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There’s no complex math in this article, but a lot of numbers, and it can’t be helped. I try to tone down the amount of numbers in the posts, limiting them to the most significant and the minimum necessary to establish the synergies and proofs so that the spiritual messages behind the numbers can shine through, but we’re at a critical juncture in the Torah, a seminal moment not unlike what we’ll be going through in 5778.
The 10 Utterances, more commonly known as the 10 Commandments, are found at a unique place in the Torah and at a unique paradigm in time. And we need to establish that for you, before we can reveal what actually happened back then.
Remember, the numbers are just the energy readings that we take when we press our measuring devices (our minds) against the wiring of the Torah to see how its circuitry works, and which way the current flows. They are our guides to the cosmic gateways to which the Torah connects. If we think of the Torah as a static parchment of paper with words on it, rather than as live wires, then we’ll miss be able to draw enormous amounts of energy from it, and tremendous opportunities, like the one opening up for again soon.
We say “again” because this cosmic window last opened 66.6 jubilee years ago, when G-d chose to recite the 10 Utterances, which chazal tell us also created the world, a total of 115.6 jubilees years ago. To understand that you must be able to think of time as fluid and space as collapsible, and reality as we know it as an illusion. In other words, you must be able to perceive the tree-of-life reality that was offered to our ancestors back in 2448 HC, 49 jubilee years after Creation .
In the 20th chapter and 54th Paragraph of Exodus (Shmot/Names), after the Zohar tells us Moses received the 173 Keys to Heaven (the 42-letter Name); after the rectification of the 10 sefirot of the tree-of-life through the 10 plague, as explained by the Arizal; after the tools of the 42-Letter Name (Mem-Bet) and the 72 Names (Ayin-Bet) were given to Moses and the Israelites when they cried out to G-d; after they split of the Red (endless) Sea; and after they completed the cleansing process through the appreciation, tshuva, and tools embedded in the “Song of the Sea,” the Israelites were ready to receive the 10 Utterances directly from G-d, thus completing their ascension to Keter. That was the plan.


The 10 Utterances are found at chapter 20 in parsha Yitro of Shmot (Exodus) and the letter yud (Y) of numerical value 10 is a direct substitute for the number 10 in the 10 Utterances and the letter yud when spelled out has the value 20, the same as the chapter. This is significant because the number 20, esrim, has the numerical value of 620, that of Keter, the crowning, hightest sefira (dimension). Moreover,Yitro (YTRV), Mose’s father-in-law, has the value 616, the same as H’Torah (the Torah) plus the kolel of the 4 letters gives 616 +4 = 620, Keter once again. And that’s just the start.

Two Moments in Time Linked Together through a Single Window

That there are 9 verses spanning paragraphs 54 to 62 of Shmot (Exodus) is no coincidence. Readers of this blog know by now the formulas of the sum of positive integers through 107 = 5778; and 54 x 107 = 5778, the year the tzaddikim prophesied for the arrival of Moshaich and the geula (final redemption); and also that the surface temperature (radiance) of the sun, representing the King and Zeir Anpin, is 5778 K, while its core temperature is 156 million K, with 156 being the gematria value of Joseph, representing Yesod of Zeir Anpin. But what hasn’t been revealed yet is that the numerical value 54 is found 156 times in the Torah and that the Name Dan (DN)–the initials that Abraham’s Sefer Yetzirah would lead to Mashiach–of numerical value 54, is found 26 times, corresponding to the value of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH). And consequently that 54 + 156 = 210, as in the 210 years of Exile in Egypt that just ended prior to the 10 Utterances.
And most students of Torah know that the Torah is divided in 54 parashot (portions), so this being paragraph 54 is most probably a hint that the whole Torah is about to be received, not just a few commandments to behave civilly.
The number 54 also has the distinction of being half of 108, the numerical value of the infamous golden calf, and the reason that this connection is so significant will be revealed shortly. And since the number 107 is integrally associated with 5778, and thus the reception of Moshiach, that 108 is 1 beyond it, is significant as well, but for the moment it’s important to note that the first letter on the 10 Utterances is the 107006th letter in the Torah, or looked at another way, 107 x 1000 + 6 (representing the letter Vav(V) and Zeir Anpin).
And for its part, 62, as in the final 62nd and final paragraph of the 10 Utterances, it is the key to understanding what is really going on in the section. For starters. there are 62 letter yuds, of numerical value 10, within these 9 paragraphs. Now, the letter yud (Y) is the first letter of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) and is associated with the level of Chochma (wisdom), the 9th and 2nd highest sefira (dimension), and those 62 yuds have a total numerical value of 620, that of keter (crown), the highest sefira, the place the Israelites had reached as G-d spoke to them.
But the icing on this keter cake is found in that there are 620 letters in these 9 short paragraphs.
Moreover, the sum of the ordinal values of those 620 letters is 11 x 620 + 1 (kolel).
And of the 10 Utterances, 8 begin with the word Lo (LE), “don’t,” which is EL (G-d) backwards and these 8 words total 248, the value of Abraham, of mercy, and of the Earth’s reflected radiance back to the sun (248.5 K), but also 248 = 4 x 62. You can see where this is going; this small 620 letter section of the Torah is quite special and unique.
There are also 172 words in this section, and if we add 1 for the kolel we’d have 173 words, which not only hints at the 42-Letter Name through its small gematria value of 173, but 620/173 = 3.58, and 358, as we know, is the numerical value of Moshiach, the messiah.
And then to complete the picture, there are 13 verses in these 9 paragraphs, just like the 13 times that words with a numerical value of 173 appear in the Torah. Ever wire in this section is very much alive and burning bright.
So while the total number of letters, words, and verses in the entire Torah total 390,625, which is 6252, or an astonishingly exact 58, the number of letters, words, and verses in the actual 10 Utterances (Commandments) is 620+172+13 = 805, the numerical value of “The rainbow,” which was G-d first Covenant (brit) with Earth.
And while 13 is the numerical value of ahava (love), if we add the 9 paragraphs to 805 we get 805 +9 = 814, the numerical value of the verse that Hillel stated summarizes the entire Torah in Leviticus 19:18, paraphrased as “love they neighbor as thyself.”
That there are 9 paragraphs is probably not coincidental either as the numerical value 625, that of H’keter (The Crown) is found 9 times in the Torah, and keter (Crown) of value 620, as in the 620 letters of the 10 utterances, is found 10 times as many times, or 90 times. And just to be thorough, we should point out that 9 x 90 = 810, or 805 + 5 (kolel).
As we’re dealing with the moment the Israelites touched Keter, it should be noted here that 10,000, or 104, representing Keter, when divided by 5778 yields 10,000/5778 = 1.7307026, or a perfectly graphic rendition of the shem mem-bet (173 keys); the 70 nations, etc; and the YHVH (26). Readers of this blog and of The Divine Calendar know full well the significance of the number 70 and the role that the time span of 70 years repeatedly played in the Israelite history, so we should point out that the 10 Utterances occur in the 70th Chapter in the Torah.
So, it’s pretty obvious to us, as it’s always been to the tzaddikim, that the relationship between reaching Keter, receiving the Mashiach and the tree-of-life consciousness, understanding the 42-Letter Name and the year 5778 is a most important one, important enough to etch onto the cosmos and to build the Torah around, and important enough for G-d to reveal to us today, 9 years shy of 5778.

The 10 Utterances and the Seed of Creation, the First Window

We always look to the seed level of anything to find its outcome, for as with a seed and the eventual tree that grows from it, its entire genetic blueprint is already there, and so it is spiritually as well with our actions. In this case, we’ll look to the first verse in the section, Exodus 20:2, and to the first verse in the Torah to which it connects.
We know from chazal and have explained numerous times and in depth in The Genesis Prayer how the 42-Letter name is integrally connected with the Torah’s first verse as both a remote control for the Torah and as the seed of Creation itself, so we’ll skip that here, and instead point out the Torah first verse’s interesting connections to keter and to these 620 letters.
OK, so we know that the 7 words in the Torah’s first verse are connected to chochma/wisdom, of numerical value 73 because their total value is equal to all the positive integers through 73, and we know that the letter yud (Y) of numerical value 10, represents the sefira of Chochma in the YHVH, and that there are 62 yuds in the 620 letters of the 10 utterances, but what we didn’t know was that the word values of each of the Torah first 2 words (9 letters) are repeated a total of 62 times in the Torah.
Or that while the 4th and 6th words (totaling 4+6=10) in the Torah (Et and V’Et) are found a total of 3450 times in the Torah, or 345 x 10, with 345 being the numerical value of both Moses (Moshe) and Hashem (G-d), the total number of times that their word values reoccur is exactly 622 .
Or that the recursions of the 2nd word (barah) plus the recursions of it’s numerical value also equals 62. So those 62 x62 + 62, or 62 x 63 times, whose total word occurrences and word value recurrences is 7363, covers words # 1+2+4+6, or 13, as in the 13 verses of the 10 Utterances.
And as for words #3, 5, and 7 of the Torah’s first verse, whose collective numerical value is 777, their total word occurrences and word value recurrences and word values is 3125 = 625 (H’Keter) x 5.

At the Seed of Keter, the Window Opens

It’s not surprising that the high point (H’keter) in the Torah would be connected to its first verse, or seed level consciousness, in the same way that if we don’t have the purest of intentions when we help someone, our efforts will go awry or even backfire.
So lets look to the seed level within the 10 utterances, its first verse at Exodus 20:2. Amongst the 9 words of the verse, analogous to the 9 paragraphs, it’s there that we find the 3 word, 13-letter phrase (analogous to the 13 verses), its first 3 words, Anochi Adonai Elohicah (ENCY YHVH ELHYC) “I am God, your Lord”
That should have been enough.
While 3-word phrases are often associated with the 3 columns of the Tree-of-life schematic, the word ELHYC has the gematria sofit value of 546, as in the initials of the 10 sefirot (dimensions) of the Tree-of-life.
This is not surprising, as we know from chazal that the 10 Utterances represent those 10 sefirot (dimensions) of the Tree-of-life, but what is news is that the regular gematria value of this phrase is 173, as in the 173 keys of Moses, the 42-Letter Name, the understanding of which chazal tells us will bring the geula.
And if you recall, the numerical value 173 is found 13 (ahava/love) times in the Torah. Yes, it’s because of G-d’s love for us that He gave us the 42-letter name, but also this is another piece of evidence that the 42-Letter Name (Ana B’koach) is the love algorithm, a spiritual formula and cosmic technology that connects us to “unconditional love,” the numerical value of of which is not only the value of the 42-Letter Name’s first line, but also the number of times the 14 triplets in the name appear in the Torah, 506. This is also the complete (ordinal and simple) value of Mashiach Ben David, but much more about that can be found in The Genesis Prayer.
Moreover, 506 is also the numerical value of the 32nd (VShR) of the 72 Names, and as we saw with our blogs on the splitting of the Red (Endless) Sea, the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Names often work in concert when big so-called miracles are required.  This also further connects the 42-Letter Name to the 32 Paths of Wisdom and thus the Tree-of-life.

And speaking of Moshiach and the geula, not only are the first 2 words of the 10 Utterances “I am God” found at letter number 107006 in the Torah, but their numerical value is 107 as well, leading us right back to 5778, the date the tzaddikim gave us for the arrival of Mashiach and the geula (final redemption).
If you question why not a perfect 107,000th letter, there are multiple answers, but the most obvious may be that the additional 6 in 107006, hints at the 6 hours that the erev rav and many of the Israelites didn’t wait for Moses’ return, costing them the immortality of keter, the tree-of-life reality, and costing them another 66.6 jubilee years.
We find this non-perfect reference again in the (600,000 – 408) component letters in the Torah, whereby 408 x 6 = 2448, the year of the 10 Utterances and that Keter was achieved for a few, and not for the 600,000 Israelites who were present and could have achieved it.
And 408/6 = 68, the numerical value of Cha’im, life, as in Etz Cha’im, the tree-of-life and the number of alefs (E) in the 620 letters of the 10 Utterances.
Are we reading into this? You decide. The verse that immediately precedes and introduces the 10 Utterances, Exodus 20:1 “God spoke all these words, saying:” has 7 words and 28 letters, just like the Torah’s first verse; and the initials of those 7 words add up to 68, again the numerical value of Cha’im, life, as in Etz Cha’im, the tree-of-life; and the total gematria sofit value of the verse less a kolel of (28/7 or 4) = 2448, or with a kolel of 28 for the 28 letters = 2480, the sum of the Names of the 5 Books; while the standard gematria for the full verse is 1332 or 2 x 666.
Anyway you look at it, this introductory verse is connecting the 10 Utterances spoken by G-d to Creation itself. And moreover, it is setting us up for the 66.6 jubilee years, or 50 year intervals, as in the value of the middle word in the verse, kol (CL), that stretch from 2448 to 5778.

Some Got it, Most Didn’t; Will We?

By the way, we can break down (ENCY YHVH ELHYC) into the symmetrical phrase (EYC YHVH NHL EYC), which numerically is (31 + 111 + 31) and while 31 is the numerical value of El (G-d) and 111 is the value of alef (E), we also have 62 + 111 = 173. And it could translate to “Where are you? G-d, our guide, Where are You?”
Some of the Israelites reached Keter, and the tree-of-life represented by alef, which when broken down has the numerical value of 32 and thus is our physical symbol of the 32 Paths of Wisdom that are the 32 connections (energy centers and channels) of the 10 sefirot (dimensions) that comprise the tree-of-life.
Most did not, and asked “Where are you? G-d, our guide, Where are You?”
They could see the words but not beyond them. We have to do everything we can to see beyond them, past the barriers of our own illusions, our own limitations.
Like the first 3 words of this verse that significantly at have 13 letters that correspond to the 13 verses, the last 2 words m’bet avadim, have 9 letters corresponding to the 9 paragraphs: (MBYT ABDYM), “from the house of slavery.” S,o let’s examine those 2 words last used during the killing of the first born, the 10th plague. They begin with Mem-Bet and Ayin-Bet, as in the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Names, the keys to freedom hidden within the doorways to the house of slavery. Some found them, some didn’t. Those that hadn’t weren’t really ready, even after everything they had seen. They still weren’t ready to let go completely.
When we unlock the MB and AB in (MBYT ABDYM) we’re left with 5 letters that total 1024, as in the numbers of word values in the Torah, . Moreover, concealed with slavery (ABDYM) are the initials of Mashiach Ben David, and what’s left is Yi (AY) meaning “debris, ruins.” Two clear choices.
When faced with a revelation of light, we can choose to embrace it or to embrace our doubts. Most people choose the comfort of their doubts, and the company of their peers.
And while the numerical value of MBYT is 452, so is the number of times that the value 86, that of Elohim–found in both the Torah’s first verse and the 10 Utterances introductory verse (Exodus 20:1)–appears in the Torah. Meanwhile, the value of (MBYT ABDYM), “From the house of slavery” is 578, a possible allusion to 5778.
The connection to Elohim is understandable, considering the Name and aspect of G-d, was found 32 of those times in Creation, the first chapter of the Torah, and altogether 62 times through the completion of the 10 generations of Adam in chapter 5. There’s not much room for coincidence here. Nor room for error, as the window opens for the 3rd time, the last time being 3330 years ago.

As one would imagine there’s so much concealed information and guidance jam packed into these 620 letters that it becomes tedious to try to maneuver through it all. So we’ll stop here and continue in our next post, where we’ll explain what everything in the article above was hinting at, what happened at Mt Sinai, and what were the two paths in the Torah that followed.
The implications for us today are extraordinarily profound, which is why all this tedious background enlightenment into the workings and encodings of the 10 Utterances and its connection to the whole Torah were necessary. The Torah must be seen as a whole, and the 10 Utterances as a special moment or (window) in time if we are not to miss the next cosmic opening.
…to be continued shortly.

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