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It was Einstein who said Time is an Illusion. We are not experiencing time, just observing entropy. “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

If I Could Turn Back Time

If I could turn back time I would not have to. I would be able to change it without ever having to travel into the past or the future. With Spherical Time, we focus on the outcome that we want, not on the seed or the path of history that is to be, or that was followed. Those paths have infinite variations and changing one seed or kernel no matter how near or far in the past would have infinite outcomes, of which we would have no control. Therefore, we choose the outcome and let the universe choose which historical path we took to get there. Our new outcome only affects what we focused on it affecting and nothing else, no one else. This is the benefit of infinite possibilities, infinite time-paths.  No one on our new time-path will notice even the slightest change because nothing has actually changed for them, and no one in our previous time-path will notice any change either, since nothing has changed for them either because we are not physically abandoning that time-path. Nothing in the universe changes at all, only that our consciousness has a new reality.  You chose a new song in the jukebox, a different snack in the vending machine. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find theentire work here.

What happens is we choose (focus on) a new situation for ourselves for the exact same moment in time, and do not concern ourselves with how we ended up there.  What we focus on changing is all that changes; we leave intact anything else about our lives that we find desirable. The narrower and more focused the change the better. We do not have to paint a full picture of our new desired lives or environment, only that which we want to be different.  What is going on is that we are narrowly focusing on the coordinates of the location that we want to be at; in other words, where on the surface of the time bubble. Every possible variation of your existence from King to pauper is sitting out there somewhere on the surface of the time bubble. And this is as true today as it was 3500 years ago, different surfaces, same infinite possibilities.

Consider yourself red-pilled. You are now a time-traveler initiate. You are like Neo’s companions—awake but lack any training.

Many people experience the shifting time bands (pathways) without knowing it because society has a different name for it. It is called being in the Zone, or the Flow.  It is a place that elite athletes reach, also highly creative people, also many of the rest of us now and then. It is reached at the apex junction of challenge, skill, and focus. It is described as time slowing down so the batter sees the ball coming at him slower and has more time to react. That is not what is really happening though. And it certainly does not apply to painters or writers that also experience the zone. What is actually happening is that the batter is gliding over the surface of the spherical time bubble until he reaches the time band where the outcome is a homerun instead of a strike. He not concentrating on a spinning dial of time, but on putting the barrel of the bat on the ball at the right angle. At the moment that he stands at the plate and the ball is in the air, racing toward him at 98 mph, the future is undecided, the outcome unknown and up for grabs. Who was more locked into the zone, the batter or the pitcher?

What about the writers? It is silly to think the words are slowing down for them, giving them more time to think. Actually, the more we think, the worse we write. Writers need to get out of their own way, and they know it. As for the writers, everything they are about to write has been written; they just have to find it. In the zone, the words find you. The time surface shifts beneath you until you are sitting on the correct path and hovering under just the right words that you were looking for. It is not that easy though. Remember the zone is reached at the apex junction of challenge, skill, and focus.

As for artists, this concept is even easier to comprehend.  A sculptor stares at a large block of marble.  Every possible latent sculpture is concealed inside that solid block of marble, sitting there in its potential form, from the Pietà to the marble chips in your garden walkway.  With an artist with the skills, focus, and the acceptance of the challenge, such as Michelangelo, that block of stone gives way to David.  In the rest of our hands, that block never even gives way.

This brings up the concept of time localization. Writers create through writing, batters through batting, sculptors through sculpting and entrepreneurs through enterprise, making money off all of them. Most of us who find the zone, find it in a narrow area. Outside that localized area, their life is a mess. Shifting is done in small steps. Tony Robbins has made millions teaching people to shift their focus by 2%. These are our limitations, but it does not have to be that way.  Throughout history, there have been those who have figured it out. We can too.

In this section, we will be discussing some of the tools at our disposal to augment our skills and focus.  These are kabbalistic tools, ones embedded in the Torah. Others have found other ways. If you look around what is left of history, you can guess who they were.

The future within the spherical bubble is outside our focus; it has not happened for us.  It lies on a layer of the onion different from ours, so does the past, so to reaching them takes yet another layer of elevation. This next elevation is to the first level of hyperspace. Once you attain that level you can go back in time (to different layers) and leave clues for yourself, so you do not have to recycle endlessly. Was the Matrix movie a clue dropped in time? The voices in your head may even be your own from beyond.

Is that voice bad? No, it is coming from what we call Heaven and you can become your own guide. That voice too will eventually move on, but for 1000 years it may continue to help elevate more of us.  Of course, that elevated part of your consciousness may just choose to wait it out in spiritual paradise. Though it is not likely.

How can you be in Binah, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut at the same time? How can there be infinite versions of you in Malchut? Each one is different. Your consciousness is where you place it.  Once you red pill and elevate your consciousness it is freed and travels with you. By helping (spiritually) the different variations of you, you are helping the collective because all consciousness is One. When one ascends, they do not do so in a vacuum. Sometimes they choose to help others by showing them the way, sometimes others just take notice, and the seeds of awakening are planted.  There is no conflict with the ascension of multiple versions of you—all consciousness is One. The first step is awareness. The second step is choosing consciousness. Most of our brethren are neither aware nor conscious.  This is by design. The implications are profound.

All this pertains to our spherical time bubble within the greater universe.  Getting beyond the bubble is a step beyond.  That is our purpose of being; it is not changing our status in life to a more enjoyable one. Yet, if we avoid the trappings, we can use the manipulation of the bubble to help us escape. And no, making yourself into a pseudo Elon Musk and flying into outer space will not help, but you already know that. So does he.

To get beyond, to escape the bubble, takes another level of ascension, usually achieved after one has cycled through enough time-paths and left oneself enough clues that they are able to see the bigger picture, and their desire focuses beyond the physicality.

Why would you leave yourselves clues? Because once you realize how the system works, you realize that you may not make full ascension in one lifetime or time-path before recycling and reincarnating and therefore you will want a leg up on the next chance, cycle. It is called leaving yourself an inheritance.

Within the bubble no path will lead beyond its edge, though many paths will lead to the awareness and consciousness that is necessary to leap off. Imprisoned on an island, all paths lead to the water’s edge before you have to turn back, yet occasionally someone figures out how to build a boat, or even an Ark.

Can you die once you have been red-pilled? Yes, life and time cycles back again, over and over again, within the bubble. First you must become aware. Then you must say “enough” and focus your desire on getting off it and letting go.  Are you glitching, experiencing déjà vu, then you are primed to be red-pilled, your awareness is heightening. At the end of the cycle, more and more people feel it, yet the centrifugal tug on physicality gets stronger than ever. Escape is rare.

The Moshiach moment is that breaking point of separation, the launch point, the cosmic opportunity when the consciousness of understanding has reached critical mass and the centrifuge of Creation has separated out enough of the dross, the physical barriers within and without.  If it fails to materialize the system cycles back, a quasi-reboot. Or after enough cycles, it just bursts. It is just a bubble in a vast universe. If that critical mass is not reached, individuals can still escape. They do so all the time in very small numbers. As we said, that takes steps of elevations. Awareness, Consciousness, Desire;  Awareness, Consciousness, Desire; Awareness, Consciousness, Desire.


This article was originally meant to be an explanation about spherical/toroidal time, yet circumstances intervened, and it became about a few specific details of it. In the comments to our last section we were rightly challenged as to the dating of 5778/2018 that we have been discussing for 22 years and still do so today, especially in conjunction with Moshiach, which has been discussed for 3332 years, actually 5778 years, and still is today.

Once we fully explain Spherical Time, you will be able to see that the event horizon was designed from the moment of Creation to lead to H’Moshiach (363), Moshiach Ben David (424) and the pivotal dates (2448 HC, 3760 HC, 2018 HC/CE and 5778 CE). In fact, both its surface area and its circumference of the ethereal Sphere equate to these values in simple geometric equations to within 4 decimal places. Moreover, it can be further shown that it is also entirely based on its magnetic center, the midpoint in King David’s life, 2889 HC.

Moshiach, the anointed, chosen one. In a prior section, we advised that there are many chosen individuals, chosen for different purposes in the Creator’s divine plan and order. Some, few, were chosen for much larger and greater roles. One of whom arrived exactly as per the prophecy and we have been hinting at his name all along, so has the Creator, and so has the Torah. I told you the writing was on the wall. He is not the only chosen one.

Since his arrival we have been riding the event horizon, with the actual physics of time folding back on itself. One of the consequences of this is the mandala effect whereby things we thought (knew) to have happened no longer did. Time as we know it is destabilizing and parallel pathways are crossing.  Another consequence is that everything gets exposed. The first time around people hid things from the public eye, including crimes, conspiracies, cabals, and secret knowledge, large and small.  With time folding back on itself events that happened in the dark away from the public eye are being dumped into the town square, more every day. This is a continual process. With each passing day more hidden information gets exposed and starts piling up. Whether this was a fail-safe built-in to awaken people at the last possible hour who is to say.

This phenomenon of the fluid event horizon will not last forever though. There is a point of no return, a critical instability beyond which it all comes flooding together.

Back to Moshiach. The Torah tells us that many Israelites did not recognize Moses and challenged him and G-d formally 10 times.  They had a difficult time coming to terms with G-d and with a universe that consisted of an order that they could not comprehend as order.  Indeed, it says G-d wiped out nearly all of them and replaced them with their offspring. And these were the chosen ones, the chosen people.  What does that say for our chances today?

Why Moshiach? One reason is Moshiach holds the keys to Spherical Time, knows how to manipulate, and control it.  We have said before that the expansiveness of Moshiach’s consciousness and thus understanding is so far beyond us that we cannot comprehend it.  This is another Moshiach, though, not the one I have been hinting about.  The two are chosen for different functions and are very different. Remember, there is H’Moshiach and Moshiach Ben David. The reasons are the Creator’s prerogative, not ours to critique, as the Israelites did with Moses, or Joseph’s own brothers did with him.  If we told you about the original Council of 216 in the Chamber above you would not understand. The one referred to previously does appear to grasp the nature of Spherical Time, yet H’Moshiach still choses to remain concealed.  He will know the time, if it is to come.

We must ask ourselves what we are doing to bring along the right consciousness, not what Moshiach is doing for us. I apologize if that sounds too much like JFK; I did not mean to pull a Biden.  All kidding aside, the more we can do to support this revelatory and elevatory expansive consciousness and help influence the common consciousness, the more we foster Moshiach consciousness.

Another phenomenon that is occurring right now is that those that fight against this Moshiach consciousness are being crushed against the bulkhead in massive numbers, with the headwaters pilig up behind them. Alternatively, those that are open and on the right path are riding the wave and educating their minds with each new revelation that the event horizon brings them. They are using that new knowledge to elevate their consciousness and spread the virus of elevation throughout the common consciousness, making it easier for others to awaken.  It is the battle of Gog and Magog.

For decades now, we have been saying that in this narrow period in time, this cosmic window, the opportunity for moshiach consciousness will open, and it has. We have been saying it is the period of Gog and Magog, and it is. Look around you. The world is at war and peace is arriving in the Middle East. In the words of a tzaddik nistar, the meaning of today’s events is that “Mashiach is already in Israel. He is called ‘the maker of peace’. Elijah is called ‘the announcer of Peace’.” As I have previously said, I do not point to signs unless they are written into the fabric of the universe through immutable numbers; nevertheless, look around and see for yourselves.  I write this not for those who have been following my writings and the writings and videos of others without coerced agendas, but for those that must still be awakened.

How do we awaken them? How do we create moshiach consciousness? Spreading the word is one way. Every pyramid needs a wide base, but building it tall is another, reaching higher, elevating. With chapter 26 in our series, I know you felt the elevation, the collective elevation, that our collective consciousness has been elevated.  This series is now 780 pages strong, a broad pyramid and a tall tower that rises higher with every chapter. Did it rise straight up? No, that is not how true knowledge works. We can look back and see hidden patterns, spirals, intersecting spirals.  Was it planned that way? No, not in my mind at any rate. It began with a vision and we are getting closer, filling it out, completing the picture, filling in crucial details with each chapter and subchapter. Everyone has been contributing, sometimes knowingly, sometimes not.

The higher we rise together, the more we elevate the collective consciousness of ourselves and of the world.  Plunging the depths of the concealed Torah, of the Divine structure of the universe and of the nature of Creation, we bring ourselves closer to true enlightenment.  If our local time is a bubble it can be burst. It can also be mastered. We can elevate our consciousness to the point where we can escape.

This section may seem like a hodgepodge, until the dots are connected, and the pieces are put together. That is also how our universe works.

Should We Access Spherical Time?

Should we access Spherical Time? We already are. Whether we like it or not, we are an integral yet so far passive part of it, allowing other people to change our time-paths for us.  You must have noticed how certain globalist forces are rewriting history chapter by chapter. If you have not noticed then you are probably in an unchanged time-line, but if you did, they shifted you and they are wholesale shifting entire populations. They cannot change history, but they can shift any of us to a different history. The caveat to that is that if you are just unaware about history in general and would not have noticed anyway then you probably shifted, just blissfully unaware and unawake. Their power comes from keeping anyone from reaching elevation, at least keeping enough people from reaching it, keeping the common consciousness confused, defeated, and craving their earth-bound authority.  They need to keep everyone from realizing that the linear line of death is nothing but an illusion. As long as we are tied to it, they can dominate the time-lines while the rest of us fight just to stay alive, instead of fighting for freedom.  The Torah handed us the truth.  The more technology advanced, the shorter became our lifetimes. Adam lived 930 years, Methuselah 969, and Noach lived 950 years.  When the Titans appeared halfway through Noach’s life G-d limited man’s life span to 120 years. But that was just a projection. With the lone notable exception of Joseph, who lived 110 years, that did not happen until Moses. It was also a clue, a divine breadcrumb.

The Spherical Time bubble has a beginning and an end.  It contains infinite possibilities, but not infinite beginnings.  It begins with a set of parameters and circumstances that were carved out of a larger bubble or even out of the universal Spherical Time itself.  Two parameters that do not change no matter what time-path we are on are the core mathematics and the Torah, neither had its origins in the level of our time bubble. Certain time-paths will uncover more aspects of those parameters and some time-paths will try to obfuscate them, even destroy them.  Perhaps, this is the reason for an end time for the bubble. Or maybe it is just higher dimensional physics.

Our time-paths take us through the understanding of the Torah.  Many of those who have found elevation or ascension were on different paths. And many of those who figured out or were taught time shifting were on still other paths entirely.

Investiture. When that batter in the Zone changes his time path, does he do so alone? That is a good question. The answer may lie with investiture. How much were we invested in his at bat.  In the course of a 162 game (26.5 week) season probably not too many people were invested.  In game 7 of a playoff series there are a lot of people invested on both sides. It is the same with politics and political/social movements.  Investiture is alignment, and alignment is a cloud or vortex within the common consciousness that can strengthen a shift for better or worse.  This is why teams with lots of individual talent may lose and those with less paper talent but a manager who can alignment his players and team spirit will win. Always choose the right manager first, the players and talent will fall in around him.  The larger the support group the easier it is to achieve a shift.

A Collaborative Effort

These past weeks have been fraught with puzzles or more accurately with the assemblage of a single puzzle, the spherical clock. The pieces were found scattered in multiple hidden locations. Everybody has been contributing. In a recent comment responding to an enlightened comment by Peter, I reiterated a theme from The Divine Calendar that the number 8 in the Torah is usually a divine marker.  Independently, I was drawn to something we have previously seen: how the infinite fraction comprised wholly of One (1) equals Phi(φ).

Well, the square root of 2 can be similarly created by an infinite fraction or Euclidean algorithm when we substitute 2 for the 1.

This is all cool mathematics and even cooler higher-level field interaction, but what does this have to do with 8?

Every one of the consecutive nested fractions in this infinite series is called an iteration, and as each iteration tends toward a value of the square root of 2, or 1.414213…. it gives off a specific numerical expression in the form of a simple fraction. The first is 1/1 or 1. The second is 3/2 followed by 7/5 and 17/12. You can work them out. We actually get a Fibonacci like pattern, whereby Nx + 2Nx+1 = Nx+2 and Dx + 2Dx+1 = Dx+2 for the Numerators and the Denominators. We also get Nx + Dx-1 = Dx. When we get to the 8th iteration the fraction becomes 577/408.

While the outcome of this fraction is 1.414215, both the numerator and the denominator of this 8th fraction are familiar to us as 5778, and as the 408 from the (600,000408) component letters that comprise the Torah. One might say that this is reaching, except that the Log of 600,000 is 5.778. This was the 8th iteration and 408/8 = 51, the numerical value of Edom, while 408 Vavs(ו) = 2448, the year of the Exodus from Egypt and the Reception of the Torah at Sinai.  While adding the 8 to 577 gave us 5778, we will soon see that adding 8 to 408 as 8408 plays a significant role as well.

Another piece of the puzzle was found by Moshe who saw that the initials of UFO (מזוההבלתיעצם) in Hebrew are (עבמ). Neither of us were looking for UFOs but the combination of 72 (עב) and 42 (במ) together along with the sum of the 3 initials (עבמ) being 112 was intriguing, as they represent 3 connections to the 112 Triplets.  Moreover the 3 final letters total 55 or twice the cubit (27.5).  Remember, we are not chasing clues here, just retracing the path of breadcrumbs that our conjoined consciousness brought us, individual paths that bent together like divining rods over the motherload.

The format of 70-2-40 was also interesting as the Zohar describes the 72 Names as 70 plus 2 repeated Triplets, and elsewhere the 42-Letters as 40 plus 2.  I then noticed that there are 120 words in the Torah that contain the letters (עבמ) in order.  I had not yet fully realized until that point that (112 + 8) = 120 but was rather thinking about the age of Man (120) and of Moses (120), the 26th in the lineage of Adam. This declaration about the age of Man (120) took place as Noach was building the Ark and as previously explained, “Bnei Noach (נח בני)” has a numerical value of 120.  Most of those 120 words containing (עבמ) were the Hebrew word for slaves (עבדים). It took me a while before I realized that Glen’s comments about the 12 mentions of Obadiah, as he calculated them, in the 21 verses of the Book of Obadiah (עבדיה) must have been related as well, since the Name Obadiah (עבדיה) and word for slaves (עבדים) were nearly identical. This in turn, brought me back to a comment by Yitzchak that Joseph had 12 brothers, actually 11 brothers and 1 sister, Dina as he explained. Why, because he was sold into slavery.  As we will soon see, much more came out of this; nevertheless, while the gematria of Obadiah (עבדיה) is (86 + 5) = 91, that of slaves (עבדים) is (86 + 40) = 126, as in each face and plane of the essential cube of Creation. The two final letters HM(הם) in these two words separate themselves from the four letters that have the value of the Name of G-d (Elohim, 86).  They have the value of 45, that of Adam and Man and of the aspect of G-d associated with Man. We are searching for the freedom from that slavery of man, the slavery of the limitations that the linear line of death imposes on us.

The Lineage of Adam

Getting the 6th Aliyah this week, and something Zion whispered to me about Lemech encouraged me to consider the lineage of Adam, or “chronicles,” as it is usually translated, related to time. If we were not meant to be given these individual lifespans to eventually use, particularly in our analysis of Creation and Spherical Time, then the Torah could simply have stated these 10 generations lived and Noach was born in 1056, after another 10 generations, and after another 10 Abraham was born in 1948.  We will see later how much of a role some of these lifespans did play in the equation of our Spherical Time bubble.

Considering the Essential Cube of Creation that existed before the other 4 Essential Elements, considering that it has 9 x 3 or 27 component positions corresponding to 27 Hebrew letters, it must be by design that Adam lived 930 years and that the next 3 in the lineage (Seth, Enosh, and Kenan) lived 912 + 905 + 910 years respectively for a total of 2727 years.  We already know that the total of all 26 generations was 12600 years, as in each face (126) and plane (126) of that Cube.  These dates and lifespans may be generative of the Cube, they may be dimensionally structural to it, and they may be clues given to us to follow on our path toward elevation.  Probably, they are all three.

To Seek Out Meaning

I have always taken umbrage with people who have said that the doubled words Darosh Darash (דרש דרש) mark the midpoint in the Torah. They actually mark the midpoint in the 91 doubled words in the Torah, forming a crosshairs if you will in the Torah. These special words found at Leviticus 10:16, mean to search out in a more intense way, to seek higher guidance, to inquire or investigate deeply by drilling down and questioning.  That is what we have been doing in this series since its inception and every time we do, we reach a door to another ever deeper level, each level being an expansion on the previous one.  The number 91 represents a unification in the Name of G-d and also is a triangular number, the 13th. The ordinal value of Darosh Darash (דרש דרש) is 45 and 45, which by the design of the Creator also represents the 45 doubled words before and the 45 doubled words in the Torah after this pair, a crosshairs.  The value 45 is also a Triangular number, meaning it is the sum of all the positive integers that came before it. It is the 9th Triangular number.

As we have seen throughout, Triangular numbers play an important role in the Torah’s schematics so it behooves us to pay closer attention to them wherever they come up. In the greater universe numbers do not exist in a vacuum and we must consider the counterspace between them, their counterparts. In the case of triangular numbers, these would be the integers between them.


.2 . 4,5 . 7,8,9 . 11,12,13,14 . 16,17,18,19,20 . 22,23,24,25,26,27 . 29,30,31,32,33,34,35 . 37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44 . 46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54.

These set of integers between the Triangular numbers have cumulative values too and the set of all the counter triangular numbers up to a particular triangular number has a value as well. The number (amount) of individual values in such a set would be equal to the preceding triangular numbers (i.e. there are 36 counter Triangular numbers up to the Triangular number 45). As it happens those 36 counter space Triangular numbers total 870, as in the 11 even ordinal value numbers of the Alef-bet, as analyzed in the earliest chapters of this series.

While the cumulative Triangular numbers through 36 is 120, the age of man, the cumulative counter space Triangular numbers through 36 is 546, the sum of the initials of the sefirot of the Tree-of-life. Moreover, the equation of the cumulative counter space Triangular numbers through 36 over the cumulative Triangular numbers through 36 = 546/120 = 4.55, as in the value (455) of the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה), representing Binah.

That same equation when applied to the 10th triangular number, 55, gives us 1320/220 = 6, as in Zeir Anpin. There is more to be gleamed in analyzing the Triangular numbers and their counter space counterparts, but we will only point out that the sum of the counterparts through 21, the 6th Triangular number is 175, Abraham’s age, and the sum of the counter space numbers between 21 and 28, the 7th Triangular number is 147, Jacob’s age.

Returning to Darosh Darash (דרש דרש) we further see that their small gematria is 423 423, as in Phi(φ)3; the ratio (.423) of the Bereshit portion of the Bereshit-Shema Triplet axis, 11/26; and with the kolel of 1, 424, Moshiach Ben David.

There is another connection between the duality of Darosh Darash (דרש דרש) and the triangular numbers and we touched upon it earlier in this series. Each of the two words has a numerical value of 504, or 1008 conjoined, and the first 8 triangular numbers when multiple together give us (1 x 3 x 6 x 10 x 15 x 21 x 28 x 36) = 1008.  While this is 110 less than the Shema’s 1118 numerical value, it is also 1/10th the diameters of the Earth and Moon together (7920 + 2160) = 10080 miles.

Each Darosh (דרש) is equivalent to 504, which equals (12 x 42), yes 12 times 42, so both of them, or 1008 = (24 x 42), possibly reflective of the 12 hours of a clock and the 24 hours in a day. Therefore (1 x 3 x 6 x 10 x 15 x 21 x 28 x 36) = 24 x 42. And the sums of the diameters of the Earth and Moon together, 10080 miles = 240 x 42, with 240,000 miles being the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

The Earth and Moon diameters = 10080 minutes = exactly 7 days, and the sum of the Earth and Moon radii, 5040 miles = 7! or (7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1).  This is also 120 x 42 and 50400 is the 112th even Pronic number, as in the 112 Triplets.  It was Moshe who recently reminded me of the Pronic numbers we covered when discussing how they tied into the Exodus from Egypt.

While we can view Triangular numbers and factorials as expansions, but we can also view them as concentrations, means of focusing multiple levels or fields of numbers into a single point.

 The Structure of Focus

The 6 faces of the Essential Cube of Creation represent Zeir Anpin, the Divine Man. Early in our study about the Cube, we unfolded it in many forms, yet no matter how we unfold it, the 6 sides will be flat and their total numerical value will be (6 x 126) = 756, and the central Nun(נ) will be hovering above it. The spelled out value of the Nun(נ) is likewise 756, equal to all 6 sides combined.  Like above so is below.  Infinite above, infinite below, just within limits, boundaries.

Why boundaries? If experimental development were not limited to bubbles than it would have to be part of the universal infinity where every time-path begins with true Creation and extends endlessly. In that case, the removal of unwanted development or entities would be infinitely more challenging and thus extremely inefficient.

Back to the boundaries of Zeir Anpin, where the product of the digits in 756 is (7 x 5 x 6) = 210.  By now, we have already collectively realized that the height of the Pyramid is 210 cubits and its base is 756 ft.  The 870 from the Alef-bet split above is an odd pronic number (29 x 30), and so too is 756 (27 x 28). It is the 27th pronic number, quite fitting for the central place in the Essential Cube of 27.  Moreover, (27 + 28) = 55, equal to 2 cubits of 27.5” each, and the Pyramid entrance height of 55’.


In a reference to the holiday of Sukkot, please note that during the 7 days of Sukkot while in the Sukkah we are drawing directly from the Binah hyperspace, and over those 7 days we are making 210 shakings, aligned in 5 sets of shakings in the 6 directions of the cube per day (5 x 6 x 7). Then since there are 3 components to each of the 6 directions, an expansion of each into 3 dimensions, there are 630 shakings over the 7 days, broken up into 5 sets of 6 directions each day. This is significant because the 3 expansions of the YHVH (יהוה) contains 3 YHVH (יהוה) or Fronts of the Name, totaling 78, one Name for each level, and the resultant Backs of the Name total 630.  By performing the shakings properly during the holiday, we are filling in the Name YHVH (יהוה) for the Creator, who has gifted us the Fronts during that cosmic window.

Concealed within the 30 letters, corresponding to the 5 sets of 6 shakings, in the 630 total Back of the Name, are the 6 letters Dalet (ד) and one Tav (ת),as in the 6-1 structure of complete Zeir Anpin. These Dalets (ד) and Tav (ת) total 424, as in Moshiach Ben David. Moreover, the ordinal value of (דת) is 26, as in the Name YHVH (יהוה), representing Zeir Anpin.  

Joseph, the Pyramid and the Titans

The pyramid stands as a reminder of our slavery, though the Torah says nothing about the Israelites building it as slaves. The Torah only speaks of our ancestors baking bricks, which were not utilized in the Pyramid by any stretch of the imagination. Did Joseph design and commission the Pyramid as a marker so that the exile in Egypt would end precisely 210 years later.  Would anyone else have understood the technology embedded in it, or known the technology of how to build it? If he did not build it, and had it existed at the time of the Tower, almost 500 years earlier he still would have known the how and why of that technology.

“My spirit will not continue to judge man forever, since he is nothing but flesh. His days shall be 120 years.” This was written about the time of the Titans, when we were warned they would live on.  The 5 final letters of this verse sum to 2015 with the kolel, as in the year 5775 HC and as in the exact height of the Pyramid in inches, 5775”. Moreover, 5775 divided by the age of man (120) is 48.125, representing the 481.25 ft exact height of the Pyramid. Furthermore, the same 756 ft base of the Pyramid in cubits is 330 cu and, (330 – 210) = 120.  The connection to this verse and time period is pretty obvious, as is the connection for is today.

It is extremely important to note that this design is only possible because there are 12” in a foot.

At the time of the Tower, God destroyed neither the Tower or the city; He dispersed the people and gave them 70 different languages so they could not communicate as one. At the time Joseph met Pharaoh we are told Joseph spoke all 70 languages. Thanks to technology, the Titans once again walk on the earth, towering above man, and we can once again speak one language.  In fact, it appears they want us to have only one opinion as well.

Another Pyramid Altogether

This line of thinking about the Pyramids led to Joseph’s dreams. Why were we presented these dreams? Joseph had 2. His fellow prisoners had 2 and Pharaoh had 2, which he recited to Joseph.  Dream interpretation has always been important to Kabbalists, yet Joseph was the only one in the Torah to have dreams revolving around him. Jacob’s was a vision. Anomalies in the Torah are there to draw our attention.  They are places to dig, not just fodder for artwork.

Joseph was one of 12 brothers. One of Tesla’s visions was of numbers as a living clock in a endless circle of 12, a vortex in cycles of 12. Pascal envisioned numbers interactively but in a different format, as a cascade of events.

It was Peter who brought it up that so many of our Torah and Pyramid numbers are found in Pascal’s Triangle, which at first glance is amazing, but what is Pascal’s Triangle? As you must know by now, we have a predilection to look at things, especially numbers, differently. So Let us turn Pascal’s triangle clockwise onto its edge, or better yet counterclockwise, the effect is the same either way, just one works right to left and the other left to right, Hebrew and Western.

The first row is all Ones (1,1,1,1,1,1,1…) because everything that follows must begin with One (1), figuratively and mathematically. The next row is the sequential set of all positive integers, or natural numbers (1,2,3,4,5…). Thinking of higher-level mathematics and how we have seen it operate repeatedly throughout the Torah, the next row is the set of all Triangular Numbers (1, 1+2, 1+2+3… or 1, 3, 6…). Then row by row, we get the cumulative sum of the previous rows, so for the 4th row we get the set of the cumulative Triangular Numbers (1, 1+3, 1+3+6… or 1, 4, 10…). The 5th row in turn is the set of the cumulative sums of those cumulative Triangular Numbers (1,1+4,1+4+10… or 1, 5, 15…), and so forth, row after row, infinitely. Those of the 4th row are called Tetrahedral numbers by mathematicians and the subsequent rows as simplices, 5-simplex, 6-simplex etc. We will refer to them as orders, 4th, 5th, 6th etc.

1    1    1    1    1    1     1     1      1

1    2    3    4    5    6     7     8      9

1    3    6   10  15  21   28   36   45

 1    4   10  20  35  56   84  120 165

 1    5   15  35  70 126 210 330 495

It is quite beautiful.

It is just a list a subordinate sequences caused by a simple algorithm that happens to be a key higher-level operation: the repetitive stacking of the integer fields.

This is why, as Peter suggested, so many of the important resultant Torah and Pyramid numbers, including numerous ones built into the Torah’s first verse, are in Pascal’s Triangle. It is because his triangle reflects the source of so many of our numbers. Bully for him for presenting this list of beautiful and power-packed subordinate sets in such an eloquent way that gave rise to so many other Number Theory findings. Pascal’s work is very impressive.

Of course, all integers are found in his Triangle, but we can ignore the 2nd row, which is the set of all positive integers, or alternatively the set of all ordinal positions of the integers. This last definition is key to the application of the inherent algorithm.

For us, we can now look at our Pyramid numbers in a new manner. Instead of an elegant looking Pyramid, we have a matrix.

1    1    1    1     1     1      1       1         1         1

1    2    3    4     5     6      7       8         9        10

1    3    6   10   15   21    28     36      45       55

1    4   10  20   35   56    84    120    165    220

1    5   15  35   70  126  210   330    495    715

1    6   21  56  126 252  462   792   1287  2002

1    7   28  84  210 462  924  1716  3003  5005

1    8   36 120 330 792 1716 3432  6435 11440

1    9   45 165 495 …

We can also see why it was crucial to get the measure of the cubit accurately. It was the simplest possible one; nevertheless, man is still trying to come up with creative alternatives that may have a purpose in the grand scheme of things, but not in higher-level mathematical origins.  The height of the Pyramid (210 cubits) is now 5th row, 7th column or (I5,7) and the base (330 cubits) is (I5,8) in the matrix of all cumulative sums.

Notice the succession of the 5th order: 35, 70, 126, 210, 330.  The Pyramid height, 210 cubits, is also a 5th order cumulative sum in the lineage or Rank of 7. Likewise, the Pyramid base, 330 cubits, is a 5th order cumulative sum in the lineage or Rank of 8.  Conversely, they are both in the Rank (lineage) of 5 as 7th and 8th order cumulative sums.  The 330 cubits are the cumulative sum of the cumulative sum of the cumulative sum of the cumulative sum of the cumulative sum of the cumulative sum of cumulative sum of the integers from 1 – 5. The Pyramid’s height, 210 cubits, is too, just with one less cumulative.  The number of words, letters, and verses in the Torah is 58. The Pyramid’s base, 330, is 5 to the 8th Rank.  Perhaps now, the skeptics can see the Creator’s hand in both designs.

The value 165, as in the 165 cubits to the scored line in the center of the indented slight v-shaped base of each of the 4 sides of the Pyramid is yet another accumulation of cumulative sums, 9 Ranks deep in the Order of 4.

While 126 is not a Pyramid number, it is the sum of each plane of the Essential Cube of Creation, and for the first time we can see it as a derivation of 5, just like the Torah and Pyramid, as illustrated above. It, the 5th Element Essential of Creation is also a derivation of 6, the 5th Rank of the Order of 6, as in the 6 faces of the Cube that each total 126.  Not only it this fitting as a junction between 5 and 6 or Hei(ה) and Vav(ו), but as we saw above 126 was 1/6 of 756, another key Pyramid number.

What we can now visualize as a matrix in hyperspace is a vortex that continually draws in the energy at each integer. We can call it accretion. That referential energy is cumulative and infinite, yet we can stop and examine it at any point.  The point of origin of each is One(1). The vortex corresponding to the 4th integer grows 1 + 3 + 6 + 10… then keeps growing 1 + 4 + 10 + 20… then 1 + 5 + 15 + 35 then 1 + 6 + 21 + 56.  At any point we can slice this expansion, for example the 4th order is the set (4, 10, 20, 35, 56…). We can focus in at any point given by its coordinates (Order, Rank). Keep in mind that what is really going on is the summation of subfields, all occupying virtually the same space (1 + 1,1,1 + 1,1,1,1,1,1 + null, 1…), for the 3rd order.

The set of Torah numbers sometimes overlap the set of Pyramid numbers.  The repetitive core Torah numbers are more numerous than the Pyramid numbers since they do not represent a single solid geometric shape like the Pyramid and because they have millions of variables. Because of this, some of the resultant Torah numbers appear in the matrix, but since they do not come up as frequently, we have not emboldened them.  For example, 462 is (2 x 231) the number of Gates (forward and reverse) of the 22 letters of the Alef-bet yet we do not consider it a core number.

There are, though, not nearly as many cumulative numbers as we might think. Excluding the integer row from our calculations for obvious reasons, there are only 64 cumulative numbers through the number 1000. Dynamically, there are only 10 through the number 55, and only 26 through the number 210, leaving exactly 55 of them starting from the number 55 through 1000 or 103.

I do not have to remind you that the sum of the integers from 1 – 10 is 55 and that 55 is the 10th Fibonacci number, or that entrance height of the Pyramid is 55’.  Nevertheless, of those 64, or 82, cumulative numbers 42 of them are Triangular (3rd order) Numbers, leaving 22 as complex cumulative numbers, as in the 22 letters, or fields, of the Alef-bet.  Nor do we need reminding that the central position in the Essential Cube of Creation has a complete value of 64.

Is it possible each one of these 22 letters has an assigned complex cumulative number? What a great cipher! Of course, they would be complex; they represent special fields and even the simplest looking letter has multiple forms in its shape. The Alef(א) has a value of 20, and the Tav(ת) 969, just like the age of Methuselah, the oldest man in the Torah and the Vav(ו) has a value of 126, like each of the 6 faces of the Cube.

The sum of those 22 complex cumulative numbers is 8876, which is 267 less than the sum of the 72 Triplets, 9143, and 267 is the apothem of the Pyramid in cubits, which we will be discussing shortly. The apothem of the Pyramid is measured along that 165-165 score line from the base of the Pyramid to its peak.

1    1    1    1     1     1      1        1        1         1

1    2    3    4     5     6      7        8        9        10

1    3    6   10   15   21    28     36      45       55

1    4   10  20   35   56    84    120    165    220

1    5   15  35   70  126  210   330    495    715

1    6   21  56  126 252  462   792   1287  2002

1    7   28  84  210 462  924  1716  3003  5005

1    8   36 120 330 792 1716 3432  6435 11440




1   13  91  455  1820  6188

This brings up the 13th row (1  13 91 455 1820…) that sequentially represents One; One/Love; the unification (יאהדונהי); the 3 levels of the higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה) and the number of YHVHs (יהוה) in the Torah, which is (20 x 91).  This is the accretion or cumulation of love, of One. And what is the infinite fraction of One(1)

This is the infinite accretion or cumulation of One (1). It is Phi(φ), or 1.6180339887…, hinted at in the 6th Rank of Order 13 (One), 6188.

And what is 14, the central position of the Essential Cube or Creation and the magnetic center of out Spherical Time Bubble? It is the cumulation of One(1) with One (13, echad), or 14. The 1st Rank and the 2nd Rank of Order One (13, echad) make 14, just as in the infinite series of 1 and 2 = 1.41421…


1    1    1    1     1     1      1        1        1         1

1    2    3    4     5     6      7        8        9        10

1    3    6   10   15   21    28     36      45       55

1    4   10  20   35   56    84    120    165    220

1    5   15  35   70  126  210   330    495    715

1    6   21  56  126 252  462   792   1287  2002

1    7   28  84  210 462  924  1716  3003  5005

1    8   36 120 330 792 1716 3432  6435 11440




1   13  91  455  1820  6188

Now, any number that can be comprised of two Pascal Matrix Numbers is really comprised of multiple sums of cumulative integers anchored in One(1), making them powerful aggregate numbers, and there are  infinitely many of them. Some sequential numbers, though, add up to powerful Torah numbers as well, such as I3,10 and I4,10 or 55 and 220 that give us the cubit (275), or I8,3 and I8,4 or 36 and 120 that give us Joseph (156) and kiddy corner to that are I7,4 and I8,4 or 84 and 120 that give us Zadik, as in Joseph H’Zadik. As 204, they also give us the complete value of Joseph’s name.

The Apothem and the Patriarchs

We just covered connections to the Pyramid’s Apothem, 267 cubits, which is 612 feet, or as will become important shortly more accurately 611.8 feet. As simply 612’ it is equivalent to the Hebrew word for covenant, Brit, that we find written into the central row of the 42-Letter Name (בטרצתג). As 267 cubits we also find it as the sum of the initials of the 72 Triplets, 2672.  Nevertheless, thanks to questions in the comments I was led to consider Joseph, the 4th Patriarch, and The Divine Calendar.  I realized that the sum of the ages of the 4 Patriarchs (175 + 180 + 147 + 110) = 612 and that Isaac’ age and Joseph’s age together, (180 + 110) = 290, the value of the most central (רצ) letter pair at the center of the 42-Letter Name.

I was also reminded that the sum of the ages of all 26 generations of Adam was exactly 12600, as in the value (126) of each of the planes of the Essential Cube of Creation, and that the sum of their 26 logarithms was precisely 66.6612.

Then considering the 4 Patriarchs with their respective ages and the kolel we get (248 + 208 + 182 + 156) + (175 + 180 + 147 +110) + 8 = 1414, the square root of 2, as per the infinite series above. This is where the 8 comes in again, beginning with the 248 dimensions in the E8 Lattice. Perhaps it is just coincidence that the sum of the digits in (248 + 208 + 182 + 156) + (175 + 180 + 147 +110) + 8 is 91. And perhaps not, considering that the product of the digits in Abraham (2 x 4 x 8) is 64 and the sum is 14, as in the central position in the all-important Essential Cube of Creation.

We could add the 612 for Brit, Covenant, to (248 + 208 + 182 + 156) + (175 + 180 + 147 +110) and get 2018, but why would we? I mean, beside the dating of G-d’s Covenant with Abraham in 2018 HC. And besides the major role 2018 plays in our spherical time bubble.

Now remember, these 26 generations from Adam through Moses that obviously were meant to synch with the design of the universe and the Essential Cube of Creation through their total of 300 x 42, are also a marker of time, 2488 years to be precise, the date Moses passed away, 1273 years before 3760 CE, the other major time component in  our spherical time bubble.  This is all the more relevant considering 1.273 is the universal harmonic built into the Torah, the Triplets, the solar system, and the basic geometry of the circle and the square.  The 110 years of Joseph traces the perimeter of a square whose sides are 1 cubit each, 27.5” like the opening of the Ark and the 10 Commandments. As we will see this figure is far from arbitrary.

The Shema Connection

The Torah delineated time frame, 2488 years, also works out to 1118 + 1370 = 2488, with 1118 being the value of the 4th Essential Element, the Shema, and 1370 being the fine structure constant and a connection to both the 42-Letter Name and the end of Islamic rule over Israel.

We already know that the 15 Triplets of the 4th Essential Element equal 1118 and that they are concealed within the first verse of the Shema, whose numerical value is 1118.  In a private discussion with Moshe about the Shema, we realized that the 3 sections of the Torah that contain the 1000 letters of the Shema breaks down to 205, 508, and 287, giving us the resulting equation (30,000 – (205x508x287)/(205+508+287) = 111.82 or 1118/10.  Therefore, the 1000 letters of the Shema sieved through an ancient gematria cipher (P/S) equate to the value of the special first verse (1118), which are actually the first 25 letters of the first section’s 205 letters.

It is interesting that that leaves (205 – 25) = 180 letters for the first paragraph of the Shema, the 42-word paragraph, considering that 205 was the age of Abraham’s father, Terach and 180 is the age of his son, Isaac.  Time plays a role throughout the Torah. Together, the 3 generations represent the 19th, 20th and 21st generations in the lineage of Adam. What does this remind us of?

The 3 verses of Exodus 14:19, 20 and 21 that form the 72 Triplets of the 2nd Essential Element of Creation.  Moreover, while chapter 14 references the central position of the Essential Cube of Creation, the sum of (19 + 20 + 21) = 60 references the 1833 Samechs of numerical value 60 at the center of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name. This occurs between the 21st and 22nd letters (רצ) of the 1st Essential Element of Creation.  Moreover, that 14th chapter of Exodus is the 64th chapter overall, further establishing its connection to the central position (14-50-64) of the Essential Cube of Creation.

It is easy to get lost in the numbers, but we are trying to put together pieces of a puzzle and what links them together are the numbers, active agents that attract us and attract these disparate units together.

Nonetheless, if we were to add to that equation the age of Nachor, Terach’s father, and the 18th in the lineage of Adam, we would get (148 + 205 + 180 + 175) = 708 for their collective 4 ages. This resultant 708 is not only in sync with their corresponding ordinal sequence (18 + 19 + 20 + 21) = 78, but more important is the numerical value (708) of the Upper 42 Letters of the Name of G-d concealed within the Shema’s first verse. Those 3 iterations, or 42 Letters, of the Name represent 14 of the 15 Triplets and 708 is the value of the final 5 words of the 6 word first verse of the Shema. These 5 words that total 708 define the year 5708 HC when Israel became a nation 72 years ago, 70 years before the USA moved its embassy to Jerusalem in 5778.

Shem, Noach’s son, was Abraham’s teacher. He was born 8 years before the flood, lived 600 years, and died in 2158 HC, 290 years before the Exodus from Egypt and the reception of the Torah at Sinai in 2448 HC. As it happens 290 is the numerical value of the letters (רצ) at the center of the 42-Letter Name and 40 or 42 years before the birth of Joseph.  Time and the Triplets are intertwined.  The Torah is laying out key markers in time, indicating specific layers of the onion in Spherical time.

The Torah was designed so that two of the Essential Elements of Creation would be concealed within the first 42 letters of the Torah, one of which, the 11 Triplets, come from the first 33 of those 42 letters, whose numerical value is 3003. A third Essential Element of Creation was concealed within 3 consecutive verses of 72 letters each In Exodus. The final Essential Element is found concealed in the conjoining of 3 separate paragraphs within the final two Books of Moses.  These paragraphs were purposely placed and arranged where they were so that Devarim 6:4, would align with the “64” central position of the Essential Cube of Creation and Devarim 11 and Bamidbar 15 would align with the axis of the 11 Triplets and the 15 Triplets. The 3 positions where the 3 paragraphs are found in the Torah by #, Books, Chapters, Verses totals 3, 14, 32, 54. These coordinates should need no additional explaining by now.

That was the easy part, the Creator then made the total number of letters in those 3 paragraphs to equal exactly 1000, or a cube of 103. One thing all the Essential Elements of Creation have in common is that they are all supposed to be followed by the silent 24 letters of the Baruch Shem.  As Moshe noticed, when the 24 letters are added to the 1000 letters of the Shema, we get 1024, as in the 1024 or 210 word values in the Torah.

And now we see with the equation (30,000 – (205x508x287)/(205+508+287) = 111.82 that the major pieces of those 1000 words, like the first verse of 1118; the 42 words of the first paragraph; and the 72 words of the last paragraph were designed to yield 111.8, a fusion of Alef(111) with the 8 and exactly 1/10th of the 1118 first verse, one of the 5 Essential Element of Creation.

We have previously discussed much more of the technology embedded in the Shema and have really just scratched the surface, but of additional interest to us now is that the Creator further designed those 3 paragraphs so that the sums of their 3 sets of letters and words would be 253, 630 and 359 respectively and so that the sums of the cube roots of those 3 would be 22.00…., the significance of which will become readily apparent, besides the obvious connections to the 22 letters in the alef-bet and the sum of the integers or ordinal values from 1-22 being 253.

One last note to avoid confusion: when the 6 words of the Baruch Shem are added, the total number of words in the Shema is 248, as in the 248 dimensions of the E8 Lattice and so much more.  Those special 6 words have a numerical value of 1358, or 1000 (Binah) and 358, Moshiach, which is also 240 more than 1118.

The Fine Structure Constant

As for the 1370 component in the (1118 + 1370) = 2488 equation, we note that two of the 26 generations in the lineage of Adam lived for 137 years (Amran and Levi) and that Ishmael, Abraham’s son did as well, which curiously helps define the outer courtyard dimensions (312 cu x 317 cu) of the Future Holy Temple in that (137 + 175) = 312 and (137 + 180) = 317, representing the addition of Abraham’s and Isaac’s ages respectively to Ishmael’s.

It just dawned on me that 2488 also represents (2600112), as in the 112 Triplets that comprise the 4 Essential Elements of Creation.  If each of the 26 generations were exactly 100 years in length on average, it would space out 2600 years, not 2488. Is this yet another clue that the 112 Triplets have something do with time?

Nevertheless, let us get back to the number 137 and the 1370 years that the Ishmaelites were to rule over Israel (10 x 137). As illustrated earlier in this series, the total number of words, letters, verses, rows, and columns in the Torah = 248 x 103 Phi(φ) = 401273 and the total number of words, letters, and verses in the Torah = 58 = 390,625, while the difference between these two totals is (401273 – 390625) = 223 and 223 = 10,648. Then applying the same ancient gematria cipher, or indeed modern Number Theory used above, we get a result of 6480 that seems to bring together the 216 letters of the 72 Triplets with the 42-Letter Name:

 As previously explained, before Isaac was born, Abraham had a son with Hagar, Sarah’s handmaiden. They were eventually cast out, but Ishmael was also blessed to become a great nation and was the precursor to all the Arabs.  Ishmael lived 137 years.  With the fall of Cyprus, all the Mid-east was subdued by the Arabs in 648 CE, which corresponds to 4408 HC and to 28 A.H. in the Islamic Calendar.

The year, 4408 HC is exactly 1000 years after 3408 HC, when the Second Temple was built, and adding the 1370 prophesied in the Zohar we get 5778 HC, or alternatively adding it to 648 CE date gives us 2018 CE, with 2018 HC being the year of the Covenant with Abraham.

The Zohar prophesied that the Arabs would reign over the Israelites for 1370, ten for every one of Ishmael’s 137 years because of his repentance before he died. On December 6, 2017, President Donald J. Trump announced the United States recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordered the relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That was the 18 of Kislev, 5778.  It was opened on May 14, 2018 at 14 David Flusser Street. It was parsha Bamidbar, the one that splits the Torah into the Phi proportion.

As for the 42-Letter Name, the 1st Essential Element, it has a numerical value of 3701 and the square root of 1370 = 37.01…, which is its small gematria value, 173 backwards and is reflective of the Fine Structure constant, 1/137.0.

The Fine Structure constant, 1/137.03599 is equal to .007297353… and while the entire 2nd line (קרעשטן) of the 42-Letter Name matrix has a numerical value of 729, and the following line (נגדיכש) permutes to 314 (שדי) and 73, it begins with 53 (נג) as in .007297353. Moreover, on the 2nd line, the 4th Triplet (שטן) in the Name has a numerical value of 359, as in 1/137.03599, and as in the sum of the letters and words in the 3rd paragraph of the Shema, its 4th section.  The fine structure constant is interesting as it is a combination of four other fundamental constants, or as we know them, fields—the speed of light, the charge of the electron, Planck’s constant, and the permittivity of free space—and it is stable over time, meaning it is independent of time as a variable.

3 Crosshairs to Open the Gate

What we are about to learn is extremely deep, so it is important to reiterate that we do not try to pronounce any of these Names and that the Baruch Shem is recited silently. What is the schematic of the 5 Essential Elements of the universe? A central cube in a central cube, surrounded on 4 side by the 4 sets of Triplets. What is the schematic of the Future Holy Temple? A central cube in a central cube with 4 walls surrounding it on 4 sides. What is in the center of each wall? A 50 cubit high Gate. How do you focus the energy of each wall?

We already know 42 is in the center of the center of the universe. What is at the center of 42? At the center of the Upper 42 Letters of the Name of G-d we have the letters (דל), which have a complete numerical value of 50, corresponding to the value 50 at the central position of the Essential Cube of Creation, the 50 Gates of Binah, and the 50 cu height of the Gates of the Future Holy Temple. Binah, or Ben YH, comes from the marriage of Yud-Hei (יה), which is (10 x 5) = 50.

As a side note, the dimensions of Noach’s Ark come from the YHVH (יהוה) in that Yud-Hei (יה), which is (10 x 5) = 50 is its width; YHV(יהו), which is (10 x 5 x 6) = 300 is its length; and VH (וה) , which is (5 x 6) = 30 is its height.

What else is at the center of 42? At the exact center of the 42-Letter Name of G-d matrix is the letter pai (רצ) of numerical value 290, which has a complete value (290 + 20 + 18) = 328. Together, the central pairs of the two (2) 42 Letter Names equal (328 + 50) = 378, the angelic cloaking that is Echad Ushmo Echad, His Name is One. It is also the sum of the ordinal numbers 1 – 27, which is the total ordinal value of the Essential Cube of Creation and the 27 Letters (fields) of the Alef-bet.

If we take the Upper 42 Letters of the Name and arrange them in the same 6 x 7 matrix as the 42-Letter Name, we can get a crosshairs as a cosmic focal point for its 14 Triplets.

Most significantly, what we find is that the value of the two triplets that comprise the horizonal crosshairs (יוד־לתה) is 455, the value of the 3 levels of the higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה) at the level of Binah.  It should be noted that these two Triplets are actual Triplets of the 15 Triplets of the Shema and thus of the 112 Triplets, not a grouping of letters that happened to be in the middle. Another concept to keep in mind is that every time we isolate the 2 central triplets, be it in the 72 Names, the 42-Letter Name, or the Shema/Upper 42 Letters, we are splitting the 112 Triplets into 2 and 110 Triplets.  In this case the 2 Triplets = 455.

This is a key point: The central position of the Essential Cube of Creation is 14 (יד) and YD(יד) spelled out Yud-Dalet (יוד־דלת) has a numerical value of 454, or 455 with the kolel, helping to explain the connection occurring in that central cube within the Cube. It also resonates the central focal point of the Upper 42-Letter Name with the full expansion of the higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה) and the central cube within the Cube. A most powerful concentration, unification and/or emanation, depending on the perspective.

The Zohar tells us that Zeir Anpin is where the revealed universe begins and Atika Kadisha is the level of true endless where nothing is revealed, no beginning and no end. Atika Kadisha is called He (הוא) of numerical value 12.  While the word (הוא) most often means “that” and not “he” in the Torah, it is found there 455 times for a value of 5460 or (10 x 546), representing the tree of life.  The word (הוא) while translated to English as “He” does not mean he as it refers to Atika Kadisha, a specific Name for Hashem, because at this level there is no male/female or any division or separation of any sort. All is One. This is a reminder of how high up we are connecting with this expanded Name.

And referring to One, the sum of the sums of all the numbers through 13 (Echad), meaning One, is 455, as discussed above about Pascal’s triangle.  We should review a few equations that we covered long ago because the sum of the values in the vertical crosshairs above the central pair (דל) total 77, as in the sum of the integers 1 – 77 found in the 3rd Essential Element, the 11 Triplets of Bereshit.  All the Essential Elements are integrally connected; they exist as a unit.

The Arizal explains that the number 77 is representative of Mazal(מזל), as is also the number 8, which relates to Binah and with the 8th of the 13 Attributes of G-d.  The 11 Triplets of Creation are comprised of 33 letters divided into 8 words.  We may surmise that that 11 Triplets of Creation are connected to the Mazal(מזל) in our universe that flows from Binah in 3 iterations of 11 steps (sefirot) each.  If one chooses to use them to connect to that flow, please remove your agenda beforehand and recite the Baruch Shem silently afterwards.

Please note that 14/3.3 = 4.242424…. In other words, the central core of the Essential Cube (14) of Creation divided by the 33 Letters of Creation leads us back to 42 and to Moshiach Ben David. Since 14 is also the value of gold you could tie this back to mazal and the flow of shefa (the force of fortune).

Previously, we discussed the value 60 of the letter Samech (ס) and that there are 1833 letter Samechs (ס) in the Torah and that the value of the 42-Letter Name through its central midpoint is 1833.  That central midpoint is found right between the central letter pair (רצ) of the 42-Letter Name. Does this hint to Isaiah 60 and redemption?

Interestingly, the sum of the vertical crosshairs above the central letter pair (רצ) has an ordinal value of 64, just as does the sum of the vertical crosshairs below the central pair, 64, which besides being 82 is the complete value of the central position of the Essential Cube of Creation. It is as if by focusing on the center of the 42-Letter Name we are focusing in on the center of the center of the Essential Cube of Creation. The vertical and horizontal letters surrounding the central pair (רצ) sum to (64 + 64 + 414) = 542.

Why are we creating crosshairs out of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation? We have already discerned the layout of the 4 Essential Elements around the central 5th Element, the Essential Cube of Creation, based on the arrangement of the Tribes and the Mishkan and the design of the Holy Temple. They mimic the 4 directions surrounding the central cube, but to exert an effect upon spherical time we need to do more than lay them out, we need to focus them as narrow beams.


The thought process behind this came from a combination of Moshe’s, Glen’s and Yitzchak’s comments that led me to view Joseph’s dreams where his brothers were all standing or bowing around him in a circle and Jacob said, “Do his father and mother bow before him too.” This was odd to me because Leah was not Joseph’s mother. Joseph had said it was the Sun and the Moon, which to me represented the small and big hands of a clock and the 12 brothers along with Dina as the hour marks.  I pictured the bowing mother and father as the big hand and the little hand. Remember, we are talking about time, and what better way to represent it to us cryptically than as a clock.  Ignoring the 12 constellations for now, we are going to pursue a deeper analogy.

Joseph’s actual two (ב) dreams concerned his 11 brothers bowing down, which is connected to the 11 sefirot, and as we saw from the outset of this series, the splitting of the Alef-bet in two halves of 11 letters each. Considering that the surface temperature of the Sun is 5778 K, it might have something to do with the 11 year solar cycle, where its magnetic polarity flips ever 11 years, like clockwork.

Joseph’s actual two (ב) dreams concerned his 11 brothers so let us examine the number, or the relationship of the concept of, 2 within the 11 Triplets, alternatively known as the first 8 words of the Torah. The verse starts off with a large Bet (ב) of numerical value 2. Then we get two parallel words (ברא) for “create” sandwiched around the word for 2 (שתי), as in 2 creations. The twin parallel words ET V’ET are another 2, as are the twin parallel words HERZ V’HERZ, yet another 2, along with the twin parallel concept heaven and earth, H’ShMYM V’ET HERZ, 2 again. Finally, there is the dual Elohim and the concealed YHVH (יהוה), 2, which numerically total 112.

The word for two (2) embedded in the Torah’s first word (שתי) has a numerical value of 710, that is 710 out of 913 for the whole word, and not only is (710/913) = .778, but 710 is the number of radians that it takes to equal to an exact full turn of an axis. There are 2π radians in every circle (360o) and 710 radians works out to 113.00000….  In other words, pretty darn close to 1 whole number, 113 turns.

Something very interesting happens at this critical point. If we plot the prime numbers, as a subset of all positive whole numbers, around an axis using them as the X coordinate and using radians as the Y coordinate, then when we reach 710 radians, the prime numbers all line up as spokes around the central axes. That would be 280 spokes to be exact, typically in groups of 4. There are actual mathematical reasons for this that have to do with 710/2π rotations equally very nearly a whole number (113.00000959) and the residue class of mod 710 equaling a straight line, but all this is just an aside, one more example of higher mathematics possibly designed into the Torah.  Do not forget that the word for 2 (שתי) of numerical value 710 permuted from the originally word (שית) of small gematria 314. It was a very sly way of embedding more of the beauty

The Zohar also speaks of the 2 words that begin with Bet (ב) and the 2 words that begin with Alef (א), each pair representing Binah and Malchut, or MB. The same is true for the 91 doubled word pairs in the Torah that we spoke about earlier in the context of crosshairs: Binah and Malchut.  And 42 Journies that Israelites took from Egypt to Israel, began and ended with the prefixes (ב) and (מ), Binah and Malchut.

The Large Bet (ב) that leads off the Torah, represents Binah of numerical value 1000, and thus gives us a value of 2000. When we then add the value 18 for the 3 Vavs (ו) that constitute the latter Bet (ב) to the 2000, we get 2018. We will soon see how both 2000 and 18 play into the design of the focused 4 Essential Elements, especially the 2 included in the (עבמ) initials.

These hints are not only guiding us in deriving the spherical clock, but in defining Spherical Time as 2 parallel time periods superimposed. We will dive into this further in the next post.

Moshe saw that the initials of UFO (מזוההבלתיעצם) in Hebrew are (עבמ) of numerical value 112, which immediately led me to substitute the Sun and the Moon with the 42 (מב)-Letter Name and the 72 (עב) Triplets. I was not in search of 112 UFO’s, or satellites as we have previously described them, but of answers of how to interact with Spherical Time. The Torah would not have provided guidance towards spherical time and the layout of the 5 Essential Elements without also providing us with clues to how to access it.

One interesting things about (עבמ) is that it represents Zeir Anpin (70) Binah – Malchut.

Together the 12 brothers and the father/mother, Sun/Moon, are 14, which we know to be the ordinal value in the center of the Essential Cube. Calculating them as 11 brothers, 1 father, 1 mother and Joseph, we also get 14. The message of 14 is found again in the two (ב) dreams of Pharaoh interpreted by Joseph with the 7 fat and 7 lean years in each.

Now, another interesting thing about the (עבמ) is that its P/S gematria is 50, which corresponds to the letter value 50 at the central position of the Essential Cube of Creation, the 50 Gates of Binah, and the 50 cu height of the Gates of the Future Holy Temple. This further emphasizes its position in the center of the circle (clock). When we are in sync and cooperating, the clues may seemingly have nothing to do with each other and yet are all integral to the whole.

There are 120 words in the Torah that contain the letters (עבמ) in order, as in the 120 years of the age of man. Most of those words are (עבדים) meaning slavery. The first time it is found is at Bereshit 9:25 in the curse of Canaan. Is the Torah drawing a relationship between the age of man and slavery? So, we must ask if we are indeed slaves? The answer must be of course we are. Escaping from this slavery is the prime directive of mankind. It was the fundamental motive behind the exodus from Egypt, and later on from the Babylonians, Greeks, and now Romans.

We are slaves to many things, and most fundamentally the clock, our construct of time.

Freedom has always been an illusion, but the solution is hidden in the word (עבדים) itself. The 42 (מב)-Letter Name and the 72 (עב) Triplets surrounding the hand, arm, pointer (יד) of numerical value 14, as in the arms of a clock. The word (יד) is found exactly 28 times in the Torah and obviously (28 + 14) = 42.  The Sefer Yetzirah draws our attention to the 28 times of Ecclesiastes(3:2-8), the 14 letters of the 3 Names in the Shema’s first verse, the 28 lunar days, the 28 camps of the divine presence, and the 42-Letter Name, and ties them all into the 12 constellations.

The triplet (עבמ) as the initials of UFO in Hebrew probably means nothing, but as a triplet contained in the words for slavery repeated 120 times it may indeed be a code for the 4 branches of the Alef(א). Nevertheless, assuming the words for UFO were divinely inspired, then we can purport a sense of freedom to them. UFOs can come and go as they choose; we cannot. They can travel to the far off reaches of the universe; we are bound to the earth. Their existence is dependent on the whole universe; ours is on the Sun and the Moon.  Some even posit that we are their slaves.  For now, without any concrete proof one way or the other, let us call it a concept.

As refers to the branches of the Alef(א), there is the (יד) of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name explicitly written into the word for slavery;  the (יה) of the 15 Triplets of the Shema; and on the 3rd branch, there is the (וה) of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit. Altogether, these 3 branches sum to 40 (מ), the age of maturation in the Torah, which is why the Arizal explains that the final Mem(ם) represents the womb, and the human gestation period is 40 weeks. The final branch is the 72 (עב) Triplets, completing the triplet acronym (עבמ).

The complete value of the Hebrew nomenclature for the Triplets of the 3 upper branches is (40 + 40) = 80, connecting them to Binah, and that of the 4th branch is (72 + 18) = 90, connecting it to King and water.

The schematic that the Torah provides through the two (ב) dreams places Joseph, of numerical value 156, in the very center. According to the Zohar, the juncture point of our world with the World to Come, the higher dimensions, is located in hyperspace directly above the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and is called Zion, also of numerical value 156.  This is indeed the center of our world and of spherical time.

As we bring everything back to One(1) and as per the equations above involving the higher Name of G-d, Ehyeh , it is important to note that Joseph/Zion in the center of the clock gives us (156/12) = 13, Echad, One.

Thirty years ago, when I was researching graphic and mathematical commonalities in ancient cultures, I came upon a simple symbol common to nearly all of them, but it was not until recent dreams that I saw it as the alignment of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation and of the necessary crosshairs.


There is of course a system to this, and it must be done in 3 axes for the 3 dimensions of Zeir Anpin and the central Essential Cube.

The Central Central Cube

The focus must be directed toward the center of that schematic, in the center of the cube:

This is where the 156 comes in, as it is 6 x 26, the value of the YHVH (יהוה).

A YHVH (יהוה) must be placed virtually in all 6 directions of the inner cube. This is akin to the kavanot of the shakings of the Lulov (4 species) in 6 directions, according to the detailed instructions of the Arizal.  The process of the cosmic crosshairs is extremely complicated, as is the kavanot of the full set of shakenings, which are meant to integrate the expanded Name Ehyeh (אהיה) and the YHVH (יהוה) in 18 segments along 3 axes. As explained to me in a study with the Rav on the eve of the last Presidential election these kavanot form two concentric rings (spheres) with the brackets that form the 3 axes between them. The basic shape of the Triplet crosshairs is very similar with the targeted YHVH (יהוה) cube in the center and the usage of the expanded Ehyeh (אהיה) to facilitate and elevate the connections.

Zion, of numerical value 156, is the center. It is a 6 x YHVH (יהוה) Cube or alternatively 26 x 6 directions (sides).  Of the 1024, or precisely 210, different word values in the Torah there are exactly 6 that are found 26 separate times in the Torah, and the collective value of those 6 words is 3142.

Previously, we mentioned that when we divide the total value of the 42-Letter name by 506, its first line, we get 3701/506 = 7.31422, and that the Highest Name of G-d in the Torah, found at Exodus 3:14, I Am That I Am  (אהיה־אשר־אהיה), has the small gematria value of 3142.

I Am That I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה)

We also explained that the two most powerful Names, Ehyeh (אהיה) and the YHVH (יהוה), when expanded into 3 dimensions (iterations) together also equal 3142.

The expansion to 3 levels is a kabbalistic tradition. It is a process that we should go through consciously and deliberately. There are reasons for each letter, each field, individually and collectively. We never say these Names or try to pronounce them.

The Torah has taken us from a clock with Joseph in the center, to Zeir Anpin, a cube bound by the YHVH (יהוה) to powerful Names that elevate us to Binah, all directed at a single point, Zion.

The expanded components for the Yud(י), the He(ה) and the Alef(א) of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) are interesting 506, 110, and 1818 respectively. Altogether they equal 2434. The component letters of the YHVH (יהוה) are the Yud(י), the He(ה) and the Vav(ו) and they are similarly interesting as (506 + 110 + 92) = 708.  The year 5708 was when Israel became a nation. Together (2434 + 708) = 3142.   The 110 is an obvious connection to Joseph and to miracle, nes, and is in each of the Names.  The 110 was the total for the two expanded letters He(ה) in each Name, the connection to the number 5 and 55 for each Name expanded to 110.

Also repeated in both is the value 506 anchoring each of them to the 42-Letter Name. All of these are critical components in the formula to harness Spherical Time.

Let take a moment to digest this. When we concentrate and/or recite the letters in these two expanded Names we should also focus on the 42-Letter Name and the 110 component within of them, especially the knocking of the letters in the YHVH (יהוה) that also gave us 110.

Effectively, since we are taking about the Yud(י) and the He(ה), this focus is the 3 iteration expansion of the higher Name YH (יה) for each Name. For both Names that totaled 3142 together, it is a focus on the triple expansion of YHYH (יהיה), an even higher Name.  It is said that in the time of Moshiach when He and His Name are One. The Name YHYH (יהיה) will reign.

Those two highlighted components in each expanded Name (506 + 110) = 616, the numerical value of H’Torah.

Therefore, as we set up this inner cube in our minds, we are accessing the greatest expansion possible. We are concentrating not on 6 boundaries but on 6 expansions through the (3 + 3) iterations.

Perhaps, since there are 3 YHVH (יהוה) and 3 Ehyeh (אהיה) included in this important expansion, whose 3 numerical values (78 + 63) total 141, we can understand a higher purpose to 3.141…in Pi, not to mention that 3.14159… is also 3142.

All 5 Essential Elements are Necessary

All 5 Essential Elements are involved, and the central 156 value, or Zion/Joseph point, is also quite reminiscent of the 155 value for the central triplets (מנד־אני) of the 72 Triplets 8 x 9 matrix.

These are the same central pair of the 72 Triplets (מנד־אני), which we previously noted had the same numerical value, 155, as the sum of the atomic weights of the 3 metals prescribed for use in the Mishkan (Tabernacle): Copper (29); Silver (47); and Gold (79).  When we add the central Triplets (מנד־אני) of the 72 Names to the central Triplets of the Upper 42 Letter Name (יוד־לתה) we get a combined value of (155 + 455) = 610. This is equivalent to the 3rd iteration of the same Upper 42 Letter Name. It is also the numerical value of Etrog, the 4th species used in the critical Sukkot unification. It is also the numerical value of Etrog, the 4th species used in the critical Sukkot unification. It is also the value of the 27th of the 72 triplets.


Another combination of the central focusing between the sets of Triplets occurs when we line up and superimpose the crosshairs of the 42-Letter Name 6 x 7 matrix with the 72 Triplets 8 x 9 matrix. The two central columns (4th and 5th) of the 72 Triplets line up and overlap the two central columns (3rd and 4th) of letters of the 42-Letter Name matrix. Thus overlayed, the 42 letters will line up with 42 of the 72 Names, leaving 30 Names (Triplets) symmetrically excluded.

As for the horizontal crossbar, the central 5th row of the 72 Triplets will thus line up and overlap with the central 4th row of the 42-Letter Name, giving us the superimposed central pairs of (רצ) and (מנד־אני), which sum to (290 + 155) or 445. If we then were to place Joseph or Zion in the center of the circle or sphere, we would get (445 + 156) = 601.

The central Triplets (מנד־אני) of the 72 Triplets permute to (יד־נ־אמנ) or Yad- N- Amen, representing the central position of the Essential Cube of Creation of ordinal value (14, יד) and of the letter (נ) followed by the unification of Amen (אמנ).  These 36th and 37th Triplets, total 73 in placement value, as in the sefira of Chochma (73).  Together with 155, these 2 triplets have a complete value of (155 + 73) = 228, the numerical value of Baruch, Blessed.  The two central letters of the 42-Letter Name on the other hand, are the 20th and 21st letters, as in the (20 + 21) = 41, possibly representative of the 41 letters of the 3 iterations of the higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה) associated with Binah.

The association between the 41 letters of the 3 iterations of the higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה) and the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) is even more complex and profound as the number 455, representing the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) is the 41st cumulative number.  This can only be understood in the realm of higher dimensional mathematics.

As for the superimposed central total of 601, it is odd that the Torah specifically mentions that the Flood occurred in the 601st year of Noach’s life, especially given that the Hebrew word used for the Flood and translated as “cleaning, mabul (מבול)”, begins with 42(מב), includes the value 72 (מבל) and also the Vav (ו) representing the 6 YHVH (יהוה)  that equal 156. Its total gematria is 78, as in the 3 YHVH (יהוה) Fronts of the expanded Name of 42.  Moreover, it has an ordinal value of 33 and thus a complete gematria of 111, Alef(אלף).  An interesting word choice for sure.

Nonetheless, at digit #601 in Pi we have the numeric string …2000… and that from that point on till the end of the 1000 digits, the remaining digits sum to 1800, a very possible reflection of the ordinal values (20 and 18) of the two letters (רצ) at the center of the 42-Letter Name.  There is no apparent reason for us to add 2000 and 1800 from a simple mathematical point of view, but given the full value of the 1000 digits of Pi as 4470, we find that (44703800) = 670, the number of paragraphs in the Torah.

It is apropos here to discuss something Peter posted to the comments, regarding the composition of the 72 Triplets, which are composed of 3 consecutive verses of 72 letters each. As Peter illustrated, the first verse has a numerical value of 2672, the middle one of 3043, and the final one of 3428, leaving a difference (34282672) between the first and final one of 756, as in the 756 ft of the Pyramid and the 6 faces of the Cube. And yes, they give us sequentially 3, 42, 28, 26 and 72).  He further pointed out that the difference between each verse and the middle verse, left a central gap of 14 between them: (3428- 3043) – (3043 – 2672) = 14. Obviously, if the total distance between them is 756, the average distance between them must be 378, as in the sum of the 27 ordinal values of the Cube; nonetheless, the sum of the digits in either pairing sums to (17 + 10) = 27. One other cosmic oddity is that (756601) = 155, the 2 central Triplets of the 72 Names.

So, what could be the connection between the superimposed crosshairs and this 601 landing point in Pi? As it turns out, the sum of the 42-Letter crosshairs (vertical and horizontal) is 1318 and that of the 72 Triplet crosshairs is 3118 with a difference between them of 1800, whose square root is 42.426407…

Both sets of crosshairs 1318 and 3118 are clearly reminiscent of the 3rd Essential Element, the Shema, 1118. And in light of the numerical string at digit #601 in Pi …2000… it is notable that (31181118) = 2000, and (13181118) = 200, or together, 2200. For what it is worth, 2200/27.5 = 80 cubits.

We are also reminded of the 3 iterations of Alef(א), and explanation from 1 to 1818. Simply math shows us that (31181818) = 1300 and (18181318) = 500.

The central Triplets of the (מנד־אני) of the 72 Triplets also spell out (מנ־אדני) or “From Adonai.” One thing to note about Adonai (אדני) is that when it is squared (א־אד־אדנ־אדני) its total value is 125, or 53, the same as the ordinal value in Manzipach, the 5 final letters in the Alef-bet.  The ordinal value of the squared Adonai (אדני) is 54, cycling back to the Cube.

Crosshairs and Counterspace

There is space and counterspace.  When we separate out the two sets of central crosshairs, the rest of the 42-Letter Name and 72 Names sum to (3701 + 9143) – (1318 + 3118) = 8408. This is the balancing counterspace. This is 2 x 4204, which is twice Moshiach Ben David (424).  When we mediate on this superimposition of these two particular crosshairs we must keep in mind that the force that surrounds them like an aura is that of Moshiach Ben David.


It is also reminiscent of the (600,000408) component letters in the Torah as noted above.

The sum of the digits in 1318 is 13 and likewise in 3118. One (Echad) and One (Echad) is 2, as in the 2000 from the 13 Attributes, Notzer Chesed L’Alafim.  The sum of the 8 digits together is thus 26.

Considering the midpoints of all 4 Essential Elements of the 112 Triplets in terms of letters, we have (רצ־דא־ה־ו) whose sum is 306 and whose ordinal value is 54 for a complete value of 360, the circle.

With a bit of kabbalistic alchemy we can add the sum of the central coordinates of all 4 of the Essential Elements (רצ), (תהש), (מנד־אני), and (יוד) as in (290 + 705 + 155 + 20) = 1170 to the sum of the initials of the 72 Triplets (2672) and we get 3842, the exact value of the first 42 Letters of the Torah.

Balancing the other side of the alchemistic equation are the values of the initials of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name together with Joseph’s age 110 to get 1170, which is, as we have just stated, the sum of the central coordinates of all 4 Essential Elements (רצ), (תהש), (מנד־אני), (יוד).

As it works out, there are 14 letters in these crosshair coordinates, connecting them to the central position of the 5th Essential Element. Moreover, the total complete gematria value of the crosshair coordinates is (1170 + 162) = 1332 = 666 x 2. This is because 1170 is also the sum of (504 + 666) and (666504) = 162. At the moment, we are just digging up clues (darash), not deciphering them, but the story is becoming more compelling. Had the misstatement about the midpoint of the Torah not been repeated for so many generations, we may never have found this infinitely important clue right where it was supposed to be.

The value 110, given as Joseph’s age is not an arbitrary number. It is the 10th pronic number. It is also the result of knocking together The YH(יה) HV(הו) and VH(וה) of the YHVH (יהוה), in another words their products, (50 + 30 + 30) = 110. Moreover, as Peter has just reminded us, when Moshe Rabbeinu split the Red Sea, he not only used the Triplets but had Joseph’s body by his side.

The number 110 is even more profound in its essence than that. While it is true that it appears on the vertical axis of the crosshairs of the 42-Letter Name as the letter pair (לפ) of numerical value 110, those same letters (לפ) are the back of the letter Alef (אלפ), the primordial letter, representing Binah.

Alef(א) is 1 and its back is 110.  These are also the 2 letters Abraham (לפ) assigned to the 1st month, the month of Tishrei, to begin every calendar cycle.  They also represent the 2 views of the tracing of the helix generated by the motion around a circle in 3-d against time. In other words, they represent the integration and simultaneous generation of the sine and cosine waves, but this and what it has to do with Spherical Time is for another day.

It is, though, central to our focusing on the center of the crosshairs within that circle. These letters, the back of Alef (אלפ) and the value 110, help us spiral into and bore downward.

Please note that the 162 (3 x 54) ordinal value of the 4 superimposed central coordinates also coincides with the 162 columns said to uphold the covered colonnade porches of the Outer Courtyard of the Second Holy Temple. We do not yet know how many would be utilized in the Future Holy Temple. Perhaps this is a hint.  The number 162 is also (3 x 6 x 9) of Tesla fame, and of course, the rounding off of Phi (161.80…) by less than 2/1000.

If you recall, applying the gematria cipher (P/S)to the 2 sets of 390,625 and 401,273 elements of the Torah, we got 6480. This can be further broken down to 40 x 162, giving it additional significance. It is also the 80th pronic number 80 x 81.

The 7 Central Triplets of the 4 Essential Elements

With the cosmic window that we are opening or attempting to access, it is notable that the sum of the 7 Triplets at the center of each of the 4 sets of Essential Triplets is

(מנד־אני־בטר־צתג־תהש־יוד־דלת): (155 + 704 + 705 + 455) = 2019, as in the year 2019 CE found triple times in the 1000 digits of Pi along with its counterpart string 5778 HC.

God Reigns, God has Reigned, God will Reign Forever and Ever.

The famous line from our prayers Adonai Melech, Adonai Malach, Adonai Ymloch Le’olam Va’ed comes from Psalms 10 and 93 and Exodus 15:18, which is the last line in the prophetic Song of the Sea, paragraph 42.  The numerical value of the phrase Adonai Melech, Adonai Malach, Adonai Ymloch is 358, that of Moshiach. We bring this up here because the initials of the full verse total 156, the same as Joseph and Zion, the focal point of our meditations. This verse is always recited twice with (2 x 156) = 312, the length of the outer Courtyard of the Future Holy Temple currently at Zion. The ordinal value of the full verse is 275, as in the measure of the cubit for the Future Holy Temple, while the 5 Lameds, total 155, and 210 in their complete value.  We need to be grateful that we have been given so many wonderful tools.  Our appreciation helps the connections/meditations.

Psalm 67

The 8 verse Psalm 67 that is often portrayed in the shape of a menorah and used during the Counting of the Omer to count the 50 Gates, etc. has a first verse that is placed as flames above the menorah, often as 6 triplets and a central letter, 3 triplets on one side, 3 on the other.  That letter is the letter Nun(נ) with 3 x 3 on either side, just as we find it in the central letter position of the Essential 33 Cube of Creation.  The 7th Hebrew letter Zayin (ז), when spelled out, has a value of 67, hence the 7 branches of this menorah.

This is the same Psalm 67 menorah whose central position sums to 5778 and whose initials of the 7 branches equal 72. Those same 7 initials have a complete gematria of (3 x 42) or 126, as in each of the faces and planes of the Cube. Moreover, the final letters of those 7 branches (verses) total 210. The Menorah, as used to depict Psalm 67, becomes an upside-down Pyramid with 210 and the letter (ה) at the peak and the letter Nun(נ) at the base with its spelled out value of 756, just like the peak and base measures of the Pyramid. The base measure of 756 is also found in the final two triplets in Psalm 67’s first verse (מור־שיר).  While the letter (ה) and the letter Nun(נ) represent the top and bottom of the Menorah’s central column, their combined value is 55, as in 2 cubits, and as in the 55’ entrance to the Pyramid.  Of further note, the first four letters(ישמח) of that same central column spell out Moshiach (מישח).

We are not saying to add any of these Triplets to Creation. They were written by David (14), who by name and life embodied the central position in the time-line of Creation. Of the 150 Psalms, he chose this one, riddled with clues, to be the 67th, as in the numerical value of Binah. Please note that the depiction of the Menorah here is not the same one utilized for counting the Omer. There are many variations.

The Path

The two Triplets (בטר־צתג) in the central 4th line (בטרצתג) of the 42-Letter Name matrix have a numerical value of 704, that of the word Path (way, road) in Hebrew (דרך). One place we find this path conspicuously is in the bottom plane of the Essential Cube of Creation. Following the letters (or their ordinal values) in order counter-clockwise (2-9-20-18-22-3) takes us sequentially around the 4 lower corners of Cube and finally back to the middle opposite where it began.

The Path literally rings the bottom level of the Cube.  And like the Torah, it begins with the letter Bet(ב), which as the Zohar explains, stands for blessings.

This path is primordial. Both the Cube of 42 and the 42-Letter Name matrix are primordial. The Path existed before the act of Creation so it must be vitally important. It is perpendicular to the Flow of the 10 sefirot that also existed before Creation. It is almost too perfect.  Almost too perfect not to be followed by anyone seeking truth and elevation. It points upward. So, if we follow the Path sequentially upward, it encircles the Essential Cube of Creation 3 times and ends with the tip of 26, at the tip of the Yud(י) of the YHVH (יהוה).

Notice how the central elements (בטרצתג) of the Path are 2018 and how the complete value of the Path is 704 plus its ordinal value (2+9+20+18+22+3) or 74 is 778, the Hebrew calendar complement of 2018.

We are beginning to understand another aspect of higher level (dimensional) mathematics: the ordinal values of conjoined letters are more than place markers; they elucidate pathways through hyperspace.

There is space and counterspace. There is the Path and what is skipped over. The value of the ordinal values skipped over (13-11-27-4) = 55, as in 2 x 27.5 (the cubit), etc.  It is also the Path of the Vav(ו) gifted to us in the Shema (134255). As you may recall there are 13 Vavs(ו) in the first 42-word paragraph of the Shema. Then 42, as in the skipped values (11+27+4), in the rest of the Shema, making 55 in total, which was analogous to the extremely rare Bell Prime Indices (2, 3, 7, 13, 42, 55 and 2841).  Perhaps it is just a coincidence that the Path starts with 2 and ends with 3. 

What is not a coincidence is that 55 Vavs(ו) = 330, which in turn is 12 cubits. Moreover, as the Path continues upward around the Cube, the 12 corners have an ordinal value of 168, leaving 210 for the rest of the Cube.  This is the important dynamic of the 5 Kings vs 4 Kings, or (5 x 42) vs (4 x 42), as (210 + 168) = 378, the full ordinal value of the Cube.  As a proportion 168 is 4/5 of 210 and 210/378 is .555….

As the Path ascends the next two levels, the only other numbers not included are the two bars of 42: (7-14-21 and 24-1-17). The full counterspace for these 3 encirclings totals 2002 when converted to the corresponding Hebrew letters.  The complete counterspace includes the central vertical plane and the ordinal value 13.  Is it just a coincidence that so many elevators skip the number 13?

Oddly, 2002 was on Pascal’s matrix, as rank 6 of the order of 10, just as 55 was rank 3 of the order of 10. What is particularly interesting about this order of 10 is that the sum of the 3rd and the 4th ranks equals (55 + 220) or 275, which is also the sum of the complete 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה) and similarly 10 times the cubit (27.5). Moreover, the sum of all the ranks 2 through 6 is 1000 or 103, the same as the number of letters in the Shema, and the sum of all the ranks 1 through 7 is 3003, the value of the 33 letters in the Essential Element, Bereshit.

What we have not answered was why it was necessary for the Creator to embed the Path in the center of the 42-Letter Name matrix.

No one has ever proposed this before, but since the Path forms a closed ring around the central core (1-14-27) of the Essential Cube, can the 42-Letter Name matrix be circular in nature as well. If the Path were a pattern tracing all 42 Letters, the Name would be a cylinder.   Using calculus, we can prove that the surface area of a cylinder equals the surface area of a sphere. Simply, a cylinder is a rectangle that can be divided into 4 equal triangles, and each of those triangles has the same area as a circle that represents the full shadow of the sphere. Given that the formula of the surface area of a sphere is 4πr2, it would equal the area of 4 equal circles of formula (πr2), which would consequently equal the area of those 4 equal triangles and thus the original cylinder.

In other words, the 42-Letter Name matrix can be a sphere. As difficult as that is to imagine, given our limited perspective, it makes perfect sense in hyperspace where there is no separation.  May this help explain why 9 divided by the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name equals 73.141593 or that the complete gematria sofit of the 42-Letter Name (5161 + 544) plus 73 = 5778.  The value 73 for the 9th sefira of Chochma, means Wisdom. This will have greater meaning for us shortly.

If that has not confused you enough, if we take the ends of the cylinder and connect them, we get a torus. Take any flexible tube, which is a cylinder and connect the ends and it can be seen clearly. In this case the matrix becomes endless with the first line following the last line as we saw with 12345678912345… that gave us 1735537198264468289, etc.

Any 2-d matrix can be geometrically represented as a 3-d torus and visa-versa. This applies to fields like that magnetic and dielectric, etc, but that is a much deeper level of physics than we want to tackle today.

The Music of the Cosmos

Stumbling upon this next bit was serendipitous, but with the latest connections to 2200 it does fit right in.

Full confession, I cannot carry a tune. Opera touches my soul, I get lost in classical music and most music moves me, especially from the cosmically open 60’s, but what I hear in my head comes out tone deaf.  Music, though, has mathematics at its core. What it also has at its core is the sacred cubit, 27.5”. The musical scale is divided into 12 notes that seem to work most pleasingly together and in specific relationships and these are divided into an octave or 8 relationships, that keep repeating, with higher and higher octaves, each doubling the prior scale, or alternatively by halving. The typical scale begins at 220 Hz and thus the next octave (8) begins with 440 Hz. If we were to divide that 220 Hz between the octaves, we would get 8 evenly spaced increments of 27.5 Hz.  In other words, 220 Hz = (8 x 27.5) = 1 Octave. The most pleasing relationship is that of the Perfect Fifth (P5) which is 1.5 times 220 Hz or 330 Hz, a musical/mathematical relationship of 3:2.  This Perfect Fifth (P5) or 330 Hz is, as we well know, the base measure of the Pyramid in cubits, or 12 x 27.5 and the perimeter of the edges of a cube of 1 cubit. Another extremely pleasing note is the Major Third (M3) at 275 or 10 x 27.5 Hz. The Major Second (M2) is 247.5 Hz or (220 + 27.5 Hz), which is thus (9 x 27.5). It is interesting that this is so close to 248, Abraham, the 248 dimensions of the E8 Lattice, etc.  The Major Seventh (M7) is 412.5 Hz, which as we may recall is 3 x the Phi(φ) angle or (3 x 137.5), equivalent to the first letter of the Torah (ב) spelled out. It is also 412.5 = (15 x 27.5). This serves as an instruction that the first letter of the Torah (ב) = (יה) cubits, and as we now know, it has a tone.

Not all 12 notes can work out to be exactly 27.5 Hz apart, given that the Octave (8) spacing is 8 x 27.5. For example, the Tritone is 308 Hz or 22 Hz less than 330 Hz and the minor Sixth (m6) is 352 or 22 Hz more.  Together though, they are (308 + 352) = (2 x 330). In order to equalize the notes so that the relationships harmonize (more or less) between keys, all the values change to varying degrees, which is called just intonation in 12 part equal temperament. This effectively masks the sacred cubit. Maybe the key is to keep it in the perfect key, but the key to what? The Song of the Sea perhaps?

I guess that is what is meant by harmony in the universe. Those of you who are more astrologically or astronomically inclined can apply this to the 12 constellations.

The exile in Egypt is stated to be both 430 years and 210 years, a difference of 220 years. During those 220 years the 12 sons of Jacob and the 12 Tribes of Israel were formed. One Octave (220 Hz divided into 12 notes).

Think of a clock of 12, each hour 27.5 degrees apart, 330o in total.  Each cubit degree is 1.090909 degrees of a circle, so each hour of 27.5 cubit degrees equals 30 degrees of a 360o degree circle. Therefore, at 30o per normal clock hour, Joseph’s dream clock surrounded by 11 bowing hours would total 330o and be in harmony with the Perfect Fifth (P5). Metaphorically, at 110 years, he would have lived 4 x 27.5o hours, 10 for each of his 11 brothers.  Each brother that surrounded him would represent 33o.

Just as the 110 years of Joseph traces the perimeter of a square whose sides are 1 cubit each, 27.5”, the 12 boundaries of a cube trace the edge the perimeter of a cube whose sides are 1 cubit each, 27.5”, for a total 330”. Each face of that cube would have an area of 756.25 square inches.

Given the connections between 12 and 330, can the clock be a cube with each hour a different edge with a different tone until the clock strikes 12 again? The musical scale is divided into 12 notes and these are divided into an octave or 8 corners.  Instead of staring at the clock on the wall, we could be inside it, in the center, staring out.

A Piece of the Pi

As fate would have it, 330 is found in Pi at digit# 365, as in the 365 days in the year. There are actually 365.256 days in each year and each day consists of a cycle of 12 for day and a cycle of 12 again for night, One day. The choice of 12 may have been arbitrary yet 24 hours times 365.256 days equals 8766.144 hours and we also find 8766.1 in the first 1000 digits of Pi. It is at digit #980 with the digital string …8766111…, off by 47 minutes for the entire year. The gematria of 47 is (כי־טוב). “And G-d saw that it is good.” And …8766111…. kicks off the very prophetic final sequence …192787661119590921642019893… within that first 1000 digits.

Those 8766.144 hours per year over 5778 years amount to 50650780 hours. We can read whatever we want into that, but 506, as refers to the 42-Letter Name and the complete gematria of Moshiach Ben David, is found for the first time in Pi at digit # 1115, meaning it ends at location digit #1118 in the middle of this sequence …72 424 541 506 959 50… I do not think we need to break that down for you at this point.

Why Does our Time Sphere Bubble have a 5778 year limit?

Why Does our Time Sphere Bubble have a 5778 year limit?

It is a good question with a simple mathematical answer that involves the shape of a sphere.

We are putting the cart before the horse here because this section, as previously explained, was more about the details of Spherical Time focusing using the Names and forces of Creation as given to us in the Torah, rather than an explanation of Spherical Time itself, which we will do in the next section.  What you need to understand is that the Divine Calendar, incorporating the superimposed Western and Hebrew one, is split into two time or distance segments of 3760 years and 2018 years, and each of these correspond to synchronous spherical paradigms of time. Two spheres of the same size, occupying the same space with observed time operating at two different speeds such that they share the same event horizon yet have two different diameters. The radius of one is 2018 years and of the other is 3760 years.  This will be more fully explained in the next chapter.

Nonetheless, what happens when we add the circumference of the 3760 sphere and of the 2018 sphere is that we get a single circumference of exactly 36304.24470, which represents the exact numerical values of both H’Mosiach (the Messiah), 363; and Moshiach Ben David, 424.

This is also the circumference of a single sphere of 5778 years, or radius 5778. Remember time emanates spherically from the center. Imagine, man broadcast radio waves into space from earth or a satellite and it traveled outwards for X amount of years. No matter what direction the broadcast was heard or seen in, the same amount of time would have passed. One side would not be the future and the other the past; they would both be on the same time bubble relative to the emanating point. This is why 5778 is the radius and not the diameter.

With regards to its circumference it is mathematically identical whether we are discussing a sphere with radius 5778 or two spheres of 3760 and 2018.

As you may imagine for so momentous an equation, the result, 36304.24470, tells a deeper story. While 2447 represents the 2447 years before the reception of the Torah at Mt Sinai and is about 42.4%, or more precisely Phi(φ)3 percent of the distance to 5778, the number 2447 is also the 363rd prime number.  Moreover, as if that were not enough, 4470 is sum total value of the first 1000 digits of Pi, and as will be explained in the next section, it is equivalent to the 44.70 hours in the 2018 spherical day.

As we just said, with regards to its circumference it is mathematically identical whether we are discussing a sphere with radius 5778 or two spheres of 3760 and 2018 and the same holds true for any two positive numbers that add up to 5778, but only those two will work out to a 44.70 hour day that equates them, and them to Pi.

We can now understand the hint in the Torah’s first verse where its first letter, the large Bet (ב), had a concealed value of 2018 and where there are two parallel words (ברא) for “creation” sandwiched around the word for 2 (שתי), as in the 2 parallel creations of time, the 2018 and 3760 spheres.

I know that this is a lot to take in, but I just want you to know that it all ties in with the 33 or 27 position Essential Cube of Creation.  Just note that (2 + 0 + 1 + 8 + 3 +7 + 6 + 0) = 27, as does (5 + 7 + 7 + 8) = 27, as does David’s midpoint (2 + 8 + 8 + 9) = 27, as do the other two midpoints (1 + 0 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 8 + 8 + 0) = 27, and the sum of the 10 first and pertinent digits in 36304.24470 is 33.

What may be relevant is that the sum of each of the digits in 36304.24470 squared is 155, the center of the 72 Names, considering that the sum of the first 10 digits in Pi (π), an integral part of this geometrical equation, is correspondingly 39, meaning together (33 + 39) is 72.

As for (2 x 1 x 8) x (3 x 7 x 6) = 16 x 126 = 2016, we can only assume that 2016, as the beginning of the event Horizon, was significant. Especially so, since 2016 = (42 x 48) with 4248 being the sum of the names of the Alef-bet, and since (42 x 48) is the sum value of all the rows, columns and diagonals of all 6 faces of the Essential Cube of Creation. Just for kickers, the cube root of 48 is 3.63424, as in 36304.24470, the result of the equation that defines our existence.

As Dennis most recently pointed out, election night this cycle falls on the anniversary of the Flood, the 17th of Cheshvan. This is exactly 4125 years to the day after the rains fell, the waters surged, “the floodgates of heaven were opened,” and Noach and his family entered the Ark. As we just saw, this coincides with the Major Seventh (M7) or 412.5 Hz, which is also 3 times the Phi(φ) angle or (3 x 137.5 o), the 3 turns of the great hand and the YH(יה), representing 150 lights and cubits (27.5).

After the 40 days of rain ended, there began 150 days of water’s swelling and churning, to a height of 15 YH(יה) cubits above the mountain peaks.

This is the formula based on circumference of the spheres with the time spans acting as radii:

This is the formula based on the surface area of the spheres with the time spans acting as diameters, given that the two radii 2018/2 + 3760/2 add up to 2889, the midpoint in King David’s life:

In both equations, the circumference (2πr) and the surface area (4πr2) of a sphere, an additional step must be taken to get this astonishing result. In one it is to multiply by 2, and in the other it is to divide by the radius or the sums of the radii, in either case, 2889. The reasoning for this it currently only known in the upper dimensions, yet when we multiply the two additional processes together, we get (2 x 2889) = 5778. In other words, the relationship between the actual surface area and the actual circumference when a time span is a radius of 2889 is 5778. In other words, the surface area is 5778 times the circumference. No other year will give us 36304.24470

That radius of 3760/2 is 1880, which happens to be the sum of the 2 lifespans of Adam (930 years) and Noach (950 years), the 1st and 10th in the lineage of Man. The two men lived for exactly half the timespan given to Man. Their lives did not line up back to back; there were 126 years between them, as in the central plane (126) encircled by the Path. Noach was born 126 years after Adam died. G-d disapproved or Adam’s actions. Noach found favor in G-d’s eyes. Adam began mankind, Noach preserved it.  The gematria of Noach is 58 and he lived 58 years past the birth of Abraham. Finally, the 1st and 10th Pronic numbers are (2 + 110) respectively, or 112, as in the 112 Triplets.

To begin to understand how ingenious this design was we need nothing more than look at the inverse of these numbers, to divide them into One (1). The inverse of a number is its counterpart, the counterspace of it. The inverse of 36304.24470 gives us the cubit, as 1/36304.24470 = .000027545.  The inverse of 5778 is the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name 1/5778 = .0001730…   The inverse of the inverse of 2018 and of 3760 together 1/(1/2018 + 1/3760) = 1313.2018.  The year 1313 BCE is when we received the Torah at Sinai and is the number upon which the exponential scale of the Alef-bet was created. The difference of (2018 + 1313) = 705, is the value of the central Triplet is the 11 Triplets of Bereshit. The sum of (2018 + 1313) = 3331, is the number of years from 2448 HC (1313 BCE) and 5778 HC (2018 CE). No other combination of dates will work out that way.

Moreover, the inverse of the inverse of the concurrent year 2018 and of 5778 together 1/(1/2018 + 1/5778) = 1495, the value of the 22 letters of the Alef-bet with the decimal remainder truncated. Also the inverse of the inverse of the date of the Flood and of Noach’s age at the Flood 1/(1/1656 + 1/601) = 441, the value of the word emet, Truth.

The dates were built into the core and most basic mathematics of our universe and from the moment of Creation our bubble was designed to lead us to H’Mosiach and Moshiach Ben David and our freedom in a timespan of 5778 years, 5778 revolutions around the sun from the moment Man received consciousness.

It all comes back to One (1). It cannot be any other way.

In a sense this entire 780+ page paper with its in-depth analysis of endless aspects of the Torah and of the mathematical underpinnings of the universe has been about examining the how and why of this singular equation. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.