant Torah connections that tie into these 127 and 73 shift numbers.

  1. Upon completion of the Torah’s 54th paragraph we have the statement, “Sarah lived to be 127 years old.” And do not think for a second this is coincidence because at the 54th paragraph of the Book of Shemot we have the 10 Commandments.
  2. 127 is the 7th Mersenne Prime of the form and
  3. Given that and given that the Torah’s first verse has 7 words, it is notable that the total gematria of those 7 words is 2701, which is the sum of the integers from 1 – 73, and also that there 127 different combinations of its 7 gematria values. Let us not forget that the total of 401273 elements in the Torah directly related to Phi(ϕ).
  4. Also, that 127 is the 6th in the exclusive Primeth Recurrence series and pointed to the 7th in the series, 709, the 127th prime number, which was the sum of 7
  5. The word-value 127 is found 64 times in the Torah, as in the 64 times each word of the 7 first words is utilized out of the 127 total combinations of those 7
  6. 127 is the complete value of the 3rd word, Elohim (אלהים), and when the ordinal value within the first verse is added (10+11+12=13=14) = 60, the total is 187, as in the 187 chapters in the Torah.

Since we know that 54 is the ordinal value of the Torah’s first 5 letters it is also notable that 127 is the ordinal value of its first 13 letters and therefore 73 is the ordinal value of the next 8 letters, while the ordinal value of the 2nd-4th letters is 42. Redundancy at every level in order that we do not miss the message, and in order to reinforce the underlaying technology connecting us to the source beyond the shift: One.
Simply, 54 + 13, the two numbers responsible for the Phi(ϕ) shift, together equal 67, the numerical value of the hyper dimension of Binah, and the number of verses in the Torah, 5845 – 67 = 5778. Is this yet another clue?

10 Bases, Not 1

Adding another layer of complexity that any hyper-intelligent design would efficiently account for is found in that fact that all numbers can be viewed in different base systems, not just base 10 where we do all our math and accounting. Computers operate in a world of base 2, using only the digit 1, and the null digit 0, not very practical for us but just fine for them at the moment. If we keep teaching them through AI to be more human, maybe they will eventually want more digits to play with. Regardless, the Creator of the Torah has taken all 10 bases into consideration in its programming.
We know the Hebrew alphabet is constructed out of an exponential curve. The inverse of an exponential curse is a relatively flat logarithmic one. What this means is that if we take the logarithm in any base of any number under even a quadrillion, it will at most produce a two-digit number no higher than 50. If we combined the logarithms in all 10 bases added together, we would still have to pass the number 12 million to reach triple digits.  The sum of the logarithms in all 10 bases of the lowest possible whole number, 2, bounds the other side with a total of 4.25. Please note that all the logs from bases 1 –10 for the number 1 are “0,” which if we wanted to extract meaning from, we could say that in Unity (Oneness) there is zero (“0”) space between us.
The reason we are explaining this is that when we take the sum of the logs in all 10 bases for the number 1000, representing binah and Alef(א), also the 1000 letters of the Shema, and the 1000 value difference in the first verse and the 42-Letter name, we get a very close approximation (42.3994) to 42.4, Moshiach Ben David. As explained above, no other whole number, only 1000, for all infinity could work out closer, even considering any multiple of 10 times 42.4. This is because of the nature of logarithms and them being bounded by 4.25 below and 100 above.
If we do dip beneath the whole number 2, it does not get any closer to 4.24 unless we go out 6 decimal places or so, which is meaningless. What is meaningful, though, is that the sum of the logs for the bases 1-10 for the number 1.998 or 3 x .666 is 4.248, a convincing reference to 4248, the sum of the 22 spelled out Names of 22 Hebrew letters and the prime equation 1/.235711131719
Given that all the summary logs from 1 to 12 million must fall between 4.25 and 100 and given that each one is the sum of 10 different mostly irrational numbers, the odds of one being so close to anything meaningful, like 1000 and 42.4 above, are astronomical, yet there are indeed a few more.
For example, given the pivotal moment in our history when the Torah was received on Mt Sinai in 2448 HC and the importance of the number 54, we know it is not coincidental that the sum of logs of bases 1 -10 for the number 54 is 24.48. This is especially so given the relationship between 5778 and 2448 in the counting of 66.6 jubilee years, and that 54 x 107 = 5778 with the sum of all the integers from 1 to 107 being 5778. Are these clues about the time frame?
Does the relationship between a circle or 360 degrees and the number 54 play a part? 360/54 = 6.66
The Zohar, numerous Kabbalistic texts, even the Passover Haggadah speak about the 50 Gates of Binah and that in order to cross the Sea of Reeds (the Endless Sea or Binah) and exit Egypt the Israelites had to cross the 50th Gate first.  This connection to Binah, or what we would call hyperspace, with the 50 Gates is the same reason we count 50 years in each jubilee cycle and the same reason we were told to start counting them in 2448 HC.  The 10 plagues are mentioned 50 times in the Torah and who led the Israelites out of Egypt? Moses, of numerical value 345.  Therefore, it is most fitting that the sum of the logarithms of all the bases from 1-10 for the number 3450, representing Moses (משה 345) times 10 is precisely 50.000.  Clues? Think about the rules of simulation game theory.
The number 3450 connects to the 4th and 6th words of the Torah (ואת and את), also known as the two hands of G-d, which are found 3450 times in the Torah. They are connected to Abraham in that 401 + 407 = 808, the numerical sofit value of Abraham.
Think about the rules of simulation game theory.  Who were Moses and Abraham? We have said they were both real and archetypes. Given a narrative written before the events happened, what would be the best way to ensure it played out as written, especially concerning the main characters?
While the Log of 127 is 2.10380, instantly reflective of the 210 years of exile in Egypt (Mizra’im) of numerical value 380, it is also reflective of the 210 hypercube so it almost feels as if the universe is guiding us by the hand to yet another one of those precise summations of logarithms of all 10 bases, this time for the number 12700, whose resultant sum is 58, or 57.99957 to be exact, another representation of the 58 elements, which can also be found in the same summations of the logs, Σ logs(1-10) 4930 = 50.80000.
In fact, in the first 7000 numbers there is only a handful of them that work out to a solid 3 or 4 decimal places. Some may have meaning like 6728 yielding 54.1 (54.09999) with Israel being 541, or like 6620 yielding 54.00066. There is also 26 yielding 19.99799 or 20, and 3804 giving us 50.59999 or 50.6, as in the 506 triplets of the 42-Letter Name found in the Torah.
And what about the sum of the logs of the 10 bases for the number 937 yielding 41.9997 or 42? In fact, this is the closest result of any number to a whole number of any number. Go figure! Then again, the second closest number is 58, the complement to 42. No question the universe is sending us yet another message. Perhaps about the 10 dimensions, the 42-Letter Name and Binah hyperspace. Who knows? Clues.
The Divine CalendarThe ONLY log whose Hebrew Calendar year aligns with its Gregorian one is the year 2000 CE or 5760 in the Hebrew Calendar.  Through the Log of 5760, which is 3.76042248, we get the pivot year 3760 HC, the year “0” in the Western Calendar. All of a sudden, the two calendars are eternally connected without man’s intervention.  2000 years separate the two dates and there are no other dates that line up separated as whole numbers at all.  Ironically, the date 3760 HC is followed by 422, the year the First Holy Temple was destroyed, -422 BCE.  The Second Holy Temple was destroyed in the year 70 CE, and “422” is the gematria value for the Hebrew word “seventy.”  How is it possible that the only date this happens with within the entire logarithmic system is the year 3760 HC (0 CE), the date the 2 calendars pivot on? And given the number 3.760 42 248, we have the year 3760 followed by the 42 rows and 248 columns in the Torah matrix.  Think about the rules of simulation game theory.

A More Natural Way to Split the Alef-Bet

There is a more natural way, though, to split the alef-bet into the 1/3 and 2/3 proportions that the Kabbalists use, including Rav Ashlag who as we explained earlier, used it to calculate the time of Moshiach as the period bounding 5778. If we separate the alphabet into the first 18 letters and the final 4 letters, in other words the single and double-digit letter values juxtaposed to the triple-digit letter values, we get a split of 495 and 1000.  This works out to .3311 and .6688, off from true .3333 and .6666 by a miniscule yet telling, .0022 and .0028 amounts, which is pretty much negligible for the most natural sequential split imaginable.  Oddly, when we take their ordinal values, the proportion is almost exactly reversed with the 18 letters equal to 171 out of a total 253, and the 4 last letters equal to 82. Yet what makes this truly interesting is that the complete value of those first 18 letters is 495 + 171 = 666.  Clues? Designed intelligence?
We should note here that when we add 18 to 82 and conversely 4 to 171, we get 100 and 175 respectively, two key ages in the life of Abraham, as specifically delineated in the Torah. Abraham was 100 when Sarah gave birth to Isaac and lived another 75 years to 175.  Also, even though we know Abraham was 70 during the Covenant of Halves in 2018 HC and the 430-year exile that ended in 2448 HC, the Torah uncharacteristically mentions he was 75 when he left his home in Charan, meaning his journey would last 100 years. Everything in the Torah is elucidated with multiple purposes in mind.

Together the two splits in the alef-bet equal (100 + 175) = 275, which is independently derivative of the fact that there are 22 letters. The 22 letters plus the sum of their ordinal value, which is Σ(1-22) = 253 , gives us (22 + 253) = 275. If you recall, 27.5” is the measure of the secret ancient cubit necessary for building the Future Holy Temple.  The proportion 100 is 36.36363% of 275, as in the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David (363), and 175 is 63.636363% of 275.
So, it appears that through the Torah we have been provided a hint to the secret cubit through the life of Abraham, and the same can be said for the first and last parts of the alef-bet. Moreover, we can derive it from the alef-bet even without splitting it. Earlier, we saw how the same 275/10 = 27.5 derivation applied to the 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה). Is there a reason we are getting all these clues? What do the rules say? We must ask what did the Torah measure with cubits?
Isaac was born in 2048 HC when Abraham was 100, so thirty (30) years passed between the blessing of innumerable descendants and Isaac’s birth to begin fulfilling that, which is why in two separate places in the Torah it alludes to the 430 years of the Egyptian exile and also the 400 years of the Egyptian exile. Both are correct and refer to two different viewpoints and starting frameworks, that of Abraham, and that of Isaac/everyone else.
When we add the year of the Egyptian exodus and the receipt of the Torah to the sum of the 22 ordinal values of the 22 letters, we get 2701, the value of the Torah’s first verse. When events have to work out to pinpoint dates how to you ensure that they do?

Mountains and Vortices

If you want to find out where the real power is in this world follow the money. If you want to find where the real power is in the universe follow the energy. Forgetting the myriad layers of understanding and technology beneath the surface of the Torah, the narrative itself is meant to show us the energetic pathways and their sources.
As much as the Torah concerns Moses, it also revolves around Abraham. Abraham (248) is alluded to in the 248-dimensional matrix it is built around to the Phi split in both the E8 lattice and the 401273 elements of the Torah, in the sum of the Names of the 5 Books being 2480, and in the 248 columns in the Torah.  So, let us examine Abraham’s lifeline a little closer. We see that the important event of the binding of Isaac, his son, occurred at age 37 when Abraham was 137, both core prime numbers being intricately woven into the Torah’s first verse with all its cubic functions and with its relationship with the 42-Letter Name. That 37-year period splits the timeline in uneven halves from Isaacs birth at age 100 for Abraham to his death at age 175.  Sarah died at the age of 127, which the Torah oddly and specifically broke down to 100 and 20 and 7 years, when she heard the rumor of the sacrifice of her son Isaac.
Besides the 27 letters in the full alphabet that we have just highlighted, there are both the Torah’s and the rare mathematical connections between 127 and the number 7 already discussed.  Moreover, while Isaac was also 37 when Sarah died, Abraham’s other named son, Ishmael, also lived to 137 years of age, 37 years less than his father, which brings up yet another connection to the E8 lie group and the E8 lattice of dimension 248 in 8 spatial dimensions in that Abraham had 8 sons in total.  And in relation to the 58 elements of the Torah, the gematria of Sarah is 505 and the gematria sofit of Abraham is 808.
Both 505 and 808 are simple multiple of the 26th prime number, 101, Together this numerical sum of the Patriarch and Matriarch (808 + 505) = 1313, naturally 13 (echad and ahava, Oneness and love) times 101, but also the year the Torah was received on Mt Sinai, 1313 BCE.
Moreover, the simple combination of 26 + 101 = 127, injecting the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) of value 26 into every one of the Torah and the universe’s equations involving 127 and 7 elements or dimensions.
As we said earlier, 808 is the sum of the 4th and 6th words of the Torah (ואת and את), in that 401 + 407 = 808. Collectively, these same two words are found 3450 times in the Torah, establishing integral connections to both Abraham and Moses. The Kabbalists say that beside actual personages these two men are archetypes of cosmic energy. They and the other Patriarchs are referred to as mountains because they are huge focal points of energy in the universe. They play a reflective role of this with their prominence in the Torah. Abraham and Moses are the two major complementary poles, not positive and negative as we think of them, more like male and female. Abraham had no walls on this tent, because he gave, gave constantly, gave us the One G-d philosophy. Moses received the Torah.
It is not that simplistic though. The numerical value of Abraham (248) is also that of womb, and Moses was a tremendous channel.  In the sense that we can grasp they both embodied integrated male and female energy to some degree. Strength without mercy is dangerous. Mercy without strength is weakness.
Moses too is connected to the number 137 in that it is the age of Moses’ father and great grandfather as well.  The connection between Moses and Abraham is further cemented in their lineage as Moses is the 26th in the line of Adam and Abraham is the 20th and as we have just seen the sum of the logs for all the bases from 1-10 for the number 26, representing the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), is 20.
There are 613 precepts in the Torah, of which 365 are restrictive ones—do not do this or you should not do that—and 248 are proactive. The 365 restrictive precepts, while helping us connect to the 248-dimensional vertices, also must align with the mountain, or energetic vortex, of Abraham.  The 365 restrictive ones, we can assume have an alignment with the 365 days that it takes the Earth to encircle the Sun at 66,600 miles per hour. We would tell you to picture 365 invisible quantum strings, but a day is not fixed location. There is near infinite time in a day: 24 hours divided by 60 minutes by 60 seconds by picoseconds etc. So instead, view the 365 precepts as receptors, a phrase array antenna harnessing energy and recirculating it. Of those 365 receptors, 345 align with the mountain or energetic vortex of Moses, and the other 20 with Keter and the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) through the sum of the logs bases 1 – 10 for the number 26. According to kabbalah and the rules of simulation game theory, both sets of precepts bring the player spiritual coinage for doing them.
Given their integral connections, is it a specific design element that the difference between Abraham’s and Moses’ age’s is (175 – 120) = 55, the measure of 2 cubits, and part of the Torah’s (13 – 42 – 55) sequence that sums to 110, Joseph’s age, or twice the difference in Abraham’s and Moses’ age, 4 cubits.  By the way, Jacob lived (147 – 110), or 37 years longer than his son, Joseph.

Jacob’s Ladder to G-d

Speaking of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה), which we always seem to be doing, there is another network extending throughout the Torah that links us to the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) over and over again and it starts with Jacob(יעקב). What comes to most Torah scholar’s first is that Jacob(יעקב) has a value of 182, which equals 7 x 26 (יהוה), as in the 7 rungs on Jacob’s ladder and the 42-Letter Name Matrix, but for the moment that is an aside.
The name Jacob(יעקב) includes the letters in the river Yabok (יבק) that line up with the 112 Triplets plus the letter Ayn (ע) for 70, as in the 70 family members that entered with him into Egypt, the 70 faces of the Torah, and the 70 words in the famous dream of Jacob’s ladder and G-d’s promise to him about his descendants, which is found in Parasha Vayetze, verse 28:12-15 (staring with V’hineh, when the dream began). This corresponds to age 70 when Abraham received a similar promise from G-d at the Covenant of Halves in 2018 HC, and also to the word “and the sand (וכחול)” in G-d’s similar blessing at the binding of Isaac event (Vayerah 22:17). In the first instance, G-d blessed Abraham that his descendants would be as the stars in the sky. In the second, He repeated that and added also the sand on the shore, injecting the element of physicality.  There is also the allusion to ever shifting and drifting sand.
Much later in the Torah two censuses are taken of the Israelites, at the beginning and end of their sojourn through the desert, and the 12 tribes are enumerated, the descendants of Jacob. The total remained the same but the numbers in each tribe changed. If we split the 12 tribes in two groups, we see that in the first group the sum of the gematria values of their names equals 1820, as does the sum of their count differentials, matching the 1820 Tetragrammaton(יהוה) in the Torah or 10 x 182, Jacob (יעקב), their father.
The names of the tribes reach back to the source (יהוה) every time they are recited or read, especially when read as a grouping as is most often the case in the Torah. Moreover, the message is that G-d’s blessing extend off the page of the Torah to the descendants throughout time and space, who are like the drifting sands on the shore by the sea and like the stars above that are beyond the base-simulation, ever linking them to their source (יהוה). Heaven and Earth. The Torah mountains pierce the sky. In what scenario can a man in our world bridge the gap? Were they men of flesh and blood? Yes, no less nor more then any of us are. Were they born predestined since birth? Yes, Abraham alone in a cave and Moses in the sea. Were they driven? Did they have an innate sense of mission that they fulfilled? Did they receive communication and support in that mission from above? They were admittedly men, humble ones who knew that they were not gods and who knew and understood who and what G-d, the Creator is.  They knew to beseech G-d for the sake of others, not to pretend to command him as with Pharaoh and as with numerous cultish practices and new age false healing practitioners because they knew the difference between the Creator and the opponent. That is key. That was their big advantage. No one in this world is immune to the effects of the opponent, but to see him for who/what he is and to see past the illusions is vital to true success.
This connection through Jacob, the Israelite tribes, and the 1820 Tetragrammaton(יהוה) is also why the Avot prayer (Magen Abraham) in the Amidah has 182 letters and 42 Words, strengthening these connections every time it is recited, especially in a minyan of 10 or more. Is 10 an arbitrary number? What does it mean to strengthen these connections?
In the second group of tribes, there was zero net differential and the sum of the gematria of their names equaled 1870, or 50 more then he first group. The 1870 total would be 10 x 187, the number of chapters in the Torah. This means that the net differential for all 12 tribes after their sojourn was 1820.
When we add the gematria value for all 12 Tribes, we get (1820 + 1870) = 3690 and then adding 70 for the Israelites who entered Egypt, we get 3760, as in 3760 HC or 0 CE. That number 70 comes up in four different ways at least, regarding the pivot date of 3760 and the First and Second Holy Temples. Why? Why was it important to create this equation for us to notice?
There is even more information hidden in the Torah’s first verse. We know each word has its own standard gematria value (i.e. בראשית is 913), and since each letter has an ordinal value within the alphabet, each word has its own complete gematria value (i.e. בראשית is 913 + 76), while each letter in the verse has its own ordinal value within the verse and the associated word gets the sum of those values (i.e. בראשית is 1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21).
  So, the Name Elohim (אלהים) as the 3rd word in the Torah connects to the 187 above in the 6 Tribes, the number of chapters in the Torah and 4 to the 7 equation. The 4th word is interesting because 455 is the sum of the 3 Names Ehyeh (אהיה), which as we have recenting seen is 1820/4. Moreover, Ehyeh (אהיה) has the value 21 as in the ordinal verse value of Bereshit (בראשית), and 1010 is obviously 10 x 101, connected to the Archangel Michael (101) and the 26th Prime.  The 6th word connects to the value of Sarah (שרה) as we discussed with the Triplets of the 42-Letter Name. The final 7th word is a little more concerning because it is the numerical value of death, mavat (מות) which makes sense as the 7th word “the Earth” is associated with physicality, the only place where the illusion of death exists. As for the total, 3405, while it contains 345 as in Moses (משה), it is eerily reminiscent of the 304,805 letters in the Torah.
Meanwhile, the sum of the digits in the tribe totals broken down by their two groupings is (2+6+2+9+5+0) = 24 and (2+6+1+1+3+0) = 13 for a total of 37 for group # 1 and (3+4+0+6+0+0) = 13 and (3+4+0+6+0+0) = 13 for a total of 26 for group # 2. Once again, the ubiquitous 37, 13 for One(ness) and the everlasting 26 (יהוה). An endless stream of clues. Can any of us say that the Creator did not try to reach out to us, to awaken ourr innate missions?
What frequency does the Creator operate in within our world, our possible simulation, work on? Is it 432 Hz as we have identified before? Is the fact that the sum of all the digits in both group in both censuses and in both sets of their difference equals 432 meaningful, another clue, another form of blessings from beyond? Is that why 432 was baked into the first and last words of the Torah ?
The number 432 is the sum of 4 consecutive primes. The number of digits in those 4 primes = 27 and the 4 corresponding ordinal values, beginning with 27, sum to 114 as in the number of chakras (112 inside our bodies corresponding to the 112 Triplets, 2 outside them):
The Torah’s first word Bereshit (בראשית) when connected to the last word Israel (ישראל) complete the annual cycle of 54 portions and the circle and form an 11-letter phrase, “Israel in the beginning.”
Separating out the first, middle, and last letters (בלת) of numerical value 432, we are left with two identical words (אשרי) Ashrei, meaning blessing/happy.  Within each of those words and in the center of both Bereshit (בראשית) and Israel (ישראל) is the name/word Asher as in “I am that I am” (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) and thus the ordinal value at the core (אשר) of both Israel, Bereshit and “I am that I am,” which we will be discussing later, is 42. The number 42 in the End and in the Beginning.
Can any of us say that the Creator did not try to reach out to them, to awaken their innate mission? Were we set up for success or failure?

A Final Word about the Rules

Finally, there are two mistaken premises that people confuse with the rules. The first is that they can evolve within a single lifetime. That is an allowed trick of the opponent and many organizations, wittingly or unwittingly fueled by the philosophies of the opponent, thrive on the premise that they are turning you into evolved beings. If anyone takes a step back and looks at them they will see no real change in them even after 20 years of indoctrination and that is because evolving takes place on the consciousness level and is external to the base-simulation.
The premise of self-evolvement is ego enrichment and is by nature a cementing factor to the physical world, even when presented as spiritual enlightenment.  Meditating, even on Hebrew letters, when the goal is any type of self-fulfillment is detrimental to the journey and thus of achieving your goal.  What are you asking to be fulfilled? Your soul? Not possible, so it could only be your ego and selfish desires. And who are you asking for this fulfilment? Do you think the Creator has any reason to enrich your physical life and thus prevent you from ever achieving His goal for you? So, do you really think that asking the opponent for help is a good thing? Yes, we all realize you were probably deceived, but that is the first part of winning at this game: seeing past the deception. Who taught you that meditation? What is their agenda? After asking yourself why they chose you to be their prey and what that really says about your spiritual journey, figure out what your soul really wants.  Fortunately, the Torah tells us that every 50 years all debts and slaves must be released. The last mass release was in the late 1960’s. It has been 50 years, and the window is still open. Have you asked to be released or are you still a slave?

Evolvement to the consciousness (the soul) is not the object of the simulation; it is the prize for beating the simulation.  Beating the simulation is proof that the initiate (player) is ready for the next level. The one key component to beating the simulation is certainty, certainty in the Creator and that the simulation can be beat. This partially equates to faith. Do not misconstrue what was just said. Certainty in anything else is an illusion. Focusing on anything else will be a distraction and while necessary to get through the looped simulations with their constant opportunities to earn spiritual coinage, you cannot beat the system by focusing your attention on the physical. It will absorb you.  Focus is crucial and we will discuss that in the future.
Use the physical to your advantage. Draw and inject love from and into the physical and it will strengthen your certainty. Love is the one attribute that comes from beyond the base-simulation.  Emotions and fears are physical reactions.  Love, lust, and being in-love are three different things. Only love is real and cannot be faked, but it can be fleeting. There is a reason love and One have the same numerical value, 13, and a reason the opponent has convinced most of the world that 13 is a bad or unlucky number.  There is also a reason beyond the 13 colonies that the One (1) dollar bill has 13 stars, 13 arrows, 13 letters in E pluribus Unim, 13 layers of the pyramid with 72 bricks, 13 leaves, 13 stripes on the emblem, 13 berries, 13 letters in Annuit Coeptis, and 13 tiers in the cornucopia, even though by the time the first $1 bills circulated there were far more than 13 states.
This brings us to the second mistaken premise.  First, to be clear, awakening and evolvement in this plane are two different, opposite states of being.  That is not to say that those awakened ones are not evolved because they are; it that they evolved over many iterations(incarnations) and brought with them much accumulated knowledge, memories, and spiritual coinage to fortify themselves against the opponent’s onslaught. Those that claim themselves to be evolved this lifetime have been duped into thinking themselves woke.  Second, awakening and winning are two different things.  First, we need to awaken, and then we can realistically search for the portal or escape hatch that will lead to the next level. Think of all the video games, there is always a final challenge, something somewhat different from the rest of the game, that must be overcome.  It is no different from this simulation game that we call life.
In our next article we will examine yet another way to look at the numbers in the Torah. More surprises. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

15 thoughts on “Part XI The Rules of the Game

  1. ZECHARIAH 4:6 Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts. PSALM 87:7 “All my springs are in YOU.”
    In Hebrew the name Israel is: G-d prevails.
    Deuteronomy 30:10-14 10 But you must obey the Lord your God to keep His Laws which are written in this book of the Law. You must turn to the Lord your G-d with all your heart and soul.
    NUMBER ONE IS ONE , it means the first and the last, TO BE THE SAME, ONE. G-d has deemed Oneness. (G-d has built Oneness in His creation)
    11 “For this Law I give you today is not too hard for you, or too far from you. 12 It is not in heaven. You do not need to say, ‘Who will go up to heaven for us and bring it down to make us hear it, so we may obey it?’ 13 It is not farther than the sea. You do not need to say, ‘Who will cross the sea for us and bring it to us to make us hear it, so we may obey it?’ 14 But the Word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, so that you may obey it.
    Deuteronomy 30:19-20 19″ I call heaven and earth to witness against you today , that I set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life IN ORDER that you may live, you and and your descendants, 20 by loving the Lord your G-d, by obeying His voice, and holding fast to Him !
    (the answer is BUILT-IN, with-in, in a oneness) the number one

  2. BS¨D
    I would like to comment on something that I consider fundamental and that appears in the work of Master F. Weinreb (Blessed be his memory) and that appears in his work translated into Spanish The Kabbalah Divine World Project of which I put a link to download in English I think I remember makes a post in part VIII:::
    ( !!!!!!!Dear brothers, I apologize for my insistence on recommending you to review the work to which I have already referred, since it sheds a lot of light on the concepts that we are dealing with according to the ancient Jewish tradition of the Torah, because their vision and understanding of the texts was something different from the current one, I’m sure it will surprise you … With my best wishes that you find His way, receive a big hug
    Shalom U”brajá!!!!!!!! )
    In case they take it into account and it is the following: “Literal quote”
    The reason why Moses had not returned on the fortieth day was not answered until now.
    If he had returned as he had promised, the painful story with the golden calf would not have happened. Tradition138 indicates that Satan had his hand in this game. He managed to confuse the calculations. Moses ascended to Sinai on the seventh day of the third month (Ex. 24: 9-18). It was a day of total splendor (Ex. 24: 10-11). When Moses is with God, a new phase in time begins for others. Only then the separation occurs, the period of 40 days. These are the 40 days during which Moses is alone up there with God; and the town is down without a guide.
    Satan had begun to calculate the beginning of 40 days from the day of the ascension, early in the morning, that is, on the seventh day of the third month. In reality, the time of separation had just begun when Moses departed from his company; that is, one hour later that day.
    According to Satan’s calculations, the forty days culminated on the night of the sixteenth day of the fourth month, so the 17th would have already been the forty-first day.
    Tradition clarifies that the time during which Moses was still accompanied could not enter into the account of these forty days, which means a completely new state. The town is separated from the “above”, and can do nothing but wait. The symptom “time” is also manifested in this case in the forties of the “forty days”. The state of “one” reigns when Moses along with Aaron, Nadab, Abiú and the seventy elders see God and live the miracle of unification.
    But the “forty” state began only when Moses became “invisible,” when he was alone with God, and the other parts of him, waiting for him.
    The error in the calculation of the forty days was in the union of the two phases and in seeing them as continuity. Two totally different states from each other, the “one” and the “four”, were unified and placed on the same level without having previously considered their dissimilarity; The town had the “hard neck.” The understanding of the true harmony between the “one” and the “four” was lacking; There was also an lack of understanding that the criteria at different levels were not the same. Between these opposite levels a fluid passage was formed, but using usual measures and colors, used and thought by us, which is worse than a calculation error; Here begins sin. It is the consequence of a certain attitude towards God and the world, a very determined attitude.
    This explains that Tradition speaks here of Satan. The forces of development know nothing but flowing continuity. If one clings to them, he is captured in the circle of these forces then serving the “calf”; He is inclined to measure the sacred, which is on a totally different level than the criteria of the world and the multiple.
    Something similar had happened in the exodus of the sons of Ephraim from Egypt. Tradition comments that this strong tribe knew that God foretold Abraham in the year 2018 a slavery of 400 years in Egypt (Gen. 15:13). Therefore, they have already undertaken the road in the year 2418 to occupy Canaan, 30 years before the real exodus. They did not take the long road from E. to W., but left Egypt to enter Canaan through the W. Despite coming from the bodily side of the Judah Joseph unit, they were fought by the inhabitants of Canaan. The skeletons seen by Ezekiel belonged, it is said, to these avid and hurried sons of Ephraim. They had also made a miscalculation. In fact, Abraham already knew in 2018 about the 400 years of slavery or exile and the following salvation.
    For 30 years Abraham had lived in firm confidence that God would give him a son, a future in another world. Although everything seemed to indicate that this was an impossible, implausible thing, Abraham hoped that everything would turn to good. After 30 years the incredible happened, Isaac was born. When this took place it was no longer difficult to believe in the continuation of the path of miracle, of exile and of liberation, of division and of unification. These 30 years, full of confidence, form a special measure compared to the next 400 years. These 30 years are on another level; therefore the error of the children of Ephraim was not to recognize the difference between the sacred and the multiple. The exodus was successful, but the entrance led to death.
    When Moses returned to Egypt, Seraj – daughter of the eighth son, Asher – was consulted. She, belonging to the eighth, will recognize the signs of the true savior. When Serach heard that the words of Moses (Ex. 4:31) were the same as those with which Joseph had predicted the savior (Gen. 50:25), he said: “This time he is the true savior” .
    These words, which are literally the same in both passages of the Hebrew Bible, express that God will remember the people and will do so. True liberation is something totally out of the line of evolution. It is an intervention from another world. In creation, it is at the beginning of liberation that comes from another world, from the origin. It is not a result of development.
    We have already seen that 190 years of the 400 were lived in Canaan. The exile begins for Abraham with the birth of Isaac in the year 2048, but Jacob goes to Egypt only in the year 2238, so they still spend 190 years in Canaan – land that then belonged to the Canaanites, so it was “strange ” in the same. These 190 years in Canaan have the same value as the CaNAaN voice: 20-50-70-50. Next, 210 years in Egypt followed, those of the value of the ReDU voice (Descend): 200-4-6. These 210 years represent the true permanence in Egypt, in the world of duality.
    The 30 years of Abraham’s faith introduce these 210 years into Egypt. They are like the “one” facing the experience of exile in duality. Abraham’s qualities created a measure for “time.”
    The Hebrew voice that indicates “measure, criterion”; is MiDáH: 40-4-5; and that simultaneously means quality. When, for example, in Ex. 34: 6-7 God names His Qualities (known in Tradition as the Thirteen Qualities), these can also be called the Thirteen Measures. Such measures are also expressed in relation to the aforementioned 30 years with respect to 210 years, that is, 1: 7.
    The 210 form, according to Abraham’s measurements, the expression of the “seven”, of the seven days of this world. They are determined by 30, Abraham’s “one.” The 1: 7 ratio is a very important principle. Only through him can you understand the secret of the world. The world of “seven”, expressed on the seventh day relative to the world, is governed by the “one.” This is outside the “seven”, but nevertheless forms a unity with it, just as the “one” is in opposition to the “four”, and yet forms the harmony of 1-4.
    When the High Priest entered the Sanctasanctórum, on a single day of the annual cycle, on the tenth day of the seventh month, he carried the blood of the sacrificed to the Ark of the Covenant, where God resides in this world, and splashed the blood before God. According to Tradition, this happened with a simultaneous count, because the measure of the material was the reality of the essential. It counted like this: “one; one and one; one and two; one and three; one and four; one and five; one and six; one and seven ”.
    There, in Sanctasanctórum, where the secret is revealed, it is told in that way; and not “one; two; three … ”, but everything is put in front of the“ one ”. Each state exists only when it is in front of the “one” of the origin as a special measure. In this way, the 210 years in Egypt are found as “seven” compared to the 30 years of Abraham, the “one.” Also there is valid the “one; one and one; one and two … “to” one and seven. ” This is the whole secret. Also for life and for the world, the “one” of the Bible is the “one” that guides everything. In him are the measures of God with which the “seven” of the world was determined. Always keeping in mind the “one”, no matter in what situation, regardless of whether “one and four” or “one and five” is counted, that situation is linked to the “one”.
    This is the essential content of the unification of opposites. The harmony of opposites, then, has been found, that being the meaning of life.
    Part 4 , Chapter X – The method of calculating
    Besides passing, I believe that I must insist on what I also commented in a post in the previous article, it would be good to review the way of telling “biblically” according to how F. Weinreb comments in his work Book of Jonas starting these from – 1,1,2,3,5 …. etc; Considering the -1 as an anti-world, apparently it is how Tradition transmitted it or how they saw it in antiquity. Since if what he said was that way, for example the number 101, it would not be the prime number 26; but 27 to give an example and in relation to the wonderful new article of our guide & brother Jeff.
    Thank you very much for your work and effort, Ezra
    Shalom & Blessings for All

  3. BS¨D
    I would like to show one more example in relation to what I commented in my previous post about prime numbers and their “correct” way of counting them, as I said it would be: -1,1,2,3,5,7 …..
    Nowadays I see in many videos and articles about Kabalah that referring to the first verse of Genesis, Bereshit of value 2701 which is indicated to be 37 x 73, correct, but subsequently indicate that the corresponding primes ​​are 12 and 21 which seems very attractive because they are mirror numbers, but in reality if we count as indicated by Master Weinreb they would correspond to 14 and 23, having this more logical since 14 corresponds to the constructive base of the Torah, Ain Sof (1) and YHVH (4), the Base 1-4 ratio; more 23 that is the value of JaYaH of Jokmah, being the value of its sum 37 YeJYDaH and that of its multiplication 322, the Shin Fire of the 22; and its difference of 9 hidden Sefirot. I leave it open to possible comments or points of view although I know that in the book of which you send the link there are many more examples.
    Greetings to all & blessings

  4. Ezra, thanks again for your new mind bending posts. As mentioned before though, is a lot of complex material to try to absorb and apply, and to be put into proper perspective for mere mortals it really would be helpful if you would put together an outline for us to follow along with, to make it easier see the complete picture.
    People start with their own set of preconceived notions, outlooks and preferences, and they perceive things from different perspectives. Surely most of what you write readily make sense and happily resonates, however some things are more mysterious, perplexing, and difficult to accept.
    Regarding the idea that the world may be some sort of “simulation,” forgive me for saying that this appears to be mostly drawn from foreign philosophies and new age mumbo jumbo. Generally the great Kabbalists of the past have argued just the opposite, that the physical world is “real,” for the Torah says “G-d created the heavens and the earth,” and therefore we know with certainty that the world is real, and not some kind of a fantasy or make believe. It might also be argued that there is a more basic way of knowing this, simply by testing and experiencing the stubbing one’s toe or the banging one’s finger. Ouch, @#%&$, that for sure is real!
    [Generally Kabbalists have believed that even the spiritual worlds are real, and not merely simulations, phantoms of imagination, or dream realities. Most even literally accepted the reality of various angels and demons, and even believed in real magic and the like. I have already expressed my reservations and objections, but they certainly did not speak about simulations!]
    Along these lines, FWIW, I agree with Todd, who commented (on Part VIII: Phi (ϕ) and Pi and the 42-Letter Name, June 18, 2019): “Saying “Many worlds were created before ours” is very different from the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics (which I personally don’t believe, FWIW), which says that all possibilities that did not occur in our world did/does occur in another. Do you think that’s a “thing” that actually occurs? If so, are there any classic texts making those claims? [Great work – Keep it coming!]”
    Also regarding your discussion of various mathematical concepts that appear to be modeled into the construction of the pyramids., this is a matter that attracts numerous crazy ideas and charlatans, and it would be helpful if you would share more of your general views regarding this enigma.
    Also it should be made a bit clearer what ideas you received from your teachers, and what ideas you are contributing on the basis of your own investigations. Would Rav Brandwein have approved of your speculations about our lives being simulations, and that we are players in some sort of game? Would he have approved of your speculations about the pyramids and the association of the Great Pyramid with Joseph?
    In the post you wrote: “There are 613 precepts in the Torah, of which 248 are restrictive ones—do not do this or you should not do that—and 365 are proactive…”
    It seems this should be reversed, the 248 are the proactive precepts, “do this” or “do that,” and the 365 are restrictive, “do not do this” or “do not do that.”
    Incidentally, in general the proactive, positive commandments, are more connected to the Name Hashem, while the restrictive, negative commandments, are more connected to the Name Elokim. Time allowing I will elaborate a bit more about this and about other topics.
    Very much looking forward to the next installment!

    1. Thanks Moshe for catching my inadvertent reversal. I’ll correct it. When the series is concluded, I’ll break it down into distinct units and create a table of contents, right now it is still evolving. As for the Kabbalists they actually believe this world is a world of illusion, created by G-d, Yes, but as reflection of the spiritual and coopted by the Opponent, so as I said in the last posting it doesn’t matter whether we are in a simulation or not, the rules are the same, the Creator is the Creator, the goal is the same as well. I’m trying to bridge the worlds of understanding so all can access the Creator and it’s a process. People can best understand it and visualize it as a simulation. And yes, Rav Brandwein would have approved. Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov

  5. NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM is also a code that uses the letters but translate one by one letter (not phonetic of entire word):
    – NOVUS 364
    Nun Vav Bet Vav Shin
    50+6+2+6+300 = 364
    364 = HaSatan
    – ORDO 216
    Vav Resh Dalet Vav
    6+200+4+6 = 216
    216 = Total Letters of 72 Name of G_d
    216 = Davir
    216 = Lion
    216 = Gevurah
    – SECLORUM 363
    Samech Aleph Chet Lamed Vav Resh Vav Mem
    60+1+20+30+6+200+6+40 = 363
    363 = HaMoshiach

    1. I believe we all know about the NWO and who the opponent is. I don’t translate other languages into Hebrew and then use gematria because a single interpreted letter can change the entire resultant meaning and the there is no way of telling the original writer’s intent, but it is interesting.

  6. Hi, Jeff
    I’m very interested to know your opinion about the counting of prime numbers starting from the -1, anti-world or possible concept of 0 as I said a few days ago, you could comment on something about it, thank you..
    Fantastic pdf compilation of the last series….
    Shalom & Blessings

    1. I’m sorry. I thought I had. It must not have posted for some reason. Short answer: One reason mathematicians do not count from -1 is that -1^n for any odd n = -1, therefore -1 cannot be prime as the product of 3 or more numbers. Many do not consider 1 prime for similar reasons. Indeed, 1 is special. Shabbat Shalom

  7. Thank you X your answer, Jeff.
    As for the way you count on the sanctum sanctorum by the Kohen, 1,1 and 1,1 and 2,1 and 3… and so on?
    Shabat Shalom

  8. Hi Matteo,
    Like Ezra, I find translating Roman-English Letters into Hebrew Letters can generate several different spellings in Hebrew.
    What I find more interesting is to look at documents or logos produced by prominent groups, such as the US “Founding Fathers”.. The numbers built into the English are often related to Maths and Numbers in the Torah. The “links” have been deliberately built into the English words.
    For instance, the US Declaration was signed on the 4th July. The day and month are European-Roman-“Vatican” (European Calendar), but the numbers, 4 and 7, are strongly tied to the Torah. For instance, as written originally with no Sofit Letters, there are 7 Different Letters in both halves of the Torah’s Firt Verse, the Verse that is such a major “plank” among the 4 Elements Ezra writes about in these articles.
    There are 4 other Letters (Bet, Lamed) and (Vau, Tsadhe) that occur ONLY in one half of the verse or the other. That 4-7 split is there at the beginning of the Torah. Maybe there was some Divine inspiration in the selection of the 4th July, but “on the ground”, it was men (American colonists) who chose the date. Moses wrote down the Letters that were dicated to him from a/the Divine Source. The US Founding Fathers worked Moses’ Divinely given mathematics into their date. Nice thing for them to do, but it was them who did it.
    Similarly, with the Great Seal. The writing is in Latin, using the Roman (English) Alphabet.
    The English Code (Freemasonry/Cornelius Agrippa’s code) used translates the “Novus Ordo Seclorum” as follows:
    NOVUS 1080
    ORDO 184
    SECLORUM 478
    Total 1742
    We have to restrict ourselves to guesswork as to what the intent was in choosing those words/letters:
    The 1080 may be a reference/hint at the radius of the Moon.
    The 478 is the same value as the third row of Triplets in the 72 Triplets.
    The 1742 Total is 26 (the value of the Tetragrammaton) * 67 (The value of Binah in Hebrew). Once we get into the 4-Letter Name being structured into “Novus Ordo Seclorum”, we might be looking at 1742 as a hint at 1742 + 4 = 1746, with 1746 being the “famous” Number of Fusuion (666 + 1080). But we are only guessing.
    (Not everyone who uses the mathematics of the Hebrew Gematria in English names, or logos, does that with good intent. For instance, the Australian and Singapore “Chapters” of the Charles Manson Family use (yes, present tense, i.e. they are still “in business”) use English names that match Torah mathematics. They do that thinking that they can use the numbers/codes as talismans. (My opinion is that it is not the talismans that protected them, but rather, corrupt politics – a long story.
    Despite the “corrupt politics”, there are also plenty of good and well intentioned people working in government agencies and in influential positions. )
    When Moses “did a Charlton Heston” and split the Sea, he had more going for him than Hollywood and Cecil B DeMille. Moses had, among other things, the 72 Triplets engraved on the staff in his hands. He could see those letters as he split the Sea. Those Letters were written in Hebrew, engraved on the staff by the Creator, and then given to humanity (Adam).
    Well intentioned (and malevolent) humans can play with the Torah mathematics in English, but the most we can get from that is a look inside their thinking, rather than the Creator’s thinking.
    There are some other “real doozies” on The Great Seal. It is an interesting topic!

  9. Hello Jeffrey hello Peter
    Novus = 364 = Satan is write to the left and we know that the left rapresenting the Sitra Atrah, the Evil Inclination, the Egoism of Physical Body, practically the Satan.
    Seclorum = 363 = HaMoshiach is write to the right and we know that the right rapresenting the Good Inclination, the Mercy, the Compassion, Practically the Quality of the Soul
    The positions (Right and Left) is not casual
    Jeffrey wrote that the 13 levels of Pyramid that numerological rapresenting the Echad-One and is also all Tree of Life and also other meanings.
    If we look good the Great Seal in the One Dollar the real total number of brick of the Pyramid seems to be 79 and not 72 and is possible look good in this immage
    79 is the Atomic Numer of the Gold
    Other thing that i can say is that if we look
    to the right of the Pyramid in the Great Seal, we look that is designed (as a cloud) the Orion Nebula
    Maybe this object coul be connected
    Orion in the Mythology is the Hunter and also Esav is the Hunter. Is this maybe connected? Is the story of Jacob and Esav a metaphorical of the battle between the Soul and the Satan or Physical Body?
    Is possible that the Soul of Moshiach is in the physical body of Esav-Edom? For a important cabalist i hear that the answer is that is possible.
    ANNUIT COEPTIS have a possible numerical value 312 if written this way
    ANNUIT 126
    Aleph Nun Nun Vav Yud Teth
    1 + 50 + 50 + 6 + 10 + 9 = 126
    COEPTIS 186
    Chaf Vav Aleph Phe Teth Yud Samech
    20 + 6 + 1 + 80 + 9 + 10 + 60 = 186
    126 + 186 = 312 that is the gematria
    of the “Eye of Jacob” עֵין יַעֲקֹב
    and maybe this is possible that is connected with the All Seeing Eye above the Pyramid and 312 is also the gematria of sum of all 12 permutations of Tetragrammaton
    I can say that in the Great Seal seems to be coded the Name of a person and seems also a Physical Place but sorry i can not reveal this
    For Peter, I personally have great esteem and affection for United State of America and i think that the USA have an the very important role in the World

  10. Re the USA — me too Matteo. The US Navy saved my country from invasion when they stopped the Japanese invasion fleet headed for the Queensland Coast. (The “Battle of The Coral Sea”). My generation will always be grateful to the USA, and especially the Navy for that.
    Decades ago, I was a professional lifeguard on a Sydney beach, when I saved the daughter of a US diplomat from drowning. Fast forward 33 years and the US Consulate in Auckland “repaid the favour”. They sheltered me and my 12 year old daughter when the local PM sent a team of snipers after us. The US Diplomatic Corps saved our lives — not from the snipers, but from a shocker of a PM. (The (foreign) snipers had way more principle than the PM who hired them. So they deliberately missed their shots at us. The “monster” had two of them gaoled for disobeying her orders to shoot us. They told her that they had “missed” but she did not believe them. But they did, as they were hired to do, kill several paedophiles who might have “talked” and exposed the paedophile rings that her government was at the centre of. “Western civilisation” (or at least parts of it, have been a disaster ain recent years !)
    The USA started out with wonderful good intentions. The positive influences included Freemasons, idealists, “Bible oriented” Christians and “refugees” from tyranny in other parts of the world. What they created and built, was something very special, e.g. as far as I know, the first country to offer citizenship to Jews SINCE THE ROMANS destroyed the Second Temple, was the USA. That says VOLUMES about the good side of the US of A.
    But many of “us foreigners” feel the USA has strayed from its path in the past 60 years. Two of my cousins were US politicians. Both were assassinated. Just one sign of things in the USA going “off track” after World War II.
    The USA “bailed Britain out” in World War I. Britain was feeling “so warm & fuzzy” towards the USA for the “bail out”, that Britain threatened to go to war with the USA unless the USA scrapped many of its “capital ships”. Just Google “Capital Ships Treaty” or “Washington Naval Treaty” and you will find a severely “sanitised” version of the story. For some reason, Washington “caved in” and did what London wanted. That meant that the US Navy could no longer maintain full strength fleets in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. That in turn, set up Pearl Harbor and the Pacific War. If that war had gone the way London wanted it, Japan and the USA would have destroyed each other, and the USA would have been reduced to a vassal state or neo-colony of the UK.
    In Australia we have our “Anglophile idiots” who want to grovel at London’s feet. But Australian Defence Policy since 1941 has been built on the knowledge that the USA was the country that honoured its alliance with us, while London did not “deliver” when the Japanese invasion was headed our way.
    To their credit, the “regime” in Washington put some restrictions on the murderous PM who wanted us shot. They loathed her 9FOR HER ANTI-AMERICAN HATRED) as much as I did after the murder attempts.
    Yes, I have lots of personal and family reasons to be grateful to the USA, more than I have included here. My country has plenty of reasons too.

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