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The longest word in the Torah has 10 letters (VBMShERVTYC) and was used just once.  Innocuously enough, it means kneading troughs, where the Egyptians made their bread and where the frogs of the 2nd plague jumped into. Any time something in the Torah singularly stands out there’s a reason for it, a reason that it was meant to be noticed. In this case, the first 4 letters of the word (VBMShERVTYC) are the initials of “And the Mem-Bet Shemot, the 42-Letter Name) and the ordinal value of these same 4 letters is also 42. And while the ordinal value of the rest of the letters is 70, as in the 70 Nations, etc,the remaining 6 letters can be broken down into (ERV) a permutation of the word for Light, Ohr (EVR) and (TYC) of numerical value 430, the same as nefesh, soul, and the number of years the Israelites were in exile in Egypt.
But even the location of this potently packed word is  significant as it’s at Shmot 7:28,  a  quick reference back to the Torah’s first verse Bereshit 1:1 of 7 words and 28 letters, where the Shem Mem-Bet (42-Letter Name) hails from.  So what is the Torah telling us?
Let’s see: If the 10 letters refer to the 10 sefirot of the Tree-of-life, as do the 10 plagues where we found them, then it could be telling us that the foundation of our sustenance (bread) is found in the Shem Mem-Bet (42-Letter Name) and that the Light spreads from there to the 70 branches of the Tree-of-life to nourish our nefeshs (souls).  And this interpretation is strengthened in the placement of the 10-letter word in the 2nd plague, which the Arizal tells us is analogous to and a cleansing or correction of the  sefira of Yesod through which all the Light of sustenance flows into our world and lives.  And moreover, Moses lists 10 places the frogs will wind up, and the kneading bowls were the 2nd from last, in other words, yesod of yesod.
But there’s more we can glean from this one well place word (VBMShERVTYC) , since if we permute the last 6 letters we can form both CTR (Keter, the highest crowning sefira) and/or YEVR (river), which hints to us about the river of life-sustaining Light (energy) that flows from Keter through the Shem Mem-Bet, which is Zeir Anpin, or at least how we can consciously access it, and this is further hinted at in the vav (symbol of Zeir Anpin) that begins the unique 10-letter word.
Now, there are 4240 letter nuns (of numerical value 50 each) in the Torah through this point, and 4240 = 424 x 10 and 424 is the numerical value of Mashiach Ben David. And considering everything that we know about the the Israelites being before the 50th gate of negativity and having to switch their consciousness to the tree-of-life consciousness to instead enter the 50th Gate of Binah (understanding), it’s apparent that this simple innocuous 10-letter word is mapping out for us how to bring  Moshiach Ben David. (To learn more about that and how to utilize the Shem Mem-Bet properly to access the tree-of-life, please read The Genesis Prayer)

And since we know from The Divine Calendar that all the key Biblical dates and events have dates ending in 8 and that the number 8 plays an integral part of G-d’s divine plan for Moshaich, it may or may not be coincidence that there are also 2009 letter chet’s (of numerical value 8) through this unique 10-letter word. And in 2009, when we’ve just  sworn in without a Bible the 44th  President of the USA, we have 8 years to go before–the 8 years that chazal has advised correspond to the 8 years of darkness preceding the brit of H’Moshaich–in 5778 (end 20172018) as prophesied by the tzaddikim.
Frogs, as noted in our previous blogs, has the gematria of 444, making it an extension of the first plague, dam (blood), of numerical value 44.  So yes, the connection to the year 2009 is relevant ,and yes the unique 10-letter word was meant for us as a gift of knowledge, a helping hand  for us to bring H’Mashiach and for us to achieve the the tree-of-life reality in time to attend the brit.
The river that flows through the tree-of-life, flows for us.  We don’t want it to turn to blood as it it did for our ancestors,  ancient and near, so we really need to grasp what the Torah is trying to tell us.   With the deepening financial crisis we need to learn how to get the frogs our of the bread baskets.
…To be continued, as we explore how the river of the unique 10-letter word and the tree-of-life connects and guides us through the 10 songs of the Tanakh and the 151 times the river is mentioned in the Tanakh and first time one is sung at Shmot 15:1, paragraph 42….