Part XVIII The Merkabah (part 2)


Let us note right off the bat that this magical cube of 42, comprised of 27 Hebrew Letters, is in actuality a 3-d matrix, which in turn is called an array.  The 27 letters, or force archetypes, are no longer limited to a 2-dimensional line or even a 3 by 9 matrix.  This opens up their ability to interact on multiple dimensions at once, and our ability to analyze them. Remember, we are not folding them up into a cube. We are observing a 3-d projection of them from a higher dimensional hypercube that our minds cannot comprehend, much the way the 3-d cube was unfolded into a linear alphabet for our forefathers.

Given that, we have a few further considerations on the magic cube of 42, or Merkabah.

After the 5th Element was Created, the 4 wings of the Alef(א) at the level of the Binah hyperspace dimension became the other 4 Elements of Creation, which were presented to us as the first verse of the Shema or 15 Triplets with the concealed Upper 42-Letter Name; the 42-Letter Name or 14 Triplets; and the first 11 Triplets of Bereshit; and the 72 Triplets, collectively known as the 112 Triplets. Next came the Torah, whose 7 words and 28 letters hinted at the structure of the cube  within the 4 other Elements; and whose first 8 words or 33 letters that totaled 3003 in their numerical value hinted at the 33 structure of the cube itself; and whose 58 words, letters, and verses and whose 210 word values reflected the hypercube origin of the magical cube.


Including the additional corner vector that pierces the central #14 cube, there are a total of 7 vectors emanating from each of the 8 corners. What is this like? The 7 dimensions (sefirot) emanating from the 8th dimension (Binah). There is a total of 14 vectors pivoting on the central #14 cube, reflecting the 14 chambers discussed in the previous section.  Altogether, there are a total of (56 + 14) = 70 vectors, fully reflective of the level of Zeir Anpin and Malchut inclusive. The 70 vectors plus the whole cube of 42 is (70 + 42) = 112, as in the 112 Triplets and the Unification of Elohim and YHVH (86 + 26), or alternatively Adonai, YHVH, and Ehyeh (65 + 26 + 21).

What is this like? It is like the 42nd Name (Triplet) of the 72 Names (triplets) whose numerical value is 70 and whose complete value is (70 + 42) = 112.

By the way, as Moshe pointed out to me, the 112th prime number is 613, as in the 613 mitzvot (precepts) detailed in the Torah. It is all connected.

How many Names are there in the 72 Names (Triplets)? With the two repeated ones, there are only 70.  Only 70! Or are there necessarily 70 in order to match the 70 vectors and 70 dimensions of unification. The Zohar took note of this and further explained that this is why there were 70 members of the Sanhedrin, 70 faces of the Torah, and 70 Nations and 70 languages of our world.

Regarding the first verse of the Shema that conceals the Upper 42-Letter Name, we can further understand that (15 Triplets + 27 letters in the Cube) = 42, and that (28 + 42) = 70, representing the three other Essential Elements (Forces) of the 5 of Creation. Moreover, (5 x 14) = 70.  Most of the vectors come in triplets themselves given the nature of a 33 cube. In other words, 3 parallel vectors or 9 letters in each plane. And what is the measure of each triplet vector? 126 or (3 x 42). And what is 126 but (112 + 14). Therefore, each of the triplet vectors is a conjunction of the 112 Triplets with the central core emanation of 14.

Similarly, the total numerical value of the 6 faces, 12 edges, 8 vertices, and 1 grand cube is 1120, (112 x 10). It is also (26.666 x 42). These (6 + 12 + 8 + 1) elements = (26 + 1) or 27 cube defining spiritual elements are missing only the concealed central cube of 14 that completes it and elevates it to Binah.

The letter Nun (נ) associated with the cube of 14, has a value of 50, as in the 50 Gates of Binah and the 50 years of Jubilee, representing complete completion. The Hebrew word for all (כל) has the numerical value of 50. The Torah instructed us in 2448 HC, the year we first received it, to count the Jubilee years, one for every 50 calendar ones. When we add the 14 to 1120, we get 1134, which as it turns out equals (27 x 42), the power of 42 infused in every letter of the Alef-bet. Thus, completed with the central power cube, there are now (27 + 1) = 28 defining cubic elements of the magic cube of 42, the 5th Essential Element of Creation.

Since the 27 letters of the cube total 378, the relationship between the whole cube and the central cube is 378/14 = 27.  The central cube is indeed 1/27th of the whole.

I must give special thanks to Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein of blessed memory for his insights into these matters.

The complete (ordinal and standard) numerical value of the 27 structural cubic elements is 20420, yet an odd thing occurs if we consider all 28 elements and discount the ordinal value (504) for the 12 edges.  I do not know why we would do that, but the total then becomes 19980, or 4 times the value of the 27 letters, 4995. It is also (6660 x 3) or (3330 x 6), reflective of the 666 Jubilee years from the giving of the Torah at Mt Sinai on 2448 HC and 5778 HC, when the cosmic window opened for the 3rd time.

The net difference between the two equations above is 440, and 440 + One(1) = 441, Emet, Truth.

The ordinal value (504) for the 12 edges matches the ordinal value (504) for the 12 straight diagonals. Please note that there are also 4 cross cube diagonals. This is by design since 504 is (12 x 42).  What is also by design is that the 33rd unique or 47th actual doubled word in the Torah has a numerical value of 504 each, and there are 50 of them in total 25 to the midpoint location of the doubled word and 25 after it. By the way, the 42nd doubled word is the YHVH (יהוה יהוה). It is also the 30th unique double word in the Torah. And what is this like? It is like the 30 times the name Yehuda of numerical value 42 appears in the Torah, and it is like the letter Lamed (ל) of numerical value 30 and of ordinal value 12 for a complete value of 42.

Understand which came first.

And what is this like?

The Sword of Moses

It is like the Song of the Sea that we recite on the 7th Night of Pesach and should recite together every Shabbat. It is written in 30 rows and has the sword of Moses, the verse of 42 letters, right smack in the middle at Exodus 15:11. It was 42 verses after the start of chapter 14, where G-d told Moses to tell the Israelites to camp at Freedom Valley, Pi (פי) HaChirot(החירת) beside the Red Sea. Halfway to the verse, 21 verses later, He split that Sea.    Pi (פי) HaChirot(החירת) breaks down numerically to 5’708 as in 5708 HC, the year Israel became a nation. It is of note that chapter 14 and Exodus 15;11 together reflect 3 of the Essential Elements: the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name; the 15 Triplets of the Shema’s first verse and the 11 Triplets of Bereshit, all the while encapsulating the 4th Element,  72 Triplets revealed at the splitting of the Sea.

These are deep revelations.  Taken in reverse, the sword sharpens to a point, as pheleh (פֶלֶא) backwards is Aleph (אלֶפֶ), the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet (א), expressing the four sides of the sword spreading out from the central point, like a 4-sided pyramid seen from the top.  The handle of this sword is the 42nd triplet (מִיכָ) of the 72 Triplets used to split the Red Sea.   When the time comes, this 42-letter sequence will be reversed and the Mem(מ) in (מִיכָ) will become a final Mem sofit (ם), representing 4 vavs (ו) amongst other things.  We mention the 4 Vavs (ו ו ו ו) because when taken in reverse, the numerical value of this 42-letter verse when the kolel of 42 is removed is 6666, representing the 4 vavs, each of numerical value 6.

As we just discussed, the Upper 42-Letter Name of G-d has the numerical value of 708, while the Sword of Moses without removing the kolel has a numerical value of 6708, so it is doubtful this is coincidental, nor is it coincidental that there are 670 paragraphs in the Torah or that 67 is the value of Binah, the upper level sefira (dimension) to which Moses connected.

The Hidden Gateway and the Chariot

Now notice that the 42-letter verse of the sword in reverse is split into 28 letters and 14 letters. This mirrors the 42-Letter Name of G-d integrated in the first 42 Letters of Bereshit in that there are 28 letters in Bereshit’s first verse and 14 letters that follow to complete the Name.

Before even Adam, before the beginning of time, the 42-Letter Name was converted into the first 42 letters of the Torah.  For simplicity’s sake, we can envision that conversion as 42 wheels on a combination lock, each engraved with 22 Hebrew letters, and when we turn those 42 dials to just the right combination, all the gates open. Except that 3 of those dials are never turned, because 3 letters never changed, the 8th, 18th and 40th.  This is a code unto itself.

Furthermore, those 3 letters are the Shin(ש), Resh(ר) and Vav(ו), which form the 32nd of the 72 Names(ושר).  Permutations of these 3 letters form the Hebrew word for Ox(שור), a deep kabbalistic principle that we will not get into now, but it is one of the 4 faces of the Merkavah.   We find all 3 of those letters (#21, #20, and #6) connected to each other on the same (rear) face of the magic cube of 42. Collectively the 3 letters have the numerical value of 506, as in the complete value of Moshiach Ben David, the first line of the 42-Letter matrix, the kabbalistic term faces (פרצופים), and the sum of the initials in the 9 spiritual sefirot.

The other oddity in the conversion of the 42-Letter Name into the first 42 letters of the Torah is the skipping of a specific letter Hei (ה), the second Hei (ה) of (היתה), the 37th letter of the Torah, of numerical value 5.  This is the gateway.  It is also found on the same face as the Ox (שור), spelling out “The Ox (השור),” and the sum of their Torah ordinal values is 52.

Understand which came first.

Life and the Tree-of-Life

At the center of the magic cube of 42 is the central cube of 14 and letter Nun ) of 50 for a complete value of 64, which can be said to coincide with the 64 codon (Triplets) in our DNA coding and also the 64 codon (Triplets) in our RNA coding, our physical essence and our source of physical life.  In the Zohar, Vayikra 27:240 it refers to the Torah verse Bereshit 2:09: “ ‘The Tree of Life in the midst of the garden,’ called life.” The garden (הגן) has a numerical value of 708, which is purposely the same as the Upper 42-Letter Name of G-d. What can we see at the center in the midst of the garden(708)? The cube of life, the Tree-of-life.

The magic cube of 42, refers to the Upper 42-Letter Name of G-d, through which as explained the Arizal, all our prayer gets processed. It is the garden, the 5th Element of Creation. What other schematic do we find continuing in the subsequent verse Bereshit 2:10? “A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden. From there it divided and became four[4] major rivers.” Binah flowed from the garden and became 4 (Essential Elements /Forces of Creation).

Where else to we find the garden and the 5th Element of Creation, the Upper 42-Letter Name of G-d, as 708? We find it in the date Israel became a nation, the year 5708 HC. Why was it prophesied to be 70 years before 5778 HC? Because the of 70 sefirot in the full unified Zeir Anpin/Malchut, the same 70 dimensions represented by the 70 vectors in the magic cube of the Upper 42-Letter Name of G-d.

What was the year 5778 HC in the Western Calendar? 1948 CE, and the cube root of 48 is 3.63424…, H’Moshiach (363) and Moshiach Ben David (424).   If you recall, in our previous section in discussing the connection between the 33 magic cube of 42 and the 72 Triplets, we said that the sum of the ordinal values all the facial rows, columns, and diagonals is (756 + 756 + 504) = 2016.  Well, 2016 represents (42 x 48).


We have examined the interior and faces (partzufim) of the magic cube of 42 separately. Now, as a whole cube of 27 numbered unit cubes, there are 9 columns, 18 rows, 16 diagonals and 1 grand cube for a total of 44, equal to the candles we light on Chanukah, when we connect with the light by drawing down the river of Binah. The total value of those 44 elements is 2184 or (42 x 52).  The value 52 is the numerical value of the aspect of the Tetragrammaton associated with Malchut (יוד־הה־וו־הה). Moreover, The average of those 44 spiritual channels is (2184/44) = 49.6363, which could be representative of 496 (Malchut) and 363 (H’Moshiach).

There is another way to look at the vector system of the cube and that each vector can start at either end of the given Triplet, meaning that the 9 columns, 18 rows, 16 diagonals become 18 columns, 36 rows, 32 diagonals for a total of 86, as in Elohim, and they have a total gematria of (42 x 86) = 3612.  And like the unification of (86 + 26) = 112, the unification of those 86 vectors (Triplets) with the Upper 42-Letter Name expansion of the YHVH, 708, gives us (3612 + 708) = 4320.

Is this an alignment with the 432,000 stones of 1 cubic cubit each for the outer border wall of the Future Holy Temple?

Is this an alignment with the operating frequency of Binah within our world? Is it 432 Hz as we have identified before?

On the front face of the magic cube of 42, we have the numbers 12 and 7 side by side. This might be an allusion to the 7 words of the first verse of the Torah and the 12 words in the last. This is the same face of the cube that can be split into 54 and 72. The Torah’s first word Bereshit (בראשית) when connected to the last word Israel (ישראל) completes the annual cycle of 54 portions, and this circle forms an 11-letter phrase, “Israel in the Beginning.”

Separating out the first, middle and last letters (בלת), of numerical value 432, we are left with two identical words, “(אשרי) Ashrei,” meaning blessing/happy. Within each of those words, and in the center of both Bereshit (בראשית) and Israel (ישראל) is the name/word Asher, as in “I am that I am” (אהיה־אשר־אהיה).  Thus, the ordinal value at the core (אשר) of both Israel, Bereshit, and “I am that I am,” is 42.

Is the total 4320 of the 5th Essential Element in alignment with the design of the solar system, given that number 432 is reflected in the ratios of the Sun, Earth, and the moon? The diameter of the moon 2,160 miles is 5 times 432, or half of 4320.  The diameter of the sun is 864,000 miles (200 x 4320). Moreover, we can ask if the total 4320 of the 5th Essential Element in alignment with the 24 hours in an earth day, which is composed of 86,400 seconds or (20 x 4320).

Then with every blessing we say and utter the words Atah Adonai (אתה יהוה) we are invoking that special frequency, 432 Hz, since they have the combined gematria of (406 + 26) = 432.

All these revelations are just considerations of the numbers, the energetic impressions or reflections on our world. They represent the 27 Hebrew letters, which in turn represent the 27 forces or pressure modalities upon Binah and Zeir Anpin that Created and sustain our world. The numbers help us understand the necessary order and interconnections between the forces, yet it is through the letters themselves that we must ultimately connect. This is why we began this series with the Alef-bet.

The 27 letters of the Alef-bet can form a 3 x 9 matrix and give us 9 Triplets, but when wrapped tight in a 33 three-dimensional matrix of cube, we get 86 Triplets, a whole other level of complexity. There are two simple equations to keep in mind at the core of all this. The total ordinal value of the 27 letters is 378, giving us (9 x 42) = 378, meaning each letter is tethered to the 42-letter Name. And the second equation is (378/27) = 14, meaning that every letter is also tethered to the core cube of 14.  Then, let us not forget that 9/.123049… or 9/(42-Letter Name) = 73.1415777… = (70 + Pi). The value of Chochma, the 9th sefira (dimension) is 73.

The 7th day of Pesach is a time to connect to Moshiach. Together, we can unlock the power of this magic cube.

Chag Pesach Sameach


17 thoughts on “Part XVIII The Merkabah (part 2)

  1. Dear Ezra,

    I will write to you as soon as possible.

    I made similar research same of yours. You will see that we have all connected.

    Thank you to say I speak with heart it’s true. I gave my career, my life for this research and I knew dangerous moments ! It’s the price when you approach a “forbbiden area”.

    I don’t regret anything, just people have big difficulties to listen.

    But I know we arrive to The moment !

    I would like to say by joke 5778 + 1 (1 for Hachem). Indeed, coronavirus arrived in 2019 (5779) and we know that Coronavirus is the gate of redemption time….


    1. Ezra,
      This video is proof that Pseudo- science ( W.H.O.) Rockefeller and the Gates Foundations are against G-d’s infinite design, with man-made viruses and Vaccines. Please watch. Dr. Leonard Horowitz explains the origins of the emerging AIDS and Ebola Viruses They are all related including cancer, which is a virus. With factual documented citations back to the 1960’s.Future proves past. Microsoft could even stop our computers from viruses. Scary. BTW love your w

  2. Very good and impressing work on ‘construction principles’ of the Merkabah.
    Congrats and wishing you further progress !

  3. Ezra, your math is awesome and a little scary at times when I give it some serious thought, but you always enlighten me with the truth.
    Psalms 147:4 He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.
    The Greeks use the word G4309 proorizo from pro meaning beforehand and horizo\horizon meaning light.
    It is so obvious that G-d has a set time and place for everything. I was looking at the genealogy of Adam to Noah (10 men) found in Genesis 5.
    Adam H120 man
    Seth H8352 appointed (Gen 4:25) for God hath appointed me another seed
    Enos H583 (Enowsh) mortal, human, frail (from the root anash incurable, sickness)
    Cainan H7018 dirge, elegy, sorrow
    Mahalaleel H4111 Blessed\praise; el
    Jared H3382 (yaradh) descent, shall come down
    Enoch H2585 (Chanowk) commencement or teaching, dedicated,
    Methuselah H4968 to bring or send forth, (his death shall bring)
    Lamech H3929 lament, despairing
    Noah H5146 comfort, rest
    Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the blessed G-d shall come down teaching that his death shall bring those lamenting and despairing comfort and rest!
    There seems to be some awesome math in the Strong numbers:
    120 + 8352 + 583 + 7018 + 4111 + 3382 + 2585 + 4968 + 3929 + 5146 = 40,194
    40 + 194 = 234
    234 (reversed) 432
    234 + 432 = 666
    It is even more mind blogging to me is when I think that James Strong put together all those Hebrew and Greek words in a book without the use of a computer.

    1. Don’t worry Peter 😊, all is good ! The work of M Meiliken is incredible, very. And on this site, only the Ezra’s work is important.

      I apologize to give some informations so very strange and little crazy. If nothing arrive this year, you will can laugh about me as a lot of others, no problem. And we will be safe !

      But please remember only one thing: You have no idea of the personnality of the Machia’h, it’s possible that you will hate him when he will arrive ! You will perhaps say : “Crazy man”.

      My research let me think that Machia’h will surprise a majority of people, jews the first…..

      Hachem is the best for surprising all humanity !

  4. Thanks Franck.

    I would not “write off” dreams and predictions as wrong if they did not come to pass, or come to pass when predicted. We have, literally, tens of millions of “searching” people among the billions trapped at home during the lockdown. The prayers, study, research and growing knowledge of those “searchers” should give us (this planet) a critical mass of light/energy/good that can change things for the better — and maybe even stop some asteroids.

    Going back to “the Pacific region” . . . . .:

    The last word in the 42 Letter “Sword” (in the above article) is “Miss Hawaiian Volcano Goddess”, herself, i.e. “Pele”.

    The “Ar sound” is what a doctor asks for when he or she wants to check a patient’s throat. The “Ar” comes from the throat.
    The “Le” comes from inside the mouth. The “Ph” comes from the lips. Speech, as represented by Aleph, is the expression of Inner to Outer, Throat to Lips.

    Pele is simple Aleph “spelled backwards”, Peh-Lamed-Aleph. That grumpy volcano godess is just a mythologised version of a lesson. The lesson is about the power of speech or the power of “going within” to literally move mountains and to change the the surface of this Earth (volcanos and earthquakes perhaps). Tectonic upheaval seems to be “part of the package” that restructure the Temple Mount – cf. Ezra’s graphics re the Future Temple (above).

  5. Thank you Peter for Pacific informations,

    I like it, in languages, there are necessarily traces of our common origins.

    I remember a French author Jean Haab, who had studied the similarity between a very old Aztec alphabet and the Hebrew !


  6. Small media bomb in France : Professor Montagnier, nobel prize in medicine for the discovery of AIDS claims that COVID comes from the laboratory in Wuhan and that it came out by accident.

    Less than 10 hours after his declaration, the few media in France which relay the Professor’s declaration are already starting to do a job of discrimination !!

    France is a big country of disinformation but here it becomes mind-blowing

    1. All the media in US and CDC etc are all reporting the same accident so this story has become the new cover-up after overwhelming evidence that the virus was man-made. I reported back in Jan and Feb that it was created in that Wuhan lab and accidentally breached containment, but I believe its leakage was more sinister during a test on human subjects and that two different strains were both accidental released into the wild, one being a control in the experiment. Though, since the deep state is all in on the latest cover-up, the origins may be far more sinister still. There are plenty of theories out there now that they would definitely want to cover up. There may even be a third deadlier contagion (agent of death) out there that was separately released.

  7. Dear Rabbi,
    Our tiffilin are cuboidal and the head’s box contains 7 vuv’s in the form of 2 shins ;4 and 3 pointed each. This is a clear indication of the 42 cube. Have you written of this? If so please direct me for further study.

  8. Am still finding more AND MORE in the article, “stuff” I had been “hunting for” for decades. BRILLIANT stuff Ezra – you “made” my Pesach this year!

  9. In hebrew, there is a word with same guematria of Machia’h, it’s the word equation : משוואה

    It’s the proof that mathematics and Machia’h have a big link.

  10. Sword of Moses
    (SOME of this might be coincidence, but . . . . .)

    Following on from comments re 424 (Mashiah Ben David) and Row One of the 72 Triplets in the first part of the (this) Merkabah article:

    The 1143 less 424 gives us 719, which as covered in an earlier comment (Part One The Merkabah) and at least one article, (Joseph’ Pyramid ??) is the length of the corner diagonals (in feet) of The Great Pyramid.

    If e look at what I “shorthand” as the “Block of 8000”, i.e. Rows 2-9 (inclusive) of the 72 Triplets, we can “split” that block of 8 Rows and 8 Columns into Left Half vs Right Half and Top Half vs Bottom Half.

    The Column values from the left (Remember we are not including Row One) are, for the Left Half:
    992 1215 1054 and 874.

    These sum to 4135. This is obviouslu, 135 more than the nominal 4000 value for half of the 8000 block.

    By subtraction, the Right Half should be 4000 – 135 = 3865. (We can confirm that figure by adding the 4 right hand columns, listing them left to right (again) as
    1136 1464 519 and 746. They DO sum to 3865.

    So we have a 4135 vs 3865 split, Left vs Right within that “8000 Block” of Rows 2 – 9 of the 72 Triplets.
    The difference 4135 – 3865 = 270 (i,e, twice 135).

    Now let us do the similar split, Top Half vs Bottom Half. We have, Top Half Row Values:
    628 478 2203 and 768.
    They sum to 4077.

    Now for the Bottom Half of that “8000 Block”, i.e. Rows 5 – 9, we have Row Values:
    998 1248 975 702
    They Sum to 3923

    The Difference 4077 – 3923 = 154

    Now let us look at those two “wave” or “energy” patterns across and down the 8000 Block: 270 one way, and 154 the other way.

    The combined value is 424, the Messih Son of David/Mashiach Ben David, yet again.

    Now let us look at the first six letters in the Sword of Moses in the above Merkabah article. As per Ezra’s article, the first three letters are Triplet #42.

    The first six Letters (this is the bit that I flag as “maybe coincidental” have the value 135, the same figure as that Wave Pattern Split within the Right vs Left *000 Block of the Triplets.

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