Part XVII Connecting the Dots Part 11b From the Coronavirus to the Secret Formula


Two Viruses

By the way, the Chinese have just admitted that there were two different corona viruses spreading since the beginning, just as our initial analysis of the numbers suggested there would be, one far deadlier than the other. They are sticking to their batty story of the origin though–they do not really have a choice. They will never admit they created this monster in a lab.

The two viruses, which we have tracked since January and that probably have been around since November, continue to be evident in the country by country differentials in mortality rates. In the United States, they are evidenced by the far higher death rate in Washington and California (6.16%) versus the rest of the country (0.26%). It was, of course, exasperated by finding its way into a nursing home in Seattle where the death rate is staggering. As for other countries that have large data sets, we can clearly see the differing rates between Italy with over 12,000 cases at 6.4% and Iran at over 10,000 at 4.26% and South Korea on the other end of the spectrum with 7800 cases and a mortality rate of 0.88%. To be perfectly clear, both viruses are in all countries by now, and it is possible for people to get both of them, meaning getting one does not protect someone from getting the other.  This comorbidity, at least how it pertains to individual counties is one reason we are seeing many counties, including Spain, France, Japan, the UK, Australia, and the US average in the 2-2.5% morbidity range. Also, to be quite clear, these are not just statistics, but actual people we are talking about. Our prayers need to go out to all of them and their families and communities.

Here is a link to the study they did, showing the original S and the more Lethel mutation. And a video about it here.

The Second Beginning

We just read this past Shabbat the 20th Torah portion, the 78-80th chapters of the Torah, which began with the words “תצוה ואתה (You must command)” of numerical value 913, just like the first word of the Torah, Bereshit.   To serious students of Kabbalah or Torah technology that should set off alarms.  To most people who read this portion every year, there is little of interest in the portion, as it is all about the clothing and ornaments of the Cohanim (high priests) in the Mishkan. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

We know that the first couple words in every portion always have special technology built into them that serves as a core concept for the entire portion. In this case, the concept is “another beginning,” and/or a connection to the original beginning.  So, what does this portion have to do such a high concept?

The complete gematria with the kolel of “תצוה ואתה (You must command)” is 1000, as in the realm and dimension of Binah hyperspace and the primordial Alef(א). This is significant because this portion includes the keys to getting there, hidden among the ornaments of the High Priest.

In the middle of the portion we read about the breastplate (החשן) in the 112th paragraph of Exodus, aligning it with the 112 Triplets that comprise the 4 Essential Elements (Forces) in our universe.  The gematria and energy of the breastplate (החשן) is 363, “H’Moshiach.” The key is that housed within it are the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Triplets, and mounted on it are 12 jewels, representing the 12 Tribes, set into a specific 3 x 4 matrix. Like a computer dialed into Heaven, the breastplate (החשן) could get Bnei Israel (ישראל בני) the answer to any question. The combination of the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Triplets was not only present at the time of Creation, but was also engraved on Moses’ staff that split the Red Sea into 12 dry pathways, one for each Tribe.

They are also available to us today.

Another word whose numerical value (363) is equal to “H’Moshiach,” is “Corona (קורונא), as in the the virus, whose name is “crown” or a natural aura surrounding a luminous body. The term “Corona virus” is (נגיף  קורונא)” in Hebrew with a numerical value (506) equal to the first line of the 42-Letter Name matrix and the 506 times the 14 Triplets in the 42-Letter Name matrix are found in the Torah.  And the ordinal value of “Corona virus (נגיף  קורונא)” is 187, as in the 187 chapters in the Torah. Moreover, the original Chinese name for this coronavirus is SARS CoV – 2 (2כוב סארס) and with the kolel its numerical value is 358, Moshiach.

Why the connections to Moshiach? Perhaps it has to do with the adage that we cannot see the Light unless there is darkness.

The appellations for the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Triplets, as used in conjunction with the breastplate, are the Urim and Thurmim                  (אֶת-הָאוּרִים וְאֶת-הַתֻּמִּים), which have an odd resemblance to “The Heavens and the Earth” from Bereshit 1:1 (אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ), substituting the word for day “yom (יום)” for the letter “ץ” in (הָאָרֶץ) and the letter Tav (תּ) for the letter Shin (שּׁ) in (הַשָּׁמַיִם).  The gematria value of the Urim and Thurmim (אֶת-הָאוּרִים וְאֶת-הַתֻּמִּים) is 1565, as in the small gematria of YHVH (יהוה), itself indicative of the 26 Triplets in the other two of the 4 Essentials Elements (Forces).  When the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essentials Elements (Forces) come together anything is possible.

The Sons of Man

The Zohar 5:30 for parsha Noach speaks about the ‘Sons of Adam (אדם בני): “From the day that Adam transgressed his Master’s command, all succeeding generations were called ‘sons of Adam.’ But it was not said to praise him, as much as to say, “These are the sons of man who transgressed his Master’s command’.” The gematria of “Bnei Adam ‘Sons of Adam        (אדם בני)” is 107, as in the sum of the integers from 1 – 107 that equal 5778, or 107 years for each of the 54 parashot (portions) of the Torah.

The Zohar continues, “But after Noach had appeared, all the descendants of Mankind are called after his name, ‘the generations of Noach.’ And this describes Noach in an honorable sense, because he secured for us permanent existence in the world, in contrast with ‘the generations of Adam,’ which describes us in a dishonorable sense, as he caused us to be driven out of this world by bringing death to all…[and in a later Torah] passage it is written: ‘Hashem came down to see the city and the tower that the children of Adam had built’ (Bereshit 11:50.)”

The distinction between “Bnei Adam ‘Sons of Adam (אדם בני)” of numerical value 107 and “Bnei Noach (נח בני)” of numerical value 120 is important because Adam’s lineage is a linear line of death carved out of spherical line.  It is an illusion, yet a very convincing one, but more on the aspects and physics of time will follow in a later article.  “Bnei Noach (נח בני)” on the other hand come with the blessings of G-d and 120 represents the age of Man. In Genesis 6:30, “My spirit will not continue to judge man forever, since he is nothing but flesh. His days shall be 120 years.”

“Bnei Adam (אדם בני)” represents a concept of freedom/elevation lost and “Bnei Noach (נח בני)” represents the concept of physical life connected to Man. The numerical difference between them, (120 -107) = 13, represents Love and Oneness as previously discussed. It also represents the 13o circular shift, which is equivalent to the 54-unit linear shift between the basic split on the Alef-bet and the Phi(φ) split, that we discussed much earlier in this series.  Not coincidentally, that product of 107 and 54, or 5778 equals Phi(φ)18.

Then there is the phrase “the sons of Israel, Bnei Israel (ישראל בני)” of numerical value 603, which represents the Israelites and the 12 Tribes of Jacob, who received the name “Israel” at the River Jabok, of numerical value 112, as in the 112 Triplets.  Bnei Israel (ישראל בני)” represents the spiritual component of the “Bnei Noach (נח בני)” and is thus 5.025 times 120.

The tree monikers, “Bnei Adam ‘Sons of Adam (אדם בני),” “Bnei Noach (נח בני),” and “Bnei Israel (ישראל בני)” combine in a single equation to give us “The Torah,” in that (603 + 120) – 107 = 616, the gematria of “H’Torah (התורה).“

What is left at the end of the time limit for “Bnei Adam ‘Sons of Adam (אדם בני),” is “The Torah.”

The initials of Adam, Noach, and Israel (אני) spell the word Ani, meaning “I” or “I am”, and usually associated with G-d speaking, have a numerical value of 61, the same as Covid-19, or (42 + 19).  This acronym (אני) is also the middle (37th) Triplet of the 72 Triplets.

The initials of Adam, Noach, and Israel (אני) also spell the word Ayin (אַיִן‎), nothingness, as in Ein Sof (אין סוף), meaning “no end”, “without an end,” and especially the “endless.” What is left at the end of the time limit?

Bnei Noach (נח בני)” and “Bnei Adam (אדם בני)” = (120 + 107) = 227, which is the numerical value of Ein Sof (אין סוף), whose initials are (אס) or 61.

Bnei Israel (ישראל בני)” – “Bnei Adam (אדם בני)” = (603 – 107) = 496, the numerical value of Malchut, the world of physicality, at the other end of Ein Sof (אין סוף).

The final letters of Adam, Noach, and Israel (מלח) has a numerical value of 78, and as the Arizal explains, regarding the Scroll of Esther, the numerical value of megillah (מגלה) scroll is 78, which is equal to three times the YHVH (יהוה). It reveals the three levels of Light that is in Chokmah, Binah and Da’at. It is also the numerical value of “the Flood (מבול)” that begins with 42(מב).

The Secret Formula Grid

As we revealed earlier, the number 1143 stands out with regards to the 72 Triplets. The first row of the 72 Triplets, Triplets 1 – 8 sum to 1143, leaving 8000 for the rest of the 64 Names, or on average 1000 each.  Moreover, the average of the 8 columns or 9143/8 = 1142.875 or 1143 again.

We know that the separate first row of the 72 Triplets has a value of 1143, meaning it has an average value per Triplet of 1143/8 = 142.875, which is exactly 1000 less than the average value for the 8 columns, or 9143/8 = 1142.875. Most significantly, 1142.875 obviously rounds up to 1143, which as the total of the 72 Triplets first row is necessarily a round (whole) number.

Thus, the total of the 1st row less the average of the first row = the average of the 8 columns – the average of the first row = 1143 – 143 = 1000.

A Bit About the Number 127

The number 127 plays prominently in the Torah, the Megillat Esther, and number theory. As it happens, the average of each of the 72 Triplets is nearly exactly 127, or 9143/72 = 126.986…. Then there are the 127 years of Sarah’s life; the 7th Mersenne prime number; the 127 combinations of the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse, etc.

We should also note that of those possible 127 combinations, each word was utilized 64 times. Can it possibly be coincidental that the numerical value 127 was utilized exactly 64 times in the Torah, indelibly tying the number 127 to 64?  Or that there is a perfect 8 x 8 or 64 Triplet square within the 72 Names, whose average Triplet is 127. By the way, the middle Triplet of the 72 Triplets is the 36th Triplet whose numerical value is 125, as in the 8000/64 average of the 64 Triplet square, and the middle two triplets (32nd and 33rd) of the 64 Triplet square have a total value of 42.

Just so we keep the multi-dimensionality of these Triplets in mind, it is of note that the 36th Triplet of numerical value 125 is 53 and 64 is 43, which the 72 Triplets or 216 letters is 63.  And the second line of the 42-Letter Name matrix is 729 or 93.

The number 127 is also the complete numerical value of Elohim (אלהים), the 3rd word in the Torah and the Name of G-d that corresponds to the (42-Letter Name – 72 Triplet Name) axis of the 112 Triplets.

Apropos to the 72 Triplets derived from the 3 consecutive 72-letter verses of the splitting of the Red Sea, the Log of 127 = 2.10380, representing the 210 years the Israelites were in Egypt (Mizra’im) of numerical value 380.

The number 127 is also the 31st prime and the 6th prime in the Primeth Recurrence series. Then when we extend the series to the 7th level or 7th prime in it, we have the number 709, as it turns out is the 127th overall prime, and is equivalent to the sum of the 7 Doubles (בגדכפרת), which are part of the triple partition of the 22 letters that we learned about from Abraham in his Sefer Yetzirah.

There is also the 127-unit shift from the odd/even split of the Alef-bet to the kabbalistic 1/32/3 split in it. And while the shift from the odd/even split to the Phi(φ) split is 13o, the ordinal value of the Torah’s first 13 letters is once again 127.

There is also the mention of the 127 provinces in the first verse of the Megillat Esther, and the complete value of the name Haman (המן): (95 + 32) = 127. As an aside, another of the innumerable secrets in the Megillat Esther is that the wise trusted adviser to the King who suggested replacing Queen Vashti was Memucan, whose name has the same numerical value as Joseph, Pharaoh’s trusted advisor.  The incident occurred in the first chapter at the feast for the 7 princes in the 3rd year of the king’s reign.

Possibly most important of all is the ratio of the 4-sided square to the inscribed circle, which is 127.3%

The Secret Formula

So, keeping in mind that the average value for the 8 columns is 9143/8 = 1142.875, when we deduct the average value per Triplet (1143/8 = 142.875) from the 8-column average we get (1142.875 – 142.875) = 1000 exactly.

The value 1000 represents the highest level attainable and it appears to be built into this matrix every which way, including the sum of its square roots at 1000.054.

Also keep in mind that the 72 Triplets are just one component of the 112 Triplets in the 4 Essential Elements of Creation.  There are 40 other Triplets (112 – 72) = 40 among the other 3 components.

Every element of the Torah is a clue.  We know that there are 401,273 words, letters, verses, rows and columns in the Torah matrix, and that the number 1273 squares the circle.  Given the hint of the 40 other Triplets, we can also see that (1273 – 1143) = 130, the value of Mt Sinai, and of sulam, ladder. Extrapolating, we can further see that when the area of the circle is 112, as in the full 112 Triplets, the area of the square that circumscribes it is (1.273 x 112) = 142.5760 or 143 yet again. Given that basic relationship between the circle and the square and given the importance of the 112 Triplets, we get the equation:

1143 – (1.273 x 112) = 1000.424

This formula tells us that the first row of the 72 Triplets, or alternatively the average of its columns (1143), less the square of a circle formed by the 112 Triplets equals 1000 or Keter of Binah, with the addition of 424, Moshiach Ben David.

Besides just following the clues, why would we square the circle of the 112 Triplets? It goes back to our discussion of wells and towers, primordial male and female forces in harmony, how incommensurate primal forces need to interact to activate the inert fields.  This happens on the level of Binah.

Squaring the circle of 112 Triplets leads to Freedom, elevation, and Moshiach.

As we know, 1000 is also Alef (א) and the 112 Triplets form the 4 branches of the Alef (א), and 1000.424 is thus 1.424 or 1424, the numerical value of Kadosh Kadoshim, the “Holy of Holies.”

Furthermore, as we saw above, the complete gematria with the kolel of “תצוה ואתה (You must command)” is also 1000, which connected us to the Breastplate of the High Priest and the 4 Elements of Creation, most notably the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Names.

As the Creator etches the blueprints of the Future Holy Temple onto the Temple Mount, it is all coming together at the right moment. G-d told Abraham, “The fourth generation will return here…”

We have been given all the tools and the ability to consciously align them. The window of opportunity was opened for us at the correct moment, yet with each passing day man walks further and further away, accusing the light and embracing the darkness. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

Please take all necessary and proactive precautions, and use the 42-Letter Name. This pandemic can play itself out or it can stop on a dime.  Regardless, who created these coronaviruses, the ultimate Creator can end it at any moment.  B”H this tidal wave passes over us with mercy.

19 thoughts on “Part XVII Connecting the Dots Part 11b From the Coronavirus to the Secret Formula

  1. Hi…Friends
    They just published this … I send it because of the interesting thing that is commented in the post at the end and the coincidence of what Jeff already commented … this … (virus) will disappear just as it appeared …
    It caught my attention. (See article at the end about everything)

    “”” Almost more baffling that the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely “””


  2. A very nice constructive and informative article as always Jeff. It is amazing that that first occurrence of
    the numeric string 424 appears at the 1109th decimal digit of Pi.
    ……………………………………..^ < – – 1109th digit
    The numeral 424 in pi is followed by the three digits 541 and preceding 424 is the numeral 72.
    541 + 72 = 613 Number of Commandments in the Torah
    424 is also connected to the numeral 120 which represents the age of Man. In Genesis 6:30, “My spirit will not continue to judge man forever, since he is nothing but flesh. His days shall be 120 years.”
    The positional value of Deuteronomy 34:7 is 424
    And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died:
    his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.
    ומשה בן מאה ועשרים שנה במתו לא כהתה עינו ולא נס לחה
    (5+8+12)+(15+14)+(1+12+6)+(6+14+10+16)+(5+22+5+11)+(1+12)+(6+22+13+2)+(5+14+21)+(13+10+20+21+16+6)+(5+1+13)+(14+2)+(5+21+13+6) = 424
    As a side note, the virus is causing chaos and border line panic down here where i live, 30 miles outside New Orleans. There are 14 confirmed cases as of today in New Orleans, and all the stores have sold out and have no disinfected cleaning supplies, lysol, bleach, hand sanitizer etc. and no napkins, paper towels or toilet paper. All the colleges have moved what classes they can online, and have shut down the campuses.

    1. Thank you again, Glen, for revealing hidden wisdom. It is said, Moses lives in every generation and has the soul of Moshiach. 424 appears for the first time in Pi at digit #1110 (10 x 111, which is Alef)including the 3.

      BTW, let me know what you come up with for 289 or 705.

      The panic here in Westchester NY is similar.

  3. I was not gone to mention this, but I remember a quote you made in a previous article:
    “There are no accidents in the universe”
    I took out my birth certificate a while back and notice that the doctors recorded my time of birth to be 10:12 am. Don’t know if he had the date of that day in his mind, but I was also born on October 12 which is 1012.
    The first word of the Torah is בראשית Bereshit = 913 and the last word of the Greek NT is αμην Amen = 99.
    913 + 99 = 1012
    10 x 12 = 120
    It was the first time in my 64 yrs of being on this earth that I ever noticed the time of my birth.
    Maybe I am going to live to 120. :-))))

  4. mmmh, This is a little freaky.
    The 1st occurrence of 424 in pi appears at the 1109th decimal digit.
    Reading 1109 like a Hebrew is 9o11
    1109 + 9011 = 10,120
    10 x 120 = 1200
    There are 3 verses with a gematria value of 1200
    (Joshua 12:22) (Psalms 29:8) (Proverbs 8:5)
    3 x 1200 = 3600
    Reading 3600 like a Hebrew is 0063
    3600 + 0063 = 3,663
    3 + 663 = 666

    Proverbs 8:5
    O ye simple, understand wisdom: and, ye fools, be ye of an understanding heart.

    1109 + 424 = 1,533
    Reading 1533 like a Hebrew is 3351
    1533 + 3351 = 4,884
    4 + 884 = 888

  5. Glen the “10-12” Birtday is kind of “special” because the square of 10 is 100, the square of 12 is 144, and the square of the difference between 12 and 10 is 4.

    The sum of 4, 100 and 144 is the 248 which appears in the E-8 Lie Group, i.e. the current Theoretical Model for the number of Fundamental Particles, the 248 Positive Commandments and the 248 Major Structural Components of the Human Body.

  6. Thank You Peter for the interesting and intriguing information. I never thought of or realized the square of 10 and 12 being 100 and 144 and the difference being 4. That is really amazing! I will definitely give some serious thought and time to those numerals.
    There is a verse that describes me.
    He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory: for the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and he hath set the world upon them. Bk 9 1 Samuel 2:8 = 9 x 1 x 2 x 8 = 144
    Thank you Jeffrey for replying, I kind of forgot about it being Columbus day. I was born 10/12/1955 at 10:12 am according to my Birth Cert. This morning on my patio, which is kind of my quiet place I was dwelling on Bk 5 Devarim 34:7 And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old…..
    5 x 34 x 7 = 1,190 = 1 + 190 = 191
    The numeral 191 = the positional value of “The Writing is on the Wall” and the standard value of that phrase is 1118. I made a little graphic of it, you can view it using the following link:
    I have this little formula I use: it always reveals some interesting results.
    ( abc = bca = cab )
    ( 191 + 911 + 119 ) = 1,221
    1 + 221 = 222
    The numeral value 222 is the positional value of the phrase found in 111 (Bk 1 Chapter 1 Verse 1):
    “God created the heaven and the earth”
    Both of those numbers (111 , 222) are so interesting since 111 is the sum of 49+62 and H4962 is the Hebrew word “math” meaning few, people, friends… and has a gematria value of 440 the tuning frequency of musical instruments. The Hebrew word “math” מַת (tav men) according to the blueletterbible dot org website appears 22 times in 21 verses of the Hebrew Concordance. 22:21 is the address of the last verse of the Greek NT and the last word of that verse is Amen! (As I mentioned in my previous comment up above 913+99 = 1012). The following link is to a graphic I made of H4962:
    aleph H0505 ( אלף ) = 111
    440 + 111 = 551
    551 + 515 + 155 = 1,221 = 1 + 221 = 222
    111+222 = 333 which is also interesting because my life drastically hasn’t been the same since I started calling out.
    Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.
    The numeral 222 is also the gematria value of “The Voice of God”
    “get understanding” ( קנה בינה ) (5+50+10+2)+(5+50+100) = 222 which is found in:
    Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
    Thank you guys for all the information and knowledge that you are sharing, it is a blessing!

  7. Variations on the 506 and Corona Virus
    If we switch to the Sofit/Final Form value of the Peh in the Hebrew spelling of the name Corona Virus, we shift the 506 value gematria to 1226, i.e. twice 613.

    The difference between 1226 and 506 is obviously 720.

    More “quirks” of even modern Hebrew . . . . .

    1. Has anyone noticed the statistically impossible number of high level government officials around the world that have been infected in the early stages of their countries individual epidemics? Almost as if it were done on purpose to take out the leadership and create as much global panic as possible.

  8. The “media coverage”, has been flowing as if it has been well planned and well co-ordinated. Maybe the events the media is covering, e.g. who gets infected, is being orchestrated too?

    The subsequent question is “Who would stand to gain from threatening or taking out leaders in many nations?”

    Since so many of those “leaders” are already controlled, any agenda to “upset the existing power structure” MUST BE VERY BIG! (e.g. somebody trying to seize world power before any Messih can show up and establish or be part of, a major change in Humanity — i.e. something along the lines of all the predictions of what is/was to begin after the years 2019/5778.

    Someone on the Dark Side thinks they are running out of time?

  9. Research NESARA/GESARA. A whole new world. A new beginning. B’H. Passed by Congress March9,2000.Signed into law in Oct. 10, 2000. Was supposed to be ANNOUNCED to the world and implemented on Sept. 11,2001. I guess we know what occurred instead. JFK originally signed the Green Hilton accord with Indonesia to end World poverty(1963). I guess we know what happened to him also. Please use website listed below for reference. As always research, research, pray and research so more.

  10. The End of The First 300 Digits of Pi
    (Not counting the 3 or the decimal point in 3.14159265358. . . . . .) places 297, 298, 299 and 300 in Pi “read as” “1273”.

    Any significance in the “positioning”, i.e. immediately after the 296th digit in Pi’s “decimals”, with 296 being the vale of “The Earth” (H’Aretz)??

  11. Thanks!

    I find the Prime Factors (19 and 67) of 1273 intriguing too, i.e. the gematria values of Eve-Havah-Chavah and Binah-Understanding.)

    Aside from representing the Feminine side (Eve-Binah), the numbers sum to 86 (19 +n67), the value of the Divine Name used in the “Genesi Week”.

  12. Israel in pi, e , phi
    The first occurrence 0f 9999 in pi e phi appear at the 762nd, 29,344th, 6399th digits!
    762 + 29334 + 6399 = 36,505
    36 + 505 = 541
    The numeric string 9999 appears at the 762nd decimal digit of Pi.
    ……………………………………..^< – – 762nd digit

    The numeric string 9999 appears at the 29,344th decimal digit of E.
    …………………………………….^< – – 29,344th digit

    —————————–{ 29 + 344 = 373 }————————–
    373 is geometrically a fractal Star derived from the 7th and 22nd Triangle Numbers.
    _______________________22 / 7 = 314____________________
    _____________373 = The LORD our God (full) Deut 6:4 יהוה אלהינו_______________

    The numeric string 9999 appears at the 6,399th decimal digit of the Golden Ratio (Phi).
    ………………………………………^< – – 6399th digit
    9999 is the gematria value of a verse with the address 2:16 (666) which found in the 66 bk of the English Bible

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