The Coming Storm!


We’ll get to one of the deepest secrets of all time, beyond the Holy Grail, beyond the knowledge of even 33rd degree masons, or anything Dan Brown can come up with, in a couple days, but first I caught Jon Stewart poking fun at Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize the other day. He mentioned that the first thing Obama did after winning the so-called prize was order NASA to bomb the moon.
It’s funny and true.
There is near universal disbelief that President Obama was given this formally prestigious prize and some have even pointed to this as somehow a sign of the end of days, but what is more interesting is the not-so-coincidental bombing of the moon.
NASA bombed the moon in order to release frozen water–a science experiment. But this attack on the moon just happened to occur on Hoshanna Rabba, the night we were to have seen our shadows by the rays of that moon.
Hoshanna Rabba takes place on the 7th day of Sukkot, the festival that links the shechinah with Hashem through the Sukkah, the shakings, and the 70 sacrifices. It is also a festival of water, when we release the water to spread joy (mercy) in the world.
I can’t imagine there was some dire plot, but the two events were obviously spiritually connected. And the festival of water is timed to occur a couple weeks before the anniversary of the Flood, so is this too connected.
What does this mean? What’s the symbolism? Who knows? I’d like to hear your thoughts.
More important are the warnings being received that there is a vast ominous storm approaching and that it’s global. Will these be literal and manifested as vast dark hurricanes, or financial, or caused by a new killer computer virus?
It’s almost irrelevant because they are all being caused by our consciousness–our negative consciousness to be more accurate.
A prominent Moshiach blog just signed off and I’m afraid that even within the impending gloom there is a distinct lack of faith taking hold. The warnings have been given, but they appear to have been overlooked by the vast majority, or at least forgotten all too quickly.
We’ve been given tools, spiritual tools, and a responsibility to use them by opening our hearts to one another in order to reunite the Shechinah (our world) with Hashem (YHVH), the upper spiritual world. With the Tree-of-Life consciousness practically at our fingertips, the veils of illusions will only get thicker, and the wake-up calls only louder.
Don’t get fooled. Remember our brethren 3330 (66.6 jubilee) years ago, who couldn’t see past the gloom and failed to wait the last 6 hours for Moses’ return. Let’s not make that same mistake.
Stay tuned to the promised secret.
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3 thoughts on “The Coming Storm!

  1. im jewish on my mothers side , and have never practised kabbala , Iam sure many of the things in the news are , to create fear , neg energy , many of these child kiddinappings , and the kid showing up 12 yrs later are created , fake to create distrust, the economy is a false reality as it is created from nothing , yet it rules the very system we call a finacial reality, i can tell you this as a researcher of the occult , The nazi,s did not loose they relocated , Thru a plan called operation paper clip contrived by the agreement from the USA the catholic church and the nazi,s. NASA was established by Verner Von Braun , the same man who created the V1 V2 rockets that killed thousands in england in ww2. The catholic church signed agreements with the nazi church called concordiances , might have spelled it wrong , stateing that if they started to loose the vatican would arrange for false passports to central , south america, mexico now uses a tuba , and accodian in there music which was not there prior, from the influx of nazi,s after wws from operatiom paper clip, . rememeber it was verner von braun , the nazi scientist that created nasa , big red flag as the missel hit at the time just before Hoshanna Rabba ,. also donot think brother that the nazi,s would not side with the muslims to bring about the end of the christian and jew . In the study of alice bailey hitler spoke with the unseen masters , who said that the jew the christian and the souless ones (the athiest)will need to be re educated on the other side . The other side means death as the new age religion will make murder seem okay as they will be doing us a favor , according to alice baileys writting . The christian and jew are considered seperatists , and will refuse to bend . Make no mistake this stuff is happening

  2. All what you say is true…..when I read the report and saw the pictures of Nasa bombing the moon during sukkot,I just started to weep and asked Hashem to forgive us,but at the same time I know His ways are not our ways…..Obama is a just the enemy’s puppet…..the storm is coming and we need to get prepared(spirituality)! I had this dream….my adult son came running to in the house saying MOM….there’s a storm coming….I replied, really,he then yes look.So I went to the front door to look out and there were 2 GIANT whirlwinds(tornado’s) wrapped in prayer shawls……coming from the west…… then I woke up!! Only 8 yrs till 5778….so I guess we can truly say these are the end of days.

    1. Dolores,
      Since Rosh Hashannah, many very spiritual people have had these dreams about the impending Storm and as far as I can tell, all have involved serious darkness adn turmoil coming out of the sky-hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Whether this is to be taken literally or not may be too soon to tell. At any rate, Hashem seems to be sending us individual warnings besides those of a more global nature. B”H It shows how much you are loved.
      Anyone one else who has had similar dreams of late, please share them.

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