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While searching for something else about Corona, I came across an article we published last Sept 4th, 2019 which we began:


“…we showed a very clear face of a man pushing out of a corona hole in the sun that was over 100,000 miles across. Was this just an odd arrangement of light and shadows? Is not everything we see in our solar system on any scale just an arrangement of light and shadows? Or is it a trans-dimensional communication for us to decipher, or maybe to focus our attention on the energy emitted from the corona holes. Ancient kabbalistic texts often describe dimensional patterns in terms of faces, and the Sun is considered as the bundled dimension of Zeir Anpin, translated as “small face.”  Moreover, kabbalistic thought is that anger flares from the nostrils.”

The Zohar tells us that a warning about every plague and crisis is announced to a nation from Heaven 30 days before it occurs.  Perhaps, we missed the warning. Think the timing is off? When was Event 201? The virus broke initial containment in November, but when were the real first cases? If not for the Chinese whistle-blower who died, or the lab that released the genetic coding that was shut down, how long before the world would have known about this “flu?” How many mysterious cases of SARs-like Flu were there back in October/November? Look to Iran. How do you ensure a pandemic?

Meanwhile, as the US goes into full lock-down mode, this video about how our immune system really works may save your life.

The Secret Pathway within the 72 Names

The bond between the 72 Names and the 42-Letter Name of G-d is eternal, both Names created in a single breath.  Find 42 and find the path.

The 42nd Name or Triplet within the 72 Triplets is (מיכ). It occupies the 2nd column, 6th row, as in 26, and has a numerical value 70. We have spoken enough about 70 years, etc. as the core Biblical/Historic time component, so let us move on to the adjacent 43rd Name (וול) of numerical value 42. Together the adjacent 42nd and 43rd Names, which are both connected to the value 42, sum together as (70 + 42) = 112, as in the 112 Triplets that comprise the 4 Essential Elements/Forces of Creation. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

The key to this secret may be unlocked at the 42nd Name, but the path does not start there. The two consecutive Names prior to it, the 40th (ייז) and the 41st (ההה), together also have the numerical value (27 + 15) = 42. Then again, the 38th (חעם), 39th (רהע), and the 40th (ייז), together have the numerical value (118 + 275 + 27) = 420.

In the previous section of this series we discussed many of the Torah connections to the number 127, including circling the square, number theory, and the alef-bet. So, how appropriate is it to find within the secret pathway, yet another 127 connection. The 41st (ההה), 42nd (מיכ), and 43rd (וול) Names, individually connected to the value 42, as in the 42-Letter Name, but together, they add up to (15 + 70 + 42) = 127.  As we will explain in a moment, this is not a coincidence, and it provides us yet another clue into how the 4 Essential Elements of Creation interact with the universe.

For now, let us continue pursuing the secret pathway, where we see that the 4 Triplets of the 37th Name (אני) through the 40th Name (ייז) sum to (61 + 118 + 275 + 27) = 481, the height of the Pyramid that we have previously associated with the 72 Name matrix in multiple ways, including the 39th Triplet (רהע) that gives us the measure of the secret and ancient cubit, 27.5” that the Pyramid was built with.

Thus, the secret pathway is anchored at the exact middle of the 72 Names, where we previously found the 36th and 37th Names summing to 155, the atomic weight of Gold, Silver and Copper.

The full spectrum of the secret pathway stretches from the 37th Name (אני) through the 43rd (וול) Name, from “I am” to 42. The numerical value of that 7 Triplet pathway (61 + 118 + 275 + 27 + 15 + 70 + 42) is 608, which is significant, but cannot yet be revealed.  Nevertheless, the revelation comes from adding the ordinal placement of the 7 Names (37 + 38 + 39 + 40 + 41 + 42 + 43) = 280. The value 280, as we know, is always connected to 5 the final letters (ךםןףץ) within the alef-bet that collectively represent judgment and end-of-days prophecy. It is also (7 x 40), the two Biblical time frames given for cyclical completion and maturation. It is also the sum of the Egyptian Exile and the Babylonian one (210 + 70) years, with 210 being the height of the Pyramid in cubits.

The value 280 is only a piece of this puzzle though. When we take the complete gematria value of this secret pathway or secret sequence, we get (608 + 280) = 888.

There is a phrase in Psalms 19:2 “ הַשָּׁמַיִם, מְסַפְּרִים כְּבוֹד-אֵל” “The Heavens declare the glory of G-d” that equals 888.  Nonetheless, we find another 3 Name sequence immediately following the secret pathway of 7, bringing its chain to 10. This extended sequence bridges the path to the 47th (עשל) and 48th (מיה) Names, which total (400 + 55) = 455, the sum of the 3 higher Names Ehyeh (אהיה) associated directly with Binah.In this additional 3 Triplet bridge (44th, 45th, and 46th) sequence (45, 91, 280) connecting us to Binah, we have an equation. The value 45 we have previously discussed as representative of Adam/Man and the YHVH Name associated with Man and Zeir Anpin (יוד־הא־ואו־הא).  Likewise, the value 91 from the 45th Name (סאל) is associated with Amen (אמן) and the unification (יאהדונהי) of the YHVH (יהוה) and Adonai (אדני) that bridges our world and Zeir Anpin and that elevates our prayers. Then the last Name in the sequence, the 46th (ערי) once again has the value 280, matching that of the 5 final letters. If you have ever heard that this Name, or any of the 72 Names means something in particular and will help you get anything in life, please forget it. Rabbi Chaim Vital of blessed memory warned against using the Names in this way and indicated that there is no one pure enough on earth to do so. You may have been sold the idea that you fit that bill, or that you know better than him, but you would be connecting to things that can only backfire for you.   As he and Rav Brandwein explained, the 72 Names connect above Zeir Anpin and any impurity you bring there will need to be cleansed and you along with it. It is the opposite with the 42-Letter Name as it connects us from below. This is why it is so important to know and understand the correct pathways and not take shortcuts into the unknown.

To further understand how this 3 Name bridge works energetically, we can review the concept of One that we discussed much earlier in this series. First, we can see that 91 = (7 x 13), bringing together the 7 levels of Zeir Anpin with the value of Echad, One.  Secondly, we see that 91 is also the sum of the digits from 1 -13. And finally, we see that the sum of the sum of all the numbers through 13 is 455, which is the sum of the 3 aspects of higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה), associated with Binah.  As the energy and connection elevates through the 7 dimensions of Zeir Anpin on the way to Binah, it builds in 13 steps and then again in 13 more, as in the 13 Attributes of G-d.

This also ties in with another of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation, the first 8 words, or 33 letters of the Torah:

In review:

This 13 Triplet sequence that took us from the middle of the 72 Names to the fully expanded level of Binah has a total ordinal value (36…48) of 546, the same as the initials of the full 10 sefirot(dimensions).  Nonetheless, let us get back to the 7 secret pathway sequence that totaled 888.

Using the value of Binah as 1000, which is also Alef(אלף), and subtracting 112, as in the 112 Triplets, which we know is the bridge to it, we get the equation: (1000112) = 888. Hence, within the 72 Names, we have a secret bridge or pathway from the 112 Triplets or 4 Essential Elements of Creation to the hyperspace realm of Binah. There is another equation inherent in this schematic because 888 = (8 x 111) and 111 is also Alef(אלף). Therefore, (1000112) = (8 x 111) = 8 x Alef(אלף).

Keep in mind that Alef(א) is One.


Ketoret (קטרת), “Incense” also has an ordinal value of 70, like the value of the 42nd Triplet(מיכ) at the core of the secret sequence within the 72 Names. The word, “Ketoret (קטרת) Incense,” as used in the Torah, and subsequently in our siddurim (prayer books), refers to a particular blend of 11 herbs and spices used by the Cohen H’Gadol, the High Priest to among other special uses, remove plagues. Unfortunately. we only know a few of those spices and little of their secrets.  And like the 11 Triplets of Bereshit 1:1 and the 11 sefirot (dimensions) that they connect to, which includes the 11th dimension of Da’at (Knowledge), all 11 must be included and working together to be effective. Keep in mind that when the sefira of Da’at (Knowledge) within the Tree-of-Life schematic is engaged the initials (כדת) of its the central column (Keter-Da’at-Tiferet) has the numerical value 424, as in Moshiach Ben David. This is by design. The central column represents a balance in the fields, perhaps the Inertial Plane of Potentiality. Da’at as a sefira (dimension) itself represents a balanced state between the upper dimensions of Binah and Chochma.

The 11 Incense combine to return the world to a state of balance and turn off the viruses. Moshiach Ben David is our channel and pathway through the dimensions, which restores the equilibrium. The cure that shuts off the coronavirus already exists.  It always has.  Even if the virus was engineered by man it relied on Nature, and Nature can shut it off instantly.  It is a matter of understanding Nature.  We are only a part of Nature.  Even our own bodies are outnumbered internally. The cells in our bodies are outnumbered 10:1 by our microbiomes consisting of viruses, bacteria and fungi. The genes in our bodies are outnumbered 150:1 by our internal viruses, bacteria and fungi. We would not survive a day without them, not as a human being, nor as a species.  And they have been around billions of years before us.

We developed consciousness about 5778 years ago. The Fungi colonized the planet, transformed the rocks to soil, intelligently cultivated grass, plants, and trees and agriculture 2 billion years ago. Then they started breeding animals. If you look down at the soil beneath your feet, you will see that 30% of that soil consists of Fungi.  They developed the plan to live in harmony with the bacteria and the viruses long before we came into existence. They developed the plan to live in harmony and exploit us, not the other way around.  We are one species, and we cannot get along with one another for very long no matter what the situation, not even husband and wife or brother and sister.  Yet the 150 million species of Fungi are all harmoniously networked across the globe and have been for eons.  They are also harmoniously networked with nearly all the trees and plants and animals on the planet. Our brains are patterned after the safe neural networks the Fungi create.

Where do you think we should look for the cure to the coronavirus? Our engineering labs?

There is a reason the flu diminishes every Spring and it is not because of warmer weather.  Think about it. What is blowing through the Spring air as the trees begin to bud? What are we breathing in? Make sure you get that fresh air this Spring, stand 6’ away from one another, but breath deep. It is Nature.

This subject is far far deeper than we have presented here, including the fact that the Fungi have a developed a way to communicate with us.  Remember, Nature is a part of the Creator.  No matter what, the Creator still calls the shots. It is not for nothing the Hebrew word for Nature (הטבע) has the same numerical value as Elohim (אלהים), “G-d” the 3rd word in the Torah, which, of course, makes it a part of the 11 Triplets.  And while the ordinal value of Teva (הטבע), Nature, is 32, as in 32 Paths of Wisdom that connect the sefirot, and as in the 32 times the Name Elohim (אלהים) appears in Creation, the complete numerical value of Elohim (אלהים) is 127.

Notice that the word for Nature, Teva (הטבע), is designed to link the 11 Triplets of Creation (Bereshit 1:1) and the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, and also the 72 Triplets. The value of its first two letters (הט) is 14 and the value of its last two letters (בע) is 72, with its central two letters(טב), most appropriately, equaling 11.  We should further note that the letters (טב) are found together in both the 4th and the 5th rows of the 42-Letter Name (14 Triplet) matrix, pivoting off its central axis point.

The Secret Power of 8

The 7 Triplet sequence in the 72 Names was all about the 42-Letter Name, which are the 14 Triplets of the 7-level matrix that bridges our world through the 7 levels of Zeir Anpin to Binah.

We just spoke about a clue we found in the secret pathway within the 72 Names about the primordial design of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation. It had to do with the connection between the 42-Letter Name and the number 127.  The number 127, as we explained previously, connects with the number 7 through the 7 combinations of Bereshit 1:1; the (27 – 1) Mersenne Primes; the 7th Prime in Primeth Recurrence series, which is the 127th Prime overall. That particular prime number is 709, which is also the value of the “Incense (קטרת),” the Biblical antidote for plagues.

The total of that 7 Triplet sequence, 888, brought us another clue. We know, the number 8 is representative of Binah, the 8th highest of the sefirot (dimensions) and that the Torah understanding was written on that level, which is why its words, letters, and verses total exactly 58. Moreover, we know that nearly all the Biblical dates end in the number 8, as we saw in The Divine Calendar.  So does Moshiach: 358.

With these clues, we realize that 3 of the 4 Essential Elements also connect to 8. The value of the Shema’s first verse also ends in 1118.  Moreover, the Shema’s first verse is found at Devarim 6:4 or 82. Furthermore, The Shema’s first verse is also known as the 15 Triplets and it contains the Upper 42-Letter Name of G-d, which has numerical value 708.  Notice the design of the value 1118; it is comprised of two separate numbers, 1110 and 8, which leads us to the equation (1110 + 8) = (111 x 10) + 8)) = (10 x Alef(אלף)) + 8)). This is obviously reminiscent of the (8 x 111) = (8 x Alef(אלף)) equation from the 888 Triplet sequence above that also represented Binah.

The 72 Names themselves is a matrix of 8 columns, and as we have seen it mathematically separates into the first row of 8 Triplets and a 82 square of 64 Triplets that sum numerically to 8000. The numerous ways it connects to a perfect 1000 is another indication that the 72 Triplets operate on the level of Binah.

Then there are the 11 Triplets from the first 33 letters of Genesis, which comprise the first 8 words of the Torah. Those 8 words equal the sum of the integers from 1 – 77.

So, we can now understand that the 15 Triplets of the Shema, 72 Triplets of the 72 Names, and the 11 Triplets of Genesis, which is 98 Triplets in total, operate at the hyperspace 8th level of Binah, and that the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name operate at the 7 levels of Zeir Anpin.  Thanks to the secret pathway, the schematic of the 112 Triplets and the arrangement of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation is much clearer.

The 42-Letter Name will help us climb to the edge of Binah hyperspace enlightenment. The full 112 Triplets will help us cross over into Oneness. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

Stay healthy. Support your immune systems and may G-d protect you.  Use the 42-Letter Name. As it says in Google, 42 is the answer to all the secrets of the universe.