Reflections of the Reflecting Pool.


It came to my attention this week that the giant Reflecting Pool that lies in the central axis between the Washington Monument and the Capital Building is 2300 x 150 feet. At first I dismissed it, even as they pointed out that 2300 x 150 = 345,000 sq ft and that 345 is numerical value of Moses. But on further reflection, I realized that 2300 = 20 x 115 and as we’ve been discussing in the last few articles, the value 20 is synonymous with the highest, crowning sefira (dimension) of Keter, and 115 is the number of jubilee years (Biblical 50-year interval) from Adam to the prophecies of Mashiach (the Messiah) in our generation, specifically 5778 (2018 CE).
Still, I didn’t consider it worth mentioning until I further realized that 2300  + 150 = 2450, and by removing the kolel of 2, we get 2448, as in the year of the exodus from Egypt and the reception of the Torah at Sinai in 2448 HC. Moreover, both 2448 and 2450 equal 49 jubilee years, which we know from the sages correspond with the 49 gates of negativity that the Israelites were at before they crossed the Red (Reed) Sea.
Now, the Torah commands us emphatically to count jubilee years and this connection between the measurements of the Reflection Pool and to both times that the window to the Tree-of-Life reality is said to have opened and is predicted to open again is a little suspicious.  Even more so, when we consider that there are exactly 66.6 jubilee years between those 2 dates and that the Washington Monument is 6660 inches tall.
Nevertheless, I held off writing about this until in a dream last night I saw in a straight line, just as it’s actually laid out, the 541 room Capital Building, the Washington Monument (the giant Egyptian Obelisk) and the 2300 foot long Reflecting Pool just beyond it. It dawned on me then that the US Capital was purposefully designed to reflect these aspects of the Exodus from Egypt across the red sea in 2448 HC, to the Promised Land, Israel, whose numerical value is 541, and who is symbolically represented by the Star of David (Magen David), a symmetrical 12-gonal star that is mathematical comprised of 541 points.
But Why?

5 thoughts on “Reflections of the Reflecting Pool.

  1. Because Washington is ‘Rome’ and the end of time and exile connect us to Rome.
    And because the end is always determined at the beginning. Math and gematria of the letters is the clues to the divine program that is played out.
    And at the end of the exile and coming of mashiach we’ll experience Ahavat Chinam , unconditional love , which is the gematria of 23×22=506.

    1. You are right about Rome. I almost forgot to write about that. Now I will later his week, bli nader. The original name for Washington DC was Rome, and that’s how the founding fathers and the Masons envisioned it, Rome on the Potomac. The consequences of this are profound, but I’ll save that for the article. Thanks. And as always, you are so spiritually piped in that you brought up 506, ahava kinam, just as I was about to shed brand new light on it. B”H, I’ll be writing about that tomorrow.
      Thanks again

  2. Also, if the obelisk represents Egypt, and the Reflecting Pool the Sea of Reeds, the Promised Land stands at its end. Symbolically, did not the Founders want to represent America as the Promised Land?
    Symbolism, however, is only as good as its poet.

    1. Yes, and who knows what the full intentions were about the symbolism, but another question comes to mind: The correct order should be The obelisk, the pool, the barren mall, then the Capital Building (in other words Egypt, red Sea, Desert, Israel), but they placed the pool on the far side of the monument, why?

  3. We need to look at not so much the micro but the macro picture of “why” these mathematical pointers were built into these monuments for us to understand in our days. What matters is that HaShem has caused them to be preserved till our days that the secrets written for us in the latter days may be unlocked to lead us to teshuvah and to Redemption. This Land is the last bastion of the strength of Yosef’s descendants, that of Menashe, the greatest single nation that ever lived and ahs been a blessing to the world. It is in no way Edom or Rome. True, it may be influenced by those powers, but the founding fathers were the furthest away from the values of such powers and were guided to avoid such names as “Rome” for this nation We are standing at the treshold of terrible events that will lead us to the return of the Ten Tribes, of whose existence Yehudah was totally unaware for centuries, in order for the birthright of Yoseph may be carried out while their identities would stand erased till the end of days, (Dev. 32:26). The books of the Neviim are filled with calls to the northern house of Israel / Ephraim, and we need to look there for clues. We will see the second exodus from the land of the north, not Russia, but of those who have been taken to Assyria, (Yirmeyahu 16:14-15). Please pray the the national day of prayer for repentance may be blessed on Aug. 28th, as organized by Glenn Beck. It is not the theology that matters now, but crying out for mercy and help for teshuvah by the “remnant” of Israel to HaShem according to II Chron. 7;14-16.
    Psalm 80 is written to the Ten Tribes in the latter days. We who live in their land, need to join in those prayers… NOW.

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