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Before we shine a light on another one of the 4 Essential Elements of the universe that are key to solving the enigma of the simulation puzzle, we should take a look at life on Earth. The Torah says it stretches back about 5778 years. Evolution says it stretches back hundreds of million.  And before we look at the math involved in that, let us consider creativity as a possible bridge to hyperspace. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.
How does creativity occur? We conceptualize an innovated shape, add a few tweaks, maybe even a few more weeks or months of study, then we get a 3-d printed prototype of some new product, invention, or innovation.  It is not always so simple, but that first step is where the whole process collapses before it even gets started.  That first thought of an innovative shape did not just happen.  Consciously or unconsciously you went through millions upon millions of variations and iterations of your insightful invention. This is how you came up with the one that fit your search criteria that you came up with on your own, or that you may have had an embedded memory of from a prior consciousness journey. You obviously did not have time to do that consciously.  If you have access to a powerful computer and AI system, it can already do that for you.
Nevertheless, right now most of do not. So that leaves unconscious access when we are sleeping or daydreaming.  What happens is that we are unwittingly accessing hyperspace.  The cosmic simulation program can work that same trial and error program millions of times faster than our best computers and it does not cost us anything. It can also add both intuition and an access to a vast library of final products from parallel and past simulations to speed the process even more. You simply go to sleep, thinking about a problem you want to solve with as many aspects of it that you think need to be incorporated in it, and then you wake up with the answer. Some of us just stare off into space and it happens.
Kabbalah calls this Light. It speaks of G-d as an all sharing force. It speaks of our world as the land of restriction, a realm where that all-sharing light is restricted, limited. Yet, one world away it is there for us and easily accessible to our consciousness. That is indeed all-sharing. Yes, there is a formidable opponent in this world, simulated or not, but we were given all the tools we need and then some to win.
Since we do not have the brain power to go through all the myriad design options on our own. We cannot process and eat food fast enough for our body conversion mechanism to generate enough energy for our brains to operate on that level. We were not designed that way; there was no reason for it, since our consciousness could tap into those resources for free. Free Energy. Tesla was working on it, and yes, he most probably found it.  All-sharing.
Given our physical limitations, there are two possible processes.
1) Our consciousness taps into the enlightenment, a higher-level environment, where our consciousness gets briefly integrated into a plasmatic universal consciousness until the task is completed. Then when it disengages, we wake up. During this time period the body must go on auto-drive as the consciousness is disengaged.  Note, the simulation does not pause, we just sleep through it.
2) There is an algorithm within the simulation that allows the player to temporarily suspend play while requesting a necessary download from the program. The program does all the processing as per the parameters of the request and once the download is complete the player resumes. We see the analogy to this in our video games when a player receives a new weapon or materials. Some people get really skilled at this and accumulate and switch weapons and materials at a high rate. They win the contests. In “real” life simulations we say they are really good at thinking on their feet. They tend to be very successful by our standards, though not necessarily evolved at all. It depends on what they do with that thinking.
Based on what I have seen and read about the first option is more probably, though it can also be a combination of the two possible systems that are incorporated seamlessly within our simulation matrix.
This takes us back to evolution.  Darwin’s theory, an academic livewire, maintains that all life forms mutations and the resultant mutant traits that prove advantageous for the individual go through natural selection and get passed on to the species. The problem is that the mutations do not just happen on the surface or the skin level. They must first occur on the protein and gene sequencing level, and then after a long, complicated process and possibly many years, or even generations, appear on the surface. Moreover, there is nothing stopping more than one mutation from happening simultaneously, and several ultimately beneficial mutations may get canceled out long before they can take hold. In fact, whatever caused the mutation is likely to cause numerous ones at the same time. These include radiation from thousands of open air, atmospheric, and oceanic nuclear tests. They include environmental toxins in our homes, offices, schools, food packaging, food products, fields, farms, waterways, airways etc. They include chemical byproduct additives purposely added to our water, prepared foods, and genetically modified foodstuffs as well. They include geoengineered skies full of metals and salts that blanket the earth in white veils that greatly increase UV and storm intensity. They give us very beautiful but odd pink, purple and orange sunsets and lots of double rainbows, but at the expense of blue skies and our health.

The Numbers Do Not Add Up

All those are topics for another day. One of the basic flaws in Darwinism is that there are 10195 different and possible combinations of amino acids that need to be sorted through to create an original small protein.  Then for every successful functioning protein structure there are 1077 that do not work, far more than the number of atoms in the Milky Way.  Since scientists estimate that there have been 1040 different organisms or all sizes and kinds that have existed in the history on the earth in the last 3.5 billion years, it means that by evolutionary methods only 1/1037 of all the possible protein structures could have been searched. In other words, not even one new functional protein could have formed on earth in all that time, let alone species, phylum, kingdoms and civilizations. And that is being extremely generous because it assumes every procreative attempt included a mutative experiment, when our observations show it was in actuality a rare occurrence.
These numbers are not mine. Some came about through simple combinatorics like we used at the outset of this series with the chances of the alef-bet working out so perfectly as they did. The rest of the numbers were painstaking produced in rigorous laboratories using strict peer reviewed scientific and academic methods.  That some of the numbers align with our Torah numbers, well that would only make sense in an intelligently designed universe.
Indeed, the possibility of creating that very first protein is 1/10164.  Good luck. That would take more time than scientists think the universe was in existence. Even if they got lucky. They would have to get lucky a dozen more times to create the other mechanisms in a cell, and all those lucky happenings would have to occur within a singular cellular membrane because all the mechanisms must integrally work together within a safe protective environment before life and evolution could move on. Moreover, because they cannot exist without the support of one another, all that luck would have to happen simultaneously. Sure makes intelligent design sound a lot more plausible!
Moreover, unlike our product innovation, where you have to run through millions of iterations that mostly result in structural, functional, or esthetic failures, with life and biological evolution, most of those trillions of iterations end in catastrophic failure, known as death.
In fact, if all 20 components of that first extraordinary protein survived the UV saturation, the lava flows, solar winds, and asteroid attacks, and had been present collectively and then by some chance miracle that first extraordinary protein came into being, without all the other cellular components being present, it simply would have died.
Way down the evolutionary road, even if a few of the mutated organisms actually get born, they may turn out to be ineffective, unattractive, a weakened variation, or even a deadly one that may not reach its full potential like schizophrenia until 20 years later, or something else that does not take hold for several generations because it is a recessive gene and must meet up with someone else with the same mutation.  Only then does natural selection take place, which does not explain why schizophrenia would get passed down, or autism would be such a successful trait based on its rapid rise and frequency in the 100 years since the first radio and TV broadcasts.
What if a mutation occurred that made people more susceptible to cancer at age 40, yet also made them slightly more attractive, would it not have a degenerative effect on the population?
What if a mutation occurred that made people less susceptible to cancer, yet also made them slightly less attractive, what are the chances of it getting passed on?
What if the greatest beneficial mutation of the generation got swallowed up in a plague, a battle, a fire, or even a random flu? It would seem that the random benefit of a successful mutation would face similarly random chances of not surviving.
If a single beneficially sequenced code mutation can make someone more fit, smarter, or more attractive, is it not more likely that a single sequenced code mutation would kill off, maim, or somehow be harmful to someone? How many chances do we get? It is not like each couple has hundreds of kids. It also seems like we are “evolving” to have less children.
It is a lovely theory based on hyper-inefficiency. It is also not remotely possible. Without divine guidance or intelligent design interference, it is almost impossible for a single successful mutation to work its way into a higher organism. It does not ever work timewise on micro-organisms.
You realize that in order for a mutated trait to be passed it must occur in either the chosen egg or the sperm and if it survived in one of the millions of sperm not chosen or dozens of unfertile eggs it would be lost forever.  For a healthy baby to be born, the mutation would have to be that one in a trillion one that by chance causes no harm, as its code affects every cell in the developing embryo and fetus.  Then, of course, the child would have to survive to adulthood and procreate and if that code did not get deactivated in the commingling with its counterpart genetic material that trait might finally get passed on.
Now, you are probably thinking about small changes when we said trait, like hair color. The larger the change, the less likely for the organism to survive, and if it did, to find a mate.  So, if it is so impossibly difficult to make small changes how would we ever get from a baboon to a human? You can run the math, but it would probably take more time than we attribute to the age of the universe, or for sure, earth. But evolutionary biology tells us it had to start with a chance encounter of molecules, then eventually single celled organisms. How many successful mutations do you calculate it took to get from an ameba to the Baboon? Never mind that we were told by those same adherents of evolutionary biology that at several different moments in earth’s history, nearly all life was wiped out by asteroids, ice ages, volcanic eruptions, floods and other natural causes.

The Problem of Novelties

There is also the “problem of novelties.”  Take the stomach for example. How many mutations did it take to create a functioning stomach? Though what good would that have been without the simultaneous chains of mutations to create intestines, an esophagus, mouth, teeth, jaw….? That problem exists on every level of evolution and in every process.
What about before the amoeba? Each individual cell is chock full of mechanical features and biochemical processes that require numerous complex components, each one essential for it and the cell to function properly. Where Darwinism falls flat yet again is that until all this multitude of disparate components are in place and working together in the aggregate, they are completely useless to the cell and the future of life. Therefore, there was no selective advantage to assembling them in the first place.  Every step of evolution seems to mandate divine intervention so that the random component will work out positively 95% of the time and so that the trial and error process will work out for the most part without error. The truth is that unless the entire coding of the organism is viewed and taken into account in order to test out an improvement through multiple corresponding changes, there is not enough time in the universe for short segments of code changes to affect a generational string of incremental improvements.
Finally, like the patterns in the constants, the prime numbers, the dimensions of the solar system that we have highlighted, which are probably a small fraction of what is there once people start looking for them, there are undoubtedly patterns in our DNA and protein sequencing, and in our “evolution.” Our lives resulted from a string of random coincidences that happened to repeatedly be beneficial and do the impossible at impossible speed, out of an infinitesimally large number of possible wrong choices. There must be an underlaying and guiding pattern, or blueprint there. It is just a matter of looking for it.  You can start with the hint provided by the Creator: the four(4) nucleotide bases in nucleic acids (DNA ) that code for amino acid chains in proteins are adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C) and thymine (T), and their Hebrew initials (אגכת) add up to 424, Moshiach Ben David. With their ordinal value they have a complete numerical value of 460 as in 10 x 46 Chromosomes.  And like the 3-letter root in the Hebrew language the language of DNA is arranged in 3-letter codes made up of these 4 letters, 3 (ג) of whom (אכת) were the 3 letters that conformed perfectly to the alef-bet exponential function.
Whether we find the pattern, or not, the rules that evolutionists believe belie the very laws of nature they cherish. Evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics because it supposedly causes order to arise from chaos, repeatedly and endlessly. The creation of life defies entropy every step of the way from its inception; entropy is a law of physics the dynamics of our entire universe is predicated upon.
Darwinism may explain how attractiveness, strength, and intelligence can get more concentrated in certain segments of the population and it makes sense for those beneficial traits that do survive the daunting gauntlet, but big picture it is a total failure and impossibility. It also fails to explain how traits like intolerance and ignorance are spreading so rampantly; is there a flaw in the evolutionary process or are there other intervening factors.


This brings up yet another flaw in evolutionary biology: Information. Where does it come from? We have seen it purposely embedded in the constants of the universe, and we have seen it embedded in the Torah long before man was capable of intelligent writing, but what about all that information encoded in our DNA? Did that too, like the origins of life, just happen by random chance. Our chromosomes and DNA are long strings of information, 6.4 billion nucleotides long and like computer coding they tell the components of life what to do.  They are not consciousness though; if they were then computers would have consciousness too. They are not life in of themselves, but they are the source code for life and for maintaining life. But who programmed them?
Our DNA strands are raw information, very specific and crucial information. Like the words on this page, changing only a few points of grammar or punctuation can change the meaning of the information and drastically alter the outcome of events. For example, “Great hit, Jack!” is not the same as, “Great, hit Jack!” Accuracy is extremely important, especially where life is concerned and so is intention. Higher level information presupposes that the information can and will be used to illicit a specific response. Higher level Information does not come about spontaneously. There is no example of that anywhere in the universe. We can infer things from non-intentional information, like that contained on the surface of a random rock. Some can even speak the language of rocks, but anything we gleam from the rock is inference, our interpretation, not actual unequivocal information meant specifically for transmittal.
Random typing is information, lower level worthless information, gibberish. Gibberish in DNA is a dead-end, and results in death.  There are 100,000 characters in a novel. Imagine trying to randomly type 100,000 characters and create a flawless masterpiece. Even if you had 100,000 typewriters, they would all still be spewing out random gibberish each and every time. Nevertheless, there are 6.4 billion nucleotides in the human genome, meaning that the equivalent in writing is not randomly typing just one 100,000-character masterpiece, but an entire library of 64,000 of them.  You would have a better chance of physically counting all the atoms of the universe.
Which brings up one final question, if one believes in the hyper-fast, one-in-a-quintillion-quintillion-quintillion evolutionary biology theory, why are not humans better? If evolution could create life, speed us through the food chain, create these miraculously accurate banks of information, and usher in consciousness so seamlessly and so quickly, how come we are not incrementally smarter, more sociable, stronger, more flexible, faster, healthier, happier, more attractive, less inclined to hatred, or less willing to kill each other? How come no mutations for any of these attributes worked their way through mankind; why did the mutations stop at the quarterbacks. Everything was happening at lightspeed, why did it slow down to a crawl and stall out when it reached mediocrity?
It appears that some people looked at the beginning and the end and invented a process that defies all the laws of physics to get from point A to point Z, and everyone was quick to buy into it so they would not have to contemplate the alternative.  What they did was akin to seeing a vein of marble in the earth and then Michelangelo’s David, and conclude that it was formed by erosion. And that does not even include the jump to life and then to consciousness.


Two questions arise, even if this one-in-a-quintillion scientific miracle of life did unfold without the hand of the Creator:
1) What is life without consciousness? Without consciousness, how is life any different to the universe than simple self-replicating carbon chains. Does life without consciousness add anything to a stoic universe? At the end of a day, year, 20 years, or 120 years it becomes a puddle of carbon again.
2) How did consciousness come about? Was it a Darwinian mutation, a single mutant nucleotide or fortuitous flaw in the genetic coding that suddenly gave rise to consciousness? When did this happen? If evolutionary biology could condense billions of years into a couple hundred thousand it could theoretically separate homo sapiens from apes, but they would still be primitive, using primitive tools, only standing taller and much less hairy. So unless you believe in prior advanced civilizations on Earth, which means you already believe in advanced intelligence in the universe, then you would have to match science with the Torah and conclude consciousness “spontaneously” arrived in a single person (Adam) about 5778 years ago.  Though without divine intervention, that would have taken another one-in-a-quintillion scientific miracle.  How many different mutations had to occur correctly and in sequence before one of them formed a what-if network in their head and decide not to run away from a forest fire, and instead turned, grabbed a burning branch, brought it back to his cave, kindled some dried wood that he would have had no need to previously gather and start cooking with it. And is that even really consciousness?
If it were so easy genetically to jump the shark, we would be having conversations already with our pets and seafood.  And we would be a whole lot more afraid of our mechanical carbon and silicon based A.I. systems suddenly sprouting consciousness.
Finally, without consciousness what was the motivation for proteins to assemble, life to form, and DNA sequencing to run through quintillions of random mutations? If they did not have a consciousness and thus an end-goal, why would inert substances exhaust all that energy with nothing to gain? It is hard enough to install drive in many of our kids, let alone in a rock. How does this make any sense at all? It defies the laws of physics.
Darwinism and evolutionary biology are beautiful theories on paper and on high school whiteboards, but they do not add up. We do not even need to bring religion or divinity into the equation.  If the math does not add up, you need a new theory. As far as fantasy and fiction, the one laid out in the Torah is the least farfetched of the two competing theories, especially if you combine it with a type of simulation theory.


Kabbalists call the Tree-of-life a metaphor for the 10-dimensional 3-column parallel structure of the universe.  What if it was also literal? What if the Tree-of-life was also what evolutionists, botanists, biologists, etc. call it, the branching Tree that includes all the forms of life on earth. That would literally mean that Adam (man) was warned not to mess with this Tree that G-d created, and not to mess with DNA, and moreover that the evolutionary process was G-d’s. And what has man been doing for the last 50 years or so? Messing with the Tree.  We have done more in the last 100 years to force mutations upon life, and in the last 20 year to directly manipulate our own DNA than has occurred in the entire history of our planet, in direct violation of the very first thing the Creator warned us about. Just a thought.

The Image of G-d

Genesis 1:27 “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.”
There is so much hidden knowledge here.
Just to begin to unfold this we have a possible reference to the E8 root lattice in 248-dimensional Lie algebra through “In G-d’s image (בְּצֶלֶם אֱלֹהִים)” of numerical value 248. Out of the 13 words in the verse, the word created (בָּרָא) is repeated 3 times, and according to the kabbalists the word image (ְצֶלֶם) has the same gematria as Etz (tree) because it refers to the image of the 10 sefirot (dimensions) of the Tree-of-life. As we explained much earlier in the series, the full tree is comprised of 3 iterations of the 10 sefirot (dimensions) or 103 = 1000.   In [G-d’s] image (בְּצֶלֶם) has the complete gematria of (162 + 45) = 207, the gematria of Light (אור), the opposite of physicality. The value 45 as we have previously explained is that of Adam (Man) and the aspect of the Tetragrammaton associated with the dimension of Man.
Meanwhile, both “In G-d’s image (בְּצֶלֶם אֱלֹהִים)” and “in the image (בְּצֶלֶם)” begin and end with Mem-Bet (מב) or 42, just like the 42 journeys of the soul and the 42-Letter Name of G-d.
So, one interpretation of “in the image” is in the likeness of G-d, which itself is very odd, because if you believe in a true Creator, why would He have any of the limiting aspects that are in man. How could He? Another interpretation is that an image is an image, a projection, a simulated reality. Within the image of G-d He created him, male and female. Within the simulation He created him, male and female. This could refer to a nested program simulation, but it may make more sense as a simulation system directly set up by G-d. Moreover, the phraseology “image in the image” would suggest a lower image within a greater image, or a base simulation within a higher-level one.
There is much more here, but let us get on with the more concrete stuff.

Pronic Numbers and the 8th Dimension Hyperspace

There is another pattern to the even Pronic Numbers that formed a path through the wilderness from Egypt to Exodus. That is [xn-1 + 8(n-2) + 14] where n = the level of the Pronic number within the square spiral. There is a reason beyond reason that the number 8 is critical in this pathway to Exodus, as we will see shortly. Before we do, and before we examine one element of the 4 Essential Forces, the 72 Triplets, let us consider the 112 Triplets and note that 112 = (8 x 14).

These patterns within the number spiral are not magic, they are mathematical.  There is also a concrete mathematical reason that 8 works into the Pronic number equation and it has to do with the Pronic numbers forming a diagonal of the square spiral. That they align with the Torah’s Exodus number is, though, somewhat magical, at least by the limitations of our physical world.  When contemplating the number spiral, envision an x, y axis through the central “0” so that each number would have their own (x, y) grid point, which would correspond to the number of rings they were from the central “0” point. That would also mean that each (x, y) grid point on a diagonal would be equivalent to (n, n) so when calculating any diagonal, even ones that do not go through the central “0” point, each number is necessarily some iteration and variation of (n x n) or n2.  Moreover, because the spiral is square and each expansion (iteration) expands outward on the corner by 1 unit on the x-axis and 1 unit on the y-axis, each expansion by one ring (level) expands outward by (4 corners times (1+1)) = 8 units in total.
Numerically, this means that with each expansion set, whether (6,20,42,72…) or (5,18,39,68…) or (5,19,41,71) or (4,19,36,64), etc. the difference between the numbers increases by 8 more than the previous one.

Hidden Clues and Data in the Pronic Integer Spiral

If we extend out the spiral 56 levels, we would get to the 56th Pronic number whose pair 112 x 113, can possibly be said to correspond to the 112 Triplets. The corners of the Pronic square formed by the 56th Pronic number sum to the Pronic number 50400.  This is, though, a more compelling argument for the 112th even Pronic number as corresponding to the 112 Triplets. That number is 50400, or 10 x 5040, which is the product of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd even Pronic numbers combined (6 x 20 x 42), which is also 120 (years of Moses’ life) X 42.
We have already explained that simple math converts these consecutive Pronics to 7! or (7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1), and that 5040 miles is also the sum of the Earth’s radius and the Moon’s radius together, which brings us to the purpose of this discussion.  There are 5 Books in the Torah, and the name of the 4th Book has a value of 248 while the value of the 5th Book has a value of 256. The sum of these two is (248 + 256) = 504, like the midpoint of the 91 doubled words running through the Torah, with each word having a numerical value 504. What is this like? There are 50 chapters in the 1st Book of the Torah and 40 in the second, where we find the 10 Commandments halfway through at chapter 20. So, while the Torah, which is integrally connected to the number 248, is housed in the Ark of the Covenant of numerical value 256, the 248 dimensions of the E8 Lattice are included in the E8 Lie algebra and 256 is both 28 and also 8 more than 248.
Are these clues? Is it also a clue that (5040/8) = 630 and (504/8) = 63, the numerical value of the Tetragrammaton aspect associated with Binah (the hyperspace dimension)?
It is a function of 8, that the integer spiral is based in increments or 8, or is it a clue as to a connection between the Binah hyperspace dimension and the seemingly innocuous ordering or the integers?
And if these associations keep connecting us to Binah and (יוד־הי־ואו־הי), what about (5040/112) = 45, the Tetragrammaton aspect associated with Zeir Anpin and Man (יוד־הא־ואו־הא)?
And what about the 4 Essential Forces reflected in the 112 Triplets, which can be factored into 112 = (8 x 14) as we saw above relating to Pronic numbers? Is it a reflection of 8, representing Binah and 14, as the gematria of Yad(יד), meaning hand? Do we see the Hand of G-d in this? Are we meant to see it?
Is Yad(יד) found at the beginning of every aspect of G-d’s Name (יוד־הי־ואו־הי)? Is Vav (ו) there as well, the letter of numerical value 6, the first even Pronic number? Does the second even Pronic number, 20, represent the fusing of the two in Yud (יוד), the first full letter in G-d’s Name? Does the third even Pronic Number 42, represent the spelling out of the first two letters (ויו יוד), or the same two masculine energy letters? What about the fourth even Pronic number, 72, does it represent the full aspect of G-d’s Name (יוד־הי־ויו־הי) at the higher level of Chochma (Wisdom)? And somehow this was all built on increments of 8.
Clues are meant to be followed, like the yellow brick road.

72 Triplets

There is a unique structure to the 72 Triplets. Keep in mind throughout this section that the letters that form each Triplet come from 3 separate verses of the Torah, one of which is purposely taken in reverse order. And please do not forget that the sum of their 72 square roots for the 72 Triplets was 720.0 and the sum of the square roots of the 9 rows was 280.0 for a total of 1000.0

We know that the number 702 is the Pronic Number resulting from the Tetragrammaton pairing (26 x 27). This is why 702, with its connection to Shabbat and with the location of 42019 in Pi, is all the more relevant with its connection to the 72 Triplets.  The value 702 is also the sum of the 9th row of the 72 Triplet Matrix, the final 8 Triplets.  The number 702 is dramatically graphic at the bottom of the 72 Triplets, whose some of square roots is 720.
In descending order, the 702 row is the 9th and final tier. The value 702 divided by 9 for the 9th row is 78, which is the value of the triple Tetragrammaton (יהוה יהוה יהוה) as explained by the Arizal. Then, the value of the 9th row, 702, divided by 8 for the 8 columns, in other words the average value of the 8 Triplets of the 9th row, is 87.75. Could this be an allusion to 5778?

The 1000 Year Shabbat

To the kabbalists, there is a 1000-year period called Shabbat that is supposed to be soon upon us. This 1000-year period is an elevation beyond our physical realm and commences once the final redemption occurs. It is also an interim period, as yet another elevation occurs once that simulation period is concluded. The number 1000 stems from the energetic value of Alef(א) as 1000. Each millennium is counted as another steppingstone or tier toward evolvement, the final redemption. We are currently concluding the 6th millennium, corresponding to the 6 Alefs(א) in the Torah’s first verse. They foresaw two additional periods of 1000 years each, though they are both beyond time.
Let us continue. Since the total value of the 72 Triplets is 9143, and the first row of the 72 Triplets has a value of exactly 1143, the remaining 8 rows have a value of exactly 8000, or on average precisely 1000 per row. Hmm! Eight (8) periods of 1000?
If you recall while discussing the Pronic Numbers and their Exodus path from Egypt, the sum of the first 8 even Pronic numbers was 888 or 8 x 111, or 8 Alafim, which is also 8 x 1000.
The value 8000 for the remaining 8 rows would also form a cube of 203 or 8000, as in the tower of truth hidden within the center of Joseph’s Pyramid. This is the tower of 20 stacked nested cubes from 13 to 203, for a total of 210 units in height and a volume of 44,100 cubic units or 2102.  Also, since the sum of the Torah’s first 3 word’s lengths is 19.99, just about an even 20, the first three words together can form a separate cube of 203 or 8000, possibly reflective of the Torah’s 2nd word’s 203.
Please note that separating the first row creates an 8 x 8 square that totals 8000, meaning that the average row value and the average column value are both exactly 1000.  This also means the average for those 64 Triplets is exactly 125 or 53 or a 5 x 5 x 5 cube.
Given that there are 127 combinations of the Torah’s first 7 words and within them 64 empty cells how odd, or meaningful, is it that the 72 Triplets split so dynamically into the first row and the 64 square Triplets and that the value of that first row (1143) divided by 9 = exactly 127. Moreover, the average of each of the 72 Triplets is 9143/72 = 126.99, or extremely close to 127 again. Talk about a magic square!
Why a square? What is a matrix? What do mathematicians and physicists use matrices for? Many things, but there is use that might be germane to our discussion. In order to determine the curvature of space in multiple dimension you need a matrix squared to that dimensionality.  For example, in 4-dimensional space time you need a 4 x 4 matrix, and in to get from point to point in the 5th dimension you would need a 5 x 5 one. So is our 8 x 8 inner matrix pointing us to 8-dimensional hyperspace? Could the 64 Triplets be coordinates and or a roadmap for that dimension?  Certainly, an advanced intelligence would be able to provide that for us.
The flipping or mirroring of the middle verse sandwiched between the other two 72-Letter verses may in of itself indicate that advanced knowledge since a higher dimensional being can flip or reverse a lower dimensional object while lower dimensional beings cannot do that themselves.  For example, a picture of a car on a flat page cannot flip itself and replace its trunk with it hood but we can lift it off and paste it back on backwards. In the same way we cannot swap the right side of our bodies with our left, but a higher dimensional being would be able to do it as simply as we cut and paste a picture. This may indeed be a message to us from beyond.
As we are about to see, the 1143 for the first row of the 72 Triplets is even more special, besides squaring off the rest of the Triplets. Before we do, we should note that the first and last rows which we have highlighted are (1143 + 702) = 1845 and if we add the small gematria value (173) of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name we get (1845 + 173) = 2018, the Western Calendar equivalent to 5778 HC.
As promised, there is more.
 We know that the separate first row of the 72 Triplets has a value of 1143, meaning it has an average value per Triplet of 1143/8 = 142.875, which is exactly 1000 less than the average value for the 8 columns, or 9143/8 = 1142.875 and most significantly 1142.875 obviously rounds up to 1143, which as the total of the 72 Triplets first row is necessarily a round (whole) number.

That is pretty extraordinary and screams for us to pay attention. Moreover, like add on runs in the 8th inning, the average of the 4th row is 244.778 or 244.8, the Year of the Exodus (2448 HC), and while that of the 2nd row is 69.778 or just about 70, the average of the 6th row is 110.889 or just about 111.

Not Just 72 Triplets, but 216 Letters.

We have already highlighted that there are 32 Heis(ה), 32 Yuds(י) and 20 Vavs(ו) in the 72 Triplets. They alone total (32 x 5) + (32 x 10) + (20 x 6) = 600, as in the 600,000 Israelite Men who were part of the Exodus and the 600 choice Egyptian chariots laid to waste by (יהוה) in the Sea of Reeds. We also discussed that (32 + 32 + 20) = 2 x 42 and what that means. We have also already spoken about the connection of the letter Lamed(ל) to the level of Binah and the number 42.  So let us further note that the letter Lamed(ל) has the numerical value 30, and there are exactly 20 of the in the 72 Triplets, totaling (30 x 20) = 600 equaling the value of the 32 Heis(ה), 32 Yuds(י) and 20 Vavs(ו) in them.
It is not just the number of the 20 letter Lameds(ל). It is their placement that is also interesting. The Zohar divides the 72 Triplets into 3 quadrants of 24 Triplets each and we find that there are 13 Lameds(ל) in the first quadrant; 6 Lameds(ל) in the 2nd quadrant; and only 1 Lamed(ל) in the 3rd quadrant.
Whether we are talking about the 8 millennia divided into six(6) and one(1) and the One (13) or the uppermost worlds (Oneness,13) and the bundled 7 dimensions of Zeir Anpin divided in to 6 and 1 we see it deftly woven into the 72 Triplets.

The Other Pyramid of 210

We have covered the Great Pyramid, Joseph’s Pyramid, with emphasis on its connection to the number 210, its height in levels and cubits, and the Pronic number stream exiting from Egypt. Yet, there was another pyramid concealed in Egypt and it had everything to do with that Exodus from exile. If we take a peek at the center of the 72 Name Triplet matrix, we see that the 4 letters (הראד) add up to 210. Here we go again.
What is it with 210?
Now, if we draw lines from the 4 corners to that 4-letter summit, we get 4 quadrants of 54 letters each, rising to summit capstone of 210. Yes, the 216 letters divided by the 4 sides of the resultant pyramid conveniently equal 54, just like our 54-unit shift of the alef-bet.
Then looking closer, we see that there are 5 different Triplets that contain the adjacent letters Mem-Bet (מב) or 42 and of course 5 x 42 = 210.
We also briefly highlighted a few of the astonishing equations embedded into the relationship between Joseph’s Pyramid’s measurements. There are 3 different Triplets with corresponding Pyramid measurements, forming a 4 triplet by 4 triplet right angle in the South-Western corner and a 4th adjacent to it:
The 39th Triplet has a value of 275 as the 27.5” cubit;
The 48th Triplet has a small gematria value of 55, as in the 55’ height of the entrance and the square root of the pyramid’s base perimeter (55 = 3025);
The 60th Triplet has a value of 330, as in the same base measure in cubits and;
The 63rd Triplet has a small gematria value of 756, as in the 756’ measure of that same base.
The 4 Triplets have combined position value of (39 + 48 + 63 + 60) = 210.
Moreover, there are 12 levels (counting by letters) to the summit point in this pyramid of 216 blocks and 330/12 = 27.5.
As for the locations of the 5 Mem-Bet’s (מב) in the 72 Triplets, they are found at Triplet positions #14, 55, 61, 65, and 70 respectively and the sum of their locations, (14 + 55 + 61 + 65 + 70) = 265 as in the 7th decimal place in Pi (3.14159265…). More tellingly, is the equation Phi – 42/26 = .00265 and the sum of these 5 Mem-Bet’s (מב) locations (14 + 55 + 61 + 65 + 70) less those of the Pyramid ones (39 +48 + 60 + 63) is (265 – 210) = 55, reminiscent of the 5 Kings vs 4 Kings confrontation at the valley of Siddim in Genesis 14:1.  Perhaps that is a stretch and not a hint, but the Western (left side) base of the 72 Triplet Pyramid totals 318, as in the 318 men with Abraham, in that battle saga. The opposite Eastern (right side) base is 156, as in the numerical value of Joseph’s name.
It turns out that the additional letters in those 5 Triplets that contain the letters Mem-Bet (מב), or 42, are (יהודה) which spells out the name Yehuda, one of the 12 sons of Jacob and the main tribe of Israel. These 5 letters and thus the name Yehuda (יהודה) add up to the numerical value 30 and the name Yehuda (יהודה) is found 42 times in the Torah.  As it further turns out, the value 30 is directly connected to the value of the mir cubit (27.5 inches).
This fancy looking formula is a recurrent progression such that value 27.5 increases and decreases by an ever-smaller amount (27.5 + 2.75 – .275 + .0275 – .00275 + .000275…) until it eventual reaches 30.00000000000000000…
And since 3 is essentially 30/10, we also have
Thus the 210-cubit height of the pyramid which is 5775” and thus (5778 – 3) is equivalent to:
There is yet another connection between the hidden cubit (27.5” and Phi). The growth rate of the random recurrent Fibonacci sequence is equal to 1.1319882487943, known as Viswanath’s constant.
Furthermore, the letters in the 72 Triplet Matrix have the tagins, or crowns added, which the kabbalists explain act as antennae, enhancing the strength of the energy transmitted though the letters.  Only two of the Triplets have side by side triple crowns, the one at the 5th column, 7th row and the one at the 7th column, 8th row, or 57.78 as in the 42.22-57.78 Adam/Eve Tetragrammaton ratio we have already covered.
If we climb the pyramid in a spiraling fashion and start at the first letter (ו) of the first Triplet we wind up at that summit with the Letter (א) of the Triplet (אני) which spells out the word Ani or “I” in Hebrew. In other words, it ends in a point with the number 1. The four (4) letters (אנני) beside the summit platform (הראד) that add up to 210 have the value 111, that of Alef(א), representing both 1 and 1000.
Of possible import is also that both the first and last letters of the 72 Triplets (ום) and the last two letters (ום) have the value 46, and value of the Hebrew word for cubit, and (46 + 26) = 72.