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The First Unification

We took a giant leap forward in the last section, changing the face of our reality and causing a perceptional perpetual bonding with the upper dimensions. If you did not get all that, please reread it. The next step upward is to realize that the Essential Cube of Creation is not a cube at all, except from our limited perspective, and that the numbers are not numbers. The positions of the numbers and letters in the Essential Array are just relational positions and not fixed spatially. They are relative positions, and at the level of Binah understanding they do not occupy space at all. They are a conceptual scaffolding. They are our perceptual link to the dynamic modeling of Creation.  For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

Notwithstanding all the innumerable individual triangular, planar, and linear connections we have highlighted within the Essential Cube of Creation, there is natural, perpetual, and infinite flow throughout the 27 positions (placements) within the Cube.  When the numerical nature and structure of the Cube is then stripped away from our consciousness, what is left is the original design of the universe, the restoration of the primordial harmony and the reunification of the Divine Name.

The vision of Abraham in the Sefer Yetirah will become clear, as the 10 Sefirot and 10 Wheels of the Merkabah take their original shape in an endless toroidal loop, seamlessly integrating two opposing vortices, complementary forces that we quaintly call male and female. To see this vision ourselves we do not have to suspend our disbelief, as we do when we use the 42-Letter Name to “create” so called “miracles” in our lives.  We only have to loosen our grip on spatial limitations regarding the Cube.  We must first understand that as an array of 27 cubes, the point of intersection can be anywhere within each sub-cube, and second that as a 33 array or Rank 3, 3-dimensional Stress Tensor, any point in the cube can be stressed or stretched in 3-dimensions, in other words in 6 directions.  The illustrative models we are going to present do not nearly take full advantage of those aspects and are thus not a perfect modelling of the primordial universe. They are good 2-D approximations and I humbly request the help of anyone will 3-d graphic skills to help parse out better and even animated variations.

The premise is simple. The universe is designed in the same way that we have observed the primordial forces in it. When we speak about the “universe,” we are speaking about the existential universe that existed before the limitations of time and the confines of finite space. We are not talking about our simulated existence, but before the simulation of the simulation of the Divine simulation that occurred in the mind of the Creator.

We are not going to repeat our explanations about the pressure mediations and the spatial/counter spatial relationship with the inertial plane, generating the magnetic field lines and the dielectric rays, as seen in the previously discussed diagrams and illustrations.  We just want to remind you that since a magnet can be infinitely sliced and still retain its two inertial polar points (the dark places on the diagrams that we call magnetic poles), it is in actuality a singular point.

From that singular point centrifugal and centripetal dielectric rays are generated that feed back into the singularity from the opposite side, while radiant magnetic field lines feed back into the center point, or singularity, albeit perpendicular to the dielectric alignment. Four perpendicular points of flow.  Two entry and two exit points.  In the diagrams that we have illustrated for the continual flow through the Cube, we made the two vertical jets as exit points and the two entry points as horizontal.  The flow may be a different combination than this, but the shape would still be identical.

According to the 10 Luminous Emanation theory, originally explained by the Arizal, the Light was emanating from the singularity evenly throughout all dimensions, though at that point there was one 1 dimension. It then restricted all emanation to create a surrounding void and a single line went forth. Would that line go forth in one direction or in two opposite ones simultaneously?  And if it did go forth in one direction endlessly it would have met up with itself on the opposite side of the singularity, effectively making it go forth in both directions.

In terms of the Essential Cube of Creation, this means starting from the singularity (14) and going forth vertically to the 1 position or coordinate and simultaneously to the 27 position. This first movement totals (1 + 14 + 27) = 42. Every movement is going to be mirrored with the spins in opposite directions.  While from the aspect of the Creator, the Singularity, the line may be straight, but from the aspect of the void it is curved in opposite directions.  As one movement, it forms two halves of a circle or loop.

What is this like? “It was evening and it was morning, one day.”

The directional sweeps of the four arms stemming from the central point form a swastika, which today for obvious reasons has the most horrific connotations imaginable, but it was carefully chosen to co-opt a powerful far more ancient Sanskrit symbol, which itself mimicked the origins of creation. It should further be recalled that the Hindus also knew about the 112 chakras in the body, and that it was Abraham who had sent these gifts to the East through his other children.


Since we are looking at an axonometric of the Cube, all our subsequent bilateral movements will appear as distorted loops and not perfect circles.  For example, the next mirrored movement would be to go from 1 to 2 to 3 and in the opposite direction from 27 to 26 to 25.  Notice how each mirror pair is at an opposite point on the Cube and that each pair must total 28 (i.e. 1 + 27; 2 + 26 and 3 + 25), meaning that each movement must total 84 or twice 42. This serves as a guide for us and obviously has some much higher significance for Creation, yet it is the flow and shapes that really matter.

Adding the second movement in either direction to the original sweep shows the initiation of the twin vortices:

Then the next bilateral movement takes on a ram’s horn effect, as we move from 3 through 4-5-6, and from 25 to 24-23-22.  Notice that while moving from 3 to 4 the curve appears to be reversing direction and doubling back on itself from its initial 1-2-3 trajectory; it is in actuality moving from the central vertical plane to the rear one and thus just continuing the circular movement.

This is where stretching the cube by bulging out the 3 position would be visually beneficial and perhaps spatially so as well.

It is an abstraction, but please notice that in going from 14-1-2-3-4 we have completed one full loop. The same is true in the opposite direction.  Two wheels completing a full turn.

The next few movements involve stretching out the front face in a conical or pyramidal fashion, much like the shape of the sides of the Merkabah. The swirling emanating ray must circle around the Cube from position 6 in the rear face to position 7 in the middle of the opposite front face.

From midpoint 7 it continues swirling in the same direction through 7-8-9 then all the way around to 10-11-12, which could have been drawn on the same plane. Finally, from position 12 it loops back to 13 in the central vertical plane and up and around back to 14, the Singularity.

The full schematic for the right half of the circular loopings from 14-1…13-14 looks like this, with the loops encircling the central axis, the original emanated line.

In the same mirrored manner, and spinning in the opposite direction, the left-handed circular loops look like this. The perceived lack of symmetry between the two vortices is due to the angle of the cube and the graphic limitations where certain number positions are closer to our perspective than others.

Nevertheless, when we count the continual loops we find that there are 5 spinning in one right-handed direction and 5 spinning in the opposite left-handed direction. 10 circular loops in total, 5 opposite 5, intertwined on a central axis.

Five (5) turns, or wheels, opposite 5 wheels. All the wheels turn through the 7-14-21 axis. The wheels of the Merkabah. As Abraham described it, the 10 Sefirot, 10 rings, or loops, all connected as one, 5 opposite 5, 10 sefirot of nothingness.

Is it about following the numbers to create the loops? No, it is about the shapes. The same way the 27 Hebrew letters are about the 27 shapes. We were given 27 shapes to connect with and understand the universe.  It is the same way that we were given 22 sounds, representing those 27 letters, to communicate with the universe. Only Man was given those 27 letters and 22 sounds. The animals, plants, insects, and fungi communicate just fine with each other without them. Man has come up with hundreds of new languages with which to communicate with each other, but there is only one that connects with the universe. Underneath them all are the numbers.

Of all this Abraham saw and told us:

In his Sefer Yetzirah, The Book of Creation, as translated by Aryeh Kaplan, stanza 1:1

The Rank 3, 3-Dimensional Stress Tensor, a 33 Array, that forms the 27 positions of the Cube, each described with 3 coordinate points (x,y,z), representing 3 columns each: The letters(Sepher), the sounds(Sippur), and the numbers(Sephar).



In stanza 1:3 we learn that there is “a singular covenant precisely in the middle” Is this the Central 14, the singular point, or the 7-14-21 axis of the plane of inertia that totals 42 (במ) and around which the 10 wheels spin, five opposite five, five spinning in opposite direction than the other five? Note that the words he used for Nothingness (בלימה) and for circumcision (במילת) both contain the Mem-Bet, 42 (מב).

Each Sefira has 3 columns:  Keter (131415) = 42. Right column : Chochma 1-2-3, Chesed, 4-5-6, Tiferet 7-8-9, and Netzach 10-11-12.

Left: Binah 27-26-25, Gevurah 24-23-22, Hod 21-20-19, Yesod 18-17-16, and Malchut 151413 = 42.

In Abraham’s Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Formation) in chapter 1:7 he explains this overlapping of Keter and Malchut:

Keter and Malchut are not one and the same, but opposites, as emphasized in their directionality.  Malchut of one level connects with the Keter of the next.

Note that the word that Abraham used for Nothingness (בלימה) is built from Mem-Bet, 42 (מב) and (ילה) compared with Elohim(אלהים), which is comprised of the outer Alef-Mem, 41 (אמ), as in the 41 letters in the 3 iterations of Ehyeh(אהיה), and its 3 central letters (ילה) of ordinal value 27.

The entire concept of the sefirot in the Sefer Yetzirah is continuity and endlessness.  Each of the 5 sefira pairs (Keter – Malchut; Chochma – Binah; Chesed – Gevurah; Tiferet – Yesod; Netzach – Hod) are at opposite ends of a continuous line that becomes an eventual circle.  As we now can understand, the sefirot are links in a continuous thread. We see that they cannot be separated, severed or broken without severing the entire system.  They are not the branches of a tree but a vine that connects back at its root. The Tree? That would be the numbers, the scaffolding, the Essential Cube of Creation that the vine climbs on. We learned in the previous chapter that numbers are not what we think, passive representations to help us count. They are higher dimensional forces, ones that comprise the Tree-of-Life. Why 27? As in the kabbalist Tree-of-Life representations there are 22 paths and 5 pairs of matching sefirot.


According to the kabbalists, Abraham is referring to the sefira pairs in this order: Chochma – Binah (beginning-end);Keter – Malchut (good-evil); Netzach – Hod (up-down); Gevurah – Chesed (north-south); and Tiferet – Yesod (east-west). These are a little different than we might imagine them, but they help illustrate the point that each loop or sefira is a different dimension. When we see a continual thread doing loop-de-loops each ring or loop is creating another dimension. That is the power of perspective.

Note that Abraham and the Kabbalists viewed the multi-dimensional universe as a dichotomy where our world (Malchut) at the far end of the spectrum was evil, and Keter at the other extreme was pure good. Between them are Chochma – Binah (beginning-end of the upper worlds) and the 6 spatial dimensions of Zeir Anpin. In our illustration these 6 bundled dimensions of Zeir Anpin correspond to the 3 mirrored loops on either side of the cube after the initial mirrored cross over to the far side in each direction. Keter – Malchut in the center of the Cube, the Chochma – Binah loops flanking them internally as ram’s horns, then the flip of 3 wheels on either side, comprising Zeir Anpin.

Viewing the Cube extraneously as a 3-d projection in 2-d, we may have a problem viewing the 10 intersecting circular loops that are spinning in opposite directions as a toroidal shape, but think of it from the aspect of the central singularity, the Creator, with discreet circular lines spiraling into it and away from it with opposite spin.  And that is in 3-dimensions. How might it look in 4, 5, 7, 10 or endless dimensions? We can only see as far as the elevations in our consciousness will take us.

Our minds are so limited. Imagine now the stress tensors at work and the Singularity point not in the center but stretched outside the cube. For arguments sake, let us pull it through the middle of the front face.  The entry and exit points would still be 1, 27, 13, and 15 but they too would be outside the cube close to the tip of a conical point.  Observing it from a viewpoint aligned with the Singularity and looking straight down the central axis of the vortex, we would still see 10 loops or rings, only now they would appear like concentric circles (sefirot), paired two by two.

The 3rd Word of the Torah and the Central Point Origin of the Universe

The Name of G-d, Elohim(אלהים) breaks down to (אמ) and (להי) and in terms of their ordinal values to 14 and 27, as in the key central coordinate (14) of the 27 coordinates, whose corresponding letter value, 50, equals the last two letters (ים) of Elohim(אלהים). The complete value of that central point is 64, which is (10036), which in turn equals 100 – (אלה). Moreover, Elohim(אלהים) has a numerical value of 86 or (10014) and the actual textual word ends on the 14th letter of the Torah.

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ.

The ordinal value of the first 10 letters of the Torah through the Alef(א) of Elohim(אלהים) is not-coincidentally 100. Nor is it a coincidence that the ordinal value of the 2nd and 3rd words of the Torah, Bara (ברא) and Elohim(אלהים) is (23 + 41) = 64, for all 8 of their letters, “G-d Created.” This, of course, harks us back to the central point 14, whose complete value is 64.  It also brings up the full ordinal value of all 14 letters in “In the Beginning G-d Created,” which is 140 or (10 x 14). The next 13 letters, bringing the total to 27 letters, also have a total ordinal value of 140. The 14th letter is right smack in the middle of the first 27 letters, which have a total ordinal value of (140 + 140) = 280, as in the value of Manzipach, the 5 final letters.

This is partially an aside, but those 5 final letters bring the total for the 27 letters to exactly 1 mile, in that (4995 + 280 + 5) = 5280 feet. All 27 equal One (1). Now we can understand how the diameter of the Earth, Moon and Sun and their distances from each other measured in miles all integrally relate numerically and proportionately, as previously detailed.

By the way, the 28th and final letter (ץ) of the Torah’s first verse has an ordinal value of 18 and a nominal value of 90, as in the sum of the digits in the 18-digit repeat sequence found in the Phi(φ) generated Fibonacci number series 173557319826446289 discussed in the previous chapter. And yet another aside is that the nominal values of the first and last letters of this first Torah verse (צב) is 92, as in the 92 naturally occurring elements, and their complete value is 112, emblematic of the 112 Triplets extant at Creation.

Now, the 13th and 14th letters of the Torah (ים) give us the simple equation (13 + 14 = 27). These same two letters (ים), the last two of Elohim(אלהים) and of the first half of the Torah’s first verse, have a complete gematria value of 73 and when added to their ordinal position value within the verse, they have a total gematria value of (27 + 73) = 100. Moreover, the entire first verse’s gematria value (2701) is equivalent to the sum of the integers from 1 – 73.

In terms of the gematria style called knocking or taking the product of the letter values, (אxמ) = (1 x 40) = 40 and (לxהxי) = (10 x 5 x 30) = 1500, just like the YHVH (יהוה), where (יxהxוxה) = (10 x 5 x 6 x 5) = 1500.

The Name of G-d, Elohim(אלהים) breaks down to the outer (אמ) and the inner (להי) and in terms of their ordinal values they are 14 and 27, which is the reverse, or inside out representation, of the Essential Cube of Creation. Elohim(אלהים) is not just the 3rd word in the Torah, it is the first explicit Name for G-d, the Creator, in the Torah.  Elohim(אלהים) begins with the 10th letter of the Torah and ends with the 14th. The ordinal position of the 5 letters in Elohim(אלהים) add up to (10+11+12+13+14) = 60 and the product of their corresponding values (אxלxהxיxם) = 60,000.  Furthermore, using the sofit value for (ים) we get (י) = (600 x 10) = 6000.

The value 60 is that of the letter (ס), which has an ordinal value of 15, making the above equations representative of the central juncture of the 10 sefirot.  It is interesting that there are 1833 letter Samechs (ס) in the Torah and the value of the 42-Letter Name through its central midpoint is 1833.  Meanwhile, the sum of digits in 1833 is (1+8+3+3) = 15, another refence to Samech (ס). This virtual Samech (ס) is found between the central letter pair (רצ) of the 42-Letter Name. These are also conversely the final two letters (רצ) of the Torah’s first verse and also of the 33 letters of the 11 Triplets of Creation that include this first verse.

The central juncture of the entry and exits of the flowing vortices in the Cube that pivots on the Singularity (14) forms both Keter (131415) and Malchut (131415), the beginning and the end within no beginning and no end, whose value is (13 + 14 + 15) = 42.

Just in case it was not clear, the letters (ים) are the 13th and 14th Letters of the Torah, and the letter Mem(ם) has an ordinal value of 13, while the letters (ים) have a standard value of 50, as in the 14th letter (נ), thus  when combined with the letter (ס) we get (131415) or alternatively the letters (מנס).

Comparing the letters (מנס) to their ordinal values (131415), we get (40+50+60)/(13+14+15) = (150/42) = 5778/Phi(φ).  Is it any wonder that the Creator placed David (דוד) of numerical value 14 at the very center of the 5778 year time span from Adam until now, or that he lived 70 years given that the Singularity Entry and Exit axis is 11427 with 13 and 15 or 70 in total? Is it any wonder that the Creator made the midpoint in David’s life the year 2889 HC, when 2889/27 = 107 and the sum of the integers from 1107 = 5778?

We can now begin to understand why the First Holy Temple was built approximately 42 x 70 years after Adam and that there were 70 years between the First and Second Holy Temples and that the Second Holy Temple was destroyed in 70 CE after 422 years with 422 being the numerical value for the Hebrew word for 70.  Numbers are not passive.

We previously covered the concept that the complete gematria of Elohim(אלהים) is (86 + 41) = 127 and that 127 is the number of the possible combination of 5 distinct letters, etc. The number 127, like 2701, also represents (1 and 27), which are the other beginning and end juncture points with the Creation point, who also total (11427) = 42.

When added to their total ordinal positions (10+11+12+13+14) = 60 within the verse, the 5 (ה) letters of Elohim(אלהים) have a total gematria value of (86 + 41 + 60) = 187, the exact number of Chapters in the entire Torah. Moreover, these 187 Chapters break down to 50 (ים) in Bereshit; 40 (ם) in Shemot; 27, the ordinal value of (להי) and/or ordinal placement of (ים), in Vayikra; 36 (אלה) in Bamidbar; and 34, the ordinal placement of (אלי), in Devarim.

How appropriate then that the Name of G-d, Elohim(אלהים) is the 3rd Word in the Torah, given all its specific connections to the 33 Essential Cube of Creation.

Additional Connections Between the 42-Letter Name and Bereshit 1:1

By now it should be readily apparent why reciting the 42-Letter Name (Ana B’koach) brings us closer to the Creator and Creation. We can now be closer than ever before, ironically at a time when we were never further away.  For all the talk in Kabbalah about the 3 columns, the Torah only speaks of two: the Heaven and the Earth; two aspects (good and evil); two energy types (male and female); two narratives (Cain and Seth) and two choices (right and wrong).  In the Torah, there is no gray area.  Even at the highest levels, if someone chose wrong, they were punished.  Miriam misspoke once and was punished with leprosy. Moses chose wrong once (using a stick to tap a rock rather than his words) and was punished with death. There were only 5 instances when Moses deferred to G-d for a decision on a matter; these correspond to the 5 final letters (Mazipach), representing judgement.

The flip side to this unyielding judgement is that the Torah can serve as our guide and model. Think about it: If whenever someone made a wrong choice, they were punished we could surmise that every time they made the correct choice they were not punished. Thus without great debate, we collectively and as individuals would know which path to follow in most situations that we were confronted with.

As for the two narratives, in one we followed the Torah and it is historically accurate in all details. In the other, the descendants of Cain ruled these 5778 years and the Torah is a tale of what might have been. In both cases it is the key to our survival and means of our escape. Either way, the narrative ended with Moses, and the Israelites moving on. It is incumbent upon us today to look around and take stock and decide which narrative we are in.  Powerful forces are quickly rewriting even recent history so the decision will have to be made on the level of our souls.

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ.

The last word in the Torah’s mighty first verse is Earth (הארץ) of gematria 296.  Its complementary number (1000296) is 704, the gematria of the 42-Letter Name Matrix’ middle or 4th line (בטרצתג).  Fitting together like complementary puzzle pieces this line can help us neutralize or overcome earthly matters. With only two options, earthly matters are the opposite of heavenly.

The numerical difference between The Heaven (השמים) and Earth (הארץ) is (395296) = 99.  The article between them V’et (ואת) has a value of 407 so the difference between the Heavens and the Earth is (99 + 407) = 506, the value of the first line (אבגיתץ) of the 42-Letter Name Matrix and the complete value of Moshiach Ben David.  This entire 42-Letter Name and this line in particular bridge the gap and the levels between the limitations of this world and the Heavens.

Completing the bridge is the final line of the 42-Letter Name (שקוצית) whose numerical value is 906 represents in terms of the difference between Heaven and Earth, the additional article Et (את) attached to The Heaven, plus the One.

Thus, this specific unification within the 42-Letter Name utilizes the 1st, 4th and 7th lines as in the (1 – 14 – 27) vertical axis and the path of the vortices.


What are unifications? They are the specific merging of the various Names of G-d that mimic the energetic combinations above, often to bridge our worlds. They do not work on their own but necessitate the addition of the right consciousness levels to activate them.  The Names are just representations of higher energetic pathways. Higher yet are the energetic flows that created the 10 sefirot. Energy is just a term we use to describe a flow pattern that is beyond our comprehension. It is a flow that contains all the information to create and maintain universes. With each mirrored pair of loops, sefirot, a unification is completed of complementary universal flows.

Given the powerful nature of the unifications, how much more so will be our binding with the Creation level flows through the paired sefirot. Due to their nature, the contemplation alone of these flows can facilitate the elevation of our consciousness. Remember, our world, Malchut is at the far evil end of the continuum; the Creation Flows generated though the scaffolding of the Tree-of-Life Essential Cube of Creation are at the opposite end.

The choice is ours.

At the center and the origin of the Flow is the Gate of 42 and the 42-Letters of the Name are the key. They always have been.

Chodesh Tov


For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.