The Beginning and the End


Like the Tree-of-Life, the Torah is never-ending. It’s one giant Name of G-d, holographically comprised of thousands of other Names. Today we will explore the first and the last of those component Names, which are very different and yet essentially the same. The implications of these two Names are extraordinarily profound yet they’ve been bound together from the very beginning.
But first, I want to let everyone how difficult it’s been to restrict from posting articles to this blog these many weeks. As you know there is never a shortage of wonders to reveal when it comes to the Torah and the Tree-of-Life but we began to explore the Future Holy Temple and I wanted to be able to take you deeper than a cursory understanding of Chaim Luzzatto work and Ezekiel’s prophecy.  As such we will finish up with the linkages between Joseph’s Pyramid in Egypt and the Holy Temple and then begin a series of articles that will create a whole to level of understanding for us all, an understanding that will be necessary for the formation of the Future Holy Temple in Jerusalem. We will explain how the structure of  the Future Holy Temple transcends the nature of the thermodynamic system, the skeletal frame of the human body, and the 10 dimensional hypercube; in other words, we will begin exploring the Tree-of-Life from within.
For today, let us consider that the Torah is circular and never ending, just as we read it every year, reading the first chapter as we finish the last, the  first verse with the last. So let’s connect that last and first verses.
There are only two ways to do this that make literal sense. 1) Take the last two words of the Torah, kol Israel (CL YShREL) and add it to the first 5 words of the Torah (BREShYT BRE ELHYM), making “All Israel in the beginning created G-d (Elohim).” You know all the astonishing coding and mathematics built into the Torah’s first verse, as illustrated in detail in The Genesis Prayer and in numerous articles of ours, but the complete gematria of this phrase linking the first and last verses together, is most telling indeed because with the of kolel of 2 for the two verses it gives us the number 2018, once again alluding to the year Rav Yehuda Helevi Ashlag of blessed memory gave us for Moshiach and the geula (2018 CE, 5778 HC) and also the Hebrew year of the Covenant of Abraham (2018 HC).
Option number 2) Take kol Israel and add it to the Torah’s first 5 words (BREShYT BRE ELHYM ET HShMYM), which maintains the 7 word-28 letter aspect of the Torah’s actual first verse, giving us “All Israel in the beginning created G-d (Elohim), the Heavens.” And the complete numerical value with the kolel of 1 of this linked verse is 2928, the Hebrew calendar year that the First Holy Temple was built. Philosophically, it begs much discussion and understanding.
The numbers here only serve as evidence that there is coded meaning behind the words, a message that ties into the final redemption and the connection between us and the shefa, the divine life-force of Hashem, the connection through the Holy Temple. So let’s examine what literal statements are being made through this Alpha and Omega Name, or more appropriately, the Alef and Tav Name, two letters that form the 4th word of the Torah, and whose complete numerical value (standard plus Ordinal) is 424, that of Mashiach Ben David
Normally, we read, “In the Beginning G-d (Elohim) created Heaven and Earth.” But once a year, as we begin again and renew our connections to the  Light through the Torah, we read “All Israel in the beginning created G-d (Elohim).”
What does that mean?
It implies unity.
All Israel stood together.
When we last stood together united, the Red Sea split, and the Ten Commandments were given and we stood before G-d with the opportunity to achieve the Tree-of-Life reality. 66.6 jubilee years (Biblical 50-year interval) have passed since that moment, which is why the gematria adds up to 2018 CE, the year we’ve been told that we have another opportunity to stand together at a new beginning and to receive the Tree-of-Life consciousness promised to us through Abraham in 2018 HC.
In means all Israel was in the beginning together as one soul. Before the Torah there was the 42-Letter Name and as the Arizal has shown us the 600,000 souls that stood side by side at Sinai divided by the 70 family member of Jacob divided by his 12 sons divide by the 3 Patriarchs = 238.095, the exact atomic weight of Uranium238, and we all know what happens when we split that. But the inverse of 238.095 or 1/.0238095 is 42.
We get weapons grade Uranium238 by purifying natural uranium to 1/10000, which is exactly the Israelite Soul Root/42.
We must stand together. Think of our collective power when we do. Think of our destructive power when we don’t.
G-d Created Everything, then in the end All Israel created G-d. Think about that. Think about that responsibility.
Every year the Torah is read, we either let G-d’s Creation slip away and darken a little further, or come together and brighten it up, creating our own openings for the Tree-of-life. Every year we have a choice.
Both the 5 and 7 word versions of this linked verse begin with the value 50 (CL) and end with the value 50 (YM), both of which always represent the sefira (dimension) of Binah (Undestanding) with its 50 gates.  we can bring them together by uniting ourselves and create 50 + 50 = 100, keter, the highest dimension. Or another way to add them is using gematria sofit for YM as 610+50 (CL) + the 6 words in between = 666 as in the 66.6 jubilee (50-year interval) years between the reception at Sinai in 2448 and 5778.
Feel free to share this as you will, post it on Facebook, or wherever people stand together, include a link to the article at, and this year, let’s begin the process of Creating G-d in our lives.

7 thoughts on “The Beginning and the End

  1. I have a serious question for you the web page master here.
    I have studied and researched for yrs and i can tell you that nazism is not dead , the world is headed back that way unknowing by the general masses , the vatican is ruleing from beyond the scenes , and it is the jews the christians and the souless ones , (athiests) that will be killed, the go green movement created in nazi germany 1935 , the anti gun laws america adopted 1938 , stem cell research , in the camps under mengala , i spend 4-7 hrs a day studying , and not what the local historians put out on the tv or books , this is a seriuos situation another inquistion is on its way , the murders , the towers , fakes stories on the news are all created by a nazi run kindom , disney , gore prescott bush and the gang all sympathizers, I could go on but what are your thoughts ,

  2. B”H Ezra, I read that in Genesis, HaShem said, He would only contend with man for 120yrs… and in 5778 it will be the 120th Jubilee,since Adam ,is that a correct statement? If so could you please explain it in more detail? Thank you, Dolores

    1. Actually, 5778 will be the 115.56 jubilee year and is you search through the past articles you’ll see several references to that specific jubilee year and what it connects to, but the calendar begins with the birth (creation) of Adam on the 6th day, and time began before Adam, let’s say on the 1st day. So if 120 jubilee years is correct, then 120 – 115.56 = 44.4 jubilee years prior to Adam, which works out to 44.4 regular years per day of Creation for the 5 days of existence prior to Adam. The connection to 4.44 or 4 x 111 (Alef) is not coincidental I’m sure. By the way 120 jubilee years is a hint to the 120 years of Moshe Rabeinu. Thanks

  3. Could it be, that Cesar knew this?
    His julian calender startet 1.1.45 BC (1.1.-44)
    But before, he made a year of correction of 444 days from 14.10.47 BC (14.10.-46) to 31.12.-46 BC (31.12.-45)
    And, is 5778 not 6000 (= 120 x 50) because of VY DBR?
    I assume,that the julian calender was not made by egyptian priest Sosigenes, it was surely made by jews, because this calender mirrors the holy Name YHVH as 10 = 5 + (for 6) 5, counted as months.
    This are ten month still today, after the reformation of the calender. Beforethat time it is said, that the roman calender had only 10 month with 304 days + 61 (means AIN = Zero), for fullfilling the year. In 304 Years, the moon is 1 day behind the sun in the julian year:
    304 x 365,25 = 111.036 days for the sun,
    3760 x 29,53058 = 111.035 days.
    But the christian year 0 (1 BC) equals HC 3760.
    Starting originally the roman year 1.3. with 5 month 31,30,31,30,31 of together 153 days, like the number of fishes in the apocalypse.
    Following next 5 months 31,30,31,30,31 of 153 days. End is December = 10.
    Then comes January = 11. month, starting with 1.1., following February, 12. month, starting with 1.2.
    That was the formula:
    10 months = 5 months + 60 days + 5 month for the new invented leap year
    366 = 153 + 60 (as Vau x Jod, number of time) + 153 (366 = 6 x 61 or 6 x AIN = G´d)
    365 = 153 + 59 + 153 = 365 (365 = 5 x 73 = Mankind)
    2 x 153 are the 2 fishes of the fishage, that will possibly end 2018.
    I think, G´d gave us a sign.
    61 ist zero, and Element 61, Promethium does not exist. There ist another one, number 43, called Technetium.
    Therefore silver 47 becomes the 46th and Gold 79 becomes the 77th stabile Element.
    46 + 77 = 123!
    But 47 (silver) ist the moon. Therefore they calibrated the calenders over the year Zero:
    3760 = 80 x 47
    752 (Rome) = 16 x 47.
    Calender-Tikkun 14.10.47 BC = 1410 = 30 x 47 – 47 BC!
    And Abraham and Israel were procreated in 19-47 HC/CE = 66 x 29.5 days of the lunar month.
    19 years are 1 Metoncycle.

  4. Its strange that you guys are discussing this. I got interested in end times when I truly believed that G_d told me that the end is close.
    Recently the number 5778 came to me in like a dream and I was told that everything will come to pass by this year. I had another revelation about 2018 then when I check the year 5778 = 2018.
    If you would like I can share other stuff I got but depends on you.

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