The 3 Columns of History.

The Torah always presents information to us with great built in redundancy, so it’s not the Torah’s fault if we’re slow on the uptake.  For example, did you ever wonder why there were 70 family members who entered Egypt and began the 210 years of exile there while they grew to 600,000? Or why Moses and his siblings had to pass the Torah on to 70 Elders before it could be given to the people, also 600,000 at the time. And you probably didn’t realize that Noah’s sons had 70 named descendants in the Torah, which eventually populated the world.

Ok, so what?

So if the Torah is expressing a distinctive pattern, it’s our  obligation to try and figure out why, what he message is. This is the Sod Torah, the secret chambers of the Torah that house the deepest wisdom.

The pattern:

Noach (1) – his 3 sons – 70 descendants

Adam (1) – 3 Patriarchs – 70 family members

G-s (1) – 3 Moses/Aaron/Miriam – 70 Elders

1 -3 -70




The Tree-of-life comes to mind right away:


Binah –  Da’at – Chochma

Gevurah -Chesed


Hod -Netzach




1 (Keter)

3 Upper Sefirot

70 Subsefirot of 7 sefirot of Zeir Anpin/Malchut

By the way, the 70 sub-sefirot are naturally bundled this way; it wasn’t some convenient arrangement of ours.

Then, of course, there is 137, the numerical gematria value of Kabbalah, meaning both to receive and also parallel, as in parallel meaning and parallel universe.

As my friend Mordechai pointed out, 1-3-70 is also 1370 as in the 1370 that Chazal tells us the Moslems were to rule over the Jews in merit of their forefather Ishmael (10 years for each of the 137 of his life), which incidentally ended on June 8th, 2002, 1370 years after the death of Mohammad in 632 CE.

Then there is 1 x 3 x 70 = 210 years of exile in Egypt.

Of course, Keter is 1, but it’s also 100 and 100 + 70 + 3 = 173, as in the 173 keys that the Zohar tells us G-d gave to Moses to access Heaven, and allusion to the small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name of G-d, 173.

Let’s put that aside for the moment and see where the 3 column structure of the Tree-of-life takes us. The Arizal explains that all history is based on cycles of the coupling of Zeir Anpin and Malchut (in it’s most simplistic form, Heaven and Earth).  These cycles include the 3 times of the day (corresponding to the 3 sets of daily prayers); the 7 days of the weeks; 12 months in a year He further states that in the grand cycle, the destruction of the Second Temple in 3830 HC heralded the end of the coupling of Zeir Anpin and Malchut, which will reoccur in the time of the Third Temple. Interestingly, the Second Temple was destroyed in 70 CE, and the first Temple was destroyed in 3338 HC, or -422 CE, which is germane because 422 is the gematria value of the word seventy (70).

Now, since the 2nd of the 3 periods (columns) of history ended in 3830, if this first 2 periods were split down the middle, each would be 1915 years long.  I haven’t found any biblical events that match the year 1915, but Abraham was born 33 years later in 1948.

And similarly, 3830 + 1915 (or alternatively 1915 x 3 periods) = 5745 (1985 CE), which is 33 years before 5778, the year prophesied by Rav Ashlag, etc. for the geula (final redemption) and the arrival of Moshiach and the 3rd Tree-of-life opportunity.

Nevertheless, we know that the 70 years of King David’s life is tied into the  whole Mashiach calendar and that the midpoint of his life in 2889 HC is exactly halfway between Adam (0) and Moshaich in 5778 HC, and so we should see see how his life compares with the 3 periods of 1915 years. As it happens, half way between the first 1915 year period and the the second at 3830 is the year 2872 and half of 33 years later is 2889, alternatively David was born 33/2 years before 2872 in 2854 HC.

So why the 33 years?

Is it because it’s 1/3 of 100 (keter)? Or because it’s 1 more than the 32 Paths of Wisdom (Tree-of-life).  Or is it something deeper, some link/path/gateway that G-d wants us to find on our own. After all, the square root of 33 is 57.45, as in 3 x 1915 = 5745.

Couldn’t be, right? Square roots factoring into G-d’s Divine calendar?

Well, maybe, considering that the square root of 1370 = 37.01, and the gematria value of the 42-Letter Name is 3701. And speaking of the 42-Letter Name, whose small gematria value if you recall was 173, the square root of 3 is 1.73.

Nevertheless, 33 is 2/3 or .666 of the 50-year biblical jubilee year, which the Torah commands us (starting back in 2448 HC at Mt Sinai) to count, until the arrival of Moshiach 3330 (66.6 jubilee) years later.

Now the Divine Calendar is so designed so that Abraham would be born in 1948 HC, and Israel would become a nation in 1948 CE and that 1948 years after the destruction of the Second Temple in 3830, we’d get the 3rd opportunity for the Tree-of-life reality in 5778, which is 2018 CE, 70 years after Israel became a nation, just as it was 70 years after Abraham was born in 1948, that G-d made his Covenant with Abraham (in 2018 HC).

But if that isn’t enough, it was also so designed so that the square root of the year the First Holy Temple was destroyed, 3338 is 57.78, and moreover that the square root of 5778 is 76.0 and 76.6 jubilee years is 3830, when the Second Holy Temple was destroyed.

So G-d had a plan for us all along, and a time table, a very specific one it seems, down to the square roots, so let’s take another look at the 1-3-70 progression. And it turns out that the sum of their respective square roots is 11.1, as in the numerical value of the 1st Hebrew Letter, Alef (ELP), 111, which leads us back to 1 (One). But as for the progression and the cyclical coupling of Zeir Anpin and Malchut, the Arizal explains that the 600,000 Jewish souls at Mt Sinai can trace their soul root back through the 70 members through the 12 sons through the 3 Patriarchs to Adam, meaning:

600,000/70/12/3 = 238.095


238.095 = 1/42


The atomic weight of


These are just a few of the secrets revealed in just one of the Torah’s many chambers.  But buried beneath this chamber of history is another chamber, with deeper secrets, with clues to the 4th Period of History, he one to come.  We’ll open the seal on that chamber in our next post…


The Beginning and the End

Like the Tree-of-Life, the Torah is never-ending. It’s one giant Name of G-d, holographically comprised of thousands of other Names. Today we will explore the first and the last of those component Names, which are very different and yet essentially the same. The implications of these two Names are extraordinarily profound yet they’ve been bound together from the very beginning.

But first, I want to let everyone how difficult it’s been to restrict from posting articles to this blog these many weeks. As you know there is never a shortage of wonders to reveal when it comes to the Torah and the Tree-of-Life but we began to explore the Future Holy Temple and I wanted to be able to take you deeper than a cursory understanding of Chaim Luzzatto work and Ezekiel’s prophecy.  As such we will finish up with the linkages between Joseph’s Pyramid in Egypt and the Holy Temple and then begin a series of articles that will create a whole to level of understanding for us all, an understanding that will be necessary for the formation of the Future Holy Temple in Jerusalem. We will explain how the structure of  the Future Holy Temple transcends the nature of the thermodynamic system, the skeletal frame of the human body, and the 10 dimensional hypercube; in other words, we will begin exploring the Tree-of-Life from within.

For today, let us consider that the Torah is circular and never ending, just as we read it every year, reading the first chapter as we finish the last, the  first verse with the last. So let’s connect that last and first verses.

There are only two ways to do this that make literal sense. 1) Take the last two words of the Torah, kol Israel (CL YShREL) and add it to the first 5 words of the Torah (BREShYT BRE ELHYM), making “All Israel in the beginning created G-d (Elohim).” You know all the astonishing coding and mathematics built into the Torah’s first verse, as illustrated in detail in The Genesis Prayer and in numerous articles of ours, but the complete gematria of this phrase linking the first and last verses together, is most telling indeed because with the of kolel of 2 for the two verses it gives us the number 2018, once again alluding to the year Rav Yehuda Helevi Ashlag of blessed memory gave us for Moshiach and the geula (2018 CE, 5778 HC) and also the Hebrew year of the Covenant of Abraham (2018 HC).

Option number 2) Take kol Israel and add it to the Torah’s first 5 words (BREShYT BRE ELHYM ET HShMYM), which maintains the 7 word-28 letter aspect of the Torah’s actual first verse, giving us “All Israel in the beginning created G-d (Elohim), the Heavens.” And the complete numerical value with the kolel of 1 of this linked verse is 2928, the Hebrew calendar year that the First Holy Temple was built. Philosophically, it begs much discussion and understanding.

The numbers here only serve as evidence that there is coded meaning behind the words, a message that ties into the final redemption and the connection between us and the shefa, the divine life-force of Hashem, the connection through the Holy Temple. So let’s examine what literal statements are being made through this Alpha and Omega Name, or more appropriately, the Alef and Tav Name, two letters that form the 4th word of the Torah, and whose complete numerical value (standard plus Ordinal) is 424, that of Mashiach Ben David

Normally, we read, “In the Beginning G-d (Elohim) created Heaven and Earth.” But once a year, as we begin again and renew our connections to the  Light through the Torah, we read “All Israel in the beginning created G-d (Elohim).”

What does that mean?

It implies unity.

All Israel stood together.

When we last stood together united, the Red Sea split, and the Ten Commandments were given and we stood before G-d with the opportunity to achieve the Tree-of-Life reality. 66.6 jubilee years (Biblical 50-year interval) have passed since that moment, which is why the gematria adds up to 2018 CE, the year we’ve been told that we have another opportunity to stand together at a new beginning and to receive the Tree-of-Life consciousness promised to us through Abraham in 2018 HC.

In means all Israel was in the beginning together as one soul. Before the Torah there was the 42-Letter Name and as the Arizal has shown us the 600,000 souls that stood side by side at Sinai divided by the 70 family member of Jacob divided by his 12 sons divide by the 3 Patriarchs = 238.095, the exact atomic weight of Uranium238, and we all know what happens when we split that. But the inverse of 238.095 or 1/.0238095 is 42.

We get weapons grade Uranium238 by purifying natural uranium to 1/10000, which is exactly the Israelite Soul Root/42.

We must stand together. Think of our collective power when we do. Think of our destructive power when we don’t.

G-d Created Everything, then in the end All Israel created G-d. Think about that. Think about that responsibility.

Every year the Torah is read, we either let G-d’s Creation slip away and darken a little further, or come together and brighten it up, creating our own openings for the Tree-of-life. Every year we have a choice.

Both the 5 and 7 word versions of this linked verse begin with the value 50 (CL) and end with the value 50 (YM), both of which always represent the sefira (dimension) of Binah (Undestanding) with its 50 gates.  we can bring them together by uniting ourselves and create 50 + 50 = 100, keter, the highest dimension. Or another way to add them is using gematria sofit for YM as 610+50 (CL) + the 6 words in between = 666 as in the 66.6 jubilee (50-year interval) years between the reception at Sinai in 2448 and 5778.

Feel free to share this as you will, post it on Facebook, or wherever people stand together, include a link to the article at, and this year, let’s begin the process of Creating G-d in our lives.


Ezekiel’s First Vision; How Explosive!

I have a special fondness for the Baal Shem Tov and all the stories about him, so this past Shabbat as I read yet another of them I realized the he too, as a youth, along with his teacher had tried to bring the revelation of Moshiach (the Messiah) before his time. His teacher died that very night and we nearly lost the Baal Shem Tov as well. Every tzaddik, including the Arizal, who has tried to bring the geula and/or the H’Mashiach before his understood manifestation in 5778 has met with quick tragedy.

These were the highest-level souls. They knew exactly when Mashiach was supposed to come, so why did they tempt fate? The easy answer is that they knew our suffering, that of their day and that of the future, and they wanted to relieve it, but they also knew better.

In our last article (“The Book of the Wars of the Lord”) we advised that the numerical value of “speak to the rock” is 848, or 2 x 424, the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David, so when Moses struck the rock twice, he was trying to bring the geula (final redemption) with the revelation of Moshiach. And indeed, Moses was trying to shorten the time frame by half. Half of 5778 is the year 2889, the midpoint in the life of King David, and exactly 441 years after the Tree-of-Life was first offered to us at Mt Sinai in 2448. The value 441 is that of Emet, Truth, as in the Torah, which is known as Truth. Moses was trying to make David H’Moshiach, rather than making us wait another 2889 years for Moshiach Ben David.

G-d’s answer to Moses was found in the beginning of Pasha Pinchas with the broken vav (the staff) in the words Et Briti Shalom, the Covenant of Peace, where the letter vav in Shalom is broken, representing among other spiritual things, the incompletion of the Torah that must must wait until the end-of-days. The gematria of Briti Shalom including the kolel for the 2 words is 1000. We can look at that vav with the hairline split as a 6 missing a sections and come up with 6000 less a hair, and as we’ll see Ezekial showing us later, it was 222. Nevertheless, in our last article we spoke once again about the 408 missing letters necessary to complete the perfect 600,000 and 408 vavs or 408 x 6 = 2448, the year we received the Torah, but also the year the first set of tablets were broken, like the vav in Shalom.

That said, the word before the Covenant of Peace is Lo, “No” (using an unconventional spelling) and the value of the word Et added between “No” and “Covenant of Peace” is 401, which only makes sense if you add 401 years to the year Moses struck the rock, 2488 and get 2889, the year he tried to bring the geula.

If that vav in “LO” normally spelled “LE” is added to the article “ET” we get 407 whose square root is 20.17424, or graphically the year 2017 (5778 HC) with 424, Moshiach Ben David. In other words, G-d’s reply.

But the tzaddikim were the closest humans to G-d and no one was closer to Him than Moses and yet not even Moses could change G-d’s Will on this matter. Moreover, who understood better than he and them the futility in trying? In the last article we also pointed out that the gematria with the kolel of the “Book of the Wars of the Lord” (BSPR MLChMT YHVH) was 888, and that the value of the spelled out letters plus their kolel in the word Moshiach (MShYCh) is also 888. Now, we’d also like to point out that, as revealed in Parsha Pinchas, the Mountain were G-d told Moses to go to see the Land he would not be entering because he struck the rock, Israel , and where he would be gathered up unto his people, Mt. Avarim (HABRYM), was also 888, when the kolel of 1 was added.

G-d was making a statement here. Moses was punished immediately for trying to foreshorten the time of the geula, but G-d already knew he would attempt it. Even before Moses went to Pharaoh to obtain the release of the Israelites, G-d stated that He wanted to kill Moses. Yet He let it all play out.

Discussing these thoughts with a friend this Shabbat, it struck me why Moses, the Baal Shem Tov, the Arizal and so many other brave and knowledgeable tzaddikim attempted this. Ask this question of yourself: what would motivate such a high level and caring soul to risk the wrath of G-d Himself.

It wasn’t because they had a lapse in ego, it was because they were at such a level and understood their sacrifice.

It was precisely because they saw what would happen in 5778. And what wouldn’t happen then. Moses saw not just the Land of Israel, but also the Land of all time. He knew how faith would deteriorate and how few of us would actually see the Tree-of-life. Moses knew he had a better chance of bringing the Tree-of-life in the inappropriate moment than we would in its proper time.

5778 is 9 years away; how many people today get it? Moses and the tzaddikim realized that those with any interest at all in our generation would sit around waiting for Moshiach to save them and that this was so futile because the only way to bring Moshiach into our lives and to receive the Tree-of-Life reality is to take action. They further realized that there was no one like them to lead the people into these final battles, so what choice did they have but to try to fight the battle on their own turf?

But they forgot that G-d knew that too. We can still prove them wrong and stand up for ourselves. Let not G-d ask of us, “Why you did not have enough faith in Me?”

We can yet complete his work.

Ezekiel’s Vision

In Ezekiel 1:4, the prophet Ezekiel had his first of 10 recorded visions, and from this the Zohar and the kabbalists gleaned the four kinds of klipot (negative husks) that separate us from the Tree-of-life reality. The klipot nogah are the ones described as a translucent glow. They are in a state of both purity and impurity and can be converted into holiness or empowered into negativity, depending on our interactions with them. The other 3 are completely negative and can only be broken, not elevated. As they are completely metaphysical a physical description of them is misleading, but there is also something odd about it, considering that it was written 2500+ years ago.

Ezekiel describes the 3 completely impure klipot as “Stormy wind”, “Big Cloud”, “Igniting (or flashing) Fire,” which if we put it all together sequentially with the glow of the klipot Noga, we have a nuclear explosion: the blast shock wave, followed by the mushroom cloud, followed by the fireball and flashing ignition, and finally the translucent glow (of radiation).

Books have been written about the spiritual depth of his visions and we won’t even attempt to touch on them here, but the image is powerful as we see the immense forces that can be released from the separation of good and evil and can imagine the strength with which the evil is clinging to our world.

But there is an antidote, and a time frame built into it.

Like the bases of our DNA in Hebrew (ETGC), numerical values of the initials of the 4 types of klipot, (N, RS, AG, EM) add up to 424, Moshiach Ben David.

G-d wants to give us every possible chance.

And while that nuclear bond is so strong, the inverse of the exact atomic weight of Uranium238 is 42, as 1/42 = .0238095. We have our ultimate weapon to win the wars of the Lord: the 42-Letter Name of G-d used in creation itself.

And we have the date built into that weapon. The small gematria value of the 7 lines of the 42-Letters in the Name of G-d is 173, which we know from the Zohar were the 173 keys given to Moses. And the inverse of 173 is 1/173.07 = .00577800.

In Parsha Pinchas, G-d has the Israelites take yet another tally and in the end there are 601730 of them or 600,000 plus (173 x10), and we know from the Arizal that the soul root of the Israelites is traced through the 600,000/70 Family Members/12 Brothers/3 Patriarchs/Adam or

1/(600000/70/12/3) = 42

and thus in the end the Torah is telling us to look to the 173 keys, to the 42-Letter Name of G-d.

Zohar Pinchas 248. “When Ezekiel saw the Shechinah among the klipot, he saw with her ten sefirot, without any separation whatsoever, and these are the brain that is among all of them. He saw them within the earthly river K’var (CBR),” which Rav Ashlag explains is a permutation of the earthly Chariot (RCB). These are all tied to Metatron, but that is for another day. Just note that the gematria of CBR and thus RCB are both 222.

A little later the Zohar explains about the next part of his vision where the four living creatures come out from the 4 klipot and the Chariot and Throne of G-d is described.

Zohar Pinchas 251: “He [Metatron] leads the four living creatures and includes ‘The Throne has six steps’ (I Melachim 10:19), which are six. Rav Ashlog explains that these are the 6 sefirot of Zeir Anpin of Atzilut. With the 6 steps we have 6000.

And thus the vision reveals the combination of the steps to the Throne and the Chariot: 6000 – 222 = 5778.

We’ll get deeper into his visions later.

Shavua Tov


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In 2 days it will be Shavuot and we’ll stay up all night to receive the Light of Immortality, the Light of Torah and Mashiach, and how much we receive will depend on where our heads are at, how much work we did to prepare our souls over Pesach and during the 49 days of the counting the Omer prior to Shavuot on the 50th day.

During those 50 days we count and try to purify 50+49+48…levels or a total of 1225 levels, which is 35 squared.

Last week, we finished reading the 3rd Book of the Torah, Vayikra, whose last two portions, usually read together, have 57-78 verses, as in the year 5778 prophesied by the tzaddikim for the arrival of the light of Moshiach in its entirety. The final two Books of the Torah have 70 verses, which is not only analogous to the 70 years from the birth of the nation of Israel in 5708 to 5778, but to the 70 years that Adam gave to David (midpoint of his life 70/2 = 35 in 2889 HC), whose life marked the midpoint from Adam to 5778.

Now the 4th Book of the Torah, Numbers (Bamidbar), that we just started reading this week begins by telling us that the year is 2450, which just happens to be 2 x 1225, and the 70 remaining chapters in the Torah (after the 57-78 point is also 2 x 35.

So why 70? We’ve answered that previously in terms of the sefira of Da’at and the 7 x 10 sub-sefirot of Zeir Anpin and Malchut, but it was in the 70th verse in the Torah that G-d punished the snake and told him that he’ll eat dust for all the days in his life, meaning that his life was finite. And perhaps its end will be found at 70 years. It was after 70 years of Abraham’s life that G-d made his Covenant with him in 2018 (HC), which is analogs to 2018 CE or 5778 HC again.

The verse that G-d punished the snake for his part in separating man from the tree-0f-life reality was verse Bereshit 3:14, and as we’ve explained in other articles and in The Genesis Prayer, when we divide the number 9 by the small gematria of the 42-letter Name of G-d we get:

9/.123049.. =73.1415777

which is 70 + 3.14… or 70 + Pi

And thus we can see how the 42-Letter Name (Ana B’koach) is integrally connected to this verse, as it is to the first verse of the Torah, and according to the tzaddikim to the geula and Moshiach in 5777-5778.

Now it just so happens that 73.1415778 = 2 x 36.5708 and while 5708 is the year Israel became a nation, 36 is one more than 35, which was the square root of the total counting of the Omer (1..50=1225).

Now while the sum of the integers through 73 is the exact gematria of the Torah’s first verse (2701), the sum of the integers through 36 is 666, as in the 66.6 jubilee years from 2448, when the Israelites last stood in unity to receive the Torah and the year 5778.

The hints given to us tell us that by being unified and by utilizing the 42-Letter Name of G-d we can not only count down the last 9 years to the geula but also to the last years of the life of the snake. So when G-d spoke to the snake in Bereshit 3:14, using the same language He uses to speak to Moses, He was considering the period afterward, when the snake (Nachash) of gematria 358 would be no more and Moshiach (also 358) would reign over our consciousness instead.

This weeks portion was also about the counting of the people, who numbered 603,550 and while that is 600,000 plus 3550 or 600,000 plu2 x 1775, which is the value of the 27 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, the 600,000 Israelites that were at Sinai at the time of the reception of the Torah were descended from the 70 family members accompanying Jacob into Egypt and as the Arizal explains the 600,000 souls came from the 70 members, from the 12 sons from the 3 patriarchs from Adam and

600000/70/12/3 = 238.095 = exactly 1/42

And so the unification of the soul reverts back through the 42-Letter Name as it was in the very beginning.

But what makes this so much more necessary now is that 238.095 = exactly the atomic weight of Uranium 238 and as we are all well aware Iran is arming themselves this year with nuclear weapons, North Korea with more testing, and Pakistan with the Taliban only a few miles and a couple political or military blunders away from taking control of their arsenal.

We need to come together now and seek out Moshiach as One.

And please note that while the total numbers of letters in the Torah is compositely 600,000-408, it is visibly 304,805 and 304805 x .666 = 203,000.13. and while 203 is the gematria of the word Boreh (to create) it’s also the first 3 letters in the Torah of BEReshit, but for us on Shavuot, what it means is that we can tap into creation through the 7th line of the Ana B’koach, where we find the Shin, Vav and Tav of ShBVAVT, and where the gematria of the two triplets gives us 500 x 406 = 203,000, and the remaining letters add up to 78, as in the initials of Etz Chaim, the Tree-of-life in the year 5778.

שקו צית

שקו צית

Please use your time on Shavuot to bring about unity and awe of Hashem and please use the videos attached to help you connect to the 42-letter Name.

Please note, these are just the words sung, not the actual mediations, which we hope we can all do together one of these days soon, many of which can be found in The Genesis Prayer and some others throughout this site.

Ana B’koach Longer version

Ana B’koach Shorter Version

Ana B’koach Kinderlach (children singing)

Ana B’koach Longest version

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