Part XVII  Connecting the Dots  Part 12 Q.E.D.


The Sacrifices

People who consider life sacrosanct have wondered why the Torah commanded the Israelites to make specific animal and bird sacrifices. The process was commanded to occur only when there was a channel directly to the Creator though the Holy Temple, the Mishkan (Tabernacle), or when commanded directly by G-d, as in the Covenant of Halves.  In their absence the actual sacrifices were replaced by prayer. We are not going to get into ethics or even the technology of the individual sacrifices here, only the symbolism and the concealed encoded information being conveyed to us. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

The sacrifices were meant to be made only directly to G-d, and under very specific conditions. They were not to be made through intermediaries, who purport to work for G-d, or who even put themselves in the roll of G-d, and certainly not at the behest of these individuals, for that is yet another way of the other side, the side of the physical illusion. It is a way to siphon off life-force energy from the Holy.  By definition, all energy (light) is Holy, as it all has One original source.

The process of sacrificing is a process of separation. Both parts of the separation remain part of the source or whole, yet once separated they form two wholes, much in the way the Torah illustrates the separation of Eve from Adam.  This is a very important illustration because it conveys to us in a very deft way that the separation is into feminine and masculine portions (wholes). The Zohar explains that there are two forces within the Holy of Holies, represented by the male and female cherubim.

Male and female, as previously explained, are not two attractive forces as they manifest within us humans. They are complimentary, contrary to how most humans embody them. As the Zohar explains in Shemot 6:38, the state of existential male or female depends on perspective. Zeir Anpin is male to Malchut and is female to Binah, which is male to Zeir Anpin, yet female to Chochma.  All are female to that on High. A square inscribes a circle and a circle circumscribes that square, and another square inscribes that new circle, alternating male and female.  At the center is a point, male to all else.


We have seen the obvious separation that splits the 72 Triplets into its first row and the remaining 8 rows, or 1143 and 8000. That would be a separation into 1/9th and 8/9th.  The value 1143 is akin to the sum of the Bnei Adam, Bnei Noach, Bnei Israel, and Bnei Aharon (אהרן בני) or (107 + 120 + 603 + 312) = 1142. That the “sons of Aaron,” which are the Cohanim (priests) equals 312 is odd since the 312 cu is the measure of the Outer Courtyard of the Future Holy Temple, while the role of the priests is in the Sanctuary in the innermost place of the Holy Temple.

The 11 Triplets of the first 8 words of the Torah naturally split into the 8th word and the 7 words of the first verse of numerical value 2701. That 8th word has a value of 302.

When we add the 1/9th or 1143 separation of the 72 Triplets with the 1/8th or 302 separations of the first 8 words of the Torah, we get (1143 + 302) = 1445, which equals 5780/4 = 1445 with the  year 5780 HC being the current year 2020 CE.

While 1/9th x 1/8th = 1/72nd, (72 + 8) = 80.

Next, there are two Triplets within the 42-Letter Name composed of the same 3 letters, (צית and יתצ), each of numerical value 500, for a total of 1000. If we separate these 2 Triplets of the 14 out, we are separating out 1/7th of the Triplets and 1000 from the 3701, leaving a remnant of 2701, as in the value 1st verse of the Torah that has 7 words.

The 3 splits in the Essential Elements, 1/9th, 1/8th and 1/7th, or (1143 + 302 + 1000) = 2445, or 3 years shy of 2448 HC, when the Torah was received at Sinai.  We have recently covered what all that (9 x 8 x 7) = 504, connects to, and shortly we will reveal and important new connection.

The 15 Triplets of the Shema’s first verse are naturally split into the first word/triplet (שמע) and the rest of the 6 words which total 708, as in the Upper 42-Letters and 14 Triplets of the Upper 42-Letter Name of G-d.  So, the first 1/6th of the Shema’s first verse has a numerical value of 410 and the remaining 5/6th has a value of 708.

By now we have recognized that the 4 Essential Elements of Creation can be naturally separated into their male and female energetic components in a 1/6th, 1/7th, 1/8th, and 1/9th sequence.  And the subsequent sequence of (6 x 7 x 8 x 9) = 3024 or (756 x 4), as in perimeter and base, measured in feet, of the Pyramid respectively.  It is also the multiple of the two even pronic numbers, 42 x 72, so apropos to the 4 Essential Elements that include the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Names.

The sum of the 4-masculine separated or sacrificed portions of the 4 Essential Elements (1143 + 302 + 1000 + 410) = 2855, and the remaining feminine portion is 14110.  Together the total of the 4 Essential Elements are 16965, which has an average of (16965/4) = 4241.25, an obvious connection with 424, Moshiach Ben David once again.

Like the year 2448 HC, if 2855 were a specific year it would be 1 year after the birth of King David in 2854 HC. That is 906 BCE, as in the value (906) of the final row of the 42-Letter Name (שקוצית), which is associated by the Kabbalists with King David.  If we were to double 2855, we would get 5710, or the Year Israel became a Nation (5708 HC) plus the concealed 2 years.

You might want to sit down for this next equation. The average of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation (4241.25) less the exact height of the Pyramid in feet (481.25) or (4241.25 – 481.25) = 3760, the pivotal year “0 CE” in the Divine Calendar (3760 HC).

After everything else we have revealed and interconnected with the elements, there is no way this could have worked out accidentally. The Creative architect of the Pyramid also Created the 4 Essential Elements of Creation and thus the Torah in which they are embedded, and He also Created the complete timeline of our existence.  QED

We could stop now if this was a proof, but our purpose is far greater: to discover how to harness these 4 Elements of Creation to reach the enlightenment of Binah hyperspace.

The 5th Element

Hypothetically, if we were to add a cube (33) comprised of the 27 letters of the Alef-bet to the 4 Essential Elements as a 5th Element of Creation, the average would now be (16992/4) = 4248. We would be adding only the value 27 and not the value of the letters. The cube would be indivisible and taken as One single element, just as we would add the kolel to an equation.  The value 4248 is precisely equal to the sum of the 22 spelled out Names of 22 Hebrew letters. Please note that the Names of the final 5 letters are the same as their counterparts within the 22 letters, so there is no conflicting calculation.

This makes sense since, as we have previously shown, the Hebrew letters are imprints of distinct upper dimensional energy forms, or pressure vectors upon the primordial fields in Binah and Zeir Anpin.

The connections to 4248 for the now 5 Essential Elements would now reflect the Primal Equation (1/.23571113… = 4.24248100…) and the sum of the logs for the bases 1-10 for the number 1.998 or (3 x .666), which is precisely 4.248.

By the way, the sum of the square roots of the 22 letters subtracted from 102 Phi(φ) is also 19.98

Furthermore, there is also a correlation with the Primal (2,3,5,7,11,13…) Equation (1/.23571113… = 4.24248100…) through its numerical string …481…, as in the 481 ft height of the Pyramid, as regards the 112 Triplets.  If not for the absolute proof we just saw above, this might possibly be seen as coincidental. Yet the 26th doubled word in the Torah’s DNA is the word for day, yom (יום), and it just happens to be found 481 times in the Torah, as if that measure or apex height (481’ = 5775”) has a connection to the end-of-days. The value of that doubled pair of (יום) is 112, as in the 112 Triplets, and the individual word for day, yom (יוד) has a gematria sofit value of 616, that of “The Torah (H’Torah).” The 112 Triplets found in the Torah in the day.

The Cube of 27

As Moshe pointed out to me, there is a magic cube of 27 or 33, whereby each line, horizontal or vertical, and also 4 the diagonals through cube equals 42. It is possible these align with the 27 letters of the Alef-bet.  The sum of the 12 outer diagonals of this magic cube equal 504 or (12 x 42), which also means the average outer diagonal is also 42, so this might indeed be the code to the arrangement of the 27 letters of the Alef-bet, matching their 27 ordinal values to their respective coordinate (X,Y,Z) in the 3 x 3 x 3 matrix.

The total number of triplet lines within the cube that equal 42 include the 4 inner diagonals, the 12 outer ones, the 3 axes, and the 36 horizontal and vertical ones for 55 in total. This is equal to 2 cubits (27.5” x 2); the height of the Pyramid entrance (55’); the square root of the Pyramid’s perimeter; and a reference to the 42 and 55 words that begin with the letter Vav(ו) in the Shema, 13 in the paragraph of 42 words and 42 in the rest of the Shema for a total of 55.  And this 13, 42, 55 sequence in turn is related to the exceedingly rare Indices of Prime Bell Numbers.

With 9 cubes per face and 6 faces to this 33 magic cube, and 1 cube in the center, there are 55 letter cubes.

At the center of the cube of 27 is the number 14, as in David (דוד) and Yad (יד), hand, and gold (זהב). The golden cube of David. A sun in the center, a star in the center, the Hand of G-d.

Surrounding that central number 14 in all three axes is the sum 28, making each axis, 42.

Now, perhaps the most telling of all within the magic cube of 27 are the 8 corner numbers that add up to 112, as in the 112 Triplets.   Think of it: the 112 Triplets surrounding the central cube. It takes 3 to make a Triplet and the central cube of 14 to complete a Triplet, as in 3.14 and (3 x 14) = 42, the 3 Hands of G-d.  When the central cube is added to the 8 corner cube numbers, to make 9 cubes or 3 Triplets we get (112 + 14) = 126 = (3 x 42).

Meanwhile, like the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation, the 5th Element naturally divides into 9 Triplets using the gematria cipher AYK-BeCaR.  In this cipher the letters of similar value exchange places (1-10-100, 2-20-200…9,90,900). For the purpose of forming Triplets we get (איק), (בכר)…(טצץ) or (111,222,333999).

The sum of the cubes or 27 ordinal values is 378, the numerical value of chashmol, the angelic cloaking and in modern Hebrew, electricity. It is also the value of the famous phrase “Echad Ushmo Echad (אחד־ושמו־אחד)” or “His Name is One.” Very fitting. Very telling.

The value 378 is also the sum of the digits through the 42nd prime and (378 + 42) = 420, so we see that there is indeed an inherent mathematical link between 27 and 42 that extends back to the beginning of time, meaning this magic cube of 27 and 42 is a very special arrangement, not just of the numbers, but of the Hebrew letters they represent.  Do not lose sight of the fact that the Hebrew letters’ values were assigned mathematically by a cosine function wave along an exponential scale based on the date the Torah was given to us on Mt. Sinai (1313 BCE). Do not forget that the order of the Hebrew letters is determined by what pressure vectors they imprint on Zeir Anpin, or that the 6-sided cube represents the 6 sefirot (dimensions) of Zeir Anpin.

The Zohar tells us it started with a point, then there were 4 (sides), then 8 columns (corners), so there were 9 columns (cubes) in 6 directions.  The 33 cube. The Zohar is describing the unfolding of space, but it is also describing “The Cube.” The Zohar calls them columns because the forces flowing into, or through, them are continual, columns from Binah hyperspace and beyond.

9 – 11

If we add these 9 Triplets of the 27 letters to the 112 Triplets, we get a total for the 5 Elements of 121 or 112, as in the 11 Incense and 11 sefirot (dimensions). That brings the total letters in the 121 Triplets to 363, the numerical value of H’Mashiach (המשיח), whose complete value, given its ordinal value of 57, is 420.  By the way, the complete value of 42 (מב) is 57. And here we are in the later part of the 57th century. And the complete value of 57 (נז) is 78 in case you were wondering.

We saw in the previous section the hidden cube of 93 in the center of the 42-Letter Name and how it incorporated the 11 Triplets.  We also reviewed how 1000 letters of the Shema form a cube of 103 and how the 216 letters of the 72 Names form a cube of 63. Together the 3 cubes (729 + 1000 + 216) equal 1945.  When we add the 5th Element, the cube of 33, we get (1945 + 27) = 1972. Then when we add 28 for (9 + 10 + 6 + 3) we get (1972 +28) = 2000 for the 5 Elements.


With the split between the male and female component portions of the 4 Elements of the collective 112 Triplets equal to 2855 and 14110 respectively, we find that 2855 is about 1/5th of 14110, or approximately 20%.  It is exactly 1/5th of 14275, off from 14110, by 165, the numerical value of “H’Etz, the Tree (העץ).” This means that 2855, or the male proportion of the 4 Essential Elements, is 1/6th the total, as in the 6 bundled dimensions of Zeir Anpin and the female proportion is 5/6th. As we illustrated in the beginning (Part 2) of this Connecting the Dots section of this series, the initials (אה) of Ohr HaGanuz (אוֹר הַגָּנוּז), known as the light set aside from Creation for Moshiach, hint at the proportion (1/6th and 5/6th), while the ordinal value of Light (אוֹר) is 27.

Adding 1 to the sacrificed or separated portion of the 4 Essential Elements gives us 2856, which considering the 1/5 proportion of male/female portions is oddly reminiscent of the 28056 letters Hei(ה) in the Torah, each of numerical value 5. It is also oddly reminiscent of all the words in the Torah plus 1 divided by 28 or (79976/28) = 2856.2856.  Splitting the cube of 27 into 1 part and 26 parts as we did with the other 4 Essential Elements would be like adding (1 + 2855) and (26 + 14110), giving us a male/female energetic ratio for the 5 Elements of 2856/14136 = 20.20373, as in the year 2020 CE. Plus, the 203 could represent the first 3 letters of the Torah (ברא) that equal 203, or the sum of the square roots of the 9 Triplets (111,222,333…999), also 203.

Once we get into the math and even the Hebrew letters, we lose focus of the big picture and what we are really talking about. We are talking about the 4 basic elements that Created the universe with a droplet (cube) of another 5th Element. Think of it as 4 test tubes of different color substances and a tincture of a fifth.  When you mix them together properly an entire universe appears. That may be a little too simplistic, but now you get the picture. This is why the technology was not just handed to us. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

Zohar Miketz 14:237 quotes Malachi 3:20 and refers to Ohr Haganuz: “That sun will then shine from one end of the world to the other. Israel will be cured, but the idolatrous nations will be burned by it. Concerning Israel, the verse reads, ‘Then shall your light break forth like the morning, and your health shall spring forth speedily; and your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of Hashem shall be your rearguard’.”

May we all be blessed with good health and that the sun shines soon.

19 thoughts on “Part XVII  Connecting the Dots  Part 12 Q.E.D.

  1. The 42-Letter Name and the number 504?
    The 1st occurrence of 42 in pi appears at the 92nd decimal digit.
    The numeric string 42 appears at the 92nd decimal digit of Pi.
    ………………………………………..^ <– 92nd digit
    Preceding 42 in pi are the 3 digits 253, following the the number 42 in pi are the 3 digits 117
    42 + 92 + 253 + 117 = 504

  2. The Two Calendars
    3760 on one calendar DOES correlate with the year “0” on the other calendar (with a “maybe” shift by 12 months to 3761 if the stories about someone “missing out” the year zero and jumping from the year “Minus 1” to the year “plus 1” are true.

    But the claim that “Himself” was born in 3760 (or 3761) is religious fantasy and ignorance. Herod the baby and toddler killer (mercifully for his subjects) “snuffed it” around 3756-57. That pushes the birth back to somewhere around 3755 HC. That date, in turn, jives with the year identified from the account of the Temple “upgrade” having run for 46 years. That means “Himself” (to use the Irish humourous epithet) was preaching 26 years after the year Zero, i.e. about 3786, 46 years after the Temple “renovations” started around 3740 HC. The usual claimed Christian dates are “fantasy”, but it has been fantasy intended to deceive.

    Miriam/Maria had 5 sons and 4 daughters born to her, plus she adopted another son later (John).

    The RC Church has always tried to depict her as some sort of Galilean Cinderella, doing good visiting relatives, and probably saying “rosaries” to herself. They claim she was uneducated. The statues of her seem to depict her as being incapable of ever standing up straight — too busy bent in prayer etc . . . .

    The reality was different. She was identified as one (perhaps of 3), maybe a the main candidate, “potential mother” of the “Son of David”. It WAS a time of hope and fervour re deliverance from Roman domination, so a young girl identified as the possible mother of the Messiah was a big deal. She was superbly educated, and trained, with an emphasis on Torah. She was raised with close links to the Essenes and Qumrun community.

    Because of who her first son was expected or hoped to be, a husband was chosen for her. He was older because he was supposed to be, like her, but even moreo, an experienced and brilliant Torah scholar. The “master builder cum carpenter trade was “just that”, i.e. a trade, or a business. His true role was Torah scholar and in modern terminology, a professor of Hebraic studies. That is why he was able to hide out, with his young family among Jewish academics on the campus of what was a research university in Alexandria. That university was founded by Alexander the Great, who conquered Egypt.osperi

    After Alexander’s death, the family of Ptolemy, one of the generals, ruled Egypt for several hundred years. Stable government brought prosperity. The prosperity launched the ships back into the Pacific, using the maps from Solomon’s days. Maui was an Egyptian “Captain Cook” who had the old maps. In the eyes of his crew, he was like a god who could “dredge up” islands on an empty Pacific Oceam. Oral historians in NZ know the names of every member of his crew. That is part of why and how Hawaii got its name. Spell it in Hebrew: Heh-Vau-Heh-Yod. The Polynesian ancestors looked back to where they came from — they saw the Tetragrammaton in “reverse”, i.e. in the Rear View Mirror.

    Back in the years c 3755 HC, Maria’s pregnancy caused HUGE political fall-out.

    Much of the Essene and Qumrun community refused to accept Maria’s first born son as legitimate. Many of them were willing to accept her second son, recorded as the leader of the Jerusalem Christian community (James). THIS IS WHERE THE YEAR 0 or 3760 came to be accepted as the start point for the Christian-Western calendar.

    I got the Maui crew details from two (aged about 30) “trainee oral historians in NZ — in of all places, a KFC. Those guys were trained to recite family geneologies that went back over 2,000 years, back into Egypt.

    Madam Pele, that grumpy Volcano Godess is just Aleph spelled backwards, the power of speech to go in, and literally to move mountains.

    Aloha and Kahuna are both Aramaic words. There are many other links between the Pacfic and Egypt. Current cooking techniques in NZ (Hangis) are the same as those still used in what was once Samaria.

    If you”stick around” Kanoa, you might find some useful stuff in these articles. Remember that the Gree word for disciple has the same “root” as the word for mathematics.

    “Mahalo plenty” if you managed to read this far . . . . . .

    Things went “badly pear shaped” (to put it mildly) when she got pregnant ahead of the wedding.

  3. The point being made . . . There are 10 Utterances in total, but 9 of them begin with “G-d said, Vayomer Elohim” and the 10th with “G-d said to them, Vayomer Lahem Elohim.” If we sum up 9 commands they sum to (232 + 405 + 122 + 705 + 666 + 606 + 497 + 425 + 60) = 3718, which if you recall was the same result as when the 7th Bell Prime Index 2841 with the 7th Bell Number (877) are paired up , and we got (2841 + 877) = 3718.
    What is remarkable about both these connections is that 3718 + 42 = 3760 (0 CE). Both take into account the missing tool,AND THAT IS (yahshua) “G-d’s Salvation”. His Moshiach was birthed in G-d’s ORDER OF THINGS . NOT ONLY TO BE THE one that was obviously there when the Torah was created and when the thought of a mathematical universe was generated, BUT TO BE THE CULMINATION,RECONCILIATION AND COMPLETION OF ALL THINGS OF G-D !

  4. In each generation there is a Messiah. But the Messiah is not a deity or semi-deity, it is important to understand that.

    Today, I would say that Moshiach ben David is Rabbi Eliezer Berland. It is even what the autistic people in Israel known for their messages of end of the world and Teshuva affirmed.

    1. Tehillim 148 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)
      148 Praise Hashem. Praise Hashem from HaShomayim: praise Him in the heights above.
      2 Praise ye Him, all His malachim: praise ye Him, all Tzivos Hashem.
      3 Praise ye Him, shemesh and yarei’ach: praise Him, all ye kokhavim of ohr.
      4 Praise Him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that be above HaShomayim.
      5 Let them praise the Shem of Hashem: for He commanded, and they were created.
      6 He hath also established them forever and ever: He hath made a Chok (decree) which shall not pass away.
      7 Hallelu Hashem from ha’aretz, ye sea creatures, and all tehomot:
      8 Eish, and barad; snow, and cloud; stormy wind fulfilling His Devar:
      9 Mountains, and all hills; etz pri (fruitful trees), and all cedars:
      10 Beasts, and all cattle; remesh (creeping things), and flying fowl:
      11 Malchei eretz, and all people; sarim (princes), and all shoftei aretz:
      12 Both bochurim, and betulot; zekenim, and ne’arim:
      13 Let them praise the Shem of Hashem: for Shmo alone is excellent; His hod is above Eretz and Shomayim.
      14 He also exalteth the keren of His people, tehillah (the praise) of all His Chasidim; even of the Bnei Yisroel, an Am (people) close unto Him. Hallelu Hashem.

  5. Thank you Mr. Meiliken for this research. I have personally believed for 20 years that the Torah has hidden a book within it. This book is sort of a new Torah. The one that the Moshiach must bring. The one that Daniel had the mission to seal. The hidden book in my humble opinion will be opened with 2 mathematical keys in the form of 2 cubes with the right numbers in their right place. I have a feeling that it will be the job of the mashiach.

    Peter, I have a question for you. I live in Tahiti. I am interested in your explanation of Hawaii. What do you mean ? Do you mean that the Polynesians have for ancestors the Hebrews of Egypt?

  6. I followed the work of Doctor Eliyahu RIPs and his team concerning ELS (equidistant letters sequence). Dr. RIPS believes that ELS is the mathematical approach that will open a hidden book in TORAH. But he admits that he had missed a mathematical key until then. For him, the hidden book to be approached, it must be in 3 dimensions. Nothing like a cube to visualize in 3D. A cube is reminiscent of the rubik’scube. It is enough to observe a rubik’s cube to see that it is 6 magic squares of order 3 (4 squares vertically and 2 horizontal squares). Each 3D cube is a 2D cross formed by 6 squares. Each square would have “9 boxes” and each box a number or a number. That makes 36 boxes vertically, or 36 or the sum of the first 36 numbers equals 666. It remains to be seen how to place them. For horizontal squares, it’s another matter … In any case, in all there would be 58 boxes. Each digit or number would correspond to a letter in the Torah relative to its location. All this is only theoretical, you need software like that of Dr. RIPS to look for the place in the Torah where to put the key …. It is the Moshiach who will receive these keys by visions. It will be a gift from heaven. What is interesting is that RIPS in Hebrew is the reverse of SAPHIR. However, the Hebrew tradition unless I am mistaken explains that the Torah was engraved on 2 sapphire cubes !! The cubes are not separable from the Moshiach and vice versa. It is the link between heaven and Earth. The world will be surprised at the fate and the mission of the Jews. Israel will sing, the Torah will allow Israel to defend itself during this very dangerous period. May God keep them. Thank you Jeff for your work …. exceptional!

  7. Hi Franck,

    I will run through what I have learned/been taught re Polynesian “origins”, while “holding back” on a few things that I was asked to keep to myself:

    A frequently used Name for the Supreme God or Creator, across the Pacific, is “IO” or (depending on the local pronunciation) “IOR” or “IAW”. I see that as the same “Aramaic” “Yod Yod” Name that occurs in my Siddur.

    NZ Maori tradition says that there are SEVEN HAVAIKIs”. The first Havaiki is the physical Hawaii in the northern Pacific. Earlier or previous ones were further to the west, with the last or 7th one, being purely spiritual or “off planet”. Nos 5-6 are usually seen as being located in the Middle East with Egypt being a prime candidate.

    The HAVAIKI Name, with the K dropped in there, is a reflection of Jewish-Torah tradition (going back to the Burning Bush in a sense) to disguise Divine Names. So Elohim becomes Elokim etc. Ha-Va-Ha-I became Ha-Va-ki-i.

    Polynesia’s “separation of Rangi and Whenua’ (the Aotearoa-NZ names) describes the Tzimtzum as a clearing out of space into which creation could take place. The decision to force the separation of their “parents” was made by 28 Atua (Divine Beings). The act of separation was done by 7 (of the 28) Atua. This is Bereishith 1:1, with its 7 words and 28 letters, converted into a legend or myth, a “myth” that preserves the mathematics of the source.

    Polynesian creation diagrams show the “Io”, the Sun and 20 “shining stars”, i.e. 22 “Sources of Light. Light flows from them to The Moon and 20 “Reflective Stars”. Call that Yin and Yang, or Light and Dark, or Shining Light and Reflective Light. It is verse 3 of the Torah, the 42 Letter Name (IO plus the 42 (Sun, Moon, and 40 Stars).

    The Light Flow Pattern (Right to Left) if we regard God as a source of Light, is 462 paths across the diagram. This is the “Nativ” mentioned in the Sepher Yetzireh, and the 231 Gates of ISRALE as “There are 231″ if you count the Hebrew Gates such as Aleph-Bet as different from Bet-Aleph. This way you have 462 roots rather than 231 paths. Either way, the ancestors of the Polynesians had contact with this knowledge, thousands of years ago.

    There are another 7 Divine Forces” below the stars in the Diagrams — I saw that (immediately) as “Binah’s 50 laid out as 50 points on the diagram.

    Solomon’s ships sailed to America, BOTH ways – through Gibraltar and across the Atlantic one way. The “other way” was from Egypt and the Gulf of Aqba across into the Pacific and on to America. As best I have been told, a lot of Solomon’s gold came from part of what we now know as Latin America. “Carib Indian” families claim that their ancestors came from the Middle East. Place names (pre Spanish) in the southern Caribbean (where I am) end in “PUNA” just like names in the Pacific. NZ Maoris recognise people from here as being more authentically Polynesian than Paciific Polynesians — they see themselves, probably accurately, as “mixed race” descendants of Middle Eastern people who now have Asian (“Oriental” genes mixed in, as well as some African genes — e.g the people of Papua, Bougainville, Fiji, and at least one island south of Malaysia have African hair.

    Some NZ Maori groups CLAIM they are descendants of two of the Northern tribes of Israel. They are stubborn enough and belligerent enough to fit the profile. It is or should be funny, if the consequences were not so tragic.

    The British Empire poured about 35% of its military forces into NZ in an attempt to defeat the Maori tribes, but failed. The PTW in London concluded that they were up against a spiritual power that was greater than their (Venetian-Phoenecian-Canaanite) black magic. They recognised the Torah Names of God in Polynesian legends. A Kahuna is Hawaiian/Aramaic for Priest. Coming south in the Pacific, Kahuna become Tahuna. Come west and Tahuna becomes Tohunga. The British government and its NZ puppet feared the Tohungas. They put a “Dead or Alive” bounty on all Tohungas. Just drive to the nearest police station with the body and collect your reward. This policy (same as had been in force in Ireland in the 1700’s against Catholic priests) was still active and being promoted in NZ when Hitler invaded Poland. That indicates that the spiritual power in the Polynesian population was real. But they were not told that. They were taught that their traditions were pagan, that they were (true of some) descended from cannibals etc. It was easy to get them to fight with each other — belligerence and fighting has been a curse in the Pacific for at least 2000 years.

    The language links are HUGE between the Middle East and the Pacific. Egypt is part of that, but not all of it. Some of the “Taniwha” legends sound more Babylonian than Egyptian. Samoa (Samos), Upolu (Apollo) are obvious examples. An NZ Whare (house) (Hale in Hawaii?) is pur ancient Egyptian. “Da guy in da big whare iz da Pharoh”. Pharo lived in the Palace, in the big “Phare”/”Whare. So we call him Pharoh still.

    Ra was the sun God in Egypt. Ra is still the sun in Hawaii, and in NZ. In China, Ra became Ri. In Japan, Ri turned into Ni. So he Land of the Rising Sun is still Ni-hon (Nippon in English transliteration).

    There appear to have been waves of Polynesian migration into the Pacific. The “genetics” have changed a bit. Solomon himself was arranging certain things in the Pacific — stuff I was asked not to make public yet.

    The Scrolls stories appear to be genuine — i.e. Torah Scrolls were preserved in the Pacific

    My Reading of all that is that there are “definitely links” back to Egypt, and also to either something Jewish or Samaritan. The Kahunas and Tohungas were/are scholars, but the mainstream population was not taught the spiritual stuff. My hunch is that if the Polynesians were full Hebrews, there would be more “natural” scholarship. But people close to me disagree.

    The Hawaiian royal family guards its secret knowledge closely. “Classes” are conducted only in remote locations, in a language other than Hawaiian or English (maybe Aramaic is being used??). The classes for young royals are conducted with armed guards making sure that the area is secure.

    There were Vikings or Celts in the South Pacific — one of many aspects of Pacific history that is not “politically correct” these days — in NZ their ancient sites have been bulldozed so as to hide the evidence. I mention the Vikings because I think that despite all the warfare, there was some ‘cross breeding” of several other ethnic groups into modern Polynesia.

    There are links between Gaelic languages and Hebrew and Aramaic. My “educated guess” is that both the Scottish and the Irish “came off” Shem’s line, LONG before Abraham was born. The Welsh appear to be a different story. The evidence is good that the Welsh are descended from one of the “lost tribes”. In NZ there has definitely been an affinity between people of Welsh descent and Polynesians. They seem to recognise something “spiritually” in each other.

    Hope all that “detail” is of interest !

  8. Thank you Peter, your subject interests me a lot and I think there is a very interesting background of truth. I can bring you 2 very important things on your subject and the subject of the Mashiach:

    – You should know that every place on earth has a geodesic antipode. It’s just the same place but on the other side of the planet. However, the antipode of Jerusalem is exactly an island in the Pacific, called Marotiri. But another name is given to this island: “Cuatro coronado” ie the 4 crowns. It is a Polynesian island. So the link between Jerusalem and Polynesia is very important. The news allows to highlight this link because you should know that China announced the existence of the coronavirus exactly on …. January 5 (January 6 in some countries / jet lag). This date is the date of the feast of kings and the crown. This crown (coronado as cuatro coronado) is initially in 2D with 2 ends distant from one end to the other of a crown. The ends meet in 3D.

    – Concerning the Mashiach, there is a Lubavitch theory which explains that France (Tsarfaat / 770) is the house of the Mashiach. Other theories this time “Christian” speak of a great monarch who will come from France. There are incredible links between these theories, but each religion wants to be right and the theories seem very far apart, which is not the case.

    In the theory of the great monarch, there is a certainty repeated for centuries: the great monarch although French, will not start his mission in mainland but will come from an island !! So French Polynesia is a good candidate for the place of appearance of the great monarch / Mashiach. Recalling that the prophecy of the Moshiach is much earlier than the prophecy of the great monarch. This last prophecy of the great monarch dates from Clovis.

    Last thing, in Israel, COROnavirus is perceived as the event triggering the arrival of the Moshiach, it is surprising that the antipode of Jerusalem is called “cuatro COROnado” ..…

  9. “Merci Bien” Franck, fascinating stuff! The island and all that history/prophecy is new to me. ButI had picked up the significance of the “opposite sides” positions on some sort of planetary grid.

    If it makes people in your part of the world feel any better, the Rainbow Warrior” sinking in Auckland was a genuine tragedy, but the story was a complete sham. France “took the fall” for NZ according to the version I was told. My sources were NZ and British intell staff. They said thaat the French saboteurs stayed in the NZ PM’s flat in Auckland. NZ wanted to shut GreenPeace down, but could notafford to be seen as the villains. So they got France to “do the deed”. But the was not meant to be anyone on the boat when the bomb went off. That was a tragic error.

    1. The story of rainbow warrior was a bad new for french people. A story of “barbouzes” (french surname). Mitterand was the president between this secret action. Mitterand was known as an occult man (masonic).

      Nuclear weapons was the subject and polynesian people know the bad uses of these weapons !!!

      1. Yes, NZ (or at least the NZ Govt) publicly posed as being opposed to nuclear testing in the Pacific.

        But, secretly, NZ was supplying the French wit what they needed for the tests. For the NZ Govt, Greenpeace was something they wanted to be rid of. But the NZ public would go ballistic at their Govt if they thought their govt was supporting the nuclear tests.

        So NZ “subcontracted” the bombing to French Intelligence.

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