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Our Choice

A real choice is being put in front of us. 70 years ago, there were no computers. 30 years ago, there was no internet. 20 years ago, there were no smart phones. 10 years ago, there was no feasible AI. 3 years ago, quantum computing became commercial. With each leap forward mankind became more interconnected and more dependent on fewer and fewer technological gatekeepers. Each leap connected more people together by an exponential order of magnitude and made those gatekeepers exponentially wealthier and more powerful.  The founder of Google and Alphabet was married to the founder of 23 and Me(DNA database), who is the sister of the CEO of YouTube, owned by Google. And if Amazon did not have enough data on us already, the DHS contracted out all their biometrics (face recognition, fingerprints, passport and background info) to them. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.
If you drive a car, you play a cat and mouse game with the police about obeying the speed limit, you Waze for a competitive edge, and play the odds as best you can.  You are probably also welcoming all the additional technology, like Waze, and computer assisting parking, cruise control, diagnostics, lane warnings, etc and maybe even self-driving. What you may not realize is that within 5 years, there will be no need for speed traps. If you speed, even a little, you will automatically receive a ticket and points on your license, all done remotely. Try out your brave new world at 55 mph or 15 mph on curvy roads.  The cops may enjoy this too, until they realize a centralized computer just cost 40% of them their jobs, and that Google got 10% of the take. How is that for tithing? Why do you think they have a self-driving car department?
It is certainly more efficient. In 10 years, with self-driving and centralized control, getting into your car will be akin to stepping onto a conveyor belt. It will take chaos out of your life. It may take the life out of it as well, or at least the reason for it.
There is one fundamental law of physics beyond all others that scientists hold as the ultimate truth: The Second Law of Thermodynamics which states that Entropy cannot decrease over time. All systems (and things) are supposed to move from an ordered state to a more chaotic one.  We have already seen, though, that that cannot be true when it comes to life.  Highly structured DNA, RNA and protein mechanisms, and cellular structure are certainty far more ordered than random chemical elements mixed in random ways with natural forces acting on them randomly.  And we can see in our new found technology that the trillions of separate private data points that described all aspects of our billions of separate individual lives and all the trillions of data points that describe our local, regional, and global environments at every moment are certainly more disparate and chaotic than the dozen centralized sites where all that data is now kept, ordered, organized, categorized, monetized and controlled.
So, did physicists get it wrong? Or were we just meant to believe that they were right because it was convenient and conveniently hid what they did not want us to look for. We are not saying this was some conspiracy, only that our universe is made of layers of physics and layers of illusions. We are going to be exploring some actual fundamental forces in our physical universe: ones that rely on the teachings of some of the greatest scientific minds in modern history; ones that also match up with some of the most ancient spiritual teachings.
Instead of concentrating the technology and control of our world into the hands of a few Titans, we can leapfrog it by a thousand times and open it up to everyone.  This world has become a network of tangled and jumbled wires, cables, towers, and cameras.  None of us can disconnect from this global grid for more than a few minutes and every second we are connected a handful of people are getting richer and more powerful and the technological power that they are amassing is becoming ever more manipulative and self-serving.  It does not have to be this way.  None of those wires are even necessary.

Light and the Names of G-d

Before we tap into the physical forces we just spoke about, we need to examine the spiritual ones.  What happens below happens above first. The thought precedes the action, and the inspiration precedes the thought.
The Names of G-d are images with hidden meaning; they are powerful channels of energy and spiritual Light. While that Light goes from a single original source and cannot be diminished, it does get divided into different spectra and follows divergent paths.  The 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alef-Bet are each attuned to a different spectrum and help us perceive the different underlying energy streams. The specific names of G-d are different.  We cannot perceive them or the energy they channel; it is too intense and beyond our level of comprehension. While you cannot perceive the enormity of the Sun’s energy, once properly directed and filtered you can certainly reap the benefits of it.  When we use the Names properly and appropriately, we align ourselves with that energy (Light). In other words, we plug into the cosmic stream without short-circuiting.  Any attempts to block the natural flow of that Light brings more disorder and chaos into our world.  The place of entry into our world of all that Light is a single point called Zion centered just above the Beginning.  It is the central focal point of the primordial Alef.  It is above the Holy Temple Building on the Temple Mount.  From this point is channeled all the Light we know as our existence.
We are not ready to handle that Light, neither is our world, so it gets channeled and processed through various Names of G-d before being distributed.

112 Channels

Among the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alef-bet the letter Alef(א) of numerical value 1 stands out. It is both a letter and a Name, and through it flows all physicality, as will be explained shortly.  Its shape—far from a derivation of stone age scratchings—is vital to our understanding of our universe. Its position as such is one significant reason why the Torah begins with a simpler letter like Bet (ב). In its first two iterations Alef(א) and Alef (אלפ) have a numerical value of 112, as in the 112 Triplets that make up the 4 Essential Elements of our universe. This is no coincidence. Neither is the sofit value of these two iterations, 832, as The Holy Land is called Eretz Israel ארץ ישראל of numerical value 832, which equals 26 x 32 of much significance to us. The number 832 also shows up as the 832 years the 2 Holy Temples stood (422 and 410 respectively), representing 1/4 of the time period between the giving of the Torah at Sinai in 2448 HC and Shavuot 5778; also as in the time frame from the construction of the First Holy Temple in 2928 HC to 3760 HC, the pivotal year “0” chosen for the Gregorian calendar; and as in the 832 years from the Flood to Moses’ death.
According to the Ramchal, The Light is specifically processed through 3 sets of Triple Names. The Triple (יהוה יהוה יהוה) representing the masculine aspect of that Light enters the Triple Ehyeh (אהיה אהיה אהיה) representing the feminine aspect of the Light; and then into the Triple Adonai (אדני אדני אדני), which anchors the universe at its deepest end. Together:

The 3 channels of Light: YHVH (יהוה) + Ehyeh (אהיה) + Adonai (אדני) = 112. The 3 Triplet channels of Light YHVH (יהוה יהוה יהוה) + Ehyeh (אהיה אהיה אהיה) + Adonai (אדני אדני אדני) = 336. It does not take a lot of understanding to realize that the most direct interface with this Light is through the 112 Triplets of 336 letters built into the Torah.
Perhaps this is why the 64 codons of our RNA add up to 336, the true source code of life. Or the reason that when the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) is substituted for the 4 nucleotides in our RNA it totals 1008, as in 3 x 336. Perhaps, but let us follow the Light.
The Light flows like rushing water through the square 20 x 20 Holy of Holies and into the square Inner Courtyard then through the Gates into the square Outer Courtyard and on through the Gates our into the square Temple Mount and finally on through the Gates into our universe.  There is one word more well known in Hebrew than any other, Shalom(שלום), Peace, hello and good-bye.  It is the first thing Israeli’s say to one another. The first 3 letters (שלו) in Shalom(שלום) equal 336 and the final Mem (ם) is divinely designed as a 4-sided square of numerical value 40.  The first 3 letters (שלו) in Shalom(שלום) also equal 336 in small gematria.
All hints show us the 336 letters of the 112 Triplets spread out to the 4 directions. That is 84 (פד) letters per side, and as explained by Rav Brandwein, this is redemption and a connection to the combined Upper and Lower 42-Letter Names, already contained in the 336 letters. It was the Arizal who first told us that the two connected 42-Letter Names were our channel to the upper realm. Together they form a metaphysical palm tree, as in the 60-cubit tall palm trees rising besides the 50-cubit tall gates.  The palm tree columns are 2 cubits wide.

The first 3 letters (שלו) in Shalom(שלום) that equal 336 are also found in the name of the city of the Holy Temple, Jerusalem (ירושלם), and yes, it contains the full word peace (שלום) and it begins with 210 (יר).


One of the most revealing gematria ciphers involves multiplying the numerical values concerned and dividing them by their sum. The results can help prove a definitive association and reveal the underlaying spiritual meaning between them.  It is quite difficult to reverse engineer this equation so it is hard to believe that the result values could be contrived.  In the case of the 112 Triplets that are comprised or 336 letters and make up the 4 Essential Elements of our universe, and conversely the 3 sets of the Names of G-d that add up to 336 and individually 112, we could be dividing the Upper Spiritual world by the Lower Spiritual world or Essence of the spiritual world.  One may define the ether and the other the forces in the ether.  Both are still beyond physicality yet together they guide and Create it. Like above so too below.
It is no coincidence that the Song of the Sea or Song of Redemption occurs in the 42nd paragraph of the 2nd Book of the Torah, the Book of Shemot, Names (of G-d). It is also the 65th chapter in the Torah, corresponding to Adonai (אדני).
There is meaning even in the interim equation:
The numerator of the equation is (112 x 336) = 37632, and 37632 is simply comprised of 37600 + 32, which is representative of both Shalom(שלום), peace plus the 32 Paths of the Tree of Life, and also of the year 3760 (0 CE) and the 32 Paths of the Tree of Life, 32 being the composite value of Alef(א). This is the pivot in the two calendars.
On the other hand, the denominator of the equation is (112 + 336) = 448, as in the year 2448, when we received the Torah at Sinai.

In the Beginning

There are 54 named portions in the Torah, comprised of 60 initials. As we have discussed, those 54 portions correspond top the 54-unit or 13o shift in the division of the 22 letters of the alef-bet from the simple natural split to the Phi split.  As a reminder, Phi is the primordial mathematical constant that guides all efficient, harmonious, spiraling growth in the universe from our DNA to our Galaxies, and as we will soon see it is even more pervasive than that.  Those initials begin Bet (ב) for Beresheit; Nun(נ) for Noach; Lamed-Lamed (לל) for Lech Lecha; then Vav(ו) for VaYera: Chet-Shin (חש) for Chayei Sarah and Tav (ת) for Toldot. They are followed by 5 Vavs and a Mem(ווומוו). This comprises the 12 portions of Genesis (Beresheit).  The 4 initials of the first 3 portions, Beresheit-Noach-Lech Lecha (ב נ לל) like the 3 Names of G-d that channel the Light into our world and like the 4 Essential Elements that manifest that light, total 112.
The 4th portion is represented by the Vav(ו) for VaYera, while the initials of the next two portions Chayei Sarah and Toldot (חש ת) total 708, as in the numerical value of the Upper 42-Letter Name.

After Toldot, the rest of the portions’ initials total 70, like the ordinal value in “The Light was Good(הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב),” etc.
Of the 12 portions, or 14 initials, there are 7 Vavs(ו) of numerical value 42, as in the 7 x 6 matrix of the Lower 42-Letter Name and the 7 x 6 Gate of the Holy of Holies.

There are 6 letters associated with the 112 or 708 numerical appellations of G-d. The 8 letters not associated with the 112 or 708 numerical appellations of G-d, total 76, which we will soon see is very much connected to Phi, and as we already know, is the ordinal value for the Torah’s first word, Beresheit, “In the Beginning.”
Separating out the 112 sum of the first 3 portions, from the (708 + 76) or the subsequent 10 portions, we get 784 or 282 and a ordinal value of 102.
The ordinal value of the 12 portions is 146, the numerical value of Olam (world), and that of the first 3 portions is 40, which reminds us of the 40 days and 40 nights references in portion Noach and the Flood, which ended in 1658. Time units in the Torah are mutable and days can be years and visa-versa, like the 40 days and 40 nights the Israelites were supposed to wait for Moses and the 40 years we are told they waited in the desert. If we back up 40 years from 1658, we get 1618, or Phi (1.6180…). The difference from 1618 to 5778 is 4160 or 72% of 5778, which itself is Phi18.  Simple discreet messages that were embedded in the Torah for us to one day tie together to form a coherent network of useful instructions.
Some people wanted me to mention that the Pyramid has an apex angle of 76 degrees, and a face to face edge angle of 112 degrees, and some wanted me to mention that the surface temperature of Uranus is 76 K and the combined surface temperatures of the four (4) planets Earth, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, or (288 K + 210 K + 134 K + 76 K) respectively is 708 K and that the sum of the digits in (288 + 210 + 134 + 76) = 42 (מב) and that with the additional digits in 708 K we get 57, which is the complete gematria value of the (מב). Moreover, the difference in the surface temperature of the Earth versus Uranus is 212 K, equivalent to “The Light,” and the surface temperature of the Sun is 5778 K.
Let us be blunt. There is no way anyone from this world could have known about the surface temperatures on the planets in the solar system when either the Torah or Pyramid was created. Nonetheless, Peter’s latest insight is even more appropriate. There are exactly 1815 Letters in the first 7 days of Creation, 197 letters of which are in day. As it happens, (1815 – 197) = 1618, or Phi (1.6180…), which means that if day One is metaphysically equivalent to One(1), the rest of the days of creation (days 2 -7) are equivalent to Phi (1.6180…). Therefore all 7 days together = (1 + 1.6180…) = 2.6180… = Phi2.
We are talking about purposeful intelligent design and natural alignment. What is patterned above, repeats below.  I had to break up this section into even more parts due to its volume and complexity. We will be following shortly with the Magnetism and the Alef(א) and show how it and everything else fundamental revolves around Phi. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.