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The Crosshairs


In the previous post in this series we discussed the concealed Star of David within the Magic Cube of 42, also known as the Merkabah or Bird’s Nest. We also discussed the 3 bars that straddle them, all in relation to parallel representations and groupings within the Alef-bet. Today, we are adding the vertical, or point-to-point, bars in the 3 Magen Davids. These form crosshairs with the horizontal bars.  Not surprisingly ,those 3 new bars sum to 126 or (3 x 42) in their ordinal values with the middle one being 42. Its exactly the same with the horizontal bars, making the middle crosshairs equal to 42 and 42.

When we substitute in the Hebrew letters for their ordinal values we get (חדו), (לנע), and (תץר), totaling 151501500 respectively for the 3 tiers, all 3 multiples of the Name Yah (יה). The lowest of the 3 tiers has the same value of the highest word value of the Torah (1500). This works out to an average of 555 for the 3 of them, just like their counterparts, the horizontal component of the crosshairs. So just like the horizontal bars, the vertical bars within the 3 Magen Davids total 1665, giving us a total for the crosshairs of 3330. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

Likewise, the sum of each Star of David tier is 666, 1110, and 1554 respectively for a total of 3330.

All the dimensions in the mysterious Magen Davids and their crosshairs are multiples of the letter Alef (אלף), 111, including the progression of 151501500, or 15 x (110100), which totals 111, just like the top horizontal bar (יאק) of numerical value 111. Given that Alef (א) is One(1), we can say that the 3 mysterious Magen Davids and their crosshairs are all derivative of One(1), and are all expansions of One(1).

This 3330 is of course, 66.6 jubilee years, and it marks the prophesied stretch of time from the Exodus from Egypt and the reception of the Torah at Mt Sinai in 2448 HC to 5778 HC or alternatively until 5780 HC.

It is, without a doubt, 3330 years since the reception of the Torah at Mt Sinai and the reception of the previously unknown Magic Cube of 42, the 33 Magic Cube of the 27 Hebrew Letters, also known as the Merkabah or Bird’s Nest.

Altogether the 3 Magen Davids with their respective crosshairs bounded by 6 sides total 6660. These 3 Magen Davids with their crosshairs touch 36 numerical points, 18 on the crosshairs and 18 on the Stars. Now, here is the kicker: The sum of the integers from 1 – 36 is 666.  In terms of the ordinal value of those 36 numbers, they sum to 504, or (12 x 42), which is also .756756% of 666. This also means that 504 is .666% of 756, numbers we have seen repeatedly concerning this Magical Cube.

It states in the Zohar that the Israelites were at the 49th gate of negativity when the Creator woke them up and plucked them out of Egypt, and as the Kabbalists noted years ago, (49 x 50) = 2450, akin to the year 2448 HC or 2450 HC, depending how you are counting. Therefore, there were 49 jubilee years until the Exodus from Egypt and the reception of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. The 50-years in a jubilee cycle are based on the 50 Gates of Binah and are what we are in the middle of, counting this seven-fold Omer period until Shavuot, the celebration of that reception.

“The words of the LORD are pure words, as silver tried in a crucible on the earth, refined seven-fold times.” (Psalms 12:7)


The Zohar also said that had the Israelites not awaken, that would have been the end of them and of all existence, because the 50th gate of negativity is a gate too far to return from.

The Target


It would seem pretty obvious that we too are once again at the 49th gate of negativity. We may not be slaves to the Egyptians, but we are very much slaves. Fortunately, the Creator gave us a roadmap in the Torah.  Our forefathers before us did not revolt, there was no revolution fought to free us.  With G-d’s help, they awoke. And with the work of the Creator, He then plucked them out of Egypt and from the 49th gate of negativity to the 49th Gate of positivity/Understanding, as they crossed the endless sea.  Unfortunately, they were too scared to go through the 50th Gate.

When the Israelites stood with the vengeful Egyptians at their backs and a mighty sea, an abyss, in front of them, G-d replied to them, “Why are you crying out to me.” The Zohar explains that is was because they already had the technology in their hands, His technology, all they needed was the faith in it.

As in Egypt, the Titans have a tight grip and a yoke around the necks of the people and the Israelites, yet the chosen ones are still waking them up.  If enough of us awaken in time, we too can be plucked out. Read the signs.  Remember, 1776 CE was 1665 plus 111, and the sum total of the 27 letters in the Bird’s Nest is 4995 or (45 x 111).

Time and Metallurgy

One day is One rotation of Earth. One year is One revolution of Earth around the Sun.

We have spoken often about the repeated concept of 1000, or Alef (אלף) which is Binah, built into the Torah, and that 1000 days can be interpreted as 1000 years, etc.  We have seen how the 1000 digits of Pi are of special significance and how 1000 is built into the Shema and 72 Triplets, and how it is the numerical difference between the 42-Letter Name and the Torah’s first verse, making the concept of 1000, kabbalistically representing Binah, built into all 4 Essential Elements of Creation. What we have not mentioned before was that given a sideral year of 365.256 days, 1000 days is 2.73780… years, 2.73 revolutions around the Sun.  As previously explained, the entire solar system is based on the number 273, and the Magic Cube of 42 is based on the number 378 as the sum of the 27 ordinal values.

The sum of the 3 precious metals (Gold, Silver, and Copper) found at the center of the 72 Triplets and in the Tabernacle is 368.3988, which is exactly 3.1428 more than 365.256. One year plus Pi. When we add the 4th metallic element of the Torah, Iron, whose atomic number is 26, we get (63.546 + 1078868 + 196.966 + 55.845) = 424.244, Moshiach Ben David and more.