Passover is More Than You Think; Pesach is More Than You Can Imagine.


The Shabbat prior to Pesach (Passover) is called Shabbat HaGadol (the Great Shabbath). The word HaGadol occurs 26 times in the Torah, the same numerical value of the Tetragrammaon (YHVH) and 18 of those times the word HaGadol  (HGDL) is written with the cholam (vowel) instead of the Vav, giving it a numerical value of 42, the same as the 42-Letter Name of G-d. The number 18 is the well-known numerical value of Chai (life) and not coincidentally the square root of 18 is 4.2426, with 424 being the value of Moshiach Ben David. And all this is only to provide us with clues.
The real significance of this is that Shabbat HaGadol acts as a gateway to Pesach, much as the Gate of 42 is the final gate before entering the Holy of Holies in the Holy Temples, including the Future Holy Temple. This gateway to Pesach is more than a metaphor.
According to the sages  the first and last verses of the Torah link together seamlessly to form a complete cycle, or circle, which is why they are read together contiguous every year around the holiday of Sukkot. This analogy of an annual cycle is strengthen by the design which splits the 19 words into the 7 words of the first verse and the 12 of the last.  We realign our 12-month lunar cycles with our solar ones in cycles of 7 and 19, and this keeps the calendar progressing at an even pace and guides which portions of the Torah are read in which week in any given year.
One Shabbat not long ago I challenged my 8-year-old daughter to figure out which letters of the Hebrew alphabet were not included in the Torah’s first verse. She promptly figured out all 11 of them, and then added, “Why don’t we check the last verse too.” Since I consider EVERYONE to be my teacher, especially my children, we did. Lo and behold, there were 20 letters utilized and only 2 that weren’t:  Pe and Samech.
Samech and Pe spelled Saf (SP), as in end, threshold, but not a word we find in the Torah per se.  Nevertheless, there are 12 days of preparation, when we read a special portion of the Torah daily, leading to the 7 days of Pesach, which is spelled Pe, Samech, and Chet spell Pesach (PSCh).
The end of the Chet(Ch), which according to the sages gets circumcised at Pesach and become a He(H); hence chametz (ChMZ) is transformed into matzah (MZH).
So joining the Chet to the Pe and Samech, left 19 letters and begged the question: Why were these three letters isolated? Why was Pesach considered outside the realm of the annual cycle?
It is because the 7 days of Pesach are actually another dimension entirely, and once we climb the 15 steps of the seder to enter it, we are beyond the earthly realm. This is why there is another seder at the end of Pesach, to ease our descent back down.  This is also why all the cleaning for Pesach is essential. It’s a cleansing, or purification, process that prepares us to align ourselves with the energy of this higher dimension.
Pesach is a gift, the diamond set in the ring opposite the cyclical closure of the Torah’s first and last verses around Sukkot 6 months earlier.
The exodus from Egypt brought the Israelites to another dimension as well, a higher state, a place of Keter as indicated by the 620 letters in the 10 Commandments.  They too left all there chametz (personal garbage/klippot/negativity behind) and went through a final cleansing as they passed through the Sea of Reeds.
Getting rid of all the chametz in our lives is about disconnecting from the physicality; it’s a preparation for the time of Moshiach (the Messiah), which B”H will be upon us very soon. For nearly 3330 years, ever since the exodus and the reception of the Torah at Sinai, we’ve been rehearsing every Spring for the arrival of Moshiach consciousness. Except, most of us have treated it as Biblical reenactment, or even as a family gathering. It was nice, but we missed the point.
This time around, once we cross over, we should find (feel) joy in everything.  Each letter and word of the Passover Haggadah should ignite us with happiness. And every moment in this paradisaical dimension should feel, well, like Heaven. To the extent that it doesn’t reveals how much more cleansing we need to do in order to see through the darkened veils.
When we take away these 7 days of the year from the annual cycle of 365, we’re left with 358 days and 358 is the numerical value of Moshiach.  Likewise, the 210 years of exile in Egypt plus Pesach (PSCh of numerical value 148) equals 358.
So let’s all scrub and clean and cleanse the physicality out of our lives, so that we can climb easily into this higher dimension called Pesach, experience the otherworldly pleasures within, and after 7 days we can return from this vacation refreshed and rejuvenated. Or better yet, return without descending, bringing the Moshiach consciousness back with us, like a cloak of dew upon the spring grasses, helping to prepare our world for what is to come. Pesach is as much a community event as it is a personal one and it’s our responsibility to bring back and spread that consciousness for the sake of our brethren.
On Sukkot we make a space for that world within our own and connect to Keter. On Pesach (PE SMC ChYT) whose letters when spelled out with the kolel have the same numerical value as Keter, 620, we leave our world and ascend to that lofty dimension.
This year, as we circle the stellar ring, let’s grab that brilliant diamond and bring it home.
 Chag Pesach Sameach
May this be an amazing Pesach for us all,

11 thoughts on “Passover is More Than You Think; Pesach is More Than You Can Imagine.

  1. Hi Jeffrey,
    Just curious — re the letters used in the last and first verses of the Torah. Do you see / treat the join of those two verses, ie the “tail” joined back to the “head”, as an implied letter Teth? – ie so that Teth is counted as one of the letters used & thus leaving Peh and Samech as the two “exceptions” / missing letters?

  2. Greetings Mr. Jeffrey Meiliken,
    I love your article “Passover is more than you think.” THIS Passover of 2012, I am sure we all missed something more than we can imagine. I wrote the following hoping I could send it to important people in Knesset but I do not know if they would even acknowledge receiving it.
    if you think my “letter” has some merit, please share my thoughts( and that of countless others)
    In my heart I feel this month of May GOD will surely interfere in our world affairs due to fact, in my opinion TIME has RUN IT’S COURSE and humanity has reached it’s ripeness of corruption.- –
    Passover and Easter season in 2012 left many disappointed Rabbis and Christian followers of Biblical prophecy because they expected Elijah and Messiah to show up. Followers of Jesus also expected the glorious event spoken of by Prophet Daniel – the resurrection followed by their “translation” into heaven for seven years.
    ….Instead, humanity got 8.6 and 8.2 earthquakes in Far East and numerous others up and down the west coast of North America….. I wonder whether they were a final warning from God for people and nations in affected areas…. a 40 day warning would land on MAY 20TH , Yom Yerushalayim, the 28th day of Iyar, commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem and the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City in June 1967.
    Though most people have given up hope of seeing Elijah and return of Jesus, even scoffing and ridiculing it, there is still a remnant of Jewish and Christian believer that see May 2012 as a month pregnant to birth cataclysmic events ushering in The Time of Jacob’s trouble:
    May 17th is 40 days after the resurrection of Jesus and day of his Ascension. Because this year Passover and Easter seasons meshed together, Ascension day is considered a “highly possible” and excellent day for God to resurrect all the saints that have died since the first resurrection of Jesus.
    If, I repeat, IF, the resurrection would occur on May 17th, we should reasonably expect major volcanic eruptions and 8+ magnitude earth quakes WORLD WIDE. Though speculation on my part, events could repeat as when Jesus died on the cross. When He yielded up HIS spirit, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom – – the earth quaked – – rocks split – -graves opened – -many bodies of saints who had died were raised out of their graves and went in the Holy City and appeared to many!!!!!!! Read Matthew chapter 27: 50-53
    AGAIN, IF it were to happen that numerous people report seeing resurrected friends and relatives, one could justifiably expect the “translation” of millions within days – -possibly TEN DAYS – on the 6th of SIVAN, MAY 27- -The next possible day Elijah could come!
    To the Christian May 27th is Pentecost day, the 50th day after Easter that the apostles and the Holy Spirit descended on them while they were praying together.
    To Jewish people May 27th is the Feast of Shavuot, 6th of Sivan; commemorating anniversary of the day GOD gave Moses Torah for the Israelite nation as they were assembled at Mount Sinai.
    For ages scholars have tried to place when in time would occur the ten days of tribulation spoken of in Book of Revelations, chapter 2, verse 10. King James Version : 10Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.
    The point has been brought up that the ten days of tribulation could be between the 17-27th of May due to the following irregularities occurring simultaneously:
    May 20th –21st meeting of heads of state for NATO nations in Chicago.
    Red Cross officials reported that the City of Chicago, Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service had instructed them to prepare for a mass evacuation of the city in the event of an emergency during the NATO summit…??– Implementation of regionalized martial law. ??
     ! There is a ring of fire eclipse May 20th! I is my understanding Rabbis consider Solar eclipses as foreboding for the world. There is a lunar eclipse June 4th! Lunar eclipses are foreboding for Israel!
     Russian troops in United States for joint training in fighting terrorists? Is the New World Order planning a “Red Dawn” attack against Americans to disarm the country?
     Mayan’s expect “Quetzalcoatal, their flying serpent GOD on May 20, 2012 according to 2 crop circles from 2007, which will coincide with the Annular eclipse and the planetary alignment of the sun, moon, earth and the Pleiades…Are we seeing the rise of the Anti-Christ in Chicago zip code 60606 where NATO is meeting?
    Quetzalcoatl was tied to the god of Venus. Some of the Mormons believe that Quetzalcoatl is the god that appeared to the Native Americans and was Jesus Christ (which we know was Lucifer imitating Jesus). Anyways I find it interesting that a Mormon is running for President this year, another sign of the deception that is about to play out – -Mormons believe Jesus is going to rule earth NOT FROM JERUSALEM BUT FROM Jackson County, Missouri. – -Flip a coin and Lucifer wins whether Obama or Romney is elected. I truly believe in final analysis, Romney would go by HIS faith and “eject” Israel in the next war just as Obama has already done A friend of mine has said Romney looks and sounds like the sleazy used car salesman of the 1950s!
    Finally, one must seriously ponder how the various time cycles seen repeatedly throughout Torah have again repeated in our age, pointing to a conclusion of the current era in 2017-2018.
    120 year warning period : 1898: 2nd Zionist Conference 1898 – 2018.
    50 year Jubilee cycle 1898 – 1948 Statehood = 50 yrs
    50 year Jubilee cycle: 1967-2018 = 50 FULL yrs
    50 year Jubilee cycle: 1917 – 1967 = 50 yrs
    70 year time cycle: 1948 – 2018 = 70 yrs
    70 year cycle: 1897 (1st Zionist Conf) – 1967 = 70 yrs
    30 year cycle: 1918 – 1948 Maturity

  3. 1)antichrist will be conceived in chorazin, born in bethsaida, reared in capernaum, and will rule from 3rd jewish temple in jerusalem. these four cities are in israel. antichrist is from the tribe of dan. antichrist is master illusionist. people will see that mountains are moving, sun and moon are changing their colors, trees are growing in seconds, sick people are getting healed, possessed are exorcised, fire comes down from the skies, etc. antichrist has a pale face, red eyes, and gloves just like jigsaw puppet from saw movie. antichrist cannot resurrect the dead though. this is how you know that he is fake.
    2)mark of the beast is similar to the in time movie tattoo. when people stretch hands to receive a small plastic document like the new small grey world passport, a green 666 tattoo will be given by lasers on forehead or wrist area. rfid chips and electronic tattoos are given so that people can be easily tracked to get 666 lasered. police will laser people on the highways. food stores will be set up to laser people too.
    3)demons dress in fake human skin and fly in ufo ships. there are no aliens, only demons. nobody lives on other planets. demons will invite people to be healed in their ufo ships. whoever goes in to be healed, will come out spiritual zombie destined for hell. demons have 4 ufo bases: moon, inside the fake mountain kailas in tibet, underneath mariana trench in pacific ocean (atlantis is here), and in lake baikal in russia.
    4)25 meter (80 foot) dinosaurs(man-eaters) live under the ground. they will come out through lakes and sinkholes to eat us. this is punishment for spreading lies about God in the scientific field.

  4. Shabbat Hagadol‘The Great Shabbat.’ Monday, March 26, 10th of Nissan, 5778 is preparation for Messiah.
    Friday, March 30, 14th of Nissan, 5778 is the Pesach Passover for eigth days until Saturday, April 07, 22nd of Nissan, 5778 The number 22 means marked and sealed when we are Redeemed FROM DEATH TO LIFE 4/7/2018 Sat, Pesach VIII Day The time of our Lord’s return!!!
    Enter now the Lord’s Rest

  5. Wow, what an undoerstanding.!!!! The past is to prepare us for the future. That each one of us can seek to reachup to heaven to be liketo Ariel unto oour r

  6. “Likewise, the 210 years of exile in Egypt plus Pesach (PSCh of numerical value 148) equals 358.” Which exile is this referring to? All I can think of is the one leading to Moshe’s exodus but that would be 400 years… Thanks in advance for explaining… 🙂

  7. Thanks Jeffrey… I just downloaded the book… wow that is a lot of information… reading homework for me for the next few days!! Thank you for putting so much effort on the book (and the website as well)!

  8. To understand Pesach at the REMEZ level one must apply the proper of the metaphors or ‘keys’.
    Chametz is “man’s natural state of pridefulness”
    Children are all Jews
    Mother is the Ruach ha Kodesh
    The Father who takes the chametz outside and burns it is hashem.
    Three matzohs are the ein sof as expressed as 3 persons Father/Son/Ruach.
    The center matzoh is broken and part hidden as the afiqomen is Moshiach ben Yosef whose body was broken as a sacrifice for us all (the innocent for the guilty just like all sacrifices).
    The 3 matzos in the dressy bag are the 3 persons of hashem Father/Son/Spririt in their Royal Splendor/Robes.
    The afiqomen is Yeshua Messiah ben Yosef hidden from the Jews wrapped in a linen napkin (Yeshua’s burial shroud) for Jews to find when they look for him.
    The prize given for finding the afiqomen is the best prize any good Jew would seek i,e, their long awaited Moshiach!
    The egg in salt water is Israel’s mikveh/baptism as it passed thru the reed sea.
    The charoset is Moshiach’s first experience/visit to Israel i.e. royal but bitter herbs the type that bring tears and take you breath away with their harshness (like crucifixion would be).
    If you take the name YHWH and break it down to the meanings of each letter it firms a sentence with a message. Yud = A hand – Hay = Look! – Vav = A Peg or Nail – Hay= Look!. The sentence in its fullness says ” A hand look a nail look!
    One last Kabbalistic hint for you all. The Gematria for YHWH is 26 which reduces to 8 the number of Messiah and the number of New Beginnings…
    There are many more metaphors to be found but those are the major ones…
    If you would like to explore them you may write me at

  9. Hi Ezra,
    Just for info — I think the auto-spell software threw in a “there” when you typed “their” (??):

    They too left all there chametz (personal garbage/klippot/negativity behind) and . . . .

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