Part XVIII The Merkabah


The Magic Cube of 42

We can easily and logically apply all the standard numerical values (1-900) to the magic cube of 27 blocks based on the number 42. By applying them according to their corresponding ordinal value, the sum of all the facial Triplet rows, columns, and diagonals equals 23895  This number may look familiar to you. If not, please recall that 1/42 = .238095…. This is proof positive that this is the correct order for the 27 Hebrew letters arranged in a cube of 33 or 3 x 3 x 3 matrix, the 5th Essential Element of Creation. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

The Ashrei and the Magic Cube

Of more than consequential note is that the central cube of this 3-dimensional matrix has an ordinal value 14, corresponding to the letter Nun (נ), which means that the letter Nun (נ) is not included in the facial Triplets of the cube and thus not in the equation above. The result is 26 facial cubes connected to the YHVH (יהוה). This is like the Ashrei (אשרי) prayer in our siddurim, which is designed to help connect us to the Tree-of-Life through its 21 verses aligned in the sequential order of the Alef-bet and its 10 YHVH (יהוה), thus mimicking the 10 sefirot and 22 Pathways between them. The letter/verse not included, or alternatively concealed inside, the Ashrei prayer is the letter Nun (נ), which the kabbalists say is excluded because it could connect with nifila, falling.

There is a little more to it than that though. The Ashrei (אשרי) prayer not only restores order into our lives, but the correct order, connecting our circuitry through the sefirot and Zeir Anpin through the YHVH (יהוה) to Binah through the Name Ehyeh (אהיה), much as this magic cube of 42, the 5th Essential Element of Creation, does.

The Central Shaft

As further proof that the magic cube of 27 represents the 27 ordinal values of the Hebrew Alef-bet, we have only to examine its central axis, the shaft, or Triplet, of 3 cubes from top to bottom, right down the middle. In order, those cubes of 1-14-27, represent the first Hebrew letter (א), the middle one(נ) and the final one(ץ): (אנץ). 

The sum of the ordinal values of all the rows in the magic cube of 42 is 756. Likewise, the sum of all the columns equal 756, which we know is the base measure of the Pyramid in feet. Half of that base, at the scored midpoint is 378 feet, which is the same as the sum of the 27 individual cubes, or alternatively the 27 ordinal values, and also the sum of the digits through the 42nd prime. The value 378 is also that of the famous phrase “Echad Ushmo Echad (אחד־ושמו־אחד)” or “His Name is One,” whose final letters spell David (דיד) of numerical value 14, as in the central individual cube of the 5th Essential Element.  The innermost point is the highest point, which is why the midpoint of King David’s life (2889 HC) is the exact midpoint in the 5778 years from Adam to 5778.

The Magic Cube and the 72 Names

While the sum of the ordinal values all the rows, columns, and facial diagonals is (756 + 756 + 504) = 2016, the sum of the all the complete values of all 55 rows, columns, diagonals, and axes is 30072. Oddly, those numbers reflect the 3 consecutive verses of 72 letters each that total 216 letters in Exodus 14: 19-21 and form the 72 Triplets, another of the 5 Essential Elements. Keep in mind that the central cube is 14 and one of the diagonals is 19-20-21 and that the #20 cube is adjacent to the #16 cube.


From the Beginning until the End

The Beginning

There are 73 letters in the 27 spelled-out letters of the Alef-bet, hinting that its full power relates to the 9th sefira, Chochma of numerical value 73. The total collective value of all the Triplets in the Magic 33 cube of 42 is 30072. There are 32 Pathways in the Tree-of-Life and 32 Elohim in Creation. The value of 322 is 1024, as in the number of distinct gematria values in the Torah.  The value of a cube based on 32, or 323, is 32,768 and (32768 -30072) + 5 for the kolel of the 5th Essential Element is 2701, the numerical value of the 28 letters of the Torah’s first verse. This, in turn, is intimately related to the 73 letters in the 27 spelled-out letters of the Alef-bet in that 2701 is the sum of all the integers from 1 – 73.

Within this magical Essential Cube, the 4 numbered sub-cubes in the first lower right corner begin a story, and when the 4 cubes above them are added, making a 23 cube, that story is concluded.  With the number 9 in the corner and the adjacent cube 13, conjoined they are 913, as in the first word of the Torah, Bereshit or “In the beginning.”  Following the two cubes 9-13 to complete the Triplet is the cube of 20, representing the value of the letter Caf (כ) or keter, the highest level. Yet, in the opposite direction starting with the same 9, we get 911 followed by the cube of 22, representing the ordinal value of Tav (ת), or Malchut, the lowest level.  The two numbers situated in opposite corners representing the spiritually opposite letters Caf ) and Tav (ת) and their ordinal values (20 + 22) sum to 42, while the two letter values (20 + 400) sum to 420.  They form an isosceles Triangle with the number 1 in the opposite center face of the cube, giving us Alef (א), Caf (כ) and Tav (ת).

These are the 3 letters that define the exponential scale of the Alef-bet. It should further be noted that all 3 the vectors (-13,20; -23,10; -22,11) that stem from the number 9 corner cube that necessarily sum to 33, as in the 11 Triplets, or 33 letters, of Bereshit that total 3003.


The fourth vector that does not necessarily have to equal 33 because it is a diagonal, is comprised of 9-27-18, or multiples of 9 and thus of 3 as in (3-9-6), the numbers Tesla mysteriously gave us as the secret key to the universe. The total for these 4 vectors pivoting on the number 9 is 153, or 180 if the 9 is included in each vector sum.

Then simply we have the exact Tesla vector (9-3-6) pivoting off the same #9 corner.

The End

Taking the block in pairs, we have in the back, (27 + 13) = 40, representing the letter Mem(מ);

(7 + 23) = 30, representing the letter Lamed(ל);

(11 + 9) = 20, representing the letter Caf(כ);

all together they spell Melech (מלכ) or King. The final pair of blocks (3 + 14) or Pi and/or Metatron equal 17, as in Tov(טוב), good.

Then all together, king and good, collectively the sum of the 8 cubes in this corner (2 x 2 x 2) cube, is 107, as in the sum of the integers from 1 – 107, which equals 5778. From the beginning until the end.  This means that with the starting point of 9, all the possible connection points (11, 27, 13, 7, 23, 14, and 3) total 107.  

The 9 cubes/numbers of the 9-11 face can be split into 5 adjacent cubes (9-11-23-22-7) and 4 adjacent cubes (12-8-24-10) totaling 72 and 54 respectively, as in (54 x 107) = 5778. Reminiscent of the 5 Kings vs 4 KIngs. The 4th, or Tesla, vector 9-27-18 also equals 54, like the 54 portions in the Torah. There are (6 x 9) or 54 facial cubes in total. All multiples of 9.

Each face is not only a multiple of 42, (3 x 42), but is also a multiple of 9, (9 x 14). It is interesting that it is 9 cubes that makes up each face, and that 9 times 14, the value of 27th number, or alternatively the 55th cube, gives us the value of each of those faces. Using the Pyramid entrance at 55 feet off the ground as a clue, perhaps the entrance we seek is at the 55th or central cube of David. Then perhaps it is not farfetched to connect the sum of the digits in (11, 27, 13, 7, 23, 14, and 3) = 35 to the 35th level of the Pyramid, which is the widest of all 210 levels.

All the sums of the digits on all 6 faces are multiples of 9 (45, 45, 54, 54, 45, 45) and collectively they total 288, as in the 288 Holy Sparks we were tasked to collect in order for Moshiach to arrive. He will provide the final 32 Holy Sparks imparted to our world at the time of Creation.

Of course, the sum of the digits in the central entrance cube, 14, is 5, as in the secret entrance of 42 within Bereshit, the letter Hei (ה).

The Magen David

All cubes can be tilted in such a way that they form the 6 points of the Magen David (12-gonal Star). In this case, with the 9 at the bottom and the 19 at the top, the other four corners that form points are (8, 22, 6, and 20). Together they sum to 84, the numerical value of Pad (פד), redemption, and as explained by Rav Brandwein, this redemption goes from the fusing of the Upper and Lower 42-Letter Names of G-d.  With the kolel for the 6 points, the collective letter value of these 6 letters is 729 or 272 and/or 93 as we saw in the previous chapter within the 42-Letter Name.

It is very important to note that those 6 points of the Star also sum to 3 x 28, while the other 6 points of the Star (the inner hexagram) are also 84 or (3 x 28), the numerical value of power, koach (כח), and the number of letters in the Torah’s first verse. Moreover, all opposite corners of the cube must necessarily sum to 28.

It works out the same way if we flip the cube around and 10, representing Yud (י), is at the top, and 18, representing Zaddi (צ), is at the bottom. The total with the kolel would now be 720. Because this is a magic cube of 42, it works out the same no matter which corner of the cube is at the top. This Star would certainly be the Magen David with David (דיד) of numerical value 14 at its center. Is this the Merkabah?


All the Sefirot

Notice that in regarding the magic cube of 42, we necessarily call all sides faces. That is the word the kabbalists use for the sefirot (dimensions). They are called faces (פרצופים). Moreover, the word parzufim has a numerical value of 506, matching the first line of the 42-Letter Name, last 4 letters of that Name, and the number of times the 14 Triplets in the 42-Letter Name are found in the Torah. Furthermore, the value 506 equals the sum of all the integers squared from 12 – 112, as in the 11 sefirot in the Tree-of-Life.

It is also most notable that while 26 cubes are present in the 6 faces, the only cube not to be part of it is the cube of 14, as in the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name of G-d.


The Layout

The four (4) Essential Elements are divided to the 4 directions. The four (4) Essential Elements are divided male and female, 1/6 and 5/6.  There is One singular cube in the center.

The Power Explosion

As we said in the previous chapter, all the 8 corner numbers add up to 112, as in the 112 Triplets. These 8 corners are the starting points of the vectors branching off them.  All 8 vectors add up to 336, as in the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets. The significance of this is that when the magic cube of 42, the 5th Essential Element, is situated properly within the other 4 Essential Elements, it will connect with each and every Triplet, and each and every letter. Since each of the 8 corners form 4 distinct vectors, there are 32 vectors, or pathways, stemming from 8 starting points, as in the 32 Paths of Wisdom of the Tree-of-life and the 322 word values, or portals, or nodes, in the Torah’s multi-dimensional matrix.

A 5th vector is internally launched off each of the corners that goes diagonally through the magic cube of 42. This represents the 5th dimension and thus the 5 Essential Elements/Forces. Being internal only, this vector reaches into the 5th Essential Element while the other 4 reach out to the 4 other Essential Elements/Forces and directions.  The total value of all 40 vectors (8 x 5) is (40 x 42).  The 5 vectors and 8 starting points is akin to the precise 58 words, letters, and verses in the Torah.  The value 40 represents the completeness, the full extension of the vectors of 42 in all 5 dimensions. Now we can understand why 40 is the age of maturation, the age of Kings, the number of cleansing, the days of rain and waiting, and the weeks of gestation in the Torah and life.

Beyond the 8 corner numbers adding up to 112, and all vectors adding up to 336, all the opposite paired corners of the cube must necessarily sum to 28. Divided into 4 directions the 8 corners average 28 per direction. The same is true for the other 4 Essential Elements, called the 112 Triplets, which when divided to the 4 directions, yield (112/4) = 28 per direction. That is power, Koach (כח) of numerical value 28, matched up with, or aligned with, the magical cube of 42, the 5th Essential Element in all 4 directions.  We have previously shown how the prime numbers interplay and intersect with the Torah in non-random ways, including the Primal Equation (1/.23571113… = 4.24248100…), and yet another is found in the sum of the first 5 primes (2 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 11) that equal 28.

At the center of the cube of 27 is the number 14, as in the numerical value of David (דוד) and Yad (יד), hand. Surrounding that central number 14 in all three axes is the sum 28, making each axis, 42. The value 14 in the central cube represents the 14 chambers described by the Zohar (Bereshit B 1:4) reserved for Adam and Moshiach: 7 chambers/levels above in Binah matching and reflecting the 7 chambers/levels below in Zeir Anpin.

Besides the 3 axes there are another 4 Triplets (diagonals) that pivot on the central 14, making a total of 7 Triplets and thus 14 vectors, reflecting all the 14 chambers and the 7 levels/dimensions of Zeir Anpin. Meanwhile, the face of 9-11 can also be called the face of 7 with 7 in the center, with the 4 corners equal to (7 x 7) and the 4 other central letters equal to 70, making the central cross equal to 77.

The power in the center of the magic cube of 42, possibly the merkaba, the chariot, are the 6 vectors of the 3-d axes pivoting on the central 14. The 6 vectors, or 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin, have 6 starting points equivalent to (3 x 28), which makes the rest of their 6 vectors equal to (6 x 28), making the total power of the 6 vector dimensional axes equal to (9 x 28), once again engaging Tesla’s 3-6-9 secret to the universe. The same proportion is (2-4-6 x 42).

The power of Moshiach Ben David is spread to all 4 directions. The numerical value of the Four (4) Essential Elements together with the central magic cube of 42 is 16992 or (17,000 – 8), and (16992/4) = 4248.  The full spelled-out power of the alef-bet (4248) expands from the central cube of 27 to 4248 in all 4 directions.  We are beginning to Understand.

The four (4) Essential Elements (17,000 – 8) expanded 4 times is (68,000 – 32) once again reflecting the dimensions of the Future Holy Temple’s 32/68 cu split, our temperature scale, and the proportions of Dark energy to matter in our universe.

When the magic cube of 42 is set in the center of the 112 Triplets like in the Mishkan and the Holy Temple, the power of the 27 pressure mediations upon Zeir Anpin expand outward fully in all 4 directions. As we said earlier, the fully spelled-out number of letters for ALL 27 letters is 73, the value of Cochmah, the dimension where the central power is being drawn from.  Since there are 22 Names of the letters, representing 61 spelled out letters in each of the 4 directions, they equate to (4 x 61) + 4 (kolel) or 248 letters.

The Creation

How was the magic cube of 42 created? Or designed? If you observe the cube and slice it into 3 slices of 9 cubes each, and when viewing it from our perspective that would be the Front 9, Middle 9 and Back 9. The Creator started in the middle slice and placed 1, 2 and 3 in different planes, both horizontally and vertically. Then He moved to the back slice and placed the numbers 4-5-6 likewise in different planes, and then on to the front slice with 7-8-9. None of these first 9 are in the same plane horizontally or vertically with any other of the 9, making them completely independent from one another. He continued with 10-11-12 on the same front slice and moved onto 13-14-15 in the middle slice and 16-17-18 on the back slice, always placing them in different planes horizontally and vertically from the rest of the 9. Then onward with 19-20-21 on the back slice, followed by 22-23-24 on the front slice and finally ending with 25-26-27 in the middle slice where He started. From any other perspective the numbers appear completely random; perhaps there is a message in there.

The Platonic Solids

We have just seen how the 5 vectors representing 5 dimensions of the 5th Essential Element is crucial to this dynamic layout both in hyperspace and in our 2-d and 3-d framework.  We also know that Abraham was at the center of the Creator’s plan in the Torah and that He added the letter(ה) of numerical value 5 to complete Abram’s name and to give it the value 248.  Over a thousand years later Plato discovered 5 polyhedrons with identical and equilateral faces. We have confirmed that there are only 5 and they are called the 5 Platonic Solids: the tetrahedron, made up of equilateral triangles; the cube, comprised of squares; the octahedron, also comprised of equilateral triangles; the dodecahedron, comprised of pentagons; and the icosahedron, comprised of equilateral triangles as well.  There are only 5 shapes in our physical universe that fit that criteria.  They have 4, 8, 6, 20, and 12 vertices (points) respectively. These vertices of the 5 Platonic Solids, which sum to 50, numerically corresponds to the Hebrew letters (ל,ר,ו,ח,ד), whose numerical value is 248. In the 5 Platonic Solids the number of faces work out to the same 5 letters, just in a different order, so they too equal 248. This reminds us of the 5 Books of Moses whose 5 Names equal 2480; and of the sum of all the words, letters, verses, rows and columns in the Torah which when divided by Phi(φ) = 248,000, not to mentions the 42 row by 248 column design of the Torah scroll.

The central cube of the magic cube of 42, the 5th Essential Element, is the letter Nun(נ) of numerical value 50 associated with the 50 Gates of Binah. These are possibly aligned with the total vertices of the 5 Platonic Solids and the total number of faces, both of which are 50. The complete value of the central cube and the letter Nun(נ) is (14 + 50) = 64, which is both 43 and 82, drawing in the 4 directions and 8 dimensional vectors.

Since each of the equilateral triangles is necessarily 180o, the sum of the angles in the Tetrahedron is 720o. Just like the Fibonacci sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5), the octagon has a total of 1440o and the hexahedron has a total of 2160o and the Icosahedron has a total of 3600o. The next in the sequence would have been 5760o (as in the year 2000 CE) if that would have formed a platonic solid. Instead, it reset and added 720o again to give us the 5th Platonic Solid as 6480o. Their total is 612o x 20. Or in gematria Brit (covenant) x Keter. The interesting thing about the angles is that the sum of the 5 individual ones (60 + 60 + 90 + 60 + 108) = 378o, as in the sum of the 27 individual cubes of the 5th Essential Element (the magic cube of 42), or alternatively the 27 ordinal values, which is also the sum of the digits through the 42nd prime.

Interestingly, the value of the Sinai Desert or Bamidbar Sinai (סיני במדבר) is (248 + 130) = 378.  Another way of interpreting this is “ladder in the wilderness.” Bamidbar (Numbers) is the Name of the 4th Book of the Torah and begins with 42(במ) or indeed 424 (במד) and 4242 (במדב). Moreover, like Har Sinai (Mt Sinai) its final letters are (רי) of numerical value 210, which we have already spoken so much about. If we convert both words to small gematria it is 4242,26,151, all numerical values of Names of G-d.

This analysis is not attributing any magical properties or ancient or new philosophy to the 5 Platonic Solids; it is only illustrating how the design of this universe is consistent and non-random, especially considering the diameter of the Moon is 2160 miles and that of the Earth is 7920 miles, equally the sum of all the angles of all 5 Platonic Solids. And by the way, the diameter of the Earth at the equator is about 27 miles larger than the pole-to-pole diameter, or about 42 kilometers.

Seed of Creation

We previously saw how our solar system, especially the Earth-Moon-Sun relationships were specifically designed around the formula for squaring the circle (1.273).

There is a diagram called the seed of creation whereby you draw a circle and 6 more symmetrical overlapping circles of the same size pivoting off the central point of the first circle. The result is a 6-armed symmetrical starfish radiating from the center, like our 6 vectors of Zeir Anpin at the center of our magic cube of 42.  From that diagram a cube can be formed. Indeed, all 5 Platonic Solids can be formed from this diagram. All together there are 7 circles like our 7 dimensional axes. All together there are 13 points of intersection, as in “One,” etc. Circles and squares once again joined together at the center of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation.

Is it a coincidence that the first Covid-19 vaccine is mRNA-1273? The one that is being produced by Bill and Melinda Gates and the WHO and touted by Dr Fauci AND Dr Birx?

The E8 Lattice

This expansion from the 6-dimensions of Zeir Anpin seems to be akin to the 240 faces of a 6-d hypercube.  As it so happens, the number of spheres that kiss or can be most tightly packed around a single sphere in 8 dimensions is also 240. They all connect with the 240 non-base dimensions and 248 total dimensions of the E8 Lattice. To clarify, the E8 Lattice has 8 base dimensions, or coordinates, and 240 non-base ones for a total of 248 dimensions. Within that 248-dimensional E8 root lattice its E8 root system consist of, and is broken down into, groups of 8 vectors (roots) that conform to specific parameters, and 112 of those groups are integers. Is our magic cube of 42 with its 8 corners of numerical value 112 the root and gateway to the 248 dimensions.

Zohar Bereshit B 1:1 “…He established laws above, and He established laws below. He established this at the same time. And He made the lower world in the likeness of the upper world. And He made one exact refection of the other, so that they can be elevated and thus united as one. That is why the Holy One, blessed be He, established the laws of the upper and lower letters of the alphabet, with which He created the worlds.”

Rav Ashlag, of blessed memory, explained that the upper world referred to Binah, the 8th dimension, and the lower world to Malchut. When properly arranged we see the 2-d and 3-d Elements and Triplets as letters on paper, as an arrangement of Tribes and buildings carefully detailed and laid out.  We see only what slices through our limited plane of vision. We do not see the wonderous interaction of fields, pressure mediations and the interplay of 8 dimensions and possibly E8 root systems interacting simultaneously.  It is there, but constrained by our bodies and minds tethered to these 3-dimensional bodies we cannot begin to perceive them. Only by untethering our consciousness through enlightenment are they possible to connect with, which is why we were given these tools.

The Zohar explains, “We have established that the throne of precious stone stands upon four legs.” The four legs refer to the dimensions of Keter, Chochma, Binah, and Daat.

The “Holy Creatures” here are the four celestial beings that bear the Divine Chariot. “This was their appearance: they were human figures, but each one had four faces, and each one had four wings…. Their faces and their wings were alike on the four of them…. As for the likeness of their faces: each one had a human face [in the front]; each of the four had a lion’s face to the right; each of the four had an ox’s face to the left; and each of the four had an eagle’s face [in the back].” (Ezekiel 1:5-10)

The Chariot Awaits.

Chag Pesach Sameach


For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

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  1. This is beyond awesome! I am overwhelmed by your insight to the connections of the spiritual and physical design of the creator. You have been definitely gifted to piecing together the smallest pieces of the big puzzle in an orderly arrangement that I can comprehend. Without a doubt the Most High is smiling down on you. I am lost for words, all I can say is WOW! Thank You for passing on this gift for the Passover festival.

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    2. I dont understand the connection with the WHO and B&M Gates. Both of these org’s work alongside the Club of Rome Triad, whom are the anti-Hashem group aligning with those sons of Ishamel (not all) that particpated in the wedding of Esau and Bahalath (Ishamels daughter) to challenge/erase the Children of Jacob …

    1. B & M Gates are the largest contributor to the WHO now that the US Gov has cut off funding thanks to Trump. Gates controls most of the vaccine production and the vaccine proponents around the world, inc WHO, CDC, and NIH. His tech buddies stocked up on millions upon millions of face masks last year. He has been talking about a coronavirus pandemic for a few years now and just happened to have a vaccine ready as soon as the outbreak became noticed. BTW, I recently wrote about the difficulty in handling the power behind names with Mem-Bet and why the other side attracts them, like Michael Bloomberg Bernie Madoff, Bill and Melinda, Obama.

    2. This might be only a personal “take” on Esau’s wedding . . . BUT I see the account of the engagement and wedding as “prophetic” — about the Holocaust and then Post Wordl War II politics.

      Esau became engaged to Esau’s daughter. But it was her brother who “gave the bride away” at the wedding ceremony. In other words, Ishmael “snuffed it” after (I think BECAUSE of) his being part of Esau’s strategy to get around the fact that the Blessing of being “ancestor of the Messiah” had gone to Jacob.

      The Holocaust was yet another attempt to eliminate Jacob’s descendants. It failed, just as Esau’s first attempts to destroy Jacob had failed. Esau rode out against Jacob with 400 men. Instead of a mass slaughter, there was reconciliation that day. But the “agenda” to destroy Jacob-Israel did not die. Amalek , ancestor of the Germans, was probably in that war party led by his grandfather. Esau’s angel recognised Jacob as “Israel” that night when he was alone on the shore of the river. The reconciliation with Esau that followed was presumably, at least partially, the fruit of that recognition of Jacob as Israel.

      Amalek tried again with the concentration camps, just as “He” had against Israel in the desert, and as Haman tried when hee “cast the genocide lot” (Purim).

      The Holocaust and Nazi plans to conquer the whole planet FAILED during World War II.

      So “Esau” turned to Ishmale — prominent Nazis, including senior SS officers got involved in Arab politics and weapons development. Just as Ishmael died after agreeing to his daughter’s engagement, the Arab world has suffered through decades of strife since World War II. The Arab world will not be destroyed. Blessings flowing from the efforts of Abraham and the “deal” Hagar made with the angel will prevent their destruction. Those blessings probably got them the oil too. But the strife and destruction, the invasions, the embargos, the starvation, and the hatred of so many in the west, has been a heavy price to pay.

  3. When I reread your book on pi and phi, I noticed an interesting sum. If we take pi with 24 decimal places we get: 3.141592653589793238462643. By removing the comma, we get 3141592653589793238462643. By taking the first 3 digits, 314 and by adding the following digits 159265358 we get: 314 + 1 + 5 + 9 + 2 + 6 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 8 = 358 By continuing we get 358 + 9 + 7 + 9 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 8 + 4 + 6 + 2 + 6 + 4 + 3 = 424. I would like to continue until the decimal which allows to arrive towards 5778 🙂 Have you done it?

    1. Thanks, I had not noticed that before. Using your system the first 73 digits comes to 666. I know that the first thousand would be 4776, so I’m guessing you will need around 1200 digits. Please let us know if it will hit 5778 and at which digit. You can start with digit 1001 since I did the first 1000. BTW, there is a 1 in 9 chance of it landing on 5778. It’s more telling at which digit# it does.

    1. Thanks, Antonio, did you see that the molecular weight of the sodium fluoride cube is 42 mol/g? I’ve seen the video when it first came out. It’s a war of good vs evil for sure. Thanks for sharing the links. I hope all is well for you. Over here, all our water is fluoridated. Because of its effects on the pineal gland I drink inexpensive bottled water. I now understand it has been a life-saving bonus.

  4. The central shaft, as I was looking at your areal shot of the pyramid and thinking of the entrance I remembered from
    my studies and books that the entrance sits 24 feet left or right of center, which is 286.1 inches plus or minus. I have
    always been interested in pi and the first 1000 digits. 286 is listed twice and I was not surprised at where they were. five
    columns of ten digits next to your areal shot is awesome. 73-74-75 or 74-75-76 front forward without the 3 or with it. Rear
    reverse 72-73-74@929-928-927. Please take this info and make more sense of it if you like. I am now studying my Bible
    from a Torah perspective, with Kabbalah, pyramid and pi. Finding your site has been a BLESSING. BLESS YOU.

    1. Unless my calculations are off, 24′ = 288″ as in the 288 Holy Sparks. Please explain how you came up with 286.1″

      1. I have to thank you for responding, in fact by doing so the second time in keeping me honest revealed something pretty
        amazing. before I reveal what’s been revealed, 286 is a number by measurements that is a displacement factor that is used
        within the pyramid. If you take a print out of the first 1000 digits and flip it over and lay it atop your areal shot of the pyramid
        each 286 will lay atop both the front entrance as well as what appears to be a forced entry to the rear. 286/12=23.83333
        now here’s the reveal if you look right above digits 73-74-76 where the first 286 is located sitting at those digits just above
        at 24-25-26-27-28 in reverse order 33832, in fact it is the door way, it was the right time when you consider the date that
        just arrived and has passed 4/13, again, thank you, please respond and BLESS YOU.

        1. I never thought to do that; can you share a picture of the superimposed digits and please explain why you chose the particular orientation you did. Thanks for the creative work.

  5. Number Crunching the 286
    The top row of the 72 Triplets (value 1143) splits “Left vs Right” into 857 vs 286.

    The difference, 857-286, is equal to 571. The 571 may represent “Moshiac Ben Yoseph” when Joseph’s name is spelled with the extra Heh (as in one of the Psalms), “pumping” the gematria value of his name from 156 to 161.

    (2861, as in 286.1″ cf. the comment above, is the 416th Prime. 416 is 26 * 16, or 13 * 32. Both the 26 (Tetraggrammaton value) and Ehad as 13, “fit in” with the 286.1″ being precise??)

    1. Great work Peter, you inspired me to look into the top row of the 72 Triplets (value 1143) where the split 857 and 286,
      representing both right and left. I found myself researching the secret formula from 3/12/20 and in doing so the following
      came to light. Two side by side lessons were before me, the first where it states, The total of the first row less the average
      of the first row. The average of the 8 columns – the average of the first row = 1143 – 143 = 1000. The second lesson was the
      discovery of what was already sitting with in pi waiting to be seen. This is where the awesome work of this site, you and I
      merge as one. In the first 1000 digits of pi keeping in mind the numbers above here is what I found. 1000 – 143 = 857
      simply do that problem using pi from 1000 in reverse order 143 digits will take you to where 1000 is listed in pi and get
      this 1000 sits at digits 854-855-856-857 which 857 sits next to 143 coming from the opposite direction. 143 you can see
      143 you can not see one sits atop the other 143+143=286. Thank you for your response and Bless you.

      1. Here is something else through the first 1000 digits includes the 3 so the location is off by 1 digit (doesn’t really change your finding or meaning). When you do that, and apply the formula (4470- sum of digits from 3…n) the total for all 4 digits in 1000 = 666. (4470 is sum digits for n = 1000). Most important for 72 Names and your points is that 143 + EHYH spelled out with alef: ELP HE YVD HE. Great work. There is deep meaning and purpose in here

      2. Adding to the shared information above on 857+286=1143, and the top row of the 72 Triplets and it’s location in
        pi where 1000 is found at digits 854-855-856-857, from digit 1000 in reverse it’s 143 digits which lands on 858.
        7 1 0 1 0 0 0 3 1 3
        7 1 0 1 0 0 0 3 1 3 Digits 851 852 853 (854 855 856 857) 858 859 860 From Forward Direction.
        150 149 148 (147 146 145 144) 143 142 141 From Reverse Direction at Digit 1000.
        ( 1 0 0 0 ) 143
        857) 858/3=286
        While researching another topic I realized the additional information on digit 858. I had an unction that 286 was there in front of me somewhere I just did not see it until I started something else, that’s how our Father works.

        1. Solomon Three TimesOver?
          Fascinating Stuff! The 1143 is also three times the value of Solomon’s name (“Shlomo” as 381, with 3 * 381 = 1143).

          A hint at deep knowledge/wisdom locked into the “numerics” of the 72 Triplets ??

        2. Just Adding A Bit More ON The 857 vs 286 “Split” in Row 1
          If we “remove” Triplet #5 (value 345) from the “857 half” of Row 1, and Triplet #3 (value 79) from the “other half” (i.e. the 286):

          We are left with 512, which sounds “very binary”, as in 2^9 = 512, or a half Kilobyte = 512 Bytes), and 207 , as in the value of Light (a 9 Fold “String”, i.e. 9 * 23 = 207, with 23 being the 9th Prime, and the value of the Hebrew word for String).

          The 512 + 207 = 719, as in the 719 feet length of the “diagonal”/corner slopes of the Great Pyramid. Those diagonals slope upwards at an angle of 42 degrees which is obviously “relevant” to a LOT of the material that Ezra covers on this site.

          It gets “better” in that the centre line up the faces of the Pyramid are 612 feet, with 612 being the value of covenant, and 719 being 107 feet more. In turn, 5778 is the sum of all integers from 1 to 107. Below the diagonal, the length of the line to the centre of the base of the Pyramid is 233 Cubits with 233 being the value of Etz H’Chaim (Etz H’Haim), the Tree of Life.

          All “very appropriate” to have a 42 degree slope above a representation of the Tree of Life . . . .

          And, going back to Triplets #3 and #5, the 345 + 79 sum to 424 as in “Guess Who”, yet again. (Messiah Son of David).

  6. Hello Mr. Meiliken,

    I’ll get the count. It is certain that with a chance of 1 in 9, it is not very suggestive. That said, if this 1 in 9 chance occurs, it will be interesting to see where and how much?

    I have something else to explain and I can tell you that today I am very excited to tell you my theory.

    I will not explain everything because it is impossible and not necessarily interesting but since the year 2000, I had a very strong mystical experience following a traumatic event. I don’t know how but let’s say that at one point in my life, I was in contact with … another dimension. A blue light came on inside my being and I started to see the future. At the beginning, these were events close to my experience and everything that I saw with this light happened. Then, at some point, the light started to direct me towards a more general future. I then began to observe a very strange period when the leaders of our world began to hide !? I saw very secret meetings, panicked faces of panicked leaders.

     Life was “normal” but the light showed me that one part of humanity was hiding very serious information from another part of humanity. It was I remember in 2000. For 4 years, I continued to have nightmares with blue light. So I learned and understood that as soon as my dreams or my nightmares were in blue / sapphire, it was a premonition.

    I had 4 years of nightmares about severe asteroid impacts. Until 2004. Then it faded and I did some personal research on asteroids.

    I went so far as to study astronomy and celestial mechanics at the Paris observatory. I obtained 2 diplomas at the “Licence” level, it is to explain that I invested in this research.

    The year 2012 has arrived, with his “fake news” and especially the film “2012”. This film intrigued me because I felt the same atmosphere in the film as my premonitions. Then, there in 2020, I just took a blow on the head !! I just came across information that perfectly matches what I saw in 2000-2004.

    Now I can say what the sapphire light wanted to show me:

    I warn you, take this as a film script but in any case that’s what I saw thanks to this light:

    Humanity is facing an upcoming disaster, the major impact of a pile of asteroids. Impossible to warn humanity, it would be an uncontrollable panic and in the minds of the most important leaders, not necessary … The COVID-19 disaster put everyone in quarantine, the people, the journalists .. .. astronomers. Everyone, even our leaders. In everyone’s mind, everyone is at home.

    That said, for 3 to 6 months, 100 of the largest telescopes will be closed.

    Now imagine that, as in “2012”, the leaders know it before the people.

    Here therefore by an incredible providence, we arrive at a moment when our leaders can move with their incredible means where they want without the people, the journalists can realize it. This is a time when none of the big telescopes can warn us of an impact to come.

    What an incredible science fiction scenario. The impact is approaching, our leaders knew it, a mysterious providence triggers covid 19, everyone is locked up at home, no more telescopes …… It is time to observe the conspiratorial sites to know if the men important, rich and powerful disappear from the camera?

    I remember that in 2013, all the leaders participated in an appointment exercise at Mandela’s funeral, then in 2015, an appointment exercise in Paris for the demonstration against terrorism. Maybe the next meeting will not be published, will take place in bunkers everywhere on earth …..

    This is what the sapphire light showed me in 2000-2004 and the information of the closing of the 100 telescopes makes me go back to 17 years.

    Now the sapphire light didn’t just show me that information. I saw a man that I identified as the Moshiach. I have an info which could help you in your research but for that I must show you a document. Do you have an email to provide?

  7. We have hundreds of millions of people, probably billions, in “lockdown” but still with access to the internet. There are many, many sincere and good people from many “faiths” and backgrounds, who are “looking” for deeper knowledge. If you are one of those and you have discovered Ezra’s articles (this website) you have found quite a “jackpot”.

    Enjoy! And ‘Grow”. The “Secrets” in “Kabbalah Secrets” have links to traditions in many faiths.

  8. Hello,

    I come back one last time on the subject concerning the closure of the 100 largest telescopes closed because of COVID 19.

    I thank Ms. Meiliken for letting me post this information.

    I don’t lie and I don’t invent anything. At worst, I’m wrong, but deep down, I know not.

    I wanted to say that I am someone serious, what I am talking about is what I have experienced. It was a long time ago (2000-2004). Living for 4 years with memories of the future on the same subject when at the time the subject in question I did not know it at all is something very striking.

    I am not the only one to have done “nightmares” with asteroid impacts “, for the vast majority to whom I have already spoken about it, I passed for a madman already at the time, then today. … with the training of humans concerning “fake news” … Because it is indeed a training but it is another subject.

    What I saw in 2000-2004 will happen … one day.

    It may not be this blow but it will be another. Sorry.

    Some would say, but what is this desire to talk about? Notoriety, madness without realizing it? No, just the fact of having witnessed and surely vitcim of a serious event in the future and therefore the need to prevent.

    Back to the closure of the 100 largest telescopes in the world! It is important to know that the South Pole telescope is not on the list and that is essential information.

    Why is this telescope important? Because in 2000, an astronomer from the south pole telescope mysteriously died. The New Zealanders attempted to investigate, but the Americans prevented them from doing so, and the 50 or so astronomers present at the South Pole at the time of the astronomer’s death were able to leave without being questioned.

    This telescope is ideally placed to track planet X

    Do you understand now? All the largest telescopes in the world (100) are closed, except that of the South Pole where the “American gvt” have placed a detection system for the famous Planet X and this is so distant from the rest of the world that even COVID 19 cannot close it ……

    You will say to me, what is the relationship with Kabbalah and the Moshiach?

    Because it is quite possible that this event of an asteroid impact is the event just before the arrival of the Moshiach quite simply.

    The 6th seal of the apocalypse of Saint John is the precursor event of the arrival of the Mashiach.

    It is also possible to reflect on the real reason for global warming !! Find out, almost all the planets in the solar system have been heating up for decades, is it in your opinion because of human activity :-)?

    Something close to the solar system or belonging to the solar system is approaching and causing climate change on all planets and especially playing bowling with the comets and asteroids of the Oort cloud.

    Newspapers bombard us with information on global warming, repeating over and over: “It’s the fault of humans”! The best way to encourage us not to look up. Just like COVID, stay at home …..

    Good luck to all and long live research, intuition, freedom of thought, Truth, all that Hashem has given us for free.

    1. I don’t pretend to know what is going on, other than we are deep into a desperate war. I do know Franck is speaking from his heart, the place of truth. And the Zohar speaks extensively about the process of Moshiach’s arrival having to do with a Star/planet hovering over us and asteroids shooting down from the sky. I do recall that they mysterious evacuated shut down the Dunn Solar Observatory in Arizona (I believe) back in Sept 2018 for 10 days with the excuse of a pathogen, which later switched to child porn. To add further fuel to Franck’s fire, they shut down and decommissioned the Space based Spitzer Telescope on Jan 30 and the many Chilean Observatories were shut down because of government issues back in January, then later, as Franck points out they close all the rest around the world because of a Covid scare, yet they kept open the liquor stores and the pot dispensaries.


    1. Thank you for the thought provoking interesting geometries, but they are mixing English and Greek gematria, neither one do I use. The Hebrew gematria that they do use for the first verse is flawed, as they use 5 for the spelled out letter value of hei instead of 15. The fractal geometry has meaning though.

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