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In the Torah portion, Beshalach, where we find the splitting of the Red Sea, there are innumerable secrets, many, such as the 72 Names of G-d, discussed in depth in the Zohar, by many of the tzaddikim, and also in this blog, but there is one very obvious one that is almost always overlooked. And according to my teacher, the Rav, who learned it from his teacher, Rav Brandwein, those are the most important ones.
The Torah is divided into 54 named portions and the cosmic energy of that portion is encapsulated in that name and in the first few words of portion, which is why it has been described as the seed level of the portion. The portion Beshalach (BShLCh,בשלח) is no different. In the context of the Torah passage, Beshalach means “sent away” as after the 10 plagues, Pharaoh had just agreed to send the Israelites away, but Shelach is more commonly known as a dagger, or javelin, a weapon, an appropriate double-entendre considering Pharaoh would soon give chase with his 600 choicest chariots and his entire army. Nevertheless, the 4 letters of Beshalach (BShLCh,בשלח) can be permute to form the word, Balkhash (בלחש), meaning “in the whisper, quietly,” and Lashebach (לשבח), meaning praise, glorify, exalt, and that is our clue to the portion’s secret formula for overcoming our enemies and our obstacles.
20 verses later, the Israelites are standing with Pharoah’s spears and lances at their backs and the 72 names“Endless Sea” in front of them and they are appropriately and boisterously agitated, to put it mildly. At Exodus 14:14, Moses answered the Israelites, telling them “to be quiet” and the Lord will fight for them.  Embedded in that verse are the initials (YYL,ייל), the 58th of the 72 Names of G-d Matrix that derives from the 3 consecutive Torah verses of 72 letters each at Exodus 14:19,20, and 21. We know from the tzaddikim that this Name is the key that unlocks the 72 Names and the energy of mind over matter, but that’s not the secret that this article is about, though the secret we’re revealing today will explain how to use the Names properly.
Right after Moses instructed the Israelites to be quiet, G-d ushered his kabbalistically famous phrase, Ma Tizack Elai, Why are you crying out to me?” It has so much embedded encoding to the 42-letter Name and to the 72 Names, etc that we’ve already written about it several times including here and again here. As the Arizal points out, its initials spell out the word Emet(אמת), truth, which tells you what’s involved here.  For those who understand, there is a deeper encoded secret, hinted at by the triplet nature of the word Emet(אמת) mimicking/foreshadowing the 72 triplets that follow shortly and the gematria cipher nature between the 3 letters (אמת). Nonetheless, it’s the secret of being quiet and letting G-d do his work that’s the more practical secret here, the one we can all understand and use.
splittingMany tzaddikim have explained about the power of unity and certainty that was utilized to enable Moses’ staff (which had the 42-letter Name and the 72 Names engraved upon it) to split the waters, but the only thing that G-d and Moses asked for was “Quiet.” I used to be gabbai and the announcer for HaRav of blessed memory during the prayers and I once asked of him what I could do for him, as he did so much for everyone else. I was expecting some monumental task asked of me, just as he’d asked of others in our congregation, but he simplest asked me to get everyone to be “Quiet” while he did his prolonged connections during the Amidah (silent prayers). I understood then, as I do now, the importance of that task.
When a problem involves something that requires a shift in nature (a true miracle), debate and even prayer are just “noise.” What’s required is “quiet.”  Quietude is space; it’s the space that allows G-d to operate, through a channel like Moses or HaRav, through channels like the 42-Letter Name, the Zohar, or the 72 Names, or even directly.
The mouth is at the level of malchut, the lowest level, and so are all our spoken words, holy or otherwise, which is why they can’t effect the results we seek as long as we’re speaking. What we are really saying when are talking is that we believe that we are in control and thus can handle things; if that were so, there would be no need for divine intervention, which is why it doesn’t come until we actually let go.
Keeping quiet is letting go (even better if you can quiet your mind too) and letting go is admitting to G-d (the universe) that you are willing to accept His help.  It’s about having certainty that there is a higher power than you and your mouth.
It’s the truth; it’s the only way. So next time you need to split your own Red Sea, keep quiet and trust that G-d knows what He is doing. Let him in. This lesson is most important for us as a society because the time is approaching when the Endless Sea will be before us again. We can see Pharoah’s choicest chariots with their lances drawn, kicking up dust all across the desert.  We were given the technology to grasp the hidden codes of the Torah and we’d better harness as many as we can before those chariots are seen over our shoulder.  So Shhhh! There is divinity in everything, and once the noise stops, we actually see it.
If we’re really quiet, and stare at the 72 Names matrix, we can take note that there are only two places where there are consecutive triple crowns upon the letters, the 5th column, 7th row and the 7th column, 8th row, as in the year 5778 (2018 CE), the year Rav Ashlag and the prophecies say Moshiach consciousness will be upon us, 3 years from now. Divinity is everywhere, especially in the divine Names.