Part XXIV –The Spherical Universe


One of the most beautiful teachings in the previous chapter about the Flow of Creation that created the 10 sefirot (dimensions) has to do with the shape of the universe. In the Sefer Yetzirah, Abraham relates what physically can be described as light circulating around a universe size sphere to complete a great circle with complementary dimensions on opposite poles.  In higher dimensional spherical space, or hyperspheres, what appears to us as a straight line through the universe is actually a curve all the way around it. The reason we do not see this or the effects that we are about to describe is that the vast size of the universe obscures the curvature. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

When light follows a straight line path around a higher dimensional spherical universe, or when we circle around a sphere longitudinally (a great circle) two things happen to our vision of an object (or even a world or planet) that is located at our starting point.  The reason light travels around the sphere is because it must adhere to its surface. If the entire universe is this sphere then light cannot fly off into a non-universe.

The first point is that as we get closer to a point midway between the poles in our spherical universe, we still see the initial image as if it were still in front of us, but it gets smaller (further away). The second point is that as we go from that midpoint to the opposite pole the image gets larger again and inverts.  This is because, as the beams of light converge at the antipodal or diametrically opposite side of the universe, they recreate the image upside down.  Simplistically, imagine you were standing at the top of the sphere and walked all the way to the bottom: your feet would now be above you relative to the sphere (the universe), and your right arm would be on the left side of the sphere. Relative to you, nothing would have changed.

In other words, we could travel in a straight line to the far side of our universe and we would see the Earth again, the exact same size, but everything would be inverted and backwards.

This begs the question: do the people in the imaged earth on the opposite side of the universe, or indeed anywhere along the way know that they are inverted, including their bodies and organs?

We may also ask: Do they know anything at all? If we answer no, then given that we may be that actual projection, or as previously discussed a projection from a higher dimension, do we know anything?

If we are watching them (this inverted image) as they go about their lives, at what point do we get lost in their continuous movie and begin to think it must be real?

If we travel around the universe and see all those images of ourselves do they all exist, yet as minutely different versions of our world?

If light were instantaneous in our spherical universe, then changes in time would not exists for us and the worlds would all exists in a synchronous moment in time. But in our physical universe we have observed light to be fast, but nowhere near instantaneous, and these images are made up of light reflections. Do not get me wrong, so is the image of the car you may be looking at through your window.  If light did not reflect off its energy and its infinitesimally small amount of matter, then you could not see it and hence it would not exist for you.

So given that light takes time to complete its curved circuit, each image (recreation) of Earth (for argument’s sake) would exist in a distinct moment in time, either in the future or past relative to our viewing station (perspective) and these multiple earths would all exist at once.


Okay, that is a bit abstract for the moment, so let us get back to what we do know.

As we traced the Flow of Creation around the scaffolding of the 27 numbers of the Essential Cube of Creation, we realized that, as the 5 opposite 5 sefirot unfolded, every number had an inverted backwards facing complementary number along its path of opposite spin.  Just as it would in a spherical universe, the position 22 in the lower left of the front face of the Cube complements the position 6 in the upper right on the rear face. Likewise, the position 13 on the lower middle of the right face complements the position 15 in the upper middle of the left face. No matter how we travel longitudinally around a higher dimensional sphere (metaphoric cube), front rear, left right, or top bottom everything inverts symmetrically.

Not only did we fully observe that concept in the Flow around the Cube, but we also saw the encircling get smaller and tighter toward the midpoint coming from opposite sides of the Sphere/Cube.

An animated computer model of a 4-d hypersphere generated the images above, but we did not design the Cube. The numbers were placed around it in the only positions possible so that all the rows, columns, diagonals, etc. sum to 42, and in the only way possible that the alef-bet would line up to create symmetrical alignments of rays, triangles, and Magen Davids. The Creator gave us this Essential Cube of Creation. With it, He gave us a special gift

We can now extrapolate that our physical universe is also spherical. If you thought that that was a given, please note that there are 3 physical options (spherical or positively curved, flat, or open and negatively curved) and that most physicists think our universe is actually flat.

Thanks to the Cube and Flow, which were gifted to us as illustrations, we now know that it is spherical, which explains why everything is expanding away from each other, assuming an expanding sphere. Knowing this can help Man develop the actual physics of our universe.

For those chosen for the path of enlightenment, we can now better understand the design of the upper dimensions and the palindromic nature of certain numbers.

If the dimensions of the universe are spherical, would not time be as well?


One of the most important palindromic numbers is the one derived from the Fibonacci sequence and the Tower of Truth. It is reflective of the total gematria in the Torah, has much to do with the 72 Name matrix, and like the Flow of Creation is simply derivable from the juxtaposition of the digits 1 – 9 with the opposite spin digits 9 -1.

One of the many odd properties of Phi involves the Fibonacci numbers (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144…) in that every 4th Fibonacci number is divisible by 3, like 3/3, 21/3, 144/3… and when we examine those results (1, 7, 48…) sequentially in mod 9 (in other words divide by 9 and record the remainder) we get (1-7-3-5-5-3-7-1-9-8-2-6-4-4-6-2-8-9). That 18-digit sequence, that splits into two palindromic numbers (17355371 and 9826446289) repeats itself over and over again.

Does the 810 digit split reflect Chai (חי)? Perhaps.

If you recall in our discussions of the Tower of Truth that it is a perfect stack of the 20 cubes, each incrementally 1 cubit smaller in height, width, and length from 13 – 203. It has a total volume of 44,100 or 441, the numerical value of emet/truth) x 100 and a total height of 210 cubits, meaning it fits precisely in the center of the 210-cubit high Pyramid.  While, the Hebrew word for 100, me’ah (מאה), is the permuted form of the Hebrew word for cubit, amah (אמה), it is significant to note that 441 is 212 and that 21 is the value of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) associated with Binah.

The volume of the 20th cube in the Tower is (20 x 20 x 20) or 8000 cubits3.  If we were to add one more cube of (21 x 21 x 21), which metaphysically would connect to Binah, its volume would be 9261 cubits3 and the height of the Tower would now be 231 cubits, as in the 231 Gates associated with the 22 Hebrew letters arranged in a circle with their 231 paired paths between them, as Abraham explained in his Sefer Yetzirah over 3700 years ago. Nevertheless, the cumulative or total volume of the Tower would now be 53361 cubits3.  The 21st cube’s volume would also be exactly 21% of the 44,100 cubits3 Tower of 20 cubes and exactly .173553719 of the Tower of 21 cubes volume (or 9261/53361 cubits3).  Neither of these facts are mandated by proportional mathematics; they just work out that way. Nor is it mandated that (9 + 2 + 6 + 1) must equal (5 + 3 + 3 + 6 + 1) or that they must both equal 18, yet they do.

9261/53361 = 213/(Σ(13213) = .173553719

Reflecting that same connection to Binah, the total gematria value of all the words in the Torah is 21009826, which can be broken down into 2100 and the numeric string …9826… at the center of the mysterious 18-digit sequence 173553719826446289. Please note that while 2100 can reflect the full value of 21,000,000 or 21 x (10002) it also reflects (21 x 100), as in Ehyeh (אהיה) x cubit, amah (אמה) or 21 cubits.

Moreover, (21009826 – 17355371) = 17.3% of 21009826.

Is there a reason the 18 mysterious digit sequence (173553719826446289) derived from both Phi(φ), and independently from the 21st cube (213) sums to 90, the numerical value of water(מים), the 21st word in the Torah? Or that there are 90 words in the first two paragraphs of the Torah? There most probably is, given the direct Fibonacci connection and the fact that the first paragraph in the Torah ends in verse 5, the next in verse 8 and the 3rd in verse 13.

The sum of the digits in the mysterious repetitive 18-digit sequence (173553719826446289) is 90, the numerical value of water, and the two palindromic sections (9826446289 and 17355371) sum to 58 and to 32 respectively.  Their proportionate ratios 32/90 and 58/90 give us .355… and .644…, the middle values respectively of each sequence. Moreover, (3+2+5+8) = 18.  There is no reason those proportions should work out so perfectly either.

And let us not lose sight that 58 = (10042) or that 173 is the sum of the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name.

Marko Rodin came up with the idea of layering the forward and reverse streaming of the numbers 1 through 9 and 9 through 1. We can think of them as reaching the end of the spherical universe and coming back around. Nevertheless, any segment of this endless scaffolding forms a visible grid where the number 7 will always fall between the pairs 1 – 2 and 2 – 3 or 2- 1 and 3- 2; and the number 6 will always fall between the pairs 2 – 3 and 3 – 4 or 3 – 2 and 4 – 3; and the number 8 will always fall between the pairs 1 – 2 and 9 – 1 or 2 – 1 and 1 – 9; etc. as below.

What also happens in this grid is that the number 9 stripes endlessly diagonally, and the 4 complementary pairs (181818, 272727, 363636, 454545) also stripe diagonally endlessly parallel to the 9-stripe.  These are natural and to be expected.

What was no less natural, but completely unexpected was that the 18-digit string (173553719826446289) spontaneously emerges diagonally and continuous ceaselessly in the opposite direction.

Then, also naturally, we see that across the endless diagonals, the numbers 2198 lines up every 9 numbers in every other row.  These are the same 4 positive digits we see sequentially in the total gematria of the Torah, followed by the value (26) of the Tetragrammaton: 21009826.

And dividing the diagonal line by the horizontal line, (173553719826446289/123456789123456789…) gives us 1.405785142, which may or may not relate to the number 14 at the center of the Essential Cube of Creation.

8 x 9 = 72

From the mod9 derivation of the Fibonacci numbers to the 1-9 and 9-1 derivation from the simple contiguous forward and reverse layering grid of the 9 digits, the 18-digit sequence (173553719826446289) that sums to 90 is based on the number 9.   Completely independent from the grid, when the two palindromic sequences (0173553710 + 9826446289), using zero(0) as a placeholder, are added together, we get 9999999999. In other words, each complementary digit pair (1 + 8, 7 + 2, etc.) in the sequence sums to 9.

What happens with this special grid arrangement is that every number when added to the number up and to the right of it (or conversely lower and to the left) sums to 9, except the 9’s which sum to 18. And every number when added to the number up and to the left of it adds up to either 8 or 10.

Then when we split the 18 mysterious number sequence (173553719826446289) into 9 sequential pairs (1+7, 3+5, 5+3, 7+1, 9+8, 2+6, 4+4, 6+2, 8+9) and when we reduce them to small gematria, we get (8+8+8+8+8+8+8+8+8) = 72.  Keep in mind that to get these 18 repetitive numbers, we took every 4th Fibonacci number, meaning the sequence repeats every (4 x 18) or 72 Fibonacci numbers. That is the beauty of a coherent design Created in a mind that can see infinite symmetry and how all things are connected.

When we divide the two directions by each other (123456789/987654321) we get .124999999 or 1/8 and likewise (987654321/123456789) = 8.000000729 with 729 = 93 and to the 2nd line of the 42-Letter Name matrix.  Another equation between the two directions that ties in the 8 and 9 elements is (123456789 x 8 + 9) = 987654321. And we wanted to point at yet another sequence in Pi, this one beginning with digit #756: …721134999999837297804995

We have illustrated numerous times in this series in different connotations that dividing the number 9 by the numerical string formed by the 42-Letter Name of G-d gives us 9/.1230490… = 73.141593 or 70 + Pi (3.14159365…). Yet when we divide 9 by the 18-digit Fibonacci sequence we get 9/.17355371… = 51.85…, quite close to the Phi angle 51.84, which is also 722.

The repetitive 9’s and 8’s are the dimensions of the 72 Triplet 8 column by 9 row matrix.

There is yet another previously undisclosed mod9 pattern derivable from the same set of every 4th Fibonacci number (3, 21, 144, 987, 6765, 46368, 317811…). It is found when we sum up the digits in each one sequentially and take their mod9 results.  The resulting sequence is 330660330660330660… This means that the total digit sum for the same 18 Fibonacci numbers that gave us 173553719826446289 is 54, making the sum of the resulting 36 digits: (54 + 90) = 144 = 2 x 72. Moreover, the sum of their ordinal positions within the Fibonacci series is (4 + 8 + 12…72) = 616, the numerical value of H’Torah.

Base 3

In the beginning of this series we spoke about how the ordinal values of the first 11 letters of the Torah were all in the form of base 3, meaning that their ordinal values were comprised of the digits 0, 1 and/or 2 only. We also showed how they added up to 112. That was over a hundred pages before we first mentioned the 112 Triplets of Creation embedded in the Torah, when that number took on real meaning for us.  If we think in terms of active higher dimensional numbers, it was inevitable.

Another active number we had already began connecting to was 54, the ordinal value of the first 5 letters (בראשי) of the Torah and we just saw it again above.


Plotting out those first 11 letters in terms of their ordinal values revealed that:

The sum of their 11 ordinal values is 112;

(2 + 20 + 1 + 21 +10 + 22 + 2 + 20 + 1 + 1 + 12) = 112.

and the product of their 14 positive digits is 28 or 256, like the Ark of the Covenant;

(2 x 2 x 1 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 2) = 28 = 256.

and the sum of their 14 positive digits is 22.

(2 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 2) = 22

How conveniently extraordinary is it that the base 3 number for 8 is 22, not to mention that 112 = (8 x 14).

As previously explained, using base 3 and converting it to base 10 we see that the two twin triplets (ברא) equal 73, the numerical value of Chochma and the higher dimension equivalent of the Torah’s first verse, which is 2701, the sum of the integers from 1 – 73.

2201  21  10 22  2201  112

BRE  Sh  Y T      BRE   EL

73  7 3 8 73 14

Of the 27 letters of the alef-bet there are only 8 whose ordinal values conform to base 3 (אביכלרשת), yet only these letters were chosen to comprise the first 11 letters of the Torah. Their collective ordinal value is 99, and their collective gematria value is 963—shades of Tesla. Only one of the 11, was not utilized in those first 11, or indeed in the entire first verse, the letter Caf(כ), representing Keter, meaning that 10 of the base 3 letters were used. The letter Caf(כ) was not used until the end of the 7th verse in the Torah.





Adding the 12th letter of the Torah, the hei(ה) of Elohim(אלהים), the 3rd letter of the 3rd word, and lining up all the ordinal values shows us that just like the Cube, these first 12 letters can be split into 3 groups of 9, or 27 in total. It also means that like the alef-bet and the negative space of the Essential Cube (22,005) they are literally and figuratively split into 22 and the 5 final letters.


9 – 9 – 9


22 – 5


And just in case we were to think that this was a coincidence the Creator arranged it so that the number 12 in base 3 is the number 5 in base 10, as in the 12th letter (ה) in the Torah of ordinal value 5 and complete value 10. Moreover, He arranged it so that the first 12 letters, whose collective ordinal value is (112 + 5) or 117 when added to the sum of their 18 digits, gives us (117 + 27) = 144, which is 122 and the 12th Fibonacci number.  This is also equivalent to the total digit sum for both mod9 values for the 18 Fibonacci numbers that gave us 173553719826446289: (54 + 90) = 144.



Interestingly enough, the base 3 number 112 equals 14 in base 10, and the base 3 number for 42 is 1120. How about that for universal symmetry! Is this redundant conveyance of information using base 3 another way of communicating with us or is it a necessary and integral step in transforming the Flow of Creation into the Torah and eventually our world?

And yet Man chose base 2 as his means to elevation through computers and his technology.

Did the Creator choose Echad(אחד) for One (Alef) because He liked the way the letters looked or because their numerical value was 13, and 13 in base 3 is 111, the numerical value for Alef(אלף)?

Why utilize base 3 in this transformative stepping down from Binah to Zeir Anpin?

Perhaps it has something to do with 27 being equivalent to 1000 (Binah) or 103 in base 3.

Utilizing base 3 converts the 103 Cube to the 33 Cube. It helps us understand the role 1000 or the 103 Cube played in the other 4 Essential Elements that make up the 112 triplets: with the 1000 letters of the Shema; the 1000 average value in each row and column of the 8 x 8 matrix, the 203 cubic array within the 72 Triplets; and the 1000 difference between 42-Letter Name and the Torah’s first verse. Are the Cube of 27 and the Cube of 1000 one and the same but on different dimensions?

This is why the first 1000 digits in Pi are so important.

Furthermore, in describing the Essential Cube with its 27 positions we must always keep in mind that it is a 33 array and as such has 3 coordinate points (x,y,z) for each position. Each of those coordinates can either be (0, 1 or 2), the 3 numeric components of base 3 math.  When we look at the cube from that perspective the 27 positions range from (0,0,0) or (000) to (222) and their base 10 equivalents range sequentially from 0, 1,2,3… to 26, making their combined value range from 0 to (222 + 26) or 248.

This is feeling reflective of the much more complex 248 dimensional E8 Lie Group and the E8 lattice, where each point in it is surrounded by 2160 8-orthoplexes and 17280 8-simplices in a 1 to 8 ratio, and each 8-orthoplex is a regular 8-polytope with 16 vertices, 112 edges, 448 triangle faces, 1120 tetrahedron cells, 1792 5-cells 4-faces, 1792 5-faces, 1024 6-faces, and 256 7-faces.

Where have we just seen a 1/8 ratio?

(123456789/987654321) = 1/8

What if each position within the Essential Cube of Creation reflected a set number of higher dimensions that grew cumulatively from (0 + 000) to (1 + 001)…to 248 for the 27th Cubic position by counting the sum of their base 3 and base 10 equivalents together?

The Phi(φ) proportion plays a large role in the structure of the E8 lattice, as you might expect, so given that there are 401,273 Words, Letters, Verses, Rows and Columns in the Torah and 401,273 = 248,000/ Phi(φ), there is a possibility that each dimension would be reflective of exactly 1000 φ elements of the Torah and/or 1 of the 248 columns in the Torah.

Now 401,273 is not some random number that the Creator came up with because it was evenly divisible by Phi(φ). We have parsed it many ways already; nevertheless, it is a number built up from 248 then expanded by 1000 (Binah) then expanded by Phi(φ).  It is also built up from the 390,625 or 58 Words, Letters, Verses in the Torah combined with the 223 Rows-Columns in the Torah, or 58 + 223 = 248,000 Phi(φ), which places the connection to the E8 lattice on both sides of the equation, and shows us how the 10,648 Row-Columns can fold up, or more appropriately, unfold from a perfect 223 cube.

Moreover, the 248 dimensions of the E8 lattice are broken down into 240 and 8 dimensions and likewise 248,000 is broken down into 240,000 and 8000, which is the 203 array cubic value of the square (8 x 8) matrix within the 72 Names.

The 223 cube obviously reflects the 22– Hebrew Letters, and when we use the turn “reflects” we are referring to a higher dimensional connection between the numbers or objects, much like an image reflecting off a mirror is the same, yet dimensionally very different. This cube follows in the series of 13 203 that includes the 33 and the 103, 213, and now 223.

Inside the Pi Cube

Within those 1000 digits of Pi there are 3 appearances of the numerical string …5778… and they occur at digits #633, 948, and 954 respectively.  We have illustrated numerous significant sequences already within those same 1000 digits and here is one more: …644622948954… To begin with it contains the numerical string 64462, which is a segment of the key sequence 173553719826446289, but that is inconsequential. What is significant is that within this sequence …644622 948 954… we have the exact digital mapping of the 3 appearances of the numerical string …5778: the average of 644 and 622 or 633; then sequentially in order 948 and 954.

All this occurs 451 digits before the first 5778 at digit #633. It begins at digit #182, as in the gematria of Jacob, the 3rd Patriarch, yet the sequence actually begins earlier at digit#173, as in the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name and the 173 keys to Heaven given to Moses:…211055596446229489549… This segment of the sequence begins with 2110555, which is the number of days in 5778.28 years.

It Always Comes Back to 42


Regarding the relative mass of a Neutron and Proton to the Electron, it is quite precisely (1+.99862349) to 0.00054386734. Thus allowing us to use Phi(φ)2 to complete a fundamental balancing equation:

(1+.99862349)/0.00054386734 + 26.180339887 = 3701.0

Therefore, the ratio of the (Neutron + Proton) to the Electron + 10φ2 = the 42-Letter Name.

(Neutron + Proton)/Electron + 10φ2 = the 42-Letter Name

We gave an example at the outset of this chapter of a car consisting of an infinitesimally small amount of matter and being mostly energy, so let us consider the atoms that comprise it.  It takes a relatively large amount of energy to keep the electrons in orbit, but the electrons themselves have very litter mass, only 1/1839th that of a neutron, as Peter recently mentioned, which works out to the .00054… in the equation above. A proton has slightly less mass than a neutron (99.86%), but neither the neutron, nor the proton are solid and who knows if the electron is either.

What we do know is that the neutrons and protons are comprised of quarks and that the combined mass of these quarks account for only 2% of the atom, meaning the actual physical mass of the atom is only 2% of what we observe it to be.  Physicists account for this 98% differential by using mathematics (E=mc2) to substitute the kinetic and potential energy generated by these incredibly fast quarks that are spinning around (orbiting) a central point at nearly the speed of light. Ergo, the atoms consist of mostly energy, and we do not even know if quarks are solid either; they may be comprised of even smaller particles.  And that is assuming they all are not reflections of pressure mediations on inertial fields.

As for that car, please note that each atom, according to what we know so far, is 99.9999999999996% empty space and while being a solid they are relatively close to together there is still even more empty space between the atoms.

As far as our known universe goes, you can add several more 9999’s at the back side of that empty space figure above and know that roughly 98% of the visible mass in the universe is virtual and that within each tiny atom there is limitless infinite and endless free energy powering the spinning quarks. Of course, this is at the lowly level of Malchut, the furthest end of the curved line away from Keter, the initial source of Creation.

Have an easy fast everyone and B’H may we see Moshiach soon


For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

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  1. Everything is hai
    Hai is the name of hashem before the shattering of the vessels.
    He is all existance life living ….hai
    Shem hai
    שם חי

    See my torah commentary
    Shem hai

  2. it is with great pleasure that i see this research into the structure of what is ultimately the path, yet number is a language equal to that of letter words that spell out its steps. the math therefore could be as blinding as the surface text.
    for this reason id like to bring it back to the story line, for this the cubit is key.
    without going much further into it, i will give two ways to the cubit and one important application.
    a cube and sphere of equal diameter whereby the cube is 0,5236% greater volume then the sphere
    a pendulum of one meter over 30 degrees describes an arc of 52,36 cm.
    the mazzaroth has a circumference of 25920 to measure its diameter we take 6 x the cubit 6 x 0,5236 =3,1416 therefore
    25920/3,1416= 8,250.5729564553093964858670741024 cubits so multiply by 0,5236 = 4,320
    we now have the middle pillar. which divided by 3 and multiplied by 2 ( a ratio to set the tone) we get the 288 sparks.
    this is the diameter of the inner circle twice, so they overlap, one above one below.

    secondly there is the highest 9 so 432.0/9×5=240.
    with this we too have one above and one below.
    in another way , a circle is 360 x 0.5236 = 188496 ,288 is 15079.68 x 2 = 30159.36 the circumference of the eight (8) and 30159.36/52,36=576.0 this is what is known as the tree of knowledge.
    so we have the animals, now we need to collect them , 300 x 50 x 30=45.000 x .05236= 235.62 times 8 is 188496 having done a full circle. so the galactic ocean or garden with its tree,s in the center . the tree of life 480 and the tree of knowledge which has its roots in the tree of life, the height of one is the half circumference of the other ( where they overlap) 576+480 =1056.
    so now we have the heavenly garden with its two tree,s in the center.
    and the vessel ( you) traveling under the influence of the mazzaroth untill…..
    but these 8,s are not empty, one mirrors the 5 the other joins one with 6. and done then have you what eliphas levi said, he who joins the hexagram and pentagram has solved half of the sacred secret.
    for this you need to know the goddess of….
    and if done correctly you.ll have in front of you what some call the flower of life.
    as i had no reply in a previous comment, i will leave it at this,

    1. Hi Moshiya,

      Thank you. That ratio of an inscribed cube to a sphere is .523598776… is 2φ^2 (2 times phi squared), an interesting relationship indeed. I do not understand, though, why anyone would have built with the metric system thousands of years before man came up with it. It makes sense for it to work out nicely with numbers like circumferences based on Pi since it was derivative of it or even cubes for that mater, but I don’t see it working out evenly at 52.36 with any of the known objects that were constructed or designed with the cubit. Nevertheless, at 2φ^2 (2 times phi squared) there is a definite cosmic design element to it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful stuff, Articles and Comments (This article AND the preceding ones especially!) I am still in “catch-up” mode — but will add a couple of what I plan/hope will be brief comments (below).

  4. Tesla & Marko Rodin
    Tesla famously said that there were secrets tied to “the 3’s, the 6’s and the 9’s”. Despite a lot of digging I have not yet gotten much further than his simple statement(s) along those lines.

    Marko’s “coil winding” with its 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5 repeating “Clock 9” (Modulus 9) arithmetic “skips over the 3, 6 and 9 that Tesla “was on about”. I have/had Bahai friends who assure me that Marko got the design for his coil out of their literature scripture (Bahai scripture). That becomes more amazing when you factor in that the efficiency improvements from Marko’s coil design are genuine, AND that the claim is “out there” that the Bahai faith was created by British Intelligence so as to throw a “spanner in the works” against Islam.
    The Bahais I know are some of the nicest people I know. Some of their interpretations of scripture do not jive with mine, but that does not change how nice they are, and (in my experience) HOW SMART they are.

  5. Numbers Telling A Story
    Still in “Interfaith Mode”, jumping from the Bahai Faith to early Christianity: Glen has done some solid “digging” (comments over a number of Ezra’s articles) about the “Math” sound/term being a component in the Christian words (Greek) for Disciple and Mathematics in English or Greek.
    The emphasis has obviosly shifted from mathematics, numbers and “Disciplined Students” (Disciples) to making “CONVERTS”, but the “early” emphasis on Mathematics and Gematria is interesting.

  6. “Moshe’s 1056”
    Another thing that grabbed my interest was Moshe’s reference in his (above) comment to “1056”.

    I notice that number for a variety of reasons, many of which are related to “matters” which have very indirect links to Torah. I will list some of them:

    Noah was born in the year 1056 HC, 126 years after Adam died in 930 HC. That is the same 126 we see on every face of The Magic Cube of 42.

    1056 is Double the 528 we see in the 5280 feet of a Mile (Torah based knowledge determined the length of the Mile) and the 229 and 299 letters of the Deuteronomy 6 and Numbers 15 Sections of The Shema — I include the “Baruk” as part of my 229 Letter Count. The “Baruk” with its first letter reference to “36 in Shechem” has links to the 360 degrees in a circle and the 3600 Cubits of 17.6″ in a Mile)

    And now for the more nasty reasons why I notice the 1056:

    KK Hospital in Singapore, now known as KK Hospital, is where the Singapore abortions are done. The Charles Manson Cult/Family did NOT originate in the USA. Manson was a genuine home-grown American monster, but the organisation he joined started in Mayfair, London. They then set up chapters in the Yucatan Peninsula, in the USA, in Singapore and in Perth, Western Australia.

    What they were doing in KK Hospital’s abortion clinic is horrific. The Cult in both Singapore and Perth was under the control of the same woman. Her surname is code for 1056. She is still there in Perth, still running the Cult under government level protection. The Cult has a long history of human sacrifice, in other words, Moloch worship sacrifice. I know this infomation mainly because the Cult moved in across the street from me in Perth, Australia.

    The Cult Leader’s names are an example of dark occult groups adopting English names which in the (European – Roman Alphabet) reflect either Torah mathematics and gematria, or in some cases, “Christian” Greek Names that were better known in the Middle Ages than today.

    The current Cult Leader in Perth, now aged around 75, was the protoge of the Cult Leader in London and later in the USA. That woman/witch’s name was coded to be 1012, twice the 506 of the First Line of the 42 Letter Name. The two witches’ names are strongly connected. The story goes back to the aftermath of The Profumo Affair – the “history” is complex.

    1. This is a beautiful well constructed article, put together by a learned seasoned engineer I would say. I wouldn’t dare attempt to try to add to it or take away from it. It is like a well written number one song, that I could listen to for weeks on end. Like Peter said, I too am in catch up mode from the preceding article, but can share what happen to me today. I am just so honored and bless that Ezra has enabled me to grab on to a thread of his garment and he allows me to drag behind him and learn about the creator of this thing we call life.
      I went out on my patio this morning to do my scripture devotion which is a habit of mine when I wake up each day.
      I turned on my phone (I have multiple bible apps on it) and the time was 9:11am
      The Torah has 304,805 words. Reading like a Hebrew 508,403
      508 + 403 = 911
      ——Lately, I have been sensing and feeling this deep cry for help, not for things physical, but spiritual help.—–
      —————————It feels like part of me is trapped in a sphere, that is void, dark and empty————————–
      ——————————————On a physical level it hurts like I am not whole.————————————————–

      The only “time” I feel comfort and peace is when “I am” quiet, calm and in a meditative state, alone in the study of the divine words of G-d
      and crying for his guidance, his help and He shows me things I have a hard time wrapping my mind around. This article proves my point.
      —————————————————————————( It is mathematically sound )——————————————————————————–

      ===========================( Thank you Ezra for showing me the Torah is absolute and immutable)===========================
      =============If anyone hasn’t you should read Ezra’s article “What is time” ==============

      ———————————————-It is through math that He shows me I don’t have to worry or be concerned——————————————
      The word for a male disciple in Greek is G3101 Mathetes, it actually comes from the Hebrew word math H4962 meaning few, males, etc…
      (it is a straight path to follow in the Strong’s Concordance)
      Phonetic Spelling: math -ay – tes’
      (from math-, the “mental effort needed to think something through”) – properly, a learner; a pupil, a disciple, a chosen follower of Christ who learns the doctrines of Scripture and the lifestyle they require; someone catechized with proper instruction (knows the meaning and definitions of words) from the Bible with its necessary follow-through (life-applications) ]. (biblehub dot com )
      Note: Starting with G3100 G3101 G3102 G3103 in the Strong’s Concordance takes you to H4968, H4968 takes you to H4962
      It is like re-engineering a business management strategy or reverse engineer a math equation.
      ————–Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.—————
      —————————–I found myself using the words of Jeremiah 33:3 this morning, Call unto me and I will answer thee,…

      911 x 333 = 303,363
      303 + 363 = 666
      666 is the sum of the first 144 digits of the decimal expansion of Pi – 3
      666 is the sum of the squares of the first seven primes: (2×2)+(3×3)+(5×5)+(7×7)+(11×11)+(13×13)+(17×17) = 666
      666 x 7 = 4,662 = 4+662 = 666

      ( “God the LORD, he that created the heavens”)
      HaEl YHVH Bo-rah Shamayim
      האל יהוה בורא השמים
      395 + 209 + 26 + 36 = 666

      Bk 23 Isaiah 42:5
      Thus saith (“God the LORD, he that created the heavens,”) and stretched them out; (‘he that spread forth the earth,”) and that which cometh out of it; he that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein:
      23 + 42 + 5 = 70
      70 x 666 = 46,620 = 46 + 620 = 666
      (“he that spread forth the earth”)
      Raqa Aretz
      רקע הארץ
      296 + 370 = 666
      666 + 666 = 1332
      1 + 332 = 333 = Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.
      4662 + 2664 = 7326
      7326 = wisdom (of) Hashem
      חכמה chokmah = 73 + יהוה Hashem = 26
      1332 (mirror image) 2331 | 1332 + 2331 = 3,663 | 3 + 663 = 666
      Jeremiah 10:12 is a particularly special verse to me since it is my birth date (October 12) and the exact time 10:12am recorded as the time of my birth on my birth certificate. Thanks to Peter in his comment for showing me 1012 is twice the 506 of the First Line of the 42 Letter Name.
      ————————————————————–(The witch part freak me out a little!)————————————————————
      ———————————————————But as Ezra says: it always goes back to 42———————————————————
      ————————– 1012 is also the gematria sum of the first word in the bible and the last word in the Book of Revelation——————–
      ——————————– Genesis 1:1 בראשית re’shiyth = 913 | Revelation 22:21 αμην Amen = 99 | 913 + 99 = 1012————————————
      Bk 24 Jeremiah 10:12 He hath made the earth by his power, he hath established the world by his wisdom,
      and hath stretched out the heavens by his discretion.
      24 x 10 x 12 = 2,880 + 0882 = 3762 = 37 + 62 = 99 = AMEN
      He made the earth
      Asah Aretz
      עשה ארץ
      291 + 375 = 666
      Daniel 12:10
      Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand;
      but the wise shall understand.
      The numeric string 1210 appears at the 3,455th decimal digit of Pi.
      ———————————–^ < – – 3455 th digit
      ——————————————(34 + 55) = 89

      The numeric string 1210 appears at the 1,027th decimal digit of E.
      ———————————–^ < – – 1027th Digit
      ——————————————–(10 + 27) = 37

      The mirror of 37 is 73, the name “Daniel” appears in 73 Verses of KJV 37 x 73 = 2701= Bk 1Genesis 1:1 = 111

      The numeric string 1210 appears at the 429th decimal digit of the Golden Ratio (Phi).
      ———————————–^ < – – 429th digit

      ————————————-( 89 + 37 + 429 ) = 555—————————————————–

      The word “Christ” (Christos=anointed) first appears in Bk1 Matthew 1:1 of the NT = 111 appears 555 times in KJV
      555 =111 = 666
      moshiya van den Broek: may we see Moshiach soon, may christ return, krishna, … because I know he has the password.

      and a flaming sword
      V'et Lahat HaCherev
      ואת להט החרב
      215 + 44 + 407 = 666

  7. Torah and Advanced Technology
    One of the most stunning things in this article is the link between Marko Rodin’s work and the 18 Digit Repeating Sequence that has multiple links, derivations and interconnections with :
    The overall Gematria (“measure”?) of The Torah
    The “Tower of Truth” and thereby, with The Great Pyramid of Giza
    Phi (The “Golden Ratio”/”Golden Mean”/”Divine Proportion”) and the Torah word for Tree (etz) consisting of the 16th and 18th Letters of the Aleph-Beit
    CUBES (Magic Cube of 42, 3 Faces = 126 * 3, i.e. half the 756 feet of the Pyramid’s Base Length), Holy of Holies in Moses’ Mishkan (1000 volume) and in Solomon’s Temple (8000 volume), BOTH of which are Cubes, connected to Eve’s 800 years “back with” her husband after their reconciliation, and the 8000 “Block” within the 72 Triplets. Eve fell into the clutches of the reptilian Draco, nad humanity lost access to 5 out of 10 Dimensions. So “slap bang” in the middle of the story of the inauguration of Moses’ “Tabernacle” is the ritual for the wife suspected of adultery. She was to be taken close to “The Cube” where the “proverbial” Two Cherubs that had guaded the way back to Eden, now were showing the way back – 5 “dimensions” on one Cube/Stone Tablet, 5 on the other Cube. The 620 Letters in the Shemot-Exodus version of the “Ten Commandments” have 620 Letters, Keter, the top of the Tree of The sephiroth.

    The “ReSheT”, the Matrix, the “Woven Web”, the “Divine Internet” perhaps, or even the “Simulation Internet”, what we might call “The Cloud” in today’s computer-speak, has the value 0f 900. To hold a 10-Dimensional Universe that Matrix has to be (at least) 11 Dimensional, which is what the Divine Names (1820 of one, 228 of the other) point at – these two Names, value 26 and 86 sum to 112, the 112 Triplets, and the 8 Corners of the Magic Cube of 42 around which they “orbit”.

    The 1820 + 228 = 2048 = 2^11 or 2 KB in “comuter-speak”. It is VERY “digital”, our “Divine Matrix”. Our 11-D Matrix has a “Name based on 9”, i.e. 900. We are back to Marko and Tesla, and to the Mod 9 Arithmetic that gives us 173553719826446289 repeating forever.

    As per my comment above re the Manson Cult, Adam died 126 years before Noah was born. Assuming that Eve outlived her husband, she did get 800 years with him. Those two “Cubes” (Moses’ one and the Mt. Moriah “one”, sum to 9000 10 * 10 * 10 and 20 * 20 * 20), something that ties the 11-D Matrix (900) to the Most Sacred Cube(s) on Earth, and to The Temple Mount. Guess why the site is fought overB!!

    If we want to communicate almost instantaneously across the universe, the best way to do it, should be through the Matrix or through Hyperspace (Binah Hyperspace?) rather than through Space-Time as we usually experience it.

    We have a “9-D Name” for an “11-D thing”. The Creator was/is telling us about “stepping up or stepping down” a couple of dimensions.

    Even in English, the name CUBIT is one of the nuttiest names we could ever dream up for a measure of length. Yard, foot or metre make sense. But CUBIT?? UNLESS, “somebody” KNEW something about stepping up or down dimensions . . . .

    At the end of the first 300 decimal places of pi, i.e. places 297-300, we see 1273. This is the 1.273 that Ezra covered re the structure of the Solar System, re the Kelvin Temperature Scale and re the relationships between enclosing Cubes and Spheres, Squares and Circles. Note the position in the digits of Pi – just after 296 (The Earth/H’Aretz) and leading into 300.

    We are talking Spheres, Cubits and 3 by 3 and 9 by 9 Cubes. The “guys and girls” at Lockheed-Martin, RAND, Raytheon and several other hi-tech outfits should be reading Ezra’s articles. They probably already do!

  8. dear Peter,.

    the cub it is the cube ,s greater volume of a sphere with same diameter. 52,26%
    if we take 360 degrees and each degree is a cubit 360×52,36=188496 and noahs ark is 300x50x30=45.000 x cubits =235.62
    and 188496/235.62 = 8.00 then 188496/3,1416=6.00.
    and if we take the 188496 as 360 then 288 sparks of the 360 is 1507968 but there are 288 in heaven too, as above so below
    1507968×2= 3015936 or 576.00.. cubits the tree of knowledge.
    but if we take 1507968 as diameter and multiply by 3,1416 we get 480.0.. which is the tree of life.
    so what is diameter of the one is the length of the circumference of the cup of the other. so we can say that the tree of knowledge has its roots in the tree of life. one eight ( shape of two overlapping circles ) has a ratio of diameter/3×2 the other D/ 9×5 of the 480 we know the above star is the star of David, the 6 days of creation, the seventh falls on the first day, the 8th day on the second, the 9th day on the 3rd day etc. any number larger is reduced to a single digit so day 10 is equal to 1 on the 4th the eleventh day is 2 on the 5th and the 12 is 3 on the 6th day when you continue this you will have on each leg or point of the star of David the solfeggio number sequence. whats more it also reveals two legs that are the prime numbers.
    but the goddess of 15 rules the lower kingdom , 360/15=24 degrees, and with this one is able to draw a pentagram with its top extended point entering the star above 24 wide. into daath, the 33rd. the 5 and 6 not making 11 but 7 points on the outer rim of the overlapping circles. you may wonder if the pentagram still has 36 degrees in his points, YES, it also still has its golden ratio.
    now much doubt is concerning the counsels determining which books should be left out or included in the bible. but if we know, that they used the knowledge and 39 and 27, old and new testament together 66 books then 3927 times 6 leads to 235.62 the ark of noah and 3927 x 8 =3.1416. then the 24 as opening 24 x 52.36 =125664 is equal to the 32 path as 3927 x 32 is 125664. too, in other words if one raises through by extended….. one reaches the 32 rd path ,the 33rd reveals a mirrored birth., rebirth. a perfect match to he who knows the stars that guided. where the 3 gave offerings to the one.

  9. if one knows from rim to rim is 10 then 3 is two PI 6.2832.
    and 360 x 6,2832 is 2261952 / 52,36 is 432. but 432 x 3,1416 is 13571712 / 52,36 = 25920.0 the mazzaroth. zodiac.

  10. may we see Moshiach soon, may christ return, krishna, etc. and how many rejected him?
    this time it will be different? one will need him to walk on water, another turn water into wine.
    again another requires him to be the perfect image he thinks of in his mind
    in other words be the perfect match of his personal believe.
    he may have walked the road to Damascus a thousand times without anyone recognizing him
    because how could they ever recognize him? on his outer appearance? no? his inner? well how deep can you see? while most cant even see deep enough within themselves. o by his deeds? how can you judge his deeds if you do not know truth?
    don,t get lost in numbers ! true they represent a force, a quality true they can even explain the name they create as letters. but the math and geometry describe the way out from enslavement. through finding what he stands for in your heart. do not forget the intellect has its measuring only from what it has collected and as the mind is polarized like all else in the world of matter.
    and the heart, well that is mostly filled with emotional content. which by itself is the 7 rays of light that were broken of or divisions of the one all seeing light . 1/7= 0.14285714285……. only in the one in the heart will there be clarity beyond that of the intellect or animal side of human nature. as both are limited by their very own nature. yet believe they can reach the heavens, so clearly expressed in the tower of babel , its fall and confusion. the language of light cant be read but by those who are given through the purification of the heart because only in such house will he enter. now i could explain that this light is the 2D plain that through the magnetic field bents off the 7 rays and through is separation gets polarized and charged into a 3D field creating a cyclic nature. and its 2D plain bypasses duality and raises above. matter is but light encapsulated, soul, our life giving light in our heart is consumed by our emotional and polarized nature, through experience we reflect within its mirroring until it finds balance in its center and its heaviness the gravity that keeps us stuck to the vision on the wall of plato,s cave. but when we meet him as we have centered walk that narrow edge of 2D then like a mirascope ( look it up) we can see out. and are free from enslavement. to be in it but not of it. I AM that I AM.
    Adam named the animals by their nature so he could rule over them, how many travel along the galactic ocean collecting the animals male and female feeding them, letting them grass the fields , but are poor shepherds and often loose control of some of them or follow them like sheep ourselves. unable to recognize the wolf in sheep cloths.
    worse you treated him like your son , hide him when you were asked to offer him, o you of little faith.
    from where this pride? all was already given , but a boundary was made protected by a flaming sword and requirement of a password. yet your building a tower again and again on sand. take not what s not your own, that through labor you have gained and are willing to give up opens you up, what started out as pity ( a looking down ) became empathy ( the ability to feel with) to compassion ( through seeing the cause of all, non judgmental ) its just the law like attracts like.

  11. Thanks Moshiya. It will take me a while to “catch up” / work through all your numbers (and the geometry). (I am still “way bacK” in Ezra’s articles looking at Phi and 0.618 of 1495 (Aleph-Beit values) as 924 and the 0.618 of 924 being 571 etc.

    There is so much in Ezra’s articles that I am, literally, still “playing catch up” from months ago. Wonderful stuff!

  12. a pendulum of 1 meter swung over 30 degrees describes an arc of 52,36cm
    but we need to go back to the fact that there are several layers.
    for instance the ark of noah, 300 x 50 x 30 is 45.000
    as the ark travels the galactic ocean of 25920 the mazzaroth with its animals male and female
    25920/45=576. the tree of knowledge. these animals are reflected in you. your torus field. (we enter by 45 and leave by 54.
    25920/54=480 the tree of life.
    adam was to name the animals to their nature so he could rule over them. these animal natures are of course your emotions
    the female side ( feeling) the one light divided by 7, 1/7= 0,14285714…… the solfeggio sequence. more on this later in relation to the star of david.
    feeling/emotions under the rule of the intellect. to rule over them (female)
    now the diameter was 432 so when we divide by 3 and multiply by two we get 288. this is the diameter of the first circle ( of wheels within wheels) the second circle of 288 overlaps the first making the within the garden. degrees. while 432 divided by 9= 48 x 5=240 x 2 = 480 the diameter of 288 overlapped by the second circle cuts both at 240 and the other cuts at 288 degrees
    576 and 480 now eliphas levi said he who joins the hexagram and pentagram has solved half the sacred secret. the first diameter 288 circle holds the star of David. the second circle the hexagram . yes it does,nt match the arms/legs. but its the goddess of 15 which makes it so. 360 divided by 15 makes 24 parts of 24 degrees. and its where the point penetrates the upper circle to Daath. 33. its arms support the first trinity/triangle. this pentagram still has its 36 degree points and still has its right ratio,s back to the solfeggio and the star of David. the 6 pointed star. and 6 days of creation/ the seventh rest. now if you start with the first day 1 and 2 on the next point etc. then the seventh will fall on the first and continue day 8 on day two day 9 on day 3 etc. and all above and including 10 are reduced to a single digit 1+0=1 11= 1+1=2 etc. then you will have the solfeggio sequence. whats more you will see the number strings where two legs are prime numbers.
    now i could go on and explain the scaling and holographic principles represented the periodic table etc. and how the snake is curled upon the tree , and the man is 18. and 81. and much more but these pearls should not be given unless one has seen this only as a strengthening of faith , and not as steps on the ladder. as its really about reaching, not by intellect but by a purified heart. as its really about the how to establish such heart. a subject to little talked about. as this is what the tower of babel was all about. collecting knowledge and trying to reach the heaven. and the reason g-d broke it down and caused confusion. its about seeing the story in you. about freeing oneself of the enslavement of our animal nature that rules us. once this is seen within it your real path begins. and the order of things are seen.

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