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5 Final Letters

Why are there 27 Hebrew letters? It has to do with a shape, the shape they are formed when they are conjoined, or perhaps before they are separated. It has to do with the magic cube of 42, the Merkabah, the Bird’s Nest.

As we said before, the sum of the 27 numbered cubes, or 27 ordinal values of the Alef-bet, is 378, which works out to 9 times 42. And since the 33 cube is naturally partitioned into rows, columns, diagonals of 3 units each, we see that 27/3 = 9, thus it is possible for the 27 letters to add up to a magic cube of 42. Actually, the only possibility for a 33 cube numbered consecutively from 1 to 27 is 42. We say “possible” because it only works out that way in one specific order, and only with the number 14, or 42/3, in the central cube position, making it unique. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

That means that the 5 final letters that sum to 280 or alternatively 3500 had to have been created from the very beginning. Perhaps that is why their alternate values together is (280 + 3500) = 3780 or (120 x 42).  The age of Man and of Moses times 42.  It is interesting that (57803780) = 2000, whose log is 3.760 42 248Notzer Chesed La’alufim (נֹצֵר חֶסֶד לָאֲלָפִים) Mercy for 2000 years.

3 Bars

At the instant the concept of numeration was conceived it was also determined which numbers would be prime numbers and thus that the value 378 would also be the sum of the digits in all the prime numbers through the 42nd Prime.

Dividing the 27 numbers(letters) into 9 groups of 3 brings up the gematria cipher AYK-BeCaR.  As previously explained, this cipher groups the letters of similar value and exchanges their places (1-10-100, 2-20-200…9-90-900). For the purpose of forming Triplets we get (איק), (בכר)…(טצץ) or (111,222,333…999). The middle triplet (הנך) has the value 555, and  is known to represent the Shechinah, or the feminine, or earthly (Malchut) aspect of the Creator, in the same way that its composite letters and their associated numbers, 5, 50 and 500 represent the feminine aspect. We have also previously explained this concept of the relationship between feminine and male in the more cosmic terms of squaring the circle and as receptive and projective energy forces/pressures. When converted to their ordinal values these 3 letters correspond to the numbers 5 – 14 – 23 respectively, as in the bar or vector that diagonally pierces the middle of the cube. This necessarily means that the sum of this pivotal vector is 42, and mathematically this is the only one of the above 9 triplets that can be 42, thus associating the Shechinah with the number 42.

In case we were to think this alignment of the Shechinah letters is nothing more than surreptitious, the Creator placed the final of these triplets just below it, the 9 – 27 – 18 or (טצץ), 999. And right above it is the 10 – 1 – 19 or (איק), 111.  This design element was obviously crucial in the cube’s functionality, not because of mathematics but because it is the cube of Creation, the cradle of Creation.

The Magen David

Moreover, the 2 – 11 – 20, or the (בכר) 222, triplet is found as a triangle in the bottommost horizontal plane, as is the 4 – 13 – 22, or the (דמת) 444, triplet; the 3 – 12 – 21 or (גלש), 333 triplet is found as a triangle in the middle horizontal plane, as is the 7 – 16 – 25 or (זען), 777 triplet; and the 6 – 15 – 24, or the (סםו) 666, triplet is found as a triangle in the uppermost horizontal plane, as is the 8 – 17 – 26 or (חפף), 888 triplet.  It is a little hard to tell from the perspective in the graphic, but the triangles on each plane intersect to form Magen Davids (Stars of David) with the cross bars going horizontally right through the centers of each one. This is rather astonishing.  If we look straight down through the top of the cube we would see a single strong Magen David (Shield of David) with a bar across the middle. This is the true origin of the Magen David, created at the origin of time, not halfway through our civilization.  And in the very center of that Star is the number 14 for David (דוד).

Furthermore, the average of each star is (222 + 444)/2 = 333; (333 + 777)/2 = 555; and (666 + 888), = 777, mimicking the triangles and bars of the middle plane 333, 555, 777, while the average of the 3 parallel bars is (111 + 555 + 999) = 555, once again giving us the Shechinah in the center bar of the center plane.  The Magen David is the symbol of Israel, and the 555 value of the central bar and/or plane minus 14, the central cube = 541, Israel—conceived at the dawn of time.

In terms of the numbers, the 3 Stars and 3 Bars have to sum to 378, the value of “Echad Ushmo Echad (אחד־ושמו־אחד)” or “His Name is One,” whose final letters spell David (דיד), because they represent all 27 ordinal values. The ordinal values of the uppermost Star did not have to equal 72, but it did. The middle plane Star and Bar did not have to equal 126 or (3 x 42) with the Star being equal to 84 or (2 x 42), but it did. And the top and bottom plane Stars and Bars did not have to together equal 252, or (6 x 42), but it did. And we did not have to call the bars bars; we could have called them stripes, and then we would have “Stars and Stripes,” but we did not.

And speaking of Stars and Stripes, when they built the Washington Monument, they built it 555’ high and 55.5 ft wide at the base, a steep ratio of exactly 10 to 1 for the 55.5 story stone vector. They obviously knew what they were doing because they also built the capital building with 541 rooms, directly across the Washington Mall with the only street between them being 14th Street.

Another Magen David


And speaking of 14th Street, there is another Magen David, a much larger one designed into the layout of Manhattan.  The upper bar of the down-pointing triangle is formed by 72nd Street and the lower bar of the up-pointing triangle is formed by 42nd Street. Both these streets are double wide (100 ft) and the double wide street between them forms the middle bar that we saw in the magical cube of 42. That street is 57th Street, exactly half between the, 15 blocks from each, as in splitting the 1515 of the YHYH (יהיה). Each block is 260’ long. The number 57 is equal to the 5th Triplet of the 42-Letter Name (נגד) or zan (זן), sustenance, and 57th Street, lined with $100 million apartments, is the wealthiest street in the world. The tips of the triangles are found at the 6.2-acre Madison Square Park and at 86th and Central Park. Central Park, not coincidentally, starts at 5th Ave and is exactly 778 acres.


The Unfolded Cube Redoux

If there were 6 separate numbered cubes, we could partition them in 203 different ways, as in the 6th Bell Number, and the value of the first 3 letters of the Torah. The first word of the Torah has a value of 913, representing the first two Triplets of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit.  The value of those two Triplets breaks down to (203/913) = .222 and (710/913) = .778.

We cannot partition them that way, though, because the squares are not separate units, but attached. In the previous chapter we unfolded the 6 faces of the 3-d cube in a classic cross-like 2-dimensional shape, but there are actually 11 different shapes that the cube can be unfolded into. It is a good guess that the 11 variations have something to do with the 11 sefirot, and subsequently the 11 incense.

Normally, direction and symmetry would not matter, leaving us with only 11 variations, but since each one of our 6 different faces has directional function (given that there are 9 specific numbered locations on each face), each shape can pivot in 4 directions at any axis point. This does not mean that they can be turned sideways or upside down, but with the pivot block holding stationary the rest of the shape can spin around in each direction, For example, the first T-shape has 1 axis point and the second shape in the graphic has 2 axes points.  Therefore, we must multiply the number of axis pivots in each shape by 4, giving us a total for the 11 shapes of (4 x 23) = 92, as in the 92 natural elements on earth. The number 23, by the way, is the ordinal value of the Torah’s first Triplet of the 11 Triplets, of value 203.

We are not actually pivoting anything; we are just addressing the fact the various shapes can be oriented into 4 different directions per pivot point as the cube unfolds. There are, though, more options we have with these 92 possibilities, because we can choose each (any) of the 6 faces to be our pivot face, giving us (6 x 92). The exceptions to this are the 5 symmetric shapes (the 4th, 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th) whose facial expressions do not change when flipped. This gives us a total of (4 x 11 x 6) + (4 x 12 x 5) = (264 + 240) = 504 total variations, or (12 x 42). How interesting!

While the sum of the ordinal values for the 12 edges and also the sum of the ordinal values for the 12 straight diagonals of the magic cube of 42 was 504, in this case we are talking about the total number of variations of the surface of a cube.  There may be an underlaying very complex geometrical reason this worked out this way, or maybe it is simply a cosmic/hyperspatial alignment built into this 5th Essential Element of Creation. Certainly, that may account for the number 504 playing several roles in the Torah.

If we assign the value of any face (126) of our magical cube and apply that to the 504 variations, the total numerical value would be (126 x 504) = 63,504. Then if we add the central cube of 14 to each of the 504 variations (14 x 504), we get (63,504 + 7,056) = 70,560. Given that there are 6 faces of a cube, each facial cube or surface of a cube, has a total value of 756, as in the value of the spelled-out letter Nun(נון), the Hebrew letter associated with the central cube. Is connecting 756 to the spelled-out letter Nun(נון) farfetched? Not if we consider that the letter Nun(נ) has a value of 50 and that there are exactly 50 words in the Torah with a numerical value 504 and that they are split down the middle, 25 per side, at the doubled word Darosh Darash (דרש דרש), each of numerical value 504 and have a collective value 1008.

So, given that 756, 7056 and 70,560 are spiritually nearly identical, we see that the outer shell of the cube equals the inner core. The light of the Sun equals the light of the Moon, as the Zohar prophecy explains will occur in the days of Moshiach, and as it says occurred in the time of Creation.

Moreover, since each letter Nun(נ) has a numerical value of 50, the letter Nun(נ) shining from the center toward all six faces has a value of (6 x 50) = 300, and add to that the ordinal value of 14 and we have (300 + 14) = 314.

Furthermore, while 63,504 = (36 x 422) and 70,560 = (40 x 422), the equation (64,000 – 63,504) = 496, gives us the value of Malchut for the outer surface.

Of course, we could calculate this using the full value for all 6 sides, as (756 x 504), and assuming the central cube of 14 shines forth on all 6 sides then we would add (84 x 504) to get (381024 + 42336) = 423360, which also works out to (20 x 42 x 504).  And 42,336 = (42 x 1008), while naturally 423360 = (420 x 1008) with 1008 equal to the first 8 triangular numbers multiple together: (1 x 3 x 6 x 10 x 15 x 21 x 28 x 36) = 1008. Meanwhile, the phrase that begins parsha Shemini (Eighth) “V’yhy b’yom Shemini (ויהי־ביום־השמיני), And it came to pass on the eighth day,” has a total value of 504.

Of course, adding 64, the complete value of Nun(נ), to 42,336 = 42400, but the number 20 in (20 x 42 x 504) is reminiscent of the 20 stacked cubes in the Tower of Truth (volume 44,100 cu3) that forms the central core of the Pyramid, the one that measures 203 levels to its capstone, where the first 3 stacked cubes would fit. The first 3 cubes have a value of (13 + 23 + 33) or 36, and the 4th cube has a volume of 43 or 64.  It is as if a 4th cube completed the unfolding of the 5th Essential Element of Creation to get 42400, Moshiach Ben David. Maybe. Maybe that concept is more credible when we realize that (4410042,336) = 422.


The 11 Sefirot


We have seen the form of the cube as an essential component of Creation and that it unfolds into 11 shapes. We found some meaning and concrete alignments in the totality of those shapes’ mathematics when applied to the magic cube of 42. It is an easy leap to draw a parallel to the 11 sefirot (dimensions) and 42 letters of the Tree-of-Life: Keter, Chochma, Binah, Da’at, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut.

The 42 letters in the 11 sefirot break down to 22 outer letters and 20 inner letters, matching the ordinal value for the letters Caf (11), Tav(22), and Resh(20), spelling Keter (כתר), not so surprising as all 11 sefirot emanate from Keter.

Moreover, so do all the letters in the Alef-bet. The sum of the values of the 22 letters is 1495, but the sum of the cumulative value of the 22 Letters, one by one, is (1 + 3 + 6 + 10…) = 6200 or 10 x 620, the numerical value of Keter, the amount of letters in the 10 Commandments, and the numerical value of esrim, twenty(20).

The total value of the 42 letters in the 11 sefirot is 3342 and 3342- 11 (kolel) = 3331. And 3331 years (66.6 jubilee years) from 2448 HC, when the Israelites left Egypt and received the 10 Commandments, equals the year 5779 and a new beginning, for it is in the beginning where we find the 42-Letter Name and the Tree-of-Life.  And the numerical value of the 42-Letter Name, 3701 less the 4th Triplet in it, 359, is (3701359) = 3342.  So just like Jacob (182) plus 359 equals 541 (Israel), so to does the Tree-of-Life plus 359 equal the 42-Letter Name of G-d.

The initials of the 11 sefirot (כחבדחגתנהימ) sum to 550 or (20 x 27.5). Is this another reference to the Tower of Truth and the 20 stacked cubes based on the cubit, 27.5”? The first 5 initials (כחבדח) sum to 42, while the last 3 (הימ) sum to 55. In gematria atbash they the 11 letters add up to 900, giving us 911, when as the Zohar explains, the NWO tried to reverse the order of the sefirot.

Meanwhile, the first 3 final letters (רהה) add up to 210, the number of levels and cubits in the height of the Tower of Truth and of the Pyramid, and the last 3 final letters(דדת) add up to 408, as in the (600,000408) component letters in the Torah.

Zohar Shemot 15:155 “All this adds up to Chet-Tav (חת) [numerical value 408]. The world will settle and have fragrance, and the Other Side will be removed from the world. And the lower Hei (הא) will become filled from the Supernal Fountain and be crowned and illuminated perfectly. Then, it is written: And the light of the moon will be like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold’ (Yeshayah 30:26).”

The 11th Sefira is Da’at, whose ordinal value is 42, making its complete value 516, as in the 516 times that Moses, who connected at the level of Da’at, needed to pray/plead to G-d to bring about MoshiachDa’at is Knowledge. G-d stopped him at 515.

The 6 sefirot (dimensions) of Zeir Anpin are bundled together physically and spiritually. Numerically, the complete value of their 6 names with the kolel is 1618, or Phi(φ).

The 11 Sefirot and Pi

The complete value of all 11 sefirot is 3804. In examining the first 1000 digits in Pi, we find the numerical string …1000… at digit # 855 and adding up all 855 digits we get a sum total of 3804, which leaves us with a sum total of the rest of the first 1000 digits in Pi of (4470 – 3804) or 666.

That numerical string “1000” is immediately preceded by the numerical string 10 and immediately followed by the number 3, possibly representative as a symbolic 103.  Yet more undeniable is that Log (3804) = 3.580…, Moshiach.

Then again, the log of the sum of the digits through the 1000th digit in Pi, or Log (4470) = 3.650… and (3.6503.580) = .70 with the sum of the logarithms of the integers from 1 to 70 being equal to 100.0…  This is reminiscent to the way the sets of square roots of the 72 Triplets summed up to 1000.0…. especially since the Zohar alternatively refers to the 72 Triplets as the 70 Names since two of the Triplets are duplicative.

The Years 5778 – 5780


The Hebrew Calendar began with the Creation of Adam. The Western Calendar was deemed to being in the year 3760 of the Hebrew Calendar.  The Divine Calendar does not change and has not in 5778 years, but how we count the years does. Typically, we calculate from 0 and add 1 for each year, but from the moment Adam was created, or Man received consciousness, it was year 1 HC.  The first year is year 1 from day one; it is not year 0.  When Adam turned 1, year 2 began. So, while we call it 3760 HC and 3760 years passed since Adam, it was the year 3761. Likewise, the year we call 3760 HC or 0 CE began with a 1 for the first year of the Western Calendar, meaning while we called the year 2018 CE and counted 2018 years, it was really 2019. Adding 2019 to 3761, we get 5780 as the new 5778. The formulas for 5778 years hold as does the reciprocal symmetry of the two calendars, but 2019 CE and 2020 CE hold separate significance as well, and they do not negate the prior dates.  That said, it is obvious the Creator knew we would count this way from day one and planned on it.

In His infinite wisdom, He made the 72 Triplets out of 70 Triplets, stretching 70 years to 72 from the date of Israel’s founding.  You can count 70 or 72.  As it happens, the square root of Phi(φ) or √φ = 1.27201965, gives us the extensively discussed number 127 and also 2019, or 2020, depending on to which decimal place you round it off (1.272020).

4 Directions; 4 Elements; 4 Metals; 4 Organs

According to the Zohar, there are 4 primordial elements connected to the 4 directions (N,E,S,W): Fire (אש), Air (רוח), Water (מים), and Earth (עפר). Adding Man/Adam (אדם) to those elements brings its total numerical value to (955 + 45) = 1000. The ordinal value of those 4 elements is 145, like the 145 digits from the numerical string …1000… to the 1000th digit in Pi that totaled 666. Therefore, the complete value of the 4 primordial elements is 1100 and with the kolel for the 11 letters, its 1111.

Moreover, the average of those 4 elements is (1100/4) = 275, once again the measure of the sacred cubit, while the complete value of ruach/air (רוח) is 248, matching the value of the final letters (רמח) in the three elements Air (רוח), Water (מים), and Earth (עפר), also 248.

The sum of the atomic numbers of Copper, Silver, Gold and Iron (29, 47, 79, and 26) = 181, which is the 42nd Prime number. And while the sum of all the digits in the prime numbers through 181 is 378, the value of (Echad Usho Echad) from He and his Name are One.  There are 14 letters in the Hebrew spellings of these four Biblical metals, matching the numerical value of Gold(זהב), which is also 14. One of the properties of metals is to become magnetic (מגנטי) and the numeral value of magnetic is 112, as in the 112 Triplets.  Another connection within the periodic table to the 112 Triplets is the 48th element, Cadmium (Cd) with an atomic weight of 112, and as we know, the cube root of 48 is 3.63424. Far from random, our universe is consistent.

The Zohar also speaks of 4 organs in association with the 4 Elements: the brain(מוח), heart(לב), liver(כבד), and lungs(ריאות). While the final letters of brain(מוח), heart(לב), liver(כבד) add up to 14, the total gematria of the three organs is (54 + 32 + 26) = 112. Moreover, their initials are the three consecutive letters (מלכ) that spell the word King, as in King David. The sum of the 4 organs is (112 + 617) = 729 = 93, as in the second line of the 42-Letter Name matrix, a cube of 9.

He and His Name are One


If we add the complete values of the names of the 4 Biblical metals Copper(נחשת), Silver(כסף), Gold(זהב) and Iron (ברזל) with their atomic numbers, we get 1515.   When we add the sofit value of the 4 primordial elements, Fire (אש), Air (רוח), Water (מים), and Earth (עפר), we also get 1515.  The number 1515 is the small gematria value of the Name of G-d (יהיה) associated with the time of Moshiach in the phrase “He and his Name are One.” The total gematria of the phrase is (30 + 26 + 378) = 434, the same value as the letter Dalet (דלת), the number 4.

 The initials of the phrase “He and his Name are One” total 28, as in (4 x 28 = 112), which we previously discussed.  Then the final letters of “In that day, He and his Name are One” sum to 625, as in the square root of all the words, letters, and verses in the Torah, and as in H’Keter. The full gematria of the full phrase with the kolel for the 7 words is (434 + 17 + 58) + 7 =  516, which as we explained above is the complete value of Da’at, and is number of the 516 times that Moses needed to pray/plead to G-d to enter the land of Israel and bring about the final redemption.

Moshiach and the 112 Triplets.

We have presented innumerable equations throughout this series so it would be remiss not to mention that the Hebrew word for equation (משוואה) has a numerical value of 358, the same as Moshiach, or to point out that the first elements of the Fibonacci sequence based on Phi(φ) begin 112, 358. Or that Moshiach (משיח) in gematria atbash (יבמס) is 112 and contains the number 42 (במ).

Speaking of Phi(φ), the value of the 15 Triplets, derived from the 25 letters of the first verse of the Shema, is 1118, which is equivalent to 5√5 or (φ.5) that equal 11.180… and 1.1180… respectively.  It also works out to (42 x 26 + 26) = 1118, which indeed clues us in to the hidden 42-Letters of the YHVH (יהוה) concealed within the verse. It is also (13 x 86) or One Elohim (אלהים).  Another clue about the hidden 42-Letter Name in the Shema is found at Amos 3:3, which also has a numerical value of 1118 and is about two things joined together by mutual consent.

Will two walk together, except they have agreed? (Amos 3:3) = 1118

This attachment between two entities is also found in the word, dybbuk (דבוק), a spirit that attaches to help, which also has a numerical value of 112 and a small gematria value of 4260.

The complete value of the word equation (משוואה) is 410, the first word and Triplet (שמע) of the Shema’s first verse.

We spoke of the integration of the magic cube of 42, also known as the 5th Essential Element, with the other 4 Essential Elements that comprise the 112 Triplets. We also spoke of the 8 vectors or vortices emanating from its’ central cube of 14 as they expand outward through the 8 vertices of the cube to the 112 Triplets.  These pathways correspond to the equation (8 x 14) = 112.  While, 8 and 14 are divisors of 112, there are 10 divisors in total (1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 14, 16, 28, 56, and 112), and they total 248, as in the 248 dimensions in the E8 Lattice, etc.

The universe is also telling us that there is another way to connect to the 112 Triplets and that is through the mitzvot, as the 112th Prime number is 613 and there are 613 mitzvot in the Torah.

Looking Toward the Heavens


“Looking towards the Heavens (לשמים)” has a numerical value 420.  When we look toward the Heavens we may see a star (כוכב), as prophesied in the Zohar that will appear in the sky in the time of Moshiach Star (כוכב) has a numerical value of  48, whose cube root is 3.63424, translated as “The Moshiach, Moshiach Ben David.”

A Star of David.

As just mentioned, the square root of Phi(φ) is 1.272020 and the 127th Prime number is 709, which is also the sum of the 7 Doubles (בגדכפרת), part of the triple partition of the 22 letters that we learned about from Abraham in his Sefer Yetzirah.  The number 709 is also the 7th Prime in Primeth Recurrence series and moreover, the numerical value of the “Incense (קטרת),” the Biblical antidote for plagues.

Those 7 doubles (בגדכפרת) which total 709 actually total an additional 1300, or 2009 in total when the sofit values of caf(ך) and Pe(ף) are included. Then adding 9 for the kolel of the letters, gives us 2018 or 5778 HC for what it is worth.

Abraham said that this grouping of primordial force modalities, collectively called the doubles, each control or interact with a different planet (כוכב) in our solar system. Interestingly, we can find these specific letters discreetly orbiting the center of the 42-Letter Name. When he said 7 planets (כוכב), Abraham was referring to the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.

Zohar Shemot 15:101 “After 40 days, the pillar will stand from the earth to the heaven before the eyes of the whole world, and Moshiach will be revealed. There will arrive from the East side a star that will glow with variety of colors, and seven [7] other stars will surround that star and will war with it on all sides, three times a day up to seventy days. And all the people of the world will see.”

When we look up, we also see meteorites (מטאוריט) of numerical value 275, the same as the sacred cubit, and the complete value with the kolel of the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה).  The Hebrew word for meteorite is very interesting as it contains Light (אור) at its center. Moreover, with the double tet (ט) it is reminiscent of Metatron (מטטרון) of numerical value 314 with the difference between them being the 3 letters in Ani (אני), as in the 37th and middle Triplet of the 72 Names, meaning “I am.” Then we have the spelled-out version of (מטאוריט), which sums to 1571, the 248th prime number, which is even more telling because 1571 is half of 3142, the small gematria value of “I am that I am” found at Exodus 3:14.  Needless to say, Pi can be rounded off as 3.142.

Yet another thing we see when we look up is a satellite, Lav’yan (לוויין) of numerical value 112, as if the 112 Triplets were satellites of the magic cube of 42, the bird’s nest, the Merkabah or Chariot.

That magic cube of 27 Letters was once an enigma, puzzle or riddle (חידה), which has a numerical value of 27. No more.

For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.