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After comments and inspiration from Peter, Moshe, Moshiya, and in particular Ramon, I found myself uncharacteristically adding to the prior section after publication so I decided to add a quick subsection instead, before we delve further into spherical time, which is an ironical pun because spherical time is the only time function that we can physically dive into.

So, taking advantage of the extra energy and support on my Hebrew birthday, Rosh Chodesh Elul, the 30th of Av, here goes…

In the prior section we spoke about the 8 Kings and referenced the 7 Lower worlds to which they were a referral according to the Zohar.

As the Zohar mentions in comments about Vayikra (137-144) and as Bereshit 226+ suggests, some of the remnants of those worlds could well coexist with ours even today, giving us explanations for UFOs and aliens that are never spotted leaving or arriving to our planet, but coming out of the sea or hovering over certain areas.  The Zohar describes some of the inhabitants of those various worlds as little people, others are noseless, and elsewhere as shape-shifters.  There are numerous other narrative tales scattered throughout the Zohar of dangerous encounters with these lower world dwellers in caves, holes, etc. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

The 7 Lower Worlds

While that is interesting, what is germane to our level of analysis lies in the details. The initials (תצנגאאא) of the 7 levels of the superimposed prior Earth-like worlds sum to 546. This is just like the initials of the 10 sefirot/dimensions (כחבחגתנהימ) that also sum to 546 and have a combined small gematria of 42. It is also like the numerical value for Israel (ישראל) with the kolel for its 5 letters, 546.

According to the Zohar, the distance to Heaven is 500 Parsangs, and the value 46 is that of me’ah (מאה), meaning 100, thus 546 can be cryptically alluding to 500. Moreover, as we pointed out much earlier in this series, the equation derived from the Torah and Pi  (21009826/42019 = 500.00), matches the collective height (500 cubits) of all 10 Gates of the Holy Temple and Temple Mount (excluding the Gate of 42, the gateway to the Holy of Holies). It is also equal to both the 23rd Hebrew letter, Caf(ך), of numerical value 500, and the number of years (500) from Abraham’s birth to the reception of the Torah 2448 HC.

Those 7 worlds stretch from the world of Tevel (תבל) of numerical value 432, the world closest to ours, to the lowest, Ertz (ארץ). In our world the proper order is from Alef(א) – Tav (ת). It is reverse in the 7 lower worlds:

One of the interesting things about these 7 worlds and of how they relate to our universe is that the sum of their initials has a collective ordinal value of 60, as we found concealed in the center of the 42-Letter Name.  Moreover, like the central position of the Essential Cube of Creation, the middle (center) world of the lower 7, (גיא), has the numerical value 14. Furthermore, the numerical value of the initials (תצנ), those of the 3 worlds above the central 14 world (גיא) is 540, and their ordinal value is 54, the number so connected to the Essential Cube as the 5400 total sum, whose digits totaled 54.

The central placement of the world (גיא) has more than a significance beyond its value of 14. The word (גיא) itself means valley, or ravine, meaning like the central position in the Essential Cube, both sides slope down into it.

The complete value for the 7 initials, including the kolel, is 613, as in the 613 mitzvot that help us recover the fallen Holy sparks, while the 7 final letters sum to 137, as in Kabbalah, meaning parallel.  The 7 parallel words.

Alternatively, using gematria sofit, which Rav Brandwein explained to me elucidated future events, the 7 final letters (לההאאהץ) for the 7 lower parallel worlds equals 947, and as mentioned in The Divine Calendar, the sum value of all the 947 digits in Pi up to the sequence …57781857780… is 4240, as in the value of Moshiach Ben David (424) x 10.

Meanwhile, the gematria for all 7 worlds (432, 105, 365, 14, 302, 50 and 291) is 1559 or (2000 441), Emet, Truth, so reminiscent of the sum of all 10 primordial component letters (דוזיכנסרךן) of the Hebrew Alef-bet, which is 1557, matching the sum of the square roots of the 127 possible combinations of the first 7 words of the Torah. These 10 primordial component letters would also have existed before our world, making them all the more relevant here, and their connection to the 7 worlds all the more probable.

The equation of the 7 worlds (432, 105, 365, 14, 302, 50 and 291) = 1559 = (2000 441), Emet, Truth, is significant because the Zohar tells us 2000 years existed before our world and the Torah began, and because Emet, Truth, is the Torah. Now we understand how and why.

Let us examine the values of those 7 worlds (432, 105, 365, 14, 302, 50 and 291).

The world of Tevel (תבל) of numerical value 432 is the highest among the lower 7 and almost overlaps with our own. Indeed, some say it is connected.  Throughout the Tanakh the word means world, but not in the Torah. It is found 3 times in the Torah, the first of which is telling at Shemot 18:18, as in the 3 iterations of Alef(א) discussed in the prior section. Of the 7 lower worlds, the 3 last ones the begin with the letter Alef(א), as in the primordial Alef(א) that existed prior to all Creation.

The meanings of the word Tevel (תבל) in the Torah, though, are not so lofty. It is first used by Yitro, a priest of Midian, to warn Moses that he is going to wear himself out trying to directly guide all the Israelites.  The next two times are in Vayikra 18:23 and 20:12, when the Israelites were commanded not to do sexual abominations, and the word in these cases means “perversion,” as in sex with animals and incest. The numbers are conveying a message to us about placement, and the words themselves are conveying a warning about what goes on at that level, the trappings of integrating with it.

The Torah also provides protection from that realm (תבל) that bridges the highest of the lower and the lowest of the higher. Combining the Torah’s first word Bereshit (בראשית) and its last Israel (ישראל) to complete the annual cycle of 54 portions, we get an 11-letter phrase, “Israel in the beginning.”

We can then separate out the first, middle and last letters (בלת) or Tevel (תבל) of numerical value 432. What is left are two identical words (אשרי) Ashrei, meaning blessing/happy. Within each of those words and in the center of both Bereshit (בראשית) and Israel (ישראל) is the name/word Asher as in “I am that I am” (אהיה־אשר־אהיה). Thus the ordinal value at the core (אשר) of both Israel, Bereshit and “I am that I am,” as previously discussed, is 42.

The value 432 itself is illustrative of the dual nature of that lower world, as the sum of the 2 stacked cubes of 216 or 63 each. What we lack is a barrier between those worlds, a metaphoric wall, which is why the Torah encased it.  Another protection gifted to us is through harmonics, where music at frequency 432 Hz has protective bubble-like powers against the influences of that world upon ours. Unfortunately, certain titanic powers that be, changed the standards of music and hid that from us as we were entering the modern era.

The 7 worlds numerical values are (432, 105, 365, 14, 302, 50 and 291).

The Torah begins with the verse “In the beginning, G-d created the Heavens and the earth.” The earth is the 7th word (הארץ) and it contains the 7th of the 7 lower realms, earth (ארץ). Another way to view that is that it contains all 7 from Tevel (תבל) to earth (ארץ).

As we said, the valley (גיא) is in the middle, but flanking it are worlds with the values 365 and 302. The complete value for the 7 initials of the 7 lower words, including the kolel, is 613, as in the 613 mitzvot. Of those 613 precepts in the Torah, 365 are restrictive ones—do not do this or you should not do that. It seems pretty clear that following the precepts helps protect us from the influences of those worlds and the 3rd world in particular.  This is important because we are trying to escape from the confines and limitations of this physical world (Malchut) and the physical pull of those 7 lower worlds is even stronger, cementing us here forever. Any interaction with those worlds is like a pagan hedonistic journey and rejection of all things spiritual and enlightened in exchange for false spirituality and false G-d.,

On the other side of the valley is the world (ארקא) of numerical value 302, which matches the 8th word (והארץ) of the Torah, that completes the 11 Triplets of Creation, making the phrase “the earth and the earth.” This second earth we know from the kabbalists refers to these 7 worlds, the lands of the 8 Kings. Since Abraham fought battles and defeated the Kings it is apparent their influence on our world existed even after the flood and at least through the time of Abraham. Abraham’s name is most associated with its standard gematria of 248 and the 248 dimensions of E8.  Abraham is also associated with his name’s sofit gematria of 808, and even its full sofit gematria of 848, or twice Moshiach Ben David (424), all hints of the 8th sefira of Binah.

The second to last world (אדמה) has a numeric value of 50.  This word is found 6 times in the Torah. The first time is at Bereshit 4:2, “…Cain was a worker of the soil.” The simplest interpretation of that is Cain, the jealous murderous brother, was a farmer. With a little understanding we can see that it can also mean that the jealous murderous brother was mining the low low world of Adamah (אדמה). Was it because he had an affiliation, or that once he connected to that world, they had a profound influence on him? What if someone, or some group were in contact with it and mining it today? Jealousy. Full of blind hatred. Uncapable of reason. The price of mining their technology.

God said, “Now you are cursed from the ground that opened up its mouth to take your brother’s blood from your hand.” Cain was revenged 7 times, once for each lower world. In Bereshit 4:24, Lemehk said, “If Cain shall be revenged 7 times, then for Lemekh it shall be 77 times.” This occurred in the alternative universe of 7 generations to the 10 generations of the Chronicles of Adam.  In our world of Torah, the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) appears 7 times and Name Adonai (אדני) appears 77 times.

Interestingly, the sum of the first 8 words or 33 letters of Bereshit that comprise the 15 Triplets of Bereshit is 3003, which is the sum of the integers from 1 – 77.  From Adonai (אדני) to Ehyeh (אהיה) is numerically (6521) = 44, which is equal to (7733).

Together Adonai (אדני) and Ehyeh (אהיה) is (65 + 21) = 86, Elohim (אלהים), as in the (14 + 72) Triplets along the axis of the Alef(א).  While at the center of Adonai (אדני) is (דנ), or 54, a reference to the Essential Cube of Creation, the final 3 letters(אדני), excluding the Alef(א), total 64, as in the central position of that same Essential Cube of Creation. While the 3 letters that follow the Alef(א) in Elohim (אלהים) have an ordinal value of 27 and a total value of 72, the 3 letters that follow the Alef(א) in Ehyeh (אהיה) total 20, as in Keter.  Do these 3 initial Alefs(א) in the 3 Names of G-d counter the 3 initial Alefs(א) in the 3 lowest levels of the 7 lower worlds.

Furthermore, the spelled out Name Adonai (אדני) has a numerical value of 671 as in the combination of Adonai (אדני) and Ehyeh (אהיה) or (65 x 10) + 21.

The next place the word (אדמה) is found is in Genesis 14:2. Yes, it contains 42 and yes 14 is the ordinal value of the letter associated with 50, taking us right back to the central position of the Essential Cube of Creation. This time it was regarding the King of Adamah (אדמה) in the battle of the Kings.

The names of the lowest two worlds (אדמה) and (ארץ) are found (6 + 131) = 137 times in the Torah as words. We know that the higher dimensional math sum of the integers from 1 – 42 = 903 and from 1 to 36 = 666 and while (4236) = 6, the resultant higher math equation projected onto our world of understanding is (903666) = 137, the value of Kabbalah, meaning to receive, and parallel. It also means “receipt,” as in the bill to be paid after the meal or purchase.  If I need to spell it out for you any further, please note that the gematria equivalent of 131 is Samuel, another name for satan. There is a bill to be paid for choosing to trade with the lower worlds.

We usually think of 50 in terms of the 50 gates of Binah, but we are talking about the 7 lower worlds here and thus in this case it refers to the 50 gates of negativity. The Zohar explains that the Israelites were at the 49th Gate of negativity when they were in Egypt and that there is no return from the 50th gate.  Why does the Torah talk so much about the bricks in Egypt? For the first hundred years or more of the exile they were mostly shepherds in Goshen.  You cannot get too much more connected to the earth than by digging mud and baking bricks. And were not Pharaohs projects made of quarried limestone and granite? Yet 3 million Israelites were making bricks. The only other time bricks were employed in the Torah was at the Tower of Babel.  It is all about the trappings of physicality and the influence of the lower worlds within ours. Where did the Egyptians get their ideas about their mutant gods? Or the pagans? Or Middle Earth? Where did the Titans who built the Tower of Babel get their technology or their idea of inverting the sefirot to put earth on top. Or today’s titans?

The War of the Kings took place in paragraph 44, like dam(דמ), blood, the 1st plague, the color of bricks at the center of Adamah (אדמה). Who was 44?

When the Israelites were knocking on the 50th gate, the Creator sent them Moses and bubbles of protections to set them free. But they took with them all manner of gold from the Egyptians, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but proved to be their downfall at Mount Sinai. Physicality carries a great weight.

How can the worlds overlap? We should not confuse earth with Malchut. Malchut is a sefira, the 10th dimension. Earth occupies that dimension. So do the 7 lower worlds.

Out of the worlds (432, 105, 365, 14, 302, 50 and 291), two represent the central position of the Essential Cube of Creation.  That cannot be coincidental. Or how about the 3rd of the 7 lower worlds, (נשיה), right above (גיא)? It has an ordinal value of 50, while (גיא) has one of 14.

The 14th ordinal position is associated with the letter Nun (נ), the field we call Binah, of numerical value 50. The square root of (14 + 50) is 8, as in the 8 Kings that once ruled before any King ruled over the Israelites.

“These are the kings who ruled in the land of Edom before any king reigned over the Israelites.” – Bereshit 36:31

The sum of the 11 square roots of the 11 Hebrew words in the verse “These are the kings who ruled in the land of Edom before any king reigned over the Israelites” is 140.027… and the sum of the Torah recurrences of the 7 lower worlds is 140.

Keep in mind that even though these are lower worlds, their point of origin is the same as ours.  We have the same Creator. What we do not share is the same affinity for the Light. We can connect to the light directly and we are connected to the life-force.  Those worlds connect through ours; they drain life-force from our world and from those that connect to them.

Cosmic Collisions

We are very familiar with the value 280, as that of the 5 final letters (MaNZiPaC), representing harsh judgements. In the last section, we also learned that it is also the sum of the ordinal values of the Torah’s first 27 letters. Moreover, it is also the difference between the collective 4122 recurrences of all 7 words of the Torah’s first verse and the sum of the first 42 letters of the Torah that include both the creation of our world and of the 7 lower worlds, Tohu v’bohu. The simple equation, (41223842) = 280, could just as easily apply to the sum of the initials of all 86 Triplets of the 72 Names and 42-Letter Name combined, also 3842. The sum of the digits in the equation reveal another underlaying equation (26) = 10.

When the numeric fields combine, they can be additive or multiplicative. The same goes for the fields of the letters. The letter Caf (כ) representing Keter, the highest point, is found at the center of the Alef-bet while the letter Nun (נ) is at the center of the Essential Cube. They are both elements of the 10 original primal letters. When their respective fields are added, they total 70 and when multiplied they total 1000, as in Binah. When the Caf (כ) field is cross multiplied with the ordinal value field of the letter Nun (נ), they equal (20 x 14) = 280. It is not the math here that is significant; it is how and why these fields were oriented and attracted together to produce this cosmic offspring. Two middle primal letters result in a force or attraction that drew in all 5 final letters (ךםןףץ).

The 5 final letters share a special bond with their ordinary counterparts, yet they have their own fields and ordinal positions in the Council of 27, the Essential Cube of Creation. We can think of them as their counterparts on steroids that are pronounced the same but can shift back and forth between their two numerical values, like the Hulk. When the Caf (כ) and Nun (נ) fields are simply added, the result is equivalent to 70, and multiplied to 1000.  When Caf (כ) and Nun sofit (ן) fields are combined, the results are 720 and 14,000.

While the resultant 14,000 is self-referencing to the 14 position of the central Nun (נ) field times the 1000 level of Binah, the 720 result is reminiscent of the 720.0 square roots of all 216 letters in the 72 Triplets.  We now see the origins of that phenomena in that the result of the Caf (כ) and Nun (נ) fields likewise gave us 280, which aligns with the sum of the 72 square roots of the 72 Triplets, 280.0.  Together, they total (280.0 + 720.0) = 1000.054 with 54 being reflective of the sum of the entire Essential Cube of Creation, as previously discussed.

Moreover, within the 72 Triplets there are actually only 70 individual Triplets because two are repeated to complete the (8 x 9) matrix, as found in the simplest the Caf (כ) and Nun (נ) field equation, (20 + 50) = 70. We are so lucky that the fields have been so dumbed down for us that we can perceive them as representative numbers. Imagine if we needed a math dept full of chalk boards, white boards, and smart boards just to unravel one field.

Both the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Triplets of the 72 Names are linked together with the central 14 position within the Cube. The 72 Names are linked as the offspring of the central position combined with the Caf (כ) or keter position and the 42-Letter Name in an even more primal way. This is why these two Names are so powerful paired together and why it was said that they were used together by Moses to provoke the splitting of the Red Sea. And this is just the end results, the filtered down version of this combination.  Their true power is that of Creation.

The letter Caf (כ), signifying Keter, even though it is in the middle of the alef-bet, has an ordinal value of 11, which is why the 11 Triplets of Bereshit, are at the head of the Torah.

As for the 4th of the 4 Essential Triplet Fields, we need to examine the combined field of the 5 final letters, those on steroids. (280 + 125 + 5)  = (280 + 53 + 5) = 410, the full power of the 5 final letter fields concentrated in the first Triplet (שמע) of the 15 Triplets of the Shema, which is also the first word (שמע) of the 1000 letter Shema. This origin that is tied to the central 14 position is why this Triplet (שמע)  is found at Devarim 6:4 “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our G-d the Lord is One,” in the Torah, given that the complete value of the central 14 position within the Cube is (50 + 14) = 64.

The other 14 Triplets of the 15 Triplets of the Shema that are concealed in this verse are the 14 Triplets of the Upper 42 Letters of the Name of G-d, anchoring the 15 Triplets with the central Nun (נ) field and the Caf (כ) field.

We can now understand why the axes of the primordial Alef(א) are aligned through the pairing of the 14 Triplets with the 72 Triplets, and on the other axis, the 11 Triplets and the 15 Triplets: 86 and 26.

What we neglected to mention when we illustrated that the collective gematria of the Torah is 21009826 and that the sum of its digits is (2+1+0+0+9+8+2+6) = 28, and that the product of those same digits is (2*1*0*0*9*8*2*6) = 1728 , and that the 4th root of 1728/28 is 2.802828 is that 1728 is equal to 123. Yet another cube that plays a role in the Torah’s higher-level design.  And for what it is worth (6 x 123 + 280) = 223, the difference between the 3 major Torah elements and the 5 major Torah elements.

The 8 initials (בבאאהוהו) of the 8 words that forms the 11 Triplets of Bereshit total 28, and is palindromic (from the front {2-2-1-1} 6-11-17-22-28 and from the back 6-11-17-22-28{1-1-2-2}). While the 17-28 combination may be coincidental, 611 is the numerical value for Torah.

The Frequency 432

We have spoken about the 432 Hz frequency as the sum of two cubes of 216 and its protective and healing properties and how it is built into the Torah’s first and last words, but where is its origin? It has to do with a Sphere and a Cube, the two most basic shapes in 3-dimensional geometry.

Earlier, we calculated the universal harmonic of the cosmos as 1.273, the ratio of a circle to a square inscribed in it.  It was a little odd that our 3-d universe was designed around a 2-d relationship, but there is no arguing with all the redundant measurements of our solar system etc. as told to us by all our scientists. Why would they have made it all up? Alternatively, why would a simulation have made it so easy for us to see through it?

I do not know if I have ever mentioned this, but it was always the goal of every true kabbalist to ask why? Not how much, what is in it for me, or how can I get as much out of the physical world as possible. Just the opposite. How can I get as close to the spiritual world as possible, the world of Binah (Understanding)? One of the best ways to get understanding is to constantly question why?

Why is 1.273/3 = .424333?

The Sphere in the Cube

Let us move up a step from this 2-d relationship to a primal 3-d relationship. A little arithmetic helps us determine the ratio of Cube with a sphere inscribed in it. After a few substitutions it boils down to Pi/6 s3 with “s” being the side of a cube. With 6 sides to a cube it is a very cute, even satisfying formula.

It works out to .523598776… Mathematicians can be excused for seeing that ratio as just another irrational number; after all, they see so many, but can they really be excused. You see it is nearly equivalent to .2Phi(φ)2, off by .00001532…. They like perfect, but with absolute perfect nothing would exist. Designed imperfection is what led to existence.

Since (.2 x 2.6180339887…) = .523598776… Therefore:

This is yet another basic harmonic ratio that is tied to Phi, this time in 3-d, but how does it move us forward towards elevation, escape velocity?

The Cubit and the Foot

We know the sacred and formerly secret cubit is 27.5”, and when we multiple 27.5, as 1 cubit, times this ratio, we get approximately 14.4 cubic inches, related to 144 or 122, as in the 12 inches/foot that the Cubit is measured in, 27.5 inches.  The inches and feet may have been British and the cubit truly ancient and based on the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה) but their source was one and the same. The same goes for the 5280-foot mile, as the sum of the Alef-bet with its 5 final letters: (4995 + 280 + 5) = 5280 feet.

Let us think about what we are saying.  When a cube measures 27.5 per side, or 1 cubit3 in total volume, 27.5 cubic inches, the volume of the inscribed sphere will be 14.4 cubic inches or 122/10, which is 1 ft2/10.

One simple derivative of this is that the cubit (27.5”) = (12”)2/2φ2, or 1 cubit = (1’)2/2φ2. Thus, we now understand that the relationship between the foot and the cubit is a primordial one base on 2Phi(φ) and derivative from the geometric shape of a cube and the sphere inscribed in it.  What we are seeing is that the Pi and Phi fields combine to help give rise to 3-dimensional structure, physicality.

By the way, (27.5”) = (12”)2/2φ2 also equals 722, so 1 cubit = 722. Go figure!

The Future Holy Temple

A cube of 3 x 27.5” in cubic volume gives us an inscribed sphere of 43.2” cubed. A cube of 3 cubits in volume has an inscribed sphere of 43.23 inches.

Double that, or 6 x 27.5” in cubic volume gives us an inscribed sphere of 86.4” cubed and 6 x 27.5” is the width of the walls and gates in the Future Holy Temple  Moreover, 86.4 gave us all those cosmic harmonic ratios between the Earth, Moon, and Sun once again. Cubes and spheres in synchronicity. So, while the 50-cubit height of the Gates connects to Binah, so too does its width through the frequency 432 Hz, especially considering that the gates are 10 cubits wide and (43.2 x 10) = 432.

If you recall, the ratio of the sphere to the inscribed cube of volume 1 is 2.7207, a number easily relatable to the Essential Cube of 27 Fields and the Flow of Light (207). When we multiple the ratio of a sphere inscribed in a cube to the ratio of the sphere that inscribes that cube of volume 1, in other words from cube to cube, we get 1.424554689. The values 1 and 424 we recognize immediately, and 1424 is the numerical value of Kadosh Kadoshim, the “Holy of Holies,” at the core of the Future Holy Temple, right beyond the Gate of 42.

This brings us back to the Cubit, 27.5 inches, that represents a cube of 3.018” per side. The extraordinary thing about this is that it is the result of the ratio between the 112 Triplets split along the two axes of the Alef(א): 3842/1273 = 3.018. Thus, cubing the ratio (3842/1273 = 3.018) of the Alef axes formed by the 112 initials of the 4 Essential Fields gives us 1 cubit.  Four important fields of Creation aligned with 4 Names of G-d create the Cubit.


This is why the first 42-Letters of the Torah had to sum to 3842, as they are cosmically conjoined with the 42-Letter Name and the seeds (initials) of the 112 Triplets had to be embedded at the beginning of the Torah, like cosmic strands of long hair attached to the head.. Moreover, (1273 + 3842) = 5115 and while the sum of the digits in that equation = 42, the ratio of the 26 initials to the total 112 initials is 1273/5115 = .248

In case you missed it, (384286) + 4) = 3760, the pivot point in the Divine Calendar that turns out to be based on spherical time.


The Fibonacci sequence based on the phi(φ) relationship between the consecutive members of this set begins with 1,1,2…, as in the 112 Triplets.

With the exception of a specific formulaic set of number, all integers can be computed as the sum of 3 cubes (a3 + b3 + c3) = N. The smallest such number using positive integers only is 3, as in (13 + 13 + 13) = 3. The next is 10, as in (13 + 13 + 23) = 10. This does not actually wed 10 to phi(φ), but it does make it the sum of 3 very simple cubes. Most of the numbers require positive and negative integers with dozens of digits. The last number found was 42. It took a network of 10’s of thousands of computers to find it.

You recall how the sphere that circumscribes a cube of side 1 has a volume of 2.7207, relating it to the Essential Cube of Creation (27) and the Flow of Light (207). Well, the sum of the 3 spheres that circumscribe the cubes of side 1, side 1 and side 2 respectively have a collective volume of 10 x 2.7207 or 27.207.

Likewise, while, (1+ 2 + 3 + 4) = 10, the sum of their cubes, (13 + 23 + 33 + 43) = 100 = 102 and thus it is like adding spheres circumscribing 100 individual cubes of side 1 and thus (100 x 2.7207) = 272.07

The numeric and quantitative value 10 is important as it forms the side of a cube whose volume 103 or 1000 aligning it with Binah. With the total volume of the Essential Cube of Creation at the level of Binah being 27,000, each positional cube within it has a volume of 1000 and thus sides of 10 each.

Is each of these 103 cubes subdivided or sectioned into (13 + 13 + 23) lesser cubes, Keter, Chochma, and (Binah –  Malchut) cubes.

The Torah and Phi(φ)

The total number of words, letters, verses, rows, and columns in the Torah is 401,273, which in turn is 248,000φ and this in turn is 248φ x 103. Is this a hint the each of the 248 dimensions in the E8 Lattice is a cube of 103, an expansion in 3 more dimensions? Does this represent why the Kabbalists define the 10 sefirot as a 3-column system? Does not the Kabbalistic Tree-of-life resemble 2 stacked cubes? Do not the 3 rays of 3 dimensions resemble 3 columns, as in the 3 dimensions of a cube?

The total number of words, letters, and verses in the Torah is 390,625 or 6252. This is also equivalent to the hypercube 54 squared, which is 58, another hint to the E8 Lattice hyper structure. This is equal to (√5)16, which is significant because Phi(φ) = (1 + √5)/2. A little basic algebra and the square root of 5, √5 = (2φ1). This in turn means that 6252 = (2φ1)8 and (2φ1)16 = 390,625.  Therefore, both the 3 main elements of the Torah and the 5 main ones are directly related to Phi(φ).


The Pressure Upon the Fields

The Tefillin and Shema

The commandment to wear the 2 cubes of the Tefillin comes from Devarim 11:18, which happens to match the numerical value (1118) of the 15 Triplets, the first verse of the Shema containing the concealed Upper 42-Letters of the Name of G-d.

The Shema itself is comprised of 1000 or 103 letters divided into 248 words. Is this another hint to the 3 cubic (103) dimensions for each of the 248 dimensions of the E8 structure of the universe? It is further divided into 4 paragraphs—yes, 3 is most customary—and the initial verse, replicating the 4 Essential Fields of the 112 Triplets of Creation and central Essential Cube of Creation. The first and last paragraphs have 42 words and 72 words, respectively. Of the 248 words of the Shema 42 words begin with the letter Vav (ו), and 42 more words begin with the letter Alef (א) outside the paragraph of 42 words and 13 within it, which as we discussed reveals deep connections to the prime numbers.

The first Triplet of the Shema (שמע) has a value of 410, as previously discussed. The rest of the first verse from Israel to Echad has a value of 708 and is replaced by the 14 Triplets of the Upper 42-Letters of the Name (יהוה) of the same numerical value. Both Israel to Echad and the of the 42-Letters of the Name begin with Yud(י) and end with Dalet(ד), or yad (יד), as in the Hand of G-d, and the central position (14) of the Essential Cube of Creation. Moreover, (410 + 14) = 424, Moshiach Ben David.

The letters represent movements, or pressure mediations that interact with the fields.  The letter Shin (ש), as stated earlier, represents a wave pattern. With its triple angled rays, it also represents a 3-dimensional cube and the 3 columns of the Tree-of-Life. Since each ray is composed of a Vav (ו) the resultant form would be a cube of 216. Two Shins (שש) such as found on the Tefillin or wrapped upon the left arm form (216 + 216) = 432, protection against the physical draining of the 7 lower worlds. This is one of the reasons the Shin (ש) on the head tefillin has 4 rays or Vavs (ו), making 7 in total, 42 in total value. And since the Shin (ש) has an ordinal value of 21, both pairs of Shins (שש) each have a value of 42. Together they are 84, the numerical value of dimension (ממד).

As explained recently, the two Shins (שש), of ordinal value 42, when spelled out Shin-Shin (שין־שין) have a numerical value of 2020, with each Shin (ש) individually of ordinal value of 21, connecting to Binah, through the Name Ehyeh (אהיה), making it the perfect letter to represent the 3-dimensions of the cube, and as the first letter of the Shema, the cube of 103.

The 4 Essential Elements of Creation that comprise the 112 Triplets, begin with the Letters (אבוש) for a total of 309, which is 903, the sum of all the integers from 1- 42, in reverse, at the center of the structure of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation. And while 3 x 9 = 27, the ordinal value of the letters breaks down to (אב) 3 and (וש) 27, for a total of 30. The value 30 in turn, is that of the letter Lamed(ל), the one letter associated with 42 through the 42 repetitions of the name Yehuda (יהודה) in the Torah and through its complete value, which is 42. It is also the one letter associated with the level of Binah, as it is the only letter designed to reach upwards, like the tip of the Yud(י). Moreover, Yehuda (יהודה) is comprised of the YHVH (יהוה) and the letter Dalet (ד) of numerical value 4, as in the 4 Essential Elements of Creation that comprise the 112 Triplets and the 4 Letters in the YHVH (יהוה).

The value 30 is also the ordinal value for the letter Alef (אלף).

If you recall from much earlier in this series, there are four (4) forms of energy movement in our world. These are influenced by the 27 higher dimension pressure mediations and the fields they interact with. These are four (4) forms, directly analogous to the Yud (י) Hei (ה) and Vav (ו) of the YHVH (יהוה):


Now, let us flip their order, as if we were reading from right to left, as in Hebrew. Again, the order makes no difference as far as we know:

The letter Hei(ה) is not primal but is composed of Yud-Dalet (יד), meaning hand, of numerical value 14. Like our hands, whose thumbs point in opposite directions or spin, so does the Flow at the central position 14 in the Essential Cube of Creation, that creates the 10 loops of the Sefirot, like the 10 fingers split 5 on one side, 5 on the other.  The complementary positions they flow to each total 28, meaning koach (כח), power or force, but also signify two Hands (2 x 14). This why the liturgical poem that recites the 42-Letter Name is called the Ana B’koach.


These four (4) forms of pressure mediation, the Yud (י) Hei (ה) and Vav (ו) of the YHVH (יהוה), appear in the Torah exactly 90,100 times. Higher dimension math reveals that these 90,100 insertions were projected from the field of Moshiach Ben David (424) since 90,100 = the sum of all integers from 1 – 424.

Triangular Numbers

We have seen the number 10 as the sum of integers from 1 – 4 ; 21, as the sum of integers from 1 – 6; 28 as the sum of integers from 1 –7; 91 as the sum of the integers from 1 – 13; 210 as the sum of the integers from 1 – 20; 378 as the sum of the integers from 1 – 27; 903 as the sum to 42; 2701 as the sum to 73; 3003 as the sum to 77, 5778 as the sum to 107; 20706 as the sum to 203; and 90,100 as the sum to 424.  All the results of these formations are also Triangular numbers with the integer count being the number of rows in the equilateral Triangle and the number of integers in each side of the triangle.

This brings up yet another important point, when we use higher dimensional math with the summing of integers, we are creating a Triangular number. Each sum of the integers from 1 – N, has a corresponding triangular number. That N will determine the number of stacked levels (rows) in the triangle, just as we stacked the cubes in the 3-dimensional Tower of Truth.

The number of integers determines how many rows will be in the Triangular number. A Triangular number will always be the sum of integers starting with 1. The word Boreh (ברא), the 2nd word in the Torah, is found 6 times in the Torah, and 6 is the 2nd Triangular number. It is the sum of the integers from 1 – 3 split in 2 levels (1 and 2-3). A Triangular number must have an equal number of integers in each side of the triangle, and it must be equal to the number of levels (N).

Triangular has to do with the shape that the numbers stack up in sequentially, but it is imperative we understand it as 3 equilateral sides, representing Triplets, the 3 columns, and the 3-cubic dimensions of Binah (103).  There are 3 levels in the 3rd Triangle number, 21, the sum of numbers from 1 – 10. When we stack the numbers from 1 – 10 triangularly we get 3 levels (1, 2-3, 4-5-6) for a total of 21, once again relating the number 10 and the 10 sefirot to the Shin (ש), the higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה), and the 3 dimensions of 103.

The 4th Triangular number has 4 levels and 4 units per side. Its sum is 1 – 10. If we take this as a representative arrangement of the 10 sefirot (Keter; Chochma- Binah; Chesed-Tiferet-Gevurah; Netzach-Hod-Yesod-Malchut) we see it does not differ from the Tree-of-Life. The three corners (1-7-10) sum to 18, and the outside triangle equals 50 with the central position being the number 5. The full value of this triangle of the 10 sefirot is 55.  This is the secret of the 10 Gates of the Future Holy Temple, each one 10 cubits wide, each 50 cubits high, each measured in cubits (55/2) = 27.5, and each containing the Hei(ה) of Binah. Without the Hei(ה) its not a gateway, just an entranceway. The central positions surrounding the central 5, are (2-4; 3-6, and 8-9) equal 32, as in the 32 Paths of Wisdom that comprise the Tree-of-Life, along with the 10 sefirot, make 42, as explained by Rabbi Chaim Vittal in his Book New Writings.

Is this Hei(ה) in the center of the triangle the spiritual correlation to the eye of Horus in the triangle used by so many dark and mysterious organizations ancient and current?

Why does 55/2 illustrate the cubit? Because 55 represents the 2 Heis(ה) of the YHVH (יהוה), which is separated by the Vav (ו) of numerical value 6, as in the 6 cubits of the width of the Holy Gates and the 6 handbreadths of the cubit.

When we think of the 103 or 3 dimensions per each of the 248 dimensions, we must thick of each group of 10 as the 10 sefirot, each a Flow, each part of the Greater Flow, 1000 per each 248 or 248,000 in total. As it says in the Zohar, Shoftim: “Blessed is he who is attached to the Tree of Life, with his body and limbs, for he is candle. Each branch is a candle of a commandment with his 248 positive commandments.”

The 5 Final Letters

The recurrences of the 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) is also very telling and hints at a deep secret. In order, the number of their occurrences are (3358, 10624, 4259, 1035, and 830) = 20,106 of them in the Torah. The sum of their digits equals 70. If one Mem(מ) is hypothetically changed to a final (ם), the quantitative qualities and the total standard gematria of the Torah, 21009826, remain unchanged. What would change is the 10,624 final Mems(ם) would become 10,625, representing what we analyzed above as the square root (625) of the Torah and the 10 sefirot (dimensions). Since the value of final Mem (ם) is 600, if we add 600 to 20,106, we get 20706, which is the sum of all the integers from 1 – 203, the value of the first Triplet (ברא) of the Torah. A new beginning perhaps, as 20,106 final letters becomes 20,107 final letters with 20 being Keter, and the 107th triangular number being 5778.

When we substitute the final (ם) for Mem(מ), the total number of the 50 composite letters of the Alef-bet distributed throughout the Torah becomes (600,000408), answering the riddle of why the Torah is said to contain 600,000 letters, one for each man at Sinai. The balance of 408 x 6, the value of Vav(ו) is 2448, the year those 600,000 men stood at Sinai.

Another thing that happens when we substitute the final Mem(ם) for Mem(מ) is that their total gematria sofit—using those 5 final letters—works out to (5800.054)2, which also equals (5800.02 + 625). The 5800.0 is reflective of the 58 hypercube arrangement of all the letters, words, and verses in the Torah, and of 5/8 or .625, and Noach (58), while the .054 is the remainder again, as in the one we saw with the sum of the 288 square roots of the 72 Triplets, 1000.054, and the reflection the Essential Cube of Creation.

The words H’Torah (התורה) and H’Keter(הכתר) are very interesting. They both contain (תר) of numerical value 600, like the final Mem (ם) and of ordinal value 42. The full value of H’Keter(הכתר) is 625 and of H’Torah (התורה) is 616. What is most interesting is that the ordinal value of each is 58, and of course (10058) = 42.

I am pretty sure I know which letter Mem(מ) is supposed to be a finalized version (ם), but it is forbidden to change anything in the Torah so I will not. We will leave that for Moshiach.

If we reverse the letters in Noach (58), and use the sofit value of the letter Nun in chen (חן), we get 708, as in the Upper 42-Letters of the Name (יהוה) and of the Shema’s first verse.

Alef and Hei

The Torah recurrences of two additional letters are also quite revealing. The letter Alef (א) of numerical value 1 is found 27,059 times in the Torah. And the letter Hei(ה) of value 5 is found 28056 times in the Torah.  We have already discussed the 140,280 value for all the letters Hei(ה) and the connection between 5 and 280, as in the 5 final letters and the mile 5,280 feet.

So, let us start with the first letter of the Alef-bet, Alef (א), and the 27,059 times it is found in the Torah. Let us first separate out the 27,000 from the 27,059, since that is the volume of the 33 Essential Cube of Creation.  Also, it is possible that 27,059 is reflective of the 27.5” cubit.

Next, let us hypothetically reduce 27,059 by 3 to 27,056 to match the 28056 Heis(ה) in the Torah. Now the difference between them would be exactly 1000, Binah.  Those 3 Alefs (אלף) have a collective numerical value of 333 and a collective complete numerical value of 423, which is Phi(φ)3 or with the kolel of 1, 424, Moshiach Ben David.

As for the 27,056 Alefs (אלף), they total 3003216, reflecting the 3003 value of the first 33 letters of the Torah that comprise the 11 Triplets of Creation and the sum of the integers from 1 – 77. These were designed so that the 11 Triplets would go beyond the 10 sefirot and connect with the 11th sefira, Da’at, in that (11 + 33 + 77) = 112. Moreover, this structure (11 + 33 + 77) was designed so that they would line up as 137 and 137, a hint to kabbalah (parallel) as the 33 letters extend to the lower worlds in the 2nd verse of the Torah.

On the other hand, the collective numerical value of the 28056 Heis(הי) is 420,840, or quite obviously (42 x 104) with (84 x 10) or 42 with redemption (פד) and/or dimension(ממד).

By the way, while the values of Alef (א) and Hei(ה) equal (1 + 5) or 6, the values of Alef (אלף) and Hei(הי) is (111 + 15) = 126, as in (3 x 42), the value of each of the 6 faces of the Essential Cube of Creation.

We are not saying that the 3 Alefs (א) do not belong in the Torah, G-d forbid, only that these quantitative numbers were designed to reveal more about the workings of the universe than meets the eye. For example, using the full 27,059 count, we see that the sum of numerical values of the Alefs (אלף) and the Heis(הי) in the Torah, is 3424389 and that that total divided by the value of the Heis(הי) = (3424389/420840) = 8.137033077…. Only in a universe of Divine Creation and higher dimension mathematics can these values equate to an equations whereby the first 8 words of the Torah = 33 letters = the sum of the integers from 1 – 77 = 137 reflected in the (11 + 33 + 77) elements of the 11 Triplets of Creation.

And just for good measure the sum of the digits in 3424389 is 33 and 18 in 420840, while 33/18 = 1.833…, as in the sum of the letter values through the midpoint of the 42-Letter Name and the 1833 letter Samechs(ס) in the Torah. In case you were wondering 18/33 = .545454…

As for the 3 Alefs (א), when they are cubed, 1113 = 1367631, we get their digit sum as 27, and since (3 x 111) = 333, the P/S cipher is 4107 or 4 and 107, as in 4th exile and 5778. Perhaps.

Let us return to the cubic structures that we keep finding throughout the universe at all levels of understanding. What does it mean to cube a number, as in 103? We have seen that there are 4 basic forces or pressures directly analogous to the Yud (י) Hei (ה) and Vav (ו) of the YHVH (יהוה) and that they control the movements within and between the fields.

Yet, the Kabbalists have always spoken of a 5th one analogous to the tip of the Yud (י), set above the other 4 letters (forces).  These are the 5 worlds that influence all aspects of all existence. The 5th, Azilut is the highest. What if there is a 5th force that causes or guides the dimensions to expand, taking all the fields with them. By unraveling the effects of this force (pressure) we see its roots. Square or cubic roots are not an end product but are part of a process.

Moving on….

For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.