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Every wonder why there are 12 letters in the the 3 words under the 11 dots?
The gematria value of the 12 letters is 314, that of the Angel guarding all knowledge and the Throne of G-d, Metatron, and of the Shin Dalet Yud, which we post on all gateways.  Since in gematria the dot has a value of 10, teh 11 dots sum to 110, that of nes, miracles.  And when we add 314 and 110, we get 424, the numerical value for 424, Mashiach Ben David. Now, since large Lamed of the previous verse is already connecting us to Rosh Hashanah, according to chazal, it’s natural that the 314 is found at it’s gateway. And what a blessing we have been given going into Rosh Hashanah that the last of the 10 sets of dots in the Torah are connecting us to the energy of Mashiach Ben David and miracles!