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Why do we find some people charismatic and others, we can’t get away from fast enough? Why can’t we get our messages across? When others may speak utter nonsense, and people are glued to their every word? It’s because those people learned the real secret to communication–it’s never what you say; it’s how you say it.
If you’re not one of those people who people flock to and buy from and hold in high esteem (deservedly or not), then please pay very close attention to what we’re about to tell you, because that can all change very quickly.
When we listen to someone we hear 7% of what they are saying. We pick up about 38% of what we glean from them from their intonation (intended or otherwise) and 65% of what we come away with comes from their physiology (their facial expressions, stance, etc). It’s not what we say; it’s what we show, so if we speak from the heart and with love as our purpose, no matter what we say, people will come away with a very positive experience.
There are a lot of things (handy tricks) you can do win over others, like establishing rapport by mirroring them, and speaking with down strokes at the end of you statements, and many places (Tony Robbins for one) you can should go to learn these, but the heart is the seat of all sentiment. Speak from there and the rest will follow. Speak from the head or your mouth and they’ll come away with 7% of what you wanted to convey.
What does this have to do with kabbalah? Ask yourself how Joseph ruled; how Moses led; or how the Baal Shem Tov taught? G-d takes care of the divine inspiration that goes into your body; we decide how it comes out.
BTW, just wanted to let you know, some new important revelations about the geula (final redemption) are coming to light this Chanukah. Fill you in soon.
With Love and Happy Chanukah