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Before we begin let us clarify something about our possible simulation theory. Thinking of the simulation as taking place inside a machine (computer made up of wires and chips) is as quaint as hamsters in a plexiglass box. Their entire world consisted of a wheel thing, a drip spout for water, and a drop shoot for food pellets. What could be any better? Except there was a vague sense that every once in a while, they were being watched by some alien lifeforms and that those geoengineering aliens were somehow connected to the occasion earthquakes they would experience.  When a portal opened up and a clear yellow tube suddenly appeared out of nowhere, some hamster’s mind was blown. You also know that there was a hamster behind him yelling don’t go towards the light.  As soon as he did go through the light, he entered a parallel universe with another similar but slightly different wheel thing, drip spout and pellets.
We may not be hamsters, but our vision of our universe is still extremely limited. The simulations take place beyond the restrictions of time and space. When the kabbalists describe physicality, they describe it as the non-real world. To them, it is a vessel made out of spiritual forces in which the reflections of other spiritual forces are housed and shared. Outside this realm, chaos cannot exist, but within it, the intermingling of forces restricted into 3 physical dimensions allows for the chaos we observe in all our physical environments.
To us, like the hamster, our physicality is everything; to the rest of the “real” universe it is trivial, the lowest of the training grounds. To the Creator, nothing is trivial, all is One. For that we must be very very grateful, humble and appreciative.  Nevertheless, if you were the Creator, where would you put your energy? The vibrant, ever expanding, ever evolving great majority of the universe that has already learned to share, self-sustain and give back to the universe, or to the dead zone that constantly suckles life force from you and fights every instinct to share and evolve? Thankfully, there is nothing as compelling as a baby and teachers always delight in that one shining student that not only gets it and excels but thirsts for more
The great kabbalists were such students.  Those kabbalists, tzaddiks and other great students knew how to travel faster than the speed of light boundary, and they did it in the same way our scientists are on the verge of discovering.  You do not speed up time, you speed up space. You encase yourself in an antigravity bubble and ride a soliton wave, moving space vast distances almost instantaneously. Those are not the terms the tzaddikim used but they learned the process and how to use it responsibly through the Torah, the alef-bet, and evolvement.  They lived hundreds and thousands of years ago and spoke in the terms of their day.
To be perfectly clear, we will advance to the point where we can use machines to simulate our world in the near future. Heck, we can already upload our own photorealistic avatars, right from our iphones , and armed with all the data about ourselves that we have already uploaded to the internet those avatars can theoretically assume our lives and replace most of us.  There are already numerous organizations banking on it.  In less than 10 years quantum computers will replace digital computers and those simulations will be phased into the ether.
The question is: Will the universe allow this, or simply cut us off and disconnect us so we can do no harm to anyone but ourselves?
At some point in the future, simulations will not be bound by any law of physics that we can currently imagine, and units of consciousness or souls will take on some everlasting super-plasmic form, integral parts of the One. So, when we talk about simulations, we speak not of video games, but of G-d, the real cosmos, and the soul.  We can wake up or be the hamster on the wheel.
Whether you believe in simulation theory or G-d as Creator in Heaven, the rules are the same and there is only One “real” goal. Science shows us what religion and proper spirituality (not new age mumbo-jumbo) already believes.  Science, though discovery and proof, is designed to get us to that same point, although by a much longer path.  If you do not believe in either, then physicality brought you into existence and physicality will one day engulf you. The rules will not change, nor expire, only the time limit. In the next article we will get into the mathematical impossibility of that:  Too many protein sequences, too little time. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

Pronic numbers

Number Theory looks at numbers and the combinations of them from all different angles. Pronic numbers consist of two consecutive numbers multiplied together, as in the dimensions of the 42-Letter Name, which is (6 x 7 rows) and 72 Triplet (8 x 9 rows) Matrices. We could pair the consecutive numbers odd-even (1 x 2) or even-odd (2 x 3).

When we first looked at the alef-bet it was through an odd-even pairing of the 22 letters that summed to 625, which was the square root of the Torah’s words, letters and verses. This time, it is the sum of the even-odd pairings that gives us 625, and many other very amazing results. Let us begin again.

But First a Little Bit of Magic

Black magic is prohibited in the Torah, so we know it exists.  Magic and illusion can be very entertaining and often employs deft sleight of hand. The magic we are about to show you is neither black, nor illusion or sleight of hand, but it is real magic.
The Pronic numbers, created out of the first 33 integers, begin with 620 and end with 625, from Keter(כתר) to H’Keter(הכתר) but let us look at the individual numbers first. Before we do, since we began by comparing this treatment of the integers to the Alef-bet, we need to take note that the 4 Pronic numbers based on the integers from 26 to 33, sum to (702 + 812 + 930 + 1056) = 3500. Those 4 Pronic numbers are exactly 56% of the 6250 total, setting aside the only primal Pronic for the moment. The sum of the digits in the even components (26, 28, 30 and 32) = 26 and in the odd ones (27, 29, 31, and 33) = 30. Together, (26 + 30) = 56, as in 56% and 1056 and in 6256.
The number 3500 just happens to be the sum of the 5 final Hebrew letters (ךםןףץ) or 500 + 600 +700 +800 + 900) = 3500. Quite wonderfully, the additional of the 5 final letters splits the Alef-bet into the 30.0/70.0 proportion.
When we last split the alef-bet into its most natural 1/3 to 2/3 division we saw that the 18 letters from Alef(א) – Zaddi(צ) equaled 495, the 1/3 portion. But when we first divided the alef-bet into odd-even halves of 11 letters each, we got the proportion 42% and 58% respectively.
When we add these two splittings of the alef-bet, we get (870 + 1000) =1870, which is the total value of the names of the 2nd grouping of 6 of the 12 tribes.  Then when we add (625 + 495) = 1120 and compare the two, we find that 1870/(1495 + 1495) = .625
The difference between the two left side components (1000 – 870) = 130, or Mt Sinai and consequently the difference between the two right side components (625 – 495) = 130 as well. The when we add the sum of 1870 and 130, we get 2000, as the 2000 cubit limit, etc.
Then if we look at the percentages of the two splits, we see that 42% and 58% and 33.3% and 66.6% would out to precisely 125.0…% and 75% and (125 – 75) = 50.  When we multiple 50 x 70.0 we get 3500, as in the 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) and 4 special Pronic Numbers for 26 – 33.

The sum of the digits in the 5 final letter split (3+5+0+0+1+4+9+5) equals 27, the number of letters in the full alef-bet. The sum of the digits in the ordinal value of the 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) that sum to 3500 and equal to (2+3+2+4+2+5+2+6+2+7) = 35.
In order to conclude this magic we request the help of the 10 Commandments at Mt Sinai. The precise split of 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) to the alef-bet as a whole is .700701 and:
One note. We could not physically reverse the .700701 to 107,007 the way the universe did. If we tried the 7’s would be backwards. But a being in a higher dimension would have no trouble with it. Magic?
As for (1870 + 130) = 2000, we may recall the number 2000 came up in our discussion of the letter pairings of the 231 gates, as the sum of all those 231 pairings as specifically found in the Torah was 222,004 or (2000 x 111) + 4. That this is off by 4 from a perfect 222,000 in a similar way to the 10 Commandments being found at letter 107,007 and not 7 letters. The number 222 is certainly evocative of 2 x 111 or 2 alefs (אלפ), and according to chazal, the word for alefs is as alafim (אלפים) and alpayim (אלפים), meaning thousands, and 2000, as in the verse Notzer Chesed L’Alafim from the 13 Attributes. We can now better understand why the 10 Commandments were placed exactly where they were and why Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, “the Alter Rebbe,” said they are supposed to be the seeds of physicality and spread by means of the letter combinations that comprise 231 Gates of Wisdom.
Regarding those two Alefs (א), it was R’ Azulai of blessed memory, who wrote in L’Chesed Abraham that the Alefs (א) should be taken as 1818, its value after 3 iterations, making two of them equal to (2 x 1818) = 3636.  Regarding the split of the 27 letters into its natural 3070 proportion, (30 x 70) = 2100. The total gematria of the entire Torah is 21009826, which may or may not be a coincidence. But if it is not, then is 21009826/3636 = 5778.28?
Or since the first verse of the Torah is 2701, is (21009826/2701) = 7778.536?
Or that (7778.536 – 2000) = 5778.54?

The Pronics in Egypt

Sifting through these even-odd Pronic numbers, the most obvious and notable results are the two Names of G-d Matrices, the 42-Letter and 72 Triplets, and also the sum of the first two consecutive results, (6 + 20) or 26, the value of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה).  We use the term “results” because these Pronic pairings are equations, simple ones, but equations nonetheless, and derived from the simple ordering or counting of the positive integers that our entire understanding of the universe is based on.
Then the next three Pronic numbers in order (110, 156, and 210) represent respectively, Joseph’s age (110), Joseph’s name’s numerical value (156), and the 210 years the Israelites were in exile in Egypt, which began when he entered it. The number 110 also does double duty as the sum of the important 13-42-55 sequence, whose digit sum was 20, as in the 2nd Pronic pair. It also represents 4 cubits as 4 x 27.5 = 110. As for the Pronic pair result 210, it too shows up in the Bell Prime Indices as 55 x 42 x 13 x 7 = 210210. This result, 210210 is also 70 x 3003, which shows up as the sum of the first 8 words or 33 letters of the Torah, illustrating once again the fractal nature of the Torah. Moreover, the sum of the 4th and 5th Pronic numbers (72 + 110) = 182, the numerical value of Jacob, Joseph’s father. And yet again, as the sum of the 1st, 2nd and 6th Pronic Numbers: (6 + 20 + 156) = 182.
The value of Jacob’s name comes up once again in the even Pronic numbers in a most organic way in that it is also the sum of all the integers in those 32 Pronic components. (2+3 + 4+5… + 3 +2 + 3+3) = 182.
Continuing with the Pronic list, we have the results 272, 342 and 420 (not that 420), repeating 42, 72 and 42 again.  Speaking of 420, if you recall in the last section, we added on the ordinal value of the letter positions within a verse in order to make each word distinctly unique and to unearth even more hidden secrets of the Torah. While the last two letters of the Torah’s first verse added up to (27 + 28) = 55, an odd-even Pronic Number that equals 2 cubits (2 x 27.5), the 9th word (היתה) in the Torah has a numerical value of 420. That 9th word’s 4 consecutive ordinal values (34+35+36+37) = 142, and its word ordinal value is 42.  Just as a reminder, the first 42 letters of the Torah convert into the 42-Letter Name, not just the first verse or first 8 words.  Moreover, when we sum (420 + 142 + 42 + 9) they equal 613, as in the 613 mitzvot (precepts). You can draw your own conclusions. Of course, (420+4) for the 4 letters = 424 (Moshiach Ben David).
By the way, that same Pronic pairing that equaled 55, when multiplied together (27 x 28) = 756, the base measure of Joseph’s Pyramid in feet, but more about that later.
The 9th word in the Torah with all the ties to 42, the mitzvot, and Mashiach, usually translates as “was,” as in “and the earth was…” It is juxtaposed to the next 3 words (without form, void, and darkness) of 11 letters in total, and as we saw in the previous article 11/3 = 3.66 and 3/11 = 27.3, numbers that greatly define our solar system and physical universe. The Genesis narrative then goes on to describe how G-d Created order out of that chaos, just as we have observed with the dimensions of our solar system and the parameters of our universe.
When we examine the words pertaining to the time before the disorder, when the order happened naturally and G-d did not have to actively intervene with numerous modalities of separation, a time before a firmament was set in the heavens to separate the two existences (levels), we find a certain type of result. The sum of the verse ordinal letters for the first word is 21, which as we previously stated is the same as Ehyeh(אהיה), The Name of G-d associated with the hyperspace (Binah) upper-level dimension. The sum for the first two words is 45, representing Adam and the aspect of the Tetragrammaton connected to that “in between” or processing level, Zeir Anpin. The 3rd and 4th words together equal 91, with its connection to 13, the unification of the Names, etc. The first through 5th words sum to 231, as in the 231 Gates of Wisdom. The first through 6th equal 300 and its connection to various Names of G-d including Elohim, Adonai and the Tetragrammaton as previously explained. The first through 9th all together equal 703, as in 19 x 37, and the value of the Torah’s 6th and 7th words V’et H’ertz (26.0% of first verse), while the first ten (10) all together equal 820, the value of the core verse of the Torah, “Love they neighbor as thyself.”
Meanwhile, the second through the 5th words equal 210, the height of the Pyramid, and the sixth through 8th words equal 330, the base of the Pyramid. Not only do the 2nd through 8th words connect directly to the Pyramid’s dimensions, but the rest of the first 42 letters in the Torah, in other words the 1st word (בְּרֵאשִׁית) , and the 9th and 10th (הָיְתָה תֹהוּ וָבֹ) words and the first 2 letters of the 11th word equal 363, the numerical value of H’Moshiach. Moreover, the 1st, 9th and 10th (הָיְתָה תֹהוּ  בְּרֵאשִׁית) words total 280, as in the sum of the 5 final letters (ךםןףץ), also equal to (4 x 70), as in the two enlarged letters of the Shema(עד) .
Incidentally, the sum of all 42 Letters in terms of the Torah ordinal positions after the first word, Bereshit, is (363 – 21) or 342, as in the 9th Pronic number (18 x 19 = 342). And yes, there is probably meaning to 21 = (3 x 7) and (18+19) = 37.
Once again, the Creator of the Torah has packed in a lot of imagery and circuitry into only a few words at the beginning of the Torah.
On the other hand, the three words (תֹהוּ וָבֹהוּ, וְחֹשֶׁךְ) describing a time of chaos, void, and darkness have a total word ordinal value for the 3 words of 98, as in the 98 delineated curses in the Torah.  The possibly cryptic sums of the total (word value, ordinal value and ordinal Torah value) for the 3 words are 571, 219 and 578 and the first two Tohu v’bohu, together equal 790. Are these hints to 5778, 2019 and 5779? Possibly. Right now, they are just clues.

Overlapping the two frames of reference are the 42 letters that form the 42-Letter Name, bridging the spiritual dimension (hyperspace) or higher-level simulation and the physical realm or base-simulation we find ourselves in.  Why would that be?
If we are to believe the narrative and how we see it being laid out in the Torah, G-d Created an enlightened spiritual hyperspace realm where everything laid out perfectly, then He started again with another realm, a physical one than needed walling off from the spiritual realm and needed a lot of molding and the separating and recombining of ingredients. After completing 7 tiers or levels of this Creation, He reached a point when He decided it was enough and that it was time to see how it would progress on its own. Things ran smoothly, too smoothly so an opponent was chosen, and the rest is history.
None of that answers the question why there was a bridge or backdoor to hyperspace. Or why the lower realm was Created if perfection already existed. The answer to both questions goes hand in hand and can be found in fractals.
Self-replicating fractals keep filling voids we did not even know were there. The Creator needed to fill in the void, emptiness and darkness and He wanted an automated system to do it that would not consume all His everlasting time. The void was both in the upper hyperspace realm and below though much less so.  Nested, repeated civilizations and simulations would take care of the lower realm (dimensions) but in order to keep automatically populating the hyperspace region and beyond an elevating/sifting process was needed. And that process necessitated a bridge through the firmament.
Maybe. It is certainly plausible given what we now know from modern analysis and ancient wisdom.  Nevertheless, let us continue peeling back the layers of understanding and see what else gets revealed about the Torah, the tools we were given, and universe we inhabit.
The 10th Pronic number is 420 or 10 x 42.  It is followed by 506, which is the sum of the first line of the 42-Letter matrix and the amount of times (506) that the triplets within that matrix actually appear in the Torah. It is also the complete gematria value (Standard plus ordinal) of “Moshiach Ben David”.  Oddly, divinely, or intelligent designly, 506 is the result of the 11th even Pronic number (22 x 23) and is also the sum of the series 12 + 22 + 32112.
After 506, the 12th pronic number, 600, could represent the 600,000 Israelites males in the 12 Tribes over the age of 20 who left Egypt, or the 600 chariots that chased them.
Speaking of those 600,000 Israelites, not a random number by a long shot, As the Arizal explains, when we divide One by the 600,000 Israelites and those by the 70 who entered Egypt and those by the 12 princes (tribes) and the 3 Patriarchs we get:

The Arizal (Rabbi Isaac Luria of blessed memory) told us 450 years ago that the way to reintegrate the souls of the 600,000 was through the 42 Letter Name, just as Rav Abraham Brandwein, may his memory be for a blessing, said, “It is through the understanding of the 42-Letter Name that the geulah (final redemption) will come about.”
The sum of the first 8 even Pronic numbers is 888 or 8 x 111, or 8 Alafim. Remember this allusion to 8 x 1000, as it will be soon be very important.
The Pronic series with all the Exodus connections continues with 702 being the numerical value of Shabbat (שבת). Summing the sequential 8th to 13th even Pronic numbers from 272 through 702 = 2842, circling back to the Torah’s first verse yet again, and yet again, exactly 1000 less than 3842, the gematria of the Torah’s first 42 letters.
When the light of the 42 letters shown upon the darkness and the void, what appeared?
The six(6) letters of the juxtaposition above have a combined value of 345, as in Moshe (משה) and the ordinal value of “and the darkness” is 46 as in the “cubit” where we find that cube root of “cubit (46)” is 3.5830…, Moshiach. One metaphoric interpretation, the seed of Moses and Moshiach was(is) hidden in the darkness. Another, and one often used by the Kabbalists is that the darkness is only an illusion, the light is there all along.
Finally, the sum of all 16 even Pronic numbers through 32 x 33 is (10 x 625) + 6. If you recall, the alef-bet was split odd-even into values of 625 and 870, so how phenomenal is it the universe has happened to juxtapose 625 in the even Pronic numbers with the corresponding odd/even split counterpart, 870, as the 15th odd Pronic number (29 x 30)! What does that tell us about the connection between the energy frequencies of the letters and the basic numbering system of our universe? Does it strengthen the premise that both are derived from the same source?
So why 6256 and not 6250 if that was the intention? The number 625 was the allusion, not the intention. The intention was probably to include one more Exodus Name, Aaron, of numerical value 256. The value 256 is also that of the Ark of the Covenant.
Why did we stop at number 33? The first 33 integers correspond to the first 33 letters of the Torah, making up the 11 Triplets of Bereshit that sum to 3003.
And what about all these Exodus correlations with the Pronic numbers? And the connections back to the beginning of the Torah? What does that say about the Source?
The word value for Israel (541), the interim goal of the Exodus, is found 625 times in the Torah, and the word value for Joseph(156), also Zion(156), is found 54 times in the Torah. In accordance with the Exodus pattern embedded in these Pronic numbers, 156 + 54 = 210 and the Pronic components (12 x 13; 14 x 15) of 156 and 210 respectively add up to 54 as well.
Remember, packing a whole lot of info into is very small set of numbers or items, is extremely efficient and efficiency is certainly an aspect, intention, and proof of intelligent design. But this is nothing…
Just like string theory, the kabbalists bundled up the first 7 lower dimensions, and just as we bundle up the 7 lines of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, and just as we added up the first 7 words of the Torah as a single unit we can bundle (sum) up the first 7 even Pronic numbers (6, 20, 42, 72, 110, 156, 210). This gives us the 3 prominent Names of G-d values (26 + 42 + 72) plus the two Joseph numbers (110 + 156) plus the years in Exile (210), which all together are equivalent to 616, the value of “The Torah(התורה).” What was the most important result of the Exodus from Egypt, given that there have been 3 more exiles since? The reception of “The Torah.”
Who do we most associate, though, with the Exodus? Whose number is missing from these Pronic numbers? Moses, whose name, Moshe (משה), just happens to appear exactly 616 times in the Torah.
By the way, the 173rd time Moshe (משה)’s name appears, corresponding to the 173 keys of Heaven that the Zohar tells us were given to Moses, corresponding to the small gematria (173) of the 42-Letter Name. The 173rd time is found at the end of the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20:19, which is in the 156th paragraph of the Torah.
The first 7 even Pronic numbers (6, 20, 42, 72, 110, 156, 210) add up to “The Torah.” Meanwhile the first 6 even Pronic numbers (6, 20, 42, 72, 110, 156) add up to 406, the sum of the verse ordinal values of the entire 7 words of the Torah’s first verse, which is necessarily the sum of the integers from 1 – 28 for the 28 letters of the verse.
Mathematically, this means that Σ(1 – 28 ) = (2×3 + 4×5 + 6×7 + 8×9 + 10×11 +12×13 + 14×15). Σ(1 – 28 ) forms a triangle, as did Σ(1 – 73 ) and Σ(1 – 107 ). The 7 first even Pronic pairs form 7 pieces of that Triangle that fit together perfectly, with the first one, (2×3) = 6, being the capstone., like the 6 letters in Bereshit (בראשית).
Of further note is that the 26th even Pronic number (52 x 53) = 2756 or the value of the first verse, 2701 plus 55, or 2 cubits once again. The number 2756 is also the sum of the first 12 Pronic numbers, incorporating all the integers through 25: (6 + 20 + 42 + 72 + 110 + 156 + 210 + 272 + 342 + 420 + 506 + 600) = 2756.
As you will soon see, all this is still nothing….
I have been asked why I sometimes refer to the Great Pyramid as Joseph’s Pyramid. It is because of the numbers. I do not see any numbers built into it related to Imhotep, Thoth, Pharaoh, Ramses, Ra, Isis or anything else venerated in Egypt, nothing like 2756 being a hyper efficiency way of combining the cubit (27.5) with the Pyramid’s base (756), or 2000 with 756 as discussed above. Does the cubit height (210) and base (330) of the Pyramid plus One(1) = 541, Israel or Egypt. The Torah does not tell us much about Egypt or mention the pyramids, but it does tell us Joseph ruled over all of Egypt and he made Egypt (Pharaoh) rich.
If we take away the first two Pronic numbers, or 26, representing the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), the 3rd through 7th Pronic numbers thus add up to (406 – 26) = 380, the gematria of Mizra’im (Egypt). The Torah does specifically state Pharaoh did not know G-d (יהוה).
Mizra’im (Egypt), of numerical value 380, is an odd Pronic number though, since (19 x 20) = 380, For that matter so is Jacob, as (13 x 14) = 182.  You may call the Pyramid anything you like just do not call it Cheops of Khufu because that is a hoax. An intrepid explorer supposedly found a cartouche hidden in a crawlspace within the Pyramid. It was the only one ever found by the way, which was kind of odd for a civilization that loved their hieroglyphics, Pharaohs, and so-called gods. The cartouche, not chiseled but painted, read Khufu, which was later translated to Cheops and forms the entire basis for attributing the construction of the Pyramid. What is Khu – fu reversed?
So, is it random that all these Exodus references of 42; 72; (Jacob 182); Joseph (156 and 110 years); 210 years; 600 chariots; Amalek (240 = 15 x 16); Egypt (380) and Shabbat (702) are all Pronic numbers? Not likely, considering the connections to 625 and 870, the natural split of the alef-bet. What is it about sequential pairing that we are supposed to learn?
You may be skeptically, thinking that multiplying consecutive numbers gives us so many numbers that we could construct a narrative out of almost anything, but not only do the Pronic numbers form a very specific and narrow pattern, but they are a lot scarcer than you think. There are only 99 of them under 10,000.

Not Nothing Anymore!

We have already well established that the Torah is no random history book and that every element in it was well plotted out and specifically designed with redundant and abundant intent, so we can take it as a given that all the Exodus numbers being Pronic numbers was done on purpose. So, imagine if there was a way to string all these numbers together so that we did not need a spreadsheet, calculator, pen or paper, and did not even need to list the Pronic calculations at all. Would that tell us something about divine intent? What if that string was the simple set of all positive integers (1,2,3,4,5…)–cannot get much simpler than that? What if all we need to prove that, and that the Exodus numbers form a simple path is a single piece of actual string and maybe some nails or pushpins to keep its shape?
Put in the pin and affix the string at zero(0), then spiral outward in a square shaped spiral. Because Pronic numbers are the product of consecutive integers they naturally form rectangles giving rise to some amazing finds in this square spiral.
In mathematical terms the sequence is  for even-odd number pairs and  for odd-even pairs. The question is: does the Creator want to play number games to test our knowledge of mathematics and code-breaking, or did He want us to follow the divergent paths, like the one that includes all our Pronic Exodus numbers.
We have been shown that whoever Created the Torah understood the spiraling nature of the universe and all the math behind it. We have been shown that whoever Created the Torah understood Number Theory in great detail and with astonishing computational power.  How beautiful is it that as this simple spiral of consecutive integers unfolds, a diagonal path from the center and up and to the right containing the entire even series of Pronic numbers is generated? Then down and to the left are all the odd series of Pronic numbers. There is so much beauty and simplistic symmetry in this basic spiral, such us the diagonal up and to the left from center being natural squares  where n is the number of rings outward from the center:
Then down and to the right from the center we have for n being the number of rings outward from the center, a series of 8 times the series of triangular numbers:
Moreover, the corners of the axis, in other words, the corners of the squares anchored the natural square on the upper left and the even Pronic number on the upper right all sum to Pronic Numbers.

Let us stop and think about this, all our Exodus numbers that we have heard about since we were first given the 10 Commandments on Mt. Sinai all conform to the pattern of  . Why?
As for Mt Sinai itself, the Hebrew word for the “the mountain” is h’har (ההר) of numerical value, 210, the 7th even Pronic number, and the numerical value for Sinai is 130, or (13 x 10), not a Pronic number obviously, though as the Torah’s closest link to G-d, the connection between Mt. Sinai, 13 degrees, and One(1) cannot be overlooked. Especially not when we consider that the 10 Commandments were given in the 20th chapter in Exodus and that there are 620 letters in the 10 Commandments, and that not only are 6 and 20 the first two even Pronic numbers, but the gematria value of the Hebrew word for 20 is Esrim (עשרים) is also 620. Most important, the log (20) = 1.30103 thus as usual, it always comes back to 13 and thus One (1).
It is silly, of course, but if you notice the center of the spiral, counting backwards to zero(0) is 210. Could it be a metaphor? The numbers 1-0-3 and thus 1 and 30 and 130 as in log (20) = 1.30103 are there too. Maybe it is not so silly after all, especially if we view the square spiral as a four sided pyramid with zero(0) at the top and the Pronic numbers alternating with the natural squares to form the axis edges.

What is So Special About 210?

Is there anything mathematically special or isolating about 210, or was it chosen as the height of the Pyramid in Egypt and the years of the Israelite exile in Egypt simply because it was a Pronic number?
Given that there are 4 letters in the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) and 4 Essential Forces, the first four (4) prime numbers (2,3,5,7) when multiplied together equal 210. They are the number 210’s unique prime factorization. Then…
Here is where it gets distinctive. All the rest of the primes less than 210, all 42 of them, when added together in matching pairs (i.e. 11 + 199) equal 210. That makes all 46 first primes, reminiscent of the 46 chromosomes in our bodies that are also arranged in pairs, combine to form the number 210. This is also the last prime number in all infinity where this happens. That is indeed special.
And the Pyramid just happened to be 210 levels and cubits high? And the Israelites just happened to be in Egypt 210 years.
And 46 just happens to be the numerical value of “cubit?
Is there meaning to (210 + 46) = 256, the value of “The Ark of the Covenant”
The numbers 103 and 107 are consecutive primes that add up to 210. They are the 27th and 28th primes, and as we saw with the last two letters in the Torah’s first verse, 27 + 28 = 55, 2 cubits.
It is a conjecture in mathematics that all even integers are the sum of two primes, though no other larger number has all their lesser primes add up to it the way 210 does. No other number at all, involves ALL the lesser primes in its computation. Oddly enough, if we include the pseudo prime (1), the sum of all those primes through 210 is 4228. Oddly, 4228 is (114 x 37) and as we know there are 114 Chakras, or (42 + 72). So, the sum of the primes through 210 = (42 + 72) x 37. Clues and messages abound. We know all about the connection of the number 37 with the Torah’s first verse and should take into consideration that it is the numerical value of the Hebrew word for “the heart” H’lev(הלב). This is an important part of the equation.
What else is on top of the Pronic Pyramid?
 On either side of the zero(0) or summit, we find 3-14 or Pi (3.14) and the lowest fractional equivalent 7/22 = 3.14. Connecting them is 703 or 4228/6.
We have been following the Exodus path dictated by the even Pronic numbers as it loops around the infinite integer spiral, until we get to the end of the Egyptian exile of 210 years. The Book of Exodus in the original Hebrew is called, Shemot (Names), because at its core it is about the Names of G-d. Here is yet another way the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Name Matrices are connected to 13 and thus One (1). This particular connection fittingly also integrates one of the even Pronic numbers. It also points in the direction of Moshiach, the anointed One. Let us explore…
The standard gematria of the 42-Letter Name is 3701. The standard gematria of the 72-Triplet Names is 9143. When we add (3701 + 9143), we get 12844, which is 156 less than 13000 or 13 x 1000 (Alef).

The number 156 was one of the Egyptian exile Pronic numbers (12 x 13). It is also (2 x 42 + 72), symbolizing the Upper and Lower 42-Letter Names and the 72 Names. There were not 12 but 13 Tribes including Levi(לוי), whose descendants as the attendants of the Temple and the priests are treated and counted separately.  In actuality it is Joseph who is not counted as he was replaced by his 2 sons as heads of the Tribes. There are many reasons for that, but as noted in the equation above we have 13000 – 156 = 13(000) less Joseph.

Moreover, the average letter value 3701/42 of the 42 Letters in the Name is 88.1190 and the average letter value 9143/216 of the 216 Letters in the 72 Names Matrix is oddly enough 42.3287.  When we add these two averages (88.1190 + 42.3287) we get 130.4478, or 130, (the value of Sinai) and 13 (one) once again. The kabbalists will also recognize 130 as the value of the Hebrew word for Ladder (Sulam) as in Jacob’s ladder and the ladder to Heaven.
 The remainder of the average letter equation, .4478, is also evocative of the The Divine Calendarsum (4470) of the first 1000 digits in Pi (3.14159…216420198) that end in the digit 8, as do all the key Biblical Dates.  Did you notice how those 1000 digits end: 216, 42, 2019, 8.  Is there a message encoded in there? How about if we add in that the sum of the digits in Pi up to 42019 is 4446, which is (57 x 78), just like the three 4-digit strings of 5778 found in those first 1000 digits.
Furthermore, and of significant note is that when we divide 12844 by 358, the numerical value of Moshiach, we get 35.877095, Moshiach yet again. Unlike most aspects of the world of illusion that do not want you to look behind the curtain, the mathematics behind the universe and the Torah encourages you to draw aside the curtains and look around, beneath, and beyond. The closer you look, the more you will learn; the more you learn the more apt you are to draw closer to the same conclusion: the ultimate conclusion.
As for that final sequence in the first 1000 (Alef) digits in Pi (420198), the five-digit string (42019) is found twice in those 1000 digits, at digit #702, representing Shabbat (שבת), numerically 702, and again at digit 995. It is not found again for more than 295,000 digits.  A message can be seen by those who choose to look. And if we need encouragement, we need to look no further than the sum of the gematria of the entire Torah, 21009826/42019 = 500.007758395.  According to the Zohar, the distance to Heaven is 500 Parsangs; and we have discussed 77 and 58 numerous times already as they keep coming up; 395 is the gematria of the Torah’s 5th word, H’Sham’im (השמים) Heaven.
Nevertheless, if you wonder about that pesky 8 after the final 42019 sequence (…420198); well, 21009826/42019.8 is even closer to 500 at 499.998238. Is this more of the Magic of 5?
There is synergy in the symmetry. The sum of the gematria in the 5 Books of Moses gives us an average by Book of 21009826/5 = 4201965.2. What is real magic?
Hint to where we are going next. Add the first two Triplets of the Torah’s first verse and the first two Triplets of the 42-Letter Name and see where it takes you. Let us know what you come up with. The Creator already has.
Special thank to the Arizal on his Hillullah this Evening, the 5th day of the 5th month,
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