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Reincarnation Basics.

We’re all coming back. We’ve all got major work to do this life and will be coming back again to correct it. We’ve all got tikkun.  If not, life would be a breeze.
How do we know our tikkun (correction)?
If someone is in you life it is for a reason. If something is in your face it is for a reason. So deal with it deliberately, with love, humility, and respect and you will have corrected it. If it’s still there, you didn’t deal with it deliberate enough, or with enough love, humility, and respect, so try again.
So how should we conduct ourselves so as not to worsen our tikkun for the next time around?
We should treat everyone as a King because that’s what they may be in their next life and we want them to remember us for it. We should love everyone as our children because that’s what they may be in our next lives and we don’t need our kids bringing past-life issues into our relationships. We should listen to everyone as if they were our Rav, because that’s who they may be in our next life and we don’t want them passing us over as students.
B”H we will all lighten our tikkun.