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“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration.” – Nikola Tesla

Magnetism and the Alef


How does the Light force flow? It is complicated, more complicated than our comprehension. A good analogy is water, but that is very limiting. Temperature does not affect the phase of Light and Light is not dependent on gravity or capillary action to move.  The flow of Spiritual Light does have, though, some major primal characteristics in common with both water and magnetism. The commonality has to do with vortices, field interaction, inertia and the natural primordial constant Phi.  This will take some explaining so please bear with us as we unfold it. It is a far more complex topic than any we have covered to date, but even a cursory review is crucial to understanding what the universe, the Torah, and the alef-bet has been trying to tell us.  For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.
One extremely simplistic way to envision the Light moving through the Holy of Holies to the Central Altar and into the Courtyards is as a magnetic field.  Picture the 32 x 32 cubit Holy of Holies as the South polar end of a bar magnet and the 32 x 32 cubits Central Altar as the North end with 92 cubits between them. The midpoint, or plane of inertia (we will explain this shortly), would be at the 78 cubits mark, numerically equivalent to the 3 Triplet channels of Light YHVH (יהוה יהוה יהוה) that sum to 78. The area of that 156 x 32 cu bar, or corridor, plus the kolel of 3 is 4995, the precise value of the full 27 letters (33) of the alef-bet.
The ancient kabbalistic texts all describe the Light entering our 3-d world from the South, not from above, or the east, but specifically the South, and thanks to modern technology we can now understand why.  As per the diagram attached, the Light would enter the Southern Polar region, or in the case of our model, the Holy of Holies, then channel through the central corridor and radiate outward from the Central Altar in the Northern Polar region.  Like we said, this is a very simplistic analogy.  The corridor is in reality a tight vortex of pure potentiality.  Nevertheless, like all our physics it has to do with fields, and like today’s physicists will eventually conclude, and like some of the greatest minds in history already did more than 100 years ago, the fields are in the ether, not in the physical realm. What does that mean? It means they are in the 95% of the universe we still consider unknown and in the dimensions beyond that. They exist not in particles or particle waves but as impressions on our world, very measurable ones it turns out.  Even after you have studied quantum physics at the highest levels possible for many years you would still need unseen infinitely massive particles and particles of infinite energy phasing in and out of existence, interacting with these fields to begin to make sense of your current equations.  The answers are far simpler than that, though still plenty complex for most of us.
This diagram, even as a 2-dimensional drawing is quite simplistic. The poles actually project entire fields in a Phi-spiral Spirograph, at the same angle of 137.5 degrees that we previously saw in the Phi split of the 22 letters of the Alef-bet with the 13o shift that we explored earlier in this series.

We will explain this phenomenon in detail in due course.  Please bear with us if this process seems a little disjointed at first.

The Walls

Now here is wisdom. The walls of the Holy Temple are not fortress walls to keep people out; they are stone dams of reservoirs constructed to temporarily hold back the Light. When each concentric reservoir fills and the Gates open, the Light rushes through, down the steps, and then fills the next reservoir. The walls of the first reservoir, the Inner Courtyard, are 50 cubits high and 6 cubits thick.  The walls of the second reservoir, the Outer Courtyard, are 50 cubits high and 6 cubits thick.  The walls of the Chiel inside the Temple Mount are 10 cubits high, and the outer ring of the Temple Mount is 6 cubits high.
Descending from the Temple Building to the Inner Courtyard are 12 steps; descending from the Inner Courtyard to the Outer Courtyard are 8 steps; and descending from the Outer Courtyard to the Chiel are 12 steps again, or a descent of 32 steps in total.  These are akin to the 32 Letters in the 3 spelled-out Names:  YHVH (יוד־הי־ויו־הי) + Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) + Adonai (נון־יוד אלף־דלת־), which are akin to the 32 Paths of Wisdom.
As the energy steps down through its 32 progressions, the reservoirs rise and ebb like the breath in our lungs, sending reverberations of Light into our universe as pulsed beats or waves propagating in the ether. While the expansion in cubic volume of Light-force is about 10X each for each of the 3 reservoirs, the pulsing is continual and constant.
The Temple Mount for the Future Holy Temple is much larger than the previous two Temples and stretches 3000 cubits by 3000 cubits square, or about 1.30 miles on each side. Considering the Oneness of the number 13 and the numerical vale of Sinai (130), this was of purposeful design and not a random outcome. Obviously, something will have to give in order to clear out and flatten that much land.  The 6-cubit thick (13.75 ft) and 6-cubit high (13.75 ft) wall bordering the 1.302 mile platform will have to be 5.20 miles long.
If each stone were 1 cubic cubit, it would take 432,000 stones just for the outer border wall.  It seems daunting, but if man could build the Pyramid of 2.3 million stone blocks thousands of years ago for no apparent purpose, certainty he can build the Holy Temple today.
It is interesting that all those 6-cubit thick walls are 13.75 ft wide, aligning it, at least metaphysically, with the Phi-spiral Spirograph angle of 137.5 degrees produced by nature and by the magnetic fields in particular.

The Natural or Supernatural Origin of the Cubit

Let us walk that back one second. We have shown that the ratio of the cubit to the inch is 27.5 to 1, and the foot to inch is 12 to 1, and that the number 27.5 can be derived from the 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה), and again through other either divine or advanced knowledge derivations.  The cubit to foot ratio would be thus 27.5/12 or 2.291667. The Ramchal tells us specifically that the Holy Temple is to be constructed with a cubit that is 6 handsbreadth and a rod of 6 cubits.  Each of the walls of the Holy Temple is 1 rod thick. Six (6) of those cubits-to-feet ratios would be thus 6 x (27.5/12) = (6 x 2.291667) = 13.75 ft.
Is it possible that the cubit is based on nature’s Phi angle of 137.5 degrees, the same angle that dictates all efficient spiraling growth in the universe, including magnetism and our DNA? That holds true for the English foot as well, since they need to be paired together to reveal this secret origin.
Each of the walls of the Holy Temple is 1 rod thick. One (1) rod = 13.75 feet. Each rod is 1/10th the Phi angle (137.5o).
It is obviously of the utmost importance that this ancient, secret, sacred cubit be utilized and none other.  It is quite apparent why is was utilized to build the Pyramid. It is also becoming apparent that the properly built Third Holy Temple will be more than symbolic, as some may think.  Given its proportions, the Third Holy Temple will become a living breathing integration with the primal and essential forces of our universe. Living may be a strong word, or even an exaggeration, but as we know life is all based on codes and so it the Holy Temple, codes that utilize the same fundamental proportions and constants.  No, the Holy Temple will not be alive, but it will transmit intelligence and life-force to us, real intelligence, and real palpable life-force.

The Chiel and the Cube

In terms of how much cubic Light-force the collective reservoirs would hold, what we do not know yet is the placement of the 10-cubit tall Chiel within the Temple Mount.  If it were set at 2120 cubits per side, thus reflecting 10 x 212, the value of “The Light(הָאוֹר)” then the length of the full Chiel would be 8480 or 20 x 424, Moshiach Ben David. And symbolically the volume would be (Binah x The Light2) = (Alef x The Light2) = (1000 x The Light2) = (103 x 2122).
The reflects—excuse the pun—back to the Central 32 x 32 Altar and the Path of the 32 Steps in that the ordinal value of “The Light (הָאוֹר) is 32.
The total volume of the Light-force reservoir of the entire Holy Temple Compound and Mount  would be more than 76.3 million cubic cubes, and the cube root would be 424.33210, reflecting the light of Moshiach Ben David in each cube.  It also means that the total volume of the Holy Temple and Mount would form a cube of 424 x 424 x 424 cubits. The truth is we do not know yet.  It was left to us to figure out, or to download, however you want to phrase it. That 76.3 million cubic cubes possibly relates to (2 x Phi-2) or .763… may or may not be relevant.

The Energy of Moshiach

The number 424 is a number. It represents a confluence of energies that we call Moshiach Ben David but what is the physical basis for 424?
It forms a cube, one as basic to our universe as 13. The number 424 represents Phi3, a cube whose length, height, and width each measure the primordial mathematical constant Phi (1.6180339887…). It is not exactly 424; Phi3 is 4.236068… and the closest rounded off 3-digit number is 424.  It is off from 4.24 by approximately .58, as in the 58 words, letters, and verses in the Torah.  The universe never strays far from its core principles.  All aspects of its design are fractal, which is why any solution to the ultimate design of our universe must be simplex and not necessitate temporary virtual zero-point infinites.
As we wrote about years ago, Phi18 = 5778.000.  As it turns out, that cube of 424, or more precisely the cube of 4.236068, when cubed again is 76.01315562….. We have previously explained the integral relationship between Phi and 5, so how relevant is it that (5 – 4.24) = 76 and especially that (5Phi3) = 76.00.
We already know that 76 connects to Bereshit and we will discuss more about that again in a moment. Meanwhile, the connection to 13 can be seen as a reference to Echad (One) and 1556/2 = 778, but more significant is that 76.01315562 is also 5778.000.  In other words, Phi cubed and cubed again is the square root of 5778, and yes, 5778 K is the surface temperature of the Sun. And yes, that Phi exponential cube squared again, Phi36 = 33385282, which gives us the year the First Holy Temple was destroyed, 3338 HC.  Regardless of whether 5778 is surreptitiously 5779 or 5780, 5778 (2018 CE) is the demarcation line in physics and history. Other names for it could be the Event Horizon or the Inertial plane in the temporal dimension.
So, as we now know, the total volume of the Holy Temple would form a cube of 424 x 424 x 424 cubits, which works out to a cube of 106 or exactly 1 million Phi cubes.  All these measurements seem to work out ultra-precisely, and they almost divinely connect to the underlaying physics of the universe, the Torah’s numbers, the Names of G-d, and to the ancient kabbalistic principles, but where did they come from? As previously stated, with regards to the Holy Temple, they come from the writings of the 18th century Rabbi Chaim Luzatto of blessed memory in his Mishkney Elyon, a book about Ezekiel’s visions in Ezekiel chapters 40 – 43. Therefore, all this precision and alignment is either divinely inspired (channeled through Binah hyperspace) or an amazing series of coincidences, just like out DNA.
The Light flows only through the open Gates.  According to the Ramchal, the walls are anchors for the Light and he explains that the Name that anchors the Light is Adonai (אדני) and when filled in the Name Adonai (נון־יוד אלף־דלת־) has the numerical value 671, as in the Aramaic word for Wall (תרעא). It is One(1) more than the quantitative 670 paragraphs in the Torah. Unlike the metaphor of water, the walls become infused with the Light as well, yet they do not conduct it.  They are part and parcel of the reservoir. The 13 Gates must open for that flow to happen.
Why connect the 112 Triplets to the 3 sets of Triple Names?
As we get into the array and arrangement of the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation, we must keep in mind that their power lies in their coherency. They are a single point source power. This simply means they act in the aggregate, all connected as one, a single source point entity, like a magnet, a hologram, or a laser. In the case of the Triplets, once properly aligned they connect directly to the point source of our universe. Like a hologram each one separately reflects the power and integrity of the whole. Like a sheath of twigs or spaghetti right out of the box, when taken together they are demonstrably stronger than their individual pieces.  They all have their functions and operate separately until they are properly connected, just like plugging in circuit boards into the right slots within your computer.  Once properly set, they function as one and take on a more significant purpose.From that single source point came the 3 sets of Triple Names. They were One, of numerical value 336, and they separated into 3 sets of 112, covering 3 different aspects, or levels, of the Light.  They were all still the same Light, yet they now formed a structure within the Light through which that Light could be interfaced with our universe.  Those Names are not images or stencils through which the light shines into our world; they are representations of inter-dimensional patterns expressed in the closest form that we can comprehend.  Those patterns are presented to us as numerical values, since that is the only way we can even begin to fathom them. That interface needs a counterpart for our world, a way to translate those patterns of Light into code.  As an interface, the 112 Triplets or 336 letters align quite nicely with the 3 sets of Names totaling 112 each, for a total of 336.  The 4 Essential Elements are not of our world either, but their patters can be read in our world, which is why they are the interface. While we can actively engage them and personally connect to that Binah hyperspace realm, our universe can naturally connect with them and the primal life-forces can thus be transferred. It would seem that as the Light from those Names spreads outward toward 4 walls in 4 directions that the 112 Triplets would also have to be arrayed along those same 4 directions.
The connection could not be clearer.

The Alef at the Center of Things

The four(4) direction hints at the shape of the Hebrew letter Alef(א) of numerical value 1.  As we get deeper into this shape things will get more complex. The full scope behind our explanations is so complex that we will not try to explain it in this series—it is available on-line for those that want to go down that rabbit hole. We just want to point out for now some basic geometrical and directional shapes inherent in the dielectric and magnetic fields that produce electricity and magnetism and how they relate to the Alef(א).
The first thing to understand is that all these illustrations are drawn or photographed in two dimensions, while the field lines are in actually in three dimensions (in other words, spheres, not circles).  The next important concept is duality.  Exactly as the Torah tells us in Creation there are always two diametrically opposed (non-commensurate) entities or fields that co-exist and where they meet, we get a physical interaction.  A simple example given of Incommensurability in the Torah is Light and darkness.  Separately, neither one is any good to us for physicality. If everything were all light, we would be blinded and could not see anything.  Obviously, if everything were dark, we would see nothing either. That goes metaphysically as well.  Bring them together, and at the edges we can see definition, and the cast shadows would give our sight depth and dimension.  Light and darkness are opposite of one another, what one is the other is not.  Where they come together is special though. This is why the numerical value of the Hebrew word for darkness (333) less the numerical value of the Hebrew word for light (212) is 111, the numerical value of the Alef (אלפ), Oneness.  Moreover, the difference between their ordinal values is (45 – 32) = 13, Echad (One).

As we will soon see, the two times “The Light” was repeated in the 4th verse in Genesis, each of numerical value 212 for a total of 424, is analogous to the two 21.2o and the 42.4o angles that the magnetic and dielectric fields are based on.
Even before that early verse, the Torah tells us “God made the heavens and the earth,” which some say is analogous to the two incommensurate aspects of existence, Space and Counter Space, but that is already way too complex.

Dielectric and Magnetic Fields

Incommensurability is described by modern scientists in the exact same terms the ancient kabbalists did: male and female.  All primal incommensurate pairs are male and female, projectile and receptive, and creation/energy/force emerges when they are united.
Most people have heard of electromagnetism and assume it has something to do with magnets and electricity, two separate things that are both important to us, though magnets are a lot more important than people realize. Nevertheless, the real geniuses who actually developed the principles that led to the discovery of electricity taught that electricity is a byproduct of the two incommensurate fields, the magnetic and the dielectric, coming together.  The other byproduct is magnetism.  Magnetism and electricity are not cause and effect of each other as may have been simplified for us in school. We have a huge misconception about electricity, and it is not our fault; it is what we were taught. By dumbing things down for us we missed out on some of the most profound aspects of our universe.  By the way, neither lightning, nor static electricity is electricity either; they are both aspects of the dielectric field.
“Unfortunately, to large extent in dealing with dielectric fields the prehistoric conception of the electrostatic charge (electron) on the conductor still exists, and by its use destroys the analogy between the two components of the electric field, the magnetic and the dielectric, and makes the consideration of dielectric fields unnecessarily complicated.”
-Charles P Steinmetz, Electric Discharges, Waves and Impulses (1914)
The earlier simpler studies of interacting and polarizing fields has long since been replaced by ever more complicated processes and equations and evolved into quantum electrodynamics. This is the fundamental theory of the interaction of light and matter, or electric field and charges and with the help of approximations and the use of the photon as the carrier of electromagnetic phenomenon, but even this is defined by the perpendicular crossing of dielectric and magnetic field lines.  While quantum electrodynamics works to describe all sorts of observed phenomenon, it does not mean that it is only a complex description of much simpler forces at work.  It is nearly impossible to reverse the clock and reexamine our universe with a simpler eye.  When you encounter a structural problem on the 100th floor of a skyscraper, you do not tear it down and rebuild, you call in more engineers and band-aid together a solution, then keep building. You may have already done that on the 30th, 50th and 70th floors too. Physicists rarely start over; they have too much at stake.  If you premise new findings and theories on 99% of established work, you will, at a minimum, be told you are 99% correct.  And yet, we know there is so much more about our universe that does not make sense than does, so much more unknown than known; perhaps, it is time we roll back the clock a little and look for simpler but maybe more abstract answers.

A Little Complex

This is probably more complicated to explain than blockchain and I have yet to hear anyone elucidate that competently.  Basically, the theory—with our current level of comprehension of the universe everything is just a theory—goes that the forces in our universe are a disparate set of On/Off switches. Things are either one thing or another. There is Space and Counter Space, their main attributes being that one is not the other. As explained above, the Torah supports this theory.  There is always a place or plane of interaction between them. Let us talk about the magnetic fields and the dielectric ones.  Think of the light switch on the wall, rocking from vertical to horizontal, from On to Off.  These two fields, magnetic and dielectric, are orthogonal or at right angles from one another, which means that at most points they do not meet. And where they do, they form a special pattern.
(On the left side is a diagram of the wires in our Alternating Current power lines on the poles and towers outside our homes borrowed from Steinmetz; On the right side is a view of a magnet. The dark areas in the photograph are the dielectric field lines and oval convergence points while the lit ones are the magnetic radials lines)
Magnetism is radiation that orbits a conducting wire or polar terminal in discreet rings, like the rings of electrons in an atom, also like the concentric rings around the Central Altar of the Holy Temple. The dielectric field is composed of radial rays that extend outward and converge on the opposite pole or terminus.
In terms of the male and female analogy, this incommensurable pair is comprised of rays and circles, and when they meet electricity happens. We can visualize this in Steinmetz diagram (fig 1b).
(On the left side is a diagram of a magnet; On the right side is a diagram of the wires in our Alternating Current power lines on the poles and towers outside our homes. Ignore the descriptions—if you desire to understand them please read Ken’s books on magnetism, which the picture was borrowed from.)
Electricity happens when these two fields are in phase, where those magnetic rings and the dielectric field lines overlap or meet at right angles.  Contrary to popular belief, power (energy) does not flow from a power source like a battery or wall outlet, through the wires, and into our light bulbs.  On the contrary, the magnetic and dielectric fields are in a state of dormancy, and when a closed circuit is made, the power source releases energy not into the wires, but into those dormant fields, which is what causes electrons to flow through the conducting wire. Once charged up, the dielectric and magnetic fields combine at specific intersection points and return the original energy to the moving electrons, giving them the power that we call electricity.
Ironically, the best way to see the dielectric field is with a simple magnet and metal filings, as you no doubt did in school at some point. You can see in the picture of the metal filings attracted to the magnet that they follow specific radiant rays or ley lines emanating from both the N and S polar regions. They do not fill in all space as a you might expect something with equal attraction at every point to do. If they did, the filings would be evenly and randomly distributed and clustered tighter around the magnetized bar itself. Moreover, and most surprising, the metal filings are not even attracted to the magnet at all, but only to the dielectric field instead.
If it were attracted to the magnet, the filings would be clumped on the surface of the magnetic bar. In fact, they appear to be moving away from the magnet, especially where they bulge outward in the center line between the two poles. That center line is known as the dielectric plane of Inertia. Inert comes from Inert, not moving or reacting, and if it is moving, it is not being acted upon to cause it to accelerate or decelerate or change direction or form in any way.
Nevertheless, and this is important, when we say Inertia what we mean is the pure non-physical state of potential. Complete potential is completely nothing unless activated. It is a complex concept, which is why it is usually only bright people with PHDs or those trying to get them that ponder it.  Potentiality, or the state of Inertia, is not something with a dead battery or a circuit turned off.  That is the common definition of potential.  Quantum physics as a science is dependent on this state of potential or potentiality. They applied it to aspects of physicality or virtually physical.  For them it is a quasi-physical/metaphysical existence in potential that must be there in order for their equations and observations to fit their reality, which would also be our reality.  Science is an evolving journey of discovery and there is always going to be more we do not know than we do know.  Potentiality, though, comes from beyond the physical realm and can be viewed as a field or a plane or even a specific dimension of potentiality.

Vector Fields

Kabbalistically, this state of Inertia, pure potential, can only exist above the realm of Zeir Anpin, thus in Da’at or Binah or above. They–the Creator actually–already gave us a way to access it. The 42-Letter Name or The Genesis Prayer does exactly that. When we perceive the results, we perceive them as a pending or shifting of reality.  To produce electricity, which a few hundred years ago would have been called magic or witchcraft or a miracle, a few components must be properly aligned with this field.  To produce what we today call miracles the 42-Letter Matrix (or phase array antennae) must also be aligned with this field.  When we are done, we should understand how to align all 336 Letters in the 112 Triplets antennae field.
If you think of the dielectric field as a field of evenly spaced tiny arrows—this is actually called a phase plane—you would see the arrows around the magnetized bar collectively pointing away from the N end of that bar then arching back until they connect with the S end of the bar. The metal filings are simply lining up with these arrows.
The mathematical analogue to a field of virtual arrows is a vector field. We last discussed vectors with the E8 Lattice and E8 Lie groups with 248 dimensions. We start with a field of points.
These forces and attraction give movement to the individual points. The forces are described by simple matrix of numbers.  In the case of a Lie group they are described by a complex matrix of numbers. The resultant description is pictured as an arrow for each point. Instead of making one arrow confusingly longer than the next, color can be assigned to indicate intensity. Each arrow can point in 360o depending how it reacts to the force (matrix) that commands it.  All the arrows together form a field, a vector field.
The field above show divergence, or all vectors (forces) flowing away from the central point.  The indication is that something (some force) is entering this plane at this point and flowing away symmetrically in all directions.
This vector field shows the forces swirling and flowing inward in a vortex, ultimately disappearing from the plane or system, like water at the bottom of your tub.
Vector fields can be expressed in 3 dimensions as well, as depicted below:
This is simple divergence in 3 dimensions, all points/vector plotted on the x, y, and z axes:
And this is curl or convergence in a 3-d vector field:
Vector fields are extremely useful for describing and understanding the dynamics of a system, and when animated they impart a great appreciation of the fluidity and movement of the forces within the system and help unveil the force acting upon and creating the dynamic in that system.  While the image below is not animated, the vector field matches up with the dielectric field shown in the illustrations and pictures we are analyzing.
The diagram beside the picture is of two side-by-side alternating current wires, likes the ones that bring electricity into our homes. They act exactly the same as a magnet if you substitute the poles for the wires (terminals).  The diagram illustrates both the magnetic field and the dielectric one. The dielectric one is in blue, and as you can see, it matches the attraction of the metal filings. The dielectric plane of inertia on the diagram can be seen at the zero-point labeled on the X-axis.  It is that straight red line where all the blue dielectric radiant rays are momentarily perpendicular (orthogonal) to it.
Observing the vector field of the magnetized bar below we could see that forces appear to be causing a divergent flow from the N polar region to a convergence (curl) at the S polar region. Another, more abstract way of viewing this system is that a force at the central plane of the magnet, the midpoint between the two polar regions, is causing the field to line up perpendicular to that plane at that moment. This is different from the dielectric field lines just passing through. It is a completely different cause for the same observed effect. This orthogonal moment is the plane of Inertia, the plane of pure potential. One could argue that the state of pure potential came before the states of decreased potential, in other words before the divergent and convergent (curl) states observed in the dynamic.  That plane of pure potential or Inertia could abstractly be akin to the now and everything before and after it (the divergent and curl effects) would be the future and the past.  An unseen force, external to the system, like from another dimensional state, acting upon the plane of Inertia could cause it to engage the future and past simultaneously.
Another question that arises is how the vectors or the fields know that that is the midpoint? Once we slice the magnet in two, we get 2 new midpoints, or as many midpoints as we make slice. What induces the vector field to polarize at that point and what causes that point to always be the midpoint? What comes first, the divergent field in the northern region, the curl (sink) field in the southern region, or the plane of Inertia midway between them. Did some activation in the plane of Inertia cause the two reactions (divergence and curl) to occur in equal and opposite amounts equidistant form the plane? Does this have anything to do with every action having and equal and opposite reaction? Does this seem reminiscent of quantum entanglement?
We could slice up that magnet perpendicularly across the grain between the N and S poles as many times as we like, and the new tops and bottoms of those slices would all be N and S poles with a dielectric plane of Inertia midway between each one of them. This is similar to snipping a small piece of a holographic negative and seeing that it still contains the entire picture.  Therefore, there is no fixed location for the dielectric plane of Inertia; it is always going to appear relative to the two poles or conductors. Moreover, the relationship between the magnetic field and the dielectric field and the two poles with the plane of Inertia midway between them is a closed system, where each component must always be present and will always be in the same alignment. And even if we were to slice it in half or even take a slice out of it, the system would be exactly the same. It is a primal design.  It is like staring down a fractal tunnel, the view will always be the same no matter what the scale.
In the same diagram, the discreet red rings represent the magnetic field or the magnetic component of electricity. Keep in mind, though, that as evidenced by the iron filings, it is the dielectric field that is magnetism, not the magnetic field. Yes, it is very confusing, but man created the terminology, while it was nature, or more accurately, the Creator, who made the dynamic, the fields, and how they interreact.
While iron filings follow and show us the dielectric field lines, it takes a ferrocell to see the magnetic field lines. A ferrocell is a device that utilizes the special paramagnetic properties of nano-magnetite sandwiched between two lens and ringed with LEDS. What we are seeing is the light refracting.
This ferrocell image is of a magnet on its side with the dark spots aligned with the two polar ends. Where we see the light in the ferrocell is actually the magnetic field lines, and where we see darkness are the dielectric field lines.  In this image, though, it is impossible to see the direction of the dielectric field lines since that is not what is being illuminated.
When parallel wires are wound between the two terminals in the above diagram and iron filings are applied, we see that they too match the magnetic field rings of a bar magnet as shown above. Please note that the bar magnet above is horizontal and the field of magnetism below is vertical.
The magnetic radiant rings associated with the N polar end of the magnetized bar and those of the S polar end to not overlap, they kiss, or nearly kiss at the midpoint between them, right at the exact same Inertial plane as the dielectric.
When we overlap the metal filings of the dielectric field with the ferrocell readings of the magnetic field, we see a single plane of Inertia with the two fields perpendicular to one another at the center.
So it is clear that we are seeing a primal force in our universe caused by the interraction of two opposite and repricating invisible fields. When combined, they form two emanating centers, (male and female) with a distinct line of Inertia between them—Adam’s rib perhaps—and it is in this state that electricity can occur.  This is the state of the Hebrew letter Alef(א).
It is more complicated and more beautiful than that, which we will explain momentarily. First, we would like to point out that the Arizal and other Kabbalists said the central line (analagous to the plane of Inertia) in the Alef(א)  is comprised of two opposite facing Vavs(וו), which would represent the two zero inertial planes: that of the magnetic field and that of the dielectic field. The two valuations for the two breakdowns of the Alef(א) are 26 with one Vav (ו)and 32 with two Vavs(וו). These correspond to the two measurements of the 4-sided Central Altar of the Holy Temple, 32 cu per side at the base, and 26 cu per side at the 10 cu high summit platform.
One quick note about the 10 cubit high platform. We know it is akin to the 10 sefirot (dimensions) and that both 10 and 26 dimensions are decribed in modern string theory, but 80 years before string theory, Steinmetz was talking about it too. “From a mathematical standpoint it is possible to have infinite space. In a mathematical sense space is manifoldness, or combinations of numbers. Physical space is known as the 3-dimension system. There is the 4-dimension system, the 10-dimension system.” Was he so far ahead of his time?
One of the reasons that all this is important to us is that the parallels between the invisible force fields behind our physical universe mimic those of the spiritual realms and this alignment below shows us the proper alignment of the 4 Essential Elements (112 Triplets) above.  It shows us how to properly bridge the worlds.  It is not important; it is crucial.  It is no wonder the Creator put the Alef(א) first.
Those magnetic rings emanating from the N (Male) polar region and from the S (Female) polar region of any magnetized object are actually tori, or more exact, toroidal vortexes. If we examine either pole under the ferrocell we see a spirograph or hypotrochoid.
Many of these more recent discoveries stands on the shoulders of the original giants in electro-magnetism, Maxwell, Faraday and especially Steinmetz and Telsa seen here in the center of this collection of brilliant minds that include Einstein right beside them.
Many, or most, of these latest discoveries were made by Ken Wheeler, who explains that these resultant shapes are caused by the field lines spiraling centrifugally and centripetally, one outgoing, and the other incoming, to the polar terminal as shown in his attached illustration.

When we use a higher definition ferrocell, one that gives us a holographic view of the magnetic field, we see that this spirograph pattern is actually a donut shaped torus.

Where we see the light in these images are the magnetic field lines, and where we do not is the dielectric field lines. Light and darkness. Remember, magnetism is the dielectric field, not the magnetic field. The dark spot at the poles or wire terminals are not shadows and they are not due to a lack of data; they are hour-glass portals to the plane of inertia. The dielectric field lines pour into them like a funnel.  This is why we see the effects of a magnet strongest at the darkest place, the place where the pole emerges.

The Vortex and the Alef

A closer examination of the magnetic field torus shows that it is actually a vortex, which also explains why the center is a dielectric portal to the plane of Inertia.  You can see the vortex design appear in the hyperboloid (hourglass) at the center of the torus.  Geometrically, a hyperboloid is the negative of a torus.  It is also the inverse of a sphere, bringing in the dynamic of space-counterspace. Nonetheless, we must understand that in the center is where we find inertia and following a spiral of loss of inertia is how we get magnetism.  In other words, magnetism displaces dielectric (inertia). As the inertia in the two-field system declines it is replaced by magnetism. Magnetism equals loss of inertia, which equals space; therefore, inertia equals counterspace.  Four (4) primal elements/forces/states of existence, all integrated, yet divided into two (2) counterpart systems of male and female each. Dielectric/Magnetic; Space/Counterspace.
Actually, we do not need to understand this at all; it is extremely complex, and we would need hundreds of pages and not just a few paragraphs and photos to do it justice.  We just need to grasp these dynamic shapes at the core physics of our universe.
Notice how the body of the Yud (י) mimics the two dark poles or dielectric portals, and how the tails and tips show the field lines and the directionality of the force emanating from it. Notice how the Vavs(וו) are straight rays and/or arrows like the dieletric force. Rings and rays.
You may have also noticed that the Yuds (י) are not centered on the Vavs(וו).  If the Alef(א) is a depiction of the primal interplay of dielectric and magnetic fields, how come they are not diametrically opposite one another? The answer lies in the more precise dynamic that involves the precession of the fields.  We mentioned the term “precession” in a prior article in regards to the precession of the equinoxes, which is the Earth’s 26,000 year rotation around its 23.4˚ tilted axis against the backdrop of the constellations.
As it orbits the Sun at 66,600 mph, the Earth also tilts toward it at 23.4˚. Assuming the Earth is nearly spherical and thus 360˚ round, it can be divided into four 90˚ quadrants, stretching from the Poles to the Equator.  Thus, there are necessarily (90˚ – 23.4˚) or 66.6˚ that tilt away from the Sun.  Notice how the right angle (90˚) plays a significant role in relationship of the fields and in the tilt of the Earth.
For thousands of years, without a telescope, tape measure, or calculator of any type the Zohar and Kabbalists have referred to the Sun as the 6-bundled spiritual dimension of Zeir Anpin, which they explained is represented by the number 6 for the 6 directions that make up the 3-dimensional world that we live in. They further tell us that Zeir Anpin is also represented by the ineffable Name of G-d (יהוה) that is spiritually associated with this bundled dimension.  Given that 26 is the numerical value of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), can it also be coincidental that the 23.4˚ angle is precisely 26% of the full 90˚ angle, or that the Earth’s 23.4˚ tilted axis rotates against the backdrop of the constellations once every 26,000 years?
Like the Earth, the axis of gyromagnetism pivots in relationship to the dielectric plane of inertia.
This magnetic precession is well known as the Larmor precession and used in the calibrating MRIs etc. It is the precession of the magnetic moment of an object about an external magnetic field. This torqueing pressure upon the magnetic moment effects the magnetic fields and angular momentum on any scale, including electrons, protons, other fermions, and many other atomic and nuclear systems.  We last noted the magnetic moment with regards to the electron and the Pyramid:

Ironically, or purposefully, that alignment was with the North and South bases as in the N and S poles on a magnet.
The Larmor precession is calculated in frequency per Teslas and is 42.578 MHZ/Tesla. Another way to say that is that the gyromagnetic ratio of protons (γ/2π) is 42.578 MHz/T, which means that their NMR Larmor frequency at 1.5 Tesla is 64 MHz.
One of the many equations that Ken added has isolated and highlighted the obedience of the gyromagnetic precession to the Phi angles. We are not going to review his proofs, suffice to say he is a genius and his proofs are rigorous. We can see in Steinmetz’s notation that he already recognized the interaction of Psi and Phi with the dielectric and magnetic fields.
Moreover, they are substantiated by observable phenomena.  Some say that his work is partially derivate of other notable great minds; I am not qualified to say whether it is or is not, nor are we attempting to wrap ourselves around the vastness of their work.  We are, though, interested in seeing where their efforts to unlock the truth in our universe overlap with our own.
As the gyromagnetic precession wobbles on the vertical access it wobbles at an angle of 21.246 degrees and from edge to edge a total of 42.492 degrees. We already know that 212 is the numerical value of Light and 424 of Moshiach Ben David. Ken may be aware of this—he is fluent in several ancient languages—but that is irrelevant as these are provable observable angles and not contrived to fit a theory.  The Creator certainly is consistent.
Within the Alef(א), the bodies of the Yuds (י) mimic the two dark poles or dielectric portals; and the tails and tips show the field lines and directionality emanating from it; and now we understand that the placement of the Yuds (י) is in alignment with the gyromagnetic ratio of precession; phi; and the 8th Triplet of the 72 Triplets of value 425; and according to Ken’s calculations, Moshiach Ben David, 42.4923.
Moreover, it is notable that the 8th Triplet is the 48th overall when the 112 Triplets are properly aligned. The precession angle is 42.49o, making the resultant angle to the plane of inertia equal to (180o – 42.49o) = 137.50o and thus the measure to the right angle is (137.50o – 90o) = 47.5+ degrees, or 48.
Furthermore, the full scope of the plane divides into 137.50o, 42.5o and (137.50o – 42.5o) = 95o with 95 being the gematria of “the King” as in our reference to the first 8 Triplets being connected to the Biblical 8 Kings. It is also “the water” which as we will soon see also obeys the Phi proportions.
Please note that all those Greek symbols in these illustrations are symbols for Phi and also that 85o/2 = 42.5o.
As can be seen in some of Ken’s notes and illustrations, there is another number besides Phi and 42 that is at the core of magnetism: 72o.  Keep in mind that in these models, magnetism is also analogous to space, and the dielectric to counterspace. In other words, it is pervasive throughout and at the core of the universe, not something to pick up paper clips.
By the way, the Earth precesses 1o every 72 years.
For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.
In the next section of this chapter of the series, we will examine vortices and water, and see how water is defined by Phi and integrates with field forces in remarkable ways in order to sustain life for us.