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4 Sides to a Square

It is by design that there are 4 square sides to the Holy Temple’s Central Altar, and 4 to the Inner Courtyard and 4 to the Outer Courtyard, adjusted for the 5 cubits added behind the Temple Building.  The total perimeter of those 4 square sides are (128 + 400 + 1248) = 1776.
There are 12 sides in total and 12 is the sum of their digits (3+2+1+0+0++3+1+2), like the 12 Tribes in this configuration, and like the 12 sides in the Star of David.
The square design in 4 directions is quite necessary for the Temple, as will be explained in the next part of this section, but what is the connection between the Future Holy Temple and 1776?
For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.
We have already discussed the Tower of Babel in 1776 HC, the birth of the USA in 1776 CE, and also that of the Illuminati chapter of the Erev Rav that also began in 1776 CE.
This coming year, 2020, is a leap year, so as was pointed out to us in the recent comments, this year on July 4th, 244 years after America was founded, at 4:44 am, the Gregorian calendar and the Hebrew Calendar will both have advanced 4444 hours and 44 minutes from the stroke of midnight Jan 1st 2020, leaving 4340 hours left in the Solar year. This same scenario happened exactly 244 years ago in 1776 and would repeat every 4 years since.

G-d Saw the Light and It was Good

The 12 words of the 4th verse of the Torah reads, “And God saw that the light was good; and God divided the light from the darkness,” and its numerical value is 1776. In the beginning of Creation G-d separated the Light form the darkness.  Both flourished on this earth.  In 1776 HC, the Erev Rav tried to merge the two again. In 1776 CE, new markers were set and flags planted in both camps. In the Sinai desert, the 12 camps of the 12 Tribes were set in the 4 directions and in the blueprints of the Holy Temple the 12 sides are likewise set in the 4 directions.
This coming year, 2020, on July 4th, America will be 244 years old. The complete value of “The Light (הָאוֹר) is 244. Israel will be 72 years young.
Because 1776 = 444 x 4 the schematic of separating light from dark sections 444 in all 4 directions, or 4 Alefs(א) of numerical value 111 in each direction, since 1776 also equals 42 x 111.  This is just something to keep in mind as we explore the 4 Essential Elements of Creation in regards to ending the 4th exile, and re-engaging the singular Alefs(א). The average of the 12 sides, is 148 cubits. Using 148 referentially, 148 ft works out to 45.111 mts or the numerical value of Adam (Man) and the Name of G-d at the level of Man (יוד־הא־ואו־הא).
When we add the 5 cubits beyond the Temple Building back into the perimeter, we find that the perimeter of the 2 Courtyards equals 1658, the year the 2-year Flood ended.
The numerical string 1776 is also found within Pi, 3.14…171776 at digit number 888, one half of 1776. The 17 was purposely designed to precede 1776 as the Light was good (טוֹב).  Most telling is that the corresponding year in the Gregorian Calendar is –1984 CE and the ratio of those 2 corresponding years (1984/1776) is 1.117117117, while the ratio of 1776 to 3760  (0 CE) is 2.11711711….
The 1776 verse is the 4th verse in the Torah, but the dichotomy of Heaven and Earth was already built into the Torah first verse, “אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ” Heaven and Earth, the spiritual and the physical time frames. While, the complete numerical value of the phrase is 1657, the year of the Biblical Flood, the complete gematria value with the kolel for the 7-letter phrase for Heaven “אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם”, is 888 and the complete gematria value for the 7-letter phrase for Earth “וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ”, is 776.  Of special note in the difference between Heaven and Earth is (888 – 776) = 112, as in the 112 Triplets, the bridge between Heaven and Earth.
The initials (אהוה) of “אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ” Heaven and Earth, an assimilation of the two Names (יהוה) and (אהיה), has the numerical value of 17, as in the Light was good (טוֹב). Of course, the Creator knew Light was good and no one needs a Bible to realize that light feels safer than darkness so why this statement. The Creator was no separating Light from darkness at that moment but was injecting an on-going process of separation.
As will become a crucial understanding for us shortly, the ratio of the area of a circle that circumscribes a square to that square is Pi/2 or 1.5707, which matches the ratio of the darkness (הַחשֶׁךְ) to the light(הָאוֹר): 333/212 = 1.5707.  The darkness that surrounds the Light. The difference between 333 and 212 is 121 or 112.  The figure 112 could be an allusion to the 112 Triplets, and it could be a reference to the 11 incenses described in the Torah for cleansing away the darkness, but more basically, the sum of the ordinal values of the 22 letters is 112. And as we just saw, the ordinal value of the of the 11 letters in the 3 highest sefirot Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) is (53 + 37 + 31) = 121 = 112. This 112 is reflected specifically in one of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation, the 42-Letter Name, whose first line (אבגתץ) totals 506 or (112 + 102 + 92 +….12), and whose 14 Triplets are found a total of 506 times in the Torah, with 506 being the complete value of Moshiach Ben David and the value of “Unconditional Love.” This is how we separate darkness from light and this is how the Zaddikim, including Rav Kaduri, used the 42-Letter Name to heal the ill. This is how the Zaddikim could separate reality from the illusion, see the Light through the darkness.  This is why the Arizal said no prayer can be elevated without the 42-Letter Name. This is why it is a key element in unlocking the power of the 112 Triplets to bring us freedom, elevation, and Moshiach Consciousness. The Torah gave us and concealed for us all the tools we would need.
This is why the 6 initials (ואאהכט) in “G-d saw the Light and the Light was good” add up to 42.
In the full verse, “And God saw that the light was good; and God divided the light from the darkness,” the word darkness of numerical value 333 is mentioned once and ‘The Light” is mentioned twice for a combined numerical value for both times of 424, that of Moshiach Ben David.
This time, dividing twice “The Light” by “The darkness” we get 424/333 or 1.273, the proportion of inscribing a circle within a square, a concept that will prove to be extremely consequential for us very shortly, “The Light” surrounding the darkness.  Notice that the difference between 424 and 333 is 91 or 1/3 of 273, and that 273 is the cosmic number we have already shown to define our Solar system, etc.  More on that later.

More About DNA

If you recall, that cosmic number 273 also included the sum of the molecular weight of the 20 amino acids, 2738.01 g/mol. In the previous part of this section we pointed out again that all DNA is comprised of 4 nucleotides that add up two different ways to 424. I guess there is a lot of Light in the formation and sustenance of life in those. What we did not mention until now is that the coding that tells all the mechanisms of the cells, all the proteins, etc. is based on Triplets.  Yes, the mRNA reads (transcription) and the tRNA translates the nucleotides codes in 43 or 64 triplets called codons. As far as we know they use simple small gematria sequence. Many of those codons code for differing amino acids.  Then again, we do not know much.  All of those triplets (codons) transfer information. Some of those triplets (codons) synthesize protein and enzymes, some of them tell them what to do, some just say start, or stop.  This works this way in all types of lifeforms that we know of.  In other words, the creation and preservation of all life is based on the same schematic as the 4 Essential Elements of Creation or 112 Triplets encoded into the Torah.
It is not as if Man made up these Triplets. We just found them. That was 100% designed by the Creator, or whatever creative force you want to attribute to the impossible sequence of quintillions of aligned random events that resulted in life as we know it.
What could that mean? What does it say about life? Our universe? The Torah? And about our need to understand the 112 Triplets better?

The 4 Species and the 4 Essential Elements

Every cosmic window and holiday has specific tools assigned to it and they are not there to make them more interesting, fun, or to break up all the eating rituals and customs.  Food and the Torah are constant throughout, but 4 cosmic holidays have specific instruments: Rosh Hashannah has the shofar; Sukkot, the 4 Species within the Sukkah; Chanukah, the menorah or 44 lights; and Pesach, the matzah.  Together, their gematria is 1789 or 1776 + 13 (One).

The arrangement of the Cells in the Holy Temple is shaped like a sukkah, with walls on 3 sides and an entrance on the 4th. And speaking of Sukkot, the 4 species align with the 4 Essential Elements and the Holy Temple. The four(4) elements are the 4 matrices: The 42-Letter Name or 14 Triplets; the 72 Triplets or Names; the 11 Triplets of the Torah’s First Verse; and the 15 Triplets of the Shema. The four(4) species are the Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס), the Aravah (ערבה), and the Etrog (אתרוג). Like the Holy Temple, the idea behind the shaking of the 4 species within the sukkah is to share light with the 70 nations of the world, bringing satiation and peace. The premise is also built into the first verse of the Shema, one of the 4 Essential Elements, through the enlarged letters Ayin (ע) and Dalet(ד) of numerical values 70 and 4 respectively. It is for this reason the final letters of the 4 species add up to 70.
While the initials of the 4 species, Lulav (לולב), Hadas (הדס), Aravah (ערבה), Etrog (אתרוג) add up to 106 or 1/4th of 424, the value of Moshiach Ben David, the internal letters collectively add up to 848, or twice 424. All of a sudden, it seems like more people should have been taking the importance of the annual unification of the four species more seriously. Perhaps, there indeed was a reason the Torah commanded us to.
Altogether, all 4 species–the Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס), the Aravah (ערבה), and the Etrog (אתרוב)—have a combined gematria of 1024, which is 210, or 322, matching word for word the exact number of differing word values in the Torah, and also the number of vertices in a 210 hypercube. All four connections are vitally important. During the 7 days of Sukkot while in the Sukkah, we are drawing directly from the Binah hyperspace, and over those 7 days we are making 210 shakings, aligned in 5 sets of shakings in the 6 directions of the cube per day (5 x 6 x 7).  The Israelites lived in Egypt for 210 years and we are commanded to make 210 Shakings in the Sukkah.
The 322 nature (gematria) of the four (4) species is reflected in their first and last letters, Lamed (ל) and the Bet(ב) of the Lulav(לולב), which matches identically the first and last letters of the Torah, of numerical value 32. These are also the final two letters of the Lulav(לולב), which spells out the word Lev, heart (לב), which is also why on the return stroke of each shaking we figuratively and literally connect the shaking with our hearts. The analogy to the Holy Temple is obviously in placing ourselves in the center (heart) of the 32 x 32-cubit Central Altar, and/or at the Foundation stone at the center of the 32 x 32-cubit Holy of Holies.
The value 32 is also the ordinal value of the Lulav (לולב), while the standard value is 68, giving the Lulav (לולב) a complete value of 100, like the Sach (סככ), the thatched roof of the Sukkah, whose complete value is 137, as in “Kabbalah,” meaning “to receive” and “parallel.” That value, 137 is also the same as that of the 2 species Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס) together.
Once placed at the central Altar or Holy of Holies, the surrounding Inner Courtyard or Temple Building respectively is 100 x 100 cubits. You should feel that solemnity and those proportions while doing the shakings inside the Sukkah—its walls will expand to accommodate you.
There is another word that has an ordinal (inner) value of 32 and that is “The Light(הָאוֹר).” During the shakings we were commanded to be the conduits of The Light. Remember, the value of the internal letters of the 4 species was 4 x 212, “The Light(הָאוֹר).” And the final letters in “The Light was Good(הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב)” also equals 212, “The Light(הָאוֹר).” And who was the Light good for? The answer is found in the ordinal (inner) value of “The Light was Good(הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב),” which is 70.
The most numerous doubled word in the Torah (איש איש) is doubled 16 times, or 32 times in total.  Its ordinal value is (32 – 32).
Traditionally, Israelites around the world take great care in selecting their Etrog. Outside the holiday of Sukkot it is just a very expensive lemon. For a specific seven days each year, the 4th species, the Etrog (אתרוג) connects to Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) and Da’at (דעת), whose 4 final letters (רההת) add up to the same 610 as Etrog (אתרוג).  Moreover, those final letters of the 4 upper dimensions include the two Hei (הה) of the YHVH (יהוה) between the (תר) and when added to the value of the Etrog (אתרוג) that has its own (תר), we get 620, Keter (כתר) with all that that represents. Thus, the Etrog (אתרוג) has the power to unite us with the highest levels of attainment, if for only a specific 7 days each year.
The last of the 4 species, the Etrog (אתרוג), also has the same numerical value as H’Adam (the Man) when utilizing the sofit value of the H’Adam.  Even though all 4 kingdoms on Earth are created with the same triplet encoding, which are based on the same 4 nucleotides, only ”the Man” was Created to be a participant.

The Fine Structure Constant Built Right In

We just mentioned that the Sach (סככ), or the thatched roof of the Sukkah, has a complete value of 137, the same as that of the 2 species Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס) together.  We can find precedents of 137 in both the Torah and the cosmos. The lifespan of Amram and Levi, Moses’ father and grandfather respectively was 137 years. Rabbi Akiva was martyred in the year 137 CE, and Abraham was 137-years-old at the “binding of Isaac,” and Ishmael, Abraham’s  other named son, lived to 137.
The number 137 is universally recognizable to mathematicians and physicists as the fine structure constant ( (1/137.03599), yet another core number in the fabric and structure of our universe, without which our universe would not exist. The fine structure constant is a dimensionless physical constant, a number that is independent of any limiting of defining unit structure.  It characterizes the strength of the electromagnetic interaction  between the elementary charged particles.
It is also the underpinning of the relationship between the Torah’s first verse and the 42-Letter Name.  The total value of the 42-Letter Name is 3701 and that of the Torah’s first verse is 2701. 3701/2701 = 1.370233…. The difference between the ratio of these two of the 4 Essential Elements is off from the fine structure constant by merely .000127 with 127, along with the numbers 37, 137, 73, and 173, being another one of our 5 Prime Core Torah numbers. 127 was also Abraham’s wife’s age at the binding of Isaac, when Isaac was 37 and Abraham was 137. Perhaps the binding was also a metaphor for a “parallel” cosmic event (structure). After all, 2701 equals the sum of integers from 1 – 73 and the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name is 173.

The Sach

We just mentioned that the Arizal explained that the Yud (י) of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) expands to Yud (יוד) of numerical value 20. He further explained that it also expands to Yud (י) x Yud (י) or (10 x 10) = 102 = 100.  A fuller expansion could be (20 x 100) = 2000. And (2000 + 20) = 2020. The Sach (סככ) is the ceiling whose limit is defined as 20 cubits.

64 Triplets and the Secrets of our DNA

One of the four (4) Essential elements is the 72 Triplets Matrix and we have previously shown that the 4 central letters total 210, as in the 210 Shakings on Sukkot, etc. The four (4) outermost letters (ותדם) of the 72 Triplets Matrix total 1010, or half 2020. Those 4 outer letters less the innermost 4 equal (1010 – 210) or 800, and the value 800 is associated with the final Letter Pe (ף). This is oddly reminiscent of the 64 Triplets or (72 – first 8) Triplets that equal exactly 8000. And those 64 Triplets just happen to match the 64 Codon (Triplets) of our DNA.
The numerical value of those 64 codon (triplets) as they appear in our RNA (transposed for Thymine-Uracil) is 1200, or exactly 15% of the 64 Triplet square of the 72 Names. As found in our DNA before they are translated by RNA the 64 triplets total 20,352 or (424 x 192).
Let us break this down. Truth be told in 64 triplets of codons each base unit will appear 48 times and since there are 4 of them, (48 x 4) = 192. All 4 add up to 424 ergo the total is 192 x 424. So far so good.  From here on in, everything gets a little freaky.
For instance, since we already know the significance of the 4 nucleotides in our DNA equaling 424, but when we add the Moshiach Ben David reference (424) to the 192 times that these 4 nucleotides are repeated in our 64 codons it equals (424 – 192) = 616, the value of “HaTorah, The Torah.”
We can view both the double references to Moshiach Ben David and to HaTorah built into our DNA as messages or hints, but we really want is to understand the structure of our DNA and what the hints may mean.


Zion reminded me this past Shabbat of hypercubes, a theme that has run throughout this series from the simple 3-d cube with its 26 (יהוה) vertices, edges and faces; to the 58 words, letters and verses in the Torah that form a complex generalized hypercube with 390,625 vertices; to the E8 Lattice in 248 dimensions.  As it turns out, while a 3-d cube has 26 (יהוה) vertices, edges and faces; and a 4-d Tesseract hypercube has 72 (Triplets) vertices, edges and faces, a 5-dimensional Penteract hypercube has 192 vertices, edges and faces.  This means that each of the nucleotide bases can be assigned to a distinct element and form a 5-dimensional hypercube. Obviously, the same can be said for the 72 Triplets in a 4-d Tesseract hypercube.
Given that, if we can show a relationship between the 72 Names (Triplets) and codons (triplets) in our DNA we would also be establishing a relationship between a 4-dmensionsal hypercube and the 5-dimensional one that is one order of magnitude more evolved.We have already seen that the double helix of the DNA sections the nucleotides into 10 pairs between each twist, eerily similar to the 10 sefirot (dimensions) in each level of the Tree-of-Life, and we know that there are 32 elements to that Tree, corresponding to the 32 Paths of Wisdom and to the 32 edges in the 4-d Tesseract hypercube and to the 32 vertices in the 5-dimensional hypercube.  Eventually they give way to the 32 x 32 or 1024 vertices in the 10-dimensional Dekeract hypercube, which correspond to the specific and exact 1024-word values in the Torah.
So, our DNA model conforms to a 5-dimensional hypercube. That could open a world of possibilities. To understand what happens when that 5-d hypercube expands or connects to 6th dimensional space, what the Kabbalists call Zeir Anpin and associate with the conscious level of Man, we need to step back for a moment.  In the 3-dimensional world of physicality the basic unit or cube has 8 vertices or points, each of which has 3 edges, half of them shared. All together there were 26 elements in each 3-d cube. As that cube expands or connects with the 4th dimension the 8 vertices expand 4 times (in 4 spatial directions) and become the 32 edges of that 4-d hypercube. Subsequently the 16 vertices of the 4-d hypercube expand 5 times (in 5 spatial directions) into t 5th dimensional hypercube and become its 80 edges. And thus, the 32 vertices of the 5th dimensional hypercube expand in the 6 spatial directions of the 6th directional (Zeir Anpin) hypercube and become the 192 edges of the 6th dimensional hypercube.  This means that our DNA model also conforms to a 6th Dimensional Hexeract hypercube as well, which each of the 192 nucleotide bases aligning with each of its 192 edges.  “Let us make Man.”
As the dimensionality increases the number of vertices in each level of hypercube doubles, from 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 and so on, as we go from a 3-d to a 4-d to a 5-d to a 6-dimensional hypercube. Therefore, our 6th Dimensional (Zeir Anpin) hypercube that has its 192 edges aligned with the 192 nucleotide bases of our DNA, also has its 64 vertices aligned with the 64 Codons also of our DNA.  If you want to really trip out, you could play with the idea that the 240 faces of that same 6-d hypercube might align of indeed give rise to the 240 non-base dimensions of the E8 Lattice.
Meanwhile there is also a progression of formula for determining that total number of elements in each dimension, where we saw interesting alignments between the 26 elements of the 3-d cube and the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), and the 4-d hypercube and the 72 Triplets, and the 496 elements of the 6-dimensional DNA/Zeir Anpin hypercube. Zeir Anpin is a spiritual ladder to the hyperspace dimension of Binah, but it gets anchored in the world of physicality, Malchut or numerical value 496, so it is telling that there are exactly 496 elements in that specific dimension.
It is even more telling that there are 1248 total elements in the 7th Dimensional hypercube, but we will see the extraordinary significance of that shortly. Also, to the 3072 total elements in the 8-dimensional hypercube that has 28 vertices and 210 edges.
As for that progression, if we take the total elements in any (n-dimensional) hypercube and triple it, then subtract the number of faces in that (n-dimensional) hypercube you get the total elements in the next higher (n+1 dimensional) hypercube. Let us get back to DNA.
It is also interesting that the 192 nucleotide bases and 64 codons of our DNA add up to (192 + 64) = 256, which is 28 and the numerical value of the Ark (הארן)of the Covenant.

5 Kings Vs 4 Kings and the Soul

The average value of those 64 codons (triplets) in our DNA is 318, as in the 318 men that Abraham took to fight the battle of the 5 Kings vs 4 Kings, and as in the sum of the initials in the 5 parts of the soul(נרנחי) given to us in the Zohar and the Midrash Rabba Bereshit 14:9. Interestingly it is in Bereshit 14 where the story of the 5 Kings and 318 men born in Abraham’s house takes place.
Genesis 14:14 “And Abram heard that his kinsman had been taken captive, and he armed his trained men, those born in his house, three hundred and eighteen, and he pursued [them] until Dan.”
The ordinal value of those initials in the 5 parts of the soul (נרנחי) which total 318 is 64, and 318 x 64 is 20,352, the total value of the 64 codons (triplets) in our DNA.  Moreover, the final letters (שחההה) in the 5 parts of the soul spell out “The 318.”
Is this a concealed message to us? Are we being led to believe that our DNA definitely and directly connects to all aspects of our soul? Are we being told that the soul connects to our DNA at the moment of conception?
You may be skeptical and thinking that some kabbalist purposely inserted the names of the 5 nucleotides so that their names would equate to 424. Of course, that would not answer how the kabbalist knew about the codons 80 years before the scientists. Nevertheless, the big issue with that is that all 5 nucleotides are named for their nitrogenous base and those bases were named independently and individually for random reasons. For example, in 1885 a brilliant scientist and a non-kabbalist, Albrecht Kossel, named adenine after the Greek word for pancreas, ( ἀδήν “aden”) from which his sample had been extracted., and Guanine was named after guano, bird droppings, from which the chemical was first isolated.  These are very random origins.
So, if you want to say that the Creator had a hand in it, it would be hard to argue against that.  If you want to say it a just the last nit in a chain of over 300 quintillion quintillion random coincidences that lined up perfectly, good luck with your argument.  Our point, though, is not to prove that there is a Creator, it is to get closer to Him.  Let us continue.
There are 5 types of nucleotides, but only 4 in DNA and only 4 in RNA: 5 Kings vs 4 Kings. Man did not have a hand in that. Imagine if lawyers did, there would be thousands of nucleotides and millions of rules governing them.  Man had no role in this, and thankfully no lawyers or politicians either, but where is the connection to G-d?
Yes, we have well established that there had to be an omniscient Creator, who not only designed and nurtured our DNA, but designed and guided how we would label it too. But where is G-d, His Name, in all this. We saw Moshiach Ben David (424) built in, we saw the word H’Torah built in and the Ark of the Covenant too, but what about the 4 Letter Name YHVH(יהוה), does it somehow tie into the 4 nucleotides in our DNA?
For starters, because the Name YHVH(יהוה) consists of 4 letters, just like the 4 letter codes of our DNA, we can similarly make a total of 64 Triplets out of it, and thus match them to it one-for-one.
Let us take a clue from the 4 nucleotides in our RNA of numerical value (1,1,3,20) and if we transpose the two twin 1’s for Adenine and Uracil to two twin Heis (הה) and use 20 as a numerical appellation of Yud (י), then Guanine would be Vav(ו), spelling out YHVH(יהוה). This just a supposition for testing purposes to see if indeed there might be a higher design element involved. It is a very simplistic form of code breaking. Then in the DNA, the two Heis (הה) would correspond to Adenine and Thymine.
With either DNA or RNA, substituting the YHVH(יהוה) would give us a total value of 1248 for the 4 nucleotide bases, just like the 1248 total elements in the 7th Dimensional hypercube. So substituting or translating either DNA or RNA to the Name of G-d (יהוה) elevates the 6-dimensional DNA/Zeir Anpin hypercube to the 7th Dimension. Hmm.
While 1248 is immediately recognizable as the 1000 letters and 248 words of the Shema, one of our 4 Essential Elements of Creation, it is also the perimeter of the Outer Courtyard of the Holy Temple as detailed above, 4 x 312 cubits.
There is a very interesting Torah connection that makes a lot of sense theologically and spiritually, and now scientifically.
The 4th Word in the 26th verse in the Torah is the first time the word Adam (Man) appears in the Torah. It is the first of 33 times it appears in its pure state.  It is the 1248th letter in the Torah.
4 Nucleotides; 4 Essential Elements of Creation; 4 sides of the Courtyard of the Holy Temple; and 4 Letters in the Tetragrammaton(יהוה). The Tetragrammaton(יהוה) has a numerical value of 26 and at the 4th Word in the 26th Verse in the Torah we find Adam (Man), the Biblical source of our DNA. That verse states that Adam was made in “our” image and when we substitute in that image (יהוה) we get a total value of 1248 for the 64 codons (triplets) of our 4 Nucleotides of our DNA, right at the 1248th letter in the Torah.
Oddly enough, the 6 initials in that phrase (ואנאבכ) add up to 80 and the final letters add up to 302, as in the 8th word in the Torah that completes the 11 Triplets of Genesis.  While the 2nd word, Elohim (אלהים), in this most telling phrase is one of the 32 times that that Name of G-d appears in Creation, please keep that in mind that the 3rd word in this phrase has a numerical value of 425, which will become quite significant for us very shortly. This is the word just before Adam first appears, “before any king ruled over the Israelites.”
By the way the 5-dimensional hypercube that has 192 total elements has 32 vertices, 80 edges and 80 faces.
The sum of this entire phrase, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” is 1557.  As we mentioned way back in Part VI section b of this series there are 127 possible combinations of the first 7 words of the Torah and the sum of their square roots is 1557, which also matches the sum of the 10 primordial component letters (דוזיכנסרךן) of the Hebrew Alef-bet, or 1557.  Oddly, those 127 possible combinations utilize exactly 64 word values.
The process began when Adam connected with Eve. Their combined numerical value, (45 + 19) = 64, as in the 64 Codons in our DNA.
When Abraham took his 318 Men and fought the 5 Kings he was rescuing his nephew, Lot (לוט), whose numerical value is 45, so was he rescuing Adam (Man), our DNA?
Another interesting association with the DNA codons and Adam (Man) is found by simply subtracting 318 from 1248, as in (1248 – 318) = 930, since Adam lived exactly 930 years.
More of a complex Torah association to 1248 is found in a section we covered earlier in this series that began with the two Central Altar dimensions the upper platform at 26 cu square and the base at 32 cu square, which were also found in the center of a special series we highlighted in a prior article. It is a sequence of 7 numbers (22, 23, 26, 32, 42, 57, and 78) that are incorporated into the Torah and that are based on a progression of the first 6 triangular numbers. Triangular numbers represent the sum of all the positive integers through a particular number n. The difference sequentially between the numbers (i.e. 23-22 = 1) is 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, and 21, which represent the sum of integers up to the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 respectively.
One critical example of this integration is found in the number of the occurrences in the Torah of the Yuds (י), Heis (ה) and Vavs (ו) components of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). They total exactly 90,100, which is the sum of all the integers from 1 – 424, the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David.
In essence, since this sequence (22, 23, 26, 32, 42, 57, and 78) begins with the number 22, it represents cumulatively the combined energy of the numbers 1 through 6 added to the number 22, sequentially.  These 6 cumulative triangular energies (1, 3, 6, 10, 15, and 21) when seen as the ordinal values of their respective Hebrew letters represent (א,ג,ו,י,ס,ש). Together, these 6 letters have the complete gematria value of 424 when the kolel of 6 is subtracted.
When we add the 7 prime numbers (79, 83, 101, 131, 181, 269 and 397) that are associated with the 7 numbers in the triangular number (22nd , 23rd , 26th , 32nd , 42nd , 57th , and 78th ) sequence respectively, along with their kolel, they sum to 1248, just like the 64 codons of our DNA when the image of G-d (יהוה) is substituted.
If we apply small gematria to the 4 nucleotides of DNA, ATCG, numerically they translate to 1423, which can be rearranged to 1234 or 1342 since the ATCG is in no particular order. The 4 nucleotides of RNA, AUCG would likewise be 1213, or 1312, as in 1312 BCE when the Torah was received at Sinai. The resultant sum of the 64 codons (triplets) of DNA and RNA respectively would be 480 and 336. While 480 is reminiscent of the height of the Pyramid, 336 matches the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essential Elements.
Since the 64 codons code for the 20 amino acids, it is not so surprising that (336 + 64) = 202. Not surprising, yet spiritually and biologically astonishing as there should be no numerical connection between them whatsoever.
Using the same small gematria sequencing, their individual totals for the 4 DNA and RNA nucleotides are 10 and 7 respectively and together 17, as in Tov (good) and as in the small gematria of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה). The Light is good.
What if the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) were the Name of G-d substituted for the 4 nucleotides in our RNA instead of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה)? Then the total would be 1008.
In a prior part to this section we spoke of the 91 doubled words in the Torah acting like the DNA double helix ladder along the axis of the Torah. We also advised that the exact middle rung of that ladder is the paired words Darosh Darash (דרש דרש), each of numerical value 504. Their total is 1008.
When a message is truly important for us, the Torah can be quite redundant in how it conveys this information to us. In this case, there is a phrase that begins parsha Shemini (Eighth) with the 3 words “V’yhy b’yom Shemini (ויהי־ביום־השמיני“), “And it came to pass on the eighth day,” whose total value is 504.  The first 8 triangular numbers when multiple together give us (1 x 3 x 6 x 10 x 15 x 21 x 28 x 36) = 1008.
It is certainly odd that substituting both Names of G-d connected us to sequences of triangular numbers, especially considering we are dealing with triplets, but why is the Torah’s redundancy connecting us to 8? Is it that a brit (covenant) happens after 8 days? Or does it have to do with the 64 codons equaling 82 codons (triplets).
The values 82, 800, and 8000 are also reminiscent of the 80,000 words in the Torah, and the 304,805 or (300,000 plus 4805) letters in the Torah, given that there are exactly 4805 letters Pe (פ) in the Torah. The letter Pe (פ) represents a spiral while 8, 80, 800, 8000 and 80,000 all represent the hyperspace dimension of Binah.

There is a Triplet among the 72 Triplets that stands outs from all the others because of its simplicity, purity and all the empty space that surrounds it. It is the 22nd Triple (ייי) or 103, which is 1000 when knocked (multiplied) together.  Using the definition of the Arizal, it is also equal to 8000 when the expanded (יוד) is utilized.
Since we translated C to Yud(י) in our DNA conversion, the corresponding codon (triplet) in both our DNA and RNA sequences is CCC. Oddly, it too is the 22nd Triplet in its matrix. And when caf (כ) is multiplied or knocked together, it too equals 203 or 8000. Of all the 64 codons in our DNA, it is the 22 one that aligns with the 72 Triplets. Being the 22nd of 64, means that it is followed by 42 codons, and proceeded by 21. A most beautiful design indeed!
We know that the 4 nucleotides in our DNA add up to 424, Moshiach Ben David, but with RNA there are 5 nucleotides in total, and we have referenced this already to the early Biblical war of 5 Kings vs 4 Kings and our souls. Nevertheless, when we add up all 5 nucleotides in our genetic codons (triplets), we get 425, the exact numerical value of the 8th Triplet (כהת) of the 72 Names.  Some might stretch it and point out that Hei (ה) multiplied with Tav (ת) plus Caf (כ) = 2020, but more germane to our analysis is that the 3 letters in the Triplet derived from the 5 nucleotides multiplied together equal 8000 x 5.
And of course, this 8th Triplet, which entwines our genetics with the branch of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation that consists of the 72 Triplet matrix, is followed by 64 more Triplets, whose total value is 8000.
There is a definite structure here, not a loose pattern, or a swell of order within chaos. Whoever Created our DNA and RNA created the Torah and the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and meant for them to intertwine, possibly even interact.

Could this entwined 8th Triplet be a reference to the 8th King in the early Biblical story about the 8 Kings that is found in the 72nd paragraph of the Torah, and to which the Kabbalists assign so much significance? Are the 8 Kings references to the first 8 Triplets that split the 72 Names into a 8 Triplet bar and a perfect 8000-value 64 (82) Triplet square?  They are not just any 8 Triplets, the sum of that 8 Triplet bar defines the averages of the entire 72.
The Zohar tells us these 8 Kings refer to worlds that existed before our own and it also points out emphatically that the Torah never mentions the 8th King, Hadar (הדר) as having died. Does this life connect with the life of our world, our genetic material? Is it a coincidence that the name of the 8th King, Hadar (הדר), is a triplet? Or that that triplet is found at the 4-code summit platform (הדרא) at the top of the 72 Name Pyramid? Or that the 5 nucleotides are divided into Pyrimidines and Purines? The kabbalists did not assign these names, scientists did.
At any rate, the initials (ביחהששבחה) of those 8 Kings that end with Hadar (הדר) sum to 640.
The Torah gave us everything we need to know, some clues more blatant, some more hidden, but all are redundant, and all are important pieces of the puzzle.
In part 4 of this section we will finish us with the cosmic holiday of Sukkot and discuss the importance of the Hakafot (encircling) and the squaring of the circle, as we get ever closer to the truth. We look forward to your comments.
For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.