Ezekiel’s First Vision; How Explosive!

I have a special fondness for the Baal Shem Tov and all the stories about him, so this past Shabbat as I read yet another of them I realized the he too, as a youth, along with his teacher had tried to bring the revelation of Moshiach (the Messiah) before his time. His teacher died that very night and we nearly lost the Baal Shem Tov as well. Every tzaddik, including the Arizal, who has tried to bring the geula and/or the H’Mashiach before his understood manifestation in 5778 has met with quick tragedy.

These were the highest-level souls. They knew exactly when Mashiach was supposed to come, so why did they tempt fate? The easy answer is that they knew our suffering, that of their day and that of the future, and they wanted to relieve it, but they also knew better.

In our last article (“The Book of the Wars of the Lord”) we advised that the numerical value of “speak to the rock” is 848, or 2 x 424, the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David, so when Moses struck the rock twice, he was trying to bring the geula (final redemption) with the revelation of Moshiach. And indeed, Moses was trying to shorten the time frame by half. Half of 5778 is the year 2889, the midpoint in the life of King David, and exactly 441 years after the Tree-of-Life was first offered to us at Mt Sinai in 2448. The value 441 is that of Emet, Truth, as in the Torah, which is known as Truth. Moses was trying to make David H’Moshiach, rather than making us wait another 2889 years for Moshiach Ben David.

G-d’s answer to Moses was found in the beginning of Pasha Pinchas with the broken vav (the staff) in the words Et Briti Shalom, the Covenant of Peace, where the letter vav in Shalom is broken, representing among other spiritual things, the incompletion of the Torah that must must wait until the end-of-days. The gematria of Briti Shalom including the kolel for the 2 words is 1000. We can look at that vav with the hairline split as a 6 missing a sections and come up with 6000 less a hair, and as we’ll see Ezekial showing us later, it was 222. Nevertheless, in our last article we spoke once again about the 408 missing letters necessary to complete the perfect 600,000 and 408 vavs or 408 x 6 = 2448, the year we received the Torah, but also the year the first set of tablets were broken, like the vav in Shalom.

That said, the word before the Covenant of Peace is Lo, “No” (using an unconventional spelling) and the value of the word Et added between “No” and “Covenant of Peace” is 401, which only makes sense if you add 401 years to the year Moses struck the rock, 2488 and get 2889, the year he tried to bring the geula.

If that vav in “LO” normally spelled “LE” is added to the article “ET” we get 407 whose square root is 20.17424, or graphically the year 2017 (5778 HC) with 424, Moshiach Ben David. In other words, G-d’s reply.

But the tzaddikim were the closest humans to G-d and no one was closer to Him than Moses and yet not even Moses could change G-d’s Will on this matter. Moreover, who understood better than he and them the futility in trying? In the last article we also pointed out that the gematria with the kolel of the “Book of the Wars of the Lord” (BSPR MLChMT YHVH) was 888, and that the value of the spelled out letters plus their kolel in the word Moshiach (MShYCh) is also 888. Now, we’d also like to point out that, as revealed in Parsha Pinchas, the Mountain were G-d told Moses to go to see the Land he would not be entering because he struck the rock, Israel , and where he would be gathered up unto his people, Mt. Avarim (HABRYM), was also 888, when the kolel of 1 was added.

G-d was making a statement here. Moses was punished immediately for trying to foreshorten the time of the geula, but G-d already knew he would attempt it. Even before Moses went to Pharaoh to obtain the release of the Israelites, G-d stated that He wanted to kill Moses. Yet He let it all play out.

Discussing these thoughts with a friend this Shabbat, it struck me why Moses, the Baal Shem Tov, the Arizal and so many other brave and knowledgeable tzaddikim attempted this. Ask this question of yourself: what would motivate such a high level and caring soul to risk the wrath of G-d Himself.

It wasn’t because they had a lapse in ego, it was because they were at such a level and understood their sacrifice.

It was precisely because they saw what would happen in 5778. And what wouldn’t happen then. Moses saw not just the Land of Israel, but also the Land of all time. He knew how faith would deteriorate and how few of us would actually see the Tree-of-life. Moses knew he had a better chance of bringing the Tree-of-life in the inappropriate moment than we would in its proper time.

5778 is 9 years away; how many people today get it? Moses and the tzaddikim realized that those with any interest at all in our generation would sit around waiting for Moshiach to save them and that this was so futile because the only way to bring Moshiach into our lives and to receive the Tree-of-Life reality is to take action. They further realized that there was no one like them to lead the people into these final battles, so what choice did they have but to try to fight the battle on their own turf?

But they forgot that G-d knew that too. We can still prove them wrong and stand up for ourselves. Let not G-d ask of us, “Why you did not have enough faith in Me?”

We can yet complete his work.

Ezekiel’s Vision

In Ezekiel 1:4, the prophet Ezekiel had his first of 10 recorded visions, and from this the Zohar and the kabbalists gleaned the four kinds of klipot (negative husks) that separate us from the Tree-of-life reality. The klipot nogah are the ones described as a translucent glow. They are in a state of both purity and impurity and can be converted into holiness or empowered into negativity, depending on our interactions with them. The other 3 are completely negative and can only be broken, not elevated. As they are completely metaphysical a physical description of them is misleading, but there is also something odd about it, considering that it was written 2500+ years ago.

Ezekiel describes the 3 completely impure klipot as “Stormy wind”, “Big Cloud”, “Igniting (or flashing) Fire,” which if we put it all together sequentially with the glow of the klipot Noga, we have a nuclear explosion: the blast shock wave, followed by the mushroom cloud, followed by the fireball and flashing ignition, and finally the translucent glow (of radiation).

Books have been written about the spiritual depth of his visions and we won’t even attempt to touch on them here, but the image is powerful as we see the immense forces that can be released from the separation of good and evil and can imagine the strength with which the evil is clinging to our world.

But there is an antidote, and a time frame built into it.

Like the bases of our DNA in Hebrew (ETGC), numerical values of the initials of the 4 types of klipot, (N, RS, AG, EM) add up to 424, Moshiach Ben David.

G-d wants to give us every possible chance.

And while that nuclear bond is so strong, the inverse of the exact atomic weight of Uranium238 is 42, as 1/42 = .0238095. We have our ultimate weapon to win the wars of the Lord: the 42-Letter Name of G-d used in creation itself.

And we have the date built into that weapon. The small gematria value of the 7 lines of the 42-Letters in the Name of G-d is 173, which we know from the Zohar were the 173 keys given to Moses. And the inverse of 173 is 1/173.07 = .00577800.

In Parsha Pinchas, G-d has the Israelites take yet another tally and in the end there are 601730 of them or 600,000 plus (173 x10), and we know from the Arizal that the soul root of the Israelites is traced through the 600,000/70 Family Members/12 Brothers/3 Patriarchs/Adam or

1/(600000/70/12/3) = 42

and thus in the end the Torah is telling us to look to the 173 keys, to the 42-Letter Name of G-d.

Zohar Pinchas 248. “When Ezekiel saw the Shechinah among the klipot, he saw with her ten sefirot, without any separation whatsoever, and these are the brain that is among all of them. He saw them within the earthly river K’var (CBR),” which Rav Ashlag explains is a permutation of the earthly Chariot (RCB). These are all tied to Metatron, but that is for another day. Just note that the gematria of CBR and thus RCB are both 222.

A little later the Zohar explains about the next part of his vision where the four living creatures come out from the 4 klipot and the Chariot and Throne of G-d is described.

Zohar Pinchas 251: “He [Metatron] leads the four living creatures and includes ‘The Throne has six steps’ (I Melachim 10:19), which are six. Rav Ashlog explains that these are the 6 sefirot of Zeir Anpin of Atzilut. With the 6 steps we have 6000.

And thus the vision reveals the combination of the steps to the Throne and the Chariot: 6000 – 222 = 5778.

We’ll get deeper into his visions later.

Shavua Tov


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What G-d Wants?!?!

Everyone wants to see Moshiach now, rather than wait for G-d’s Time Table. And that may be the reason He hasn’t released His Timing to the general population until now. And unequivocally everyone Should be righteous and try to get closer to the Tree-of-Life reality, but…

Not all prayers are at the same level. The Baal Shem Tov spoke of three levels of prayer, the lowest being when we pray for ourselves. In this case, we’re acknowledging that we can’t do it alone, but that we know what’s best for us. The same holds true, though less selfishly, when we pray for others; we’re still trying to manipulate the universe.

The second level is when realize that the lack below is caused because of spiritual actions above and we pray to rectify the Supernal Sources of the imbalances. He further points out that our prayers are really address whether we see the consequences or not and thus when we pray for the desired changes below and for above we can really mess things up and that it’s tantamount to saying we believe and yet we really don’t.

The second level, praying to fill a lack in the Shechinah, can also backfire as it has every time great tzaddiks have tried to bring H’Mashiach (the Messiah) before his time. The example is given of Rabbi Yosef d’LeReina, who in the 15th century tried such an act and caused the Spanish exile instead,

The highest level, though, is simply to pray that Hashem do as He knows best. You do your best physical efforts and pray that the outcome be whatever Hashem thinks is best for you.

But isn’t this like saying we should prayer for G-d’s Will to be done, when even if we do nothing at all, His Will will be done?

The difference is that when we pray for this, we deeply acknowledge that we don’t have any control over the physicality and that we are severing our selfish desires (known and unknown) from the outcome. We are telling G-d and the universe that we are willing to work hard for His cause, regardless of whatever that cause may be or what it means for us physically. This is such a high level, because by making yourself a foot soldier in G-d’s army instead of appointing yourself a general in your own, you are also making yourself an Angel of the Lord.

Now we just have to ask ourselves, which voice inside ourselves is demanding to be a general. If we can silence it at least when we pray, we may begin to see what the tree-of-life is all about.

Applications are open for foot soldiers.

Later this week, we will be discussing “The Book of the Wars of the Lord,” as it is called in the Torah.

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The Final Redemption as Per the Zohar

As promised, here is what the Zohar has to say about the End of Days.

In our previous articles, we showed the correlation between what the Zohar says is the final 70 years of the tests of Israel and the 70 year time span from the birth of the nation of Israel in 1948 (5708) and year the tzaddikim have said Moshiach (the Messiah) and the geula (final redemption) are coming, 2018 (5778).

I still owe a full explanation to some of you as to why it’s 70 and not 72 years as mentioned once in the Zohar, but please note that any reference in the Zohar to the number 72, also refers to the 72 Names (triplets) and the Zohar has further explained that the 72 names are really 70 Names, and that moreover, within the 28 digits of the 5 core Torah elements (with their sum) that we’ve been analyzing in our last few articles there is not a single digit of number 2. The final 2 years of the 72 may represent the temporary coexistence of the 2 Trees as described below, but we’ll explore that possibility as we get deeper into the Zohar in subsequent articles.

That said in the next few portions of the Zohar, written 1900 years ago and translated below, Moses and Elijah explain to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai about what will happen at the time of the final redemption. Essentially, those that connect to the light of the Torah, and thus pass the tests, will enter the tree-of-life reality where the evil inclination was vanquished and where stripped of our selfish desires, we’ll see everything from positive side and thus find joy and pleasure and appreciation in everything and everyone. (This by the way, is our work during the exile, to try to find that same state on our own–or with the help of our faith and holy texts). But as for those that didn’t reach the tree-of-life reality, they will continue under the tree of knowledge of good and evil reality that we’ve been living under for the past few thousand years. In other words, they won’t realize anything has changed, will tell themselves that anyone who believed in the Moshiach (Messiah) was crazy, and be condemned to continue living and dying with their own negativity and selfish desires.

Zohar Portion Naso (Re’aya Meheimna) 91

The spirit of Moses is speaking to Rabbi Shimon about the end of days, explaining that the Tree of Life reality will be available then and for those accessing it, there will be no more Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, meaning no more evil inclination to tempt us with illusory desires and shade our vision so that we don’t realize fulfillment and true happiness:
“The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, prohibition or permission, purity or impurity, will no longer apply to the children of Israel, since our sustenance will be solely from the side of the Tree of Life, where there are no contradictions stemming from the evil side, nor any strife nor difference stemming from the unclean spirit, as written: ‘And also I will cause…the unclean spirit to pass out of the land’ (Zechariyah 13:2).”

In 92, he continues, explaining that those connected to the Torah will be transformed and no longer have to exist within the realm of the exile, where work was harder for them. They will exist is a separate realm, without be plagued by the impurities that made their existence so difficult throughout the ages. This suggests a complete separation, not of perception, but of absolute reality. It’s also suggested they those who do not transform and thus who remain in the impure state will return to their roots and face the snake all over again.

“The Torah scholars will not need to be sustained by the ignorant, just from the good by eating of the clean Kosher and permissible. They will not need to get it from the mixed multitudes, who eat the unclean, unfit, and prohibited, and who are themselves defiled by defiling themselves with..the children of Lilit,..and they return to their roots. About them, it is written: “For out of the serpent’s root shall come forth a viper” (Yeshayah 14:29)”

In 93 and 94, he continues, explaining that for past 5778 years, those that were connected to the Torah (righteousness) were dependant of everyone else, and had to draw their sustenance filtered through the impure world around them, even though they knew better, but once the Tree-of-Life reality arrives, all that will be reversed

“During the period that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil dominates, that pertains to the purity and impurity of worldly things, these sages—who are similar to the Shabbot and holidays in that they have only what is given to them by the worldly people—are like the Shabbat that has nothing except what was prepared for it during the weekdays.”

“During the time that the Tree-of-life dominates, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is subdued. The common people will not have anything except for what the Torah scholars hand out to them and they will be subdued like never before.”
In 95, he explains clearly that when the Mashiach ushers in the Tree-of-Life reality those unconnected to Torah and righteousness will not even realize that anything has changed; they will go on living in their world dominated by and slaves to the illusions of the evil inclination.
“Thus, prohibition and permission, purity and impurity will not pass away from the common people. From their aspect, there will be no apparent difference between the exile and the days of Moshaich [Messiah], except for the oppression of Israel by other kingdoms alone because they will not taste from the Tree-of-Life and they will need to learn (Mishnah), about what is prohibited and permissible, what is unclean and clean. They will be shamed in front of a Torah scholar like darkness before light, since the mixed multitudes are like beasts, who are ignorant, who are darkness and were not even called Israel, just slaves sold to Israel, as was already explained.”
It’s alluded to above that during the time of the split realities the forces of evil, driven by ignorance and desire for what the people of Israel have, they will close in on the nation of Israel, but yet they will be repelled by it as the darkness is repelled by the light.
Then in 98, he continues, referencing as we’ve explained in numerous articles the connection between the arrival of Mashiach (contained within the word Chamushim) and the counting of the Jubilee years (50 year intervals) from 2448 to 5778. He further emphasizes the separation that took place back at Mt Sinai, when the tree-of-life reality was last available to us, and the one that is coming.
“As the Holy One, blessed be He, divided them at Mount Sinai, so he will differentiate them at the last redemption, because it says by Israel: ‘And the children of Israel went up armed (chamushim) out of the land of Egypt’ (Exodus/Shmot 13:18). (Chamushim) meaning from the side of the Tree of Life, which are the fifty [50] years of Jubilee…So he will bring out the Torah scholars with all that honor.”

Then in 99, he continues, explaining and alluding that those not connected to the secrets (sod) of the Torah will face finality within the Tree-of Knowledge and those that do will live within the immortality of the tree-of-life reality, where there is no longer a need to reincarnate in order to correct our souls. He (Moses) is suggesting that those on the side of good begin as soon as possible to delve into and learn the secrets of the Torah—to make themselves Torah scholars—because being good alone is not enough to make the transition.
“It is mentioned by those who are ignorant of Torah yet are of good side: ‘And they stood at the foot of the mountain’ (Shmot 19:17). So will they be at the last redemption, under the torah scholars, like a slave that follows along the horse’s footsteps of his lord. Just as it was called out to them at the foot of the mountain: ‘If you accept the Torah, it is better, but if not, there will be your burial place,’ so he will tell them at the last redemption, ‘If you will accept upon yourselves a Torah scholar during the redemption from the exile like a horse rider with his attendant servant, it is best, and if not, there in exile shall be your burial.”

To be continued…

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Bravo! More Light has Been Revealed.

Bravo! Kudos to Mordechai O. who picked up the the challenge and noticed a profound connection within the 5 core Torah elements that we’ve been discussing in our last two articles (It’s a Beautiful Thing, and Even More Beautiful). I noticed a much more coincidental one considering that the sum of all the digits in those 5 elements equals 109 and that is that we’ve just completed our 109th post.

187 chapters; 670 paragraphs; 304805 letters; 79976 words; 5845 verses

Yes, that too is unplanned destiny, but what Modrechai recalled from one of our much earlier posts is of real significance: It’s that 109 is the gematria of “David H’Melech,” King David.

That is even more significant considering that the midpoint from the 5778 years Adam to Moshiach is the midpoint in King David’s life (2889 HC) and that as Mordechai further pointed out, the sum of the digits in the 5 core quantitative elements divided by 5, in other words their average value, is 21.8, reminiscent of 2018, the year Hebrew year 5778.

What this also means is that the value of “David H’Melech” or 109 also marks the midpoint to 2018 (5778), and that the Divine Calendar was indeed designed into the overall structure of the Torah.

And indeed, following the pattern of halves that Mordechai unearthed for all of us, we find that the square root of the sum of the 5 total elements is 442.426.., or depending how we look at it 4 coupled with 424 (Moshiach Ben David) coupled with 26 with both 4 and 26 being the most basic and common representations of the 4 letters (YHVH) of the Tetragrammaton.

And lets not forget that G-d’s Covenant with Abraham in 2018 HC was called the Covenant of Halves.

There are many many more secrets in these numbers and much more light to be revealed through them, such as the 670 paragraphs divided by the 187 chapters give us an average of 3.5828… paragraphs/chapter with 358 being the numerical value of Mashiach (messiah) and 28 being one of the core/key Torah numbers as revealed in The Genesis Prayer and in Nothing is Random in the Universe. And as Mordechai also pointed out: 28 is the sum of the digits in 391,483, which is the sum of the 5 quantitative core Torah elements.

And as I just realized, 28 + 109, all the digits in the cosmic equation (187 chapters+ 670 paragraphs+304805 letters+ 79976 words+ 5845 verses = 391,483) totals 137, as in the numerical value of kabbalah, meaning “to receive.”

One other quick note to point out is that when in the previous article we separated the digits in the 5 elements into those that correspond to 5778 (5,7 and 8) and all the others, which totaled 67 and 42 respectively, what we left out was that the square root of 67 x 42 is 53.0… and that 53 x 109 = 5777.

Also, in the previous article, we said the sum of the 5 elements divided by 67 (Binah) = 5843, or 2 less than the number of verses 5845, and we asked  why are there 2 missing. We won’t answer that today, but we will point out that the sequence 5843 is the verse of the number of letters in the Torah: 304805 so quite obviously this was extremely intentional on the part of the creator, and all the energy of the Torah derives from Binah.

There are still tons of secrets cloaked within these numbers and a huge amount of light to be revealed, so give it a try, peel back some layers from yourself and the universe, and stare deep into the scaffolding that the Torah was built on, then share the light with the rest of us.