Part XVII Connecting the Dots Part 10


The Hakafot (Encircling)

Here is the secret to our universe.  All spiritual light (energy) enters from a single point.  It is spread outward to the 6 directions forming a cube. This branching outward is Zeir Anpin. It is singularly masculine energy. It is non-physical. During the branching or radiating outward, the energy goes through a 6-step down process. This is also why the Bimah, the place where the Torah is read in a synagogue, is supposed to be 6 steps up. This is why males, who align with this energy, are the appropriate channels for this energy, and why they need to do the proper shakings of the 4 species in the Sukkah.   For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

All 210 shakings (wavings at 42.5o) must be done properly and completely and then they must be processed with a final step to transfer the energy into our world.

At the end of each daily shaking there is a special encircling that is performed, and at the end of the 7th day there are 7 encirclings, making 13 in total, all with their special kavanot.  Those 210 shakings/13 encirclings gives us a ratio approximately equal to Phi(φ) or 1.618…. Most congregations do not shake the 4 species in the Sukkah, and of those few that do, most do not shake on Shabbat.  I was gabbai and announcer for my Rav, may his memory be for a blessing, and on Shabbat we would lead about 200 men through all the shakings (without the physical species because that is prohibited) with the appropriate kavannot. He explained that the technology had to be completed. Now we can understand why. Time travels in circles.

This encircling process is necessary in order to transfer and manifest the energy drawn from the Point of Potentiality (Binah) through the 6 levels of Zeir Anpin into our world, Malchut.  The circle is the vessel for the light energy of Zeir Anpin. The circle is feminine energy. The circle is the interface with the world of Malchut, a world devoid of its own energy. Malchut is the physical world. It is a world of illusion.  Women, females, are represented by the circle and the circling. The anthropomorphic analogue of Zeir Anpin and Malchut is the penis and the womb.

The Zohar spends an inordinate amount of time discussing the spiritual male – female energetic dynamic as if its understanding was the most important of all.  Because of who we are it is hard for us not to read sexual references and attractions into the spiritual metaphors whenever the terms male and female, masculine and feminine, vessel and penetration are utilized.  The truth is that we are just reflections of spiritual, metaphysical, and physical processes that are yet to be understood.  The trick is to read want we learn from the levels above and apply them here below, not the other way around, as we customarily do, inflicting our beliefs or the ones we are told we should believe by the main stream media and social mobs onto the metaphysical world.

The Torah provides hints to us in the meeting place of the Patriarchs and their future wives, or Matriarchs. When the women were first met, they were standing by the wells.  And in the 40 years in the desert, it was Miriam who was in charge of the traveling well that provided water for all the Israelites.

The encircling we do, both men and women separately, on Simchat Torah and Shimini Atzeret on the 22nd day of the cosmic Holidays transfers the energy from the circling the men did in the Sukkah to our lives in this world and embeds it for the coming year, like the harvesting and storing of the crops typically done this time of year.

The process does not end there.  Once properly coupled, the radiant feminine energy must focus back on Zeir Anpin, which is why homes are typically cube shaped. The receptive feminine vessel must focus on building a household and reflect back on her source of light through Zeir Anpin.  It this way the couple can draw the maximum amount of energy and their household can grow every which way, including in their individual and joint stature. If the circle of feminine radiant energy is too attracted to physicality or to other sources of light the circle will pull apart, break up, and energy will be inadvertently siphoned off into the physical world, draining the marriage, the masculine energy channel, and the household. This what the Adam and Eve story is all about.

By circles, we mean to say spheres. The world of Malchut is all about circles, spheres.  This is why the planets are round and their orbits are rounded.  Circles and spheres are self-contained and can exist as beautiful bubbles in the world of Malchut without a masculine counterpart, but they will not be connected to the infinite light of Binah. Masculine energy cannot persist without a connection to the light source. Masculine energy that is connected to the light source but not properly coupled is a live wire and risks shorting out.

The world of illusion is designed to attract and tempt circles with promises of easy energy, but there is no real energy in that world. It is an illusion. Physicality only sucks energy; it does not share it.  As the designed interface, feminine energy/vessels have a natural affinity for physicality, but masculine energy can be drawn to those illusions as well, and that is even more dangerous.

The cosmic window of Sukkot is a way to reorder and realign the natural flow of energy. The Holy Temple is the way to do it permanently.  This is why the Holy Temple is designed in squares and cubes with no octagons, circles, or domes to short-circuit and cut off the energy, which would otherwise radiate outward to the edges of the spherical Earth.  

What are round are the sefirot (spheres).  The dimensions are spherical because they are vessels that house the different worlds (levels).

Squaring the Circle

The relationship between squares and circles and cubes and spheres is fundamental to our system; it is Zeir Anpin to Malchut; Heaven to Earth; and the program to the pixels.  Our choice is to understand that there is a program, choose to be part of it, and then figure out how to best it. It is the choice that was given to Neo. The link to understanding the program, the link between the square and the circle is gematria, the simultaneous translation from sepher(ספר) to sepher (ספר), text to numbers, physical images to the coding. This is why the numerical value of the word “gematria” is 273, and the area of the square around the inscribed circle is 27.3% greater.

We have seen that the Torah is devised as a hypercube of 58, as the number of words, letters, and verses (390,625) in it equal exactly 58, and also that the word values (1024) in it, is exactly 210 , which form the 210 vertices on the 210 hypercube. When we square the circle, the ratio of the 4-sided square to the circle is 127.3% or 1.273 times.  This is necessarily 4/Pi. It is also clearly represented in the number of words, letters, verses, rows, and columns in the Torah: 401273.

The difference between the 5 physical Elements of the Torah (401,273) and the 3 main physical elements of the Torah (390,625) is yet another cube, (401273 – 390625) = 223, reflecting the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet that are exponentially and energetically encoded to give us the gematria scale. This is why there has always been a prescribed set of blank rows in the Torah with explicit instructions to reproduce them precisely.  The Torah was also designed such that this difference of 223 less the matrix of (248 columns x 42 rows) equals 232, the exact value of the 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton.

One additional purposeful design note is revealed by the simple number theory application of the sum of the digits in (401273390625) = 42.

Another purposeful design feature of the Torah is uncloaked by both number theory and a little known but most revealing gematria cipher in that the product of the digits in 390,625 divided by the sum of the digits in 390,625 = 1620/25 = 64.8, while the product of the digits in (390,625 and 401,273) divided by the sum of the digits in (390,625 and 401,273) = 272160/42 = 6480, or exactly 100 times the previous equation.  If you recall, a similar application of this cipher applied to the Torah’s first verse gave us Pi (3.14159…).

Some may look at the 272160/42 equation and see references to the 72 Triplets (Names) and 216 letters in them with the 42-Letter Name and others may see a reference to the Moon’s 2160 miles diameter.

These interlinking equations are astounding and yet they tell only part of the story.

The Torah equation is (401,273390,625) = (248,000 Phi(φ) – 58) = 223

The total number of words, letters, verses, rows, and columns in the Torah = 248 x 103 Phi(φ) = 401273. The total number of words, letters, and verses in the Torah = 58 = 390,625. The difference between these two totals is (401273 – 390625) = 223 and 223 = 10,648.

A Zohar Prophesy

Another possible reason for this confluence on 648 can be found in this excerpt from The Divine Calendar:

“Before Isaac was born, Abraham had a son with Hagar, his wife’s handmaiden. They were eventually cast out, but Ishmael was also blessed to become a Great nation and was the precursor to all the Arabs.  Ishmael lived 137 years.  With the fall of Cyprus, all the Mid-east was subdued by the Arabs in 648 CE, which corresponds to 4408 HC and to 28 A.H. in the Islamic Calendar.

This date is significant for many reasons.  Firstly, they all end in 8, as with so many (almost all) of our remarkable divine dates, but more of that later.   Secondly, 28 is one of the very few key core Torah numbers, but more of that later as well.  Thirdly, 4408 HC is exactly 1000 years after 3408 HC, when the Second Temple was built.  And fourthly, 137 times 10 is 1370 years—ten years for each year of Ishmael’s life exactly as prophesied in the Zohar—and adding the 1370 years to the year 4408 HC gives us 5778 HC, or alternatively adding it to 648 CE gives us 2018 CE, with 2018 HC being the year of the Covenant of Abraham and Abraham being the father to both Isaac and Ishmael.”  

The Zohar prophesied that the Arabs would reign over the Israelites for 1370, ten for every one of Ishmael’s 137 years because of his repentance before he died. On December 6, 2017, President Donald J. Trump announced the United States recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordered the planning of the relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That was the 18 of Kislev, 5778.

Given all the prophecies and convergences around the year 5778 we should reexamine the 5 fixed written divisions of the Torah: the 187 chapters, 670 paragraphs, 304805 letters, 79975 words, and 5845 verses. If we separate out the digits 5, 7 and 8 from them, we are left with (1,6,0,3,0,4,0,9,9,4), which sum to(1 + 6+ 0 + 3+ 0 + 4 + 0 + 9 + 9 + 4) = 36, while all the 5’s, 7’s and 8’s sum to (5 + 7 + 7 + 8 + 5 + 7 + 7 + 8 + 5 + 8 + 5) = 72. Nevertheless, just as we saw in the revealing cipher above,the product of the digits divided by its sum(1 + 6 + 0 + 3 + 0 + 4 + 0 + 9 + 9 + 4)/(1 x 6 x 3 x 4 x 9 x 9 x 4) = 23328/36 = 648 exactly, again.

Cosmic Circles

The Torah equation begins with the squaring the circle.  On the other hand, the ratio of the area of a circle that circumscribes a square to that original square is Pi/2 or 1.5707963… approximately 1.57080.  When we do the hakafot we are doing the encircling within the sukkah, the circle within the cube. This is an important distinction: Zeir Anpin must enclose Malchut, the square must enclose the circle, or parts of the circle will be outside the square and thus not receive the energy from upper worlds. In 5779 and 5780 that physical formula has been systematically reversed, and the energy and protection of the upper worlds is being cut-off. It has been going on for decades and has reached the tipping point, or break point and physicality is paying the consequences.

We must learn the cosmic system, which is the metaphysical pressure and field system along with its manifest physical attributes, and learn how to harmonize with it, as opposed to making up our own rules or trying to alter the universal design to our own agendas. Let us review how the cosmic system relates to the 27.3% ratio of the square that is outside the circumscribed circle. We can begin with the gestation period of a human being 273 days and the human menstrual cycle that is 27.3 days.

Many cultures believe feminine energy is tied to the moon.  And since gestation and menstruation are decidedly feminine attributes, they must be right, because the ratio of the Earth’s diameter to the Moon’s diameter is 0.273. In other words, the moon is 27.3% the size of the Earth. Thus, the Earth metaphorically and metaphysically is Zeir Anpin to the Moon as Malchut. Moreover, it takes 27.3 earth days for the Moon to complete one full rotation with respect to the stars, and 27.3 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth. Circles and cycles. In this physical world, women and feminine energy are obviously tied to the Moon, and the Moon being 27.3% the size of the Earth makes it equivalent to the part of a square that is outside the circle inscribed in it. The Earth is the circle and the Moon is the area around it within the square.

The Earth is the circle and the Moon is the area around it within the square. If you were designing the solar system you might draw it up that way 2-dimensionally and then extrapolate from there and it would work out perfectly. But if you were a meteor and you struck Earth and a part of it split off in a quintillion fiery fragments and over hundreds of millions of years coalesced in the Moon and settled into a steady orbit would your numbers have worked out so precise and harmonically prefect?

The Sun, on the other hand, is Zeir Anpin to the Earth, and ratio of the Sun’s diameter to the Earth’s is 4 x 27.3 times, mimicking the aphelion of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun divided by the Sun’s diameter, which is 4 x 27.3 million miles in diameter. Circles and squares.

The Moon to Earth ratio is .273 and the Sun to Earth is 4 x 27.3. And that ratio of diameters extended to the Earth and Moon together vs the Sun’s is (Pi x 27.3).

Meanwhile, sunspots revolve around the Sun’s surface in 27.3 days, and by the way we are only beginning to understand the relationship between sunspots, solar flares, and solar minimums, on our weather, climate change, magnetic radiation belts, and our health. There is also 273 days from the summer solstice to the vernal equinox and 273 days from the winter solstice to the autumnal equinox, and 273 days from the end of Channukah to Rosh Hashannah. Cosmic circles.

We have to ask though, if the Earth is Zeir Anpin to the Moon as Malchut, and the Moon, whose diameter is 2160 miles, or 10 x 216, the number of letters in the 72 Triplets, is the Earth related to the 42-Letter Name?  Does this relate back to the 272160/42 equation that described the Torah?

We began this section mentioning that the ratio of the area of a circle that circumscribes a square to that original square is Pi/2 or 1.5707963…, which is true. What is also true is that is we take our square with a circle inscribed in it we get a ratio whereby the outer portion is 27.3% of the total area, and if we subtract that area from the area occupied by the circle alone, we get an area of .5707963 (57.07963%).  Perhaps, this might be more recognizable as 5708, the year Israel became a nation (1948 CE).

Universal Harmonics

There is a universal harmonic that someone wanted us to understand.

The Creator of the Torah showed it to us explicitly and through basic quantitative encoding through the total of the 5 elements: 401273. The Creator of the Pyramid did too with the ratio of its height to half its base: 210/(330/2) = 1.273. So did the Creator of the solar system with the ratio of the size of the Earth to the Earth and Moon combined: 1 : 1.273; and through the ratio of the Sun to Earth: 4 x 27.3 : 1; and through the ratio of the Sun to the Earth and Moon combined: 27.3Pi : 1.  So did the Creator of the universe in that 4/pi = 1.273… and (4 – pi)/pi = 0.273….  and in the relationship of the 4-sided square to the inscribed circle 1.273 : 1

Abraham showed us too when he told us in the Sefer Yetzirah about the 10 sefirot of the Tree-of-life split down the middle, given that half of 546, the numerical value of their 10 initials is 273.


The Creator of the universe wanted us to understand this harmony. If He wanted everything to be random, He would have made it random.  It is that simple.  Let us be frank. There is nothing random about our universe. There is a 50/50 chance that a coin flip will be heads or tails, but about a 70% chance that the answer will be part of a like series of HH… or TT… of any length. That is stickiness or clumping and we observe it all around us in the universe. If you observe the traffic flow on our highways you will notice that after a certain saturation point the traffic slows and clumps up for no particular reason then speeds up and separates again for a while before repeating the pattern all over again.  This clumping is seen throughout every corner of our universe in every medium we have analyzed with huge and small void and tightly packed clumps of matter or radiation and it has nothing to do with gravity.   

7 Harmonies

The Creator of the universe wanted us to understand this harmony. If He wanted everything to be random, He would have made it random.  Instead, He made the sum of the Earth’s radius and the Moon’s radius together equal exactly 7! miles or (7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1), which is 5040 miles.  He also made the difference between the square root of 5 and that of 3 be .50401717… Why this alignment? Only time and further understanding will tell. We know that the first Book of the Torah has 50 chapters and the second has 40, and we have already seen the Earth/Moon relationship built into the quantitative sum of the Torah, so we know this harmonic alignment is connected.  Moreover, since this relationship is so blatant and easy to see it was something we were not meant to miss.  

Perhaps it has to do with the 7 dimensions of Zeir Anpin (6) and Malchut (1) together, as in the Earth and Moon together, the archetypical male and female together.

The Creator of the Torah gave us additional hints when He made the collective value of the 4th and 5th Books of the Torah, Bamidbar and Devarim,equal to (248 + 256) or 504.

This harmonic with 5040 leads us to the equation (5040/112) = 45, which in turn connects this Earth/Moon relationship with the relationship between the Individual Books of Moses and the 112 Triplets and/or 112 Chakras (vortices) in our bodies.  It connects them all to Adam(45) and the aspect of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) that applies to the Man, Zeir Anpin (יוד־הא־ואו־הא), of numerical value 45

1273 and the Essential Proportion

Regarding those 112 Triplets that hold the key to the bridge between cosmic realities, the sum of the initials of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit together with the 15 Triplets from the Shema were designed to total 1273.

In other words, the 26 initials of these 26 Triplets–26 being the numerical value of the Name of G-d (יהוה)—were designed to equal 1273, the universal value that squares the circle, defines our solar system and is built into to the Phi(φ) defined dimension of the Torah (401273 entities).  

Whose name is associated with 1273?

Let us not forget that within the 42-Letter Name, the differential between the 6th Triplet (330) and the 5th (57) is 273, and that as we saw previously, those line differentials in the 42-Letter Names Matrix gave us the Names of the Matriarchs, the feminine Archetypes, of which 273 is associated.

The 26 initials of these 26 Triplets equal 1273.  On the other axis of the Primordial Alef are the 86 Triplets of 42-Letter Name and the 72 Names (Triplets) combined. Together, their initials total 3842, the exact same value as first 42-letters of the Torah that are associated with the origin of the 42-Letter Name. They are also the total of the first 21 spelled-out letters of the Alef-bet.

The ratio between these two axes is 3842/1273 = 3.018, which is precisely equal to the cube root of 1 cubit: 3√27.5 = 3.018 = 3842/1273. So, if we cube the ratio (3842/1273 = 3.018)of the Alef axes formed by the 112 initials of the 4 Essential Elements(Forces) we get 1 cubit.  

Do you know what else was 1 cubit cubed? The sapphire Tablets Moses carried down from Sinai, and the hatchway above Noah’s Ark.

If we were to back away from the cosmos one second and examine this from afar. We might see that 1273 and 1.273 and 273, might signify something more than the ratio that a square makes to an inscribed circle and that there is a reason 273 is the value for the word gematria (the bridge to Understanding). We might understand that 1273 and 273 represent some kind of force or pressure upon our universe and that that is why the Earth, Moon, and Sun are in harmonic alignment with it.  Are the Earth, Moon, and Sun just succumbing to, or obeying, this specific pressure mediation from a higher dimension? Or maybe they were designed to do so from their moment of Creation? And let us not forget that this same pressure (force) exerts itself on the female body and childbirth.

While we are out there beyond the cosmos, does 3842 represent another type of pressure mediation, one that gave rise to the 21 letters Alef(אלף) to Shin (שין), and the first 42 letters of the Torah? 

Are these two pressure mediations represented by the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) of numerical value 26 and Elohim (אלהים) of numerical value 86? And are they harmonically entwined in the ancient and secret cubit? What does this say about any structure purposely and consciously built utilizing this cubit?

And what do these Names tells us about how to apply the 4 Essential Forces behind the 112 Triplets? The Tetragrammaton (יהוה) breaks down to (וה and יה) or 15 and 11, as in the 15 Triplets of the Shema and the 11 of Bereshit.

Adam and Eve

The Zohar speaks endlessly about the Earth-Moon relationship through the G-d/Shechinah relationship. Simplistically, the Shechinah is the female aspect of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה).  The Tetragrammaton (יהוה) is Zeir Anpin, or Earth in this relationship, and the Shechinah, according to the Zohar, is the Moon.  The actual definition of the Shechinah is far more complex, as are most matters of true Kabbalah.

The relation between 45, as in the Earth-Moon/Triplet ratio 7!/112, and 26, as in the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) and the 26 Triplets, harks back to Adam and Eve and the fundamental forces and particles in our known universe.  As previously discussed, the level and aspect of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) that applies to the Man are the 6 bundled dimensions of Zeir Anpin known metaphysically as (יוד־הא־ואו־הא), of numerical value 45.  In an even deeper concept, the kabbalists explain that the Names consists of a front (יהוה), kabbalistically a male aspect, which is also the original Name, and a back (וד־א־או־א), kabbalistically a female aspect, which is the spelling out of the Name, or numerically 26 and 19 respectively. 

Reinforcing these conclusions is that Adam and Eve, or numerically (45 + 19) = 64, which is 26, representing the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin. As it happens, there are exactly 19 free parameters or measured constants that are necessary for our known universe to exist. In other words, if you change even one of these 19 parameters, or measures of the fundamental particles and forces, the universe never would have sprang into existence in a form anywhere near to what we know today, no life as we know it, no planets, etc.  Of these 19 unchangeable parameters 10 consist as mass: the mass of the Up, Down, Charm. Strange, Top and Bottom Quarks; and the mass of the Electron, Muon, Tau and Higgs. The other 9 of the 19 parameters deal with energy and rate of decay: the decay rate of the Down, Strange, Charm and Bottom Quarks; the strength of the Strong Force, Weak Force, Electromagnetic Force and the Higgs Field; and the QCD parameter.  Of the 45 total unit value in Man (Adam), 19 correspond to Eve, representing physically. These 19 correspond to the 19 parameters of physicality. The other 26 correspond to the essence unknown, the ether, the forces and pressures and fields whose interactions create, in the same way Adam gave way to Eve, the 19 parameters of physicality.

The ratio of the Eve to Adam proportion or Eve/Adam is 19/45 or 42.22%.  Another way to view this 42.22% and 57.78% split is that the Creator to Adam proportion is 57.78%. Thus, the Tetragrammaton (יהוה)/(יוד־הא־ואו־הא) or Front/Whole is 57.78%, and the Back/Whole is 42.22%.  

Moreover, as the Adam and Eve ratio broke down to 19/45 or 42.22% and 57.78%, so does the the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) ratio of (וה and יה) or 15 and 11, as in the 15 Triplets of the Shema and the 11 of Bereshit.  The ratio of 11/26 and 15/16 works out to .423 and .577 respectively.

The Time Ratio

The total number of words, letters, verses, rows, and columns in the Torah = 248 x 103 Phi(φ) = 401273, giving us part of the 3842/1273 = 327.5 = 3.018 equation. We also know that the total number of words, letters, and verses in the Torah = 58 = 390,625 and that the difference between these two totals is 401273 – 390625 = 223. When we take the digits in 401,273 and 390,625 as triplets (401, 273, 390, 625) and take their average, we get 422.25, pretty darn close to .4222 (42.22%).

The first 42-Letters of the Torah that summed to 3842, as the other part of the 3842/1273 = 327.5 = 3.018 equation, are cosmically conjoined with the 42-Letter Name that comprises the 14 Triplets of the 4 Essential Elements. The complete value of those 42-Letters is 4225, also pretty close to .4222 (42.22%).

We also saw a very similar number in the pivotal calendar Log (5760) = 3.76042248, which converted the year 2000 in the Hebrew Calendar (5760 HC) to the year 3760 HC, the year “0” in the Western Calendar, followed by numbers that could represent the 42 rows and 248 columns matrix that the Torah was designed around.  Maybe it is a way of conveying that the dual calendars and/or time connects to the fundamental feminine essence, and to the ratio of physicality to entirety, and/or circular or spherical time, or to all those concepts at once.

Can it possibly be related to the 422 years that the Second Holy Temple stood, or the year -422 BCE that the First Temple fell? Or the 4228 sum of the primes through the unique number 210—itself representative of the 210 years of the Egyptian Exile—considering the sum of the first 21 letters of the Alef-bet added up to 3842?

As an aside, the First Holy Temple stood for 410 years, as in the 410 value of the first Triplet of the Shema Essential Element (שמע) with its enlarged letter Ayin (ע) of numerical value 70, as in the 70 years between the two Holy Temples, and as in the year the Second Temple was destroyed, 70 CE, and the number 422, which is the numerical value of the Hebrew word for 70.

Regardless, another way to view this Essential ratio is as the comparison of the physical (19) parameter component to the Spiritual (26) component, two incommensurate phases of the duality that defines our existence. To be incommensurate they must be nothing like each other. If you recall, electricity is a byproduct of two incommensurate fields, the magnetic and the dielectric, coming together. There is nothing more incommensurate that physicality and spirituality. The difference between the two incommensurate ratios is (.5778 – .4222) = .1556, a number that we saw previously in Phi(φ)9,or Phi(φ) cubed cubed, 76.0131556…., which it turns out is the square root of 5778.000.

These are the ratios between the two incommensurate components, spiritual and physical, and the whole of Creation, so it is fitting that the ratio between them is 19/26 = .73076…. and the numerical value of the Torah’s Creation verse is the sum of the integers from 1 – 73, and the ordinal value of its first word (“In the Beginning) is 76.

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ.

In the beginning, G-d created the Heaven and the earth, two incommensurate fields, Heaven and earth. Why are we emphasizing the term incommensurate fields? Because as we saw with electricity and magnetism, it takes two paired incommensurate fields to seemingly create something from nothing “Yesh me-Ayin.” 

Is time just the result of pressure mediation on two paired incommensurate fields?

The Lord G-d

The numbers are not just numbers; they represent Names of G-d. The 112 in the 112 Triplets represents the Name, “The Lord G-d (אלהים  יהוה)” or the 26 (יהוה) and 86 (אלהים) Triplet axes. The Name, “The Lord G-d (אלהים  יהוה)” is found 21 times in the Torah, corresponding to the higher Name, Ehyeh (אהיה) of numerical value 21. That is, it is found 20 times in Genesis and once (1) in Exodus. It also connects to the sum of the first 21 letters, as we just saw.

The first and final letter (ים) in “The Lord G-d (אלהים יהוה)” has the same numerical value as etrog, the 4th species. The two initials and final letters together equal 616, the numerical value of “H’Torah, the Torah.” The set of inner and outer letters are each equal to 2 x 28, which obviously matches the 4 x 28 value of 112, as in the 112 Triplets.  Please note that like the 28 letters in the Torah’s first verse, there are 28 divisions within the 4 Essential Elements that comprise the 112 Triplets: the 9 rows of the 72 Names; the 7 rows of the 42-Letter Name; the 8 words of Bereshit; and the 3 rows of the Upper 42-Letter Name plus the 1st Triplet of the Shema’s first verse).

We now understand that “The Lord G-d (אלהים  יהוה)” is the Name designed into every cubit of Holy construction.

We now understand that “The Lord G-d (אלהים  יהוה)” is the Name designed into the essence and structure of the 112 Triplets.

We now understand that the letters in “The Lord G-d (אלהים  יהוה)” are not depictions but representations of pressure mediation and field modalities from non-physical higher dimensionality.

We now understand that, just as the Torah advised us, we are not to worship their image, but their essence and to strive to understand their ways. Nor are we to worship their collective image, but His collective Essence, for G-d is One. He and His Name are One.  The tools to understanding were given to us along with our consciousness.  To understand His ways look deeper into the Commandments and mitzvot, look deeper into everything, the metaphysics and hyperphysics pathways are all embedded there.

The Natural Order

We have been led to believe by scientists, academics, and all those that have a stake in us buying into their organizing skills that there is no natural order to the universe, that everything happens randomly and that it is Man’s right to harness the universe to his will. What would happen if we were sold a bill of goods by certain Titans throughout history and that that theory about the universe being random is not only wrong, but backwards, or even upside down.  Put it this way, either the Titans of tech know that the universe is not random and we are being wholly manipulated, or they are playing a high stakes game in which they do not have a clue as to the rules, and we are their playing chips.

Imagine what could happen if the cycles of birth get messed with, or the relationship between the Earth and the Moon and the Sun are tampered with, or what about the temperature scales. After all, we know that the set point of the universe is Absolute Zero at -273 degrees Celsius and 273 is the freezing point of water on Kelvin scale (K). Therefore, the triple point of water, or point where the temperature and pressure of the three phases (gas, liquid, solid) of water coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium is 273 K. Moreover, gasses expand by 1/273 of their volume with every degree Celsius.  Does this sound like the temperature scales were conceived randomly or by divine inspiration and guidance?

Speaking of temperature, the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation in the universe is 2.73 K, meaning the temperature of nothingness, the remnant of the so-called Big Bang is 2.73 K.  So empty space is 2.73 K warmer than Absolute Zero at -273 degrees Celsius, while the core temperature of the Sun is 27.3 million degrees Fahrenheit, and sunspots (places of relative coolness) revolve around the Sun in exactly 27.3 days. That is the same 27.3 days that our Moon orbits the Earth, and those relative revolving cool points on the Sun are just small puddles in its surface temperature of 5778˚K.  Is the point to show us that nothing is random, or to warn us not to mess with this fine balance and instead that we should concentrate on our spiritual growth? Leave the physics alone and work on the metaphysics that brought it into being. In other words, get closer to G-d, or stay in Egypt.

Climbing Mt Sinai was a metaphor. Most of the time G-d communicate with Moses he wasn’t on the mountain. Whenever the swirling cloud, the vortex, surrounded Moses He received G-d’s words and understanding.  The issue is getting closer to G-d and attracting the metaphysical vortex, not climbing a mountain.

What about gravity, would that be a good thing to mess with? You know how 32 ft/s2 is the acceleration of gravity on Earth, meaning if we drop an object it will speed up 32ft/s every second it falls. While that is oddly symmetric with the freezing point of water and the design of the Torah’s 32 Paths of the Tree-of-Life, and the design of the Future Holy Temple ,and the design of the Pyramid’s capstone, we also know that the acceleration due to gravity on the Sun’s surface is 273 m/s2.

Those Titans might not want to mess with our cell’s biology either, since the sum of the molecular weight of the 20 amino acids in our bodies is 2738.01 g/mol. 

There is a harmony to the universe and a system of incommensurate fields interacting to produce that harmony along with resonant pressures and angles that guide those fields. Whole new levels of understanding are in order, none of which have to do with physicality.

For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

In the final portion of this 11-part section (Part XVII) we will reveal the secret formula.

15 thoughts on “Part XVII Connecting the Dots Part 10

  1. This is an awesome article!!!
    The word disciple appears in 3 different spelling in the KJV:
    “disciples” appears 243 times in the KJV.
    “disciple” appears 29 times in the KJV
    “disciple'” appears 1 time in the KJV
    243 + 29 + 1 = 273
    The Torah was also designed such that this difference of 223 less the matrix of (248 columns x 42 rows) equals 232, the exact value of the 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton.
    232 + 223 + 322 = 777

  2. 7 Harmonies and 5040
    The 5040 verse in the KJV is:
    Deuteronomy 4:35
    Unto thee it was shewed, that thou mightest know that the Lord he is God; there is none else beside him.

    Deuteronomy 4:35 connects to the 3 dates you mentioned in the paragraph “A Zohar Prophesy”
    648 CE, which corresponds to 4408 HC and to 28 A.H. which all end in 8
    435 + 453 = 888

    The number 435 is also an allusion to Moses 345 and I Am That I Am 543.
    The Greek word “count G5585” appears in 2 verses and has a value of 2025:
    2025 x 2 = 5040
    Bk 42 Luke 14:28 and Bk 66 Revelation 13:18
    Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    “count the number”
    psephizo ho arithmos
    ψηφισατω τον αριθμον
    (700+8+500+10+200+1+300+800) (300+70+50) (1+100+10+9+40+70+50)
    = 222

    222 is the ordinal value of :
    God created the heaven and earth
    H0776 H0853 H064 H0853 H0430 H1254
    erets eth shamayim eth elohiym bara
    ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ
    (18+20+1+5) + (22+1+6) + (13+10+13+21+5) + (22+1) + (13+10+5+12+1) + (1+20+2) = 222

    The English word “Israel” appears in 2,220 verses in KJV OT (2 + 220) = 222

    Israel H3478
    3 x 478 = 1,434 = 1 + 434 = 435
    Deuteronomy 4:35
    Unto thee it was shewed, that thou mightest know that the Lord he is God; there is none else beside him.

    34 + 78 = 112
    as in the 112 Triplets

    3478 + 2,220 = 5,698
    5 + 698 = 703

    Isaiah 54:5
    “The God of the whole earth shall he be called”
    אלהי כל הארץ יקרא
    311 + 296 + 50 + 46 = 703

    1. 703 as you probably know is V’et H’ertz from Genesis 1:1. I personally don’t mix gematrias and stay within the pure Hebrew because only those letters and scale can be shown (that I know of) to be of metaphysical origin, and when mixing gematrias or using idioms beyond the Torah it is too easy to find answers that may be contrived. That does not make them wrong, just makes their connection impossible to prove, especially in this world of skeptics. That said, thanks for everything you can add.

  3. Jeff, your writing and insight to see below the surface is an invaluable resource for me. I am new to Kabbalah, gematria, Hebrew and Greek. I have only been studying it 3yrs this month. Kabbalah maybe a year since coming across your website. I still use the KJV as a reference, a stepping stone to bring me to the truth. I am not familiar with all the Kabbalah terminology and have to google it all. But I do know one thing, all your writing and math is spot on. I lived down in Louisiana (outside New Orleans), would love to fine some people who are studying kabbalah.

    In the following verse I find the word “few” intriguing!

    And Jacob said to Simeon and Levi, Ye have troubled me to make me to stink among the inhabitants of the land, among the Canaanites and the Perizzites: and I being “few in number,” they shall gather themselves together against me, and slay me; and I shall be destroyed, I and my house. Gen 34:30

    few = math H4962 = few, men, people, friends
    tav mem
    22 times in 21 verses in the Hebrew concordance of the KJV
    49 + 62 = 111 x 440 = 48,840 = 48 + 840 = 888

    These three 8s connect directly to: “A Zohar Prophesy”
    648 CE, which corresponds to 4408 HC and to 28 A.H. which all end in 8
    435 + 453 = 888
    If you were to follow the path of the word “disciple” in the Strong’s Concordance it leads
    right to H4962.

    Disciple G3100, G3101, G3102, G3103 from H4968 Methuselah from H4962 = H4967 Methusael

    That in itself is beyond random coincidence!

    The rest of the math surrounding the word math H4962 is just as intriguing.
    4 + 962 = 966
    966 + 669 + 696 = 1,331
    1 x 331 = 331
    331 + 133 + 313 = 777

    777 just happens to be the sum of:
    H4967 Methusael = “who is of God”
    (30+1+300+6+400+40) = 777
    1 + 331 = 332
    332 + 233 + 323 = 888
    777 + 888 = 1,665
    1 + 665 = 666

    The word Math 4962 appears 22 times in 21 Verses in the Hebrew Concordance of the KJV
    22 x 21 = 462 + 426 = 888
    The last verse in the KJV is:
    Revelation 22:21

    The Writing is on the Wall
    Bk 27 Daniel 5:25
    H4484 H4484 H8625 H6537
    מנא מנא תקל ופרסין
    (50 10 60 200 80 6) (30 100 400) (1 50 40) (1 50 40)
    406 + 530 + 91 + 91
    Deuteronomy 6:4
    Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord:
    שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד
    13 + 26 + 102 + 26 + 541 + 410
    1 x 118 = 118
    118 + 811 + 181
    1 + 110
    math 4962 = 49 + 62 = 111
    few, men, people, friends
    1 + 118 = 119
    119 + 911 + 191
    1 + 221

    The Voice of God
    Bk 5 Deuteronomy 4:33
    H6963 H0430
    Qowl Elohiym
    קול אלהים
    86 + 136
    God created the heaven and the earth
    ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ
    44 + 29 + 62 + 23 + 41 + 23
    (Ordinal Value)
    [ The word “wisdom” appears in 222 verses in the KJV ]
    “The Bk of Ecclesiastes has 222 verses in KJV”
    Genesis 8:15
    And God spake unto Noah, saying,
    H1696 dabar
    [ The word “truth” appears in 222 verses in the KJV ]

    “The Creator of the universe wanted us to understand this harmony.”
    If He wanted everything to be random, He would have made it random.
    It is that simple. Let us be frank. There is nothing random about our universe.

    The phrase “the creator” appears 3 times in the KJV
    Bk 23 Isaiah 40:28 (Bk 23 Isaiah 43:15) Bk 45 Romans 1:25
    (23 + 40 + 28) + (23 + 43 + 15) + (45 + 1 + 25)
    91 + 81 + 71

    The word “disciple” appears 243 times in the KJV
    disciple G3100 = G3101= G3102 = G3103 = H4968 = H4967
    3100 + 3101 + 3102 + 3103 + 4962 + 4967
    22 + 341
    8 10 300 40 5

    The path in the Strong’s Concordance from the Greek to the
    Hebrew is blatantly obvious. We are to b learners, disciples!

    math 4962

    1. Thanks Glen. A teacher is only a teacher if he can learn from his students. Your discovery with Daniel helped guide me to fulfill a prophecy I was told several years ago. You will read about it in our very next post. Thank you. As for translations, I suggest you use The Aryeh Kaplan Chumash and in addition to what you are doing. As for studying Kabbalah, there is lots to learn on The

  4. Glen,
    the Greek word for Disciple, “Mathetes” starts with the same three letters (Mu, Alpha, Theta) as the “math” word stem-source in our English term, Mathematics.

    One of the implications of that word stem is that the NT instruction to “make disciples” was an instruction to make serious and discipline students. My impression is that that instruction got “converted” (the pun is intentional) into “making converts”, i.e. converts to a particular denomination, or (current era) converts to a “church(y) lifestyle”. People are made welcome in that sort of lifestyle-cycle as long as they DO NOT ask questions.

    (Part of the reason I know more than usual about the evolution of Christianity is what Ezra describes as “a rich life”.:

    Genesis 1:1 has the gematria value of 37 * 73 (= 2701). When John wrote The Apocalypse, he wrote it on Patmoss, Latitude 37 North, one of many NT links to the gematria in the Torah.

    When Constantine moved his capital from Rome to Constantinople, he did not want to leave himself with a political or military rival in Rome. So he tried toleave as much power as possible in the hands of the religious authorities he had just set up as pat of the new state religion. There was personal wealth and inheritance mixed up in it, but basically, Constantine set up the Vatican, and they were officially “calling the shots” in Rome. But they were “light on” re military forces.

    The military weakness in the western half of the empire was all the motivation southern Britain needed to throw off Roman control. Rome (i.e. the newly empowered Vatican did not have the military to even defend Rome which fell to Goth tribes in the early 400’s. So Rome/The Vatican “hired” two German tribes, the Angles and the Saxons, to invade southern Britain, and then hold it for Rome.

    The deal was that Rome provided the money for the ships, the bows, arrows, shields, clothes etc. The Anglo-Saxons would conquer the land and then loot it to repay the loans from Rome.

    All that went off as planned, and southern Britain became England. The Anglo-Saxons paid off their “bankers”. Then came something of a major decision. You can Google the “Synod of Whitby” for more details.

    Let’s go back to John on Patmos. He was not there forever. He eventually was released, and with his “adopted mother” (Maria-Mary-Miriam), who had lived in what is now Turkey while John was a prisoner on Patmos), joined the “legendary” (literally legendary) Christian community around Glastonbury, i the South West of Britain. That community studied Torah and many texts in Greek and Aramaic. History knows them as “Camelot”. Most of the “legends” are hyped up traditions concocted by “locals” who respected the community, but could not understand their concepts or terminology.

    So “Gal Ehad”, the opening into Unity got converted into a mythical Knight, Sir Galahad. “Av Elyon” (Father in the Highest) became Avalon (as in Bryan Ferry’s video clip if you don’t recognise it as aa place name.)

    The decision the victorious Anglo-Saxons faced at that Whitby Synod was “should they go Latin Rite”, i.e. sign on with their backers in Rome for the Roman calendar, dates for Christmas, Latin scriptures etc — rather than what the very highly esteemed Camelot group had introduced into Britain.

    The decision was made. Britain was to be “Latin Rite”. It stayed that way until the Reformation. Suddenly, all those ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts, kabbalistic to the hilt, were “banned literature”. They had been mainstays of the monastic communities founded by the Camelot community. Very quickly they were “cleaned out”. But the prophecies were not forgotten. Those prophecies included predictions about Australia as a safe haven from oppression on the other side of the world. Fear of those prophecies being fulfilled drove London to bring Hirohito to Britain after World War I. They “revved him up”, promising him that they would tacitly back him in his attempts to take over the Pacific and Asia. It is why the guns in Singapore were built so that they could only shoot out to sea. They could not be rotated to fire onto the Malayan Peninsula where the Japanese Army would attack from.

    If all this sounds like fantasy, just Google “Washington Naval Treaty” or “Capital Ships Treaty”. Britain was feeling so “warm and fuzzY’ towards the United States after the USA bailed them out in World War I, that the UK threatened to go to war with the USA, unless Washington got rid of its big naval vessels. The idiots/traitors in Washington caved in, and the USA could no longer maintain full strength fleets in both the Pacific and the Atlantic. That set up Pearl Harbor.

    The agenda was that Japan and the USA would mutually destroy each other, but along the way, Japan was to “genocide” the Australian population so that the Camelot prophecies would be sabotaged. After Japan and the USA were “gone”, Australia was to be repopulated with more subservient and less spiritually aware people than the “rebellious” ones who had been settled there – the rebellion in Ireland in support of Napoleon and hoped for French intervention had led to tens of thousands of political prisoers being sent as slave labour to Australia (supposedly as “convicts”. Tere were some convicts, but the political prisoners are “written out” of the official history.

    Going back to the Synod of Whitby . . . . .

    All those textx that Joseph of Arimathea and others had brought to Camelotwere now to be seized and destroyed. Some of the descendants/survivors hid what they could. They kept their texts hidden for (my estimate) about 1200 years, maybe longer. Then they smuggled them out, halfway round the planet to the Southern hemisphere.

    I became a political refugee in 1998. I was working as a computer consultant for my country’s (i.e. Australia’s) Defence Department, and several major banks (mainly Australian, but one big German one as well). Among other things, I was probing fraud and treason among defence contractors in Australia, the USA and Canada. I was being used in what was planned to be a cover-up of planned terrorist attacks. I found out/discoveredbmore than I was meant to find. So I was “exiled” and stranded where I could not talk to law enforcement or other government agencies on either side of the Pacific. My passport was taken away. I never got it back. My daughter did that for me 17 years later – i.e. after she had grown up. She fought the local Australian Consulate to a standstill, to the point where they would not even answer her phonecalls. But in the end they caved in, and I was finally able to travel again. In the intervening 17 years I had had lots of enforced “free time” to study. I was not allowed to work. And my nights were disjointed – that tends to happen after somebody sends snipers and a bikie gang after your child. You stay awake at night.

    The Camelot group (i.e. their descendants) hid their texts at (it kind of “figures” !) Latitude 37 South. My daughter and I lived in the same area, protected by Maori friends, who were probably more dangerous than most of the underworld and government thugs sent after us. The Maoris (NZ indigenous population) had prophecies and visions about a European man who would come to them with a little girl, who would teach them the meaning of their legends, and change their people for the better. They thought we “were it”. They protected us. But when they were not there for us, the bullets came through the window. I did teach them a lot (or at least I tried to), but I never managed (so far) to get them to change their lifestyle.

    I learned (over time) that the area where we had “settled” was heavily “stacked” with retired British Intelligence officers, waiting to see who it was that came to find/read the ancient “paperwork” from Camelot.

    I only had about 3 months, maybe almost 4 months with those documents. My daughter had been poisoned by a school nurse. Her body weight was down to 27 Kg (just under 60 lb). Her resting pulse was 205 to 210 bpm. She appeared to be dying. The local doctors refused to treat her. They had been intimidated. The last one we saw was shaking in fear, looking repeatedly at something on his computer screen on my daughter’s file, and pleading with me to take her (I was carrying here) out of the Medical Centre.

    On bad days she was only conscious for about 90 minutes i 24 hours. On good days I “had her partly back” for as many as 8 hours. We lived in a shack in the hills 1500 feet aove the town below us. I used to sit beside her bed, reading through the material, a lot of it in English. I just sat there making notes, day after day, watching her, wondering if she was going to “make it”.

    My “nickname” for the Camelot Group is the Guardians. They gave me access to the documents. But they never let me meet the “old guy” who had done the translations. There was enouh Hebrew and Aramaic still in the documents that I could “check” how good the translations were. They were VERY good, at least as best I could tell.

    One of the tings I picked up from those documents was just how different what I call “Camelot Christianity” is from the “modern product”.

    There has obviously been plenty of “pruning”. The “prunings” have often been driven by political agendas, such as the Canaanite-Phoenecian-Venetian agenda I have described in some of my comments over the past couple of years on this site. The KJV was part of that agenda, as was/is Shakespeare. The agenda/background can influence how the original text is translated, for instance (slightly humourous, but probably true):

    We have a story in Australia about a girl in her 20’s who suddenly gets a major dose of “religion”, presumably of the “Happy Clappy Pentecostal” persuasion. Suddenly, she is off to prayer meetings and wanting to “pray” on almost every occasion.

    Her mother looks at her in alarm, and says, “Dear, we’re Anglicans. We always pray. We have been praying for decades. But NONE OF US EXPECT ANSWERS!”

    Going back to the more serious side of which texts” to work from, as per Jeffrey’s (Ezra’s) comment, Kaplan was/is brilliant. His translation brings out (for me) depths of meaning in the original Hebrew that are usually “not covered” or not that obvious in the first take/surface level translation.

    One of the reasons I got so much out of those “37 South Camelot Documents” was the quality of the work and translations I was looking at. One of the biggest surprises I found was ancient British and ancient Israel’s history being heavily intertwined. I have never “bought” the “British Israel thing” (at all). But there was clearly plenty of shipping and trade contact between the British Isles and Israel from soon ater Solomon’s reign until almost the time the Romans got there.

  5. Thanks Ezra.

    And yes, the Camelot-King Arthur material was fascinating.

    (I have told a few people the story(ies) over the years. The reaction of the “new agers and people who had been “burned by religion” was telling. They would listen, hoping I would tell them that “it all came from India”, or that the “Bible” (as they called it – they tended not to know the term TORAH) was man-made.

    What was in the documents I read was that “Camelot” was HEAVILY Torah based, and so were the (christian) monasteries that were founded on islands between Scotland and Ireland, or between the west coast of Britain and Ireland.

    “King Arthur” was a title like Caesar. It was derived from the 2nd, 3rd and 1st letters of “Bereishith”, the first word of the Torah.. (Israel’s meaning as “There are 231”, and the 231 Gates “sitting there” beneath all those fantasy myths about early Britain.

    Under the Myths, Camelot was real.

  6. A (US) Civil War Incident

    I will add one more “expansion” to my earlier comments re the Pacific War of World War II. But I will go back to the US Civil War, and how one bullet fired in a Civil War battle changed history for half the planet eight decades later. The “precision” with which that bullet hit its “mark” is stunning.

    It is years since I read the story, so apologies for being “light” with the details of date and place. It was a Civil War battle, in which the Confederate Army had the Union Army “stalled” or pinned down. With no apperent orders to do so, the colour party from the Union Army regiment/unit started advancing at the Confederate trenches. It was five men against a whole army, who were dug in, and shooting with everything they had, including cannon. Two of those five men were carrying flags. So they could not shoot back. One of them had his head blown off by a cannon shell. Two others were killed or wounded.

    One of the five was a 17 year old boy, in the colour party as a rifleman. He grabbed a flag from the hands of one of his dead companions and kept running – straight at the “command HQ” in the Confederate trenches.

    He was a 17 year old kid running straight at an army. The Union soldiers followed him, but he was WAY OUT IN FRONT and on his own when he reached the Confederate trenches.

    The commanding officer from the Confederate side rammed his rifle, bayonet on the end at the “kid’s” throat. The bayonet touched his skin but never broke it. It failed to break his skin and open his throat because a bullet slammed into the Confederate Coloonel’s bayonet at the same moment it touched the boy’s throat. The bayonet was slammed sideways.

    The Union Army won the battle. Two years later, that boy, aged 19 was the Colonel of his unit. He had started a glorious military career that would last decades.

    Almost 40 years later, his son, the future General Macarthur was his aide on a fact finding mission across most of Asia. Somewhere along his career pat, the younger Macarthur figured out what he would one day tell JFK as to the reasons why the US should never go into Vietnam. The reason was “Asian numbers”. The numbers were so huge in Asia, that no matter how many battles an American Army won, an Asian enemy could soon recruit and deploy new soldiers.

    So in the Pacific War, where the US had naval superiority, Macarthur never fought the Japanese on the AAsian mainland. He “island hopped”, bombing Japanese airbases until the Japanese were driven back, then setting up yet another US Air Base, a few hundred miles closer to Japan.

    The strategy “worked”. Macarthur learned it through his experience in Asia, including his interviews alongside his father with Asian generals and politicians.

    The whole thing “hung” on Macarthur being born to be the son of the General his father. His father would not have lived past the age of 17 if a bullet had not hit a bayonet side-on during a Civil War battle. The precision and timing of that shot is STUNNING.

    The 401,273 and 390,625 and 648 in the above article are also STUNNING !

    (Are we living in a matrix, a simulation or a hologram . . . .?

  7. King Arthur and The 231

    I probably should explain the “Camelot logic” in the 231 (Gates/Israel) Connection:

    The order of the letters in Arthur’s Name, as they occur in Bereishith, is:

    Tkaing the 2nd, 3rd and 1st letters in that order, the Camelot/Josep of Arimathea group got:

    Aleph-Tau-Resh, i.e. “A-Th-R or ArThuR (Arthur).

    The other three letters in the word Bereishith, i.e. Bet-Shin-Yud, value 312 are a “play” on Arthur and 12 Knights around the “proverbial” Round Table. The 13 is tied in with Ehad, and the Tetrgrammaton as 26 pervading or filling Arthur’s Knights was the 12 * 26 = 312

    (The “concepts” seemed to be a mixture of Judaism, Grail and (very early) Christian. (Once the Vatican and the Anglo-Saxons got the opportunity to do so, they declared they were not having even a sniff of any of that, so it vanished into history — until the descendants of the survivors smuggled what they had saved of the paperwork into NZ about 1200 years later.

  8. a circle and a squire; 273 days pregnacy. related to the moon cycle.
    but this is a 2D plane.
    here is another key, the sphere and cube gives you the cubit. 52,36%
    which is equal to a pendulem of one meter swinging over 30 degrees describes an arc of 52,36 cm
    and of course your 15708 is 300 x the cubit. o,5236 x 5 = 2,618 and 6 x 0,5236=3,1416 etc.
    its the cubit ( one of the key measures) there are a few more, that will reveal the links such as the mazaroth
    25920/3,1416=8.250,5729564553093964858670741024‬, seemingly a meaningless number untill one knows they are cubits
    so we multiply 8.250,5729564553093964858670741024‬ by 0,5236= 432,0.
    with this we can make the construct upon which all is written. but that is for another time.

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